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  1. Hi! A couple of weeks ago I started to develop a new game: Game of the Bear 2 Much to Bear. Is a sequel of Game of the Bear (available as preorder on AA store ) I am using the same engine/core from the first game, but with new mechanics and more emphasis on puzzle like interaction with levels than pure platformer. I want to share here the first demo rom with 20 or so screens. Testing and feedback will be appreciated. RELEASE CANDIDATE 4 - Minor cosmetic changes and corrections. GOTB2MTB_RC4.bin < CURRENT NTSC ROM GOTB2MTB_RC4_p60.bin< CURRENT P60 ROM RELEASE CANDIDATE 3 - Changes in END "Scene" added. - Replacement of one screen. - Sound and cosmetic changes. GOTB2MTB_RC3.bin GOTB2MTB_RC3_p60.bin RELEASE CANDIDATE 2 - Intro and End "Scenes" added. GOTB2MTB_RC2.bin GOTB2MTB_RC2_p60.bin QUICK UPDATE: - RC.1.2 Corrects BUG that allowed to pass the lighting barrier without disabling the switch. GOTB2MTB_RC1.2.bin GOTB2MTB_RC1.2_p60.bin RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 - 50 screens - Cosmetic Changes GOTB2MTB_RC1.bin GOTB2MTB_RC1_p60.bin DEMO2 (update mar 1) - More screens (40 so far) - Cosmetic changes. GOTB2MTB_demo2.bin GOTB2MTB_demo2_p60.bin<--P60 colors. ############################################# GOTB2MTB__demo1.bin GOTB2MTB__demo1_p60.bin GOTB2MTB_RC1.bin
  2. I've heard that a witch lives in those woods... Some say they've seen strange shapes moving amongst the graves at night. Some villagers swear they've heard strange noises coming out of that old, abandoned castle at night, but they don't like to talk much about it. Superstitious old hicks. Who knows what's true and what's just a legend, but I'm not afraid. I inherited that old place from my great grandfather, and I'm moving in. No spooks or creeps are going to scare me away! One thing is for sure, though... it's dark out there. I'd better find a torch if I'm going to find my way. Just a tease for now. I'm sure by the time Halloween rolls around, something spooky will come this way. It's playable, and the light effect looks good, but the game itself still in the very early stages and needs some TLC before I post a binary. I always remembered a type-in game from Compute's Gazette called Castle Dungeon that had the concept of a maze where you can only see the area immediately around you, and I though it was really cool. The 7800 can do this justice, and after a nice, long break post-Wizard's Dungeon I though it was finally time to do something about it. I came up with a way to do the maze drawing and I think it turned out quite nice. I'll download OBS or something and post a video of it in action, maybe once I get rid of the recycled Wizard's Dungeon art... No guarantees, though. I'm doing some early planning and designs for another game that's shaping up to be quite big and might derail this project. We'll see what happens.
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  4. The argument was stupid and unnecessary, I apologize. We already moved on in good spirit. The thread does not represent the community, in general it is helpful and open to any new project, supporting each other with code or gfx. We will continue contributing new cool stuff to the platform, because we love doing so, check out powerful tools like Jagstudio that is free to anyone who wants to make new software or games for the platform. Just visit the Atari Jaguar programming forum for more information. Thanks!
  5. I'm definitely having way too much fun with this, so here's a much better display, with a crude VU Meter, and volume decay effects for a nice and smooth player! Flob - Escape from the Lab (VU Meter Test - Stereo).xex
  6. This posting by Alex @HOME AUTOMATION in the thread of @Retrospect hilarious "Deluxe Butt-Plug Simulator" brought the 2018 Sinclair Spectrum game of Scuttlebutt to my attention. I liked the video so much that I thought about a possible port to the TI-99/4a. I contacted the author Karl Hörnell and he was so kind to send me the original artwork of the game. Beautiful Graphics: Karl Simple Graphics: Me I chose to use the character/tile graphics, so the background isn’t as seamless as in the original, the compiled XB256 BASIC is not as fast and flexible as the assembly original, so I made some adjustments. And I adopted the subtitle from the C64 version because I liked it. A giant posterior has turned up in your livingroom and intends to make a mess. Move left and right to catch the waste in your bucket. The bucket has limited capacity. Empty it in the toilet now and then so that it doesn't overflow. Good luck! The game is written in Structured Extended BASIC (SXB), getting translated to Standard Extended BASIC by the free TiCodEd Development Environment. Control your player with "S" for left and "D" for right. Remember to dump the content of your bucket to the toilet on the right before it overflows. Module: Scuttlebutt.bin Full Package: ScuttleButt_1.0.zip Enjoy the game, Steve // ScuttleButt // // Original Game and Graphics by Karl Hörnell 2018 // Adapted for the TI-99/4a by Stefan Bauch 2022 // // DIM SC(6,31), SH(2),P1$(7),P2$(7),TX$(2) GOSUB GameInit REPEAT GOSUB StartGame REPEAT CALL turn(8) :: dir = 1 :: lm = MIN(144,RND*(144-bx)) REPEAT CALL KEY(3,k,s) IF s<>0 THEN BEGIN // walk right IF k=68 THEN BEGIN IF c=0 THEN IF P<22 THEN CALL DrCol(p,4) ELSE GOSUB EmptyBucket IF c=3 THEN CALL RemCol(p,0,SC(,)) IF c=4 THEN CALL DrCol(p,5) IF c=7 THEN GOSUB MoveRight c = c + 1 END // walk left IF k=83 THEN BEGIN IF c=4 THEN CALL DrCol(p,0) IF c=1 THEN CALL RemCol(p,4,SC(,)) IF c=5 THEN CALL RemCol(p,5,SC(,)) IF c=0 AND P>1 THEN GOSUB MoveLeft c = c - 1 END IF c<0 THEN c=0 CALL VWRITE(4872,P1$(C),5040,P2$(C)) END GOSUB CheckButt UNTIL MI=3 OR TurdC=0 CALL UnShit(sh(),turd) CALL Turn(0) IF MI<3 THEN BEGIN bf = 0 :: CALL bucket(bf) CALL Disply(8,7,"Well|done") CALL Disply(10,5,"Wave|00|cleared") CALL DisVal(10,10,2,lv) FOR i=1 TO 10 CALL SOUND(100,220,4) score = score + 1 CALL DISVAL(2,28,4,Score) CALL SOUND(50,220,30) NEXT i GOSUB UpperClear lv = lv +1 :: CALL DisVal(8,29,2,lv) GOSUB LevelPar CALL LOCATE(#9,240,1) :: txl=10+RND*(60-MIN(lv,30)) END UNTIL MI=3 // game over CALL disply(8,9,"GAME|OVER") REPEAT CALL KEY(3,k,s) UNTIL s=1 FOR i=0 TO 5 CALL RemCol(p,i,SC(,)) NEXT i CALL HCHAR(24,1,0,27) UNTIL k=78 OR k=88 END CheckButt: CALL POSITION(#1,by,bx) IF dir=-1 AND bx<lm THEN CALL turn(8) :: dir = 1 :: lm = bx+RND*(144-bx) IF dir= 1 AND bx>lm THEN CALL turn(-8) :: dir =-1 :: lm = 25+RND*(bx-25) CALL POSITION(#9,ty,tx) IF tx>txl AND turd>0 THEN BEGIN CALL LOCATE(#9,240,1) :: txl=10+RND*(60-MIN(lv,30)) IF sh(0)=0 THEN CALL poop(0,sh(),bx) ELSE IF tsim>1 AND sh(1)=0 THEN CALL poop(1,sh(),bx) ELSE IF tsim>2 AND sh(2)=0 THEN CALL poop(2,sh(),bx) ELSE turd = turd +1 turd = turd -1 END FOR sn=0 TO 2 CALL POSITION(#5+sn,sy,sx) IF sy>140 AND sh(sn) THEN IF sy<161 AND sx>p*8+c*2 AND sx<p*8+c*2+25 AND bf<6 THEN GOSUB catch ELSE IF sy>180 THEN GOSUB miss NEXT sn RETURN Catch: CALL SOUND(250,880-(bf=4)*880-(bf=5)*2640,0) score=score+1 TurdC = TurdC - 1 CALL DISVAL(2,28,4,Score) sh(sn)=0 CALL DELSPRITE(#5+sn) bf = bf +1 CALL bucket(bf) RETURN miss: CALL SOUND(500,110,0,110,30,830,30,-4,0) CALL UnShit(sh(),turd) CALL freeze MI = MI + 1 CALL HCHAR(11,29,120,MI) GOSUB SPRITE11 p = p - 2 GOSUB MoveRight CALL RemCol(p,4,SC(,)) CALL RemCol(p,5,SC(,)) CALL delay(2000) IF MI<3 THEN CALL thaw :: GOSUB SPRITE00 bf=0 :: CALL bucket(bf) RETURN MoveRight: CALL RemCol(p,1,SC(,)) P = P + 2 C = -1 CALL window(18,p,23,p+3) CALL disply(18,p,PR$,0) CALL window IF p<20 THEN CALL Disply(24,P-2,FT$) .. ELSE CALL Disply(24,P-2,seg$(FT$,1,29-P)) RETURN MoveLeft: P = P - 2 C = 8 CALL window(18,p+1,23,p+5) CALL disply(18,p+1,PL$,0) CALL window IF P=1 THEN CALL Disply(24,1,seg$(FT$,3,7)) ELSE IF p<20 THEN CALL Disply(24,P-2,FT$) .. ELSE CALL Disply(24,P-2,seg$(FT$,1,29-P)) RETURN EmptyBucket: REPEAT IF s<>0 THEN BEGIN // walk right IF k=68 AND c<3 THEN BEGIN IF c=0 THEN CALL DrCol(p,4) IF c=1 THEN CALL DrCol(p,5) c = c + 1 END // walk left IF k=83 THEN BEGIN IF c=2 THEN CALL RemCol(p,5,SC(,)) IF c=1 THEN CALL RemCol(p,4,SC(,)) c = c - 1 END IF C>0 THEN ON C GOSUB SPRITE08, SPRITE09, SPRITE10 END GOSUB CheckButt IF c=3 AND bf>0 THEN CALL SOUND(300,-7,10) :: bf = bf - 1 :: CALL bucket(bf) CALL KEY(3,k,s) UNTIL c<1 CALL VWRITE(4872,P1$(0),5040,P2$(0)) RETURN StartGame: CALL DISPLY(4,8,"SCUTTLEBUTT") CALL DISPLY(6,5,"Behind|Enema|Lines") i=1 :: j=0 tx$(0) = "Press|any|key|||||||TI|Port|by|Stefan|Bauch||||||Original|Game|by|Karl|H}rnell|" tx$(1) = "This|giant|posterior|has|turned|up|in|your|livingroom|and|intends|to|make|a|mess.|Move|left|and|right|to|catch|the|waste|in|your|bucket.|" tx$(2) = "The|bucket|has|limited|capacity.|Empty|it|in|the|toilet|now|and|then|so|that|it|does|not|overflow.|Good|luck.|" REPEAT a$=seg$("||||||||||||||||||||||||||"&TX$(j),i,26) IF i>LEN(tx$(j))+25 THEN i=1 :: j=j+1 ELSE i=i+1 IF j=3 THEN j=0 CALL disply(10,1,a$) CALL delay(150) CALL KEY(3,k,s) UNTIL s=1 GOSUB UpperClear IF score>hsc THEN CALL DisVal(5,28,4,score) :: hsc=score P = 9 :: C = 0 :: txl = 60 LV = 1 :: MI = 0 Score = 0 :: bf = 0 CALL VWRITE(4872,P1$(0),5040,P2$(0)) GOSUB ScoreTab GOSUB LevelPar GOSUB MoveRight CALL SPRITE(#9,88,3,240,1,0,10) RETURN GameInit: CALL SCRN2 CALL SCREEN2(16) CALL COLOR2(81,16,16) CALL HCHAR(1,1,0,384) // Define Room Characters FOR C=1 TO 68::READ CN,CC$::CALL CHAR2(CN,CC$)::NEXT C CALL DISPLY(4,8,"SCUTTLEBUTT") // Draw Room FOR Y=0 TO 11 FOR X=0 TO 31 READ CP :: CALL VCHAR(Y+13,X+1,CP) :: SC(MAX(0,Y-5),X)=CP NEXT X NEXT Y CALL VCHAR(1,27,129,12) GOSUB ScoreTab CALL COLOR2(81,2,16) FOR i=0 TO 5 FOR j=0 TO 3 PR$=PR$&CHR$(1+j*7+i) NEXT j NEXT i FOR i=0 TO 5 FOR j=1 TO 5 PL$=PL$&CHR$(1+j*7+i) NEXT j NEXT i // Prepare Butt CALL MAGNIFY(3) CALL CHAR(100,"C0C8D0C0E079333C1E07070101000000000000000000081010C3D8F0FE7F0700") CALL CHAR(104,"000000000000002040000C4042F3FF3F00000000000000021A00032F7FFEE800") CALL CHAR(108,"00000006066C1C9C78F0E0E2FDFF0F0000000000000000000404C00B0FFFFC00") CALL CHAR(112,"00000100020009038F1FF8F0E0C000003030F070E0E0C0E00080000000000000") CALL SPRITE(#1,100,2,1,64,#2,104,2,1,80,#3,108,2,1,96,#4,112,2,1,112) // prepare shit and bucket CALL CHAR(116,"081C366DDBB6ED7F000000000000000000000000808080000000000000000000") CALL SPRITE(#8,120,15,113,225) // buffer 8 most used character definitions in CPU-RAM for speed FOR i=0 TO 7 FOR j=1 TO 42 CALL CHAR2(j,"00") NEXT j ON i+1 GOSUB SPRITE00, SPRITE01, SPRITE02, SPRITE03, SPRITE04, SPRITE05, SPRITE06, SPRITE07 CALL VREAD(4872,168,P1$(i),5040,168,P2$(I)) NEXT i // row 24 ... feet string ft$ = chr$(0)&chr$(0)&chr$(7)&chr$(14)&chr$(21)&chr$(28)&chr$(35)&chr$(42)&chr$(0)&chr$(0) RETURN LevelPar: CASE lv OF 1 : turd = 5 2 : turd = 8 ELSE turd = lv * 2 + 4 ENDCASE TurdC = turd tsim = 1 IF lv > 4 THEN tsim = 2 IF lv > 9 THEN tsim = 3 RETURN UpperClear: FOR i=1 TO 12 CALL HCHAR(i,1,0,26) NEXT i RETURN ScoreTab: CALL DISPLY(1,28,"Score") CALL DISVAL(2,28,4, Score) CALL DISPLY(4,28,"High") CALL DISVAL(5,28,4,hsc) CALL DISPLY(7,28,"Wave") CALL DISVAL(8,29,2,lv) CALL DISPLY(10,28,"Fail") CALL DISPLY(11,29,"ooo") CALL HCHAR(11,29,120,MI) CALL bucket(bf) CALL HCHAR(24,1,0,27) RETURN SPRITE00: CALL CHAR2( 1,"00000000011F3E3A625C808083878787474020386778BC9E87838180406060383F3F3F3E1010101010100808080804040201000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"00000070880404040C0402FFE0F8F090382F4841C06021B25CC4830303070F1FF8F080000708101020202020101008080402CEFCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"0000000000000000000000FF0047A0E060B058CC47C100000000FFFCFEFEFFFF7F1E0000C020101008080808081010202040733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(22,"0000000000000000000000FF01FF02020D111D1109EE3C181010E0000000000080C04040402020202020202020204040808000F02C4241FF") RETURN SPRITE01: CALL CHAR2( 1,"0000000000070F0E18172020202121211110080E191E2F27212020201018180E0F0F0F0F0404040404040202020202010101000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"0000001C62C181818301003FF8FEFCE4CE0B1210F01808ACD7F1600000010307FEFCE08000000306040C080808040404020282FCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"0000000000000000000080FF0011283818EC1673113040800000FFFFFFFFFFFF0F01000000F8060101000000000101020203040404070000") CALL CHAR2(22,"0000000000000000000000FF00FF000003040704C27B0F060404F8008080C0C0E090100808040402828282828204040408FF720464BF0000") CALL CHAR2(29,"0000000000000000000000C040C0808040404040408000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000C02010F00000") RETURN SPRITE02: CALL CHAR2( 1,"00000000000001030306050808080808080404020306070B0908080808040606030303030301010202020202020202010101000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"000000000718F0E0A020C0000F3E7F7F79730204847C86C2EB753C180000000081FFFFF8E00003040408080808040406020282FCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"000000000080404040C04020FF00840A0E86FB851C040C1020C0403F3F3F7FFFFF83000000F8070000000000000000000000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(22,"000000000000000000000000FF007F0000000181C1701E03010101FEC0E0E0F0F0F8640201018141404040414181C63F4740467B00000000") CALL CHAR2(29,"000000000000000000000000F010F02020D010D01090E0C08000000000000000000000000000000080808000000000F02C4241FF00000000") RETURN SPRITE03: CALL CHAR2( 2,"000001010202020202020101000001010202020202020101000000000000000000000000000000000000000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"000000000001067CF8E8887000030F1F1F1E1C0081E19FE1F07A1D0F0600008080E0FFFFFEF840404040808081818282828282FCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"0000000000C020101010301008FF80E1C243E1BE2107018384C870100F0F0F1F3F7FE1C0000000001F608080000000000000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(23,"0000000000FF001F808080C060301C0700000000FFF0F8F8FCFCFE1E0100000000E01008080404040403040404070000") CALL CHAR2(30,"0000000000FC04FC08083444744424B8F0604040800000000000000000808040202010101010080810FF720464BF0000") CALL CHAR2(42,"0000C02010F00000") RETURN SPRITE04: CALL CHAR2( 7,"0000000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"00000000000000011F3E3A625C808083878787474020386778BC9E87838180406060383F3F3F3E1010202040408181818282CEFCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"00000000000070880404040C0402FFE0F8F090382F4841C06021B25CC4830303070F1FF8F080000708106080800000000000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(23,"000000000000FF0047A0E060B058CC47C100000000FFFCFEFEFFFF7F1E0000C030080402010100000000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(30,"000000000000FF01FF02020D111D1109EE3C181010E0000000000080C04020101008080402028281C141733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(42,"000000F02C4241FF") RETURN SPRITE05: CALL CHAR2( 7,"00000304080F0000") CALL CHAR2( 8,"00000000000000070F0E18172020202121211110080E191E2F27212020201018180E0F0F0F0F1010202040404020203018FF4E2026FD0000") CALL CHAR2(15,"00000000001C62C181818301003FF8FEFCE4CE0B1210F01808ACD7F1600000010307FEFCE0800007186080804040602040C0202020E00000") CALL CHAR2(23,"0000000080FF0011283818EC1673113040800000FFFFFFFFFFFF1F07000000E018040201010000000000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(30,"0000000000FF00FF000003040704C27B0F060404F8008080C0C0E0A01018080804040402828242414141733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(37,"0000000000C040C08080404040404080000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000F02C4241FF") RETURN SPRITE06: CALL CHAR2( 8,"00000000000001030306050808080808080404020306070B09080808080406060303030307080810101008080403000F344282FF00000000") CALL CHAR2(15,"000000000718F0E0A020C0000F3E7F7F79730204847C86C2EB753C180000000081FFFFF8E00106081010080C0301C2FCE20262DE00000000") CALL CHAR2(22,"000000000080404040C04020FF00840A0E86FB851C040C1020C0403F3F3F7FFFFF87010000F8040201010000000000000000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(30,"00000000FF007F0000000181C1701E03010101FEC0E0E0F0F0F8E8040402020201018181404040404040213F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(37,"00000000F010F02020D010D01090E0C0800000000000000000000000000000000000000080808080808000F02C4241FF") RETURN SPRITE07: CALL CHAR2( 9,"0101020202020202010100000101020202020202010101000000000000000000000000000000000000000304080F0000") CALL CHAR2(15,"00000001067CF8E8887000030F1F1F1E1C0081E19FE1F07A1D0F0600008080E0FFFFFEF840408080808181814040203018FF4E2026FD0000") CALL CHAR2(22,"000000C020101010301008FF80E1C243E1BE2107018384C870100F0F0F1F3F7FE1C0000006394080800000008080406020C0202020E00000") CALL CHAR2(30,"000000FF001F808080C060301C0700000000FFF0F8F8FCFCFE7A02010101804040402020202020204040733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(37,"000000FC04FC08083444744424B8F060404080000000000000000000000080808080404040404040808000F02C4241FF") RETURN // Frames for dumping to toilet SPRITE08: CALL CHAR2( 1,"000000000001070908172020202121211110081E3F27614040404060787F7F3F3F3F3F3E1010101010100808080804040201000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"0000001E21C000C0C183003FFEFECF98E0000103CDB0E37C000000000007FFFFFCF0C0000708101020202020101008080402CEFCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"0000000000808081820382840404098A8C9C9810D0F8860101030E3EFEFEFFFF7F1E0000C020101008080808081010202040733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(22,"0000000000000080403088342B10109190F01008681C34C60301C2241800000080C04040402020202020202020204040C08000F02C4241FF") CALL CHAR2(29,"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F9F4F33090403071F3F7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF") RETURN SPRITE09: CALL CHAR2( 1,"00000000000001030604080808080808040402070F0818103020303C3F3F3F3F3F3F3F3F1010101010100808080804040201000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"000000010678C030F830000F3F7F7361621C0080F3EC3F0000000000C0FFFFFFFCF8C0000708101020202020101008080402CEFCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"0000008060101010106020E08080C020202040F13E7880000000030F3FFFFFFF3F0E0000C020101008080808081010202040733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(22,"00000000000000000000000102041820509F908380414324386090101F80808080C04040402020202020202020204040C08000F02C4241FF") CALL CHAR2(29,"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEFC7A703132B11111130A0A2A221212120301010FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(36,"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F7F7F3FBFBF9F5FFFFFFFFF000000FF00000000808080C0C0E0F8FE0708102040601F00") RETURN SPRITE10: CALL CHAR2( 1,"0000000000000000000001010101010100000000010306040C0C0F0F1F1F1F1F1F3F3F3E1010101010100808080804040201000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"00000000001F3046C38E0001070F0F0F8C8C43E0FE1D0300000000E0FEFFFFFFFFFCE0000708101020202020101008080402CEFCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"000000003CC2010181020CC4FCF0E8141422C60F37C3FF00000000001FFFFFFF1F070100C020101008080808081010202040733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(22,"0000000000000000000000000000000000010107098AF02020201013FCE4E3E0E0C0C040402020202020202020204040C08000F02C4241FF") CALL CHAR2(29,"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000000C02070101021C10302020684E4F4FEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0000000000000000") CALL CHAR2(36,"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF909030363A3478787072F2F2F5F5F000000FF00000000808080C0C0E0F8FE0708102040601F00") RETURN // Frame screaming SPRITE11: CALL CHAR2( 1,"00000000000000000001010202020202010102060F17234141C183838783838182424221110F081010202010100808040201000F344282FF") CALL CHAR2( 8,"0000000F10202060D000030F1F3F3F3C180080601F0284C8F8FF00C28587C37D420E02060890E0203F204040201008080402CEFCE20262DE") CALL CHAR2(15,"0000008040202020500804C4E4F2F2F264040E33E387472F1FFF003F00000081C160380F01000000FF080404080810202040733F4740467B") CALL CHAR2(22,"000000000000000000000000000000000000000080C0A09008FC0CFA1211E909C989E98AFCD090880808101010204040808000F02C4241FF") CALL CHAR2(35,"",42,"") RETURN RoomChar: DATA 128,"FFFF00000000FFFF",129,"C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0",130,"0303030303030303",131,"1F18181818181F00" DATA 132,"F81818181818F800",133,"FF0000000000FF00",134,"FF0000180000FF00",135,"E72424242424E700" DATA 136,"0808080808080808",137,"1010101010101010",138,"91CBC3BD99FF0000",139,"99999999BDC3D389" DATA 140,"C3C3C3C3C3C3C3C3",141,"9999999999999999",142,"0000FF9999999999",143,"88888486818080FF" DATA 144,"00000000FF0000FF",145,"11112161810101FF",146,"9090909090909090",147,"3F40808186848888" DATA 148,"FF0000FF00000000",149,"FC02018161211191",150,"0909090909090909",151,"03060C181C0E0600" DATA 152,"88888486818080FF",153,"FF80809F90909090",154,"FF0101F909090909",155,"09090909F90101FF" DATA 156,"909090909F8080FF",157,"00FC848C848C8484",158,"000E3860C0033620",159,"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" DATA 160,"4242420404C43800",161,"3C4080800007F800",162,"000000000000FF00",163,"0708102040601F00" DATA 165,"808080C0C0E0F8FE",166,"000000FF00000000",167,"020402042854AA00",168,"8141414143434303" DATA 169,"F3F3F9F9F9F9F9FF",170,"E7E7F3F3F3F3F3F3",171,"FFFFE7E7E7E7E7E7",172,"0000FF001C14141C" DATA 173,"8989898989898989",174,"9191919191919191",175,"89F98F818181F18F",176,"939DF18181838DF1" DATA 177,"2424242424242424",178,"8080808080808080",179,"0101010101010101",180,"3C76CDA589A589A5" DATA 181,"F7DCBAACE8B8F0B0",182,"EF7B5D35171D0F0D",183,"20FFFBFB763C3C7E",184,"2020101008040300" DATA 185,"A41448289020C000",186,"06090605027F407F",187,"18996A9C5DFF00FF",188,"60B05090A0FE02FE" DATA 189,"102A64AA56341818",190,"FFFF3F3F3F9F9F9F",191,"CFCFCFE7E7E7F0F0",192,"FFFFFCFCFCF9F9F9" DATA 193,"F3F3F3E7E7E70F0F",0,"00",124,"00",125,"006C007C4444447C" RoomMap: DATA 0,147,148,149,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,159,159,159,159,159,159 DATA 0,146,151,150,0,0,0,0,0,153,148,148,154,0,0,0 DATA 180,180,180,180,180,180,180,0,0,0,159,159,159,159,159,159 DATA 0,143,144,145,0,0,0,0,0,146,158,158,150,0,0,0 DATA 173,181,0,177,0,182,174,0,0,0,159,159,190,192,159,159 DATA 0,136,142,137,0,0,0,0,0,156,144,144,155,0,0,0 DATA 173,129,0,177,0,130,174,0,0,0,159,159,191,193,159,159 DATA 0,136,141,137,0,0,153,154,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 DATA 173,178,0,177,0,179,174,0,0,0,159,159,159,159,159,159 DATA 0,136,139,137,0,0,146,150,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 DATA 175,0,162,177,169,0,176,0,0,0,159,159,159,159,159,159 DATA 0,136,138,137,0,0,156,155,0,0,157,0,183,0,0,0 DATA 173,0,138,177,169,0,174,0,0,0,159,159,159,171,172,159 DATA 130,128,128,128,140,128,128,128,128,128,128,128,128,128,129,0 DATA 173,148,148,148,148,148,174,0,0,0,159,159,159,170,0,159 DATA 130,0,0,0,140,131,133,134,133,135,133,134,133,132,129,0 DATA 173,0,0,0,0,0,174,0,189,0,159,159,159,169,0,159 DATA 130,135,135,135,140,131,133,134,133,135,133,134,133,132,129,0 DATA 173,0,0,0,0,0,174,186,187,188,159,166,166,166,0,159 DATA 130,128,128,128,140,128,128,128,128,128,128,128,128,128,129,0 DATA 173,0,0,0,0,0,174,184,162,185,159,165,0,167,168,159 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,163,162,161,160,0 SUB turn(x) CALL freeze CALL MOTION(#1,0,x,#2,0,x,#3,0,x,#4,0,x) CALL thaw SUBEND SUB DRCOL(P,C) FOR i=0 TO 5 CALL HCHAR(18+i,p+c,1+i+c*7) NEXT i SUBEND SUB REMCOL(P,C,SC(,)) FOR i=0 TO 5 CALL HCHAR(18+i,p+c,SC(I,P+C-1)) NEXT i SUBEND SUB Bucket(v) CALL CHAR(120,rpt$("00",13-v*2)&seg$("0F1F1F1F0F0F0F070707030303000000",25-v*4,v*4)) CALL CHAR(122,rpt$("00",13-v*2)&seg$("F0F8F8F8F0F0F0E0E0E0C0C0C0000000",25-v*4,v*4)) SUBEND SUB DISVAL(y,x,l,v) a$=STR$(v) :: a$=RPT$("0",l-LEN(a$))&a$ CALL disply(y,x,a$) SUBEND SUB Poop(a,sh(),bx) sh(a)=1 :: CALL SPRITE(#5+a,116,2,16,bx+32,6,0):: CALL SOUND(150,-5,3) SUBEND SUB UnShit(sh(),t) CALL DELSPRITE(#5,#6,#7) FOR i=0 TO 2 IF sh(i)>0 THEN t=t+1 sh(i)=0 NEXT i SUBEND
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    Hahaha. Not a bad idea Jon and Garfield
  8. Sorry, I'm a bit late to the party There was of course a reason why Hibernated 1 DC had not been ported to the TRS-80 Model 3 and 4. But it's probably not what you expect it is. It's simply that I wasn't able to automate the process. Hibernated 1 DC now supports 30(!) home computers from the 80s and early 90s. With so many target systems, you can imagine that I don't want to do anything by hand. Before I started porting and expanding the classic Hibernated from 2018 to the Z-Machine, ultimately resulting in the Director's Cut, I created a set of BuildTools that assists me with creating disk images and bundling releases. (ref. https://github.com/ByteProject/Puddle-BuildTools) What the BuildTools do is simple: they take my PunyInform source, compile the game to an Infocom story file and then and generate 30 ready to use disk images from it. That allows me to focus on writing rather than fiddling around manually with disk images for every supported system. That being said, the major problem with Model 3 and Model 4 was, that there simply is no command line utility available that allows adding the story file to the disk images in an automated build environment. The BuildTools are Linux based, which turned out to be very efficient and a gift for all the other platforms but it's been a real problem finding a command line tool for Linux that supports manipulating TRS-80 M3/4 disk images. I intentionally said WAS, because TRS-80 Model 3 and 4 are now officially supported by the BuildTools. It kinda is still a hack, because if you're on a Linux system you need to execute a Windows binary using Wine to get the files on a TRS-80 disk. You don't need to use Wine if you're working with WSL2 though, like I do. Anyway, after I've added support for TRS-80 Model 3 & 4 to the BuildTools, I was able to officially port the game to said systems, which I did. I rolled out release 12 of Hibernated 1 Director's Cut some weeks ago and it now comes with self-executing disk images for both systems. Note that the Model 4 flavor uses the M4ZVM interpreter that my buddy Shawn Sijnstra made. He helped me with the creation of sanitized disk images for the BuildTools as well. Another pretty significant news regarding the release 12 of H1DC is that I recreated a way of making use of Infocom's late 2-disk interpreter for the Atari 8-bit. The advantage is that you can now make use of the full 128k a v3 Z-Machine game can have and you don't have to deal with disk sizes. This was actually very hard to achieve since the knowledge how to do this was... let's say a little bit lost in time. You cannot use a stock Z-Machine file, instead you have to manipulate it by setting various flags and also split it at the right offset. There is no compiler to do this anymore so I have to patch the compiled binary before it is being split at the desired offset. You can see the result looking at the screens below. BTW... I've added targeting the late Infocom Atari 8-bit interpreter to the BuildTools as well. If you fire up the buildscript it uses by standard the older single disk interpreter, but if you execute the buildscript with flag -2 it will build your game using the late, 2-disk interpreter. The process is documented in the BuildTools readme. Happy adventuring
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  10. Not the biggest week for gaming around here this week, but a good one nonetheless! I played a quick round of Wordle every day, a bit of Atari 2600 for the high score club, then finished up my playthrough of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the PlayStation with 100% completion! After that I started up a game of Dino Crisis on the PlayStation as well, and I think I'm about 2/3 of the way through at this point. Ineligible Wordle (Browser Based) - 71 minutes Atari 2600 Fast Food - 34 minutes Yars' Revenge - 19 minutes PlayStation Dino Crisis - 404 minutes Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - 185 minutes Total Video Game Play Time This Week 713 minutes (11 hours 53 minutes) [642 minutes eligible] Individual System Play Times This Week PlayStation: 589 minutes Browser Based: 71 minutes Atari 2600: 53 minutes
  11. Arcade Pinball Action 75 Super Pinball Action 68 NES RBI Baseball 240 This ends my biggest gap posting to this thread in years. I've been playing 100% modern games for months, but that includes tracking hours and hours for Bionic Commando Rearmed 1&2 which are pretty 'retro' for modern games.
  12. NES: 45 minutes - R.B.I. Baseball - For HSC. I'm terrible at this game.
  13. They’re probably reviewing their worldwide rollout strategy for the VCS in Europe and the UK. Their most recent financial report shows they didn’t lose money on the VCS, they are breaking even. So why would they discontinue? Wade Rosen has his own money invested in the VCS so I think it’s in good hands. Even if they did, it’s been a fun ride for the little console. Nobody expected it to make it as far as it has. It has overcome a lot of negativity and adversity, and the pandemic on top of all that and still managed to launch. That’s a lot more than you can say compared to it’s rival (the Intellivision console that shall not be named) with it’s continued delays and mismanagements…
  14. That would be Rysha Do keep up hehe
  15. It's a bit vague, which is not uncommon in these types of investor reports. It could mean bad news (ie: discontinuing the VCS altogether) or positive news (such as looking to redesign or simplify the VCS hardware to allow for easier manufacturing and lower prices). Hard to tell for sure. They'll reveal more info soon, I'm assuming.
  16. The soundtrack sounding like it does certainly sets the tone for the game; It always stood out to me as having a strange "vibe" compared to pretty much any other game on the system. I suppose a good comparison would be the developer's other kart racing game that they did, Merlin Racing. While obviously derivative of Mario Kart 64, I think they did a better job at sticking to a theme in terms of art direction and music (I also enjoyed things like the space race levels, although those didn't really have much to do with Merlin, nor did things like rockets when it should have been more magical things like fireballs, lightning bolts or something). Ah, I thought it was a bigger team. For a single guy I can give it more leeway. I mean, it still sucks, but it does make you wonder what a full team could have pulled off. Now we just need someone to do what they did with AvP and port it to Unreal Engine 4 No worries, this often is a source of confusion. The Tramiels had everything that Atari produced from 1972-July 1984. So they could have easily leveraged games like Asteroids, Centipede (those two games being Atari's biggest original titles), Yars' Revenge, Adventure, Star Raiders, Combat, Missile Command, Tempest, Crystal Castles, Haunted House, Major Havoc, I, Robot, etc. No, they couldn't have used arcade games that were released under the Atari Games name (Paperboy, Marble Madness and so on); also Defender was Midway so that was licensed. The confusion gets a bit more complicated when you go into more modern times, since the present Atari sold off BattleZone back in 2012, then all of Atari Games' IP got purchased by Midway in the late 90s, then Midway got bought out by Warner Bros. in '09 or so (few remember this but that is why there was one a PC game for Area 51 or that Gauntlet remake on PC a few years back) IIRC (YaK could confirm this if true or not), they had seriously considered doing Major Havoc 2000 before going with Defender. It's too bad, MH is one of my favorite Atari titles. The Tramiels also could have used the pinball machines as mentioned, although it's possible they had no clue that was under their purvue. Thanks to the art having been done by people like George Opperman, one could have adapted the worlds setup by some of those into some cool kart tracks: Atari's Middle Earth, nothing to do with Tolkien, but futuristic warriors dealing with dinosaurs. Almost seems like an ahead-of-its-time 90's kids cartoon that took itself a little too seriously. Space Riders (I used to own this one; It could have made for an interesting game in the vein of Super Burnout too, IMO) Airborne Avenger, a kind of futuristic James Bond themed piece Time 2000, kind of a weird game, although the butterfly time lady could've made for a track announcer or flag waver or something
  17. I may have shared this before, since I see I put notes in it and it's already zipped, but some years ago I started reverse engineering the XB Text to Speech disk, with an eye to being able to store the program on a bank switched cartridge and so use text to speech in new games. I never know anymore what I'll get to finish, so here's the work-in-progress. It's reasonably far along. I was very sure I had a plan for how to make it work, and it would take three 8k pages in the cartridge. But no work on building those pages is yet done. SpeechCart.zip
  18. As the video says in the description, the source video I was working from had badly over-amplified audio, causing a lot of clipping. I need a clean audio source to do it right. The only place it sounds right is around the orchestra bit, when the audio is low enough not to clip. But anyone else is welcome to Since mine is just a hack of the video tools to run in monochrome (so that I could double the framerate), it takes too much memory to be useful for a cartridge. I never built it into a bin - when I did it even the gigacart didn't exist yet, so it ran through Classic99 with a pseudo cartridge. Hell, if you look at the source code, Classic99 couldn't even play the sampled audio when I did this. We could redo it, I suppose, but again, I need a cleaner source. (Although I see it's less than 16MB, so it would fit on a standard bank switched cart - though still bigger than any we've made). Of that, audio is 3MB. Also, since it was that far back, there's a good chance that the playback speed is a little slow, since it wasn't till Dragon's Lair that I got the hardware speed right. To run this, you have to run a hack from the command line. It assumes a hardware cartridge with auto-incrementing memory, which was one of my original plans. It wasn't necessary in the end, but that's what this code uses. From the command line: classic99.exe finalPACK.bin Then go into Editor/Assembler, #3, load videomono.obj. #4 run program name : MAIN Audio is quite soft, and yeah, it sounds slow on current Classic99, and very clipped. But I did this a long time ago! Not going to work on MISTER though. badappleti_wip.zip
  19. Not the biggest week for gaming around here this week, but a good one nonetheless! I played a quick round of Wordle every day, a bit of Atari 2600 for the high score club, then finished up my playthrough of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the PlayStation with 100% completion! After that I started up a game of Dino Crisis on the PlayStation as well, and I think I'm about 2/3 of the way through at this point. Ineligible Dino Crisis (PlayStation) - 404 minutes Fast Food (Atari 2600) - 34 minutes Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (PlayStation) - 185 minutes Yars' Revenge (Atari 2600) - 19 minutes Browser Based Wordle - 71 minutes Total Video Game Play Time This Week 713 minutes (11 hours 53 minutes) [71 minutes eligible] Individual System Play Times This Week PlayStation: 589 minutes Browser Based: 71 minutes Atari 2600: 53 minutes
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    Anyone else enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate on this cold Winter night?
  21. She's back up and running! Thanks for the help! It was U26, the RAM chip that was getting hot. I lifted the trace on pin 3 and broke one of the ceramic caps, but they were easy to fix. I'll have to remember to always check RAM on these. I thought for sure it was one of the ROMs just based on symptoms. Thanks again! Nick
  22. Maybe you could take Cindy Margolis to lunch & ask her opinion of this whole matter. Order the biggest thing on the menu & make sure she pays for the entire meal. & have a few drinks while you're at it.
  23. Comes with everything seen in the pics.
  24. Oh no! That's my afternoon gone! (Oh, and a big HELLO to you! Long time no see! )
  25. Planning the Wizzy cover of the book. What about some simple and stylish like this. Golden signature on artificial leather.:
  26. Mine arrived today. Thanks guys for all the hard work on this. Looks great and plays well (it's very hard, but addictive).
  27. Can't find Secret Agent by Malcolm Adams??? You must be using google..... You can find it on my page of programs at: http://shawweb.myzen.co.uk/stephen/pc99dsk.htm and do a page search for Secret Agent, with other games by Malcolm. He used to have his own web page with downloads but that has gone. Some disks are pc99 format others v9t9 format - use Fred's Dir program to convert between the two. Note that Secret Agent depends greatly on sprite speed and was written for European 50Hz pal. Sprite speeds will need adjusting for 60Hz NTSC consoles or emulations to avoid the agent jumping the wrong distances all the time. In addition the TI Gamebase also has Secret Agent. Still looking for TI Gamebase? Safely tucked away, as a 435MB zip at: http://tinyurl.com/y9xz6m46 regards bb
  28. Fantastic video. You are hands-down the best video maker we have in our community. There was another XB game that blew my socks off back in the day. It was called Secret Agent, written by Malcolm Adams, and distributed by Stainless Software in the UK (1984). I think it may have only been distributed in the UK. It's well worth a look if you can find it. There are screen shots here. I searched high and low, but I can't find the game
  29. New update: - Jumping Miner: improved anims. Other fixes. [GAME] JumpingMiner V1.1 (1985)(Willi Doeltsch)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  30. Many games can benefit from a faster processor. Especially board games that have an AI. Applesoft is extremely slow at 1 Mhz and also benefits. Even some of the graphics intensive games were quoted to be better playable with a faster cpu. Plus there are still new programs that can be written to take advantage of the extra speed. I wrote a .lz4 compressor to compress both the hi-res and dbl-hi-res screens with some impressive compression. But would take 4 hours at 1 Mhz. Now only takes 1/4 of the time it normally takes. Nobody definitely buys an Apple II for actual work, but having a faster processor definitely makes play-time a lot more fun.
  31. Not speaking about the gameplay but graphically AK seems to make pretty good use of the higher color palette to me. Yeah, some of the levels are fairly derivative of what Nintendo did, but with the shading, parallax, animations like the waves, and sprites on the tracks, I think they did a great job making AK look nice. I do agree that the overall atmosphere of the game is strange as the art direction (not the quality) was out of place. This was supposed to be Atari Karts and yet the only thing Atari about it is that one of the characters is Bentley Bear. If they instead featured all characters from past Atari IP and levels based upon those, then it would have helped a good deal, i.e. driving through the Crystal Castles, a vector game landscape, or through the Magical Forest of Centipede would have made a lot more sense than Route 66, Generic Fantasy Castleland or some obvious ripoffs of SMK like the beach. Some of the Atari pinball machines also could have provided for some interesting track landscape themes. Interesting to hear that the music wasn't supposed to be like that though. Thanks for sharing that Peter. As for SC3D, it's too bad we got a game like that and not Phear or Conan. 😕
  32. If it's not obvious, you need to shoot bees in a pattern that traps the yellow ones so they make beehives (easiest way is to start from the edge and work out from there). Once I have the whole row made, I stay still and shoot between them to try to pick off the white bees, which don't get trapped. Usually, the hummingbird when she enters will fly right in front of you if you are still, and you should get rid of her right away. If she eats one of your crucial honeycombs, it's not easy to recover.
  33. Right more, left more, up more, DOWN MORE!!!!!!
  34. That ROM has an incorrect header, resulting in it not running properly under the A7800 emulator. The ROM from the PROPack is correctly set and runs fine under A7800: Rescue On Fractalus (Prototype) (Correct Header).a78
  35. It took me longer to translate it than to solve it, but here it is. I channeled my inner 13-year old and translated it to English. The Treasure Of The Sioux That was quite a trip down memory lane. All the old code. Some of it pretty neat. Other parts not so, ehm, much. I also found two spelling errors in Dutch Well, I was just a kid. I updated the title screen, too! And with the (included) PEDIT I added two words. ENGLISH and 2022. And the ending Have fun! Edit: I can always give some hints later if it seems all too illogical Stick to two word commands. More than two are not recognized. GIVE FOO TO BAR does not crash though But that's a coincidence. There are still ways to crash the command line interpreter and do LIST, but where's the fun in that? Examine everything, make notes, draw a map. Please post (hand drawn?) maps if you make one That would be fun. Use stuff before making a kill. TheTreasureOfTheSioux.atr
  36. Almost didn't have anything at all this week. my friend bought be this game and last two nights and we played coop into the wee hours. It is way more fun than we expected. PC: 414 Min - Door Kickers: Action Squad
  37. Here's a demo of the latest work I'm doing on TI Basic integration in Stevie. In the demo I jump into TI Basic and then load a large TI Basic program. After listing a small part of the program I then return to Stevie and press a shortcut key to "uncrunch" the TI basic program (=expand the tokenized source code) to the editor. This is still a work in progress and some bugs to iron out, but am pleased with the uncrunch speed. In the last part of the demo I then jump back into TI Basic and then enter "bye" to return to the TI title screen. From there I then select the cartridge again and notice how the environment is restored and I can keep working.
  38. My times for the week: Atari 2600: Doggone It! - 3 min. NES: Doraemon - 150 min. Dragon Warrior III - 290 min.
  39. I added speedcode as a test - is there any visible difference because it requires 5KB of copy code.
  40. This game I wrote back in 1989 was the reason that I added Pokey register recording to atari800, which resulted in Phaeron adding SAP-R recording to Altirra, dmsc creating his SAP-R LZSS compressor/player, and rensoup(p)'s RMT2LZSS. I wanted to record the music I created back in the eighties with a simple BASIC player. Listening to it so many years later is fun, but I also hear it wobbles A LOT (speedwise) and there's a very annoying wrong note in there I even created an editor for this kind of BASIC music. I'm sure I saw it preserved online once, but I cannot find it anymore. I probably still have the disk, and I should have an .atr of it (if it was not one of the disks that failed when I imaged my whole collection). Anyway, this is a text adventure. I have no map, and no solution. I plan on playing it myself. Old school. Drawing a map, notate persons and items, etc... Oh, and it's in Dutch Fun fact: the title screen is in black and white because I didn't have a color monitor at that time I was 13 years old when I wrote this, and I was lucky I could use the old b/w TV in the first place. And I was into graffiti, hence the drawing style. The song is Smooth Criminal. Yeah, I could list the listing and find out the solution, but where's the fun in that? And thanks to @SenorRossie for sending me this .atr! ASCS was the name of our crew Edit: It's written in Turbo Basic, not plain BASIC BTW. Annie are you Wokay! SchatVanDeSioux.atr
  41. This is a fun little game. Nothing memorable, and I doubt I'll go back to it once the week is out, but it's fun giving it a go. Anyway, here's a score :
  42. Yeah, you guys all make some great games. But seriously... The direction this thread went kinda makes me want to slip quietly out the forum's side door.
  43. As I had some materials I did the SIO testing that comes out in the manual and it really works, I eliminated the errors 34, 35 and 36 that the diagnostic program marks when it runs the test of the ports. I hope in the future to make the other cable for the joysticks.😁
  44. The SSS of Wordle in attachment. [GAME] Wordle (2022)(Brian Gray).zip
  45. Afraid not, warp speed always runs without the speed limiter. A kind of janky thing you can do is set speed to 200% and then enable slow-mo (bind System.ToggleSlowMotion in Keyboard Shortcuts) -- slow-mo applies a 50% factor which gets you back to 100%. It only contains a selection of bug fixes from 4.10-test, so you don't need 4.01 if you are on the test line -- but I wanted to get out an updated release version due to the #&*$( Intel D3D11 graphics driver bug. Took a bit longer than I expected since I hit a tape audio regression in one of the fixes that I had to back out. Additions: Fixed LOADEXE.XEX using old $FD device SIO code for the program loader instead of $7D. AltirraOS: Fixed math pack compatibility issue with FDIV modifying FLPTR (fixes B-Graph pie chart routine). AltirraOS: Fixed a cursor position checking bug with split screen Gr.0 (fixes the BASIC game House of Usher). AltirraOS: Fixed compatibility issue with KEYDEL handling (fixes cursor movement in BrushupV40). ATBasic: IOCB#7 is now automatically closed on I/O errors to avoid SAVE files being kept open for write. Cassette: Fixed FLAC decoder crash with some block sizes. Cassette: Fixed regression with FSK blocks in CAS files being read as turbo pulses instead of FSK pulses. Disk: Retuned XF551 high-speed C/E to data frame delay. Display: Workaround for D3D11 minimum precision crash on Intel Iris Xe driver. Serial: Pad out 850 relocator to match length of original firmware relocator (fixes compatibility with loaders that hardcode the relocator length). VFS: Fixed wrong file being accessed when using atfs:// paths to access files inside a DOS 2 disk image.
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