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  1. a7800 v5.1 has now been released at github. Whats new in this release: pokey emulation updated for better two-tone mode accuracy fix for cart format [email protected] crash Normally I would have accumulated more changes before a release, but given we have several pokey-focused projects in development (hokey, games using pokey, rmt support for 7800basic) it seemed prudent to get the improvements out quicker than usual. A special thanks goes to @Synthpopalooza for performing in-depth stress testing of the various pokey modes! As usual, @Trebor and I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to use this thread to report any issues, or ask any questions.
  2. Surprise! You dirty hookers! Jon Stoll, Jr. (AKA Silverback) is helping me catch up on reviewing and creating content in the midst of an Atari 7800 scene that has amazingly gotten more and more frantic in the last few years. When we catch up on all of the original release reviews, we can delve into the more fun and unpredictable waters. Here's what has been recently added to www.atari7800forever.com Silverback reviews Mario Brothers, Ms. Pac Man, Kung Fu Master, Pole Position 2. Silverback interviews Frankodragon (Roof Pooper, Fat Axl, Hearty Manslapper). Funkmaster V interviews Muddyfunster (EXO, Danger Zone, Bernie) #MarioBros #kungfu #MsPacMan #EXO #FatAxl #poleposition2 #wjhcam #campsmokey #thehike2021
  3. and the compiled game #500 is: - Minen. A minefield-like game. Added joystick support. So, now it's time to prepare the new MegaPack! 🎁 [GAME] Minen (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  4. Soon... the counter is at 499 compiled games, so we are nearly ready for the next pack.
  5. The title of the thread is: Writing an Extended BASIC game too big for memory." So from that one might think that RXB or XB 2.9 G.E.M. could be an appropriate tool for this, and I will admit to being excited and ready to post some instructions about chaining programs using XB 2.9 G.E.M. But then in the original post we read: "So this seems to work fine when the programs are all on a specific disk. But how would this work for a cartridge? What would need to be changed to get this working for cartridge if this is even possible? For disk, it's just a matter of calling: RUN "DSK1.LEVEL1" or whatever is the next program in the sequence." Well now, the plot thickens - what does this mean? It sure sounds like he somehow wants to make a cartridge out of the multi segment program. Posts #2 to #8 try to clarify this and speculate on ways to achieve the desired results. In post #9, Cheung (the OP) writes: "The intent is to compile the program." So this precludes RXB which cannot be compiled. Over 2 hours later, in post #11 you respond with your first (of many) advertisements for RXB, offering a solution that cannot work. So yes, you are wrong here! The takeaway from this is simple: First read carefully. Then think about what you just read, and reread it if necessary. After that, if it still seems appropriate, only then is it time to post.
  6. My FinalGROM99 was without a proper shell for a few years. It remained in a crappity-ass temporary shell ever since I got it (see photo). The problem for me was that I had no 3D printer, and I didn't know how to CAD. But I knew what I wanted to create. I needed button "caps" that basically sit stop the micro buttons on the PCB and extend upwards through the cart shell. The holes would need to be precise. BTW, the holes in the crappity-ass temporary shell shown in the photo did not line up very well. This photo shows the 3D-printed buttons I was finally able to create. And the next photo shows the button caps sitting atop the PCB micro buttons. This model shows the button cap as well as a drilling template I designed to help line up the holes properly. Here we see the drilling template in place. It snaps in pretty tight. And these photos show the drilled holes. I had to sacrifice a Home Financial Decisions. Here is is with the buttons installed. I experimented with a red button, but I like the black better. And finally with the label. I designed a new cart label. I modernized the original a little. And finally, I put it up on Thingiverse. Enjoy. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5352564 Darryl
  7. Here is the nearly finished prototype. At this point I had not designed the front hook that help keep the front tight on the left and right edges. There was only a center screw holding it shut in the front. Also, the bottom side had some problem with it curling up slightly as it is printing. Still trying to solve that issue.
  8. Even though I have a FinalGROM99, it always bothered me that my FlashROM99 has been without a shell since I got it. So I have spent the past week designing an test-printing a cart shell for my FlashROM99. The board is an odd shape. No mounting hole, and quite long. It does not fit a standard TI cart shell (properly). But I remember someone discovered it fit quite nicely into a Romox cart shell. Unfortunately, those are sort of rare and nobody wants to sacrifice a Romox cart for the FlashROM99. So here we are. In this thread I will document my triumphs and failures designing and printing a Romox-style cart shell for the FlashROM99. A couple of notes: - I could still use some good measurements or additional photos of actual Romox cart shells. - I plan to put the stl files on Thingiverse once I am done. Current state:
  9. Nice work folks. I tested on E.X.O. and it sounds really good.
  10. Console fat shaming has clearly gotten out of hand.
  11. ***UPDATE*** A7800 v5.1 What's new? pokey emulation updated for better two-tone mode accuracy fix for cart format [email protected] crash For all supported OS's (Linux, macOS and Windows) there is a 64-bit (x64) build. Quick and easy portable install for Windows: 1. Download A7800, unzip to a new/clean preferred location [I.E. C:\A7800]. 2. Download A7800_Optional_Files_20220331, unzip to same location as A7800. Starting Console: Selecting ROM: Default Mappings: Changing Controllers: ***See the included illustrative manual in the download archive for more details and options***
  12. No wonder the community's had 25 years to make the Jaguar reach its potential and gotten nada. We're still mastering copy and paste as plain text. 😁
  13. This week I played: Pokemon Red Version for Game Boy - 195 minutes Super Mario Bros.: Level Headed v0.3.8 for NES - 41 minutes Progress: Pokemon Red - I'm working my way through the Vermilion City areas. I left off fighting my way through the S.S. Anne. Super Mario Bros.: Level-Headed - I tried to play through 3 of my first batch of totally random difficulty games and couldn't get through any of them.
  14. My times for the week: NES: Batsu & Terry - 130 min. Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak - 2 min. Sky Kid - 3 min. Beat Batsu & Terry, albeit with a continue code (hold A on the title screen) that may or may not be legitimate. Some Japanese games list such codes in the manual, some don't.
  15. Got the 3rd slot at 100%! Did this run in an hour and 51 minutes. First to beat it, first to beat it twice, first to beat it 3x on the cart and new world record speed run for one hundred percent
  16. Here is a zip of hi res clean TIF scans from Peter Brooks UK magazine: TI-LINES UK V4 N6 November 1987 for you to read, print, ocr, pdf or save to an archive of your choice (eg WHT). 32 pages, white paper, A5 size. Contents are mostly a couple of hardware projects- connect a serial printer to the joystick port or connect a centronics printer to the joystick port, together with assembly driver routines for the mini memory (so you will only have access to your printer from basic!). Project from Bill Reed. Plus: How to implement an equivelent of ON X GOSUB using TI Forth by John Roe. And an article demonstrating why buying a really cheap Rotronics printer from a none-TI retailer can cost a lot more the buying a TI Printer... Coming next- back to Chicago TImes. tilines uk v4 n6 Nov1987.zip
  17. This week I played: Sonic World (R7) for PC - 31 minutes Sonic World (R8) for PC - 479 minutes Sonic World (R9 rev 2) for PC - 453 minutes Progress: First with help in the discord, I figured out how to fix the graphical error this game as a whole has with newer video cards, causing white boxes to flicker all over the screen. dgVoodoo2_78_2 is a great program for emulating older video cards and fixed the issue. In R7 I stocked up on lives, tried the really hard level (Worst Cave) and failed, then went back to a different level and got my 32nd emblem as Sonic and just decided to stop there and back up my save. In R8 I started a new file and played through every level only as Sonic, completing at least one goal except for a couple levels that are just too hard. (Worst Cave again and Kingdom Waterfalls) I managed to unlock all characters and get 101 emblems total. I backed up my save. In R9 rev 2 I started a new file and played only as Sonic. I'm still not done trying every level but I unlocked all characters and currently have 102 emblems, surpassing my progress from R8. I guess the first version of R9 was supposedly really buggy so they quickly released the patched version of R9 shortly afterward. It has been interesting playing the last 3 official versions of this fan game to see how it was built up over time. Many new stages were added with each release. A couple new characters here and there were added as unlockables. Some bugs in levels were fixed but not everything was ever 100% fixed in the end. Still there are ways to get past some of the glitchy areas if you try hard enough and most levels are pretty smooth. I would recommend R9 rev 2 the most out of the legacy versions of Sonic World. Sonic World DX is supposed to end up being a lot better so I'm looking forward to the news about the upcoming release date.
  18. Sorry, but that's a strange comment to make. In D2 , it acted as compass as you navigated the map. Both Resident Evil Code Veronica and Carrier, the VMU acted as health read out, saving you having to pause the game to check your health. Silent Scope used it as a scope for your sniper rifle. Sonic Shuffle allowed you to see your cards. It was an ammo counter for Fur Fighters. NFL2K allowed you to select your plays. Then there were the mini games: Sonic Adventure – Chao Adventure Zombie Revenge – Zombie Fishing, Doubt and Memory Power Stone – Gun Rock’s Gun Slots, Falcon’s Aerial Adventure and Shuriken Training Sega GT had a mini racing game, Sega Pocket GT. A simple overhead racing game with 3 tracks; US, EU and Japan. You collected time power-ups, raced the clock etc. Skies of Arcadia also had a mini adventure, where you flew your ship across the open air to uncover treasure and battle off pirates. Time Stalker had mini games. Whilst it wasn't used to it's full potential, it's not fair to claim it added nothing, it was entirely upto developers how they used it.
  19. a few fellow TI'ers have expressed interest to see a mockup. Although I don't have the actual boards. I do have the ATX Mid Tower case I have been working off of (Antec VSK4000E-U3). I have mounted a 3.5 and 5.25 drive in the case. Some carefully aligned paper prints and I have a rough mockup. Notice the TiPi with a raspberry pi mounted fits nicely in slot #8 with no issues for clearance, even with the 5.25 drive installed. I did have to move the ATX power connector, 2 fans, 9640 reset, etc out of the way. But now all looks good.
  20. LNC has a certain charm that I like, but it’s not perfect. I like to think your guy is the Kool Aid Man with a new hat. Get it KAM. Not my pb, but not far off. Got a decent pattern down that I’ll try again. Pop n Lock n Chase - 32,620 disc
  21. Thanks @Skippy B. Coyote For what it’s worth, I made it to the second solar system again and increased my score by 50 points! Hahaha. This time it was the bottom right planet, and I laughed out loud when I saw how I was being asked to move my hunk of junk. Weird thing is, I scored higher during the original round (not by much) and I was struggling on the computer. I must’ve hit a few extra UFOs. G*RAVITAR - 12,800 & 2 strikes
  22. https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.10-test11.zip https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.10-test11-src.7z Fixed incomplete banking setup for 5200 Super Cart in 128K and 256K sizes. Ah, thanks, the problem was that I hadn't completely set up the banking parameters for these new types. It looks like you've got a few things mixed up here: You can enable the H: device in the emulator in Config System > Devices > Host Device (H:), but it is not normally tied to D1:. By default, D1: refers to a disk drive or DOS-based drive. There is an option in the host device configuration to also H: as D1:, but it is not enabled by default. It's meant to allow running programs that expect files on D1: without having to boot DOS. It doesn't make sense if you are booting DOS or if you can just use H:. H: doesn't target any particular device on the host, you can set it to map any folder on the PC. Altirra does not in general directly make use of portable storage devices like an SD Card. You can set paths like the H: paths to point to files on the SD card, but most functions don't care whether they are accessing a external storage device or not, except for narrow cases like mounting a raw hard disk as read-only. Thus, I'm not sure why you went to buy an SD card and reader. If you are planning to exchange files between your PC running Altirra and a real Atari with an SD card device like the SIDE 3, doing this depends on how the Atari is accessing the SD card. It is actually not common for an Atari to directly access PC files on an SD card beyond a loader like the SIDE Loader, due to how slow and how much memory it takes to access PC filesystems.
  23. Starting putting a bunch of time into this on Friday and realized that I made some serious design mistakes early on and those problems are getting worse the more I pile on. I've been spending this weekend doing a complete re-write of the movement code, and it's coming along pretty well. Once I'm done with this, I should be able to get things moving again and push toward making this a real game. Work is starting to wind down on the PC version of Magical Fairy Force, so I'm going to try to spend a lot more time working on this throughout the week. Hopefully I'll something cool to show next weekend.
  24. Atari 8-bit: Serpentine - 10 min. Intellivision: Antarctic Tales Enhanced Edition - 3 min Auto Racing - 15 min. Donkey Kong - 2 min. Donkey Kong Arcade - 1 min. ISTAR - 1 min. Infiltrator (contest edition) - 3 min. Intellipongola - 10 min. Intellivania (demo) - 7 min. Jumpking Junior - 3 min. PONG - 10 min. Pandora Incident, The (contest edition) - 5 min. Pitfall! - 3 min. Poker Risque - 1 min. Pole Position - 2 min. Stonix - 7 min. Super Cobra - 5 min. Zaxxon - 1 min. Some of my friends were looking for a get-together on Walpurgis night, but since very few were interested, it fizzled out. Instead one of my friends paid me a visit early Saturday night. In order to have something to do, I fired up the Intellivision on my 40" TV and we played through a few classics and tested a number of modern homebrews. Once he had left, I played some more A8 HSC but since neither Mr. Robot nor Serpentine calls to me, I didn't spend a lot of time on that. At least it is better than zero. For those worrying about my leg, here is the status after one week of penicillin. It should be noted that that swelling almost went to my knee and circumferenced my entire leg when I seeked care, and what remains now is the only part that is red. It should take a few weeks to entirely heal, and I've got pills that last until next Friday.
  25. Not the normal video game related stuff I sell, but I figured someone here will appreciate this. I am also a toy collector...especially G1 Transformers toys which I grew up on I have a new sealed "E-Hobby" Megatron from Japan. This was an exclusive from 2001 from the Takara E-Hobby shop....their first ever release. It is basically the good old G1 Megatron that everyone remembers as the Walther P-38, but the handle is brown and the barrel is black. I think this was modeled from the original "U.N.C.L.E." toy that Takara created before Megatron was Megatron.....and Hasbro stepped in and took it and changed some of the colors for the Megatron USA release back in the 80's. Anyway, really cool piece. $150 shipped anywhere in the USA takes it. PM if interested! ***SOLD!!***
  26. There are 39 grooves on the back part of the Romox shell. I reduced it to 35 for my model. I also do not emboss the Romox logo on the top shell. The next image shows the button "hat" which presses on the actual button on the PCB. The third image shows the rounded back edge of the cart shell. Although the shell works without it, the rounded edge helps push the flap open on the TI cart slot.
  27. This image shows the corresponding hooks on the top shell. What is also visible are several other details including: - a rectangular notch on the underside to accomodate the large IC chip. - a hole for the RESET button. - a 3mm hole for the LED which widens to 5mm because the top of the LED actually touches. - four snap-off supports to aid in printing.
  28. My Lock 'N' Chase Update: Had my best game yet.... It could have been even better as most of my deaths were brutal.... LOCK 'N' CHASE - DISC LEVEL - 60,620 POINTS!!!
  29. CoCo2 Demon Seed - 30 minutes RallySG - 20 minutes CoCo3 Zero Hour - 320 minutes Commodore 64 PacMan (Arlasoft) - 15 minutes Odyssey2 P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! - 20 minutes Speedway! - 10 minutes Sega SG-1000 Bank Panic - 25 minutes Championship LodeRunner - 5 minutes Dragon Wang - 2minutes Elevator Action - 2 minutes Lode Runner - 35 minutes N-Sub - 20 minutes
  30. How much slimmer does it need to be?
  31. Atari 2600 Aardvark - 120 minutes Kaboom! - 68 minutes Reactor - 5 minutes Solar Fox - 68 minutes I didn't plan on playing Kaboom! and Solar Fox the same amount of time; it just happened.
  32. Turgen 9.0.0 - "Mixed Bag" has been released. It is truly a mixed bag of unrelated changes, hence "Mixed Bag". Next Station... Dual track creator. So far, I believe the best way of doing that is to create a simple dialog, where you will select the audio track and a few options. TURGEN will then run SOX to do the hard work - downmix the audio track to mono, trim it and merge with the data track.
  33. I have commented on this before, that you promote your RBX... where it is not right nor needed. People in the thread comment on you jumping in with RXB and there is pointed out that this has been going on for a long time. And in the end, senior_falcon points out SPECIFICALLY why RXB is not asked for, or work in this case. But you promote RXB... anyway! What will it take for you to be a little humble? But as tmop69 is saying, "How many programs were developed last year using RXB? Zero?" The big question is... "WHY do you think there is so little interest in your program? I think most people will agree that you have made a great programming lango. So... if it is so great, WHY are people not interacting with it? Don't you see that you're shooting yourself in the foot? I understand that RXB is a great software to use to program in. Not that there would be THAT much to learn, but... My main reason for NOT wanting to learn RXB - YOU! I know Basic and EX. Basic, I prefer to use them as I know them. The old TI manual for Basic and Ex. Basic is so much easier to use and figure out stuff when I am stuck. So my advice would be to make a manual in the same "spirit" and ease of use. Use A LOT of time on that and only that. Be humble and figure out what people need and want. Use the time you would use to spam, make a manual, make games, make videos and be just a little humble and respectful to the community. The saddest thing would be if you keep making RXB and no one is using it! Then spam your tread with RXB and how good it is! Then you might get people to start to use RXB. And... MORE important... you can have made the best programming lango for the TI. But... Spamming and getting into people's faces, makes people NOT want to use "the greatest program ever made". YOU yourself are the biggest hindrance for me investing time in RXB. The more you put out RXB here and EVERYWHERE else, I get as much de-motivating from trying it out. I don't care if RXB is back forward or upside-down compatible. I want to have fun and make my program. So, do not put YOUR stuff on me. If I ASK, sure then it is OK. And I will be sure to ask inside your RXB tread! Promise you that! You might be right ALL the time and at the same time, you're so so wrong! I am programming in Basic and EX. Basic and I have the same issue as the tread is about... to make a program that is too big and dos not fit inside the limited memory. BUT... Then AGAIN I have to read about RXB! I am now again 2*more NOT wanting to have ANYTHING to do with RXB! I want to learn how to make a program that is way too big, and how to make it work. ONE of the big issues for me is the limitation of memory. If I get a great solution to make a "huge" program and STILL get it to run on the TI, I would make some of the games I have in mind. At least try it! (HINT!!! Here you have a possibility, take that need and make it fit inside RXB... then I might have to get over that I don't like your spamming ways!) The saddest thing about this is that this makes people pissed and the HOLE community suffers from it. PLEASE, Rich Gilbertson, be a little humble and listen to what people say. Keep updating and making RXB great and post in your thread about it. I go there and look at your YT vids. It makes me so sad that a big part of this thread is now about you and RXB! But do read and if you can help, then do so. But more important... keep improving upon RXB compared to what people NEED! You could make one RXB that is JUST how you want it and then a ver. that could be compiled and that is using all the modern tools. To do what is ASKED for in this tread. So... I am reading and hoping for solutions to this "too big program" issue! I am hoping the Gurus will point to something, or make software to fix this issue.
  34. VDPs can be finicky, but they're not delicate enough to be damaged by careful extraction. A few thoughts: The pins on TI parts of this era have a tendency to tarnish quite badly; might cause contact issues with the socket. Careful use of very fine grit sandpaper/a pencil eraser and IPA can help with this. Not sure if this applies to all boards, but all of my 99s use single-wipe DIP sockets for the VDP. This was presumably a cost-saving measure BITD and I wouldn't be surprised if the single-wipe sockets (which make less contact with the IC pins to begin with) are responsible for some reliability problems after 40 years. Standard dual-wipe sockets are perfectly suitable replacements. While the gold-plated machined types will also work fine, they're far more expensive, and intended for different applications. Kind of obvious, yes -- but it's important that the notch on the VDP faces towards the keyboard connector. Oftentimes there's a white dot painted on the VDP socket, which can be mistaken for a Pin 1 indicator. On 2 of my 3 boards, however, the dot is in the corner opposite Pin 1. Caused a bit of head scratching once... Weak color could just as easily be caused by other components between the VDP and the video connector, not that it matters if the end goal is to install an F18A. There have been reports of the crystal by the VDP drifting/failing, for instance.
  35. First of all, your PoP port is pure awesomeness :) Actually, you don't have to understand every piece of Z80 code when translating from Z80 to 6502. My experience with porting Pentagram, Gunfright, Jack The Nipper and Highway Encounter from ZX Spectrum to Atari proves that :) Also, according to 80/20 rule (here it translates to: 80% of CPU time is spent in 20% of code), a naive Z80 to 6502 translation does its job exceptionally well, as you actually need only 20% of the code to be optimized for performance (this was really the case with ZX Spectrum games which do everything in software, and if you are porting arcade game and these tend to have hardware for sprites, numbers may be a little bit different). What is also important is the size of translated code: naive translation produces ~2x larger code. I have a compiler which does this naive translation and the results are really good - it saves lots of manual of work. There is still some manual work to do, but compiler tries to assist with the process, by marking places in the translated code which require manual intervention. To make sure that translated code runs correctly, I have written simple debugger, which is CPU core for 6502 and Z80 running both versions of the code side by side, and comparing addresses accessed and values written/read. If you omit CPU opcode fetches and stack accesses, all other accesses should match apart from situation, where pointer is written or read from memory. Mariusz.
  36. Bushnell has had no meaningful involvement with Atari since 1978, bar a short stint as a director in 2010 just prior to the bankruptcy of that particular incarnation. He just loves a good photo op. Not that it would make a lot of difference if he did. Hands up who can name anything he did after Chuck E Cheese without looking it up? 😃
  37. 2600 is probably the safest bet for "first gen program on a cartridge" system ("generations can start a whole trip down the rabbit hole, so lets start there) as they sold a billion of the things and the library is huge so everything about them is relatively inexpensive and every inch of power has been sucked out of them for some impressive (for an atari 2600) games Intellivision is a upgrade when comparing its games to the earlier 2600 games but its not a HUGE step up where you start getting into the 2nd gen systems... Atari console(s) at this time are decent but quirky and not that robust, had small libraries and didnt sell that well ... I am a fan of the colecovision, that is what I had growing up until I bought a SEGA genesis. That system is getting close to the "arcade experience in your home" the controllers suck having a short flat disc joystick (but at least its not flush like the int, it does stick out) but one with decent contacts is quite playable. The Z80 cpu and Texas Instruments powered audio / video can get sort of close to the earliest of NES games and was used in a handful of other systems, like the first couple sega home consoles, and MSX computer line, so its not uncommon to see ports pop up as new content. controllers, just keep in mind, a thought like ergonomics... even in the NES days, was some radical hippy nonsense. They are going to be 40+ years old and pretty much all of them used stamped sheet metal snap domes of some sort, that has work hardened to the point of being darn near dead. There are tricks to get them working better, there are rebuild kits (I sometimes sell one for the 2600 joystick, its quite the improvement) but unless your totally in for the whole retro experience ** the "Atari standard" joystick port lasted a while, and a sega genesis gamepad will plug directly in 2600 and some other consoles, can be modded for colecovision use, and decent modern replacements are cheap and plentiful *and a beefed up hotrodded version as the master system **which to me means get the crappiest TV, stick it in a uncomfortable corner of the spare junk room, and have parents who refuse to run the AC in July with an open window so all you hear is KABOOM, crickets and frogs as you hunch over in a wooden chair sweating your butt off
  38. I bought a Game.com when it first came out from KB Toys. Seemed pretty innovative for $70 bucks. Dual game slots, touch screen, PDA functions, serial port and digitized sound. Got back to the car and tried it out...D pad didn't work in one direction. Went back into the mall and exchanged it. That one had a line of missing pixels! Went back again and got a refund. A few months later they had them marked down to $20 bucks and the games were only a few dollars. Tried again and that one worked great. I hate to admit it, but I played it so much, the touch screen is damn near worn through. Monopoly, Lights Out and Solitaire were great with the touch screen. I even bought the Internet cartridge which was a worthless curiosity. Hooked it up to my external modem and it actually worked well to call into the local library's computer. My ISP was dial up back then and I think I even managed to retrieve email once. Hmmm...I might have to dig it out and see if it'll work with my wifi modem to access some current BBSs. 🤔 Action games were sadly crippled by the shitty low refresh LCD screen they used. Williams Arcade Classics was especially frustrating because I knew it was well done, but unplayable because of the blur. And anyone remember the obnoxious midget from the commercials? If you wanted to sell something to a bunch of Ritalin junkies back in the 90s, a midget seemed to be mandatory to promote your item or music. I'm off to see if I can find that internet cartridge...
  39. I would rank systems based on the number of great and really unique (at the time they were created) experiences AND based on the percentage of the library that is worth playing, to normalize for hugely successful systems like the PS2 and the Game Boy. Certainly technical capabilities have nothing to do with it (except, as you said, in a negative way). I guess by that rubric the Hyperscan does take the crown. There isn’t anything worth playing and there isn’t anything unique except the conversion of the hellscape of microtransactions into physical form before microtransactions were really even a thing. In fact, it is pretty much the prototype of the digital gatcha game: you have to gamble on buying a pack of cards that may or may not add content to your games. That is certainly the wrong kind of innovation. I think for the definition of “system” I would call it anything that got its own branding. So the Sega CD 32X, the Coleco ADAM, and the 64DD would be separate systems for this purpose. In that case the CD 32X might be the next worst system after the Hyperscan in that case because almost all of its six games were released almost contemporaneously in significantly upgraded form on the Saturn, the PC, the 3DO, and other systems. Only Fahrenheit and Surgical Strike are found in their best incarnations on the 32X, and let’s face it, they are not the best FMV games as far as gameplay goes even if the video footage is worth watching. (And Surgical Strike was only released in Brazil.) This list is awful: https://screenrant.com/worst-video-game-consoles-ever-made/amp/ The 32X, the Virtual Boy, the Jaguar, the NGage, the 5200, and maybe even the Ouya (?) had enough exclusive games and enough best-at-the-time versions of popular games that they are well above the bottom of the list. The first three are some of my favorite systems. Having a small library doesn’t make a system bad unless the library is all bad.
  40. TBH, I didn't touch this game for a very long time... until readers of my site were like- Why are you avoiding this game? You mention it in articles and lists but you've never reviewed it. Does it suck? I think I was partially saving it... maybe partially intimidated by it. It's not a game I would normally buy... but man. It's so good, glad I got into it. Tear it open bro... you need to play it. It is the best game for the system. (Just don't tear it open... carefully remove the contents)
  41. Yeah - the various software tricks are OK but true 640 pixel hardware driven mode is the only way to go these days. It's a real shame the VBXE didn't take off like I hopes it would.
  42. Pace is not quite breathtaking but work still continues. There are working missile spells, items can be also thrown. Enemies have sort-of health bars, also was added some new graphics and objects to interact with. Except some new graphics/objects, probably final big thing before starting actual game content is to make stats+AI+fighting enough fun while able to scale as game advances.
  43. Indeed, the PEB "piano" brick strikes again. Who knew that TI had designed a weapon of mass destruction back in 1980 or thereabouts.
  44. My Lock 'N' Chase Update: 'PB'.... Finally broke 50k!!! 😁 LOCK 'N' CHASE - DISC LEVEL - 52,340 POINTS!!!
  45. ATARI 7800: Pac-Man Collection - 66 minutes SEGA GENESIS: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - 200 minutes
  46. Excuse me for writing a thought of my own. My English also is not perfect and I hope to be able to best express what I really want to explain. It always saddens me to see unnecessary discussions among us 99ers. And, excuse me if I allow myself, from my point of view, I consider them a bit useless even in this case because you are all sacred monsters full of knowledge both regarding the TI99 and the coding field in general, and there shouldn't be any kind of competition between us if not, instead, only for the purpose of collaboration to bring more and more beautiful things for our beloved computer. I don't feel like talking about wrong or right, and to me RXB posts don't bother at all, even if sometimes they can seem to be forced but I don't mind knowing the possibility that RXB language can give. Then maybe it doesn't fit the solution really wanted however I like to know his point of view. The bad thing is when we become arrogant and disrespect each other. I'm always sorry for this because in a such nice community like this, it takes away the serenity and it doesn't help the brotherly and collaborative spirit that I would like to see always among us 99ers That said, I'm going back to my den. TIs and Love ❤️
  47. Yeah. I was not a big fan of that controller, but claiming "no one around here didn't play much Jet Grind or Crazy Taxi was because of the damn controller" is one of the most unbelievable things I've ever heard.
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