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    I'm doing ok, everyone. thankfully, I had a very mild case. feverish and achey for a few days, then it subsided into sore throat, congestion, headache and fatigue. my quarantine ended two weekends ago and I called a doctor friend of mine to ask what that actually means? was I free to ride the subway maskless? Am I now immune and super powered? he basically said that a) no one really knows but, b) it looks like infection does not necessarily prevent from getting reinfected and that c) the virus is mutating so even if one is immune, one might not be immune to a particular strain. and since this is all over the place, it's worse than the flu. So the recommendation was to continue to avoid potential exposure, meaning continue to spend most of my time at home. I went into work once last week and may go in twice this week, but am probably going to keep it down at that level for the rest of the year. and I still get tired really easily...I can sleep 12 hours a day without any problem so spending time up to do work or schoolwork has been a challenge. but thank you, everyone, for your concern and just remember...
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    Excellent holiday strip! This made me laugh out loud several times!
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    Yay! Artie! glad that he is masking and hope that he is staying safe. I managed to get the covid *despite* my ZPH facemask! I want a refund!
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    Last night I wrote a bash script that: extracts the DPC+ drivers from games found in Games/ saves the drivers in Drivers/ using the MD5 value as part of the filename. This way only 1 driver file is created for each version even if multiple games have the same driver. extracts the 29K of game code from the 3 test games merges each driver with each 29K of code, saving them in Test/ with the MD5 value as part of the filename. I then put the games from this blog entry, and some ROMs from my projects, into Games and ran the script. It found 4 DPC+ driver versions and created 12 test ROMs. I then ran each test on hardware on both the regular and the Encore version of Harmony. Initial results: 17884ec14f9b1d06fe8d617a1fbdcf47 Jitters Encore Compatible 5f80b5a5adbe483addc3f6e6f1b472f8 Stable Encore Compatible 8dd73b44fd11c488326ce507cbeb19d1 Stable Not Compatible with Encore b328dbdf787400c0f0e2b88b425872a5 Jitter Encore Compatible Next is to scour around AtariAge to see if I can find any other versions of the DPC+ driver. After that see if I can nail down dates for each version. Script and all the files: DPCplusVersions.zip
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    The work for this one really boiled down to two things (boring behind-the-scenes info ahead): Some of the artwork assets (most of the TVs/monitors) didn't have screenshots, highlights or shading set up for them, because I used to do all of that, per strip, as a final step. So previously, each screenshot had to be masked, then highlighted/shaded in Photoshop, one at a time. Awhile ago I started building that into the Illustrator art assets I use on a regular basis, which makes putting new strips together faster. Now I just have to update a link to replace a screenshot, and the shading is already in place on separate layers. So for this episode, I had so many assets that weren't set up yet, I had to choose between doing them all manually again, or updating the assets so they're future-proofed. So I went through and updated all of those assets (somedays I think just drawing it would be faster ). Gathering up screenshots and labels for everything takes a surprising amount of time. The more monitors and labels that are visible in the strip, the more time it takes to find enough material to cover them all. Homebrew labels are particularly difficult if there are no clean scans available. Fortunately, the labels are all so small, they don't have to be perfectly clean.
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    Thank you! Usually my target is "mildly amused", so I consider that a win! That's great! I love seeing the strip full-sized like a Sunday newspaper would've printed it. 50 years ago. You're welcome! Glad I can bring a little holiday cheer to the community! Plus, I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at the Intellivision. Thank you! It was a very last-minute idea, and doing all of that copying-and-pasting took way longer than it should've, but it was fun to do.
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    Thanks a lot for this very nice Christmas present. Looking forward to brighter times...
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    The problem is, that the lasted version of DASM doesn't like force operators which are repeated by the instruction (e.g. sta.wx address,x). This is a known bug which will be fixed soon. A force operator can be used to e.g change a 4 cycle ZP,x write into a 5 cycle abs,x write. And timing is crucial for a 2600 ROM, especially when it comes to positioning of a sprite. A workaround for current DASM is to remove ",x" in "sta.wx address,x" or to revert to an earlier DASM version.
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    That's a bug in DASM, remove the ,x or ,y
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    Yeah, mics would have been nice. Don't recall if they added that when I went back in 2017. I enjoyed it - while I knew a lot of it, I did learn things like the aliens in Space Invaders were modeled after sea creatures. Tried to take screenshots in the browser, but they came out black so here's some photos:
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    Agreed, the blogs got butchered by InVision. And some other parts too. But I am very happy to have Artie back.
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    Or at least a free "Rage Reset" T-shirt. Hope you're doing okay! When the blog software was updated, InVision removed the ability to use categories. So this completely destroyed any organization that had been done prior to the update (and prevented any such future organization). So there's no place in the sidebar anymore to click on "Comic Strips" "Movie Reviews" "Videogame Reviews" etc. This really hosed Darrell's blog, since he'd had it very neatly organized by project. He's hardly posted a blog entry since. I've decided to start blogging again because I've got some stuff I want to post, and this is the place I set up to do it. But I'm still frustrated that the lack of categories makes organizing things impossible. At some point, if it isn't fixed, I'm considering packing up my entire blog and moving elsewhere, and just use this as a pointer to it. Also, I hate the way the blogs look now, forcing you to look at grids of space-wasting squares with mostly generic backgrounds. List views (which are used EVERYWHERE ELSE in these forums) aren't even an option. This isn't a criticism of Albert, either. This is stuff InVision removed. Yeah, I was wondering if the mask would read, but I figured it's probably universal enough for people to recognize it. There are a couple other strips out there which have had consoles in them. Penny Arcade being one. But Artie may be the only one where the characters are exclusively game consoles. (I could be completely wrong though.)
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    what does this mean, the blog is borked? Good to see your strip again, seems like its been a while.
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    Thanks! I've missed Artie as well. He's the voice I get to say things with that I probably otherwise wouldn't. I've thought about doing a printed collection (or two) of Artie strips, but I haven't looked into it lately. Publishing-on-demand would be the way to go. My concern would be the inevitable C&Ds from Atari. The book probably wouldn't have Atari in the title, but they're so litigious, they'd probably claim rights to every time I even mentioned one of their games, or Atari at all. I'd need to talk to some people who deal with this sort of thing first, to see how much "fair use" I could get away with. As far as I'm concerned, it's all protected as parody. But I can't speak to the finer points of the law. I'm still hoping the blogs get unborked someday. I know Albert wants to get them fixed, but there are a bunch of things that have to happen first.
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    Awesome - I have missed Artie! Now that the blog is borked, I’m hoping you will release all of the Artie strips in printed form at some point? Chris
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    Neat! Pinball fan myself, I like both those machines! I see this is an old post, hopefully your home brew pinball machine came together.
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    Thanks! Of course it all depends on the programmers. If I'm asked to be part of an unannounced project, I'll post it here with a code name (unless asked not to). Here's the unused Refrigerator Attack title screen:
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    99/4A National Assistance Group membership application. 994A National Assistance Group Membership Application.pdf
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    Triton flier for Q*Bert, Popeye, Espial, and Miner 2049er. As well, the TI joysticks and Prostick II. This has been in storage for a very long time, so the outer page is a little gunked. HOT New Entertainment Titles - Triton Flyer.pdf
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    One Game Gear's weakness that the graphic chip doesn't have Window layer like the Gameboy. So the HUD are displayed as sprites instead of tiles. And there's 8 sprites on a line and 64 sprites maximum on screen, so that's why the HUD elements are displayed like that.
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    Yea, I've seen your message on Discord. Thanks, dude! I really like doing research like this
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    I've been rewatching WKRP using the Shout Factory release that has most of the original music added back. Would love to see The New WKRP get a DVD release.
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    This blog is very cool, if i could get Bureaucrat rights on The Bubsy Wiki on fandom (which i am a discussion moderator on) then i would give make you an admin if you had a fandom account. But Doctorclu does not have bureaucrat rights so he cant make users admin, i think you should make a fandom account to edit on it, the link to it is Here.
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    Of course you can 😃 Here's how you can join the club: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R-y2lBxKkmhewCtCc4O_6v2OR95aBslR6cKPY0uP4JA/edit?usp=sharing
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    Good question with a simple answer. It's a regular pie. When you throw a pie at the enemy, the enemy dies.
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    i wonder if Bubsy being the speed of actual bobcats was intentional.
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    You're welcome! You could also use just a standard RCA video cable. The shielding on them is generally terrible though (like the original Atari cable). It will not - it's NTSC. To display PAL, you need a PAL demodulator and a monitor that can display PAL video. Or a PAL demodulator and a converter. Or something that does both in one box (but I've only seen ones that output HDMI). What the signal looks like at the other end though... that's anyone's guess.
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    Nathan, Thank you for writing about this. It will be a treat to watch. I missed it when it was originally aired, or if I saw it I have forgotten it. My father and my brother watched Space 1999 when it was on, it was a weekly event and my mother melted cheese on nacho chips in the toaster oven many times during that program. I was young but remember how we loved the model design and atmosphere of the show. Looking forward to checking these out. Chad (SCRUMMY, TITFOS)
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    Whoops, I should have watched the second movie before reading this review. Just watched the first one a month ago, and have intentions of watching the second before we watch this new one. Thanks for the review! ..Al
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    Hi! Thanks for this tutorial, peeking after chars was a new concept for me and it's indeed a very good way to find platforms and walls etc.
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    Ah, so even Marty has trouble with his keypads Of course not, I thought Marty/Mary might have been inspired by Rebecca Heineman's recent appearance in the Netflix series High Score as I've seen a number of comments by people unaware of her. One of my highlights of my first PRGE was when she & Joe Decuir chimed in during the Q & A session at the end of my panel. Jump ahead to 31:30 for that.
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    I was originally going to have it read "Maryt". I hadn't thought of it as anything other than him misspelling his own name. The irony is that right before I was going to publish this, I discovered I'd actually put in Artie's name as Atrie.
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    Love seeing all the styles. I'm partial to "Enemy", "Two", and "Porridge Story". Lots of heart in all those.
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    Well all three of the ones I did during that little blog all has the exact same spec filter capacitor. 3300µf 16v caps. I ordered about a dozen off console5 last week when I was planning to go ahead and check out my Genesis PSUs. I suspect the jaguar PSUs are the exact same since they have nearly the exact same specs and heck even the casing on the PSUs are the same minus the Jaguar vs Sega stamping in the plastic. Likely made in the same plant and from the same company.
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    You're in luck! https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-141-bob-polin-blue-max Incidentally it was the guys at that podcast that got me in touch with Bob. I was an idiot to let my hardware go back in 1990. Well I didn't so much let it go as I did not safeguard it properly. That's when I left for the navy and left my 800XL in the care of friend of mine and my 400 at my parents house. Also, in those days I was enlightened enough to think to save ANY old things like toys, games, hardware, etc. I had an original NES and a ColecoVision as well that I just let disappear somewhere in the mists of time. Ugh.... A lot of people don't recall this or never new it but the Synapse promotional flyer for Blue Max inexplicably used cats instead of people: I actually asked Bob about this during my conversations with him and he had no idea why and had never even seen that, having zero to do with marketing/promotion of the game.
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    Very cool! I was looking at the membership card fairly recently. Was hoping to have a video chip, though. I'm very interested in the COMX-35.
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    @DoctorSpuds So glad I found this post, as I was scratching my head about how the repro etsy version looked so similar to eBay/AtariAge versions.... Thx for posting! guess etsy is a bit lax?? as they are still advertised.. see below current etsy "atari4you" advertised version.. all blurry and still selling them:- current eBay equivalent
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    Yeh I imagine they are the usual swag glasses that are given out like keychains and business cards. I have a few glasses I have picked up that were similar. One from Cricket wireless was actually fairly good quality hard plastic, but I imagined the glasses where probably cheap plastic much like this pair I recently got. Hmmm... now to get ahold a black pair of glasses, change out the arms to orange, remove the current lettering, and somehow imprint the Bubsy logo and Babbage's logo for a nice recreation. Hey... any good side shots of the Bubsy logo and Babbages would be awesome (if that hasn't worn off by now.) BTW... love Rayman too.
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    Only the old and the sickly will be dead. The young and the strong will live. The world doesn't end until 2023.
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    To me it appears as though different DPC+ drivers behave differently. Adding to the confusion is some games have been hex-edited to patch the DPC+ driver to work around a bug that prevented games from playing on the Harmony Encore, meaning 1 driver version may have 2 MD5 values. As seen in this post, I can easily replace the driver used by an existing ROM: So what I plan to do is: Extract the 3 different DPC+ drivers I've identified in this blog post. Review other DPC+ games to see if I can find addition driver variations, extract them out as well. For each version of the DPC+ driver: Replace the DPC+ driver in Doom Patrol 0.5, Epic Adventure, and Text Adventure test each on real hardware: DPC+ driver exhibits jitter Yes/No DPC+ driver is Encore Compatible Yes/No See if I can match Encore compatible drivers with a non-Encore compatible drivers (ie: just the 3 bytes at 0x200 are different) With that we'll know how Stella should behave for each driver. Additionally, I'll see if I can nail down dates for each DPC+ version. I should be able to do that by comparing drivers found in the Harmony Cart Development forum as well as the 2014 Holiday Cart - Stay Frosty 2 forum (as various DPC+ issues were found & fixed while working on SF2). Once figured out we could have Stella show the date, Encore compatibility, etc. in the debugger. This could take a while.
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    No idea, maybe in Andrew Davie's programming guide?
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    Good read. Wish I had the money 40 years ago. Now I wish I had the time.
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    I loved my View-Master when I was a kid. I had a small collection of reels, some Disney stuff (I had the Donald Duck and the flying saucers one that's on the Lance Cardinal page you linked to) and some that I got from gift stores of place my family visited on vacations (the Black Hills, etc.). Like yours, my collection disappeared but I don't remember when or how exactly. Five or six years ago I found one of the black Bakelite models from the 50's and a few reels (favorite: the Winchester Mystery House) at an antique store. Whenever I see a box of reels somewhere, I flip through it and usually end up buying a few. There used to be a 3-D Museum here in Portland (Sawyer's was based here) that had several of the models used for the cartoon reels. The museum closed years ago, and I don't know where that stuff is now.
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    Here is an index to all the DPC+ARM blog posts by Darrell: DPC+ARM - Part 1, Virtual Machine and Linux DPC+ARM - Part 2, Guest Additions DPC+ARM - Part 3, VirtualBox update, Ubuntu update, disable Screen Lock DPC+ARM - Part 4, Cloning DPC+ARM - Part 5, C Compiler DPC+ARM - Part 6, DPC+ Cartridge Layout DPC+ARM - Part 7, 6507/ARM Exchange of Information DPC+ARM - Part 8, Multiple Functions DPC+ARM - Part 9, Functional Menu DPC+ARM - Part 10, Score & Timer display DPC+ARM - Part 11, Beginnings of the Arena Kernel DPC+ARM - Part 12, Gamepad Support Note that Parts 1 - 5 are about setting up a VM with the ARM compiler, which is probably outdated now. Maybe someone can create a Docker image containing a ready-to-go DCP+ARM development environment? And some other interesting related posts: The C RAM Review It's full of stars! Slick Kernel
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    I found the "eagle-6.5.0-atari.lbr" file. Find it as an attachment in case someone is looking for it. madi eagle-6.5.0-atari.lbr.zip
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    They're all-new versions of 35 year old sandwiches.
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    If JennyN's dad was able to do a good impression of Bubsy's voice while wearing the costume, that could have only added to the impression they had of him really being Bubsy. I could just imagine how fun that would be for a young kid - babysat by a playful, fun-loving feline like Bubsy.
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