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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ What do you call a cow that just gave birth? Decaffeinated ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ If you ever get attacked by a mob of clowns... Be sure to go for the juggler. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ I went to the shop the other day to buy six cans of Sprite. It was only when I got home that I realized I had picked 7up. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ Friend's wife said, "You act like a detective too much, I want to split up." "Good idea!" he replied. "We can cover more ground that way!" ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    I must have fallen asleep before the neighbors started setting off fireworks, because I didn't hear a thing.
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ What did the tourists say when they left the Statue of Liberty? “Keep in torch!” ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Happy 4th of July "Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it." Apu from "The Simpsons"
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    I finally got around to setting my console collection (most of it) up right for both display and playing. I bought some 3 shelf glass shelving units that anchor to wall studs. The units have a metal frame and black glass shelves. Cables can be hidden behind them. And dust covers for most of my consoles. I intend to purchase one more of these shelf units for my original Xbox and 360 that are tucked away in the entertainment center still, and have 2 spaces left over (one is used for controller display atm), for a couple more Sega consoles I intend to get; Saturn and Genesis/CD/32X.
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    I thought this was interesting... a photo from the January 1988 Winter CES show, where Atari Games introduced the Tengen label for home games. But the logo is different from the familiar Tengen logo. It must have been changed very soon after because none of their home games ever had this version of the logo. The cabinets on display in the booth are Gauntlet and RBI Baseball, so they must have been promoting the NES versions.
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    In times like these, I'm happy that AtariAge is a safe place, free from politics and religion as every other place I visit online tends to flood with those topics right now. 😕
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    Happy birthday ATARI! Thanks for all the gifts you had prepared for us in all those years.
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    After many idle years I've finally released a new bB DPC+ game, Space Chaos. Check it out!
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    Bought a new Nerf gun. Shot wife in the boob. Got to sleep with the cats last night. Good times.
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    Softball games 2 and 3 last night........fat old man is SORE
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ Of all my body parts, my fingers are the most reliable. I can always count on them. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Alright, time for the Used to Not Be Fat but Got Fat....Again man to start hitting the treadmill again. Had my first softball game last Friday in like 10 years and.....yeeeeah
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    Did anybody ever have the screensaver (Windows 7) where you put goldfish over your background pic and it would let you decide how many fish, they would come in and swim around, and if you touched the screen ripples would appear and scare the fish away? That was Neato, but is there any way to do that now?
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    Man, the Summer Game Fest lineup was like a competition to create the most grim, joyless game possible! The AAA game industry is firmly under the control of cynical Hollywood cokeheads.
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    WOW! Already 12 YEARS AGO when I had the honor of reviewing an early prototype of the ATARIMAX ULTIMATE SD for STEVEN TUCKER! GOOD TIMES 😎👍
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    Floor fan serviced for the summer season. When reassembling it, I barely got the front hub cap to screw back in place until I noticed it was marked that it is reverse threaded. 😮 But now I have a source of cool air, enough to make the polar bears feel welcome.
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed? At the bottom of the page. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Is it just me, or does hand-painted cell animation have richer colors than digital ink & paint?
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    @everyone #FUJINET Within the next few weeks, The atari-apps, adam-apps, apple-apps, and commodore-apps.irata.online TNFS hosts will be collapsed into a single apps.irata.online host, with top level directories for each system.
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    Just a quick "boo hoo, woe is me," moment of self-pity so I can get past it. Been sick the past few days (no coof, just a run-of-the-mill sinus infection,) so I have been wanting to do a little programming on my down-time. But my back also decided to tweak, so now it hurts to sit at my desk chair or pretty much any useful position, and my laptop has something wrong with it that keeps cutting off the screen backlight. Already replaced the laptop screen, not good so it is something with the motherboard so I found a full replacement which should be here tomorrow. I am on the mend, only experiencing fever at night, normal temp during the day, and my back is starting to feel better. So, there, got that off my chest.
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    ----- Joke of the Day ------ I stole seven crows yesterday. Got away with murder. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    I watched Red Sonja for the first time in 30+ years. It held up surprisingly well. It's not a great film by any stretch, but it does have its charms. Some of the sets are cool, Brigitte Nielson does a good job, and the comic relief is amusing without ruining the movie.
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ What do Mike and Sulley fill their pens with? Monster's Ink. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    It's been a minute, Just wondering when you'll ship my game and womens panties?? K thanks
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ My roommate traumatically ripped the blankets off me last night. But I will recover. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Imagic game designer Rick Levine and original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward both appearing on my radio show later tonight!! And the 7800 game based on my podcast and me has been back in stock on Ebay lately. Be sure to grab a copy!!! 💛 Lava Lamps 7800 game
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ My roommate kicked me out because of my terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. But don't worry... I'll return. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Man, some days just feel like unskippable cutscenes.
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    Damn you smartphone autocorrect! I said analysis, not anal assist!
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    Happy Faja Day to all you Fajas out there!
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    Got my blood tested last month. My doctor said on a FaceTime visit today that my Vitamin D level was 71. It was 19 in 2010, so my supplements are working. Related chart: youtu.be/y3e0HQqGlTE?t=476
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    Thank you for making one of my favorite childhood Cartoon Network shows. RIP, Everett Peck.
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    ----- Joke of the Day ------ What is the border between Finland and Russia called? The Finnish line. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Hello fellow gamers. I am an avid collector of Atari 2600-5200-7800 games, Colecovision, Arcadia 2001, Channel F, Bally Astrocade, Odyssey 2, PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4/PS5, XBOX/XBOX360. I also like to find odd/weird systems. I also just bought my first pinball game - so that may be a new collecting obsession. I have somewhere in the range of 4500 video games and it is still growing weekly... My main system for use is my PS5...
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    We’ve passed the 5 million mark! The ‘someone making the 5M-mark, should have gotten a… a) free AA game b) 5$ disscount c) a notice that he/she posts just way too much here… ?? - - - But is the above stuff only my opinion…? Or is it rather that I’m alone in having this view…? Or could it be that its merely that no-one else among the 7+ biliion people in world have this view about possibilites of how AA couid reward over-posting (and possibly over-zealous atari-everything-involvement…)??? - - - Endless possibilites… (but some may not even have bothered to notice posts have gone beyond 5 million not seeing any meaning in that contra 4 999 987 posts or 54 posts…)
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ Why can’t T-Rexes clap? Because they’re extinct. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Hats Off Entertainment on The New Addams Family: When I first saw the ads for this back in '98-'99, my first thoughts on this is, "This isn't going to be good." Upon seeing clips of this show in the video, I actually laughed at them. Kudos on Saban for getting John Astin from the '60s show back.
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ What sound does a witches car make? Broom broom. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Here is the prototype #AtariLynx #FujiNet board.
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    Friendly reminder that the Camellia City Farmer's Market is underneath the parking lot for the rest of the summer, and it is still 8AM-to-Noon. In the Meantime, here's Art of Trance: Enjoy!
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    I’m feeling depressed this evening. It’s been 6 months since I lost my brother, my best friend in the whole world. There are days when I don’t even want to exist. Living each day is getting harder for me to do. I miss you, bro’. I miss you so very much.
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    My last podcast episode featuring Married With Children actor David Faustino is now available on Spotify! Lava Lamps & 8-track Theater episode 119 😺
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    Metal Masters for GameBoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9baoasyxVU
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