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    krikzz update: made it safely out of Ukraine with his family. In Moldova, heading to Spain.
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    Wife update: She is home from the hospital and resting comfortably. After many tests and much pain the doctor diagnosed her with a pulled muscle in her ribs. Hopefully she will be better in a week or so.
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    Told the GF I was gonna break out the paddles; She said Cool!, put on something slinky, got on the bed, gave me a seductive look...And wondered why I was just playing Kaboom!
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    To @ColecoGamer We at AtariAge are sorry for your lost with your brother. We as members and one big giant friend center are hear for you. Want you to know that will try to do our best to be by your side during these difficult times for you bro.
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    krikzz is okay so far.
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    Well I "won" my case with the IRS RE my ebay sales for 2019. I now owe them $278 instead of $1500. Woohoo! I'll take it..
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    My mind is like my internet browser. 12 tabs are open, three of them are frozen and I have no idea where the music is coming from!
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    I had the strangest dream that I got a million Likes. Check out my YouTube channel where I describe the dream!
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    Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
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    New to AtariAge. Longtime Colecovision/Intellivision/Adam user. Play old school and my loaded Pi and Pandora systems, so I never can say I'm bored. Looking to find missing Coleco carts to collect even though I have the Phoenix with everything on Roms. Hopefully it's a hobby and not an obsession. Game On!!!
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    Watched "War Games" last night for the first time. What an absolute gem!
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    Proud dad...my daughter painted this and gave it to me for my birthday yesterday
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ What did the rabbit say to the lettuce? Romaine calm, I’m here for the carrots. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    Merry Christmas to all my friends here at AtariAge. I hope tomorrow you have the day you want with whoever you choose to share it with, and so much more.
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    A treehouse is the biggest insult to a tree. "Here, I killed your friend. Hold him."
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    My wife is having twin girls. She's 12 weeks in. I'm so frickin' happy.
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    I just got a free copy of Desert Falcon 7800 for helping a guy test some carts. I'm happy because I didn't have a copy yet.
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    Well, today is my 13th anniversary. I am surprised we made it this long. I must be a saint.
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    New Title Idea for **some** Threads. "Pointlessly Arguing In Circles"
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    Likes. I don't have enough of them. Like this status update or I will stalk you and make you like it!
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    Just got a job at an arcade.
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    If Mozart and Cinderella had a love child, would it be called Mozzarella?
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    On this day 15 years ago, I joined AtariAge.
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ I saw two policemen chasing a person who had just stolen a board game of little value. It was really a trivial pursuit. ------------------------------
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    Just realized Kenny Rogers was a Nintendo fan vs. the other handhelds. From The Gambler: "If you're gonna play the Game Boy, you gotta learn to play it right."
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    I had to start smoking to get off Nicorette!
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    August 6 2009. 12 years ago today I received my Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) to save my life and to be here on this Earth. Thank you God, medical science, the great men & woman in healthcare, my family, and the anonymous donor who donated his cells for it to be harvest. I most likely never will know the person who volunteered to do so. But whoever you are, where ever you are, thank you for helping me continue on with my life.
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    Just got my first 13” crt television since I was a kid (With wood grain!). Can’t wait to hook the Atari up to it, but I threw my back out lol, can barely walk or sit up. Might be a few days.
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    Brought my 2600 Jr. on a road trip with my sister, and was able to connect it to the hotel TV to play some Medieval Mayhem.
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    ------ Joke of the Day ------ People say i look better without glasses. But i just can’t see it. ------------------------------ #joke #jokes
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    There's going to be a load of angry, bored and frustrated Russians tonight. PornHub has blocked their access.
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    Whoa! Garfield received a death threat. You'll never see a strip like this from Jim Davis anymore. 😮
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    The turkey and bacon got together...They formed a club.
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    Today, 2/5, is Nolan Bushnell's birthday! Happy birthday, Mr. Bushnell! And thanks for helping to bring us video games!!
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    Snow day used to mean building snow forts and playing with friends. Now it's shoveling for 4 hours, trying not to get a heart attack.
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    My top ten new year’s resolutions, in order of importance: - 160x102 - infinite - 160x144 - 320x224 - 320x240 - 160x192 - 160x240 - 256x240 - 256x224 - 1080p
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    I told my doctor I was deaf in my left ear. "Are you sure?" Doc asked. "I'm definite."
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    Garfield fun fact: Did you know Garfield met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? That's correct. Jim Davis and Peter Laird worked together on it for which it was published in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine in 1992. He was disguised as a turtle name Garfello trying to eat their pizza.
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    This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.
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    SO I picked up a 360 at the salvation army, tested it, worked, good, but just booted whatever lego game that was in the drive. Go to try something else, bam parental lock. I tried microsoft's reset solution, no dice. I go in for one final try , randomly mash the buttons with my eyes closed, open them and there it was the parental control settings. Suffice to say I disabled them all promptly also I picked up an hd 4:3 tv from sanyo, kind of neat
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    OK, by a show of Likes; Who here jumps on the back of the shopping cart and rides for a few when they head to the car after leaving the supermarket? (As opposed to just walking the cart like a normal person)...
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    A touching moment with Garfield and Liz. It was the reason why Liz became a Veterinarian. Makes me wish to have my cats growing up alive again.
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    Just got a 2sd covid 19 vaccine shot today.
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    My order from the store arrived today, Al certainly came through with the extra AA stickers for my daughter. now they're are stuck to ever single wall and door in the house
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    Happy Father’s Day AtariAge Dads!
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    There are two accepted ways of pronouncing 'Caribbean' yet Billy Ocean managed to find a third.
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