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    Craziest day! My 85 year old aunt found my original Atari VCS BOX! (Which I believe I bought in 1979 or 1980). Not the console (Which my cousin pawned or lost in a storage shed before he died we're pretty sure), but the box itself, which was under an inch of dust in her downstairs closet. I can confirm I bought it at Grand Central for $129.99 on sale from $159.99 cuz the price tags are still there! The box shows a Heavy Sixer but I'm pretty sure mine was a Light Sixer. I thought all of it was lost,...Never thought I'd see this again! Inside is some NES game boxes; All of it is dusty as hell!
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    Is now free of Covid 19. 🐹🐰🐻👍
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    I wrote this about 30 years ago. Did all the graphics as well, my friend helped with some of the programming.
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    Covid 19, put to bed. Today, I had no cough. No cough at all. That is the last of the Covid 19 symptoms to go, aside from some Tinnitus which lingers. As some of you may be aware, during Lockdown it has been very difficult for me to source (buy) real food like fruit, veg and meat. The online supermarkets seem to run out of all that because people are being too greedy and buying 3 of everything. Anyway I got put on a priority list by one supermarket (none of the others) and it allowed me to finally get some good stuff. I tried to get some nice pork chops but sadly although I ordered them, they sold out. Not sure how that works. Anyway, the picture has improved somewhat and I am now eating proper food. I just had (have to eat around meds) Salmon, Potatoes, white and green leafy vegetables. I never thought I would crave *healthy food, but boy did I! It was alright getting by eating junk when I was sick, but now I am finally able to put the C19 behind me, I have no cough AT ALL now. I can start to enjoy eating well and possibly trim down a little. I am now waiting on the Home Testing Antibody tests. If I can confirm I am done with C19 100% and if my blood levels have gone up during my Iron therapy I would be 100% happy to donate plasma to those who would do with it. If I could help someone, I want to. I just don't know if the IDA will preclude it or not. If I can, I will. Stay safe people!
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    Psst...everyone on the forums is soooo dumb! Except you and me. Good thing this is a private message, lets keep this between me and you
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    It's 95° F outside. I'm staying inside and having a root beer float.
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    WEAR A MASK, BITCH! WTF is wrong with people? This is not "Vegas losing" and you gamble with other peoples lives as well, not just your own egotistical ass.
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    My daughter loves the atari age stickers al packs in with every homebrew purchase.
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    Jethro Tull is one of those bands where compilations or "greatest hits" just don't cut it. Gotta go for the individual albums to get the best stuff!
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    Human beings are a disease, cancer of this planet.
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    Opened a new Jaguar game today (Flipout) It waited 25 years for me. Was like breaking the seal on Tutankhamen's tomb..
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    Just wanted to take a moment to thank again all those people who liked, commented and messaged me during my corona battle, the support was immense and I am very grateful. Anyone wanting to get to know me a little better, check out my profile and don't be afraid to message me. I am open to learn more about some of you great people on here ! If you're a nutter, feel free not to, but if you're 'normal', whatever that means, or relatively normal, like me, I'd love to hear about what games your into, your systems, if you use Emulators or real hardware and general information about you. For a kick off, I'm from London, I write and design games. I've been doing that since I was 9 on my Commodore 16 Plus 4. I never wrote anything for the first family computer, a ZX81, but I did for everything else. I'm into shoot em ups, platformers, puzzle games. I enjoy a good strategy game but finding time to dedicate to 'deep' games can be challenging in itself. I was into Wolf' 3D and Doom but now FPSs bore me because of over saturation! Some of my favourite games ever are Bubble Bobble (ARCADE), Max Payne 2 (PC), Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy (PS2/3), Target Renegade (CMB64), Tetris (Game Boy), Blaggar (C16+4), Manic Miner (Spectrum 48k), Silent Hill 2 (PS2), Crash Bandicoot 3:Warped (PS1), Bounty Bob Strikes Back (A8), Rocky (XBOX), Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Neo Geo-(Emu) -No Access to Hardware), Joust (Atari 2600), Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge (Amiga), Streets of Rage 2 (Megadrive), Punch Out! (NES), Donkey Kong (Nintendo Game & Watch), Enduro Racer (Master System), Flicky (SG-1000) Edit: Oh yes! Almost forgot. I'm going to try to speak to my Doctor today about the possibility of getting all clear tests / donating plasma. Fingers crossed Cheers
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    Come on down to Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag if you like good food, good fun, and crazy crap on the walls!
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    Cool watching the NASA/SpaceX Dragon launch today!
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    I guess some GI Joe fans got stimulus checks...according to ebay my collection has almost quadrupled in value!
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    Look at your brain. It's so nice and clean. WHO washed it?
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    The very first video game I ever ever played was released in 1974. Here's a video (not mine) of it in action. Ah, the memories... Game runs on pure logic... no CPU or ROMS.
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    I was watching someone do a review for the Atari Flashback Classics on the Switch, and of his complaints was "You have to read the manuals to know what to do".
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    Is watching G.I.Joe: The Movie. (1987)
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    My Daughter(3) logged into my final meeting of the day while I was in the bathroom, she knows clicking green buttons on screen connects to things, she told everyone I was in the bathroom, then proceeded to started them other funny things like to read chickachicka boom boom in english class. Suffice to say she made everyone's day.
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    Champ Games did it again.
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    "We appreciate your patience. Someone will be with you momentarily." Yeah, well I do not appreciate your assumptions about my patience.
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    In serious news, I've officially graduated with my Juris Doctor (JD) & Master of Laws (LLM) summa cum laude / Order of the Coif, #4 in my class, and received a graduation award! Now on to getting licensed in both AZ and in federal court.
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    Wife was woken up by the cat a 4 am. Then she started hearing music coming from downstairs. Found our 9 and 3 year old playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. Ah, to be young and wild and free (and not have to go to work in the morning)!
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    Can’t wait until tomorrow’s SpaceX launch. Discovery Channel kicks off its coverage, beginning at 11 am CST.
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    I/O, I/O It's off to the disk I go With a read and a write And a bit and a byte I/O, I/O..
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    Might be in possession of a Scrambler amusement park ride...I'm sure it's not legal to have in your backyard but when I eventually move to somewhere bigger, who has to know 😉😶
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    Cheez Its>Cheese Nips.
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    You know Chubby Checker? I'm Obese Othello.
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    Wearing a mask into stores sures does bring back memories...
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    Watching Svengoolie. Tonights movie is The Deadly Mantis. Good movie so far.
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    The Sears Telegames 2600 Six Switch is the best looking 2600 IMO.
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    Nintendo 64 games seem to have filtered themselves into 3 categories, expensive, terrible, and wrestling games. And expensive doesn't mean good either.
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    Only one more day until the new Champ Games 2600 homebrew is revealed! Bring the kids – fun for the entire family! https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew
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    Sterile masks for sale: https://youtu.be/KFziEl_GW18
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    Watching Lazy Game Reviews (LGR) on Youtube. Unboxing and using a brand new IBM AT for the first time. I love the smell of vintage in the morning.
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    Just two days left until the new Champ Games 2600 homebrew is revealed! Be there, or be square! https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew
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    my daughter is making flowers out of hanafuda cards and atariage stickers.
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    that moment when, you play your own game for the 100th time today and don't get back to working on the code, because you are just enjoying it too much! If this was twatter I would probably be #MightBeOnToSomething Things seem to be progressing eerily smoothly so no doubt tomorrow my computer will fail, I will break my arm or ... Well, actually, due to the lockdown there are only so many things that can go wrong. I'm eating, I'm looking after myself. I should just embrace things going well for a change...
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    Great, now there are "Murder Hornets". I guess plain-old hornets just weren't murdery enough.
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    I did not choose the Amiga Life; the Amiga Life chose me.
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    “This is your father Luke. Turn over to the dark side of the force you knob!”
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    I love pizza. My favorite food is a nice big ol' hamburger.
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    Any fans of Tetris here ?
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    an atari corp class, I opened a new sealed copy of realsports baseball for the 7800 and what was inside? why a 2600 cart. Quality control at atari corp was glorious.
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    Thank you Geico for having RATT in your commercial. Now listening to a Youtube stream. I forgot how good these guys are.
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    Happy birthday/anniversary to our favorite dot-munchin pal, Pac-Man!
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    Sat in the car, on a sunny day, browsing AA while waiting for wife to come out of the doc's. Should have brought a beer.
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    Family Guy? What's not to get? You just had to have grown up in the 80's,... and be a teenager.
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    Six days in and I've a nice little puzzle game shaping up. Early days, but it's playable. 😀
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