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  1. BUG FIX NOTE: THE ORIGINAL VERSION POSTED CONTAINED A BUG ON LEVEL 4. I HAVE REPOSTED THE BINARIES WITH UPDATED VERSIONS. Atari 8Bit Version (UPDATED BUG FIX VERSION 10/16/21) Ramses' Revenge 2021 BC.XEX Atari 5200 Version: (UPDATED BUG FIX VERSION 10/16/21) Ramses' Revenge 2021 BC.ROM As promised, here is our second new Halloween-related game this month - Ramses' Revenge 2021 BC. The original BASIC version of this game was written by us in 1983 and can be found on Atarimania.com here: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-ramses--revenge_31475.html. This was one of the first games our team wrote in 1983, shortly after we discovered in a magazine how to redefine character sets. We wrote the BASIC version in a single day, staying up into the late hours of the night getting everything to work. This Assembly language refresh of the game adds player/missile graphics (some players are reused multiple times) for additional smoothly moving colorful monsters. This refresh also adds a familiar and fitting background song. You can turn on artifacting on your emulator to see a different color in the base of the pyramid, or you'll get to see it no matter what if you play on actual hardware! This game can be played by either one player or two players. It is funner with two players, and it was originally designed to only be a 2-player game, but in our new updated game, you can play the game single-player or dual-player. One or two players start at opposite ends of a pyramid, and race their way underground and then to the top chamber. Along the way, moving cobras, bats, and other obstacles get in the way. The first person to get to 10 keys wins the game. Collect 5 rings to gain another life. Rings are refreshed at levels 3 and 6. Enemy monsters speed up at levels 3, 6, and 9. Here is the object of the game as shown on the 2nd splash screen: 5000 Years ago, the Pharaoh Ramses was swallowed up by the Red Sea while in pursuit of Moses who had freed the slaves of Egypt. However, before leaving the glory of Egypt, Ramses transferred all of his power to the great golden keys, praying to the evil god Seth that they might remain safe; hidden in the sacred pyramid. Only now, have you and another explorer stumbled onto this previously undiscovered pyramid. Will one of you recover the all powerful golden keys, or will both of you fall victim to the curse of Ramses’ Revenge? We hope you enjoy this game for Halloween! Play it with another player for an even better game! Let us know what you think in the comments! Robert Anschuetz (@RRA). Eric Anschuetz (@EEA) John Weisgerber (@JJW)
  2. Here is the first demo of the new engine. This is running on an ordinary console with 32K. The green horizontal lines are for debugging, telling me the position of the road segments.
  3. Yamanaka-ko Mt Fuji seen across Lake Yamanaka in the winter Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock print Tsuchiya Koitsu 1939 41 colours drpeter_Yamanaka-ko.xex
  4. DOS is feature complete, with just things like recursive copy, time/date set, etc, to add. I might have to release the beta with a curtailed set of main loader enhancements just to get something out there. I also added a CAR and BASIC commands. This video shows BASIC XE being used with the new DOS and command processor, all launched straight from the SIDE3 loader:
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    That poor spider from Garfield's strips can never catch a break.
  6. Sales for Lynx Collection #1 have been decent, but certainly the worldwide chip shortages and shipping delays (which affect many things, not just Evercade) have limited sustained sales throughout 2021. I am definitely evaluating a third Lynx collection for Evercade, as I have rights to several more original Lynx releases in addition to Songbird after-market releases. Let's hope for a strong Q4 to close out the year!
  7. Crazy, the names have changed but I’m seeing the same conversations, comments and claims recycling from 10, 15, and 20 years ago.
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    Working on a new Commodore Pet RPG: Haven. It borrows a bit from Fallout new vegas but is mostly self contained. https://atariage.com/forums/profile/75968-frozone212/ haven.d64
  9. I couldn't stand the NTSC palette so I decided to fix it.... using a method that @Wrathchild suggested a while back: simply incrementing the gradient by 1 (with wrapping) except for the grey gradient. It's potentially impossible to complain about such a feature, but you never know...
  10. Don't worry I remembered , I just slept in late! Ordered a copy now looking forward to it.
  11. Please rephrase your question using multiple sentences.
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    Someone had an amazing find in the UK. An unused Atari STE Discovery Pack in his grandparents' attic. It was still in giftwrap. He or his parents had no idea why it was never gifted. I want, but wife would slaughter me like a pig.
  13. As a follow-up to my Tarmin cheat-sheet... I've started the first few sections of a new guide: I'm starting to expand it out and add the details for anyone who wants to know more about the game. Part of this is gathering all the bits and parts that are scattered out on the internet and part of it is playing endless hours of my favorite game to fill in some gaps. First up is the Dungeon Maps: Image taken from speedrun/imgur with corrections for some of previously missing secret doors. I’m 98.3% sure this is now accurate. Blue doors are normal (visible) doors… light green doors are secret. Each of the sixteen grids above is 5x5 squares. When you enter a new dungeon level of the game, 4 of these grids are chosen at random (and possibly in rotated orientations) and “glued together” into a 10x10 grid that makes up the interior dungeon level. Around this 10x10 grid is a pathway that surrounds all of the interior rooms. There will never be any monsters on this outer path – nor any items (except those you drop yourself). You know you’re in that corridor because it contains eye-murals evenly spaced on the floor. Wherever there is an eye mural on the floor, there is also a doorway/hallway into the interior dungeon. If you don’t see a door where there is an eye mural – then the door is secret (hit OPEN to reveal it while facing the interior wall). Speaking of eye murals – the color the mural tells you what to expect in the interior dungeon sections of this level. Green Eye Mural: War Monsters Blue Eye Mural: Spiritual Monsters Brown/Tan Mural: Mix of War/Spiritual Monsters Occasionally there will be a gate in this outer hallway. The gate will warp you to a parallel level of the dungeon - think of it like a sideways ladder which keeps you on the same level but generates a new dungeon. See the GATES section for more details on what going through a gate means. In two random locations in this 10x10 interior of this new level will be placed blue ladders that lead down to the next level. Very rarely there is only one ladder – it’s rare enough that I suspect it may just be that two ladders got randomly spawned in the same (or adjacent which doesn’t seem to be allowed) spot. The grids don’t have to be memorized but knowing some of the key layouts will help you with the game. For example – there are two “long hallways” that look similar. One has 10 normal doors – and there will be no secret doors in this area (except, possibly, a secret door that leads to the outside eye mural hallway). The other one has 9 normal doors – and the door (and room) opposite the solid wall will always have a secret door. No matter what orientation the rooms are in – if you can anchor yourself to a few of the key patterns, you will be able to navigate more easily. Fun fact: you always start the game in the northwest corner of the first dungeon level and you will always be facing East. I find that comforting. If you have any other information that might be of interest regarding the Dungeon Maps and layouts for Treasure of Tarmin, please let me know!
  14. Greetings Fellow Inty Folks, Anyone else here old enough to remember the Mattel promotion of getting a free Intellivoice? I was one of those lucky blokes who jumped through the hoops (I forget what you had to do), mail in your forms and wait..... ...and wait.... .... and wait...... And wait i did. Seemed like years (in reality several weeks to a couple of months). Then the late summer of 1982 (possibly 1983) when i came back from summer camp....there it was waiting on me! It was glorious! That is until i plugged in B-17 thinking there would be more game play action. B-17 provided to be as much fun for me as Space Hawk (both stinkers, IMO). Solar Sailer was fun-ish while being totally confusing. Space Spartans was just a speaking Space Battle (as you know) but the voice game i had the most fun with was Bomb Squad. I remember the first time i beat it and the fireworks appeared on the screen. I left that screen on for hours till my dad got home so i could show him my life's biggest accomplishment, HA! Ahhh, but the sheer excitement each day of going to the mailbox waiting for my Intellivoice to arrive. To be young again with those endless summers on the back of my Redline BMX bike with nothing to worry about but playing games and waiting on a voice module.....
  15. http://www.e-basteln.de/computing/65f02/65f02/ Seems like a neat idea.
  16. This is running in the same mode I used for the textured ray caster, which means that the pattern table is fixed, and we only update the color table, giving us a resolution of 64x192 in 16 colors. The good thing is that there is only half as much memory to deal with. No I'm uploading everything in one go. But you are fooled. The parts of the video with trees or start signs are actually pre recorded. But in general the display can be generated in 15 FPS.
  17. Made contact with Eric on Linkedin.
  18. I certainly hope they're selling well enough. I get the feeling the normies were the intended audience, and also get the feeling they haven't bought in as expected. Maybe that's because evercade's not for sale widely in brick and mortar stores, but here in 2020/2021, maybe amazon's the replacement for those anyway. *sigh* The console does do very well with its fans--not just us here in the thread, but over on youtube I'm seeing people I've followed forever enjoying this thing. Its a bit of an unlikely fanbase with people who all seem to have way better ways to play these games, MiSTers, Analogues, Flashcarts, expensive upscalers, etc. But the Evercade idea's executed so well. Within the last week, I caught some familiar faces from AA (way back) participating in the livechat at interface tour's premier. CUpodcast also recently had another amico episode and casually reached back and grabbed an evercade cart as an example of good physical merch. That's just what I noticed this week. (and of course I had my fav evercade cart in my MVS Xeno Crisis review, but I'm small potatoes) I also notice the collections are also getting more interesting for this somewhat unlikely fanbase, with fewer of 'the usual suspects' that we have everywhere (namco, atari, etc). I think we're seeing more oddball, non-standard collections, and more modern retro releases. I'm not entirely sure Evercade intended us to be their target market, but they seem to be leaning into the fanbase they've got.
  19. The first production board order was recently placed by @MacRorie, and he has a fully assembled prototype I gave him for evaluation, but not much time has passed on that. So I would imagine it'll take a bit more before the production wheels really start spinning. As for the case, I need to get back on that project, especially now that @Mr Robot released the 576NUC+ based blank STLs. I was originally working with an earlier STL that still had some stuff left over from the NUC, so I'll want to transfer over what I was working on to the new blanks, giving me a clean start. When I'm done and the new case has been test printed and proven out, then I will release the STLs for download, and The Brewing Academy will certainly have the actual 3D printed version available as well.
  20. I was gonna wait and order Kings of Edom later but ordered it this week. I need something new to play on the Jag.
  21. DUNGEON is 3 blocks that seems to load to $0400 so intended for the PET, not C64. Some comments on the code: 10 G=PEEK(5000):IF G=0 THEN RETURN From what I can see, you never POKE any value into this address in the middle of memory. If it happens to be zero, your program will bail out with ?RETURN WITHOUT GOSUB. 21 DIM A$(1):GET A$:IF A$="" THEN GOTO 21 This will bail out with ?REDIM'D ARRAY right away. Also arrays up to the size of 10 are auto dimensioned in Commodore BASIC so you don't need to specify that unless you do it in order to save memory. In any case, DIM should be on its own row so it never is reached unless you CLR before. 23 LET E=2:REM 2 NEW ENEMIES:LET G=0:PRINT"GOLD IS DEFAULT 0" Once you put a REM statement into a line, the rest of it is ignored. I'm not sure if that is on purpose here, that you don't want rest of the code to execute, but in this one it won't. 30 GET A$:IF A$="FIGHT" THEN GOTO 40:IF A$="RUN" THEN PRINT"YOU DROP GOLD" When you use GET, you only pick up 1 character, not an entire string. You might want to use INPUT A$ here. Also once you have GOTO 40, the second IF statement will never be reached. You might want to put that on its own line in order to have any effect. 34 INPUT A$:IF A$="Y" THEN SAVE"DUNGEON",8,1 You can not save a file over itself without using the syntax SAVE"@:DUNGEON" and even that one is a bit buggy. Also since you save the program itself, any progress the player has reached and which may be stored in variables, is lost anyway. What you probably want is file handing using OPEN, PRINT#, CLOSE and on the other end OPEN, INPUT#, CLOSE to load back the data. Look up the exact details to do that if you really intend to save a game. Right now there is very little player data to save. The image D2 contains one "splat" file, i.e. not properly saved so it is not loadable. Also if you run validate on that one, it will go away completely. I'm sure there might be a block or two that you have filled with content, but I won't dig that deep right now.
  22. Also look at the difference overall in that sequence... lovely diagonals, much more "natural" looking too
  23. Example of macro in MP {$define plot(x) := scrn [x] := lookupMul[xbuf1[x] + tmp] + lookupDiv[xbuf0[x] + tmp]} mp_macro.7z
  24. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    Just for fun, here's the encoding in April vs the current recent optimizations: (There's no flicker added to this emulation though, unlike in a real atari) Differences best observed if you set the youtube playback speed to something slower than 1.0, like 0.5 All told, the current encoder with all the options turned on, runs about 1/3 real time. not bad.
  25. Relax and put away your tin-foil hat. Commodore didn't destroy the free world. This 7-year old playground mentality shit needs to stop.
  26. Feel free to add me, if interested: SABERTOOTH6124 I look forward to seeing this implemented in games!
  27. The latest Foxit video and additions.. while the filing gets a makeover. VID_20211014_202434727.mp4
  28. "Hey you, customer! Ever hear of the horseless carriage? Well let me show you the "paperless typewriter"! Get your checkbook out because you know you want one!"
  29. For a while now, I've been working on some custom labels for 7800 games. Since a lot of them just reuse the painted covers of their respective 2600 and 5200 versions, I wanted to make ones that stood out from the other platforms. I was heavily inspired by the old NES black box aesthetic, as I always liked how those actually resembled the games inside. I also went with the purple theme, like with the '84 version of the 7800. What do you guys think?
  30. Greetings enthusiasts! I hope you are all well. I've recently purchased an 800XL and love it. However, I made the decision to design an electrical circuit for another project using the XL and a software package I found, Circuit Database II by Elfin Magic circa 1985. I have searched around a bit, atarimania, etc, and haven't been able to find a manual for the software package. Is anyone familiar with the software that could enlighten me on how to use it or have a link to demo/instructions/etc? Otherwise, I'll just mess around with it in my emulator before I create a floppy and use it formally. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-circuit-database-ii_30982.html Best regards, Jim
  31. https://thebrewingacademy.com/ XEP80-II Web Page
  32. Lucky Chris to find such a young bird to raise a clutch with. I wish the best and long life to the happy couple.
  33. Wow, just wow. What an amazing connection of family to the game. I think thats what ole Tommy T is trying to do with his Amico! Creating the NEXT generation of stories like yours. I dont have anything Germanic to add to your comments....other than the fact i love me some good stroganoff and i am taking my son to see Rammstein in Chicago in the fall of 2022. My dad and i played some Space Battle when we first got the system but that was short lived as the demands at his work took over. My mom, however, could never resist a good ole game of Lock N Chase with me! We played that game endlessly.
  34. @youxia, is it really that different? https://gamerant.com/video-game-prices-breakdown-514/amp/ $60-$27 = $33, $15 goes to BnM store, $7 for returns, $4 for shipping and manufacturing costs. Steam $60-$15 = $45, steams 25% cut. Not sure what other costs are associated with a steam sale (Credit card transactions, or does Steam cover that?) The cost of developing a AAA game has ballooned dramatically. BitD, a VCS game could be made by maybe 3 people, a programmer, and artist, and a music/sound guy. When the NES was popular, you would see credits with 20+ names. These days it takes hundreds of software developers to make a game. Those costs have to come from somewhere.
  35. BIGHMW- The information is given in this thread on how to change the text, and how to change the left and right colors as well. Making a "custom" version for everyone who asks would quickly become a full-time endeavor. The info on how to do it is free for everyone to use.
  36. This oft-repeated excuse skips a couple of important details: the game prices might be similar but a) they're often sold directly (at least for consoles and some PC companies) via digital download, thus having much bigger profit margin than in the days of real stores, and b) the size of the market, and therefore sales/profits, is multitudes bigger. The real reasons for the current status quo are as old as the hills: greed and control, and the fact that customers don't care that much and can't be bothered to oppose it.
  37. As far as DLC & servers go - no reason you can't simulate a server on an R-Pi or similar. Tap into the server communications packets, and duplicate that activity, the console will never know. All possible if desired enough. It's probably a good idea to start doing this now while the servers are operational. Much less reverse engineering. Game collecting like anything else is a sliding window. It opens, a trickle of breeze flows in, then more and more, now you have a blast (and a bubble in the market), then it gradually closes. Stuff still leaks through the cracks and seals from time to time. It's a huge range, but it IS positively definitively moving. I figure a 10 year old in 1978 would regain interest in the VCS when they reach their 30's. They may remain interested till nearly 50 or so. The journey is fraught with many detractors however. Cost, availability, reliability, electronics repair knowledge, living space, spousal unit compatibility, and more. One big hidden gotcha is accumulation of other semi-related junk. Other systems. Fluffy paraphernalia. Loss of focus on the original childhood system. Trying to be a completist and gotta-get-em-all mindset. All that serves to burn through energy and time which should be moderated and applied. Trying to be a completist for anything but the small systems is dangerous. It essentially bogs down a collector with minutiae. Chasing after minor label variants. Or the exact same game re-marketed and re-released under a different name/company. And what about all the accessories and items related to the console? It's. Just. Too. Much.
  38. Stickeryou has a pretty intuitive interface. You set the shape you want, define the size parameters, and upload your picture to the resulting sticker template. You can then stretch or shrink the image to get the details to show up within the frame and at the proper size to fill that frame. I've made a lot of different TI cartridge labels using their process.
  39. In real life, animals live in the open, in places where there is sunlight, and in places where there are ecosystems so they can find something to eat. And (most) people don't exterminate them. In Tomb Raider (1996), however, things are the opposite: animals like lions, bears or crocodiles live in isolated caves and their only purpose in life is to wait for you to kill them with one pistol in each hand as you circle around them, jumping laterally while doing somersaults in the air.
  40. Haha! No I've never bothered even though I saw it in the catalog. Even I have my limits. 😂😂😂
  41. Time to learn Japanese since almost all of those can be found for 2000~1000 yen aside from Sonic CD, which I think I paid 5000 yen for. Don't worry, it only took me about 10 years to be able to play games in Japanese, but only about 2 of those years were spent doing actual serious formal study at a university, so I could have done it much sooner if I'd realized my proficiency was high enough. I also met a Korean girl who went from no knowledge at all to N1 in 2 years. She studied for 8 hours every single day for 2 years to do it and of course kanji is used in Korean (although I forget what it's called in Korean) so she knew some of the meanings already, but it is apparently possible. It's actually, despite what people will tell you, not exceptionally hard as far as learning other languages go, it's just that it takes a lot of time. I had way more difficulty with German than I did with Japanese. No need to learn Japanese for Super Metroid, though, as the Japanese and US ROMs seem to be 100% identical as far as I can tell.
  42. ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Time Pilot on tomorrow's (Fri Oct 15, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT! Hope you can join us! ZPH Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/ Games: Scramble (2020 Retail | A8) by Paul Lay @playsoft & Harvey Kong Tin @kiwilove Time Pilot (2018 | A8) by Jarosław Padula @solo/ng & Waldemar Pawlaszek (Main Code), Remigiusz Żukowski (Additional Code), Michał Szpilowski (Music, SFX), Robert Smoliński (Graphicx), Radek Štěrba (RMT Player) (SET TO 1080P60 FOR FULL QUALITY)
  43. Computers are just a fad.. you should get inyo shortwave radio
  44. And it plays really well, too! Can't wait for people to try this out.
  45. It is a rainy Sunday so here is an unofficial release. The shortcut was easy to do, a gearbox is a little bit more work and I also want to do an alternative keyboard implementation. Ctrl+Shift+V it is. (Quickly stop inserting text from clipboard or file can be done with F4) Just quickly checked the TI-writer manual for Ctrl and Fctn shortcuts and I just hope that not any software is using Ctrl+Shift, Fctn+Shift or Ctrl+Fctn combinations. Ti994w.zip Enjoy
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