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  1. Well, you're going to have to wait a few more days due to more small fixes going in 😃 New release date: 24th of october 2021 Updated video with new sparkling content: (Thanks VinsCool!)
  2. Honestly, If they create a few topics and keep to themselves in them I don't see the harm. As long as they do not start spamming new topics for every new thought, let the conspiracy people have their play area. I would think they would run out of steam soon enough. I imagine a topic filled with conspiracy theories about Tommy's and Intellivsion's nefarious plots and dark secrets concerning the Amico, that the console and games are still largely incomplete (which I expect would come as a shock to those playing on an Amico at many previous various events), and unsubstantiated claims that the Amico is going to crash and burn because Tommy does not reveal every detail to them on demand and to their satisfaction, would burn itself out rather quickly. How much interest do you think one can sustain out of things like questioning the exact phrasing of an Intellivision e-mail? Or regurgitating for the Nth time questions about controller lag or percentage of completion of the console, that have been already addressed repeatedly? There is a saying 'Familiarity breed contempt'. Tommy is here constantly, interacting with the forum, taking suggestions and answering questions to a level I have never imagined seeing from a CEO. Unfortunately some people seem to take this as a granted; not a privilege. He is not a concierge here to provide satisfaction to each and every forum user. I guarantee some questions he cannot answer for business reasons, some he is tired of re-addressing repeatedly, some he just does not know the answer to. Just like everything else electronic since Corona, the big issues are a shortage of parts and shipping delays. This is true regardless if it is a car, computer, or console. No deep dark secret here as to why there are no Amico consoles yet, that fact is glaringly out in the open for all to see.
  3. Hehe, I was just thinking, the pillow looks like someone is playing Populous. 😋😁
  4. Hey, time to dust off some of my dormant hacks ! I'll probably open a new thread for this, but here is a glimpse of things to come..
  5. My Amico games arrived a day early. And now they are stacked the way God intended them to be!
  6. I'm trying to get AMPED up, but find myself running out of BATTERIES not knowing a lot about electricity terms. I'll try to hit the GROUND running, but I'm finding it a little difficult to PLUG IN to this conversation. Although I have been getting a CHARGE out of reading what others have to say within the CIRCUIT here. The ENERGY some of you have is quite impressive. You've FUSED your science knowledge to GENERATE fun puns with POWER to SPIKE laughter. 💡🔌👷‍♂️🚧🚁🐿️⚡
  7. I don't know how you guys have the capacitance for this type humor give the current state of things. So impedance of you all. Ohm I gosh…
  8. Sorry have to continue the bad puns here: In a PARALLEL world he will be shutting out that kids lights... With a knife switch...
  9. The atariage forum guidelines actually call for positivity. Criticisms should be constructive. This applies to the entirety of Atariage, not just this thread. "When creating new topics or responding to an existing thread, please try to be positive, constructive, polite, and on topic. We do not censor opinions or ideas on our forums but we do take action against posts and/or topics that could cause unrest in the community beyond a civil and polite disagreement."
  10. Just registered on this forum to say that this is best PoP implementation for 8-bit computer. Absolutely beautiful. For me best game of 2021.
  11. I'm not 100% sure of the dimensions. It's not super big, just the right size to put on a wall without it taking up a ton of space. I believe it's 11x17 or 12x16? Something around there. Don't quote me on that. I'll try to remember to measure it or ask the team if your interested in knowing the exact dimensions. It's thick also, which gives it a very high quality feel. The cards that come in the Boxed Editions are 3D lenticular... but the poster is an animation lenticular. So it shows the Running Man moving. It's super cool! Everyone who sees it for the first time is super impressed.
  12. The content in this thread has become quite electrifying wouldn't you say?
  13. I've put together a collection of ten screen captures for each original retail release. There are some really rough captures out in the wild, especially from a time when emulation of the 7800 MARIA graphics chip had yet to mature. Frequently, realistically possible color palettes were not being applied, proper screen ratio including accounting for borders was lacking. A few games look best when the console is cooler, other titles when the system is hot; all look respectful under a warm console. When the aforementioned games were being developed and colors chosen, they were viewed on a traditional screen display. For the sake of consistency, fairness and clarity, for all captures, simulation of a bright vivid CRT, utilized under a warm console palette that was converted to RGB format, taken at 640x480 resolution, was performed within the A7800 emulator. The only exception is Tower Toppler, in which a very clean YIQ software filter is also applied.
  14. I agree. Also, its at the discretion of “atari age”. One mans comment many deem as negative, may not be negative to another. Same thing for positive. The main point is to “keep peace” on the forums, no name calling, doxxing, cursing each other out, personal attacks, and similar type actions. Many have done this im sure, including me. Lets make a fresh start.
  15. The postal service clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is.
  16. Just got a message that my Intellivision Boxed eight pack (USA) stuff is arriving today, although the post office said actually delivery may be unintentionally postponed a day or two.
  17. You talk like my friend MHO, he was a great conductor.
  18. Maybe he's just a SERIAL killer, trying to make a complete circuit with the knife?!?!?
  19. This is SHOCKING! At least he has a smile on his face as he plunges the knife....
  20. Ahhhhh!!!! OCD me is happy! Praise the Lord and pass the controller! I hope to add my pic of stacked stuff tomorrow.
  21. Here we go yet again…. Apparently you want us to believe you just don’t get it. I think you do, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and will assume that you’re just not real bright. Lets say you want to have a group of vegan friends over to your house for dinner, watch the movie Cars and talk about a setting up a group camping trip, but someone shows up uninvited (picture Rodney Dangerfield), brings steaks, a stack of porn and a bunch of ants. This threads intent is for those excited about Amico to have a space to have fun with things Amico (check the thread name). There are other threads just one little level up where you and others can have all the discussions you want (you can even title them to reflect the intent of the thread, imagine that). Do you typically go into other topics for the sake of causing disruption, or are we special? Do you regularly go to Jack in the Box and order Big Mac’s, just for fun? Do you regularly change up your disguise and go back to the same Jack in the Box?
  22. I got my package for the 8 games today. They came in a box and were secured in bubble wrap, which is good. Now if only the Amico was out. I can't wait to try these games.
  23. Perhaps something can be done to optimize the drawing, but it has to be very simple to perform better than the current code, which can plot almost 2 wide pixels per instruction in an unrolled loop. And as you can see from the images, I have more than 3 colors per stripe. The whole screen can also scroll sideways. This isn't shown on the video where the car stays in the center, but when you steer the car, the screen generally scrolls instead of the car. Regarding the road side objects, they can fill quite a large part of the screen, so I still think drawing them to the VDP after the road would be too slow. You would have to deal with transparency and clipping, so it would definitely not be 2 pixels per instruction here. One problem I have with the recordings is that the sideways scrolling I mentioned is not possible without storing at least twice as much data in ROM as I do now, so currently in those segments it's the car sprite that moves instead of the road, which gives me a few headaches. :-)
  24. Wouldn't it be something if people were actually respectful
  25. I'm new, but I've followed AA, for a while. I think that an individual positive vibes / fan club thread is reasonable. Conversely, I've seen a few people suggest that the ENTIRE sub-forum should function more like a fan club and that strikes me as unreasonable.
  26. Was out grocery shopping today and popped into a random video store in an area I have not been to before. As soon as you go in the door I saw this Tandyvision One that looked like it needed a good home. My first Tandyvision. Everything seems to be working perfectly. Even my cart of Missile Domination that seems to have issues on my regular Intellivision works perfectly here. Shame they didn't have the box but I am still pleased. This is my new main unit. The original, the INTV II and the Sears are close by if needed.
  27. Started building carts this weekend. Boxes arrive from the printer this week, just in time to start packing orders for the Oct 26 release!
  28. As of today my homemade CV Mainboard is alive and kicking! It‘s improved in several areas, eg built in RGB output on Mini DIN connector (still gotta tweak the colors a bit), runs off a single 12V standard barrel plug supply, all components still available, supports 9918A/9928/9929 VDP. it has a socket for AY3-8910 sound, 32K RAM, USB port for downloads and provisions for builtin game using 64K EPROM, but haven’t tested those yet.
  29. Got my games today! I love the coins!! So psyched to play thank you Tommy!
  30. 4 points
    I made banana bread
  31. That was exactly my experience - it took just a couple of seconds for me to find my cross hairs in Missile Command in relation to the touch screen. From then on out I just tracked around in my own little world of targeting missiles, defending bases and deploying power ups. Basically the on screen complexity also gets divided up along all the players so it is far less than you might expect.
  32. @Tommy Tallarico Is there anything you can share on the longevity of being able to transfer RFID games long into the future? Is the ability tied to IE remaining business, or does the blockchain reside outside of and separately from IE?
  33. Part 3 of 3 - last. At the beginning I would like to thank: - everyone who helps me pursue my sick hobby, - a small, local company "Golden Moth Chemical" for the samples. PCB red/gold PCB yellow/silver PCB purple/gold Several combinations with various stickers and PCB's. Left: a light purple sticker, right: dark purple. That's all
  34. Right in time to announce that the PS1 is my all time favorite game console Crazy good RPGs, awesome racing and fighting games The 3D didn't age at all, but why would you care if you have the best looking guy on your team
  35. Hmm I got a bit stuck, but at least I do have some progress. - Managed to expand the .exe by adding an .extra section - Moved Tracker and XEX/SAP export binaries to that location, meaning the memory limitation will no longer be a problem - Partially reverse engineered the binary loader process for loading and exporting, so I have most of the useful memory addresses and pointers I can manipulate Now about this, like I said, I have only moderate success at the moment, but it's not quite fully functional. Good news: Tracker binary loading fully functional, size limitation is no longer a problem! Everything seems to work perfectly with it, played with Altirra plugins combo works great, Two-Tone Filter is alsosupported with CMD7 and XY= $FE (enable) and $FD (disable). The tracker binary corruption experienced before (by either producing garbage or nothing at all) seems to be solved for good too, and this might also remove the necessity for ivop's loader to have its workaround in place as far as I could tell. Bad news: Despite having all the data loaded at the correct locations, exports are currently broken, there is garbage data being written, making XEX and SAP exports excessively large, and I don't know why this happens currently, since I made sure to had the correct memory addresses and size pointing the right stuff. Things *do* get loaded, and written in exports, but they're cut by some weird sections of of 00's or FF's, but in any case, they can technically be recovered into functional exports with hex edit, it's just cursed as hell when assembling the player from scratch is much less inconvenient lol. So for now I suspect a memory corruption (very plausible due to the hacking around the .exe I did), or there was something important I overlooked in the partially reversed export binary loader code, which is still incomplete so it's very likely to be related too. Despite the currently unusable exports, the program does work, and now there's a massively larger memory section in which I can write my own data, and edit pointers accordingly very easily. It's just not fully functional still, hehe. I will eventually figure it out. Btw this is based on the RMT 1.30 version I did have hacked before, but now I've replaced the entire memory section where binaries were originally located with NOP instructions (easier to retrieve), added the .extra section like I mentioned above, and did a very rudimentary UI hack in the About window because I can lol TL;DR, it works, but exports are broken, and I probably broke more shit because I'm good at breaking shit anyway lol Enjoy. RMT MEMORY HACK TEST 7-9.exe
  36. New game for the weekend: - Maze Boggle: a maze/strategy game. ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 398. [GAME] Maze Boggle (1983)(Brian Taylor)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  37. Game Boy Tetris - 130 minutes PC-9801 Jelda - 45 minutes Lode Runner - 10 minutes Well, a slow week for gaming but still a fun one. Most of my time was on-the-go Tetris, the usual, and I can say that man I wish I had a slightly smaller Game Boy. The DMG is awesome, no doubt, but my backpack is stuffed to the brim with books and things for projects to the point where I have to play stuff Tetris. Maybe I'll look into a Pocket, I used to do a lot of LSDJ so I avoided the GBP but nowadays that may just be nicer... The PC-98s, specifically the 9801 and 9801E, got put on the "useless" desk... okay none of the computers there are useless, it's just that they're extremely gimped compared to others in the same line. See the PC-8801 and Apple II+ that also sit there. The plain 9801 got the "usual dead test" routine as I finally made some 8" disks for it - just run Lode Runner and wait for the extremely ear-grating buzzer noises, thank the person who previously taped the thing quieter - and the 9801E got to play some Jelda. It was good fun, I just need a mini-DIN keyboard that has a working : key. Next week is lining up to be a whole lot more Kenbak programming, Tetris playing, and waiting on boxes. Hopefully something good will come out of that?
  38. 99,300 took several tries and couldn't break 45,000 then i had a good run. Good enough for this round anyways.
  39. Tommy, how big is the autographed Running Man poster, included with the Founder's Edition, going to be?
  40. Here are my times for this past week (October 11th through 17th) on modern systems: Browser-based: Taonga the Island Farm - 270 minutes in 14 sessions I continued to play Taonga the Island Farm. The sessions grew longer because a new building required an ingredient I have to get from another island, so I visited all the islands which I still had a quest open for, meaning that I got some additional energy just for visiting the respective island. But it seems like by this morning I've seen them all. For the moment, I have bought all the buildings I can afford, so I have to complete some other jobs to gain funds to buy more buildings. But I haven't completed all I've bought so far yet anyway.
  41. Just heard back from Hans. There are currently no different variants in Europe/Germany/UK, etc. as of right now. Each game across Europe/UK will have 2 stickers on the box as seen in that Amazon Germany link I gave.
  42. LOVE THAT IDEA!! Me & you will need to make a Lineman game at some point. Could be along the "lines" (pun intended) of what we're doing with Bomb Squad. Using the haptic feedback in the Lineman game would scare the HELL out of players!
  43. Can't please everyone when it comes to colors... Here's another feature that is sure to win hearts: you can now press OPTION as well as Esc to go to the option menu. Cost: 12 bytes 😲 (which I didn't have before)
  44. I couldn't stand the NTSC palette so I decided to fix it.... using a method that @Wrathchild suggested a while back: simply incrementing the gradient by 1 (with wrapping) except for the grey gradient. It's potentially impossible to complain about such a feature, but you never know...
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