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  1. If you're going to be in the Nashville, Tennessee area this weekend (or you can get there!), be sure to stop by the Music City Multi Con! Atari 2600 developer John W. Champeau of Champ Games will be attending the show, with a large booth showcasing all of his amazing Atari 2600 homebrew titles as well as upcoming games currently in development. Available for purchase for the first time will be the brand new RobotWar:2684, which isn't even available yet in the AtariAge Store! RobotWar:2684 is John's latest arcade-inspired game and an amazing accomplishment on the 2600. It even supports a simultaneous two-player mode that you won't find in the arcade game! In addition, John will be speaking on several panels about homebrew games, so if you want to learn more about homebrew development and all that entails, you don't want to miss these talks. The Multi City Multi Con takes place this weekend, October 29-31 at the Farm Bureau Expo Center in Lebanon, Tennessee. Music City Multi Con is the perfect event for the video game, comic, music, and pop culture fan. Featuring over 100 arcade and pinball machines, over 100 video game consoles, Esports Tournaments hosted by Kumite in Tennessee, and the largest Pinball tournament in the state. You'll also find tabletop gaming, a cosplay competition with cash prizes, and a kids costume contest. Plus over 12 special guests running presentations and panels all three days. Don't forget the large vendor room selling games, toys, and all the cool geek stuff you love. There will be food vendors on site so you don't have to miss out on any of the convention. Lastly, there are two huge outdoor stages and a music lineup of over 40 DJs playing all weekend. Rain or shine the music will go on since the crowd will be covered at both stages. Here's a render of the RobotWar: 2684 box for those who haven't seen it yet! And here are all the games he'll have available for purchase (with boxes as well, not pictured here!): Wish I could attend the show, sounds like it will be a lot of fun. If anyone here is able to attend, please take some photos and post them here! ..Al
  2. I achieved the highest score possible on Star Raiders on my original Atari 130XE with an original 'Star Raider' cartridge! It was a lifelong goal to capture this high score on video. Star Raiders is an absolute classic and one of my all-time-favorite games. Watch me achieve the high score on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjhtTinGaFY&t=1364s I stream other Atari and retro games on original hardware on Twitch. My retro twitch stream: https://www.twitch.tv/ocelo78
  3. Don't forget the Nekkid Princess version. 8-bit n00dz r h4wt.
  4. We need to go Intellivoice! Let me see if I can implement it. One frustration I always had was you did not know your exact energy level at any given moment (only by color and when it was being used or charged), and you had no idea how many ones you had in inventory. I just gave Phase One a play test and the dynamics have completely changed. UPDATED: Intellivoice is working so far!
  5. Wow are there _still_ discussions about alternative formats!? I thought that now the final was out, people would be ripping it apart, producing XEX versions, versions with alternative title screens, versions without the intro, versions on 16MB atr files, cheat versions, SDX compatible versions, no-turban versions etc.
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    Garfield and the toaster that Jon repaired.
  7. Well I'm still in my work clothes and haven't moved for several hours from this spot...
  8. Thanks for posting this Al! Here is a render of the booth we'll have setup, it's pretty large! Unfortunately, my brother Paul cannot make the trip as originally planned and my fiancé Maureen is feeling sick and won't be going either, so I'll be running the booth solo. 😕 If you happen to be in the area and would like to volunteer to help run things, send me a PM! I'm sure I'll be able to hook you up with one of those 25 RobotWar carts (signed ) as a way to say thanks!
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    I didn't get any sound from my headphones, so I restarted the PC in case the driver to the sound card had got stuck. It still didn't work, which was when I saw that I had disconnected the headphones cable...
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    Yup! For a few weeks when it was a big deal...I played a lot of StarHawk in 1979 when I was 11!
  11. Haven't done one of these before and it sounds fun, sign me up!
  12. 3D printed mold halves came out really well, with my re-designed labeling with deeper engraving, should show up much better in the positive silicone keypads. Will pour a few this weekend..
  13. I owned this title as a kid. It was a title I wanted to forget that I even owned it. Seeing a recent post about it made me think about the game but in a nostalgic way so I figured... time for a Super Pro treatment! The updates to the game is about done. What I am curious about is: - Did anyone else care about this game? - If you could "fix" the issues of the game, what would have made it better for you? - Is an update something you are interested in?
  14. I have hesitated for many years to release one of a kind items so I have held on to my prototype boards since 2010. The time has come to offer them to someone. With me having two games ready to release (Super Pro Gammon and Super Pro Boxing) that will *not* be released CIB, I figured to combine the prototype boards with a box of each game. If anyone is interested in this, please IM me with an offer. I am selling: 2 boxes (Super Pro Gammon and Knock Out! Super Pro Boxing) and 2 prototype game boards in cart shells. The items are show in the photo below.
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    During Garfield's early comic strips, Garfield and Jon use to smoke a pipe. But Jim Davis abandon the idea of both smoking because he didn't want his younger readers to start this habit at a young age.
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    We mix our ground beef with onion soup mix for delicious hamburger patties.
  17. Hi there folks, After couple weeks of hard work I managed to finish (I hope) playable version of the game. It wouldn't happen without Fujinet emulator, so firstable I wish to thanks people for making it, and bocianu for creating a tutorial. The game is a typical Battle Ships game for 2 of 4 players. There are 6 slots where other players wait for us, when the neccessary number of players is there the game begins. At the beginning we have to place our ships on our teritory, we have to remember about couple things though: -pressing space rotates the current ship -ships cannot be placed next to each other, there has to be at least one field empty between them -you cannot place ship on the land When everybody place their ships the game begins. The player has 12 seconds for shooting, after that time the round is passed to next player. The game ends when only one player still has his ships on the board. At any given moment the player can press ESC to go back to main menu. There's a chat where one can communicate with other players at any given moment (right part of the screen). The game was heavily tested by couple people, still it probably has some bugs, so this is 0.8 version (I would appreciate bug reports). At the end I wish to thank a lot to my friend Irata4 for donating his money as a game sponsor, and I wish also to say thanks to all the testers: -misza -bocianu -dely -teddyboar -santyago Without them the game wouldn't exist. --- Have a nice time with this game and please report any bugs that you will encounter. warships.xex
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    HUGE sigh of relief. I thought the Heat/Ac had shut down like early this past summer, but it had only been turned off.
  19. So, I wore my halloween costume to work today, and posed with one of the nurses. I am an essential healthcare worker!
  20. VIRGIL99 v1.1 - There is a new bin in the ForceCommand 1.28b zip : https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=886299 I've fixed a number of bugs: * I had misread spec, and assumed there was always some space between `=>` and the link... but that's optional. * added support for redirect responses from the server... * fixed error handling and status bar (at bottom) so it doesn't scroll the top menu bar off the screen. * noticable, but small speedup of page loading. Much more speed is available... * fix bug getting stuck in literal block mode if you interrupt the load while in a literal block. There are still some things where the content will for some reason corrupt the display. I will probably try to fix the loading speed first... Also I know long urls break things.
  21. Man, I'm bummed to read there was a second game planned. Would have loved a sequel. This was an absolute gem on the system, and it's sad to see the ones making any money on this are the ones flipping it for a $1000 instead of the cool dudes at Penguinet. Played through it a lot on steam with a friend, almost got all the achievements too.
  22. Hi! IMHO, you are writing to the cartridge control window (D5DD) and probably activating a cartrdige, so the memory at $8000 to $9FFF changes. Have Fun!
  23. Yeah, I didn't intend to encrypt anything to military grade standards, only enough to annoy curious people. Actually the encoding scheme may be one of the oldest in the book, often used back in the Usenet days when you wanted to post spoilers without those being immediately readable.
  24. I've thought whether or not to post the list of games between 900 and 999 minutes. Let's make it a riddle by posting all games in encoded form. Those curious can decode them and look up the games.
  25. Eh? I thought that the Flashbacks only played Atari 2600 games?? Please correct me if I am wrong, I am very happy to be corrected...
  26. Thank you so much for this game, it’s awesome and the port you’ve done is amazing. After playing a bit, I had to check and tonight I launched PoP on a MegaSTE just to confirm: your 8bit version is so much better than the Atari ST version ! Again many thanks for all the hard work, and my deepest respect for your programming skills !
  27. My God. Do people who mod cases not own drills and files?
  28. Fixed the color issue (intermittent connection of a critical cap)! Big thanks to @Falonn! Now black really is black, saturation could be better, but that may be the TV. so I’m pretty happy with it now. Adam ram and ay-sound are working, going to test sgm game soon.
  29. The XF551 sales are small in comparison with 1050 (for instance), which is by far the A8 floppy drive in "everyone's home"... which is also the most likely one to receive some sort of DD / high-speed upgrade, too. I would venture to say that even SDrive (in all its variants) is way more popular than XF551... Anyway, nothing comes close to the performance and convenience of a multicart for PoP, even a good-old-and-tested Atarimax 8Mbit would do wonders!!
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  31. Only one life and a lack of waves means you never get a chance to breathe and your game is short, unless you are very good at it. Leads to fairly quick burnout in my opinion. The game itself is pretty cool, though, and I like the web nuke or whatever it is called.
  32. Another small mention on Pat the NES Punk @2:53, mostly as a dunk on Amico, but it's pretty fair to contrast them.
  33. I’ll trade a Jag for three NIB Atari Karts.
  34. juansolo


    I hope he is, Pengo is a childhood favorite of mine and I'd certainly pick up a copy.
  35. Improving you searching skill will also make it easier to find more food, as well as other items.
  36. I suppose, if decoded properly, it turns out to be a reference to itself! There's a website (I won't link to it, lest I spoil the fun) that'll actually decode the whole thing automatically if you like.
  37. Oh wow. I kept spending all my gold everytime. I can just grind for gold! Geez I don't know how I missed that.
  38. @pixelpedant that error comes from not being able to open for write TIPI.FC.FC/XB There are a few support files to get the XB command to work and they have to live in the TIPI.FC. directory.. https://github.com/jedimatt42/fcmd#installation It has been a while since I have (looked at) this... I should make that easier/stand out more .. (edit: I've just updated the wiki reference for the XB command to point this requirement out, and tie in that error message)
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    so a constant low baller messaged me on ebay mad that I blocked them from bidding/sending offers.
  40. This game is actually pretty hard! I am going to try to do better than this: 8,560
  41. Rail, green terra! Pyrex roof? Irk one bar nowhere? Abjurer, one vex, ebbs clerk, terra green? Envy!!
  42. A few of those should lead to cracking the code for sure. I figured it out, but I erased my hint because that may have made it too easy.
  43. I think this is a good sign that Christmas is gonna be great. Look what showed up at my grocery store today! !!! Cheers!
  44. Some ideas we discussed when we covered it on the podcast: it has some control issues - you can get stuck on the maze circuitry sometimes, there seems to be a bit of a delay when you hit the button to activate your shield I wondered about the auto-scrolling and if that hurt or helped the gameplay. It seems like some of the game mechanics don't make a lot of sense if you aren't auto-scrolling - e.g. changing RAM chips by entering from the top or bottom, rather then using a button or something other mechanic it lacks a feeling that you're progressing towards something. cmadruga mentions some kind of compass feature - maybe that or some kind of map/hints to help you know if you're working towards finding a bank of RAM chips I think there should be more segments of the RAM chips. I think we estimated that there were on the order of 4 or 6 RAM banks in the whole game (David, you'll know for sure digging through the code). There are 4 different circuit boards, each 38 sections. 4 * 38 = 152. You're looking to find 4 or 6 specific sections out of those 152, across 4 boards. It's just takes too long to find the RAM chips. I'm not sure how the boss-battle could be made better. I do know that I talked about wanting a "win" state of some kind, rather than just a screen where you last as long as you can. The mechanic of shooting the tops of two rising streams of numbers was a little hard to manage (???). Because you're moving across with a digital control (i.e. a constant pace, you can't "rush" over), by the time you shoot one side and start moving to the other, it has moved up on you. Maybe that's just part of the challenge, but it seemed needlessly complicated to me. Because the maze is made out of the same four pieces over and over, you never know where you are. You never have a sense of "Oh, I remember this part - I'm close". I guess this hits the same idea as the suggestion for a compass/map. You might not need compass/map if the mazes were distinctive in some way so you could learn your way around the computer system.
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    This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.
  46. I love this game..... Let me start the round off with a quick score: 9308
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