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  1. Development update: I had hoped to finish fill this past weekend. I had it working except in the last, most complicated case, which doesn’t do much unique but combines steps from a bunch of other situations. As I was doing that I realized that something I thought was clever is actually not. So, I am now in the process of undoing my not-so-cleverness, then I’ll fix that last case. The new code will do most of the same fundamental things, just in a different order and with different parameters. I am pleased with the fill performance. The current code has some major inefficiencies but is already in the ballpark of the 5200 version, and much faster than the 400/800 version. I’ll eventually make it faster but this is fast enough for an alpha release. I am still avoiding any schedule promises but getting closer to having something to share.
  2. I’ve been playing the latest build on my XM using the Devcart and it looks and sounds 😀 great on my crt’s. Haven’t found any bugs yet but have not gone into all the variations yet. Just sticking to Pac-man and Ms Pac-man so far. I really like the additional screen area visible with the score and fruit lines moved and no more bounding boxes.
  3. Is there a 'whatever' club? Second one this week
  4. Yeah... Hans sent me that about an hour ago. Just my own personal thoughts here... I understand and respect the sentiment, but I would have thought bringing good and positive news during a time of such unrest and negativity in the world would be a nice change and something that would be welcomed. I was looking forward to their announcements and now the cancellation just added to the pile of other negative stuff I'm disappointed about in the world right now. 😢
  5. More the assembly of my first CPU board.. all the passives soldered (except for a few I forgot to order from my BOM) and all the diodes, transistors, misc components and the CompactFlash connector. Next step are the SMD ICs and sockets for all the ATARI custom chips..
  6. Gotta find my hammer first. It's around here someplace...
  7. Toxic because we prefer to live in the real world instead of a fantasy world?
  8. I always liked Robot Tank more than Battlezone (although Battlezone was great imagination fodder). The damage and environmental changes added just enough depth...
  9. The bug was that you'd some how trigger the copy protection and get attacked by the FBI armed with the Long Arm of the Law.
  10. Wow, blast from the past. I'm pulling out the Harmony cart right now.
  11. It was an unusually small week for gaming around here this past week, mostly on account of rioters trying to burn down my city distracting me from my normal leisure activities like gaming. Thankfully the looting and arson here in Minneapolis / St. Paul seems to be over now, but this was definitely one of the scariest weeks of my life! In spite of everything that was going on in the world though I did make the time to play some Atari to relax, and go about my usual daily activities in Animal Crossing (though I did miss a couple days during the worst of things). The spousal unit didn't get a lot of gaming in this week either, just playing Super C on the NES EverDrive for a bit, but that's alright. I'm just glad my friends and loved ones are all safe and okay. Anyhoo, here's my household's times for the week! Ineligible (All Nintendo Switch) Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 390 minutes Atari 2600 Frogger - 19 minutes Joust - 53 minutes Stampede - 176 minutes Super Breakout - 21 minutes Game Boy The Castlevania Adventure - 58 minutes NES Castlevania - 53 minutes Castlevania II: English Re-Translation (+Map) - 68 minutes Contra - 5 minutes Super C - 103 minutes Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog - 17 minutes Total Video Game Play Time This Week 963 minutes (16 hours 3 minutes) [573 minutes eligible] Individual System Play Times This Week Nintendo Switch: 390 minutes Atari 2600: 269 minutes NES: 229 minutes Game Boy: 58 minutes Sega Genesis: 17 minutes
  12. I get it. At the end of the day its about the games and simplicity to play them. There’s a lot a validity and value to that approach so cant really argue it (and may even end up liking it more). Thanks.
  13. Wow, I ordered my board from Arcade Shopper this weekend. I am really excited about this! Hopefully one of those is coming to me! I received my RPi Zero W today. I bought it a week ago for another project. However, this project and thread shredded those plans. I emptied my Speech Synth to get the shell ready today. (I wrapped the board and RF shield with aluminum flashing and added labels -- it looks pretty cool and it will do until I can acquire a replacement case.) This is going to be cool!
  14. Gimme dat patch, Activision! 1B: 3,437 Now to break 1k in game 8... 8B: 921 The discussion here has really upped my game!
  15. Man, you guys are like The Avengers. Fantastic collaboration and super skills. I’m here feeling like:
  16. That's an ascii-to-hex conversion. You'll need a small subprogram, it's not just simple arithmetics, I guess.
  17. Yes and Yes. Fill out the form on this page, please, and you'll receive an email when they are ready to purchase. Atari Jaguar GameDrive Waiting List ..Al
  18. When I used one, it was on the right, since that's where the port is
  19. Absolute success!!! Thanks!!! Oscar: could we make this the standard epilogue from now on and create an Intybasic command like VIDEO ON/OFF?
  20. Au contraire, status effects are implemented but it will be when I rewrite the AI to tidy up my many bodge fixes that enemies will be able to inflict them. Icons will show on the HUD under the compass to show which statuses are in effect. There's poison which does damage over time (naturally). Dizziness which can randomly change a step forward to a turn left or right, blindness which effectively lowers the brightness, and deafness which makes sounds quieter so that it can be harder to tell how close things are in relation to you. All effects can stack, and wear off over time. In practical terms this means if you get 3 points of poison you'll take 3 damage, then 2, then 1 at about a second per hit. If you had 3 points of poisoned, took damage from it then took another 3 it would be 3, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I'll adjust things as needed but as you can imagine it's not a good idea to get poisoned.
  21. I hope the Breakout demo is going to be a full level. Still waiting for that full level of Moon Patrol demo. Maybe we'll get lucky and both come out this month.
  22. I think anyone that works on the Jag does so more for the love of the system than for anything else. Regardless of his motivations, though, he has a much more realistic view of the Jag's capabilities than you, so you would be wise to listen to what he says about the Jag. Of course, that's probably not going to stop you from continuing on in thinking the Jag is as powerful as the PSX or N64...
  23. The intellivision disc wasn't good for eight directions. It was great for four directions and not bad with open field sixteen directions. Had Intellivision Snafu used keypad buttons as an option, the diagonal Snafu modes would have worked better. The Amico disc has plenty of directions with 64 so I don't see the need to try the touchscreen here.
  24. Yeah... that's the great thing that I keep bringing up to folks as well. The fact that we're interesting enough to make a video about speaks volumes. If we were insignificant and boring... no one would care. But the reality is we get peoples attention. And when 99% of it is positive (tens of thousands of real comments on our videos and only a handful of negative fake account ones) then you know you've created something worth talking about.
  25. Not sure. We don't have any at that price tag yet. Just wanted to leave it open in case it ever came up. So far that's not the case. I believe our least expensive game is $5.99 at this point... but could change, so don't quote me on it (and please don't ask which one).
  26. If we were doing something special with Gamescom we wouldn't be able to tell you just yet because they would want to add it to their own press release. (see what I did there)
  27. Yeah. I stopped weeks ago and it drives them even more crazy, which is always fun to watch happen. "TOMMY IS GOING TO SHOW UP!!" And then I never do. It's funny watching them scramble and then start conversations with each other with their fake accounts. The latest is to pretend like they've already pre-ordered it. Yet whenever asked, they've never been able to provide simple proof. The best way to handle these types of videos moving forward is to just reach out privately to the person who made the video directly. Give them a different and respectful point of view and/or facts and information that they may have gotten incorrect. Much more powerful and the negative trolls can't even see it or counter with pathetic made up lies, hate and disinformation. I would like to have spoken to that Lukas kid... maybe even do an interview with him to answer all his questions and address his concerns. Didn't see a way to reach out so I didn't. Let the 4 or 5 fake accounts ramble on and on with themselves. It's only really a few different banned AA people anyway. It's hilarious that they don't even realize that the same 2 or 3 accounts always spell the same words incorrectly... or misuse punctuation the same exact way, etc. I'd LOVE for folks to give me YouTube channel links and/or Twitter/Facebook pages of people who you think would LOVE the system. Not hate it. Mom groups, kid groups, family groups, Christian groups, etc. So many GREAT and positive channels out there. Send me THOSE links instead so I can have our folks reach out! Thanks!
  28. One thing I've been considering is what drives some of the enemy (white ships) behavior. In particular, I noticed those will sometimes try to ram into you, versus dropping bombs and retreating as usual. For years I wondered: what drives that logic? Recently it dawned on me that such decision could have a technical reason behind it. Maybe it's kind of a workaround? Certainly not dropping bombs helps the game save 1 sprite on screen. Assuming bombs are really sprites, I mean. I think they are. So maybe the ships will start ramming when the number of moving objects on screen reaches a limit? It wouldn't happen EXCLUSIVELY when that limitation is reached. But reaching it would trigger ramming mode for a while. This is just a theory, as I haven't been able to take snapshots and count things. Anyway, it's something to think about. I wonder if other ports of the game do the same.
  29. I finally got one of my “grail” items... a genuine ti color monitor! I’ve been looking for one of those for years. The screen is a fair bit smaller than the CRT tv I was using, but boy is the picture nice.
  30. Just received a new batch of 5 TIPI-32K boards this morning. First one is built and is working great. Running the 256 pass RAM burn-in test now. I'll knock out the remaining 4 this evening and get them out to @arcadeshopper shortly.
  31. Hi All, As requested in the FaceBook "Atari 8-Bit Computers" group, I'm uploading an archive of the cassette version of my own game Brik-Bat with its construction set that was released by Page 6 in the UK in 1991. I didn't have my own copy of the published media until very recently when I stumbled across it on eBay. The archive contains scans of the instructions and cover along with CAS files for both sides and pictures of the tape. Please let me know of any issues with the files... and if anybody finds a copy of the published disk version please let me know! Cheers, Trevor BrikBat.zip
  32. Atari 2600 Joust - 93 minutes Kaboom! - 43 minutes I played 93 minutes of Joust and my high score was only 40,600.
  33. I've been finding lately that me & wife end up spending more time trying to PICK something to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime as we do actually watching something!
  34. My times for the week: NES: Captain Skyhawk - 63 min. DuckTales - 151 min. Spelunker - 37 min. Street Fighter: 2010 - 162 min. Mac OS Classic: Bugdom - 37 min. This week I had wins over Captain Skyhawk, Street Fighter: 2010, and DuckTales. All were games I'd beaten before, but with asterisks: a possible level skip code for Captain Skyhawk, savestates for SF2010, and the likelihood that I only completed DuckTales on Easy and may not have gotten the best ending. I say "possible" and "likelihood" because, while I still have the savestates from when I cleared SF2010 in 2007, I'm not 100% certain about Captain Skyhawk and DuckTales -- those wins were 30 years ago! Regardless, all three are now legit clears (with the best ending on Difficult mode for DuckTales), and off my "games I need to beat again" list, which is steadily shrinking. Later I futzed around with Spelunker (another entry on the aforementioned list). Finally I installed and fired up Bugdom, a Mac OS game I had a couple sessions with around 2001-2002, on the iMac of my girlfriend at the time. My memories of that gameplay were fond, and I've wanted to get back to the game for ages -- but so far, the memories are rosier than the reality of a fairly basic 3D platformer with very repetitive music and an acute need for a map. Ah, well.
  35. I am in discussions with Rev over all those details. will announce something soon.
  36. I feel the same on price... $40 doesn’t seem bad if you’re finding value in a lot of the games they include, no matter how basic they might be. But perhaps we’re in an era where we expect games to be expensive (the AAA titles) or dirt cheap (the phone games). Maybe that middle price-tier is hard for some people to reconcile what they expect for that price? Seems like he expects more polish or options for $40, but if it were, say, $20, he’d think the exact same product was great value. Fair enough, I suppose... we all have our criteria for what “value-for-money” is.
  37. You are very welcome! For the most part, I’m just following zylon’s good example. I’m floored at the effort she’s still putting in here considering what sounds like an utterly exhausting workload.
  38. I think we're overdue (at least I am!) on thanking @zylon and @DamonicFury for the work they put into making this community such a nice and welcoming place to share our gaming experiences: Thanks guys, this is a special space 🙂
  39. Well, I played Panzer Dragoon and got my ass kicked. I really like this game, especially the music, and I'm glad that I got it. Rather than use a continue or try the sequel, I decided to try Sakura Taisen instead. The quality of the video in this game is actually surprisingly good. Too bad it doesn't use the VCD card at all. I'll have to spend more time with it, though I have difficulty with most military-related kanji in general since it's not something I've studied. Still, I think this game should be perfectly playable. I kind of wish I had the Shuttle Mouse, though.
  40. I may have mentioned this before, but I get the feeling that some modern games are being designed, developed, and treated as if they are disposable commodities. Play it once, then either throw it away/sell it and buy a new game or delete it from your HDD or SSD or whatever storage device it's on and never download it again. I have basically no desire to replay pretty much any modern games at all, and, somewhat like you said, Mario Kart only gets played with friends. I actually checked, and I have not played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for over a year, apparently. With my friends, it's mostly been older stuff, and what I mostly remember playing with friends over the last year is Super Smash Bros., Contra, and Metal Gear Solid 2, of all things. R-Type Dimensions (this game is awesome!) and a few Castlevania games were in there too, but the only one from that series that I specifically remember is Rondo of Blood on the PC Engine. Meanwhile, my Sonic 3 & Knuckles lives inside my Nomad so I can play it whenever and wherever I want (provided I have batteries for it, which I currently don't because it ate them all so I have to leave it plugged in to use it). The game is 25~26 years old, depending on how you want to count the separate releases of Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, but it retains its fun even though I've been playing it since shortly after launch. Same with the other Sonic games. Of special note is Sonic CD, which I only ever played for the first time like 4 years ago and actually hated for the first 7 (!) playthroughs before I really started to like it a lot. Super Metroid, which I never played until 2005, is also a game I replay regularly, as is Metal Gear, which I didn't play until 2008/2009, and also the Castlevania games, which I had never played until February of last year. For some reason, these games have infinite replay value, and it's not just because I played them when I was a kid, because out of those, only Sonic really meets that criteria. There's something about most modern games that makes it so I do not feel compelled to replay them 6 million times.
  41. we will see likely this thing will not be out in 2020 so they actually will have MORE time on their side to do things they thought they didnt have time for. Plus I still think their demo will turn out to be US, as in the people here, the grandparents and original gaming OGs. This system is perfect for gaming grandparents and to be honest more is always better as long as you dont force it. Its better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.
  42. Ah man, school and work-related stuff (or lack thereof for a while) had me playing about nothing and doing other stuff but I picked up some games recently so back to posting times it is. Apple II Karateka - 22 minutes Jaguar Tempest 2000 - 168 minutes PDP-11 Dungeon - 78 minutes The Apple II is out and up again as I realized I still had the pesky RIFA cap in my PSU and needed to remove that before it went poof and made a foul-smelling mess, what better way to test it afterwards than playing something? Turns out I still sucks at Karateka/playing joystick games with paddles is hard but whatever, it looks fun. T2K has been tons of fun, it was definitely worth the $30 I paid for it anyways, and it's been about all I do with my Jaguar. I look at buying a new game now and then, my collection is just Cybermorph/DOOM/T2K with a single controller on the RF out, but I'm not sure what is or isn't good so I'll need to look into it some more. The PDP has come along a ton further than when I got it, it's still a very basic system (Q/CD backplane, 11/23+ CPU, 128KW of RAM, and a RQDX3 with a RX50 disk drive) but having storage I can easily swap is super cool. I hope to buy a MFM drive emulator soon so I can have megabytes of space but hey, Dungeon doesn't take more than 130K so it fits fine in the 400K a RX50 disk holds. For those who don't know it's just pre-"Zork" Zork, same game with a different name and text at points, and it's always a ton of fun to run through. I looked at maybe getting the 7800 out and playing some arcade-y stuff so who knows, maybe some of that for next week? The front of house at work is coming back tomorrow meaning that I'll have to do arcade things to make sure everything is good before next weekend when the state lets us open that portion, I'll definitely have some times logged off those machines as I can't wait to get to mess with those again even if it's a little bit of extra work to disinfect the control panel so often.
  43. We have had the exact same discussions for years about how customizable to make our software. Govt workers are on all sorts of levels, from 100% noob to pretty freakin advanced. So what we do, and have found to work just fine is this .. Toggles. You simply keep the main part of your menus clean and simple, then you have an advanced toggle button. If you hit it then you are given all sorts of advanced customizable tools and options. By doing it this way, you give everyone what they want. Noobs never ever have to see or wade through and be overwhelmed by the advance setting options, but at the same time, those that have the skills and want the ability to customize, can. This way you keep everyone happy. Toggle it, its my pretty much go to answer when we are asked for some new options etc from clients. its worked out very well for us.
  44. Well said here. I'm also thinking that perhaps bringing Mr. Allard on board was a very forward-thinking moment for the Amico's future development. I mean, as far as the past few months go, there's been one request be a decided potion of the potential playerbase that we know can't be implemented immediately. It currently stands as a pseudo-antithesis of the Amico's philosophy (yet, strangely, could also be a 'crown jewel' of the console if done well): Online Multiplayer We know it'll take more dev work, and the cost for potential online multiplayer Amico titles will be higher, but the allure is there. And, I think it's still a great 'next goal' for the system. Once the Amico has established itself as the console to go to for fun, local co-op games (and a refreshing change of pace from what conventional console gaming has become), being able to bring everyone "Together Again... from wherever you are!" seems like an ambitious, but logical step. Adoption of the online games would be almost instantaneous for the Amico diehards. I remember OEB Pete mentioning in a video about playing bingo with his mother (full confession - his channel's become daily viewing for me. I'm sure I'm not alone in that). These days, I'm inclined to believe everyone's got someone in their social circle that they'd love to game with, but logistically, it's tough to find a time/place to meet up and play. All speculation here, but I think that Allard's arrival at Intellivision not only meant another big bat in this company's "Murderers' Row' lineup of top-quality professionals driven to the same goal, but may have quietly been the first step on something Tommy's said in the past, regarding this subject (I'll apologize now for paraphrasing) - that, if the players really wanted online multiplayer. they'd look into making it a reality. It may not be the easiest thing to do, it may take a couple of years to implement in a way that the company feels is in line with their mission statement and will be a quality experience for the players. That said, if you were looking to bring the Amico's gameplay online in a couple of years, and to do so in a simple system that allows for as much consumer confidence in the safety and quality of the online experience, I'd think having "Microsoft's Father of the Internet" on board would be as good a start in that direction as there could be.
  45. This is exactly how I've been feeling. I tell people all the time that I'm not buying the xbox series x or ps5 not at least for the 1st or 2nd year and thats only if the games fit for us. The games really do take way to long for me. Not enough time. They are a singular experience. And complicated. My wife is trying play RDR 2 and is frustrated with the controls. And to be honest I am as well. Ive played alot of games like this and the controllers are not like the ones I'm use to. Also having time to get back to it. Its literally been 3 weeks since I started that game and then I have to remember those stupid controls. I was trying to help my wife on it last night and even I messed it up. Hold the Lb then press the Rt to get a gun from your horse. Then keep hitting x to keep up with the NPC lol. I eventually get it but its a pain in the ass lol other than that I like the game. But this is partly what this article is talking about. Also the video intellivision Nation did about friction. When a game requires you to play X amount of time in it you can often be a nonstarter. Just like the other day my wife picked up RDR 2 she only had play a little bit of it and completed a part but because she didnt do enough to a part it didnt save it. So she had to do all of that section over again. What a mess. I was amazed she started it again. Anyways sorry for the rant. But this is what this whole issue comes down to. People namely these haters dont get. I own 5 arcades. 1 is a cocktail table. We spend more time playing dig dug galaga pac man wizards of wor than we do on our xbox's because we are spending time together not apart. This is why I know the Amico will succeed. Or at least in our home it will.
  46. Wonder if this is pretty close to yours Adamantyr... Dragonflyer-vectorized.pdf The title's still in Cooper Black, but it's higher on the cover. And of course I've just replaced references to Spot Shot with the new title (only 2 of them). Also guys, the copy I found used that green paper, but looking at these photos it's clear that they'd mail them out with various colors (probably whatever was available at the time). Do you have any preferences for what background-color I should use? Should it just be black text on white background?
  47. did you make sure the disk in the 1050 is bootable and the sio2sd drive slot 0 or 1 are empty? I'd have to check and see if the 1.3 version has the BAT style diode and serial isolation. You might also be able to change the sio2sd device ID # change it to the next number up...
  48. Here's an interesting thing about the search process... alpha-beta pruning benefits from having the best move first, when searching. Good moves early on lead to 'pruning' of the search tree. In particular, if you already have a better move, then why bother searching any further if the opponent can make things worse for you. That's the basic principle. So, I have alpha-beta implemented (in the form of a negamax search). It's reduced the branching factor from something like 30 down to about 15. That is, average moves in any position are about 30-35 for chess. But instead of searching all of these, if you implement alpha-beta then in fact many of them can be ignored. Most of them, actually. An average of 30 per position down to maybe 15 per position (as my engine currently stands). My earlier estimates seem to be off. 15 is closer than 8 . All I do to put "good" moves first in the search is simply examine captures first. That's it. All well and good. The crux is having good moves early in the search. But how do you know a move is good, because you need a search to do that? Consider a branching factor of 15. The number of positions at any depth is 15^depth. So, on the first 'ply' that's just 15 positions. But on the second ply, it's 225. And on the third, 3375... then 50625. It gets big quickly. Imagine 30 though! 900 positions on the 2nd ply. Clearly, reducing the average moves/ply is going to make huge differences to the search. Earlier I did some measurements which showed the 3E engine as it currently stands is doing something like 850 nodes/second. So, a 4-ply search would take 15^4/850 = 60 seconds. This is close to what the engine actually takes, when the alpha-beta is working well. A 5-ply... (15^5)/850 = 900 seconds, give or take. 15 minutes. If the branching factor was reduced by 1 then 5-ply would be 632 seconds. If the branching factor was halved to about 7.5, then 5-ply would be 27 seconds. That's a huge difference. So, how do we get the average branching factor down? Clearly, reducing the branching factor makes a major difference. The trick is, as noted, put the good moves first in the search. Now consider how many nodes the current engine will do in a 5-ply search. That's 15^5 = 759375 nodes. Consider just a 2-ply search. That's 15^2 = 225 nodes. Let's try doing a 2-ply search first. At that point we have a depth-2 analysis of the "value" of each of the moves. It's not going to be perfect, but it's going to be a hell of a lot better than just putting the "capture" moves first and leaving the rest unsorted. A 2-ply search would take 225/850 = 0.25 seconds. Barely noticeable. So, now the process is (a) do a 2-ply search, (b) sort the moves based on the score of each move, (c) do a 5-ply search. The total nodes examined is (theoretically) now 759375+225. A bit more. But wait. Now we have the moves sorted we're going to get many many more alpha-beta cutoffs. Gobs more is the technical term. The branching factor is going to reduce from 15 to (and here, a wild guess...) 6. It's hard to say, but it's going to be a LOT. Instead of 15^5 nodes in the "main" search, we're now going to be doing 6^5 nodes. That's 7776 nodes. We can do that in 7776/850 = 9 seconds. Down from 15 minutes. Now, 6 is optimistic. But you get the idea. We spent extra time doing a 2-ply search first, and then the sort, then the main search. But wait, why 2 ply? What if we did a 3-ply search first. If we had zero benefit, we'd be doing 15^5 + 15^3 nodes, Which would be still.. about 900 seconds. In other words, doing a 2-ply or 3-ply search before doing your main search is going to cost nothing, in the long run, and in fact actually significantly reduce the search time. So, that's what will happen when you do a search/sort before doing the main search - at the top level. But why not extend this, and on ply2 do the same thing? Definitely that search on ply 2 will improve the speed for each of the moves at that level. So, now we have (a) 2 ply search, (b) sort, (c) 5 ply search. And the 5-ply search which is now starting with a sorted movelist will be (a) make a move, (b) 2-ply search, (c) sort, (d) 4-ply search.... etc. So, that's all very interesting. Do more searching to make the searching go quicker. I'll be implementing something along these lines (starting with just the 2-ply search on the top level) and do some measurements to see how the predictions/estimates stack up. In the new 3E+ implementation, which is coming along nicely. It's not there yet, but likely just a day or two away. I have the UI done - you can select pieces, from/to etc. And it's generating the moves for the player correctly so you can only select valid moves. That's most of the hard work. The search for computer moves is next. The conversion process has been mostly smooth, though a bit more complex than I expected. Basically the "chunks" of code all work fine, but I have to make sure the data and subroutines they are accessing are in the correct banks. Just bringing everything back up is a stepwise process, and it's taking some time and debugging. Going well, though, no roadblocks. First, as noted earlier, some tests on the speed of the new engine which I had previously predicted as being a 10% speedup. Maybe optimistic. And after that, then I'll get into fixing up the missing stuff (en passant,castling across check) and then finally I'll start work on the pre-search move sorting as described above.
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