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  1. 2011-2021. Several others have been around much longer. Thanks to everyone for pioneering the Intellivision homebrew scene and keeping our favorite system going. Thanks to Left Turn, Intelligentvision, Elektronite, and anyone else involved for getting the scene going strong. Originally it was Intv Revolution in 2011/12, but that website is long gone, dont think its on the Wayback machine. Look forward to sharing a newly redesigned look for the future, while hinting to the past. Thanks to all.
  2. https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test40.zip https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test40-src.7z Custom device: Fixed script compiler not checking async permissions on method calls; added logging when loop count is exceeded; improved behavior on forced call stack depth exceeded; fixed occasional crash when removing a custom device. Debugger: Disassembly window no longer repeatedly recenters itself near address 0. Debugger: Fixed erroneous emulation mode reporting in the .side3 command. Virtual FAT32: Added disk serial number so Windows recognizes the disk in read-only mode; improved layout similarity to Windows format; fixed 8.3 lowercase filenames not being preserved. VHD: Fixed bitmap corruption when writing multiple new sectors to a dynamic VHD image in a single IDE command. UI: Fixed full-screen mode file browser retaining scroll when switching folders, possibly scrolled off the bottom of the list.
  3. Hi there folks, the game has been submitted to ABBUC contest as Kowalsky's Fury 2, here's a short introduction:
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    This Garfield strip is one of the most memorable for me to this day. He educates himself on what the ingredients are in his cat food. It also made me become health conscious for my cats and myself on what we consume. No wonder he'd rather eat human meals instead.
  5. The screen flashing has been changed in the firmware in development. This firmware is not ready for the public yet. However, if the flashing bothers people that much, I went ahead yanked the new splash screen out of the WIP version and put it into the May 26 version. There are no other changes to this version today vs. the one posted on May 26: Only the flashing screen is changed. hbios_concerto_0.95noflash.bin Since this changes the bootloader, you need to load the new firmware with a USB cable. Here are instructions if you need them. NOTE: After the firmware update is complete, do a power cycle on the console to use the new firmware. Although the screen says to press the joystick button when complete, that doesn't work at the moment, but a power cycle does work.
  6. No, sorry, it won't run on an emulator. I would absolutely love to release ROMs that will work on emulators, but every time I do such things unscrupilous 'people' start making carts and selling them on ebay/etsy/etc. If someone were to 'buy' a copy of the demo at the rates these 'people' charge then they might not feel inclined to 'spend more' for the full version. It's a shame such a small, tight knit community has to get damaged by their actions.
  7. Jim Dandy: 5 scoops of instant brain freeze... bananas, marshmallows, fudge, strawberry sauce, nuts, whipped cream and sprinkles. A colossal mountain of enough sugar to power a school bus full of 7 year olds for two weeks... The best Sundae on the planet... courtesy of your local Friendly's Ice Cream Shoppe. Bring back the 80s!!!
  8. Sorry, that's just an asnine remark. Switch is currently the 7th highest-selling games console of all-time and it's easily got another 2 years to keep selling. So your 'fact' that 'very few people are interested in buying a Switch' sounds monumentally silly. I'm not sure anything will ever top the PS2 or DS (though those DS figures are based on the entire range), but I can certainly see it finishing with PS4 / GB numbers. 'Very few people' indeed. Did you notice a week or two ago that for two consecutive weeks, the top 30 software sales in Japan were ENTIRELY Switch titles - the first time since 1988 that it's happened? I know a certain company that would be absolutely delighted with even a tenth of those numbers.
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    Do you think WATA Games would grade my emulation collection?
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    Watched "War Games" last night for the first time. What an absolute gem!
  11. Thank you for noticing and mentioning! Everyone at Intellivision is so passionate for the company and the product and it really shows in every aspect of what everyone does. And we feel a lot of that love and passion will be noticeable and present in the product as well.
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    I’ve been binging The Simpsons, which I haven’t watched since “Who Shot Mr. Burns.” It’s been interesting seeing the flashbacks to young Homer and Marge move from the 70’s to the 80’s to the 90’s. I’ve also made the realization that when the show started I was a few years older than Bart. Now I’m a few years older than Homer.
  13. Smallest PCB I've ever designed.. less than 1cm, a flexible cable connector.. with one that is fitted into the motherboard and one that is inside the LCD display enclosure. I am using a 4-connector flex cable to allow the LCD display to slide up and down inside the main body enclosure..
  14. RMT Visualizer is getting pretty nice now current work in progress rmtplayr code is also integrated to it very nicely so what works in the tracker works exactly the same in what could be the new export format someday, who knows...
  15. Latest printing, this time in HP Multi Jet Fusion grey nylon 12.. I have been working a bit more on the design, to round off a few areas that had been bothering me.. so one more print to do before I call it official.
  16. I haven't played that one yet. Will need to check it out!
  17. Considering that you are located in New Zealand and I absolutely LOVE that place... I'll be making personal house calls on any issues that may arise.
  18. I did as well. There should be more things like this….maybe this could be fleshed out and made into an Amico title?
  19. Glad you liked it. I thought it was neat too. I did the Intellivision round 1 video and got all 5 questions correct.
  20. Tommy - unfortunately I did’t read this post until after I got back home. La Fiorentina is only 2 blocks south of Walburgers which is on the corner of Union and Main. We didn’t get out of Walburgers until after 2pm and the bakery closed at 2 since it was Sunday. Needless to say the pastries on the website look amazing! It will be on our list to visit when we are in West Springfield for the North East RV show at the Big E in February. Friendly’s is also a place we hit when we go to the RV show. My personal favorites are the vanilla Fribbles and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sundae. We don’t have any Friendly’s local to us anymore so it always brings back great memories when we go. In college my best friend was a manager of one so many perks were had back them! We ended up only getting to the Dr Seuss sculpture garden. No selfies, for some reason the sculptures were roped off with a sign saying they were too hot to get close to. I guess the bronze gets hot in the sun, but it was cloudy and raining?! Here are 2 pics I did snap:
  21. This is sooooooooooooooo good...PandaSub if you're reading this...I can feel the love you put into these things. I laughed, was challenged, and sadly got 100%...indeed I need to get out more
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    Garfield strip for @Tickled_Pink. It's not the one you remembered, but a funny one for sure.
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    I'm back after going a week without power or Internet! To celebrate my return: If anyone wants to take a crack at porting Attack of the Petscii Robots to the 5200, 7800, Lynx, NES, PC-Engine/TG-16, and Super NES, now is your chance.
  24. Vintage Arabian ECICO Mattel Intellivision Intv III System Serial 20630 اسيكو https://www.ebay.com/itm/124889335806?hash=item1d13fc07fe:g:MqcAAOSwGkxhN5Lp
  25. I've decided to move away from the PCE and consolidate, went with the PCE Mini and I'm good with it. Trades are first, cash is second over paypal. The PCE is *GONE* ignore that top row of the image attached. - 1943 Kai - After Burner II - Alien Crash - Bomberman '93 - Bomberman '94 - Detana!! Twinbee - Devil Crash - Dragon Egg! - Dragon Spirit - Gomola Speed - Gunhed - Makyo Densetsu - Nekketsu Kou Kou Dodge Ball Bu - PC Bangai Hen - Out Run - Parodius (HuCard) - PC Denjin - Punkic Cyborgs (HuCard) - PC Genjin - PC Genjin 2 (HuCard) - Saigo no Nindou - Ninja Spirit (HuCard) - Shinobi - Spin Pair - Street Fighter II' Champion Edition - Super Star Soldier (HuCard) - Time Cruise II (HuCard) - Valkyrie no Densetsu
  26. Hello. I'll leave these here https://demozoo.org/graphics/299581/
  27. I know it's an arcade port, but for a 1990 release the graphic design is kinda plain. I guess I'm bias after having played the two snes games in the series first.
  28. Tommy, I know this isn't the focus right now, but will there be any new merch in the IE shop at some point? I've been checking regularly and haven't seen anything added. Hopefully that will change between now and next year. Again I know it's not important but it would be nice to see some new stuff when possible. Anyway, I look forward to when the Amico gets released. Keep working hard to reach that goal and perhaps we still get the soft launch for the preorders before the years ends.
  29. How great was this?!?!! So much fun and super creative and unique. I got a perfect score, but considering I picked Intellivision and Video Game Music as two of the categories... I probably had a slight advantage. Score: 13 Intellivision: 5 Red curtain: 3 Video Game Music (Mike Mullis): 5 This definitely deserves more views. Will be sharing it on social media today. Others should do the same! Does anyone post on the Atari Age Facebook group? This would be a good one to put in there!
  30. Personal opinion? No, it's what I witnessed from watching family work on CD-i projects for Philips over the course of approximately two years. About half of that time was pre-launch; about half was post-launch. That person left because Philips didn't have their act together when it came to things like setting focus and related priorities for the system. My opinion is that the CD-i was a letdown once I got my hands on it. My observation (i.e., fact) was that Philips didn't have a clear market niche for it to fill and no idea which one(s) to aim at. This makes about as much sense as your previous reply.
  31. Downloaded all and confirmed your results. On my machine it hangs for a second before exiting. Broken upload, I guess. Replaced it with my latest and it worked, so I just remade the zip and re-uploaded. Sorry about the hassle - redownload bin2inc - https://harmlesslion.com/software/bin2inc
  32. Great series @leejsmith! I had a huge smile on my face when you got that XL booting on episode 3!
  33. Rich, if your extended basic rewrite is to run on a FG99 or similar cartridge couldn’t you relocate some of the existing calls and move them to an extra bank. That would give you more space for the NUD table. You then “just” need to add a trampoline function that goes to the extra bank and run the code there. Thinking about a vector table and stubs in the existing ROM bank for each of the relocated calls. That would take less space then the actual code and free up some space for the NUD table. Then again, FWIW probably should take a look at the extended basic source code again. Can’t recall if the XB roms only have the meat of the interpreter or if the ROMs also have code for the extended basic calls themselves (there probably mostly in GPL right?) On the topic of bank switching I did something similar in my Stevie editor, because 8K is never enough. Started with an 16K rom bank and am up to 64K now (although not all banks are full because I keep spreading calls accross banks). Anyway source code is on github, if you want to take a look.
  34. I got this... I got it in the mail a couple of days ago, just to be honest. Yay! I'm back to buying weird retro stuff now and then! (Divorce is a bitch! -but it does get better.) My 6-year-old son played the tape and had some trouble following it with the book the first time. The next day he got up early, rewound the tape and played it and pretty much followed it all the way through. Tron. A cheesier story has seldom been told. I still love it tho. The best moment was at the end when the narrator excitedly said, "If you want to hear the story again, just turn the tape over!" My son replied out loud, "No, thank you." Good manners, that kid.
  35. I wish I had a Data to compete with when I was a kid. I’d be much better today.
  36. I know, we've discussed your memory mod a couple of times before. I also upgraded my daily use console back in the day, then used it to run a BBS where the extra speed helped it keep up with the modem as well as granted me faster build times. But these days, my TI is not my daily use console and I'm more interested in making sure my software will run the same way that it will run on most people's machines.
  37. Different people have different reasons. Can’t speak for everyone, but here’s a few real world examples I’ve seen for why people are “harping about this” -- Don’t own, like, or want any of the modern consoles for various reasons Aren’t normally into video games, but find the simplicity of Amico an appealing toy to spend some time with the family $10ish for a game sounds a bit friendlier for the “non console” family than $60 for Mario Kart and Arms The belief that 100% of the games will have multiplayer that just works out of the box is not something that the other 3 can claim. Some games don’t work easily with some controllers. Some require online connection nonsense. And to be clear, none of those are my personal thoughts. Just some reasons I’ve personally seen. Sadly, that sort of thing usually gets people all worked into a huff if they don’t agree and can’t stand that someone else might have an opinion different from theirs. I hope to be proven wrong, but I don’t think most of them will be structured well for single player at all. At most, they’ll be something you’ll play single player for high scores to compete with others via the leaderboards or something. I can’t imagine any of them featuring a fully fledged out campaign or anything, and will more likely be classic “pick up n’ play” stuff (not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing) But I dunno… just my thoughts, but hope to be proven wrong, as mentioned.
  38. Wolfgang, You caught a programming bug. I had a wrong offset in a pointer for one message base that was messing things up. This should fix it for both you and Greg. 20210907AfterHours.zip
  39. I have to go back to this game and get it through the finish line. When is the next Intybasic contest again?
  40. Just got my Atari XL Trak-ball in today. Had a lot of rounds of Centipede with it.
  41. 4.00-test only requires Windows 7 32-bit with an SSE2 capable processor, which is a 12 year old OS spec and a ~20 year old processor spec. That is the first operating system requirement bump I've ever done and not an unreasonable requirement in order to run the currently updated version of software. I already supported Windows XP not only after it had gone out of support but its two successors had also gone out of support, and up until the point that the compiler also dropped support for it. That you would compare this to Windows 11's stratospheric system requirements is unfair and rude.
  42. Alien Crush is the best pinball game on the system. It is also the only one I have played, but it is still great regardless of the other games.
  43. Lots of people like Devil Crush more but I prefer Time Cruise myself.
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