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    Quill, a new BBS software written in Action!, is announced at TARICON '84 in Detroit, Michigan (source: ROM Magazine v1i8 page 6).
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    On this day, in 1983, the Nite Lite BBS Software, by Paul S. Swanson goes online for the first time. The first version of the BBS is run entirely in RAM. Beginning with the secind version of the BBS, more of the BBS' functionality, such as message bases and menus, are run from a disk drive. The third version of the BBS included a text adventure game. The fourth version added ATR8000 and double density disk drive support. The fifth version, released in 1985, added graphics and sound through the special C-GUL terminal program (source: The Atari 8-bit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document by Michael Current).
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