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    Craziest day! My 85 year old aunt found my original Atari VCS BOX! (Which I believe I bought in 1979 or 1980). Not the console (Which my cousin pawned or lost in a storage shed before he died we're pretty sure), but the box itself, which was under an inch of dust in her downstairs closet. I can confirm I bought it at Grand Central for $129.99 on sale from $159.99 cuz the price tags are still there! The box shows a Heavy Sixer but I'm pretty sure mine was a Light Sixer. I thought all of it was lost,...Never thought I'd see this again! Inside is some NES game boxes; All of it is dusty as hell!
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    Is now free of Covid 19. 🐹🐰🐻👍
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    Do not use Status Updates to talk about politics or you will lose the ability to post status updates. Thank you.
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    Good news: "I've reviewed your application and it would be great to have you as tenants. When would be a good time for you to review and sign a lease?" We can now stop looking for a house to rent.
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    Going to update forum software later today. Mostly bug fixes, but will allow you to search your entire history of private messages, versus just one year!
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    I wrote this about 30 years ago. Did all the graphics as well, my friend helped with some of the programming.
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    Covid 19 Day 18 Got a good night's sleep yesterday and woke up feeling good this morning. I've got a lingering background headache, which is probably not helped by my spending most of yesterday on here staring at my laptop! I've got a low-level background or very occasional cough. Mucus is coming up often but it is just of the normal type no dark colours no foam. I am assuming this is my body's way of forcing out the germs. This morning I noticed a marked improvement in the pain I had been feeling. Previously I had had sharp and tight squeezing pains to my sides; as well as stabbing pain in my chest when I breathed deeply or when I would go into a coughing fit which would also trigger a deep almost agonising head pain. The cough is very infrequent now. I can't cough in that deep way anymore and there is no associated head discomfort. We are getting there ! I know I was making an analogy about getting a train home. I think I just made one of my four connections. I'm tired and I am feeling a bit weak but I am on my way home. Round 10 of 15. Have some of that, you fucker !
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    I checked out the thrift store today after picking up my daughter, as we were walking around she starts pulling my hand and shouting superman superman, and in cheap storage chest there is a complete in box copy of superman (she loves superman for the 2600 and noticed it instantly), the thing was full of atari games, they must have been in it when it was donated, so I bought the entire box, (4.99 for the whole thing, so worth it just for the cib superman) I get home and start going through the box, there are a few boxes I don't have, which are nice and the there is a cart only halloween, so my daughter has now has a super awesome find at only 3 years old
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    What do The Super Mario Bros use to communicate with the Spirit world? A Luigi Board.
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    Please enjoy this 1966 Batman squirt gun.
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    Knight Rider 2600 is shipping in weeks, not months! It was hard work.
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    Covid 19, put to bed. Today, I had no cough. No cough at all. That is the last of the Covid 19 symptoms to go, aside from some Tinnitus which lingers. As some of you may be aware, during Lockdown it has been very difficult for me to source (buy) real food like fruit, veg and meat. The online supermarkets seem to run out of all that because people are being too greedy and buying 3 of everything. Anyway I got put on a priority list by one supermarket (none of the others) and it allowed me to finally get some good stuff. I tried to get some nice pork chops but sadly although I ordered them, they sold out. Not sure how that works. Anyway, the picture has improved somewhat and I am now eating proper food. I just had (have to eat around meds) Salmon, Potatoes, white and green leafy vegetables. I never thought I would crave *healthy food, but boy did I! It was alright getting by eating junk when I was sick, but now I am finally able to put the C19 behind me, I have no cough AT ALL now. I can start to enjoy eating well and possibly trim down a little. I am now waiting on the Home Testing Antibody tests. If I can confirm I am done with C19 100% and if my blood levels have gone up during my Iron therapy I would be 100% happy to donate plasma to those who would do with it. If I could help someone, I want to. I just don't know if the IDA will preclude it or not. If I can, I will. Stay safe people!
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    COvid 19, Day 13. I just wanted to pop on quickly and to take a moment to thank all of you that have left kind messages and indicators of support. 🐼🐹🐨🦘🐰 Complete rest has made me feel a *little better, and although I might have a long way back, I am buoyed by your thoughts kind wishes and I am determined to give it my very best shot. Once again I'd like to remind you all to take this thing seriously as initially I thought it was going to be a mild case of flu, and maybe for 80% that is the case, I'd estimate I am in the last 15-10%. I'm taking a good shoeing, but I am hopeful, and I am feeling more positive as a direct results of the nice things you, people I don't even know have said. Thanks again & keep safe
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    When I was a kid we only had TV over the air, there were three networks, and some PBS and a few odd-ball UHF stations. Yet, there was more variety in types of show then than now. Yes there are more shows now, but everything is a copy of something else. Let that sink in for a moment.
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    Covid 19, My Final Post ? _______________________________________________________________ It has been a full four weeks since I first developed the symptoms of Covid 19 aka Coronavirus. It has been a very rough ride but I feel like I have all but beat it now! This may well be my last post on it (fingers crossed, touch wood) I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you that expressed concern for me, offered advice, comforting kind words, used likes thanks and emojis to show you cared and those of you that took time out to message me directly your thoughts and words of support. Things looked VERY bleak on more than one occasion and I was close to death's door. That is the reality of it. you helped me come through this and for that I will always be grateful. To all you strangers thank you so much. I hope some of us get to know each other better, but if not, thank you! Thank you so much. You have restored my faith in humanity. You were my legs when I couldn't stand you were the second steps along the sand. 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹
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    People who hate elevators should take the steps to avoid them.
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    BIRTHDAY! 2600 and NES game night with my girlfriend. Awesome street tacos and drinks!
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    Prototype Updates Galore! http://www.atariprotos.com/
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    Psst...everyone on the forums is soooo dumb! Except you and me. Good thing this is a private message, lets keep this between me and you
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    COVid 19 Day 22 🐹 🐹 🐹 Yeah so. I don't feel too bad. It is lingering on, trying to get a second grip on me but I think my defences are not having it! I still have a cough, but it is very much in the realms of manageable. I am bringing up lots of sputum which feels congested in my throat, but not to any unbearable level, my throat feels slightly sore and the sputum itself is white and no longer 'sticky'. Mild chest pain remains but again far better than before. Nothing when breathing in or out anymore. No headache, no fever. I've still got some degree of hearing loss and extreme tinnitus in my right ear. Feels a bit burst eardrum-my, a constant shell held to the ear feeling. It seems to have affected my balance a little bit. Lots of people seems to have reported symptoms of vomiting and having diarrhoea but I haven't had any of that, though I have had quite severe nausea which could actually be down to the Iron II that I am taking for my IDA, being as it is a well documented side effect. Overall I feel pretty good, and when a British person uses a modifier like that it generally means 'very'. So yeah I feel really good, certainly in comparison to how I did, anyway. There were serious times when I thought I would not make it through, but I very confident I am going to now! I am tempted to say that I have now taken my third of four connecting trains on my way home. Fingers crossed for me that there is no sharp downturn over the next 48 hours or so. I don't think or expect that will happen but as I've felt better a few times through this and been duped into a false sense of recovery, only to feel absolutely rotten the next day, I can't say it won't. I'd urge you , as always , to take this thing seriously- to look after you and yours - maybe stock up on essentials to help you cope and above all stay positive in these challenging times for us all. If you do get this the number one thing to do is think Douglas Adams and Don't Panic. I understand blood pressure can have a significant impact on this and people's outcomes and even if you don't have high blood pressure it can be elevated significantly by stress and worry. Be lucky 🐹 🐹 🐹
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    Pretty happy of Aardvark getting the Atari 2019 Award to Best Graphics, and being runner up to Best Game award, won by Galagon. Congrats Champ Games!
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    Forum has been upgraded. If you spot anything strange or flat-out broken, please let me know.
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    I have finally beaten Alien Vs. Predator (Marine) without any maps or walkthroughs. Feeling like kind of a badass. #bugsoup
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    bought a copy of xenophobe 2600 from venezuala several years ago, arrived today. Never saw that coming
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    Dreamcasts 20th anniversary release date in the US today. Seeing the graphics for the first time at the mall = mind blown.
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    Got an Atari 2600 heavy sixer. Been wanting one of these for years.
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    You are gone, but you will not be forgotten. RIP to very a good member.
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    Please Rest In Peace, my friend. God sometimes takes the wrong people.
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    The latest demo ROMs for Wizard of Wor Arcade for the 2600 have been released! https://atariage.com/forums/topic/282958-wizard-of-wor-arcade-reboot/?do=findComment&comment=4328136
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    Well the $45 dollar "broken" Lynx I i bought? Plugged in a power cord, California Games, booted right up. You gotta love life's little victories.
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    Opened a CRT and discharged the tube for the first time today - I didn't die. #Winning
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    Happy Canada Day EH! To all my Canadian brothers and sisters ! 🍁🍻 #CanadaDay2020
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    It's 95° F outside. I'm staying inside and having a root beer float.
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    Remember this? Ya hop in your muscle car to go to one of the dozens of video rental places. Don't forget your membership card. Pick 2 or 3 movies out, and if you're feeling frisky, rent one of their VCRs too. Now you can dub these uncensored movies onto your own blank VHS tape (SP, LP, or SLP). Now you're buckin' the system! You can watch YOR: Hunter from the Future anytime you want! Even if there's nothing on TV but boring soap operas.
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    Wal Mart, How about you move the Marshmallows to the Hot Chocolate aisle? CBS, Not everything is "Breaking News!" How about tomorrow we just have Regular News? Taco Bell, You've had your fun with Buffalo Ranch or whatever, Now bring back Nacho Fries Bel Grandes! Also Taco Bell, I have an idea for your "Hot" Sauce, Why don't you rename it as (Are you sitting down?) "Tomato" Sauce?
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    I just got done hosting a retro game party for our university's new Computer Science Club! The systems (all from my collection) were: 2600 and 5200, Intellivision, Odyssey2, Jaguar, NES (a RetroUSB AVS, actually), SMS, and LOTS of original games and peripherals. I think everybody had fun, but it was exhausting hauling in all that stuff and packing it up afterward!
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    Watching Back To The Future in bed with my awesome girlfriend, pizza and drinks. Life is good indeed.
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    After many years of on/off searching, Today, on AA no less...I found a pic of a CV Joystick like the one I used to own! It was called a QUESTAR!!! So happy to see this pic! Thank you MrRetroGamer for posting this pic lo those many years ago!! May sound crazy, but it's like a piece of my memory has been restored.
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    "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones" - John Lennon
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    According to the foreign Robocalls: I'm wanted by the FBI, the CIA, my local Sheriff and Police Departments, The IRS, The Department of Homeland Security, My Windows 10 computer has been hacked, my Wells Fargo account has been hacked, my auto warranty has expired, and I've won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. Now, most of this is just untrue.
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    51,000 members + one Albert = AtariAge Rocks!!!
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    New AtariAge member just saying hello!
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    Screw it! I'm watching Young Frankenstein on VHS, and nobody is going to stop me!
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    My daughter saw copies of superman and snoopy and the red baron in my to sell boxes and ran up to me telling me not to sell them because she likes them. really cute but I showed her they were extras and I wasn't selling her personal carts (she brings around a superman and spiderman cart like they are a stuffed animal) she said "you should sell them for lots of money because they are antiques"
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    hit a garage sale today, found a sears heavy sixer with 2 cx 10s, the grey psu and a couple of gatefold boxes pretty happy with that
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    Happy anniversary to me! Sixteen(!) years on AtariAge.
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    Has a new gold-plated avatar thanks to the Awesomeness of AA Member frankodragon. Thank you frankodragon!
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    Holy crap it's a miracle. Netflix added a checkbox to turn off the auto previews playing!
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