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    This game was actually the reason I put a Carina BBS back up. Then I discovered Zenobia...... Amazing games.
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    This was an image of me calling DarkForce on monitor 1, while someone was calling SFHQ that I was monitoring on monitor 2. This was back in the day before the retro revolution, before retro BBSing was cool and one could go weeks or even months without a call to the BBS, so this was truly an interesting event.
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    I am so, so ticked off that I missed bidding on this one in an eBay lot recently. Congrats, this is indeed one of the most difficult to find!
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    Thank you so much for the screens.... to Serguel2 - ATASCII was only white/blue/monochrome.. there might have been some type of special color term but plain atascii was not...
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    Ah Kitt'N Kaboodle gets a mention here.
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    This is one of several welcome screens to the Basement BBS. The BBS randomizes the welcome screens so consecutive callers will see different welcome screens.
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    Shit! I think I had that exact same chair and desk.
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    Nice! Here's a game where the box and manual experience are more satisfying than the real thing!
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    info on StarLink (and yes, I know this post is ancient lol) Back in the day, I had an account on Telenet (not to be confused with telnet which is a terminal utility) ran by Sprint. This network when it existed in the US allowed people with computer modems to call into their network and connect via their packet network to another city where one can use the modem in that city to call BBS's or computer systems local to that area code (PC Pursuit). Tymnet had a similar service around the time they discontinued PC Pursuit entitled Starlink.
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    I've played worse. I'll definitely have to write a review on this one.
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    I don't remember specifically but it was around 60-70 dollars, I'm pretty sure the only reason I bought it was because it was ridiculously cheap.
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    Honesty anything will work. If you have a cheap MP3 Player you can also use that if you can get the audio tracks. They're easily available online and it's more reliable.
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    Scott and I had a ton of fun writing it!
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    One of the popular BBS games back in the day was Robowar. Here is a screen shot of Robowar II. You can play this game today at the Veteran Adventurer's Guild BBS (telnet address: bbs.sfhqbbs.org port: 3523)
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    Really would h ave loved to have seen one of those RatSoftXE BBS's
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    A welcome screen for Alcatraz BBS.
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    One of the welcome screens featuring the Basement Cat. Click here to check out the Basement Cat's tribute page.
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    One of the "Call for SysOp" screens on the Basement BBS.
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    I should have known better than to watch that... I may or may not have teared up.
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    Man this brings back memories. Had this on the family computer and spent many hours playing with our boys. 👍
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    Apparently, "rare and unique items" now include human infants.
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    Gotta love the box. Gramma looks exasperated.
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    Thanks Kosmic, It's a Mayflash adapter, allowing NES pads and SNES pads to be used on Wii and NES Classic.
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    I got sengoku , robot army, art of fighting running. Cps1 strider worked too
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    Indeed it is! I wanted something gamer-y for conventions that was a little more subtle (considering most of them just flat-out have 'gamer' written on them.) The flash washed out the starfield, it's done in colored rhinestones.
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    I wish I had just one wad of that TIGHTly packed money!
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    If it is working with no major hum, you MIGHT be okay. Just if the electrolytics go out, it will fry the power transformer in it. It's possible the radio was serviced at some time during its life and the electrolytics were at least replaced. Sometimes a radio will keep going fine as long as it is used once in a while. I am on this forum for radios. It's mostly Philco, but has an area for non-Philco radios as well and the people there can really help you or at least guide you in the right direction: http://www.philcoradio.com/phorum/
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    Ah, a Truetone sold by Western Auto! From what I have found out, you have a 1938 model D-699 and it seems the plastic knobs are the correct ones. Most 1938 models I am finding are usually built by Detrola for Western Auto, but yours appears to be from a different jobber. Still, those knobs are the correct era and all the other '38 models seem to be using those plastic or bakelite knobs. Shouldn't be too hard to find a couple more as other brands used those. My one word of caution, do not plug it in until you have it looked at by someone who knows how to repair these old radios!
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    Nice fab four. Everyone should have 'em. I need to add another Light Sixer to my collection. My heavy is a Sears Tele-Games model. BTW, love the game room. Your building quite the museum. Thanks for sharing your pics!
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    Would love to take the Delorean back to the '80s just for all of the available Atari stuff! Thanks for sharing.
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    Ha! I hope you managed to talk that jumper down.
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    Currently I'm not married. Although I must confess I have a live in girlfriend.
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