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  1. I'm pleased to finally announce the release of the beta version of the new SIDE3 Loader, following a significant re-write which commenced in July 2021. You can download the installer and WIP documentation from the page linked below: https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/side3-beta-loader/ Since this is beta software of steadily increasing complexity, please approach it as you would any beta software: namely, with the expectation that bugs will exist and that certain features may not work predictably or as described. In particular, please back up your SD cards before letting the beta loader loose on them, especially when writing to the card (by creating new files and folders, deleting content, etc). Where multiple cards are available, consider using a cloned SD card until any destructive bugs are ironed out. I won't be held accountable for lost data which wasn't backed up. With that said, the file system drivers are reasonably well tested, and it has been many months since they have mangled a FAT volume when creating new files, etc. A precis of some of the headline features (about half of which are new to this version): Read/write support for up to eight FAT partitions with long filenames 64KB FAT directory buffer allowing the browsing 1,024 files per folder Fast recursive search facility Intuitive context menu system CAR/ROM file loading, ATR mounting, XEX loading Powerful file management tools (recursive file copier, delete, rename, etc) Windows-style cut/copy/paste facilities and keyboard shortcuts PDM audio playback BASIC file loading Built-in FATFMS (an Atari/SpartaDOS read/write FAT DOS workalike with CLI) MEM.SAV facility in DOS Autorun facility Bookmarks/favourites Launcher shortcuts and aliases (with hotkey launching) Disk image creation History (remembers your most recently used XEX, ATR and CAR files) Support for SD cards/FAT partitions of up to 128GB Time/date stamping of new and modified files (via real-time clock) Simultaneous HDD/ATR/CAR emulation Bootable, OS-level disk image and HDD support with U1MB when present Limited ATR support without U1MB Remember the last accessed partition, folder, or file Here's the first of two videos introducing the new features of this loader, as well as giving a basic overview of SIDE3 for those not yet familiar with the hardware: There are still a lot of futher enhancements on the to-do list, and the purpose of this thread is to discuss issues and introduce and discuss new features. Hardware developments are also ongoing, so I expect to be quite busy for the remainder of the year keeping up with that while ironing out any problems in what's already been implemented on the existing hardware. The manual is likewise a work in progress, although the general structure of the document is fully fleshed out. I know the documentation of the DOS 'COPY' command is hopelessly deficient, for example. Writing the documentation over the past few weeks has certainly brought home to me that I've written a new Atari disk operating system along the way, which would have represented a fair bit of work in isolation, let alone as a component of a complete loader re-write, so I feel a little less bad about taking months longer than I hoped to actually release a first beta of this software. I hope you enjoy it, in any case. I feel like I could use a break after this, but I'll nevertheless brace myself for the crash reports.
  2. Big update! RMT is now open source! https://github.com/VinsCool/RASTER-Music-Tracker Contributions are welcome! For new release starting from v1.34.00: https://github.com/VinsCool/RASTER-Music-Tracker/releases A big, big thanks to everyone who made this possible! Future updates will become a much less stressful and complicated process I believe, since I will no longer have to worry about keeping everything I was editing private Thanks to Bob!k and Fandal who have agreed to let me put the sources online, and thus the legacy of Raster's work is preserved! Thanks to Mathy for helping with the communication, and ivop for helping me set up the repository with helpful advices And most importantly, thank you to everyone who believed in me, and allowed me to work on the project! I think this would never have been possible without the dedication and hard work that originally spawned from a very crude .exe hack, which has then become something entirely different when I first received the permission to edit the original sources, and release new versions in the meantime. Enjoy! - Vin
  3. All issues with the firmware build environment have now been sorted out, and finally I can much more easily add features or make improvements to the firmware. In the past it was exceedingly difficult to add features which is why you didn't see improvements coming as quickly as expected. The firmware build with the newest compiler is much shorter and more efficient, which may also lead to stability improvements So, here are the things I am working on now: Support for more 2600 games 2k games and ARM games, and I will check other schemes to see if they need help Easier firmware updates (selecting a BIOS file from the menu will be improved) Improved POKEY/HOKEY support Improved 7800 game support 64k games, support for newer 48k, 144k or 128k+RAM games with POKEY at $0450 or $0800 Improved text file support Minor bug fixes Fix question mark in place of 9 when number of pages ends in 9 Prevent loading of large files from menu (loading files larger than the Concerto's memory can corrupt firmware) Support for controller in left or right port Improvements to the utility screen (currently it's just a placeholder) Game loading speed improvements I am sure I have missed some things, so if anyone can chime in and mention specific things I did not mention in this post, please let me know and I will add them to the list.
  4. When Channel 4 launched in the UK they commissioned Thames Television to produce a weekly show about computers. It focussed mainly on the 'popular' machines at the time: C64, Spectrum, BBC Micro and Amstrad... But right at the very start, the Atari 800XL was used to create opening titles...
  5. Not sure how much I can say at this moment, as some things are not finalized, but just wanted to confirm what you saw is true. We're in touch with the authors of the compilation, and we hope Yoomp! lands in the final version. I don't know if any other homebrew games will be included.
  6. I'm happy to have been allowed to break this news on an Intellivision Homebrew Partnership.... Cheers, Guys. 👍
  7. My turn to show a video! Keys and Doors! All the modern-day essentials for your dystopian future platformer.
  8. glurk

    Bowling 5200

    Back when I did my 'Freeway' port, a couple people in the thread mentioned "Bowling." I just recently did an 8bit port of it in the programming forum, and I just had a go at making a 5200 version. I'm not making any guarantees on this one, but it seems to work OK in Altirra, so here it is: Bowling [5200].bin
  9. rampart3D.a26 WIP on kernel for possible 3D game. Fwd/Back. Fire to jump.
  10. For the record, BackBit DOES support GROM, up to 40KB. You must use extension G. It also supports ROMs combined with a GROM (i.e. the CG/CDG format). For this, use extension BIN/ROM/C. Append binaries in the order C,D,G. For normal & multi-bank ROMs, use extension BIN/ROM/C.
  11. Hooray!🎆 Now all the haters can celebrate failure,and find something new to bash on.
  12. (Mostly) working 320k SRAM card for the 1090... I say "Mostly" because I haven't figured out why SpartaDOS X isn't working with it yet. RAM testing programs show the memory works, M.U.L.E. works, and DOS 2.5 works with a functional RAMDISK. But SpartaDOS X doesn't boot. It's odd. I thought I had it all figured out and this card would be good to go. When I first installed the card in the 1090 board, I "only" had 64k. A couple days ago I took a good look at the schematics and realized that one more "undocumented requirement" existed. Since the 1090 uses transceiver chips, the data bus needs to be active if the memory is called or if the CPU is issuing a write. Otherwise, the banks cannot be set. So, I added a formerly unused OR gate into the circuit and now the full 320k is available. I am still trying to figure out the SpartaDOS X issue. The next version of the card may have a larger heat sink for the voltage regulator, or, maybe I'll just put a small stick-on heat sink on top of the voltage regulator and see if that helps.
  13. Here is version 1.0. It's almost the same as the last beta version except for added clean-up when pressing quit. pinball99.rpk pinball99-8.bin
  14. Maybe we can get the ultra rare Combat, and the ever elusive PacMan for only $75 a piece. What about ET - that has to be worth $200 since it has such legendary status. If they make it, I hope they produce at least 4 million.
  15. *UPDATE* Trebors 7800 ROM PROPack v4_10 Only a little over 3 months since the last update, but we have a ton of modified POKEY demos and other goodies that need to be shared with the masses. Homebrews | Hacks | Demos | Prototypes NEW: Bankset Test Demos, Slick Pickles (Hack), Robot Finds Kitten (224 Lines), AtariLab - Light Module (Prototype), AtariLab - Temperature (Prototype), Star Typer (Bad Dumps) (Prototypes), Pirate Cove, Blocky Clouds Scroll Demo, Cloak and Dagger Title Screen Demos, OOZY THE GOO - Gaiden, Impossible Mission (Prototype), Orion Assault, Court Pooper, Multisprite Generator, Shadow of the Beast (Tech Demo), Beach Adventure, Pac-Man Collection - 40th Anniversary Edition (Short Mazes), POKEY Testers, Sprite Decompression, It's Conner Time!, Detect Emulator UPDATED: Krull, Platformer Demo, Lucelia Movement Demo, Santa Simon (Signature Fixed), Plumb Luck DX, Sound Test - TIA SFX Library, Pineapple, Heofonfir Demo MODIFIED: All of the following files include modifications that take POKEY out of reset state and are properly signed... A Warm Welcome (POKEY Music Demo) (20130612).a78, Arkanoid (Level Start Music Demo).a78, Arkanoid (Title Music Demo).a78, AtariAge Jingle (4000) (20190708).a78, AtariAge Jingle (v2) (4000) (20190708).a78, Bomb Jack Sound Demo (POKEY 450) (20210201).a78, Bubble Bobble Theme (Bass Only Demo) (4000) (20190903).a78, Bubble Bobble Theme Sound Demo (4000) (20190724).a78, Bubble Bobble Theme Sound Demo (450) (20190819).a78, Cybernoid II (Music Demo) (POKEY 4000) (20210116).a78, Cybernoid II (Music Demo) (POKEY 450) (20210116).a78, Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (Music Demo) (4000) (20200317).a78, Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (Music Demo) (450) (20200317).a78, Flimbo's Quest Sound Demo (POKEY 450) (20210201).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound 16bit (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 1 Sound 16bit (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound 16bit (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2 Sound 16bit (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Alien Death 2a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Coin Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Coin Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Endswoop Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Endswoop Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Explosion Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Explosion Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Extra Life Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Extra Life Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 1a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 1a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 2a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 2a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 3a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 3a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 4a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 4a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 5a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 5a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 6a Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Hum 6a Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Shot Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Shot Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Start Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Start Sound (POKEY 450) (20210118).a78, Galaxian Swoop Sound (POKEY 4000) (20210119).a78, Galaxian Swoop Sound (POKEY 450) (20210119).a78, Hallo (POKEY Music Demo) (20130612).a78, Kung-Fu Master - End Stage Sound Demo (4000) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - End Stage Sound Demo (450) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Complete Sound Demo (4000) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Complete Sound Demo (450) (20200729).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Over Sound Demo (4000) (20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Game Over Sound Demo (450) 20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Intro Sound Demo (4000) (20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Intro Sound Demo (450) (20200702).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Main Theme Sound Demo (4000) (20200731).a78, Kung-Fu Master - Main Theme Sound Demo (450) (20200731).a78, Mappy - Death (Sound Demo) (20140416).a78, Mappy - Game Over (Sound Demo) (20140416).a78, Mappy - Melody (Sound Demo) (20160412).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Bonus (4000) (20210326).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Count (450) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Drop (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Grab (450) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Coin Timer (450) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Crab Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Death (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Extra Life (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Fireball (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Fireball Vanish (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Flip Enemy (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Fly Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Game Over (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Hit Enemy (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Ice Freeze (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Icicle Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Jump (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Kick (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Kick Final (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Level Start (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Life Restart (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - POW Block (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Second Intermission (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Shell Creeper Intro (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Slipice Emerge (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Splash (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Stop (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Title (4000) (20210322).a78, Mario Bros - Turtle Drop (4000) (20210325).a78, Mario Bros - Walk 1 (4000) (20210312).a78, Mario Bros - Walk 2 (4000) (20210312).a78, Mega Man 2 (Start Level Music Demo) (4000) (20190730).a78, Mega Man 2 (Start Level Music Demo) (450) (20190819).a78, Metroid Brinstar Theme (Bass and Percussion) (4000)(20201123).a78, Metroid Brinstar Theme (Lead and Harmony) (4000) (20201123).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Bass Lead) (4000) (20201129).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Bass Lead) (450) (20201129).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Filtered Lead) (4000) (20201129).a78, Metroid Krayt Lair (Filtered Lead) (450) (20201129).a78, Pac-Land Break Time Tune (4000) (20191011).a78, Pac-Land Break Time Tune (450) (20191011).a78, Pac-Land Castle Theme (4000) (20191023).a78, Pac-Land Castle Theme (450) (20191023).a78, Pac-Land Death Tune (4000) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Death Tune (450) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Fairyland Melody (4000) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Fairyland Melody (450) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Intro Melody (4000) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Intro Melody (450) (20191005).a78, Pac-Land Main Theme Music (4000) (20191004).a78, Pac-Land Main Theme Music (450) (20191004).a78, Rolling Thunder (Intro Melody) (450) (20190914).a78, Stranger Things Main Theme Music (4000) (20191023).a78, Stranger Things Main Theme Music (450) (20191023).a78, Stranger Things Upside Down Theme Music (4000) (20191023).a78, Stranger Things Upside Down Theme Music (450) (20191023).a78 RENAMED: Color Selector Demo (2003) (PD) --> Color Bars Selector Demo (1984) A *HUGE* thank you to @RevEng for providing the necessary tools that allowed fixing the aforementioned POKEY demos world's smoother and easier. Thank you AtariAge community...Enjoy!
  16. A compilation for modern platforms titled Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration was recently announced (https://www.gematsu.com/2022/06/atari-50-the-anniversary-celebration-announced-for-ps5-xbox-series-ps4-xbox-one-switch-and-pc). However, the biggest draw of this news is the fact that some Jaguar games will ve included. I linked the trailer for you all to see: For those who don't want to watch the trailer, here are some of the Jaguar titled included so far: * Atari Karts * Cybermorph * Fight for Life * Missile Command 3D * Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy But the biggest question among you might be "How they included Jaguar games? Knowing how difficult it is to emulate the console." Well, a simple answer really - a member of Digital Eclipse wrote a new Jaguar emulator for this compilation: https://twitter.com/DickWhitehouse/status/1542169227485777921 This is all the news for the moment. I'll try to keep you all to date regarding any other Jaguar game in the compilation.
  17. A New ROMs has arrived! With a new joint partnership with Brian Puddin, Intellivision Collector is proud to assist in helping Brian distribute his newest ROM "Fast Food Plus". Not available anywhere else, enjoy this New Digital Download through our automated website. Please visit, register & purchase to help support these programmers. Without their support, we wouldn't have such great new games like this for our beloved Intellivision console! All prices on the site are listed in CAD (Canadian funds). Fast Food Plus - ROM Click Here!
  18. Hi all, I been wanting to look into scrolling for quite a while to see how we can achieve having maps > 256 columns (horizontal). In various guises across the forum (for 7800basic) there are quite a few examples generally using plotmap (drawing a left and right screen halves - there is a 32 column limit to drawing using plotmap) to do the job shifting the location to help simulate fine scrolling and it worked very well for me in my GnG sample (which just happened to fit nicely with the split level map). Anyway I did some research around some techniques used and starting with pure 7800basic got things moving but then converted the main routine to pure assembly (thanks to some learning doing PETSCII as well as assistance @RevEng has generously provided to myself and the community over the last few years). The main goals were the following: get a map larger than 256 characters wide (currently 512) use the 'Under the Hood' TM method after drawing the initial screen to simulate fine scrolling - this method allows us to directly access the screen row zones of already drawn and saved objects rather than redrawing everything use hand-coded assembly for the best possible speed performance (even my low level of knowledge of 6502 has shown significant increases) Stretch goals: ideally make it multi-directional (left and right) - TBC can we use double buffering of screen buffers to increase performance? (yes we can but currently at the expense of redrawing the background when switching buffers. Shifting sections of the back buffer each frame rather than at the end also spreads the load.) Map and buffer Maps are designed for 512x17 in size width can be customised (recommended 256 increments due to math) height can be customised (adding or removing MAPSCREENBUFFERROWX entries) changes will need to be made to the shift/copy routines to accommodate Buffer is designed for 42x17 in size and scrolling from right to left Columns 41/42 are used to load the next incoming characters Scrolling based on 8 pixels (or 2 characters) for better performance Process Draw initial screen background (a left and right side) and save screen Shift background using the 'Under the hood' method At completion of the shift, restore the background zone(s) to their starting position, shift the buffer columns over 2 characters and copy in the next 2 characters Notes As the 'Under the Hood' TM method is used we don't need to continually draw the background We need to add a drawwait call to ensure the restore/shift/copy routine doesn't tear the screen but this introduces a 1 frame delay (and potentially more??). To match this I've added a counter to simulate this during fine scroll Overall the scroll shifts every 2nd (or could be more if required) frame then allowing time for other updates on the other frame(s) On PAL there is frame variations (TBD) making the scrolling less smooth If moving 8 pixels just call the CourseScroll routine directly The routine could be changed to copy the map data out of ROM but larger maps might be difficult to access due to bank requirements Src 20220704.scrolling.zip Build View on JS7800 scrolling.a78 Final thoughts There are probably a few things that can be improved so please feel free to discuss! Hopefully some of you will find this useful for your projects! The Uridium map was grabbed out of CharPad Pro by Subcrist Software (https://subchristsoftware.itch.io/charpad-pro) is highly recommended and is a fantastic map building tool even for the 7800! The characterset width was reduced to cater for our 7800 needs (tip!! multi-color on the c64 is essentially double-width and can be halved for 7800 needs).
  19. ANTIC only issues P/M DMA cycles for scanlines 8-247, on either NTSC or PAL. This means that offsets $00-03 and $7C-7F in two-line resolution or $00-07 and $F8-FF in single-line resolution in each P/M slot are never read and can be reused.
  20. Congratulations @Armscar Coder, you are the first to report finishing the game! Well done on your journey of many hours of problem solving. I dare say your grey matter has carved out new pathways and skills that will be useful in other areas of your life. Some of those levels are so hard and yes that final stage is tough as nails. We had a great time making the game and had wonderful support from @ZeroPage Homebrew and the Atari 2600 community. Overall a fantastic experience. Thank you everyone!
  21. After starting Pitkat from level 1 several times over the past few months, I finally decided to stay with it. This week I was able to finally finish the game. I was initially drawn to Pitkat because I was super impressed with the coding effort that went into it (at least what I can only imagine). As I kept playing and clearing more levels, I wanted more and more. I surprised myself because I didn't realize how much I loved puzzle games. Even on those levels that required me to press reset many, many times, it was always so satisfying to finally solve it (I eventually took up position on the very edge of my couch so that the reset button was within a good stretched arm's reach). Even though Pitkat is a port to the 2600, the product that @Jamtex and @MarcoJ have put together is nothing short of amazing. I still can't get over the fact that Pitkat is Marco's first 2600 programming effort. The features in the game really make the whole experience so much more enjoyable. The in codes and out codes allow the game to be played over multiple sessions without the need to always start from scratch (at one point my cheat sheet with all of my codes was recycled by a family member which induced a panic-stricken rummaging through the garage until I eventually found it). The rewind feature is also really cool and helpful (I didn't use it that much...yeah right) and being able to preview the screen by holding down the fire button and moving the joystick left and right is a really nice touch. The music is great, but you can turn it off if you want. With 99 normal levels and some bonus levels, I will definitely be coming back to play this game again without any worry of the puzzles being too familiar. There is even a speed run mode that I might even give a whirl at some point in the future. For some spoilers to the game ending, see below.
  22. RAPTOR API 2.0.30 This release contains several new features and some maintenance (bug fixes) - changelog as below: ;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;; xx/xx/2021 (Unknown) ... ;; Created RAPTORGD.O module ;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;; 27/09/2021 ;; Added: RAPTOR_HEXtoASCII ;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;; 03/12/2021 ;; Fixed major issue with the BRA object handler. Why do we always fumble around in the dark with two left hands when bras are involved? ;; Added raptor_map_tiles_bitdepth - API now supports all bitdepths for tilesets (instead of fixed to 4bpp) ;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;; 16/03/2022 ;; Fixed bug where x/y were reset when object killed (throwback to much earlier version) ;; Fixed bug where vertical clipping gfx offset was using BYTEWID instead of GWIDTH to calc new bitmap address ;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;; 13/05/2022 ;; Created RAPTORLSP.O module ;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;; 21/05/2022 ;; Fixed another bug in the NRV GPU depack when crossing pages https://raptor.reboot-games.com <<< DOWNLOAD HERE! Lots here to play with, features and bugfixes will make their way into the next JagStudio update shortly, but the main ones here are: GD Functionality - Full access to Saint's JaguarGD device via the GDBios LSP - New sound engine from EricDe Splitscreen tilemaps are now supported Get coding!
  23. Is this some kind of horrific euphemism? The more often I read it, the worse it gets.
  24. Can we have a stable firmware with all the originally promised features before adding anything else?
  25. I wanted to post that I have sold the last of my stock that was for sale to Songbird. I want to move on to other ventures and needed some money to pay for a new sprinkler system. I wish them well in their venture. If anyone I have sold to has issues with any of their controllers down the road I am still always available to assist, please contact me at any time and I will do my best to help. Have a great 4th of July
  26. SUCCESS!! I got the board in today and assembled it. This board works. The full 320k of RAM showed up right away and it ran on my 600XL without a problem. SpartaDOSX worked fine with the extra memory and the installed RAMdisk was functional. The 74LS123 did the trick. SimChecker shows the 320k and banks, the RAM tests out, and most importantly it passes the M.U.L.E. test. The 74LS123 is in the lower right corner. Below it is a temporary 33pF capacitor as I came to the unfortunate realization that I don't have any surface mount capacitors of that size available and will have to order some. Oh, yeah, I didn't bother cleaning the flux off yet. lol I'll test this out on the 800XL but I don't foresee any problems as it's just changing from internal power to external power via a USB-C connector and a jumper. (The jumper is on the back of the board so as to make space for the LS123, and it's resistor and capacitor. Once I get the surface mount capacitor in I'll keep this board on my 600XL.
  27. There is a tiny performance cost to using a variable rather than a constant in an IF comparison. But it is truly tiny. Under a millisecond. However, the speed of a comparison involving a constant is proportional to its length. So while X=0 is faster than X=W (where W is undefined), X=999.9999 is slower than X=W, where W=999.9999. And yeah, _ and \ and @ and [ (among other things) are legit variables (if you want them to be) in good old TI BASIC and Extended BASIC. As a consequence of which, this is a functioning Extended BASIC program I wrote a while back, just to be perverse: 5 ON WARNING NEXT 10 ]\]=[/[ 15 [=[-]=] 20 DEF ]\(_)=(_)/[ 21 CALL CLEAR::ON ERROR 81::CALL SOUND(]\(),[\],]\],]\]) 22 CALL ERR([\,[\],[\],\]) 23 CALL HCHAR(]\([\])/[--[\],]\([\])/[--[\],\]-[\)::ON ERROR 22::PRINT::RETURN NEXT 81 ON ERROR 22 82 CALL SOUND(]\(),[\],]\],]\]) 119 CALL SOUND(]\(),[\],]\],]\]) 128 CALL SOUND(]\(),[\],]\],]\]) 130 CALL SOUND(]\(),[\],]\],]\]) 135 CALL SOUND(]\(),[\],]\],]\]) 139 CALL SOUND([-],[/[,[/[,]) 141 CALL SOUND([-],[/[,[/[,]) 147 CALL SOUND([-],[/[,[/[,]) 180 CALL SOUND([-],[/[,[/[,]) 188 CALL SOUND([-],[/[,[/[,]) 190 CALL SOUND([-],[/[,[/[,]) Which prints the following text. While containing no numeric or string constants, and no alphanumeric variables.
  28. I just uploaded another TiCodEd bugfix release 2.2.2 to https://lizardware.de/ Fixed numbering error with SUB/GOSUB lines Fixed endless loop when using comments after a "END ELSE BEGIN"
  29. Again, VERY sorry for the snafu with OwnCloud and issue with 500mb limitations. Let's make this MUCH easier: https://atari-cellar.net/Atari 8-Bit Preservation Archives/
  30. From Atari and developer Digital Eclipse, a new anthology coming to the VCS and other platforms in Q4 2022: Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration https://www.atari.com/games/50th-celebration/
  31. Yes, it's been years now, but I can finally call this game complete. Based on my playtesting and feedback from the ZPH show, I've made lots of changes and haven't come across any bugs. I am considering this the final version, the only exception would be bug fixes if any are found. Note that I have not yet tested this on real hardware with my Cuttle Cart 2, I plan on doing that this week. I use A7800 for emulation and it works perfectly with it. Gameplay has been adjusted to make it a little harder to earn money, and much less likely to roll the score over. You can roll over the score if your Credits go above $999,999. The game does not keep track of rollovers, I'm really just out of ROM space to develop a method to deal with that issue, the code is farily well optimized and I have 56 bytes remaining of 48K. Sorry this post is so long, but there were lots of changes and there are a lot of gameplay items to describe. I hope you enjoy it and Let me know if you do! Here are the changes: Intro/AA Logo screen added Title screen changed to use the skull graphic from David Exton's artwork (the old artwork was based on copyrighted work) Going to the Bank will now auto-fill the deposit/withdrawal numbers to the maximum allowed. Adjusting numbers by 100 is time consuming, but it has to stay that way, and this was added to assist with that. Your starting debt has been increased to $35,175. Your starting health has been decreased to 50, you will need to visit the doctor sooner if you get into a lot of fights. Going to the Lender will now auto-fill with a number very close to your total amount owed, again to decrease the time you need to spend adjusting the number. Backpack indicator now represents consumed space. "Backpack 30/50" means you own 30 items and your maximum number is 50. The maximum number of items you can purchase from the marketplace before you travel again has been adjusted, some items have a higher limit than others. Some prices have been adjusted, and some items fluctuate in price much more than others. A final ranking system has been included. It is based on the amount of money you have or the amount of money you have in the bank. You must pay off your debt to get a good ranking. Criminal gang encounters now give you a random amount of cash, rather than the fixed amount of $5000. Gaining Charisma no longer gives you free items from the merchant, however it does still reduce the amount of interest you pay to the Lender. Game Notes: Death Merchant: He randomly appears when travelling, it could be only once per game session, maybe more. He is the only way to purchase the larger backpack (additional 49 slots) and knives. Bank Interest: If you have any amount of money in the bank, you'll earn $500 a day in interest. If you have more than $10,000, you'll earn $1,500 a day in interest. Free Money! As a bonus, you might receive a bank loyalty bonus while travelling, and interest is gained on that same day! Knives: They are only used when fighting, and you may break or drop one. You must have at least 1 to enter a fight. You find them travelling or can purchase them from the Merchant. Dexterity: Dexterity increases your chances to win fights. You gain dexterity with each fight. Food: If it falls to 0, it drops your stamina an additional -1 per day. You can buy more food from the Merchant or rest at the safe house to acquire more food. Food is reduced by 3 every time you travel. Health: Losing all your health ends the game. Restore Health with the doctor Stamina: Restore Stamina and Food with Rest. You lose 2 stamina for travelling, and also in fights. If it reaches 0, you receive an additional health penatly and can't fight. The End: The game ends when you have played all 31 days, or your health reaches 0. Time expiring or death does not affect your final rank, it's based on your score when the game ends. Training: You will gain a +5 Dexterity bonus every time you train. The amount it costs is random, you can visit the trainer multiple times without travelling to try and get a better price. Buying and Selling: The prices are the same for buying and selling in the marketplace on the same day. There is no penalty for selling on the same day. The "Max" number will vary based on the vendor's inventory available, maximum limits on certain items, and the maximum amount of backpack space you have. The Max number is a guideline, in some cases it may represent the max amount you can afford, even if you don't have enough backpack space. You'll still be correctly limited when you attempt to purchase anything. I'm attaching the latest a78 and bin files, as well as the source code and graphics files needed to compile it. I updated the a78, bas, and bin files about 45 minutes after I made this post, and there had only been 2 downloads. I changed only one single graphical character, it was an extremely minor update. I simply forgot to make that little change before posting earlier. Edit: v1.21 makes some color changes to make everything display properly on a real TV with a real Atari 7800, as well as a few minor tweaks to item pricing and purchase limits. Edit: v1.22 fixes a bug I found on the Buy screen with purchase limits and backpack space. Edit: v1.23 fixes: There is now a message displayed on the Death Merchant screen when you can't afford something. One of the messages was being displayed on the wrong line, purely cosmetic. Adjusted requirements for achieving some rankings based on changes I made earlier today. "This is your last day" warning message now displays when your days remaining is 1. dm_gfx.zip DeathMerchant_1.2.a78 DeathMerchant_1.2.bas DeathMerchant_1.2.bin DeathMerchant_1.21.a78 DeathMerchant_1.21.bas DeathMerchant_1.21.bin DeathMerchant_1.22.a78 DeathMerchant_1.22.bas DeathMerchant_1.22.bin DeathMerchant_1.23.a78 DeathMerchant_1.23.bas DeathMerchant_1.23.bin
  32. This should be moved to the modern console forums as it has nothing to do with the classic Intellivision that we're here to talk about, just like the Atari VCS isn't in the 2600 forums.
  33. And I mean that from the coal-colored cockles of my teensy weensy heart. We all know how this merry-go-round ends up.
  34. The BackBit cartridge supports up to 1MB of ROM using the banking scheme of writing to 6000,6002,6004, up to 60fe.
  35. Some folks have expressed interest in the source enjoy RunesOfMoria_src.a
  36. Well obviously to show that the RAM is being scanned
  37. She happens to be not only a hero and role model for me in the entertainment business, in fact she is THE main reason why I stayed in it after S.M.F. broke up in 2002, but, I was also counting on her (since we're old high school classmates from our days at Erikson Center from 1982-84) to help me "get my foot in the door" when it came to the mainstream side of it, but, as you can see, I already announced my retirement at the end of this year (the first video), although one dead former German dictator wasn't too happy about it (second video) despite his own colleagues trying to both defend my career and also convince him otherwise that my career should've been legit.
  38. Hi, as Steve already confirmed, the boards are being burned. Anyway I didn't want to make any announcement until I had them in my possesion. I don't know when will I have them here either, so it is soon for me to make an official statement. Rest assured that as soon as I receive them I will let everyone know and ask to confirm the shipping address, etc. Thank you very much for your patience, everyone!
  39. I received two carts with my Evercade VS: Data East Arcade, and Technos Arcade. I like the Data East cart, but I wasn't impressed by the Technos cart, and haven't played it much. I normally don't care for street-fighting type games, but last night I sat down and tried The Combatribes... what a great game! Very simple controls: punch, kick, run, and jump. Move around. That's it. But.. it's a lot of fun! I was punching and kicking bad guys, throwing exploding motorcycles, etc. Nice cartoony artwork. After a while I looked at the clock and realized I'd been playing it for over an hour, and I needed to force myself to stop and get some sleep! I'm sure I'll be back at it tonight. In the arcade this would have been a real quarter-eater, but with the Evercade just keep pressing the coin button... the save state feature is very useful as well!
  40. A2600 Enduro 32 Just one game for me in either tracker this week. I'm on vacation in the UK and not finding/making time for video games.
  41. Almost forgot that I also played about 7 minutes of Megaman 3 for the NES and roughly the same of Robot Tank for the Atari 2600 as well as 2600 Spiderman for about 3 1/2 minutes! OOPS!
  42. Here are my times: Atari 2600: Q*bert- 6 minutes Wizard of Wor- 2 minutes The official Frogger (Supercharcher)- 3 1/2 minutes Laserblast- 3 minutes Kool-Aid Man- 5 minutes Lock N' Chase- 10 minutes MIllipede- 3 minutes Montezuma's Revenge- 3 minutes Entombed- 3 minutes Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back- 12 minutes Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle- 6 minutes Super Breakout- 10 minutes Game Boy: Mortal Kombat 2- 1 1/2 minutes Battletoads- 2 minutes NES: Arkanoid- 2 minutes NARC- 9 minutes Baby Boomer (Unlicensed)- 11 minutes Megaman- 5 minutes
  43. Despite my ham-fisted attempts at soldering, I have actually managed to get my wee beastie functional again!!! Initially thought I was unsuccessful, and was about to pop the replace the CPU when I decided to recheck the RAM sockets and noticed I'd completely missed a pin. Just need to test the keyboard, and give the bugger a damn good scrub. Thanks to all for your help and advice. I now have 3 function A8s and I'll be cracking on with a 65XE that arrived off eBay, non-working. Electronic repair virginity now lost for me... Regards Si
  44. Good thing you're lurking in this sub-forum then, seems like the perfect fit.
  45. Inspired by @ilmenit game: Adam Is Me, I was wander if I can do something similar in Pascal - write SDL2 game and run it on 8-bit relatively easily, so I learned the basics of SDL2 and checked what Free Pascal writing style would be portable for 8-bit. I already have my first experiences and would like to try it out more --- Below in attachment you found code and binary of the µSoukoban for A8, all 100 levels. The graphics are a mix of Robbo and Heartlight charset, music was taken from the examples for Mad Pascal. Game control: space - reset level, left/right arrow - change level, joystick. a8_sokoban-2022-06-27_22.48.04.mp4 sdl2_sokoban-2022-06-27_22.45.17.mp4 µSoukoban.xex pikoban_src.zip
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