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    On this day in 1992, The DarkForce! BBS went online, using an Atari 1040ST, Megafile 30 Hard drive, an SX212 modem and Michtron BBS software...
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    On this day, July 12th, in 2020 Southern Amis BBS returned online. Southern Amis was originally called Southern Comfort and was an AMIS BBS in the 516 area code during the mid-80s (source: BBSMates website). Southern Amis was started as a tribute to the original Southern Comfort BBS. The BBS runs BBS Express and is hosted in the AWS Cloud. As of this writing, it is the only "Atari only" BBS online today (i.e., it only supports ATASCII connections). To connect to Southern Amis, telnet to southernamis.ddns.net:23.
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    On this day, April 10th in 2020, the Backyard Board, run by SysOp Gary Stammers, goes online (sources: Correspondence on the BBS and the Telnet BBS Guide). The Backyard Board went online as a dial-up only BBS running Bulletin Board Construction Set (BBCS) on an Atari 800XL, a Supra 300 AT (300 baud) modem, and PC hosted disk storage using SIO2PC.
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    This month in 1985, Microbits Peripheral Products (MPP), was purchased by Supra Corporation. MPP was the maker of the popular MPP1000C and MPP1000E 300 baud modems that plugged into the Atari 8 bit's joystick port. Supra would rebrand the MPP1000E modem as the Supra 300AT modem (see image below). (source: September 1985 issue of the Portland Atari Club Newsletter, page 5. This was a reprint of an Antic article, possibly from the September 1985 issue).
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