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  1. Short update, as there was a request for a version with a updated TOC: Additional behavior info on Happy 1050 track buffering, including error handling. New appendix on tape format and decoding. HWMan-20220103.pdf
  2. Hi all, I've just released Breakout, a simple but smooth implementation of the classic game. Following in the footsteps of @Vorticon, @senior_falcon and others, I've developed it in assembly for an unexpanded console, by breaking out of the TI BASIC sandbox. It's a complete game this time. It's meant to satisfy and spark nostalgic thoughts about the great things that could have been if we had known these techniques in the 80s. You can find the source code and binary images on the Breakout project page on Github. The source code is documented and reusable. The jailbreak code assembles to a BASIC program file with the actual assembly code embedded. The assembly code consists of snippets of up to 196 bytes that get swapped into scratchpad RAM from VDP RAM. The code takes over complete control of the computer and doesn't use any built-in subroutines. There are source files with generally useful definitions and macros for accessing VDP, GROM, CRU, sound, etc. Enjoy! Thoughts and questions are welcomed! Update: Added a direct link to the binary images, which now include the TI BASIC program file alongside the Mame disk image file.
  3. Quite a while ago I designed a 3D-printable case for the 32KB memory expansion card. The case consists of two sides that snap together after the card is screwed into the case with (iirc) 12 mm M2 screws. There are also printable back plates that can be snapped in behind the cutouts if you want the logo to appear a different color / don't want to see the board inside. It looks cooler printed in a silver / metal PLA, but alas my silver PLA is really poor and has integrity issues, so here's a white one: This fits the 32 KB expansion board I bought from The Brewing Academy here, but it's also available from Arcade Shopper here. Make sure your card matches the one shown in the picture before you try to print this. I realize there is another case for these that is sold and is arguably cooler looking than this one, but this one is free if you have a 3D printer. I didn't realize the other case existed when I made this a year or two ago. 😑 The case STL files can be downloaded at Thingiverse.
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    Garfield sure is the life of the party.
  5. Hi There, I have just emailed Atari with an updated build. In this one I have mapped the 'back' button on the classic controller to work the same as 'x' on the modern controller. This means you can assign it to 'switch weapon' (or 'fire' or 'joust') via 'controls' on the main menu. It also means you can access weapon info from the 'upgrades' screen. Thanks for this suggestion, I don't know why I didn't think of this before, sometimes it becomes difficult to see the wood for the trees in gamedev! Hopefully Atari won't take issue with this, I don't see why they should. I've also improved playability with the classic controller a bit as I discovered you couldn't move down and left/right at the same time using it (!) The build number is 1.1.04m. I'm not sure when Atari will get round to putting this live, sometimes they are quick but sometimes they are very slow! Thanks again for playing and for the feedback. James at BitBull
  6. Another routine evening at the computer keyboard. You have watched two videos about chainsaw fails and read an interesting theory that certain politicians and people in power are actually hybrids of reptiles and space aliens. After reading that you wonder if you should keep surfing the web or indulge in some liquid refreshment. ?GET DRUNK You cannot see a drunk here. ?GET DRINK You mix a strong gin and tonic. Halfway through your drink you are feeling better. It may be time for bed when the drink is finished. ?SCROLL DOWN You scroll down the screen and see the usual drivel. Whoever said that television is a vast wasteland had obviously never looked at the internet. One site seems to be out of the ordinary. ?CLICK ON SITE “Get Lamp” This seems to be some sort of video. Your gin and tonic beckons. ?START VIDEO The video claims to be a documentary, but in reality it seems to be some kind of time machine that magically teleports you back more than 40 years to the early development of text adventures. There are interviews with Scott Adams, Steve Meretzky and many others. An hour and a half later you find yourself back in your chair. You feel a strange sense of nostalgic satisfaction. You have heard about time warps and wonder if you have just encountered one. Your gin and tonic is still there, but all the ice has melted. ?TELL FRIENDS ABOUT GET LAMP You cannot see a lamp here. ?ATARIAGE WATCH VIDEO Your friends at Atariage now know that they should watch the video “Get Lamp” which can be found at: ?MAKE FRESH DRINK You now have a new ice cold gin and tonic. ?TURN OFF COMPUTER The screen goes dark...
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    For @OldSchoolRetroGamer Having a cup of Coffee and reading Garfield strips Rob.
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    Pro-tip for nasal spray users: spray directly into the nostril, not alongside the outside of the nose and into the eye. TMYK!
  9. Okay, @Retrospect, I think you have gone a little over-board with marketing and merchandising.
  10. Hi everyone, I remade Asteroids In Unity using RTX raytracing, so I thought you guys might be interested! Hopefully this is the right sub-forum to post this in. Asteroids But RTX is ON (Arcade/Atari 2600/7800 to PS5) - YouTube Edit: Is there no way to embed the video?
  11. Back from a holiday break with a look at Asteroids: Recharged!
  12. Ooh yes - I remember that. IIRC TF cheats and uses HERE+0 as the screen scroll buffer (hence the requirement for 80 plus a bit characters). It might be that it uses HERE as the TIB. My memory is fading! Just checked - the screen up-scroll routine (when the cursor is at the bottom of the screen) uses HERE as a buffer. The old grey matter isn't as bad as I thought it was (http://turboforth.net/source/Bank0/0-09-Console.html) ; Scroll screen up by one line. Used by EMIT and CR to scroll the screen up if ; necessary (sub-routine, not a FORTH word). scrlup mov @noscrl,r8 ; test NOSCROLL jeq scrlno ; scrolling is supressed dec @scrY ; clip y coordinate to 23 mov @here,r8 <--- dun dun duuuuh! ai r8,4 li r6,23 ; 23 lines to shift clr r0 ; screen address sclup_ a @xmax,r0 ; move down one line mov r8,r1 ; address of buffer to store in mov @xmax,r2 ; number of bytes to store in the screen I've been checking the site a lot these last three days - looking at old Forth threads and catching up on fbForth and Forth99 developments. This is bad news as I'll probably get dragged into something I don't have the time for Happy new year Lee!
  13. Happy 2022! Would anybody be willing to try the attached updated FG99 CPLD update (JB_UPDATE.PLD) on both classic and QI? I have rewritten part of the VHDL code to introduce a GS* delay by syncing it to the GROM clock and I am getting the same result as with the RC hack. It also seems to run fine on the classic; would be great to end up having one version for both consoles 🙂 See attached instructions from Ralph's site. For the updated CPLD firmware rename JB_UPDATE.PLD to UPDATE.PLD; to revert back to the latest official version (1.3) rename ORG13_UPDATE.PLD to UPDATE.PLD. Please also try something with speech such as Alpiner, Parsec etc. Cheers JB_UPDATE.PLD ORG13_UPDATE.PLD
  14. @trapperkeeper Stop bringing up the XM module, I just had to clean up this thread thanks to you. The reality is, people who purchased an XM module are unlikely to get them or a refund. That's just my opinion, and while it could happen at some point, it would probably take substantial monies to continue the project through production and shipping of actual units. I bought two of them myself, and while it sucks that the XM was never finished, Curt was the nexus of that project, and without him it may be difficult for it to continue. And if it's true that you never even purchased an XM yourself, you are just trying to stir up drama for no good reason, and I'm not going to tolerate it any further. Let Marty do the research to determine what state various projects Curt was involved with are at (including the XM), and from there decisions can be made about how to proceed, if at all. Pissing and moaning about it isn't going to help at all. Thank you, ..Al
  15. Preorder here! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1265 @DrTypo’s fabulous games are finally going to be available to those without GameDrives or Skunkboards, in an awesome collection with a really cool custom menu! Game list: Gem Race Fallen Angels Tube SE Tube 2020 Rings
  16. Here is a picture of a German cartridge emulator (Multi module löseite). Saving module dumps in 27256 or 27512 eproms Selection of the module with the yellow key towards the leds. Do any of you know the history of this material?
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    For @x=usr(1536). I was thinking about classic cars today, and remember having some good conversations with you on them. So I found this funny Garfield strip that I think you'll enjoy.
  18. I found something about Syn-Tax at https://www.quillandcamera.com/the-ron-pearl-interview/: And great pictures in there as well. "In the 1980’s with the advent of the new personal computers I taught myself BASIC and wrote an income tax program that was marketed by Synapse Software Co."
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    I found a bootleg 'Atari Games' T-shirt, which trumps the other Atari tees and should make me the king of all hipsters.
  20. Stopped by a local shop last night, didn't find much, but you definitely don't see PC Engine/Turbo stuff often, so I had to snag the controller.
  21. To insure that this dead horse is well and truly expired, the reason that PAD (in TI Forth and fbForth) always changes with HERE is that its very definition is so based: : PAD ( --- addr ) HERE 68 + ; I should probably add here that Mark Wills (@Willsy) wrote PAD for TurboForth to not only place it 80 bytes above HERE (usually) but also to attempt to insure there is a space of at least 84 bytes above PAD for the “text output buffer”. For the terminally curious, Mark’s Assembler code for PAD is in the spoiler below. You will learn more from his comments rather than trying to parse his ALC: ...lee
  22. The current version of Stella Programmer's Guide on Lulu is now coil bound. So much easier to have it open on your desk as a reference!
  23. No retro gaming time from my household for the last week of 2021, though I did log some time on the Switch with Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! and Sonic Forces for the modern tracker. Happy new year everyone!
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    When I was a kid I had this pinball machine. It was It was maybe 3-4 feet long or so, elevated about 4-6 inches above the ground, had what looked like 3/4 scale balls, but it had Real Bumpers and Real Flippers. The bumpers lit up when hit, too. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was called. Once, I got a ball forever stuck under the rubber band triangle and the company sent me a free 5 pack of balls. It seemed a lot cooler than all the toy pinballs ya can buy now, and was almost like the real thing. And I've never seen one on eBay, but like I say I can't remember what it was called, or the company that made it. (Kinda wish I still had it)...
  25. I nabbed my first FC sleeved game so down a new variant hole I go! Does anyone have a list of titles that came sleeved?
  26. I've got several titles this week! I spent some time getting acquainted with the TurboGrafx 16 library since I didn't play it the first time around. Some SNES and Game Boy stuff, too, but those titles were 'old favorites'. GB: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening -- 120 minutes Pokemon Blue -- 124 minutes SNES: Final Fantasy II (US) -- 300 minutes TG16: Alien Crush -- 120 minutes Bonk's Adventure -- 120 minutes Devil's Crush -- 240 minutes
  27. Hello everybody Côté Gamers hope you'll be fine in 2022 and wish you a happy new year. But, hey! We know why you are here : YOU WANT TO SEE CASIMODO 😁 Give a look at this trailer
  28. I've had it with trying to get the Mitsumi mylars to work in my 800's. I know some people are trying to produce a replacement but this to me seem like a better long term solution. Using a PCB and kailh low profile switches. it feels good to me at least. I'm no keyboard snob, however. Seems damn satisfying with the tactile feedback. Might need to find a spacer that will fit between the pcb and the upper shell/keyboard but from my testing works without em.. Just haven't found anything off the shelf(I admit I haven't looked either). I'd hate to have to print something. that means days fiddling around with the 3d printer. I like this solution because it uses the keyboard frame so you don't have to monkey around with printing adapters or deal with wobbly keys. About $80 bucks in parts too. Bought a sample pack of switches on amazon for testing. Ordered the rest of the switches from: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32838369089.html The PCB I had made from JLCPCB. PCBWay must have stock in shipping companies.... VID_20211215_132432.mp4 VID_20211215_134412.mp4
  29. A new video was posted this Christmas and at the end is gameplay of the Easter Egg... take a peek if you are interested:
  30. "Yeah, he used the cartridge a couple of times and then just disappeared. Black Volgas are still parked out front of his house. We don't talk about it."
  31. This is amazing, I don’t think there is a single game in this collection that I don’t like, I’m very happy to see these games get a physical copy, as they deserve
  32. The jokes... they write themselves. "Hmmm, there seems to be a concealed microphone and transmitter inside of my KGB cart!" "Oh... that's just a bug"
  33. Hehe, I do it the other way around and power my synth that I found at Kings Day with a 9V Atari PS
  34. "What are you up to today?" "Oh I'm just having some fun with the KGB" 😮 (love that suggestion).
  35. Great round everyone! I will get the next round up shortly. Congrats to @masematte and @doctor_shred for your incredible scores!
  36. Just as an FYI... I was able to work on this a bit more over the holidays. I got rid of the 2 switching regulators and swapped those out for linear ones. With the traco's I just didn't like the switching noise I had. It was all over the place. The DAC25-16 has some on it's own, but those tracopowers generate extra noise both at different frequencies it seems. So I thought to get rid of them and use 2 SMD regulators. I tweaked some other things (especially the wrong footprint of the DAC25-16) and am awaiting boards now for a prototype. Will keep you all posted 🙂
  37. Use the switch "-bios x.xx" (0.98, 1.00, 2.00).
  38. Not much to report from my household for the last week of 2021, just a couple Switch games Nintendo Switch Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! - 860 minutes Sonic Forces - 150 minutes
  39. Finished my Tenex catalogue business, so here are three more new Tenex catalogue scans, and one for which I deemed the prior scan inadequate (it was monochrome, and the catalogue was in colour): Tenex Summer-Fall 1984 Catalogue.pdf Tenex Summer 1986 Catalogue.pdf Tenex Summer 1985 Catalogue.pdf Tenex Fall 1986 Catalogue.pdf Covers are as follows for the collected Tenex catalogues for which (with these additions) digital copies exist. Just screencapping from where I'm now collecting them on my manuals site: The covers of the Summer 1985 and Winter-Spring 1985 catalogues are nearly identical, but the contents are non-identical. They just reused the cover design.
  40. Hi guys. I was one of a lot of South Africans that had the TI. We used a Euro version (PAL, 240V and It was the Cream/Beige version with Grey/Metallic peripherals). The Spectrum and Commodores were waaaaaay more popular though.
  41. I love my Wii U. I actually just started using Wii Fit U today. It was fun, and a few of the yoga moves were pretty tough. I realized I don’t know how to use a hula hoop very well. I really love the Eshop! My current favorite game is Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. It’s only $20 on the Eshop! Compared to 40-50$ on eBay it’s a really good deal! I think I might need a physical version of this game. It’s honestly one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. I came across it randomly on the Eshop.
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    Bought today for $4.96 Dark forces Dark forces II will buy in the future: Dark forces mysteries of the sith Fallout collection
  43. So, I will hopefully be releasing an early demo of what I've done with my BASIC interpreter in order to gauge interest and get feedback on the interface. Before I do that, I want to see if I can get ideas on a working name for the project. I'm not necessarily best known in this community for my clever project names. Some of the ideas I have considered are: SE BASIC: The SE was supposed to stand for Seventy Eight. But apparently there is already a SE BASIC. KG BASIC: A vanity name, but I'd only do it if I could think of a plausible (if retrofitted) meaning for the K and G, and I've got nothing. P.S. BASIC: PS standing for ProSystem. This one I think is kind of cute, but I realized it might sound too much like it was a BASIC for the PlayStation. Any thoughts on the above, or other clever ideas, perchance?
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    "Trust everybody, but cut the cards yourself." ~ W. C. Fields
  45. Less than 20 Members before we hit 300 So it's official, there will be a 3rd CIB Bonus game!
  46. I bought a couple of things off etsy to customize a mechanical keyboard. The mouse will be harder.
  47. I just found these as part of a large collection I purchased!
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