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  1. Fallen Kingdom 2nd place at ABBUC Software Contest 2021 Download (v1.1): http://matosimi.websupport.sk/atari/fallen-kingdom/ Changelist compared to ABBUC version: - fixed some glitches - added keyboard controls (WASD / arrows) - added couple new levels - added ending screen
  2. Unexpectedly today the results of the ABBUC 2021 competition were announced. So I can share my game, which took 1st place. The game requires an Atari with 64K RAM and a PAL system. gacek.xex
  3. OK here it is -> Kangaroo - Makeover (Final).xex the final version of my Kangaroo hack ! I can't call it a redux because all changes are purely cosmetic, so a makeover will do.. never the less I managed to change most of the things I wanted, just by rearranging pixels. Don't forget to turn on "frame blending" in Altirra, or else the flickering is unbearable. This is a comparison with the original (couldn't find an arcade sprite set to compare, as I worked from gameplay videos..) The "B" columns are mine ↓
  4. ******************************************* * TI BASIC/EXTENDED BASIC COMPILED GAMES * * MEGA PACK V4.0.0 * ******************************************* All the games (409) in one .zip archive, with scripts to rename for FinalGROM (I've only tested the Windows script, not the Un*x counterpart). This pack replaces the previous .zip (some of the games in the previous archives received an update and are included in this new pack). *** Have Fun with your TI99! *** TI99_Compiled_Games_MEGA_Pack_V4.0.0_by_TMOP.zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.6.0.xlsx
  5. Sometimes 2 tone and filter in a chord work out niiiiiicely this is a sneak peek of another cover I'm making If I'm careful with how I configure the channels, I might be able to retain the echoing, or at least settle for a good compromise 2021-11-12 16-56-20.mp4
  6. 2048 - Atari 7800 Edition This is my take on a 2048 number tile game for the 7800. I started this as a bit of a side-project / experiment as I'd never really tried anything like a puzzle game before. It took shape quite quickly and with a bit of polishing turned into a playable game. There is no sound or music, I wanted the game to be quite minimalistic in approach (to be honest, sfx playing each time you make a move would probably drive most people crazy). Unless some bugs are found and need fixing, I'd call this done. 2048 is Couch Compliant! Enjoy! Objective & Playing Make a 2048 tile! The game is played on a 4 x 4 board and the player starts with two number 2 tiles. Each turn where the player makes a valid move, another number 2 tile is added to the game board (a valid move is moving the tiles, or combining tiles). If you try to move in such a way that no move is completed, a turn is not registered and no new number "2" is added to the board. You make new tiles by combining the tiles already on the board. Combine 2 and 2 to make a 4, combine 4 and 4 to make an 8 and so on, combine a 1024 and 1024 to make a 2048. Game over occurs when the board is full and you no longer have a valid move available (ie no way to move or combine tiles). It sounds way more complex that it is. Controls Up, Down, Left & Right will move all of the tiles on the board in the direction you select. example Scoring Score points by smashing tiles together. Score = the sum of the tiles you smash together - create an 8 tile - you score 8, create a 32 tile, you score 32 and so on. Greedy moves are not allowed (no mega-combines - A tile can only combine once per turn). Release Candidate ROM The RC2 rom supports NTSC and PAL as well as AV/Save key for hiscores. The RC2 rom should work fine on Dragonfly, Concerto and most emulators. BUP might get upset with the hiscore code, I'll add a "BUP Friendly" version over the weekend. Thanks @Trebor @ZeroPage Homebrew @sramirez2008 for doing a bit of testing and for valuable feedback! 2048_RC1a.a78
  7. Hi all, This is a big one, in some ways it's the culmination of several years of work by @Knarfian, @Lathe26, @intvnut, @Ron The Cat and myself. We have finally completed the restoration of Conversational French, probably the most technically advanced of all the Intellivision Keyboard Component software. To share it with you we have put together 21!? videos showing the full hour and three quarters of Mimi Schroeder's language course. Let's start with a highlights reel for those who just want to see the best bits and don't want to get bogged down in the details... Why is Conversational French the most advanced Keyboard Component tape? Whilst many of the PowerPoint style slides it contains, such as the Mona Lisa, are quite cool for the time, for me the most impressive content is the lip sync'd animation of Mimi. I would have been blown away if I'd seen it running on a home machine in 1980. I know this is the case because I did see Dancing Demon at my local Radio Shack at around that time (it was written in 1979), and I thought that was really cool. It should be noted that our videos probably don't do this animation justice. There is quite a bit of wow and flutter on the recordings we're working from, which means the lip-sync wanders a bit. Then there's the use of audio, both pre-recorded and home recorded. Only Conversational French and Spelling Challenge make use of the K/C microphone and clearly it's totally integral to Mimi's course. Finally, there's something that's not obvious. French Tape A manages to squeeze an hour of content onto a 30 minute cassette. It does this by having lessons recorded on both the Read Only and Read/Write tracks. The program and audio content are carefully aligned so that when you record your responses to the lessons on the Read Only track, it doesn't obliterate Mimi's audio for the lesson recorded on the Read/Write track. Very cunning, although it complicates our digital K/C tape replacement. Whilst investigating bugs in our initial digitization of Tape A, we came across some hidden credits. At 1.5K decles in size, it's probably the largest Easter Egg in the original Intellivision software library... ...Many thanks to Mark Stroberg for putting these credits in, and to everyone he listed, for their hard work on this piece of software. To trigger the credits, you hold down 1 & 9 on the left controller and 0 & 8 on the right controller as Mimi starts her introduction. This is acknowledged by a bing before she talks. The credits are then triggered by choosing 6 to save any progress and quit. So, how did we archive Conversational French and get it running again? Well, here's an over long and yet strangely unsatisfactory explanation... Finally we have the full contents of the course. In all, there are five lessons split across two tapes. Each lesson is further broken into between two and five parts. We've put together an individual video for each part lesson, linked below... Tape A Mimi's Introduction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjWO35vE8rs Lesson 1 - Customs Customs I - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEzKvNdcrO8 Customs II - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeqKqz3MbSU Customs III - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7EYZzvzPWk Review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j471b-b2CHQ Taxi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSMx8SOtHV8 Lesson 2 - Hotel Bedroom I - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLiD2eQlUgI Bedroom II - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIjsoatp7Xc Bathroom - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dapQKVakx0 Money - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s253xgIFN8 Tape B Lesson 3 - Restaurant Restaurant I - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPaC7PKG9yQ Restaurant II - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCVkLyWvih4 Review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgHwGU04g0Y Lesson 4 - Tour Tour I - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq-R5_gDjPM Tour II - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F-WqLU1hfc Tour III - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StChw0lUWEs Lesson 5 - Train Train 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbUceCDCrx8 Train 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aejOgOuLPns So there you have it, Conversational French in all its glory. Unfortunately, for copyright reasons we can't share software with you, and even if we were to there is no way to use it at the moment without a Keyboard Component and Kitty Faker. However, we hope you enjoyed seeing what you missed out on at your local Frederick & Nelson all those years ago... We are well on the way to preserving the other Keyboard Component tapes and hope to have more videos showcasing this rare software soon. Special thanks to @Ron The Cat, @Knarfian, @Lathe26, @intvnut, @David Rolfe, Bill & Mimi Schroeder, Mark Stroberg, Tom Boellstorff and Braxton Soderman for their help in preserving Conversational French and their memories of putting it together in the first place. Cheers decle
  8. When I was but a wee sprout, I picked up a used TV from a garage sale and wheeled it home carefully balanced on the seat of my ten-speed. It was a big sucker, I think like 21", maybe a little larger. It needed a little work and at that time in my life I was invincible and immortal. I was also pretty dumb, of course: not dumb enough to work on a TV while in the shower, but definitely smart enough to unplug it before working on it. Somehow while adjusting the guns, I dropped my screwdriver across some contacts having to do with the tube and the fly back, and fly back I did! Knocked me backward off my chair and the shock sent my arm upward, releasing the screwdriver and embedding it into the ceiling. Hoo boy! Learned one hell of a lesson that day, but also got that thing adjusted perfectly. Pictures on the screen looked like they had been painted, no more lines or fuzziness.
  9. Good to go! Just need to wrap it up and launch it into the postal service void
  10. That looks fantastic. I wish my wife looked at me, the way I look at your box designs! 🕹️
  11. Knight Guy in Low-Res World Castle Days is coming to the AtariAge Store soon! Here's a render of the box to tide you over until that happens. Click on the image to get a clearer view of the box. ..Al
  12. Whoa! I finished the game on the 2nd attempt now that keyboard control works! True to the original, I could not refuel, I either shot the tank or crashed to the ground. I also flew through the tank, so not sure how fueling should be done. But finished nevertheless, and truly enjoyed that. I ran the game with StrangeCart in ROM cart mode. Very nice to see what can be done in Extended Basic. I guess I now know where I need to take the StrangeCart Basic interpreter... Need to add sprites, for sure
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    @GoldLeader To my good friend Johnny. We want you to feel better and will be here for you if you need assistance my good man.
  14. New game: - Snake Attack: description on Ti99IUC page (Snake Attack); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 408. [GAME] Snake Attack (1985)(Tony Smith)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  15. Progress... So no geese yet, no weathervane, no "landing," less bugs(!) (still many) but it's otherwise PLAYABLE! The sound of crickets in here is disquieting, so could someone try this out and post your best time or something? bstest3.rom
  16. Hi all, A new release is available in the first post: Re-arranged the fonts and tiles to no longer be located in the 16K Ram area Initialised all of the 16K ram ($4000-$7fff) and adjusted the memory allocations Removed the read references to palette registers Updated the DL ram for extra memory Thanks for the feedback and testing - hopefully this one will work a little better. I'll have a look at the controllers for the next release along with some new tunes coming from Synthpopalooza.
  17. One of the benefits of being a Subscriber - you get 30 days, lol. Seriously, very glad this is getting a full release. This game is really fun and quite charming in all the best ways. It really encapsulates one of the best things about the modern homebrew scene: the chance for something new and unique to make it out into the world for all to enjoy.
  18. Nothing actually “got out” as it were. Circuit Boards were very limited, I had 3 each of DX and Frank. 2 went to the ‘team’ and 1 each to Soulbuster for private reasons. Did not even save a copy for myself. These 3 copies of each are not going to show up on ebay. No one MISSED out, there is no secret release under the table. Once more circuit boards are in hand, they go for sale to everyone. I hope this clears it up and no one has hard feelings. thanks
  19. Welcome to Robots Rumble! A conversion of an original Spectrum game by Miguetelo and subsequently ported to the c64, Vic-20 and Plus/4. Robots Rumble is an arcade puzzle platformer where you use your magnets to guide the robots to their death across 4 different planets. Check out the other platforms here: Spectrum https://miguetelo.itch.io/robots-rumble C64, Vic-20 & Plus/4 https://majikeyric.itch.io/robots-rumble About You are Slade, 45 years old, and yes you love your job... to destroy broken robots! You will be sent to different planets guiding the broken robots through different scenarios. Your mission, throw them into the lava with the exclusive help of two old big magnets. The magnets have a limited battery charge. They can be charged by picking up the batteries on the map. If you run out of energy, you die. If both magnets are aligned with the robot, it will stop moving. You must avoid the green stones of kryptonite (the robot will explode causing pollution of the entire planet). Also watch out for the sentinels roaming around the planet as well. PLAY ONLINE (thanks raz0red!) Game Modes Beginner (new for 7800) Go from apprentice to master as you learn to utilize the magnets to control the robots with a little less urgency. Pro Push your mind and reflexes to the limit as you guide each robot into the lava pits without running out of power! Speed run (new for 7800) Mastered the planets? Race against the clock and compete for the fastest time in the galaxy! Controls For all controllers move the joystick up and down to adjust the magnets (the activate magnet is highlighted). One joystick (A) Hold button 1 to temporarily switch magnets or tap button 2 to alternately switch to the other magnet. One joystick (B) Push button 1 to activate the left magnet and button 2 to activate the right magnet. Two joysticks Use the left joystick to control the left magnet and the right joystick to control the right magnet. Tip: two joysticks allows two players to work together. Thanks Original concept & graphics: Miguetelo Conversion Coding: mksmith Music: synthpopalooza Graphics: reveng QA: trebor, sramirez, reveng, muddyfunster, zeropagehomebrew, playsoft, patbrady, crossbow To be completed This game is considered complete. If you find any issues or strange behaviour please let me know. Note: The concerto specific version may exhibit some strange graphical glitches due to the use of the 16kRam and location of the pokey chip. This will be resolved in a future firmware update. FINAL RELEASE 20220217.robotsrumble.a78 20220217.robotsrumble_concerto.a78 Previous releases 06 Dec 2021 - Update 4 20211206.robotsrumble.a78 20211206.robotsrumble_concerto.a78 18 Nov 2021 - Update 3 20211118.robotsrumble.a78 20211118.robotsrumble_concerto.a78 17 Nov 2021 - Update 2 20211117.robotsrumble.a78 20211117.robotsrumble_concerto.a78 13 Nov 2021 - Update 1 20211113.robotsrumble.78b.a78 20211113.robotsrumble_concerto.a78 10 Nov 2021 - Initial release robotsrumble.a78 robotsrumble_concerto.a78
  20. Well, Abbuc results are out, Blokz got 4th place so here it is Download: blokz_2021_popmilo_final_version.zip Please test, report bugs etc. Thank you all for voting and making Atari scene better ! Cheers! Vladimir
  21. I have used it capture misc output from a program that I wanted to edit on the PC. My favourite use was for DocGen, a program that read my library source code and created rough documentation. Opening output file as CLIP was amazing! I just pasted the text into Libre Office and made a book.
  22. This is actually how you should refuel, by making contact to the fuel tank a tone should sound and the gauge should go up ... slowly. You may change the Lift to 1 by pressing 1 for more precise movements. ... and it was actually not meant to be that easy ... 😌
  23. Classic99 uses the Windows clipboard and you can read/write it as a file with the device name, CLIP. ...lee
  24. Happy to do the schematic and core if someone wants to do the pcb layout, case and keyboard for the 'next'. Also happy to do the schematic and core if someone wants to do the pcb layout for the original form factor replacement boards. Would still appreciate someone to take on software side in the cores. Regarding core development, I should really release some of the work I did on the cores. Its been a long time. In the queue: i) @ndary asked me to try and add high resolution hdmi modes. I thought this sounded interesting, so learned how to write my own scaler. I wrote an area based scalar and a polyphasic scalar. This needed a larger buffer. This fitted in the large A4 fpga and the smaller A2 fpga, however in the A2 it broke the cpu. The Intel software seems to have a memory block sharing bug. So I can't release this for the older boards, which is annoying! ii) Pokeymax compatibility. I'm only going to do releases from now on for the A4 core, since the A2 is full. Dealing with full FPGAs is hard work and this is a hobby! However I'll do a final A2 core with: 4 channel covox, pokey 2 tone fix and automatic 2 channel output for mono playback.
  25. I've bought a few collectors editions over the years, one of the Dark Souls titles for the figurine and art book, a Fallout game for the pip boy bobble head, think one of the Halo games had an art book with it. But I soon realized the folly of pumping money into them. The art books and CD soundtracks soon went into storage, the DLC codes used and the exclusive armour/weapons sets they unlocked, became useless as you progressed further into the game. Mate gave me one of the Batman Arkham games on 360 years ago, collectors edition, huge box, complete with some plastic batarang thing on a stand, ended up charity shopping it once I was done with the game as it looked tacky.
  26. Whooot, you clean the pitch fork before a riot? You fancy son of a b....
  27. This thread inspired me to get off my lazy half-assed collector-ass and finally buy a pair of keypad controllers (sans BASIC overlays, alas, but at least they were cheap). #BringIt
  28. Ouch! Better hope she doesn't read atariage... there's still 32 minutes left to edit!
  29. Update: SAMS and TIPI received and working fine now, and also speech still working (needed another TIPI as well as the one I had, not sold by Arcade Shopper, had the connectors fitted the other way around as the SAMS card was expecting. So now have a spare TIPI for a future spare TI).
  30. Here's an update. This has been sitting around on my computer for a bit as I got a bit bogged down with compiler changes while working on it. If I remember correctly: - I did quite a bit of rework on the player logic, so that should be relatively bug free. - The drawing kernel has been split into two (as can be seen by the background color change). It will probably be split a couple of more times (1) to handle Bongo at the top, (2) give at least one or two more zones in preparation for handling more sprites. - Some more work has been done on the coconut logic. It now bounces down the steps, and attempts to bounce towards the player a bit (if on the steps). Still needs quite a bit of work though. So gameplay wise, not much, but something Enjoy. congo_20211112_NTSC.bin congo_20211112_PAL60.bin congo_20211112_PAL50.bin I've also played around with the colors a bit (first image is the new version). I found that the original colors (second image) were too red on an actual CRT.
  31. Not a lot to go on here just yet. I got the basic graphics from the old 2600 version and used as the basis for Yar, the base, and the seeker. Joystick controls are in place, the base is there, and the shield. The seeker is appearing but not tracking just yet. And I need to figure out how to solve the "safety zone" issue. I know the original code was genius - and I am not. So, looking for a solution that produces a similar field on the 7800.
  32. Sorry, this year there´s too much confusion. After postponing the annual meeting again, we announced, that the results will be published at the NOMAM meeting, which is... TODAY: There will be a short live stream from Itzehoe, Germany at 9pm GMT+2 (very soon) : https://youtu.be/qmlnZpkccCw The results then will be published at the ABBUC Forums and here. And then we keep on working getting everything back on track, so that the next magazine is in time again, which means, that it´ll ship before xmas.
  33. Dude...math?? You're getting a wedgie after school 😃 Yeah, boxed is just too expensive for anything slightly rare these days, kinda takes the fun out of it... Please do! I'm a motivated collector and haven't blown through all my "start up" cash yet. Just a warning, I'm a cheap bastard so you need to at least beat ebay/price charting comps/etc, especially if its a smaller lot (shipping adds up quick on the small stuff 😃 ) On the plus side I'm not very picky about condition (I despise missing end labels though, unless its something pretty rare and affordable haha) Thanks man!
  34. I just launched my kickstarter for my space action adventure game !
  35. Much as @TheBF did, I demonstrated its use for ASM>CODE , which outputs the hexadecimal code for an fbForth word assembled and compiled from fbForth ALC. See glossary (page 182) of my fbForth 2.0 manual: fbForth 2.0: A File-Based Cartridge Implementation of TI Forth. ...lee
  36. A 72 page User Group magazine for you from the UK, the zip has hi res TIF images for you to ocr, pdf, print or read... not on WHT so feel free to add this there. TIHOME TIdings V2 N4 August 1982 (Produced 8th October 1982) Due to poor print quality I have had to retype a few small sections of this one. Contents: Peter Brooks writes extensively on beginning Basic- from the beginning and with great detail. More than the manual tells you. And an introduction to mathematics: Powers. An introduction to 3 dimensional noughts and crosses (the listing and documentation for a program will come later in v3n2 May 83); a review of Version 110 of Extended Basic and differences to Vn 100 (Peter -like many users- didn't spot the [...] at the top of several manual command formats... from Vn 100!); quite possibly the only TI Article that has been peer reviewed, as it deals with current medical research using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (totally off topic); a speeded up TI Basic Banthorpe plot (bit map plotting) from Bill van Kirkoerle; a letter of news from Robin Frowd at TI UK who met Peter Brooks and Stephen Shaw at the Personal Computer World show in London... ; From Frank Grootjan and Paul Karis, an article on using TI Basic to work with files created by the Personal Record Keeping module and a detailed note of what CALL P does to memory. More Vn110 XB variations to Vn100- notably different locations in memory for programs- moved by 24 bytes! and CALL LOAD(-31878,0) to speed up XB is now redundant. Initial thoughts on the big new modules- Editor Assembler and Mini Memory. Ad for programs from Not Polyoptics. How to print out data from Personal Record Keeping on the 32 column Thermal Printer when the data line is over 32 columns wide. A program that writes itself (XB+32k); Using Graphics Mode 3 (multicolour); the theory of CALL SOUND and why some sounds are out of tune; Group membership 400 and rising. Well that's quite a lot to read. WHT already has V2N5, V2N6 and V3N1 - (http://ftp.whtech.com/user%20groups/TIdings-England/) so my next magazine posting will be V3N2- a mere 108 pages... So meanwhile I will post next week the Asgard 1990-91 12 page catalog. tihome tidings V2 N4 Aug82.zip
  37. it's my first time playing Popeye on the 2600. I like it so far. Without knowing how, I obviously hit the glitch on the first gaming session.. 8-) guess it's time for some more bonus points 😃
  38. I’m going to do some tests in the next days. First thing I want to try is to re-use the functionality that is already in place and bind it to some shortcuts. This is what I have in mind; a clipboard file. You’r editing a file, mark a block and press a shortcut. The block is automatically saved to a file DSKx.CLIP Load the next file and press a shortcut, the DSKx.CLIP file is automatically inserted at the current line position. The cool thing about the clipboard file is TI basic integration. You could jump into TI-Basic, run a program that opens the DV80 clipboard file, does its magic and return to Stevie. Press the clipboard insert shortcut, and there you have it. Content is in the editor. I have a small disk catalog program in TI Basic I want to modify so that it writes to the clipboard file. The clip device/file should be configurable in some way (wasn’t there a clipboard device in classic99? have to check. Stevie does not fully run in classic99 yet, working on that too).
  39. 43900 On the 2nd loop of the game, apparently Nolan Ryan has been put in to throw the projectiles at you! 😵🤕
  40. From my understanding there are only two carts (the Namco ones) that will not work on the VS. Other than that... I believe all carts will work with both systems. I'm looking forward to arcade on the handheld... oh and trying to unlock all the mysteries with the VS!
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    Spotted the new Zelda Game and Watch at Walmart today, so I picked one up. My Amazon pre-order didn't even have a ship date yet, so that's kinda weird. Guess I will have an extra one soon. Neat little gadget! (Didn't get the SMB one, so this is my first.)
  42. Back to topic. Here in Germany (and most parts of Europe) Abbuc magazine 146 has arrived, it comes with two 5,25" diskettes and a paper supplement. The disks do contain all programs of the Abbuc Software Contest 2021 with english descriptions, the paper supplement includes the german descriptions. Yes, the disks are missing the labels. Why? Well, here in Europe (at least in Germany) we have a shortage of wood. And this shortage also went one step further, no wood - no paper! That's why the magazine appeared two or three weeks later, the printing press simply did not have any paper. When the paper-supplement finally arrived the printing press told us that they are still short on paper and we would have to wait two more weeks for the labels, due to lack of paper. Since we did not want the members to wait any longer we decided to send the magazine (disks) without the labels. The missing labels of #146 will be delivered with magazine 147 (hoping that the printing press has enough paper then). Unbelievable, but true, in 2021 there is a shortage of wood and paper in Germany...
  43. I hear ya! I have one of each type of 2600 in my collection. I only have a couple modded consoles, but the heavy's are and will always remain un-modified.
  44. Just a villain for me for now (I'm still trying to beat my space invaders score so wont be starting on Popeye for a bit). I'm surprised this one isn't already taken, but I give you "the mad bomber" from kaboom
  45. Here's how you expose the glitch (i.e. what NOT to do to have your score count): 1) On the first board, collect at least 8 hearts. 2) Lose a Popeye. 3) Hit the spinach and punch Bluto before the display at the top of the screen switches from remaining lives to your score. In the video, the score changes to 114120. I've posted additional details in the comments for this video on YouTube.
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