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    My Evercade arrived and I am having a blast with it!
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    Wanted a cheap way to load up tons of MTV 80s videos for my Sony PVM and found a brand new LG-DVD player with composite out for $29, what an unbelievable deal.
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    Finally gor the modded Sega Master in the mail. Yes, sound is much better on certain games, but playing 60hz on PAL is awesome. Out Run smooth😃
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    Are you sure that little lizard is licking a lemon?
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    The little alien dude from Alien Greed has become one of my favorite homebrew characters. After over 2 years of searching, I have finally been able to complete my Alien Greed collection with help from several AtariAge members. Seeing this character evolve from a simple satire post back in 2007, to a whole line of homebrews is pretty neat. I can't wait to see what the future brings from this little alien dude.
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    I'm only now realizing that I started the LadyLady 7800 demo over 2 years ago... doesn't feel like it's been that long at all. I hope that I can finish it this year then.
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    This must be a bad luck today. All batteries I have are run out and it's night. I can't use my wireless mouse and need to use touch pad from my laptop until tomorrow. Tough time to browse the internet.
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