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  1. It's time for a new release of Stella. Now available is version 6.7, with some nice new features. Please test to make sure everything is working, as this was a long release cycle (real life issues getting in the way), and we didn't get a lot of feedback. Thanks again to the other members of the Stella team, @Thomas Jentzsch and @DirtyHairy for their work on this. Changelog as follows: * IMPORTANT NOTES: - Because of fixes to JSON handling, all remappings will be reset to defaults; if you had custom mappings, they will need to be re-entered again. - Because of internal changes, all state files are now invalid. * Completely reworked the file launcher: - Redesigned user interface - Added tracking of user favorites, recently played and most popular games - Added virtual directories for selecting tracked games - Added quick path navigation - Added navigation history - Added icons for files and directories - Added option to show/hide file extensions - Extended context menu and shortcuts - Fixed sluggish behaviour when reading large and/or invalid files * Added hotkey display to tooltips. * Added option to automatically pause emulation when focus is lost. * Added option to toggle autofire mode. * Improved controller mappings for Paddles. * Improved controller mappings for Driving controllers. * Improved Mindlink support. * Added another oddball TIA glitch option for score mode color. * Enhanced TV jitter emulation. * Enhanced support for CDFJ+ bankswitching type. * Added 0FA0 bankswitching for Fotomania ROMs. * Added ARM chip auto detection. * Extended support for older BUS (experimental) ROMs that worked with an older, obsolete version of the BUS scheme; special thanks to SpiceWare for the code. * Fixed Stella crash due to invalid ZIP files. * Fixed TV mode auto detection in some ARM ROMs. * Fixed color loss when switching TV mode from/to PAL. * Fixed score mode glitch emulation corner case. * Fixed state messages staying on screen forever. * Added M1 support for the macOS build. * Debugger improvements: - added PlusROM information - fixed patching code in ZP-RAM - improved bank origin detection * Updated internal ROM properties database to ROM-Hunter version 17 (thanks go to RomHunter for his tireless research in this area). Related to this, updated the snapshot collection. As usual, Stella can be downloaded at https://stella-emu.github.io/downloads.html, and donations can be made at https://stella-emu.github.io/donations.html. Feedback and bug reports can be made in this thread, or preferably by creating a Github issue at https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/issues. Our Future Now, on to a more serious issue. The Stella team is evaluating our involvement with the project. As a result, we intend to take an extended break, probably for the rest of this year, but possibly longer. Stella has come a long, long way over the past 20+ years, with many, many hours invested (especially by myself, but also recently by Christian and Thomas). At this point, we are basically demotivated by the lack of feedback of the past several releases. It seems like interest is moving to other projects, so we will take a break. We may provide less support during the break. We want to thank people who were supporting us (e.g. Stellathon, helping with bugs or coding, donations, etc). Finally, note that the source code is available, in case someone else wants to step in and start contributing. Thanks for the support. Hopefully we will be back soon. The Stella Team Stephen Anthony @stephena Christian Speckner @DirtyHairy Thomas Jentzsch @Thomas Jentzsch
  2. Boom! is a new homebrew game for the Atari 2600, and was featured recently on the ZeroPage Homebrew channel: 9 Some notes about the game: Boom! is a tribute to the classic NES Bomberman game by HudsonSoft, released in 1985. The objective of the game is to kill all the enemies, then find the hidden door under one of the walls. Each level also contains a hidden power-up that changes the rules of the game, e.g. more bombs, increased bomb radius, detonator, etc. Boom! uses CDFJ bank-switching, which uses the ARM processor in the Harmony cart as a co-processor. It has a few technical firsts for the 2600, e.g. multi-color grid kernel, single-pixel horizontal scrolling, 4-bit 8KHz digital music, and 112-pixel title screen logo. The beta is about 90% complete and there are a few missing features, e.g. bombing the doors does nothing, and the bonus items are not yet implemented. The game is best played with a Genesis controller - in later levels the second button is used to detonate the bombs. Alternatively you can use the Select switch instead of the second button. The highscore table will be saved to a Savekey/AtariVox if one is inserted before starting the game. The beta is NTSC only at this point - I'll do a PAL60 version in the future. The beta can be played using the Stella emulator and on a Harmony cart - the Unocart and Pluscart are not currently supported. I am posting the latest beta version here for everyone to test. Please post any feedback and bug reports to this forum and I'll do my best to answer. Thanks, Chris boom_beta03_ntsc.bin boom_beta03_pal60.bin
  3. Hello all, Five years ago, Champ Games started development on a port of the 1983 arcade game Elevator Action. The project was inspired by the new BUS stuffing technology that was being developed by the CDF team ( @cd-w, @SpiceWare and @batari). Unfortunately, due to BUS incompatibilities with some systems, all BUS projects were put on hold. Here is screenshot from the 2017 WIP of Elevator Action using BUS stuffing: This past January, we decided to revisit the code and see what type of port we could produce using the available stable technology (CDFJ) and rebooted the project (similar to what @cd-w is doing with his amazing port of Bombeman aka Boom! 💣 ). Although we were able to port most of the changes using CDFJ, we worked with the CDFJ team to add features to CDFJ+ (now available in Stella 6.7) to squeeze a few more free cycles out of the ol' 2600 and include all of the graphical enhancements of the BUS version: New name, new title screen! Sneaking into the enemy headquarters: Collect the secret documents while avoiding the enemy spies: Ride the escalators to reach certain floors and areas blocked by walls: Some floors are dark, and some can be made dark for a few moments by shooting out the lights (hit the enemies for extra points! ) : Duck and jump to avoid enemy fire, or dropkick your enemies: Make your way down to the basement, hop in the getaway car and head to your next assignment: Planned features: 1 or 2 players (alternating), plus a versus mode where one player controls the enemy spies! Multiple building layouts and colors (arcade has 4 different color sets). 99 total buildings to infiltrate. 2 button Sega Genesis support to allow fire/jump with different buttons. AtariVox/SaveKey support for high scores, plus QuadTari support for 2 joysticks/AtariVox-SaveKey setups Special challenge mode with additional enemies and powerups. Release plans: The game is about 60% complete. We are coordinating with @ZeroPage Homebrew for a first-look reveal of the game in action sometime in the next month or so (once we have the game playable ) A demo (both NTSC and PAL60) will be made available soon after the ZPH show. A playable demo will be at the AtariAge booth at this year's Portland Retro Gaming Expo in October. The full version will be published through AtariAge and available sometime in the first half of 2023 (if all goes well) with a ROM release on the Champ Games website after that. Credits: Thanks to @Nathan Strum for his usual Stella-r graphics , especially the title screen and all of the player and enemy animations (certainly much more than what was needed for Qyx ). Also thanks to @Pat Brady for his work on the music (and the sound driver) which is sounding great so far! Special thanks to the CDF team for enhancing the CDFJ+ driver with the specific needs for this game and the Stella team for including them in the latest release; hopefully those new features will be of use to other developers too! For more information, please visit the Elevator Agent page on our website! Thanks, John
  4. Hello, me and my friends are working on new big 1Mb cart modern adventure game for 8bit Atari XE (64kb, stereo). There are more than 50 screens by PG, more than 30 minutes of adaptive soundtrack and great post-apocalyptic story by Poison. Great code by Fandal. It is new age adventure with huge atmosphere and many story text to read🙂 Prepare for new gameplay experience. ST Mouse supported ! Vortador Games (c) 2022. I hope game will be done in fall 2022. Game will be available as 1Mb rom/car file digital download and may be limited cart edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oNEE1x5eaU
  5. *UPDATE* Trebors 7800 ROM PROPack v4_10 Only a little over 3 months since the last update, but we have a ton of modified POKEY demos and other goodies that need to be shared with the masses. Homebrews | Hacks | Demos | Prototypes NEW: Bankset Test Demos, Slick Pickles (Hack), Robot Finds Kitten (224 Lines), AtariLab - Light Module (Prototype), AtariLab - Temperature (Prototype), Star Typer (Bad Dumps) (Prototypes), Pirate Cove, Blocky Clouds Scroll Demo, Cloak and Dagger Title Screen Demos, OOZY THE GOO - Gaiden, Impossible Mission (Prototype), Orion Assault, Court Pooper, Multisprite Generator, Shadow of the Beast (Tech Demo), Beach Adventure, Pac-Man Collection - 40th Anniversary Edition (Short Mazes), POKEY Testers, Sprite Decompression, It's Conner Time!, Detect Emulator UPDATED: Krull, Platformer Demo, Lucelia Movement Demo, Santa Simon (Signature Fixed), Plumb Luck DX, Sound Test - TIA SFX Library, Pineapple, Heofonfir Demo MODIFIED: All of the following files include modifications that take POKEY out of reset state and are properly signed... A Warm Welcome (POKEY Music Demo) (20130612).a78, Arkanoid (Level Start Music Demo).a78, Arkanoid (Title Music Demo).a78, AtariAge Jingle (4000) (20190708).a78, AtariAge Jingle (v2) (4000) (20190708).a78, Bomb Jack Sound Demo (POKEY 450) (20210201).a78, Bubble Bobble Theme (Bass Only Demo) (4000) (20190903).a78, Bubble Bobble Theme Sound Demo (4000) (20190724).a78, Bubble Bobble Theme Sound Demo (450) (20190819).a78, Cybernoid II (Music Demo) (POKEY 4000) (20210116).a78, Cybernoid II (Music Demo) (POKEY 450) (20210116).a78, Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (Music Demo) (4000) (20200317).a78, Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (Music Demo) (450) (20200317).a78, Flimbo's Quest Sound Demo (POKEY 450) (20210201).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound 16bit (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound 16bit (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound 16bit (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound 16bit (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Coin Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Coin Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Endswoop Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Endswoop Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Explosion Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Explosion Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Extra Life Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Extra Life Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 1a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 1a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 2a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 2a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 3a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 3a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 4a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 4a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 5a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 5a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 6a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 6a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Shot Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Shot Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Start Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Start Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Swoop Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210119).a78, Galaxian Swoop Sound (POKEY 450) (20210119).a78, Hallo (POKEY Music Demo) (20130612).a78, Kung-Fu Master - End Stage Sound Demo (4000) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - End Stage Sound Demo (450) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Complete Sound Demo (4000) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Complete Sound Demo (450) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Over Sound Demo (4000) (20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Over Sound Demo (450) 20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Intro Sound Demo (4000) (20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Intro Sound Demo (450) (20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Main Theme Sound Demo (4000) (20200731).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Main Theme Sound Demo (450) (20200731).a78, Mappy - Death (Sound Demo) (20140416).a78, Mappy - Game Over (Sound Demo) (20140416).a78, Mappy - Melody (Sound Demo) (20160412).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Bonus (4000) (20210326).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Count (450) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Drop (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Grab (450) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Timer (450) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Crab Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Death (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Extra Life (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Fireball (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Fireball Vanish (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Flip Enemy (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Fly Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Game Over (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Hit Enemy (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Ice Freeze (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Icicle Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Jump (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Kick (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Kick Final (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Level Start (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Life Restart (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - POW Block (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Second Intermission (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Shell Creeper Intro (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Slipice Emerge (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Splash (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Stop (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Title (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Turtle Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Walk 1 (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Walk 2 (4000) (20210312).a78, Mega Man 2 (Start Level Music Demo) (4000) (20190730).a78, Mega Man 2 (Start Level Music Demo) (450) (20190819).a78, Metroid Brinstar Theme (Bass and Percussion) (4000)(20201123).a78, Metroid Brinstar Theme (Lead and Harmony) (4000) (20201123).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Bass Lead) (4000) (20201129).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Bass Lead) (450) (20201129).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Filtered Lead) (4000) (20201129).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Filtered Lead) (450) (20201129).a78, Pac-Land Break Time Tune (4000) (20191011).a78, Pac-Land Break Time Tune (450) (20191011).a78, Pac-Land Castle Theme (4000) (20191023).a78, Pac-Land Castle Theme (450) (20191023).a78, Pac-Land Death Tune (4000) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Death Tune (450) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Fairyland Melody (4000) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Fairyland Melody (450) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Intro Melody (4000) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Intro Melody (450) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Main Theme Music (4000) (20191004).a78, Pac-Land Main Theme Music (450) (20191004).a78, Rolling Thunder (Intro Melody) (450) (20190914).a78, Stranger Things Main Theme Music (4000) (20191023).a78, Stranger Things Main Theme Music (450) (20191023).a78, Stranger Things Upside Down Theme Music (4000) (20191023).a78, Stranger Things Upside Down Theme Music (450) (20191023).a78 RENAMED: Color Selector Demo (2003) (PD) --> Color Bars Selector Demo (1984) A *HUGE* thank you to @RevEng for providing the necessary tools that allowed fixing the aforementioned POKEY demos world's smoother and easier. Thank you AtariAge community...Enjoy!
  6. Having just passed my 72nd birthday, I have sadly realized that some of the grand projects that I kept putting off for the future must be abandoned, such as my desire to get my old Honda 160 up and running again. This means that the time has finally come for me to start clearing out the ancient stuff in my attic that has been collecting dust for decades. This includes a lot of old Atari stuff. Now, I don’t have anything from after the day that the meteor (Jack Tramiel) hit Atari and wiped out tons of Atari people. In other words, just Atari 800, etc. Consider me and my stuff to be beautifully preserved fossils from the day that Atari died (before being reincarnated). I have four types of fossils: hardware, software, documents, and ‘memorabilia’. There really isn’t that much hardware: a couple of 800s, some 810s, a modem, an 850 and a cassette drive, as I recall. The software is extensive: a stack of floppies about 12” high. These are not commercial products, but stuff I wrote or used during my Atari years. It is imperative that I collect all this software in a form that can be preserved in other media and read by anybody. That raises the problem of how I shall transfer it from Atari 88K floppies to modern form. My best guess is that I’ll read the files on the 800, then transmit them via modem to a 1980s Macintosh, then transmit those to a modern Macintosh. I have seen some headlines on this forum that suggest that there is now hardware that can effectuate the transfer directly; I’d appreciate any advice you guys can offer on this matter. The ‘memorabilia’ consists of a few things like a nice Atari-marked ballpoint pen and a paper holder. Somewhere I have a couple of Atari T-shirts. I also have a bunch of hardcopy of source code for some of my creations, as well as some of my notes made during development of my software. My highest priority is to insure that a museum gets everything that has any scholarly value. The software and the personal notes must go to a museum. The hardware, many of the floppies, the hardcopy, and the memorabilia need not go to a museum. I intend to sell some of this stuff, and I solicit your advice on what would be of greatest interest to the Atari community. The stuff that isn’t salable I’ll pack away tightly and dump on some nephew or niece in my will. So, I need your advice on how to transfer data from Atari floppies to modern form, and what stuff would be salable.
  7. This drive caught my attention today when browsing eBay. It looks like it was manufactured in Argentina. The box is actually very cool, since it matches the design style of the XE era. I don't think it is covered in the Atari FAQ.
  8. If you'd like to hear more about this project (but more generally, my thoughts on TI BASIC cassette game development strategy arising from it), I've got a video up on it which goes into a lot more detail:
  9. I've spent the better part of a year and a half developing a replacement controller for the Atari 5200 in my (infrequent) spare time, and I hope that this will be a reasonable place to discuss both my personal progress, future prospects, and what I should be thinking about in further development of the controller. Now for some preliminaries: Does it work (what state is the controller in)? As of now, although exact wiring types, routes, and shielding, etc. are not finalized, I have made several prototype revisions whose buttons work. This has been proven using various games and both 2-port and 4-port consoles (not that the particular console revision should have any affect on performance). Original overlays have also been tested and work with the cavity provided for them. My controller has a few more curves than the original, which makes holding it a better experience in my opinion, but only a larger test sample will determine ultimately how reasonable it is to use. As the highest resistance commercially available joysticks of an approximately correct form factor are 10kΩ, I've had to take the route of previous joystick attempts and use a digital potentiometer, a microcontroller, and some capacitors to simulate the correct resistance. I am currently waiting on some perfboards and such in order to internally test this method, results should be in within several weeks on whether what I have will work for the given purpose. In short, the buttons work, the joystick does not (yet). Future (pre?-'production') goals? - Wireless connectivity --> using an Arduino: will require a battery and a secondary microcontroller: costs will go up - Some supply for made-to-order purchase (probably using eBay) - wire routing improvement and trigger button stiffening - Simplification and cost-reduction: due to long manufacture time and limited material availability, if I were to sell a controller, it would cost upwards of $100 to a buyer before shipping would be factored in. With a little help from economies of scale and an easier production process, this could be lessened. Are you willing to go 'open source' (make 3D files, code, and production documents entirely available)? Although I've considered it several times now, the time investment that has been poured into this single project is too great to be immediately given away. I can make no promises, but if I never get to a point where I can sell the controllers, I may make enough of the project available so that it can at least positively impact the community in that way. In the mean time, look out in several months for a method of purchase. Opening the Floor - What do people that have been waiting on a controller replacement want out of a controller? I've tried to make all of the buttons more tactile, the joystick self-centers, the triggers use microswitches, the controller was made specifically so that most major components can be replaced with screws alone: what other things should I consider including or altering? - Is this even something that anyone wants? Thank You, ~ Lucas Lac124.
  10. Hello everybody. We are happy to share 3 games from our author NicoNicoTsuu (digital versions). The 3rd one: Onion is unpublished. https://bit.ly/3QxZ7xe
  11. I have done some experimenting with TI BASIC, trying to improve the performance. One of the big slowdowns is that CALL subprograms are much slower than they are in XB. It looks like when CALL is performed, BASIC looks everywhere else in the system first, and only at the very end looks in the cartridge and console groms. I wrote a fast assembly lookup routine which compares the name against a table in the routine. If the name is found, then the pad is set up the same as if the match had been found via the normal route. (I also added the fast HCHAR and VCHAR from XB 2.9) This requires MiniMemory to run. Using Classic99, under "options", start by enabling GRAM at >2000 and >4000. Select BASIC CALL INIT CALL LOAD("DSK2.MMXB.OBJ") CALL LINK("WTGROM") Now BASIC is set up so that CALL, HCHAR and VCHAR will go to the new assembly routines. I tested this with APERTURE and the play action is noticeably faster than standard TI BASIC. Testing shows the CALLS are considerably faster than BASIC and somewhat slower than XB. This is as far as this will go, but it serves as a tantalizing example of "what might have been." (edit) In the original post I omitted HCHAR. MMXB1 below corrects that. MMXB1.obj Aperture Below is a GIF showing a program running 3 different ways. In order from left to right: TI BASIC TI BASIC with fast CALL XB running from VDP 10 FOR R=1 TO 24 20 FOR C=1 TO 32 30 CALL VCHAR(R,C,65) 40 NEXT C 50 NEXT R
  12. Hungry for something new? Ok, here's my 8-bit port of the 1982 Telesys 2600 game "Fast Food." Something other than Activision ports for a change... I just finished this up, and I think it's working pretty well. All testing appreciated... This was ported in an EXTREMELY direct way, using P/M sprites and nothing else, no DMA, no playfield, no fonts or anything beyond PMG. It uses my '48 Pixel Kernel' idea on the 8-bits for the score display and the vertical scrolling messages. I think it's the first and only 2600 game to be ported to the 8-bit machines in that way... Specifically, it uses the 4 "Player" sprites, and the "Missile" sprites combined as 5th, and then re-uses a precisely timed "Player 0" twice on the same scanline for a total of 6 8-bit-wide sprites. This re-creates the "48px" thing so common on the 2600... Almost 'racing the beam' style, sort of... NTSC 8K cartridge image only for now. This uses a lot of colors, so a PAL color version will probably come later. Please play-test and post if any problems or issues are found, thanks! Fast Food [NTSC].car
  13. Atari was founded June 27th, 1972, 50 years ago today!
  14. a7800 v5.2 has now been released at github. Whats new in this release: pokey poly9 sequence correction pokey init state corrected to match real hardware A big thanks to @rensoup for pointing out the poly9 bug. Heads up that the update to the pokey init state means that a good chunk of the 7800 pokey demos aren't functioning under the new release. Those demos aren't setting the b0 and b1 bits of SKCTL high, which takes pokey out of reset, and is a required pokey setup on real hardware. Some flash carts may take pokey out of reset during startup, but this doesn't happen on retail and homebrew pokey carts. Once again, @Trebor and I hope you enjoy it!
  15. https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.10-test14.zip https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.10-test14-src.7z SIO acceleration routines now set/clear TIMFLG. This fixes the Boulder Dash tape above with accelerated C‍: enabled. Fixed busted tape signal trace channels in Performance Analyzer after an accelerated load. Improved load speed of large text files into debugger source windows. Fixed a crash when opening source windows with deferred symbol loads. Fixed Step Into and Step Out not using source mode when used in a source window that is undocked. AltirraOS updated to 3.14: now uses correct values for TIMFLG, and improves compatibility of undocumented register state on tape boot to fix another variant of the above loader. (These seem to have been sold from some store in Poland? Or maybe a BBS....) Load progress dialog is suppressed in exclusive full-screen mode to avoid popping out of full screen when loading tapes.
  16. They can't afford to return my money so...if they go...a demo unit will "disappear" from their booth...
  17. Hi all, I wanted to share some sort of demo of what I'm working on for the past few months 🙂 I thought, after having my 1st VBXE since 2009, it was time to really do something dedicated with it, I was thinking, such a cool add-on - and not that much support... (I did some tests back in those 2009 days, and ended with a little demo that also worked without VBXE). It's a funny adventure so far, I've learned how to make a scroller, which just doesn't scroll threw the ram, but with double buffering. Also learning about blit-lists, how to use them properly. Really nice to see how people work with it. At first I wanted to use the original NES tiles/gfx and make a sort of replica, but I did a little upgrading, because the VBXE is more capable than that 🙂 Also made it so that the scroll engine so far can use levels which are built with the 'tiled' app so it's easy to design a level, If the tiles are ready. And yes, there is a little bug in the scroller, that will be fixed, but wasn't the main priority so far 🙂 Things working so far are the scroller and Simon 🙂 I also looked at using the original NES 6502 code, but I thought it would be easier to start from scratch. Staying motivated (and being busy with life) to keep working on bigger projects like this is always a little bit tricky for me. Perhaps starting a something smaller game was better Either way, it's so far a nice challenge. And yes, there's a lot of work to do 🙂 The random color on top is the place where the score/indicaters will be. castleataria28.xex
  18. While working on the 320k PBI upgrade I figured I'd strip it down and do a 64k upgrade. Since there was a 1064 PBI upgrade module for the Atari 600XL I figured I'd call it a 1064M. It turns out only 2 chips are needed. An AS6C1008 for the SRAM and a couple inverters off of a 74F04. It's a pretty simple circuit but works great. Turning my little 600XL into a 64k machine so I can play M.U.L.E. on it takes about 10 seconds. (You can see my priority here. 🙂) I should probably clean the flux off the board. lol
  19. Classic99 399.059 - make debug window larger - add double-buffered draw code for the text views to remove flicker (could still be optimized) - add view of SID and AMS registers - rev WINNT version to Windows XP - increase size of debug and disassembly history - add setting to remove wait states on RAM expansion (Options->CPU Throttling->16-bit RAM) - also unfortunately impacts AMS which is not realistic http://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99
  20. Atari was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney 50 years ago. I converted one of the "Atari" anniversary logos. Philsan_Atari50.xex
  21. Hi, just went through the HARD source code archive I received years ago and I found the raytracing animation effect plus digimusic of Cool Emotion demo as stand alone file... here it is... hard_RAYTRACE.xex
  22. Hello all, I am one of the developers of the custom mechanical keyboard you guys are talking about. One of my reddit posts was linked on the previous page. We read some of the feedback, and we agreed with much of it. Figured this was a decent place to respond to the people who are interested in this project. Fortunately, I found enough time to finish this project off. One of the larger challenges was finding the right PCB color. We decided to go with black, and use a 3d printed shroud that would cover it. A black PCB works really well with this scheme. The shroud provides better looks, and also helps with rigidity. Overall typing on this machine is a dream. I only used ‘Brown’ style switches in all of my testing. Even with a little bit of tactile feedback, the machine was quite loud while typing. Nothing too crazy. If you used mechanical keyboards, it’s nothing you can’t handle. As for the keyboard layout…. In order for a mechanical keyboard to fit, there needed to be some trade off regarding switch positions. We found the B-Key to have one of the better lay outs. It’s also pretty common among aftermarket 400 keyboards, so there will probably be a few people already familiar with the layout. It keeps the 400 layout mostly intact, but moves only a few keys to the bottom row (CTRL, TAB, CAPS LWR, ESC, DEL). We plan on selling a kit that includes everything you need (excluding caps, and switches😞 · Keyboard PCB (PN: KJ400). Accepts Cherry MX switches. · Adapter Board (PN: Zookeeper) · Cable, connectors, headers, screws · 3d Printed Shroud · Space Bar Stabilizer · File for keycap design(.svg). Key caps, and switches will not be included in this kit. We also plan on selling a service where we will assemble an entire keyboard, and sell as a package. Because we will have to hand build all of these, they will come at a premium. This service includes key caps, and Cherry MX Brown switches. A website is being finalized that will be able to accept orders. But honestly this not too difficult of a project to DIY. If you have basic soldering skills, and a lot of patience, it’s not too bad to put together. The only real PITA is the system keys. These need to be soldered with the keyboard in place. Regardless if you get the PCB kit, or the assembled kit, you will need to solder on the switches after the keyboard is in place. It is just too much of a hassle to try to finesse the board into place with the system keys soldered on. I’ve included some pictures of the final work we completed. When we’re ready to sell them, I will post a link to our website (will post in the correct section, re: forum rules). This will be within the next few weeks. This is all homebrew, we’re just a team of two brothers working on this. Let me know if you have any questions.
  23. Having seen that this book was not present with a good scan anywhere, this has been done so, with the help of another enthusiast, Richard Porter (from UK), all 30 games contained in the book were also transcribed and published. All is downloadable following the link Hope you will appreciate the work. DOWNLOAD THE BOOK AND PROGRAMS
  24. When Channel 4 launched in the UK they commissioned Thames Television to produce a weekly show about computers. It focussed mainly on the 'popular' machines at the time: C64, Spectrum, BBC Micro and Amstrad... But right at the very start, the Atari 800XL was used to create opening titles...
  25. Hi fellow TI enthusiasts, I am pleased to announce the next version of APEDSK99. APEDSK99 is an Arduino shield that emulates 3 DS/SD floppy drives for the TI99/4(a). Combined with a Ethernet / SD shield it allows you to load and save Disk-On-A-Disk (DOAD) floppy images on a SD card or FTP server. It includes the necessary 32K RAM expansion and adds NTP date and time to TI-BASIC: The APEDSK99 shield plugs directly into the side port and is powered separately from a USB cable. A "PEB" LED indicates APEDSK99 access: APEDSK99 adds about 13 CALL commands to BASIC but you only have to remember the one for the built-in help screen: It only takes seconds to exchange files between your TI and say the excellent Classic99 emulator on your main system: Check out the demo:
  26. Kraal Swarm.zip << Contains XB autoload file and DSK image, and the EA5 files and DSK image with instructions on how to load. Another arcade style blaster this time with hordes of aliens moving across the screen, up to 130 moving aliens at any one time depending on the Wave you have reached. Scrolling, twinkling star-field as standard. Extra base every 2500 points.
  27. It's an intergalactic rescue mission! Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to rescue as many trapped astronauts as possible from our fleet of nine ships. Each ship has a limited supply of oxygen represented by the meter at the top of the screen. Rescue as many astronauts as you can before it runs out, once the oxygen meter gets all the way to the right you will be transported to the next ship. Using your specially equipped fighter, you can enter the federation ship and rise through the tunnels to the eighth floor to get to the trapped astronauts. You can only carry one at a time. Once you pick them up, transport them back to the bottom docking area and they will exit the ship for rescue. In your path is a security system gone awry, you'll need to shoot and/or avoid the regulators and completely avoid the moving security doors. Regulators will be regenerated after a period of time, so be careful. Security Doors cannot be destroyed and must be avoided. You will receive 10 points for each Regulator you destroy, and 100 points for each astronaut that is rescued. After running out of oxygen on the ninth ship, the game will end. There are no bonus ships in this game, so tread carefully! Go for the high score! I've been wanting for a very long time to work on and actually finish a DPC+ game for bB. This game is complete, however I may make some updates in the future if any bugs are found or to make general improvements. It has been tested on real hardware with a harmony encore and works fine. I will release the source code in the future after I have some time to clean it up and comment it. Enjoy! Steve SpaceChaos1.0.bin The Latest Version is 1.11[6/29/2022] I tightened up the ship movement control (it's no longer frame based). I added automatic firing as an option. Push left or right on the title screen to turn it on or off. The game will default back to 'off' when turned on, reset, or the game ends. Your ship is reset to the bottom dock area when it explodes. The astronaut at the top of the screen will now move back and forth and is animated. Bonuses were added. If you rescue at least 4 spacemen on a single ship, you will receive a 300 point bonus after the oxygen is depleted on the ship you're on. If you rescue 8 or more, there is a 600 point bonus. Rescuing an astronaut (picking him up and taking him to the bottom dock area) will now give you a small oxygen bonus, increasing the time you have available on the ship. The security gate will flash when you are getting low on oxygen, so you have an additional visual indicator when the time is almost up. SpaceChaos1.11.bin SpaceChaos1.11.bas
  28. Inspired by @ilmenit game: Adam Is Me, I was wander if I can do something similar in Pascal - write SDL2 game and run it on 8-bit relatively easily, so I learned the basics of SDL2 and checked what Free Pascal writing style would be portable for 8-bit. I already have my first experiences and would like to try it out more --- Below in attachment you found code and binary of the µSoukoban for A8, all 100 levels. The graphics are a mix of Robbo and Heartlight charset, music was taken from the examples for Mad Pascal. Game control: space - reset level, left/right arrow - change level, joystick. a8_sokoban-2022-06-27_22.48.04.mp4 sdl2_sokoban-2022-06-27_22.45.17.mp4 µSoukoban.xex pikoban_src.zip
  29. Alright, it's that time again. Getting very close to having this thing done, and I'm posting a version I'm calling alpha 2. Build ID is Alpha 2, 6/17/2022, 256 bytes from the end of the file, as usual. This version is feature complete, but it's still missing a couple things and has a couple of known bugs. Here what's not in this build: Sound. I still only have the one door sound I stole from Intellidiscs. Title screen logo. Hope to have this in a few weeks. As mentioned before, there are some known bugs: The bonus points awarded for trapping cops aren't always right. Something's wrong with the code that counts the cops. While testing some other stuff, the game just completely spazzed out on me. I have no idea what caused this, but it seemed to happen shortly after I picked up a cash bag. This is a serious, game-breaking issue and is my top priority. I also might make some adjustments here and there. The game might be too hard at the higher levels. I may tone things down a bit. I've packed a few things into this game that I haven't really told anyone about yet, so let's see what you can find! Once I track down these last bugs, I'll probably do another release. robnbanks_a2.bin
  30. The perfect Intellivision telephone would like like this 😁
  31. Just a little preview for the most anxious W.I.P.
  32. Zoltrix, a block puzzle game (Tetris style), my new game for the Atari 2600. Development almost finished, making the final adjustments. More details will be revealed soon!
  33. Here's one for fun. I've been playing with the MEMEX board a bit over the last few weeks (inspired by the repair work @InsaneMultitasker was doing to repair one that was on his bench). I realized that there are a lot less memory cards out there to expand the memory of a Geneve than there are people who could actually use one. With some additional help from @9640News, I was able to suss out the final components and layout traces needed to actually build some of the 504K boards. These boards will work fine as 2M boards for those who have an existing GENMOD, but so far as I know, no one has taken the time to thoroughly work out the operation of the two PALs on the GENMOD board (MAME has them emulated, IIRC, but I don't know if it decodes all of what they were supposed to do). I added spots to solder (or socket) the SIP resistors needed for use in GENMOD zero wait state mode and I added a switch to allow users to turn zero wait state mode on or off on the card without having to bend out pin 12 of U6. Some MEMEX boards had this switch mod using a pair of flying wires (one of which was connected to the aforementioned pin 12), now the mod is part of the layout and zero wait state can be activated if needed. Do note that zero wait state modes only work with GENMOD though, so it will be in the off position for most users. The board will be ready to expand if we decode the necessary GALs though, so I figured baking the capability in might be a good idea. Now I have to do a schematic to match the original boards and the updated ones mentioned here--and go through my entire layout and validate the connections a few times to make sure everything is where it belongs. I've already caught a few miswired pins. . .and I want to make sure there aren't any more of them before I commit to making a prototype. Some of the chips used were mighty specific--right down to a manufacturer or two that met the original specifications. Not all of them are still in business either, so I'll have to do some experimentation to see what currently available chips can substitute for the ones that are too uncommon to use now. I was able to get exactly two of one of the Philips chips I needed, which was enough for one board. Lots of places manufacture the chip--but back then, apparently only the Philips chip met Don's reliability specs. Hopefully, it was just the first brand of chip that met his spec and he stopped looking there, as opposed to being the only brand that met it. Luckily, I've been able to find enough NOS chips of the other brand-specific chips to build at least 10 of the boards (and for some of them, I have enough to build more than 50). It will be an interesting experiment. . .
  34. I've given a bit of thought toward a Space Harrier port, for stock 9918A. I was thinking prescaled software sprites in bitmap mode, and using hardware sprites for the player's avatar and bullets. I did an animation test for the 3d checkerboard which is the part that fascinated me the most, but I think it still needs more work on the furthest distance part of the checkerboard where it seems to oscillate at a fixed frequency. I've also played with the bluewizard tool to convert the Space Harrier speech samples to the format used by the TI speech synthesizer. I totally agree with @pixelpedant that having the control speed and correct movement patterns are critical for having a port that is fun to play. shtestc.bin
  35. Hi guys, I have received a new game developed from Richard Porter (England), he developed it using the real machine with TI-BASIC and a tape recorder. Just a fun project using the real things as it was in the eighties Richard was inspired from a vintage electronic game distribuited in UK in 1980 named Jimmy and he had the idea to try to build a TI-BASIC version of this game and named: Jimmy the Footballer it is nothing complicated and the mission is to be able to win the game doing 10 goal. anyway the full instructions are included in the game and you can also read a complete review on the ti99iuc website. the dedicate page review >>Here<< the direct link of the .ZIP file of the game (FIAD, DSK, WAV, TXT) and in addition @tmop69 also compiled it and you can find the compiled version in the dedicated thread for the compiled games_ Hope you will like this new add from Richard
  36. Hello everyone, what do you think of this overlay?
  37. Hi, me and Zdenda just finished new demo called Dorgaster. It is music disc with my best mono CMC musics from years 2007 - 2022. Mono Atari and 64kb required There is special function RANDOM activated press Option key. Demo will play randomly every music for 2:30 minutes. Enjoy Dorgaster.xex
  38. Version on a new engine, 8 levels with new graphics. commando05062022.zip
  39. Since we are sharing - this is my home office/gaming corner - Mostly Atari 8-bit and Jaguar, (as also shared with my PC laptop/VR setup and electronics/soldering bits n bobs) - total dump as you can see - but it's mine!!! Happy Birthday Atari (and those whose birthday's are imminent)!
  40. Can this thread be moved from the Intellivision forums to the modern consoles forum as it has absolutely nothing to do with the original Intellivision and is just a rehash of a bunch of stuff that we already know. Time to move on kids.
  41. Interesting item on display at the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik...
  42. Didn't want to clog up the other thread with this reply. Given that this thread has turned to focus on personal financial responsibility, what I'm about to say is more relevant here. (Emphasis is mine in the quote above.) This is exactly the sort of thinking and behaviour that got you into the financial hole you were in that a) forced you to sell most of your systems and b) you only made it through because two grand fell from the sky and into your lap. Until you stop buying - or pledging to buy - things that you cannot afford and take actual responsibility for your finances, this will continue to happen. At best, you'll keep selling your toys, then spending more down the road to re-acquire them. At worst, you get into a debt cycle that runs out of control and you end up with things like bankruptcies, judgements, etc. being part of your credit history. That will follow you for years. None of this is being said to try to save you from yourself: it's up to you and you alone to do that. But having watched what happened here followed by your near-immediate stepping back into the same behaviour that got you in trouble in the first place, it's clear that your sincerity towards wanting to actually fix the problem is dubious at best.
  43. Chris, Good to know the disks have already been preserved. I am pretty sure I helped you with some of that years and years ago, around the time of our interview for the Antic podcast. I'm happy to help with anything you need — document scanning (I've scanned hundreds of thousands of pages), more disks, whatever. For museums, I recommend: The Strong Museum of Play in NY is amassing a quality collection of Atari-related things. They're my go-to. Other good choices are: National Videogame Museum in Texas The American Computer Museum The Rhode Island Computer Museum -Kay Savetz
  44. Well, guys, I have bad news and I have good news. The bad news first: I now have proof that I have gone senile. The good news: all those Atari files are comfortably ensconced on my current Macintosh, buried in a folder inside a folder inside a folder, etc. I attach the Zipped collection. Please don't laugh too hard; my Mac contains over 2 million files, most of which I have no idea of. I still have no way to read any of those files; they're all in ATR format. I'll peruse this forum, as I'm sure that somewhere in here is a procedure for translating them into ASCII. All I have to do is find it hidden inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder... Atari Stuff.zip
  45. Stephen, Christian and Thomas - Thank you all for contributing so much to Stella! It's my daily driver for all things 2600, and I couldn't contribute to homebrews without it (plus - I just really enjoy playing games on it ). I haven't given any feedback, since I really didn't have any to give. It all just works brilliantly for my needs. Plus, I knew that some things (like CDFJ+ support) were already in the works, and nobody needed to hear "is it ready yet" from me. I suppose I'm guilty of taking Stella for granted, but I really do appreciate all of the hard work you all put into it (and I just did again). Please do enjoy taking time away from working on it. I know that hobbies can start becoming a chore after awhile and it just sucks all the fun out of them. Hopefully, that sense of fun or satisfaction will return again. Stella (and those of you who work on it) are an invaluable part of this community, and I hope you know that the work is highly appreciated, even if we don't always remember to say so. Again - thank you!
  46. Well done to each of you for your contributions to this wonderful program and tool! Enjoy a much deserved break 👋👋👋
  47. Thank you @stephena, @DirtyHairy, @Thomas Jentzsch and everyone else who contributes to Stella for all the incredible work that goes into this mighty emulator! Stella is an invaluable tool for me as I use it many times a day, everyday, for both playing all the amazing Atari 2600 homebrew and prepping for my show. It wasn't mentioned in the changelog but you even managed to put into the new version my request for searching directories by numbers. It's much appreciated!! 🙂 - James
  48. Hi, Some title screen conversions started two or three years ago (images captured on real hardware): StaxX_PhantomsOfTheAsteroid.xex StaxX_RiverRaid.xex StaxX_DropZone.xex StaxX_Speedball2.xex StaxX_GnG.xex
  49. Hotrod Royalty. 65 colors. GS_HotrodRoyalty.xex
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