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  1. For the past nineteen months both myself and Ander have been working away on this project, and the time now feels right to kill off the old "Thrusty Thing" thead and move to a fresh new one, with an eye to the future of this game. Why now? Well, we recently hit a milestone in the game where all assets are now in place, things are locked in, and we feel we're in the home stretch on this one (at least a 6 month homestretch!) That isn't to say it is going to be released any time soon however, as a game of this scale will require quite a shakedown cruise with the testing team while we refine and tweak things - we are hoping for a late 2021 release. To commemorate this milestone we asked Sk1p to produce a teaser trailer for the game, which he has generously put together: The final game should feature: Sixteen unique worlds in four unique styles, with multiple missions on each world. Eight training simulator missions to familiarise players with the game and controls. Four unique boss encounters. Eleven licensed tracks from Roald Strauss, totalling over 32 minutes of music. Standard and Pro Controller (Recommended) support. On cartridge score saving and progressive unlocking of levels and features. Online scoreboards via QR code upload. Mission story-arcs and briefings written by Andrew Rosa (MC-TV) Jukebox for the awesome musical score. BJL Uploader and Jagtopus functionality. 6MB cartridge - currently we have over 35 MEGABYTES (280 MEGABITS!!) of data squished into a 'tiny' 6MB ROM. The aim at the outset for this title was to produce a commercial grade game for the system that could easily have sat on the shelves in the 90s alongside the other titles. We hope we will achieve this but that is, as always, up to you, the players, to decice. This is, by far, the most complicated game project I have worked on for the Jaguar. The engine features: A rudimentary physics system where your ships mass can change the environment. Many object types (mobile and land-based enemies, teleporters, refuelling pads, forcewalls, switches, etc) Environmental hazards that can impact on your ship. The entire level runs constantly regardless of where the player is in it (Full sandbox) Multiple objectives per mission. What we're calling 'insane detail' maps for each world (No tilemaps used, anywhere!) 16-bit colour, parallax, animated graphical environments locked to 60fps for fluid action. A scripting engine complete with procedural functions, allowing for rewarding, complex and dynamic enounters to be created. Full RAPTOR API 2.0 integration. If you see it here, you can do it with the API. U235-SE powered audio (Many thanks to Linkovitch for this library!) Ander's blog on itch.io can be found here: https://anderlex.itch.io/graviticmines We'll also be updating both here and via the page over at the Reboot website: https://www.reboot-games.com/rebootnews/gravitic-mines/ The original "Thrusty Thing" thread is now locked, but can be read here. Please feel free to discuss or ask questions below.. or just follow along for the ride. We cannot wait to share the final game with everyone! CJ / agradeneu
  2. As mentioned in the DragonKeep thread, smaller free releases is something I've wanted to get back to for a while, so here we are again. We're all still getting hammered in one way or another by COVID and all the other joys 2020 has wrought on the planet, so the sentiment stands that hopefully folks can have a few hours away from the real world with a new game and some fun. Announcing: BIOPEDE Biopede_Skunk_GD_v2.rom Biopede_Skunk_GD_v2.mrq Flash this to your Skunkboard or copy to your JaguarGD cart to play. As usual the ROM is locked to these devices. Sorry, but we all know why and we all wish it was otherwise. UPDATE: V2 Fixed a game over screen glitch if the game was started while the info screen with the sprites was displayed Biopede chunks that get turned to shrooms are worth 50pts if they are still there at the end of the level Changed the music replay rate from 16Khz to 24Khz (Yumm!) Added 4 new backdrops (More Yumm!) If the EEPROM becomes corrupted, hold 2+0 as the REBOOT logo fades in and it'll reset it A nicer MRQ with the BIOPEDE logo Based on the classic games "Centipede/Millipede" you must defend against waves of horrible Biopedes, Spiders, Butterflies, and the garden Skeleton (because every garden has a skeleton, ok?) - The beautiful princess will pop up if the shrooms start getting low in numbers. The music was created by Roald Strauss from https://indiegamemusic.com/ and is fully licensed for use. Logos: Sonik All other artwork for this was sourced from: https://opengameart.org Living Tissue: https://opengameart.org/content/living-tissue-background Grass Texture: https://opengameart.org/content/my-first-grass-texture Stone Hexagonal: https://opengameart.org/content/stone-hexagonal-background Backgrounds: https://opengameart.org/content/backgrounds-3 Shrooms: https://opengameart.org/content/micro-world-dlc-tileset Bullet: https://opengameart.org/content/lasers-and-beams Spider: https://opengameart.org/content/2d-spider-animated Princess: https://opengameart.org/content/miss-princess-animated-16x16 Cave: https://opengameart.org/content/fossil-cave Font: https://opengameart.org/content/bitmap-font-pack Skeleton: https://opengameart.org/content/tiny-16-expanded-character-sprites Butterfly: https://opengameart.org/content/butterfly I'd like to extend thanks and gratitude to the people of that site for giving their talents and time to the community. their talens! Change from Standard to Advanced on the options screen to add more enemies and other things into the game. There is a unique scoreboard for both modes. You can also change the controls to enable/disable inertia. Scores will be saved to EEPROM if available (Use the .MQR file for JagGD, or on a Skunkboard with a 2k EEPROM only - 128byte EEPROMs will not work) Many thanks to the testers, especially Sporadic and Saturn, for helping out with this one. ENJOY!
  3. I introduce The Lady, an ABBUC Software Contest 2020 game. I am happy to have partecipated in such an old competition organized by the club of which I am member. It's a simple game with very good graphics and tunes. Instructions A strong female gunsliger, known as the Lady, must fight and defeat three outlaws to survive. Press the right key before enemy shoots. Development Two years ago I noticed a nice C64 homebrew game called Tombstones (2017) by Megastyle (https://megastyle.itch.io/tombstones). I liked it and I tought I could do something similar. Atari 8-bit computers are 2.5 years older than C64 but nonetheless have some strenghts that I could have used, even considered the fact I am not a skilled coder. Thanks to 16 shades of one color graphics mode 9, I decided to make the game look like old black and white western films and a designed a smooth background. Taking advantage of A8 widescreen and overscan features, there's a "cinemascope" screen and duelist enter from sides. Atari sprites have a limited horizontal width but unlimited heigh. Therefore I asked @TIX if he could design tall characters. Konstantinos made ninety awesome 16x64 pixels 3 colors animation frames and smartly solved the problem of the deaths, not easy because of narrow sprites. Regarding music, I asked @miker to make Ennio Morricone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly main theme (https://youtu.be/rblUfXTkSLs). He always wanted to do it for Atari and in fact the result is really good. Recently the Italian composer, one of the greatest and most influential film composers of all time, passed away and we would like to honor him. Michal made victory and death tunes too. The game was programmed with @dmsc's FastBasic. Not only Daniel made an awesome new language, but he helped me when I was stuck. Sprites were made with @playsoft Atari Player Editor and tunes were composed with Raster Music Tracker (RIP Radek Sterba). The game ajusts speed for PAL and NTSC machines. This was a relaxed project, without deadlines, started on February 2019. On May 2020 the game was nearly finished therefore I decided to enter ABBUC Software Contest 2020. The project would never have been possible without AtariAge 8-bit computers forum, thanks @Albert! The game will be available for free at the end of ABBUC Software Contest 2020 (November 14).
  4. warning, mild political humor involved. 🤣 Even half dead, I will refuse to drop my sarcasm or sense of humor.
  5. Cool, nurse just told me, Magnesium is back to normal.
  6. Unfortunately there were not many RPGs for the Atari Jaguar (I am only aware about one e.g. Towers II) This is hopefully about to change in the future with the addition of this tile (current working tile: Kings of Edom) I am glad to announce a rouge-like RPG that I have been working sporadically between my other game releases. This will probably take a little bit more time to complete, as it turned out to be more complex to develop compared to my previous titles (available at: http://tjocktv.se/shop/) The levels are randomly generated every time you play a new game, so this will guarantee a good replay value for this game. You can always go back to a previous level (as long as you are still alive), all monsters defeated will stay defeated, and all items picked up will be gone. Note that currently there is no sound in the game, but you can see in the battle animations if an attack hits the opponent (e.g. if the hit animation is played). Far from all attacks are successful, this will be even more noticeable with the correct sound effects to be added. Also you can see at the bottom of the screen a message for each event that occurs in the game e.g. if an attack is successful, how much damage it did, what items you picked up etc.
  7. I've decided to put together the result of my work on my picture colorizer. What started out as a way to produce a nice looking picture for PoP turned into a more generic colorizer... So here's a 19 pictures slideshow aptly named: "Piccolo A8". Most pictures come from the C64 and were more or less faithfully converted by myself (It's not an automated process and it can actually be quite painful). I've thrown in a tune by Makary played with Dmsc's music player. On the technical side, it's just regular mode4 with color and PMGs changes per scanline. Colors can be changed mid scanline but I've never actually used it. I planned to used PMGs changes mid scanline but I figured it would be too slow to be useful most of the time. I also considered implementing the PMG stretch bug described by Phaeron but it felt too restrictive to be useful. I will release the converter sometime in the future... The cart is in Atarimax 128KB format and works in PAL and NTSC. v1.0 piccoloA8_slide.zip -------------------------------------------------------------------------- v1.1 piccolo_slide_v11.zip I added 2 new pictures and removed one so the total is now 20 and the cart is almost fully used! I also added a 2nd tune: "Pro BMX sim" by Matt Gray, turned into a pretty cool Pokey-Sid version by Emkay.
  8. Hello everyone, I am working on a retro text adventure called "Tristam Island", which will be released on 34 platforms, including all Atari 8-bit computers and the Atari ST. (I'm cross posting this in the Atari ST forum, let me know if this is bad form...) I released a free demo a few days ago at hlabrande.itch.io/tristam-island-demo. It's about 90 minutes of gameplay (~1/4 of the game). After a plane crash in the middle of the Atlantic, you wash up on the shore of a deserted island - which, as it turns out, was inhabited decades ago, and holds many secrets... If you like the demo, or want to support the project, you can preorder the game at hlabrande.itch.io/tristam-island ; the full game comes out on November 20th. Let me know if you have any questions! And feel free to post pictures of it running on real hardware, I always love to see that Thanks!
  9. I recently redesigned WOR sprite-set, to something more closely resembling the arcade, the limitations are heavy, the sprites are 8x8 square pixels, so very challenging to get something recognizable.. never the less I'm very happy with the end result ! It's currently impossible for me to hack them into the game, so I leave them here just in case someone is interested to deal with them Atari C64 Mine
  10. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We will be holding an Intellivision Amico SPECIAL LIVE EVENT this Saturday, 10/10 at 10:10am pacific time on the Intellivision YouTube channel. Major news! New hardware video! New game footage! Contests! Prizes! New demo to play! Live Q&A! And secrets revealed! You won't want to miss it! Here's the LINK: https://youtu.be/2uumYPXXnD8 Set a YouTube REMINDER now so you won't forget.
  11. The Concerto will be ready soon! A run of boards is on the way. While these boards are on the way to me, I am wrapping up some things in firmware. It will be available in limited numbers at first, so that I can manage the release and don't have a large backlog. Concertino isn't ready yet, as development on it has been put on hold until the release of Concerto, so I have time to focus on it.
  12. I've been busy on twitter doing updates about the Atari Jaguar and CD combo unit I've been working on. I thought I'd update people who don't really use Twitter on one of the first major milestone I've reached. https://photos.app.goo.gl/imgZJH63REHoe4bW6 You can follow the progress on my Twitter feed. https://twitter.com/jagfumes?s=09 I'm happy to answer any questions people might have.
  13. Who? It's Agent USA's little cousin. This time he wears a baseball cap. And the action takes place in Germany (BRD=German Abbreviation of FRG=Federal Republic of Germany). He has to collect Wi-Fi symbols and battery power to feed his mobile phone. And the villain ... is not a mad TV-set as back then in the 80's (when TV was the menace to youth) but ... a crazy smartphone! 127 cities to visit, 2 train types to ride, infobooths, your own mobile phone giving away hints where the villain is (provided you have network connection - not always the case in rural areas...) Stand by more more info on the game which is to be released soon - it's an entry to the ABBUC software contest, therefore I can't release the game yet, but give you some teasers! And not only the game is to come, but also a collectors edition. Colorful box, disk, printed 4c instruction booklet, ID card, a tiny secret translation booklet (not every agent speaks German...but with this booklet he will be able to play the game), map and possibly more gadgets.
  14. Concerto itself will be available very soon, like this month! HOKEY may be a while. In the meantime, you can use your own POKEY ship or try one of the other POKEY replacement options.
  15. Hello all, It's been a while, but I am ready to share the latest demo of Robotron: 2084 for the 2600. There are literally hundreds of changes since the last build so I won't list them all, but I can say that this is about 99% done with the main focus now on game play difficulty ramping. Major changes: The name has been changed to "RobotWar: 2600". 2 player alternating mode has been added (disabled in the demo) 2 player co-op has been added: 2 players each control a mutant (purple and orange) using their own controller. The 2 players share the score and # of reserves. A maximum of 4 missiles total are active for both players (they share the # of missiles). This is done to balance out the difficulty. Working together as a team you can quickly figure out ways to overcome this 'limitation' When 1 mutant is hit, he will stay on the screen and flash. The other mutant can revive him by making contact with him. At this point, the 'revived' mutant is invincible for 1 second so they can escape to a safe area (note that they cannot rescue humans during this time). If the other mutant is hit before rescuing the first mutant, a life is lost. A mutant can be rescued once per wave. If a mutant is hit twice, they will disappear for the remainder of the wave. Enemies track both players when they are active. When a mutant is disabled (or removed), all enemies will then track the remaining mutant. Both mutants are revived at the start of the next wave. A '+' sign appears before the player's initials in the high score table to indicate that this score was achieved in a co-op game. Control schemes supported: 1 joystick with no autofire (left difficultly on B) In this mode, use the left joystick to move your player and press the button to fire in the current direction. You can continually fire in one direction by holding down the joystick button and move in another direction. To fire in a different direction, release the button and move in the new direction you wish to fire and then press the button. To fire in place (fire without moving), center the joystick and hold down the button. You can then fire in any direction by moving the joystick in that direction (your player will not move). Release the button to move your player. If you have a Genesis controller connected, you can press the second button to fire backwards (opposite direction that your player is currently firing). 1 joystick with autofire (left difficulty on A) This is similar to the no-autofire mode except your player automatically fires in the current direction (no need to press the button) If you have a single button controller: To change the fire direction, press the button and move the joystick to the new direction. Release the button to continually fire in the new direction. You can also "fire in place" by centering the joystick and pressing and holding the button. In this mode, you must fire by moving the controller in the direction you wish to fire (your player will not move). Note that your player will not fire if the button is held down and the joystick is centered. If you have a Genesis controller (gamepad) connected: Press Button B to rotate the fire direction counter clockwise Press Button C to rotate the fire direction clockwise To change the fire direction, press both Button B and C together and move the joystick to the new direction. Release the buttons to continually fire in the new direction. You can also "fire in place" by centering the joystick and pressing and holding both buttons B and C. In this mode, you must fire by moving the controller in the direction you wish to fire (your player will not move). Note that your player will not fire if the buttons are held down and the joystick is centered. 2 joysticks (preferred, left difficulty on B) If you have 2 joysticks, you can use the left joystick to move your player and the right joystick to fire, just like the arcade. There is no special settings that need to be done to enable 2 joystick mode since the buttons aren't used. Note that you can also play a co-op game by having one player move and the other player fire! QuadTari support has been added so that both players can each use 2 joysticks in a co-op game or 2 player alternating game (the QuadTari is an adapter being developed that allows you to connect up to 4 joysticks to the Atari, available in late 2020/early 2021) High score saving to Atarivox has been added (disabled in the demo) The player can select the wave they want to start at at the beginning of the game (01-40). (for the demo, you can select to start at wave 01 or wave 11 only) Full animated intro story with scoring added (only first 2 pages available in demo). The demo is full functional with the following features disabled (they have all been implemented and will be included in the full version): 2 player alternating play mode is disabled High score saving to Atarivox is disabled Player can only select starting wave 1 or wave 11 for a 1 player game (in the full version players will be able to select waves 01 - 40) Once 10 levels are complete, the game wraps back to the starting level. The scoring instruction screen only shows the first two pages of instructions. I estimate the game to be about 98% done (7 bytes left!) and we're shooting for a release in the AtariAge store sometime in early 2021. Here is a playable demo if you would like to download it and give it a try. It works on real hardware (recommended), the latest version of Stella and Stellerator, and will also work on the Retron77 with the latest community build. It will *not* work on the Flashback Portable. Also, it should be noted that the ROM will not work on very old Harmony carts as it uses a part of the ARM that contains a bug in older revisions. If there is a demand for it, I may try to put together a build that can work on old Harmony carts with some features disabled (the issue is that the ARM feature is required for the later levels when there are 100+ enemies on screen 😕 ). Of course, the released cart will contain the latest Melody board which will work on all Atari 2600 models. Any feedback is appreciated! Have fun! John robotwar_20201004_demo_NTSC.bin robotwar_20201004_demo_PAL60.bin
  16. Time to update. The redesigned PCB was launched and mostly programmed, unfortunately I made a mistake and I have to correct it again. The photo shows a few cables that I had to save the situation There was an additional expansion connector that I used for the module from YM2151. Yes, Dragonfly handles Yamaha just like the XM does. The YM2151 module will be available separately as an option. The proof below: In the meantime, I designed the case, this is what it looks like now: It took a while to fix the power connector problem, but it turned out fine. This is what Dragonfly looks like running in the console. Initial valuation at today's exchange rate; - Dragonfly basic version (without Pokey and YM2151) - 350PLN / $93 - Pokey Max - 160PLN / $42 - YM2151 module - 100PLN / $26 Worldwide shipping will probably be $ 25 / $ 6.5, but I have yet to check it out. When Pokey Max is installed, the Dual Pokey feature will be available at $0440 and Covox at $0430. Interrupts from Pokey and YM2151 are also available. The USB connector is based on the FT232, so drivers for it are available for every operating system. Due to different power supply standards, no power adapter will be attached to the cartridge, the required voltage is 9V and a current of min. 1.5A, connector 5.5 / 2.1 plus inside.
  17. Hi Folks!, Lots of catching up to do as the past few weeks have been focused on putting out a lot of cool stuff for the upcoming 10/10 date! Definitely going to be some cool surprises! I saw that someone posted the Romper.com article. They are HUGE for family/moms/kids, etc. MILLIONS of folks paying close attention and really invested into the content on that site. When we launch in April... you'll be seeing things like this times 1000... all over the world. Now imagine things like a partnership, advertising, special offers/deals, influencers, etc. with a website like that.... or a HUNDRED websites like that! Even though we are 7 months from launch... we are starting to get non-gamers and families knowing about us. Dad 2.0 starts today... like Mom 2.0, we have a booth (virtual) are doing talks & roundtables, focus group testing, meeting with big influencers and sponsors in that space, etc. Here are 2 separate articles that just came out on Moms.com It doesn't get any better than this! https://www.moms.com/amico-gaming-console-details/ https://www.moms.com/amico-video-game-console-family/ Looking forward to sharing a LOT more articles like this in the future. I'm hoping some folks here will start to understand our strategy at this point. TIMING for this kind of stuff is very important and sometimes crucial. We didn't want to start down this path in the summer (when we were going to with a 10/10 launch)... because at that time (as you're all aware) we were still uncertain if we were going to be able to launch in October. As you all know (and which I always said since February) that we wouldn't be able to really make that decision until the middle or end of summer. Now that we're back on track, we have even more time to ensure our target audience is aware of us and get them excited about the possibilities. Isn't it great and interesting that GoGramGo (live podcast from last night with @gogamego's mom) doesn't mind the $249 price point because all of the games are $9.99 or less? Read the moms.com articles as well. 2 controllers, ability to hook up to 8, no violence/bad language/sexual content, all games $9.99 or less, comes with at least 6 free games, no internet required, easy set-up, super easy to understand controls, no microtransactions, no online play. THOSE are the things that real people are talking about. THOSE are the things that NO OTHER video game console is currently doing. Did any of those articles talk about "graphics"? Did any of them say "these look like flash games from newgrounds". Did any of them say... "Who is this for?". Did any of them say... "Why buy this when you can get a Nintendo Switch instead?". Was there any talk of "But for $50 more I'll be able to get a Series S." Of course the answer is no. And for those non-believers... maybe it's time to start waking up and realizing that maybe the world doesn't revolve around you or your tastes or your opinions. We still MUST deliver a great product and fun games. That doesn't change and will never change. That is all 100% on us. If it's not fun to play... then we fail and we can only blame ourselves. And I can tell you that the data we have (and every person who have ever played it) absolutely loves it. So things are looking very good in that category. Time will tell... but I'm loving our chances. 🏆🥰🚀
  18. So, it's time for another release of Stella. This one has a few bugfixes reported in the 6.2 thread, as well as some feature requests too. And a few new features here and there. Changelog as follows: As usual, Stella can be downloaded from https://stella-emu.github.io/downloads.html, and donations are welcome at https://stella-emu.github.io/donations.html. Bugs can be reported here, but ideally on Github at https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/issues. Have fun.
  19. This demo requires SAMS. There is a new maze, new wall textures, and lots of new monster textures borrowed from Buzzkill's 32x32 tileset for Angband. I have replaced the gun with a compass, and if you view the map you only see the areas you have visited. The monsters are harmless for now, so the only challenge to complete the 'game' is to find your way to the bottom left corner. P. S. I have not done anything yet to optimize the drawing of 'sprites'. texcaster8.bin
  20. I'm pleased to announce that Millie and Molly 7800 has gone gold and the game is fully tested and complete 😁 Huge thanks again to Mike, Bobby, Robert and Steve for their dedication to help complete Millie and Molly 7800 and to Carleton Handley and his team for allowing us to bring their game to our platform. It's a great joy to do this stuff with you guys.
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    Please refrain from making religious or politically-related posts to AtariAge. This includes status updates, posts, signatures, and so forth. Thank you.
  22. New update time! I've recorded some new footage showing the current game state. Crumbs is now in its final stages of development before i move it over to testing There's still some levels to create, minor bugs to address and a couple of other features i'd like to get in. The video shows some of the progression of the Campaign, played in the first level (House). There are now powerups and stuff but they aren't really featured in this video. Below is some general blurb on the game and how i've laid out the progression. Crumbs! is a new game from Sporadicsoft for the Atari Jaguar console. Run around the levels and collect all the Crumbs while avoiding the Ghosts. The game features Campaign and Arcade style games. The levels are organised into houses with 4 floors per house. There's a new map per House and each of the floors represent the difficulties. There are 3 tools you can use to help detect the proximity of the Ghosts; - Red wall glow (The walls glow red around the Ghosts' radius) - Radar (The top of the screen shows a radar indicating where the Ghosts are in relation to you) - Heartbeat (Your heartbeat speeds up as the Ghosts get closer!) There are 5 powerups to collect and use at your will (they persist between levels); - Speed up (player runs faster!) - Show map (handy for harder difficulties where the map is hidden by default) - Longer lasting power pill - Lights on (Hide the Ghosts and avoid getting caught) - Freeze Ghosts CAMPAIGN Work your way through all the houses to clear them. The map layout changes for each house and the difficulty changes for each floor in a house. You only have to clear 1 floor to move to the next house but to achieve a high score and rewards you should try and clear the entire house (all floors). Campaign progress is saved to the cart; Houses unlocked, floors cleared in all houses, power ups collected, current score, lives and maximum Arcade level unlocked. ARCADE Choose a difficulty level and progress though that floor in each of the houses in turn. The starting level can be chosen as you unlock them in the Campaign. DIFFICULTY LEVELS - Easy - Map always visible. Good for learning the House map. - Medium - Map only visible when power pills eaten. - Hard - Map always hidden. Collectables not shown on radar. Reduced distance of Ghost red wall glow. - Nightmare - Map always hidden. Dark play area (walls hard to navigate) - Only ghosts shown on radar. Further reduced distance of Ghost red wall glow. Highscores are all saved to cart; 1 scoreboard for Campaign and 4 for the separate Arcade difficulties.
  23. 2020-10-23 edition: Couple of 80-column cards, the Bit-3 and the Atari 1090 80CVC. New disk drive stuff: Atari 815, Percom AT88-S1, and Percom AT88-SPD. Some specific firmware revision related behavior for the 1050, Indus GT, and Percom RFD. 1050 diagnostic commands. How various drives respond to read commands when no disk is inserted (turns out a couple return NAK!). Hopefully everything in the doc is OK. I had a failed attempt to upgrade to LibreOffice 7 which I had to roll back because it was way too buggy, and it autosaved with several drawings damaged that I had to manually fix in LibreOffice 6.3 again. The attached copy is the same as the updated file on my website. HWMan-20201023.pdf
  24. We have closed our Shopify store. If happen to have it bookmarked, it will probably be reachable for another week or so, but has no inventory. It DOES have a link to our eBay store, however. As part of this, we have upgraded our eBay presence to an eBay store, which allows filtering of the view of our offerings. We have replaced the home page at blueskyrangers.com and it has easier links to our history site ( history.blueskyrangers.com ) and our eBay store as well as to Intellivision Entertainment and Artovision, both of which have some Intellivision-related product. I am still working (sometimes) on moving the old content to the new pages. If there is something in particular that you notice as missing and would like me to prioritize it, please let me know. What is missing is mostly the unreleased stuff, and non-Atari M-Network stuff. I also welcome any issues you notice elsewhere on the site.
  25. Monarch butterfly, 68 colors. amarok_butterfly.xex
  26. This past weekend, I introduce my son to Biplanes, Battle Tanks, and Armor Battle on my ps2 with Intellivision Lives. I let him a good 5 minutes to understand the control of the plane before I begin to play againts him. He's 9 years old, and it was not easy for him to understand "stall" and that he need to take some speed to control the plane ! But I was not hard on him, and a lots of times I make my plane stall and crashed. Also crashing in the tower while I was trying to hit him. ( Could be cool for Amico when you hit the tower a couple of times to see it crumble ! ) He was laughing out loud, even when his plane lost control ! It was a lot of fun. After that, we tried Battle Tanks. It was easier for him. First we played without the bouncing ball (realism). After that, with bouncing balls it was really fast for the two of us to die ! Finally, Battle Armor, one of the original game to hit stores at launch ! 200 different maps ! Our expectations were high ! It was a little pointless to have 2 Tanks each at the same time on the map, and there was much less place to avoid the shots. For several reasons, we preferred Battle Tanks. We played almost one hour ( 3 games ) and my son really appreciated it. I am happy to have a 9 years old boy that want to play games that was made 40 years ago ! Next step he will make is top 10 from the last gameplay trailer ! We can't wait to play Amico's games !
  27. Just to have a central place to keep questions and news about my contribution, I've started this thread. "Saberman" already created a video: ...and on the Abbuc forums is a "Hall of Fame"-thread: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=10533 ...currently showing a high score of 34, which is very good, as mine was only 29. Anybody else got more points?
  28. Long timers here will know in the early days I beat everybody down with endless financial talk. The reason why was I evaluated Intellivision Entertainment like I would any startup. Here is what you look for 1) passion; 2) experienced team; 3) a solid business model and 4) sufficient funding. There is no question Tommy is super passionate and that is necessary for a startup. It is an intense grind and you can see the crap he has to put up with. Passion carries you though all of that. His team Mike Mika, Hans Ippisch, David Perry, Phil Adams, etc. plus now J Allard - is about as good as your could hope for with a video game startup. Their business model was better than I thought it was originally with low game dev costs, relatively low hardware costs and a better than 70% split on eStore revenue sales. So check, check, check. Now lets look at financing. This is harder because Intellivision is small and privately held but just going from public info you can easy find that they did an initial series A for 3.7 million dollars. That is 'open the doors' money, that initial seed capital to start the venture and begin the process to attract more investors. Now comes my opinion, take with a shaker of salt - but I do have 25+ years of business experience & a masters in economics & finance. After that I look for the the 'smell of money' to estimate further investment. Tommy himself lives in a multi million dollar home & drives a Ferrari and so could contribute some funding, but I doubt he is the primary funding source (not unusual, he is primarily the 'mover' not the 'money'). One of the biggest money smells is David Perry who is on the board and is an investor. He was co-founder of Gaikai which sold to Sony for $380 million. That is a significant cash out and could easily provide seed money for a startup like Intellivision. Next Tommy made an investor tour last winter. This took him to Dubai, India & China to meet investors and work on deals. The whole Dubai & India link with Intellivision, I suspect, has a lot to do with Sumeet Aggarwal (who is based out of both regions) and regional investors he may have helped bring to the table. Also I have seen comments to the tune that Intellivison shouldn't be paying J Allard 'a big salary' just to make them look good. I would be amazed if J Allard didn't pay Intellivision for an investment chunk or at minimum took a stock deal to join (i.e. zero out of pocket expenses for IE). These Internet 'experts' have no idea how the startup scene works. In addition, this low or no pay likely applies to many of the top management positions at Intellvision, this is normal for a startup. It is big red flag for investors if startup management taking a big chunk out of payroll - commitment question marks immediately fire off. Investors want to invest in big products, not big payroll. Finally lets look at financial needs. Launching a new console isn't cheap. Hardware development costs for something like this would be significant. Actually not so much for the console, which can rely somewhat on existing ARM designs, but the controllers are pure 'from scratch' and very unique. I would estimate $3 million+ in hardware design, at minimum, and most of that cost comes front loaded in making the console. Besides the hardware you need custom software for the OS and firmware. That is another huge chunk (multiple $100,000 CA engineer salaries x 3+ years). BTW when a business prices out a salary you always need to add 20% or more to what the job listed rate is. Why? payroll taxes and benefits. A $80,000 a year position costs a company $100,000 a year roughly. Then you have other expenses like rent, prototyping, HR, payroll, supplier/vendor relations, testing, etc. over about 3 years now. Next you get to the games, 30 games at $100,000 each dev cost is $3,000,000, 50 games is $5,000,000. However we aren't done with games, IE needs a fair amount in licensing. You think Hotwheels & Sesame Street is cheap or would say 'just pay us when you sell the games' for a system with a zero install base? No, you are paying up front AND you are paying when you sell the games. Finally you need a marketing budget, which Tommy has long stated is $10,000,000. If you add all of that up the funding for IE is probably somewhere between $20 and $35 million dollars. Now lets look the 'crowd funding' pre-orders. I am going to round them up to an even 13,000. Then you multiply by the $100 deposit and you get $1.3 million dollars. That isn't chump change BUT that also wouldn't cover a fraction of game dev costs, or hardware dev costs or even much of payroll at this point (I think Tommy said his current burn rate is like $300,000 a month). Either way the preorders are roughly 1/3 the SERIES A (initial) funding - assuming Intellivision never raised another dime. However if you combine Series A with the Fig Funds you get $9,490,000 which is 7 times greater than this 'crowd funding' amount. Again this is ONLY counting the published investment amounts and assumes Intellivision has no other investors. Of course I am just a brainless Tommy fanboy and have put no thought or research into this at all, unlike the rest of these Internet natural born geniuses, so just disregard everything I have said. 🙄
  29. Before I make another run of nipples, I need to finish my new 7800 device, that will blow the Vox out of the water, with 44KHz MP3 playback, controlled via the joystick port, but no external speakers required. I can post a preview of the proto I was working on, it doesn't even have blood all over it.
  30. I am happy to announce that ZOMBIE MADNESS, an all new version for 2020, is now available and for sale. We are accepting orders! The story: One Halloween morning, your son crashes the lawnmower into the neighbor’s shed. Strangely, the neighbor doesn’t seem mad, but he gives your son a juju. This results in your house being invaded by zombies! One at a time, you must carry your family members downstairs to the exits of the house. If a zombie touches you, you’ll have to eat some human flesh to survive. (Sorry, family!) Play as Dad or Mom, or have a friend join you and play together in simultaneous two-player action! What will you do? Save your family or eat their flesh... It’s up to you! What's new: ZOMBIE MADNESS was programmed by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez. He has created many games for the Mattel Intellivision, including SPACE RAID and PUMPKIN MASTER, and many more. Óscar originally created and offered a version of ZOMBIE MADNESS for free ( as a .ROM file ) in October 2019. He has improved and polished the game! New features include: Expanded game play, a simultaneous two-player mode, more music, more nice house furniture, and a "miniboss" Buy just the game cartridge and manual, or you can buy the game cartridge and manual and box and overlay! Please note that the game cartridge and manual are being sold as one package being offered by tim duarte. The box and overlays are being sold as a separate package that is being offered by steve jones. So if you want the game cartridge and manual and the box and the overlays, you will be making two separate purchases. To order, and for more information.... please visit the ZOMBIE MADNESS web page at: http://www.2600connection.com/features/zombie/zombie.html Please note that we are still waiting for the high-quality cartridge labels to arrive, so the game cartridge and manual will not be shipped until later in the month. I do not have an exact timeframe as of today. However, I wanted to open up the option for buyers to make purchases and I will provide updates from time to time. Boxes and overlays are ready to be shipped. Also please note that 100 cartridges have been made. 100 manuals have been printed. These do not have serial numbers. Based on previous game sales, only 80 boxes and 80 overlay sets have been made. I would like to say and give a big "thank you" to: Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez for creating and programming the game Mark Thompson for creating and printing the manual and play-testing the game Steve Jones for creating the box and the overlay and the cartridge label and play-testing the game Joe Zbiciak for producing the game cartridges ENJOY! Tim Duarte
  31. Busted, double perma-ban. Bye bye. I thought kids were smarter these days.
  32. Greetings mates, lovers of Atari, Some years ago I acquired a never used, a brand new (non opened box), Atari STE computer. That is really a great machine, heavily underrated machine. Quickly I update it with 4 MB SIMM RAM modules... and I started on the search about how to program for it using C language... some time after I reached this state: This demonstration illustrates many of AGT libraries features, such fast sprite drawing routines, frame slipping, smooth scrolling and dualfield colouring technique, in order to increase the number of colours far beyond 16 usual ones. It is designed and running on a standard 8 MHz Atari STE with 4 MB RAM at 50 frames per second. Loading from diskette is granted, but hard drive or new sd card reader for extended joystick port is easier and recommended. Due to games developed on this way requires plenty disk space; this demo loads up to 3.1 MB of data, 512 KB of them are used for music and fx effects, other 512 KB are needed to store the extremely detailed NeoGeo quality level map graphics; the rest of them are for sprites; where many animations are not yet programmed, but these frames are being loaded. Sound is completely based on digital sound samples, mixed in a Real-Time manner; 3 voices at 12,5 KHz, arcade sound quality. The Yamaha YM2149 is not used in this example. Original game code is not used here. Game code is programmed on C language using STE oriented libraries, the digital audio mixer is written on 68k assembly. Original Metal Slug name, graphics and sounds/musics are property of their respective owners.
  33. I agree entirely, it does seem to be the dawning of a new age for the 7800. The software WIPs I'm seeing are simply amazing, but these new hardware developments are completely unexpected. Hardware is always a lot more messy than software will ever be; it involves a lot of up front cost, R&D, specialized equipment, failed attempts as the problem space is revealed, weird consoles giving you heartache, and the occasional pissy customer who expects perfection from their hobby wares. Taking all of that stuff into account, I have little doubt that batari or CPUWIZ haven't broken even on their numerous hardware contributions to the scene. In an interview Curt said he would be losing money for each XM unit shipped. While I always hope for any project to bring in a big profit, at the very least rj1307 isn't really getting paid properly for his time. Once the hardware projects are out, the contribution from these guys get tends to become invisible. When a new game comes out, nobody thinks of the flash cart that was instrumental to development of that game, or the engineering that was put into the cart hardware, without which the game probably wouldn't have been written in the first place. Today happens to be Canadian Thanksgiving, and you amazing hardware guys are certainly in my thoughts. You kick ass. 👍
  34. I removed the post in extremely poor taste about Curt's house that also revealed his address. I also kicked the user out of this thread. If I see anything like that again, I will simply ban the individual responseible from AtariAge permanently without warning. ..Al
  35. Serengeti 26 colours. drpeter_Serengeti.xex
  36. Here's the release of v1.0 of Pokey Explorer! Pokey Explorer is a tool to explore all possible register combinations of the Atari 8-bit Pokey chip. Here's the source, and some kind of manual This originated in this thread, where you can see how it came to be, and why There are two binaries. One for PAL and one for NTSC, because the sweep timing is different (edit: and the tuning notes are different!) Have fun and explore Please report any bugs you find. pokeyexp-v1.0-ntsc.xex pokeyexp-v1.0-pal.xex
  37. Hi there Atari community, Kaz has prepared video promo of LiteRally, which is now available to purchase
  38. I can't think of a sub-community I'm part of that doesn't have "that one guy", or a few far more out there on their own limb than everybody else. I wouldn't let a hyper-advocate dissuade interest in something any more than I'd let a fixated naysayer speak for my concerns or disagreements. Neither make "their side" look particularly stand-out, but then again neither speak for a side. Their antics are unattractive to most viewers. I look forward to April when the machine launches. All of the sideshow, the relentless whatabouts and pursuit of drama; all of the "bombshell" videos that, frankly, I have a hard time discerning from manufactured flak cranked out to waste people's time, fall on deaf ears. The only thing tangible that emerges is whether people play and enjoy the machine and its games. That's it. If it's at all an enjoyable experience to players, then the system will grow a normalized community who make videos and share and invariably bury the fringe with the cringe-worthy slurs and attacks. If it turns out to not be enjoyable, then you and most everyone else will move on. I tend to enjoy a good bit of Amico content, but then again I've resorted to filtering out a lot of what seems suspect to me, and ignore a handful of repeat offenders, until their periodic name change. I'd rather enjoy the things I like and not be bogged down by those eager to prove the old adage, "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things."
  39. I have sent off the final release version of my new game Cavern Fighter for the original un-expanded ColecoVision. 30 years in the making, it is a conversion of the last title I was working on for the Spectravideo and MSX, that never got released. It is of course heavily inspired by one of my favourite arcade games, Scramble. It has six different stages and three difficulty levels, giving every player a reasonable challenge. It really pushed the original hardware to the line, I was literally down to the last couple of bytes of Ram left. I thought I would give it a decent play through on real hardware to give everyone a decent look at the game play. It will be available to purchase from the CollectorVision website in a few weeks time, once the box and manual have been completed.
  40. Hello everyone! Today we are in a joyful mood, since we can finally offer you our new game: Fantasy Puzzle. It's a puzzle game that takes up the universe of Maria, our previous title on the console. The playability is close to that of a puyo puyo but with its specificities. As usual we offer you a deluxe version, full of small additions that we hope will be nice! https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/accueil/70-fantasy-puzzle-deluxe-edition.html
  41. im Japanese and i know some about A8 computers in those days. firstly, most seller of A8 computers in Japan which could be seen in early to mid 80's are of direct import. the price 200,000 yen was $800 in exchange rates of the day. and in that period, Namco was close business partner of ATARI. so their arcade hits of 80's use ATARI font as default. especially, legendary creator Masanobu Endo (father of most of popular titles in early 80's. except for Pacman.) preferred to use ATARI's 8bit computer as dev machine even after arcade mobo became 16bit system. as personal/home computer of overseas in Japan, Apple ][ was most renown and taken as "western standard" for being primal platform which holds tons of advanced games over wide variety of serious genres. Adventure, War, and especially CRPG including original Wizardry AND Ultima. so, in most case, those small import company/shop had been selling Apple ][ computers along with ATARI or Commodore machines. (active shops were Pineapple 6502, Robin Denshi, Akiduki Densho, Ike Shop and so on.) but price of Apple ][+ was around 450,000 Yen to 600,000 Yen ($1,800 to $2,500 !!) which could have seen in magazine ads. (of course there were several cheap knock-off compatible mobos/kits sold only for one tenth of the price, like 39,800 Yen.) later in 1983, Apple had made partnership with Cannon and Cannon became official seller. thereafter the price had been going down but Apple //c still should have been 198,000 Yen in 1986 if my memory was correct. Commodore as well had tried to entering Japanese home/hobby computer market, but retreated after the failure to promote MAX Machine in 1982. even though it's retail price was reasonably cheap 34.800 Yen = $139. (Max Machine is known as Ultimax in western nations. code name was VIC-10, an enhanced VIC-20 with sprite and hardware scroll which are compatible with C64. but was literally Toy Computer of Rom cartridge driven due to much smaller RAM size.) in early 90's, when i had been checking AMIGA, i found several shops still selling ATARI 8bit computers. but price kept ridiculously high. 'twas like 120,000 to 168,000 Yen ($480 for 600XL/65XE to $672 for 800XL/130XE)... again, only for stock machine. while shop price of Japanese personal/hobby computers were... X68000 XIV was 258,000 yen (= $1032), each of older 8bit Big 3 (PC-88FA/X1-TurboZ III/FM-77AV 40EX) was like 128,000 yen (= $512), ALL for full set. (Machine with internal 2 floppy drives and FM+PSG sounds, RGB monitor, joystick/pad, a couple of bonus games, and even some accessories.) so, from the beginning to the end, ATARI had no chance in Japanese market. but for me, A8 computer had revealed totally another dimension of charm since when i happened to see original "Ball Blazer" running. that was a moment of shivering and unforgettable.
  42. ####### UPDATE Beta 0.2 - More waves. - Faster bullet. - Shakescreen and sound when hit. - Cosmetic changes aroachinspace-20201019.a78 Hi guys. I want to share the first beta wip of a vertical shooter I am programming. A ROACH IN SPACE part II: Cosmic Bugaloo. Is a sequel/port of a previous game for atari 2600 (that is available in AA store) and in it you play as a roach trying to stop an invasion of weird stuff from outer space. This first beta contains 10 enemy waves (including a boss) and it has some typical functions available of shmups (continue, power up, bomb) aroachinspace-20201015.a78 If somebody could test it it would be great.
  43. Peacock, 77 colors. amarok_peacock.xex
  44. Is it me or is the Amico the first console in history to be fun 6 months before the release date?
  45. I am absolutely loving seeing these articles from non gaming sites about Amico it’s this focus on family gaming with an old school easy to understand difficult to master type of approach that has had me excited for the return of Intellivision since October 2018. I know when I get my system and hook it up there is a very real chance I’ll cry the first time I play it remembering the hours I spent playing Intellivision with my dad. I’ll also probably think back to the year I got everyone in the family Intellivision flashbacks and we sat there and played games together for the first time in years I’m very much looking forward to making more memories like that. Thank you Intellivision for making memories like that possible again for someone like me who got left behind by over complicated games that for me at least required a walkthrough to beat games
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