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  1. Well, it's coming soon! Just waiting for a bunch of assets from @TIX and @miker @VinsCool updated the tunes from the previous demo but is no longer being able to work on the remaining ones so those will be done by Miker who also did the most of the SFX (a few where supplied by @makary too) (that's going to be a long credits list when it's complete!) It's not going to be the full release yet (but you'll get a couple of levels 😁) as I still need to fix the PMG priority which is the last big feature remaining. To be honest, bad PMG priority doesn't bother me that much... but it'd feel like cheating a bit if it didn't have it.
  2. Of course I do, if only for my own sanity I need to get this done 🤪 The last thing I want in the next build is dual PMG color, and it's already working for the player but it's pretty easy as it's only used for skin+blood: So it's only the enemy colors that require fixing because right now he's not wearing his pants!
  3. Yo! Starting at noon today we will be announcing 1 new game every hour. Complete with some short but new video clips not previously shown. BTW... just added a pre-order info page to the website. Includes the first images of the new renders in matte, etc. https://www.intellivisionamico.com/amico-vip-pre-order-info Will try to catch up on all the questions and posts (and drama) this weekend. Thanks!
  4. Yo! Just wanted to let folks know (who have been waiting anxiously for the MEET AMICO video) that I still have some editing to do so I'll be releasing it tomorrow. HUGE day today with a ton of positive things that pulled me away from completing the video earlier in the day. It's 98% finished now... but would be dumb to launch it at night when folks aren't actively online. So will wait til tomorrow morning. Thanks! Sorry for the delay. GREAT interview with @OEB_Pete tonight! And he got some AMAZING exclusives!! I even told him some of the SUPER SECRETS off air. His video will drop tomorrow as well. Great day! Gotta go back to editing... I have a bunch of pages to catch up on. I'll get to everyone's questions eventually. Thanks for your patience.
  5. Hi Tommy, I live in TRIESTE, in north-east Italy. Fortunately, our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia, is not a very affected region, TRIESTE which is on the border with Slovenia, even less ... But anyway we are all at home. But it's nice for me to talk to you. I know you have a lot to do ... but like all collectors, I would like to show you my collection ... yes, I know that you know Intellivision tapes and games well ... but I would like your opinion ... however, when you have time ... ...take a look at this link;). Do you think that just yesterday, on Ebay, I bought a mint game box from Space Armada, from Intellivision, INK that I was missing ... and I am in negotiations to buy a box of always Space armada, blue, but with ACTION written on the side NETWORK, and not SPACE NETWORK .... Simply fantastic that even after 40 years, I have "pleasure" to see the shelves of my Intellivision box room full .... more and more ... I also wanted to show you my art and my love, when I was a child ... I was only 11 years old ... hours and hours to draw magnificent screens of the games most dear to me ... I wanted your opinion on these mine drawings... ... I can't wait to buy the gray version of AMICO tomorrow at 10 .... What a beautiful word you have chosen! In addition, I will allow myself to send you a private message, because I wanted to bring to your attention, a game title that I own, and that I don't know ...... soon;)...
  6. I have been meaning to post this photo since it was taken on February 1st. David/Utopia on Atariage,on the left I met here on Atariage because of the Intellivision. He and his Wife were on a vacation visiting the Los Angeles area so my Wife and I picked them up downtown to tour around a bit and visit my house to play some intellivision. We both have preordered the Amico Founders Edition and are very much looking forward to the system coming out. We are in touch regarding the current worldwide events and since we all made great friends that day,hopefully we will stay in touch for life. Both he and his Wife are great people we had much in common with,even while being on continents far from each other. All because we are lifelong intellivision fanatics!👍😊 I thought I would share this here,and now,to hopefully brighten up everyone's day. Oh yeah,we played a little Frog Bog,Bi-planes and Utopia and visited the Griffith Observatory and the CBS Studio Center lot where I work for extra fun. If any of you Intellivision folks are in Los Angeles,send me a message and maybe stop by and play a couple games sometime!
  7. Here are the close ups of the 3 in case you haven't been to the website lately... You can really see the difference the matte will make!
  8. Watch "Meet Amico™ - Missile Command w/controllers!" on YouTube Here ya go
  9. new welcome screen revamp: looking much better than previous screen... What do you think?
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.... The Unofficial A-Z Guide of Kieren Hawken: A is for Atarifan, the most obvious sock B is for Beast666, so obvious you cock. C is for Community, your welcome is gone D is for Dave Jatt, so don't linger long. E is for ebay where you peddle counterfeits F is for Forza77 - he's obvious as shit. G is for Grammar, the thing that Kizz trashed H is for Horace, the gate that Kizz crashed. I is for Incels, whatever they are J is for Joe Milano, another brush used to tar. K is for Kerian, I'm spelling it wrong L is for Liar, you utter shit-gibbon. M is for Mental Health, you need help real soon N is for No Friends, fuck off to the moon. O is for Olivers, your friends they ain't P is for PoppyFluoxetine, a further puppet for females to taint. Q is for Quality, there's none in your work R is for RetroGirl, using your wife made us smirk. S is for Steve Davis Snooker, "Stonker" awarded! T is for TopTwat Gaming, no-one applauded. U is for Unconvincing, 15 pages of shite V is for Vampire Bummers, your homophobic insight. W is for Wotsit, you talentless fuck X is for Ex-communicated, you're shit out of luck. Y is for YouTube, remember the ban? Z is for Zero, a real "Nothing Man".
  11. Although this isn't true in my case, I saw this and just had to share! Hope this helps to turn some frowns upside down!
  12. Hey folks. So last weekend I put out that TEII allophone speech rendition of Video Killed the Radio Star (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4NOZCMi-HM&t=6m40s). And a couple other songs that might deserve a TEII treatment came up, one of which was Portal's "Still Alive". Well, the idea kind of grew in my head, and it turned into a parody version with ideas of its own. I give you "Still TI" - a TI-themed TEII Portal parody. Because the world needed that right now. That more than anything. Now more than ever:
  13. To be fair, the world is a pretty damn chaotic mess right now. Entire provinces of China were shut down. Shut down absolutely, for two months. People in parts of China are beginning to be phased into work. Intellivision didn't plan to finalize hardware specs for manufacturing until March, but those factories are now delayed in getting to the orders from other consumer goods and industry products that they were supposed to be manufacturing for five weeks. In Hubei province, they're slowly coming on line. This has ramifications, things are being pushed back. All production in China is leveraged by the State, and the State isn't quite definite on its timelines yet for the entirety of the most affected regions, along with who gets back to work at which sites and when. This is an unprecedented butterfly effect on manufacturing and shipping, manufacturers are now delayed in getting product to assemblers and supply chains are a mess - as things come back on line, I suspect, as everybody should, that bigger fish will get to feed first, since they're spending so much more and the Chinese economy took a massive gut punch to take on quarantine and containing this virus. I don't understand how the gravity of the situation doesn't weigh in. Who cares if rumors are coming out that Intellivision may use coronavirus as an excuse??? Rumors could come out that Intellivision spent the FE pre-order money to hire cheap graphic designers and a handful of animators to mock gameplay footage. Rumors mean jack. And the absolute tone-deafness of people to adopt and spread the rumor, knowing full well they themselves are trapped in their homes for the next month-plus, that regions of the country are now restricted travel... who cares? If orders are delayed, it won't just be Intellivision as one product out of 20,000 affected, it will be many of those 20,000 products, and general marketing and engagement will move forward. I think the saying goes, don't feed the trolls.
  14. PHEW!!! Finally caught up! Okay... now I gotta spend some family time and then finish editing the next MEET AMICO we're dropping tomorrow. Some cool things revealed and questions answered about the mysterious car smashing track racing game. 🚗🎇
  15. I will post up when I myself know... I am waiting for new revision boards to arrive thurs to correct a timing issue that the Dev's found while pushing a lot of data in and out of the XMRAM, I had to fix a missing power trace to a pad and I have made 2 electrical changes to the PIA footprint to enable something I'll show soon. After 10 years of stops, starts and having to deal with a system I love, but a system that is a mess in many aspects, to get this running the way it needed to be. I'm not going to, at the final stage, rush this out to people only to find that many would have issues and others none. Whats the point then. After all this time, if its gonna be an extra month give or take, then let it be. I want this to deliver as promised. So please hang tight on ordering, it'll come.
  16. When Amico becomes a huge success I want Intellivision to buy Vectrex and I'll bring that one back next!!!!!!!!!
  17. Good call. I don't follow drama queens on YouTube—mainly because I've never been bored enough in my life to make any time for the likes of them—but to whatever extent they are using Amico developments as fuel for their videos, I think the best thing we can possibly do in response is to ignore them. Don't post their videos, don't post pictures or memes poking fun at them ... don't pay them any attention whatsoever, because that's what they thrive on, and it will only encourage more of the same. (We certainly don't need any of that drama in here, either.)
  18. Test print of Intellivania box mock up. Final name is of course Intellivania. 😜😜 Gatefold box.
  19. Next generation consoles sales figures, April 2020: Intellivision Amico: 5000 Playstation 5: 0 Xbox Series X: 0
  20. I'm torn on the subject of Pat and Ian. I used to enjoy their podcast regularly, and I remember that they were very helpful to us during the whole RetroVGS and Coleco Chameleon debacle; they spread the word about the investigations into Mike Kennedy and Friends that we were spearheading here on AtariAge at the time, when most of the gaming media was content to re-print Kennedy's press releases. I was also a backer of Pat's NES Guidebook, and I still think it's a pretty good book. I haven't really followed their podcast in a while, so I don't know what kind of numbers it's doing now, but I notice that their YouTube subscribers have been stalled at about 250K for a long time. At their age, and especially after profiles like this one from two years ago, I can't help but wonder how actively happy they are to still be doing this kind of thing. At a certain point, it must seem less like a passion project and more like a dreary job, and that's the point at which you often see these channels going out of their way to stir up drama as a way of getting attention and boosting their views and subs. That certainly seems to be what's happening here; if so, that's very unfortunate. I still think the best thing for us to do is to ignore their negativity instead of amplifying and encouraging it; hopefully they'll realize that it isn't getting them what they want.
  21. Thanks. You as well. Anyone who thinks it is an excuse would be labeled a "hater" in my book (looking for any kind of "gotcha" or "I told you it was a scam" moment). Something as stupid as that would also be coming from some kind of elitist hardcore which will just jump to the next negative conspiracy theory to discuss. You need to stop thinking that that brainwashed folks on the PU Podcast YouTube channel are in any way representative of the average person. They are not. Not even close. And they certainly aren't the type of people who we are trying to capture in the market. If they want to continue to spout off stupidity... let them. In the end... we will win... and there isn't a DAMN thing folks like that can do to stop us. Whatever answer I give at this point will be used against me because things are in flux right now. The obsessed haters are now watching this thread every single day. You know who they are as I see you battle their dumbasses almost every day on YouTube. They are just waiting for me to say something so they can twist my words and use them against me down the road to insinuate that I'm a liar and scammer, etc. They are immature knob knockers who are morally bankrupt individuals who have a bad case of Tommy Derangement Syndrome. 10am Unfortunately, because of the way my words on subjects like this have been used against me... I will not be answering these types of specific questions anymore. You can thank the obsessed haters for that. But here's an answer at least... I don't know. No one knows. Sony & Microsoft don't know... so why should we know. Tell those folks to message the president of Nintendo and ask him what his Switch numbers will be this fall. They are publicly traded... so I'm sure they must know. See if they get an answer. Also... if people are uncomfortable with not knowing that answer before they put down their 100% completely refundable at any time pre-order deposit... then they shouldn't. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head saying they MUST buy an Amico. Wait til the machine comes out, try it, see if they like it and then buy it if you like it. What a simple concept!! But I don't want to hear any bitching from those folks when they can't find it on store shelves because it's scarce and everyone wanted one and they are SOLD OUT everywhere. THAT I have given notice about. Then I guess it's all just talk. Sorry I couldn't help you out more.
  22. Yo! Thanks for the feedback! I wouldn't worry that our core audience is going to see any of these video diaries first. Our reach right now is around 50,000 people. When our marketing rolls out it will be 200M. We have it all in place. No worries. Corona is affecting our timelines for budgeting however as the less consoles we're able to manufacture for the marketplace... the less you need for marketing initially. So everyone is in a wait and see hold... but there are so many big surprises and announcements coming that I can barely contain myself when I do some of these interviews. I believe folks are drawn to my passion for the product. It's just the way I'm built. And yes... I'm definitely a talker when I get going and it's probably due to the fact that people sometimes complain that they don't know this or that about the project. ESPECIALLY the controllers. For 2 years people have been bugging me about how the controllers work and why they are different. So I may have gotten carried away, but to be fair... it was only 5 minutes. That's a record for me talking about the controllers! Hahahha! But thanks again for the feedback. For future behind the scenes videos I'll try to be more consise. p.s. You may not want to watch the one coming out tomorrow. More of the same.
  23. "I ran out of gas! I got a flat tire! I didn’t have change for cab fare! I lost my tux at the cleaners! I locked my keys in the car! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!"
  24. WIP Demo. No Yamaha sounds yet. Even the 'pass through' bug made it into the game. There are 8 different 'little intermissions' that can play during the title screen. The monster introductions count as 1 (it randomly pics one of the four monsters and introduces it). @Defender_2600 This is the compromise I was talking about. I used your idea for the monster's eyes, and some of the colors. For Pac-Man, I did a little of both... although Blinky looks a little jaundice...
  25. Yes sir! In some good news, we are open today - the mall is allowing us to open if we want. I keep everything disinfected, have a UV-C germ killing air purifier and we have copper/zinc tokens (which scientifically kill viruses). So, we'll see how it goes, although most of the mall is keeping shut down (much of the food court, bunch of shops, the movie theater). Would be happy to have you drop by, where you can try out the Stranger Things premium pinball machine that we got the day before the earthquake. And to bring this back on topic:
  26. Yeah... we blew past the 5K mark around noon I believe. To them I say...
  27. Wait til you see how you play Microsurgeon!! Wouldn't that be something!™
  28. People often measure entertainment in hours of use they get from a product or service. I’m getting so many hours of entertainment from this fantastic group of people that I feel like I’m getting the console for free. This is all part of the experience This is free entertainment for me 😃
  29. Hahahhahaa!! Oh man... I can't wait to tell that one to my wife! (She's the one in the video).
  30. Hahahaha!! You're starting to pick up on my jargon. "Wouldn't that be something" = Yes, but I can't say. "Ya never know" = Maybe, we're still in negotiations. Hahhahaa!
  31. Just wanted to post this for the record. The guy I did an interview with last night posted his exchange with Pat. Canadian Gamer 23 hours ago @Pat the NES Punk Fair enough but I asked him some real questions last night and he was by no way controlling the narrative. I think your Podcast brings up some valid points, some of which I point blank asked him about and to his credit he answered the questions. You can't shit on the guy's console and not at least give the guy the opportunity to form a rebuttal. Pat the NES Punk 18 hours ago (edited) @Canadian Gamer "You can't shit on the guy's console and not at least give the guy the opportunity to form a rebuttal." Sure I can. Tommy is no different from any other product or corporation. He's free to respond wherever he likes but is not entitled to use my platform to do so, especially when he has personally attacked Ian and me and made it personal in the past. My response to Pat is this (because he reads here constantly): Hahahahhaa!! Nice dodge! Lets get real kid... you guys are just too lazy and unprepared to handle an interview with me. I'd waste you and every lame attempt at trying to make your idiotic points. As if I need your negative platform to sell Amico. Besides, you said we couldn't sell more than 5,000 units. Pretty funny considering we sold 2,600 in 5 hours. How's that prediction working out for ya? Lets face it, you and your partner just don't want to look foolish in front of the people you continue to lie to. Funny how a slew of YouTubers (a lot bigger than you) have chimed in as well to call you out on your laziness and biased lies. Guess this is all par for the course with you guys. Lying about me and the product just so you can make $10 more a week on your channel. And you call others "shills". Get over yourself. Tell ya what chuckles... lets do a LIVE streamed interview on BOTH our YT channels and we'll get a bunch of other big YT's to stream it live as well... all at the same time and EVERYONE will donate ALL the monetized money to the Child's Play charity! Gauntlet thrown fellas. Now hurry on back to your safe space surrounded by your stuffed animals so you can sling your arrows instead of standing up for yourselves and facing me. Cowards.
  32. Hi Tommy, I was born with Intellivision ... I will not tell you all my story ... but if now that I am 51 years old, I find myself a collection of 495 complete Intellivision boxes, regardless of the loose ones .. . Will it mean something you don't find? My love for intellivision ... is not earthly, and being able to say it to you now ... is priceless. I wanted to congratulate you for your AMICO ... I can't wait to have him ... and even if I won't play a lot ... he must be at my house, in my collection! I unfortunately lost the founder ... I will definitely take the gray version vip ... it seems fantastic. That Auto Racing ... makes me crazy how beautiful you did it ... like all the games I saw on You tube ... and I wanted to tell you this: THANK YOU! P.S. Sorry my bad english ... I live in Italy. Best wishes to all, for these bad events that are happening all over the world ... that will pass soon and that only a bad memory will remain.
  33. well i have been sent a brand new atari 2600 game that i decided to review and what a barnstormer it is ! very addictive although i suspect the gameplay might get tiresome after a while !
  34. .. and over at IGG town. Not much as well. A bit of token talk .. whingers .. and more wise? words from 'ole Brandon.
  35. I like the idea of a larger controller...but, transporting it over to your buddies house for game night would be quite a chore! 😜
  36. Stephen


    That's really going to corrupt my Google searches!
  37. Good guess... but not bowling. Too much like Cornhole and I didn't want it to seem like we were trying to copy the Wii. That being said... we will DEFINITELY have Bowling available on launch!
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