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  1. A8 64KB / PAL / NTSC
  2. A big thanks going out for Tommy, Kevin and Mike at IE. IE awarded my wife her hard earned Moon Patrol Marquee Light Box (which is awesome BTW), signed by Tommy and the producer of the original Moon Patrol, Scott Tsumura. Such a great award that my wife (and me 😁) will cherish and appreciate for years to come. I’ll post some pics, once we get it hung. We also got to meet a few others at IE, including John Alvarado (EYHO Michael Garvey 🤢), and got a tour of their new offices. Such a great space filled with great, friendly and talented people; how could Amico not be great when it’s finally released? We were given the royal treatment and even got a preview of an upcoming Crayola Experience video short they were editing together when we arrived. You all probably know I’m already sold on Amico on the concept alone, but its nice to see first hand that the execution won’t disappoint; and as my wife is not as invested as myself, I was eagerly looking forward to see what she thought about the system after getting a chance to play it. Beyond having a great time with the tour and meeting everyone, she also really enjoyed playing the majority of the games we sampled. We saw/played Astosmash, Dyna Blasters, Shark! Shark!, Evel Knievel, Skiing, Finnegan Fox, Pool, Emoji Charades, Moon Patrol, Bi Planes & Missile Command (think that was all of them). We only got to really scratch the surface on these, but I thought they all looked to be really well done, and as important, really fun to play. My wife wasn’t so much into Missile Command, but did specifically mention she’s looking forward to playing more Astrsmash, Evel Knievel, Moon Patrol and the Charades game. My wife is not much of a gamer, much less so then myself (and I rate myself as a very casual gammer), so its nice to see her be excited for Amico. Some of the other highlights was seeing what I assume was a late iteration of the UI, and think they’ve got some pretty smart and artful elements that people will really appreciate. We also got to see the white Amico in person, and got to say I think it gives the black one a run for its money. I believe anyone who’s ordered white will be happy with their choice when they get it. I thought the controllers were really, really well done and I’d put them about the weight of my cell phone but a little bulkier. l thought they would be a little heavier, but I liked feel. The best way I can describe the disc is that it is silky smooth. Best example of the precision of the disc that we saw was in Shark! Shark!, as you use all 360 deg in the game and it really shows off the capability of the disc system. I also thought the disc was perfectly sized, balancing speed (smaller = faster) and precision (bigger = more precise). Sound was great (really great) across the board, but what else would you expect from a company run by an audio guy. Some of the things that really stuck with me and took me a bit by surprise was the colorfulness and art style of Shark! Shark! that really just sucks you in; the complex and realistic stall mechanics in Bi Planes (Tommy kicked my butt in this one, and considering I was an ace in Triple action, it goes to show that while the versions are similarly based, there’s enough of a difference to require a learning curve - for one, there is a lot more going on on the screen then the original); Evel Knievel is now a must-get for myself (before I played it I was only luke warm to it - and if it wasn’t now on my list, its on my wife’s); for those who’ve played the Moon Patrol demo, there are many new elements in later levels that you’ll get to experience; pool has a very well done interface/shot/aim mechanic that really takes the game up a level (and the sound effects are spot on!). Missile Command aiming will take me a while to get down. I believe the screen-as-a-track pad type input is a huge improvement over any of the non-playable D-pad controlled versions, but the screen input is so fast on Amico (thats right, the control is almost too fast here) that it is harder to control with precision until you get some practice under your belt. You can literally cross the screen in a 1/10th of a second, and what size was that TV Tommy, guessing 85”? Was a great day, saw and did some great things, but most importantly we met some really great people! Looking forward to playing this in our own home and being able to dig in a bit deeper into the system and the games. A special shout out to my wife for making this all a possibility for me; and not only did I teach her to play Moon Patrol, but the student became the master, and I’m her biggest fan!
  3. Kooky Diver 2021.xex (Kooky Diver 2021 for the Atari 8-bit) Kooky Diver 2021.rom (Kooky Diver 2021 for the Atari 5200) Kooky Diver is this month's new 8-bit and 5200 release from the team of Anschuetz/Weisgerber/Anschuetz This is the 4th of 14 games that our team is in the process of re-writing in Assembly Language based on our original games from the 1980's. The previous 3 games were released earlier this year on the AtariAge 8-bit forum (Sokoban 2021, Night Rescue 1941, and Overflow 2021). The original BASIC version of Kooky Diver was written in 1984 primarily by Eric Anschuetz. I have attached Eric's original design from 1984. This was actually the third game that we wrote with the name "Kooky" in the title. Kooky's Quest was published in the Feb. 1985 edition of Antic magazine, and was actually the second in the series. The first was Kooky Klimber, which was our version of Crazy Climber that was purchased by Compute magazine but never published. Don't worry, we will be releasing brand new updated versions of Kooky's Quest and Kooky Klimber later this year! Kooky Diver was submitted to ANALOG magazine but was rejected because it was "too beginner level". Actually, the game had a lot of advanced features for BASIC. The updated assembly language Kooky Diver 2021 has incorporated several improvements or changes from the original BASIC version: Instantaneous load times 4 different skill levels – higher skill levels have faster or more sharks and piranhas Sharks and piranhas are now redefined characters that smoothly scroll horizontally Great background music added Before, if you picked up a treasure, it didn’t show it in your hand as you moved it around, now it does Before if you died, the treasure would start over in the clam’s mouth – now I just leave it on the bottom where it should be Works on 8Bit and 5200 Animated shark/piranha fins and waves at the top Used DLIs to add some more colors Multicolor diver with swim trunks, hair, and multicolor treasures Hi score feature The object of Kooky Diver is to swim from your boat to the ocean floor, retrieve treasures from a giant clam, and swim back to return it to your boat. All the while, you must avoid a school of fish, a shark, and the closing clamshell. You only have three divers to complete your mission. While not moving, you are constantly descending at a slow rate toward the ocean floor. You can use your joystick to move in any direction to move and avoid the shark and fish. If you are hit by a shark or run over by the school of fish, you die immediately and precede head-first toward death and Davy Jones’ Locker. When you reach the clam, you must wait until it opens up before you can retrieve the treasure. The treasures change each time you collect one. The first treasure is a pearl, the second one is a trophy cup, and so on. The opening and closing of the clam is random, so you must tread water waiting for it to open, all while your oxygen is running out. Once the clam is open, the diver must swim to the treasure, press the fire button to retrieve the treasure, then quickly make it back to the boat before the oxygen level reaches zero. The oxygen runs out much faster when you are weighted down by the treasure. Once you return the treasure, your mission starts over and you must retrieve the next treasure until all three of your divers have died. You can place the treasures on the coral reefs to each side as a way to not run out of oxygen. Some of the larger items require this “rest stop” in order to bring the item to the surface. If your oxygen is less than 50 percent when you reach the surface, it will be restored to 100 percent. We hope that you enjoy this game! Please provide feedback and tell us what you think! Eric Anschuetz Robert Anschuetz John Weisgerber ================================================= The following description of the gameplay was written by the A/W/A Team that we submitted to ANALOG magazine along with the game. These instructions are also useful for playing the updated game. Yes, he’s back and he’s kookier than ever. But this time, instead of climbing another building, Kooky has taken the opposite extreme and has begun a search for lost treasure. On his dives, he will encounter black pearls, treasure chests, pistols, vases, steering wheels, and many other treasures. But what Kooky doesn’t know as he begins his expedition is that not only are there a dangerous shark and a school of man-eating piranha to block his path, but that a giant clam has swallowed all of the treasure! You, as Kooky, will have to dive for the various treasures and attempt to bring them up to the salvage boat. To move Kooky in any particular direction, just move the joystick in the corresponding direction. To tread water, push the joystick in any of the diagonal directions. You must time it just right so that the clam’s mouth is open when you touch the treasure in order to have a chance to make a successful salvage. If the mouth is open and you are touching the treasure, merely press the fire button on the joystick and you will have picked up the treasure. Of course, if you touch any part of the clam when its mouth is closed, you will lose a life. After you have a treasure in your possession, you will use up your limited supply of oxygen rather quickly. Luckily, there are three coral reefs for you to deposit your treasure on while surfacing for more oxygen. Provided that your current oxygen level is below 50 units, you will completely fill your tanks every time you bring your head out of water. To drop off a treasure on any reef, all you must do is make sure that Kooky is only touching the yellow portion of the reef. At this point, the treasure will automatically be set there with no further actions required. To pick up a treasure again, simply press the fire button while touching the treasure as before. Of course, any collision with the piranha or the shark will cause instant death and send Kooky plummeting toward the ocean floor. After three deaths, your game will end and the high score will be shown. At this point, you can press the “START” button on the computer to start a new game with three new divers. You may end up doing this quite a few times at first because after all, nobody ever said that diving was easy! The ultimate goal of the game, however, is to deposit your treasure in the boat that is moving across the top of the screen. To do this, just touch the boat and your treasure will appear inside. At this point, a new treasure will appear inside the clam, and you can now try to get this treasure to the boat. ================================================= Here is some additional information from the game's development from 1984: Kooky Diver was primarily written by Eric Anschuetz. The game is really unique and not patterned after any commercial arcade or home game. The top row with the waves and the boat implement a rough scroll technique. The diver, fish, shark, and pearl are obvious uses of the four Player/Missile graphics allocated on the Atari 8-bit computer. The coral reefs, the waves, the boat, and the clam shell are implemented using redefined characters. A technique that is used in this game and many other A/W/A games is the background sound effect, since games are much more boring without them. Since the games were written in BASIC, there really wasn’t time to play a real melody during the display list interrupts. So the A/W/A Team used a technique where an assonant tone is produced through the Pokey sound chip and it sounds as if it is a wavering tone. It’s kind of annoying after a while, but it is much better than silence and could be accomplished with one line of code! There was a lot of experimentation with the various parameters of the BASIC SOUND command to get a semi-pleasant-sounding background tone that sounded right. This game is really polished and doesn’t have any glitches or bugs present as in some of the other games due to the fact that this game doesn’t really push the envelope of what can be done with Atari BASIC. The game initializes really quickly and it doesn’t take long to start a new game at the end of a game. A really good professional feature of this game is that at the end of the game, everything doesn’t just freeze on the screen or go back to the start menu. After the game is over, the fish and shark keep swimming, and the bottom display toggles between the score of the last game and the high score / restart prompt. This implementation of an “attract mode” was something almost non-existent in type-in home games. This game was programmed in one long day after Eric dreamed of the game the night before. The concept art that Eric drew the morning after his dream looks nearly identical to the finished game. The game was quickly coded from there. From concept to game in 24 hours was pretty amazing for a 20-year-old!
  4. Here's the official announcement video for the upcoming Elektronite release of Carlos Madruga's "Infiltrator." Thanks, Guys! 👍
  5. Looking forward to welcoming @Starpaddler and his wife to our Intellivision offices today so we can give them their Moon Patrol competition prize, a tour of the studio and of course... some hands on time with Amico!
  6. Hey, I did a thing. I spent much longer on this than I meant, but, it's basically just a workout of my vgmcomp2 music converter. I have wanted to do the Thunder Force III music for many, many years, and so now that my conversion toolkit finally works, I decided to do the work. When it come out halfway decent, I decided to also reproduce a few screens. Anyway, like all my stuff, it's on github here: https://github.com/tursilion/tf3 But since it's not really interactive, it might be enough to just watch the video. The only thing you miss is flicker doesn't work terribly well through videos, but that's only on the title page. If you know the game, hopefully you'll agree that the tunes are recognizable, even though without the instruments it's a huge jump. If not, well, hope you enjoy. Guess I will also attach the cart image: 256k non-inverted cart. 32k required. Should run anywhere. TF3_8.bin
  7. frank monster.zip <---- EA5 files, XB file, and a 12-page manual Frankenstein's Monster. Play with Joystick. Real TI99's need 32K to play. Guide your player to the bottom of the screen to collect the rock at the far right hand side, take it back up and walk into the blue Vat beneath the monster to build a wall around him before he is energized! Repeat this process 6 times to win the game. It's not that simple though. You'll encounter a second stage with mad Bats that are attracted to you and will molest you to slow your progress to the top of the screen. Be careful of trapdoors. Jump around 3 to 4 pixels before the trapdoor space. Use the ladders to go up and down the floors. Have fun! It's been a ball-ache to code from start to finish but it's my first platformer and it's not too bad if I say so myself! It was meant for Halloween but I can't wait that long.
  8. Wen Hop? The Search for Planet X You're the very, very famous and dashingly handsome spaceman/explorer/all-round-good-guy, Mellon Husk. To save humanity from the "Great Filter" that you fear is coming soon, you are on a mission to find "Planet X" so that you can establish a new human colony and safeguard the future of humankind. Using your trusty rocket-ship, inspirationally named "ship", you are on a mission to visit the moons, planets, asteroids of the solar system to find that elusive new home. Your goal at each stop, to mine enough dogecoin (yes, in the form of actual physical coins) enable you to buy enough rocket fuel to continue your quest. Getting the dogecoins would be a matter of solving puzzles and avoiding aliens on the planet. It's going to be very much an action/puzzler. Each planet/location has its own gravity. Terrain will have different characteristics - for example, friction on an ice planet. Underwater swimming... I hope to spend some considerable effort on variations in controls. The terrain is fully navigable on a per-pixel basis rather than character graphics. That is, Husk's movement is freeform over the char background. You cannot dig underground, but you can follow existing passages, and of course you can use tools. You will be able to pick up and drop some "objects" such as explosives, and rocks. Use rocks to allow you to reach stuff, or to drop on enemies, or block off exits. Use explosives to open up new passages. Underground you can crawl along diagonal passages. You cannot move "up" - you have to jump or climb. There may even be some alien superstructure/buildings - maybe you can even go inside for a sub-level on the planet. Whatever I can implement. Maybe a rocket pack.... At the moment the player sprite is just there to allow me to scroll around. It is not coupled to the background. That will come soon. At the start of each planet, I plan to have a big animating ship (character graphics) landing you on the playfield. Out comes spaceman Husk and then you're in control. You try and collect the dogecoin by moving through the underground passages and using tools/explosives where necessary to get access. Once you get enough Dogecoin, you go back to the ship and it lifts off (huge animation) for the next adventure. The video shows what I have so far. Essentially, it's a graphics engine that has the following capabilities... * super-smooth playfield scrolling * Animating background character graphics * parallax scrolling.... pretty cool effect * lava * water * earthquakes / screen shake Objects/creatures/behaviour... this will be expanded... * water drips * alien eggs * various foe - chasers, huggers, etc * dogecoin Tools * rocks - can be lifted/carried * explosives - place underground to blast away soil/rocks So as a first pass I've worked on the dirt and made it so that it intelligently "rounds" the edges where appropriate. It gives the whole thing an organic (non-character-graphics) feel. I feel that I work better when I get feedback, and I do like to share new developments ASAP. So I hope/plan to occasionally update this thread with videos and very soon some playable binaries. What you see in the video currently runs just fine on actual hardware. I've tried to show a few of the features - lava (which destroys just about everything) and causes earthquakes. Rocks (eventually) explode when in lava. Water, which dissolves soil/dirt, and will perhaps enable access to areas you might not otherwise reach. In other words, you float/swim until you're high enough. Both water/lava can slowly rise in level. I'll be putting in what gameplay elements I can. Well, if you want to contribute suggestions for gameplay, feel free to do so. And if you "follow" this thread, that will let me gauge interest in the project. It's a CDFJ (32K) project, written mostly in C. I'm really pushing the hardware with this engine; it's incredible what you can make it do if you design to the capability. I'm already very short of space, so it's going to be a matter of optimising from here on in. Onward and upward!! wow so various such example wow so much blast such first so much objects such matter very necessary so physical such spaceman
  9. I was looking on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I don't even remember how I found these now. But I noticed these 2600 boxes in a mixed loose and boxed lot. The artwork on the silver boxes caught my eye as they were not what my brain would normally associate with those titles. The Galaxian art seemed familiar but I couldn't place it. There were no pictures of the backs of the boxes in the listing. I did some googling and came up with nothing. Searched Atari Mania, nothing. So I went all in and won the auction. They arrived and I was very excited when I saw the backs of the boxes. It turns out I should have recognized the Pole Position art as a variation of it was used on the 5200 box. @Ballblaɀer also pointed out to me that the Galaxian box appeared in an issue of Atari Age magazine in 1983. Also Tim Lapetino pointed out on my FB post that he came across the Galaxian art when he was researching his Art of Atari book, but it didn't make the cut. I am very happy to have these in my collection now. The promo boxes were in amazing condition for being printed in 1982 & 1983. The boxes did have standard copies of Galaxian & PP carts an manuals inside. My guess these were added by someone along the way. The rest of the carts in the lot were in amazing condition and the Kaboom box was missing the cart. An odd lot for sure. Enjoy.
  10. Finished shipping the last of the pre-orders last night! These will be going to the post office this morning. Technically there is still one pre-order, but that customer asked me to not ship until early August. Now i get to work on catching up on regular orders, as well as getting free copies of all the new games to the developers. Only then can I take a break! After my break, I will be working on moving the store to completely new software. Really looking forward to that! Also have to get the forum updated to new software, which I'm also looking forward to (lots of cool new features and improvements!) And working on the next round of games to hit the store at the end of August/early September! I hope everyone enjoys the games as they arrive, there's such a great variety of fun titles! And I never cease to be amazed at the incredible talent in this community. From the programmers to those helping with pixel art, sound, and music, to the designers and artists who create the amazing artwork and designs for games, it's truly remarkable the love that goes into these games! Thank you everyone for your patience with this batch of games. It was certainly an experience! ..Al
  11. Here's my Tuesday morning update! By the end of day last night, managed to ship 301 packages total over the long holiday weekend (Saturday through Monday). 298 packages via USPS and 3 via UPS. Here are photos of the remaining games to ship this week.. Here are two photos of all the packages waiting to go to USPS and UPS: We used two cars to get these to the Post Office this morning. I took two trips with my car, but that's all we needed to do (two trips with both cars, then a second with mine).. First trip, First trip was ALL Priority Mail packages. Second trip was First Class with only a handful of Priority: Here are the three metal bins (they called them "OTAs") that we filled up: These bins only have AtariAge packages in them (two Priority, one First Class). The remaining pre-order games will go out this week, probably ~30-40 each night until I've exhausted them. Today, though, I have a bunch of other things to work on, such as some eBay and Etsy orders, finding more bubble wrap locally, and Goo Goning more carts. I've been shipping the orders in chronological order, but some I had to skip as they need a game that I somehow didn't build (with so many orders and games, some mistakes like that are going to happen). As I get those games built, I'll get those stragglers shipped as well. And also have to work on regular orders this week. I'll be super busy through the upcoming weekend, that's for sure! Okay, now that I've stopped sweating (it's hot and SUPER humid here today), I have to get back to work. ..Al
  12. I started a new thread so as to ensure people knew about this game, it's not just a re-working of my original , it's an entirely ground-up rewritten game that closely matches the look and feel of the arcade original. No F18A is needed for this game. After studying and playing the arcade version, I found the guards with spears to be made of character graphics rather than sprites. So I copied this idea. And it worked perfectly. The collision detection between spears and the player is now as good as it was in the arcade! There's also 15 screens of play, each screen more difficult than the last. If you do manage to rescue Esmeralda, the game restarts but with a different colour, faster arrows & fireballs, and each Fire Pit & rope screen also includes a fireball. Features; Top score is kept and displayed in the game Speech Synthesis if you have it connected Bonus score every 4 bonus bells, if no lives are lost in 4 screens Comical deaths A ten-page manual with loading instructions and step-by-step guide to the game. Editor Assembler 5 files included, as well as Extended Basic file. Note: The previous F18A only version should be considered a prototype. This is the real thing. I'm happy with it. HunchBack Standard TI99.zip
  13. I am allergic to certain 4-letter acronyms, so I choose to stick with the technical terms. TMDS (transition minimized differential signaling) is similar to LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) and is the physical layer used to transmit high-speed data in some video systems like DVI. Since I have moved to having a header board for the MK2, I have designed it in such a way that it will support a VGA header and a DVI-compatable (TMDS) header. This part is working and I have tested both headers, but I still have one revision to build and test. I have also firmed up the TMDS core, so the last bit is reworking some of the older bits of HDL to decouple the video clock from various internals. I have to do this because the digital video timing is different than VGA, and my original HDL was always evolving in quality as I learned more and got better working the HDL and FPGAs. This is really the main piece holding up the works, but I'm finally getting some time to put some serious effort back into it. Fingers crossed I can get it done soon. Believe me when I say I want this done as badly as everyone else, and I feel really bad about how long it has taken.
  14. One final update before the shipping begins! The last few days I've been busy finishing up all the loose ends before I can embark on shipping. Took a bit longer than I expected, but beginning tomorrow morning the shipping will begin en masse! Without further ado... When I arrived upstairs this morning, I thought the boxes sitting on the desk waiting to be shipped looked pretty cool in the low light, so I took a photo. Here's the last batch of 2600 games I finished building, testing, and labeling this morning. With all the "extra' games finished, I then boxed up all the remaining games that needed a box and stuck them on shelves. Here's the shelves with the other games that would not fit on the large desk where most of the boxed games are currently sitting. After that, all the remaining loose games (that is, games not going into boxes) had to be bagged, which helps protect them during shipping: Oh yeah, yesterday evening I soldered, built and tested 20 AtariVoxes (I need 17 for these orders, and yes, there are 21 in this photo as I still had one from the previous batch): And finally for today, I printed, cut, folded and stapled any additional manuals I needed for these orders. While I have a rather large number of manuals that have been professionally printed, I do still need to print and cut manuals for many (mostly older) games. Here are all the manuals for the extra 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit, and ColecoVision games: Sorted alphabetically, of course, for quick retrieval during shipping. There are fewer manuals in this bin now, since some of them were used for the boxed games now sitting on shelves. Everything is now ready to go, so as I stated above, I will begin shipping tomorrow morning. A very large batch of games will be dropped off at the post office (with multiple trips) first thing Tuesday morning. Shipping will then continue through next week to get everything shipped. You won't see as many updates from me until shipping has concluded!! Hope everyone has as great holiday weekend (and if you're not in the US, hope you still have a great weekend!) ..Al
  15. Hi Folks, I guess there was a little bit of confusion with showing the Cornhole controls yesterday that I wanted to help to clear up. Cornhole has been feature complete for about 8 months now. We have been in the bug testing and tweaking phase for awhile. The game controlled fine with our mobile app, but not as good as we would have wanted with the Amico controller (the most important thing!). We were also finding it difficult to pinpoint accuracy with the bags (on both the mobile controller and the Amico controller). The game was playing a little to clinical as opposed to FUN. So about 2 months ago we decided to create the prototype throwing tool demo that we featured in the video yesterday. This is an internal "programmer art" tool which allowed us to try out a bunch of different ways to help pinpoint locations, come up with some new (and FUN) elements for play, etc. We did not scratch the entire game and start over. The game is being developed in Germany. But because our internal design, programming and art team are so involved with every product, creating an internal tool like that for us is a great way of figuring out exactly what we want and then just simply sharing the new code with the developer. Saves a LOT of going back and forth. So Cornhole is still going to be a pack-in game and is still almost finished. Just wanted to clear up any confusion the video yesterday may have caused. Thanks!
  16. Big influencers and websites want exclusives. We haven't started advertising yet. Zero reason for us to give away exclusives when our target audience doesn't even know we exist yet. I think it would be fair to say that we've shown and said more than any other game console launch in the history of the video game industry. But please don't worry... we have a lot more to share and to get folks excited about.
  17. For me, this is the most important Amico trailer we have ever done. We intend on doing more of these events around the world in the months to come. Hope to see you there!
  18. It's Monday morning! Managed to ship over 100 packages yesterday, so I'm now up to 184 total shipped (181 via USPS and three of the largest and heaviest packages via UPS). And I'm not even to the halfway point yet. Getting ready for another full day of shipping, hope to get another 100 packages shipped today. And I say "packages" instead of "orders", as some people with multiple orders have their orders combined into a single package. Here are the packages thus far waiting to go to the post office (and the UPS depot). This will be an even bigger pile by this evening. Not sure how many trips it'll take to get all the packages to the post office, probably at least three. Here are the remaining games on the big desk: Here's the stash in the room where the shipping is taking place (replenished these stacks up last night): Will be interesting to see what's left at the end of the day! ..Al
  19. I appreciate the acknowledgement. I think there are a lot of folks out there that don't recognize or understand how incredibly challenging everything has been during the past year or so. The fact that we are a pre-revenue company with 55 employees w/full benefits... and still is business... is a minor miracle at this point. Doing something like this is normally an almost impossible task. Throw in the past year and what is going on now with China & production... makes it ten times more difficult. But here we are and we will continue battling against all the odds. ❤️
  20. Just been made aware of this in a passing conversation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W6BhUuoljM Download the auto-pilot demo here (eg it's not playable - just sit back and enjoy): https://demozoo.org/productions/296648/ Some promising graphics and music already. I played this game a few times on my mate's Amiga BITD.
  21. Introducing Neon. Neon is an application I thought of after getting started with FujiNet, and wishing that I could browse FujiNet on my Atari. Neon is an application designed for viewing hypertext documents on the Atari 8-bit computers. However, the hypertext documents are not HTML documents but in a hypertext language designed especially for the Atari call Atari Document Format (ADF). Use the power of Antic to create pages that mix text and graphics. GTIA modes can be used to add more colors or shades to your documents. With user defined characters sets, add fonts and graphics to your document. Hyperlink to other pages in a document, or link to another document. Neon requires an Atari computer with at least 48K and requires a Joystick to navigate links. Neon consists of two functions: Read - Read a compiled document. Make - Compile a document written in ADF. In a case of show don't tell, please find the attached Demo. There a multiple documents hyperlinked together for browsing. Eating your own dog food or “dogfooding” is the practice using your own products or services, I have written the Neon/ADF documentation in ADF. For this demo, after starting the program: 1) At the Read/Make prompt: Choose R - Read 2) At the filespec prompt> Press [RETURN] to load D:INDEX.DOC Thanks, for any feedback. Find the Demo below. Neon.0.1.atr Atari Document Format (ADF) commands. (Updated 7/10/2021) Atari Document Format.txt Source (ADF) for the DOC files in the Demo. ADF Source Files.zip
  22. Intellivision is proud to announce that we have partnered with Crayola and will be showing off Amico to hundreds of families at the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA this Saturday, July 10th from 10am - 2pm! https://www.crayolaexperience.com/easton/about-us/calendar-and-news
  23. I have another update! I spent yesterday and today working on getting the remaining games completed, along with some other tasks. I now have all the Jaguar games completed and all the new Atari 8-bit games (Scramble and Adventure II XE) completed. Also built a small number of additional games that I needed, such as one more copy of Magical Fairy Force. I cut down a package of backing boards to 5" x 7" (use these when shipping loose manuals), printed some more 5" x 7" forum flyers to include with the orders, and printed more of the small AtariAge stickers used to seal the thick plastic bags used for cartridges, boxes, and manuals. Here are some photos of the additional games that are now ready for shipment. First are the copies of Scramble and some PAL 2600 games (these boxes are sitting two deep). Not a ton of PAL orders with all these games, and I suspect part of that is due to the currently high shipping rates from the US. When I get the new store online, I will be able to offer substantially reduced shipping rates. I'll also work on getting registered for VAT in the UK so I can open up shipping there again (and I need to research what's going on in Europe as well on that front). Here are the Jaguar games.. And Adventure II XE. The white stickers you see on these boxes (for Scramble and Adventure II XE) designate games in gray shells, versus the dark, translucent shells. The translucent shells have been selling about 2:1 over the gray shells. The white stickers on the Jaguar games above are for clear shells, and the red stickers are for red shells. There's a green sticker on one of the Fantasy World Dizzy games, which is in a green shell. These are removable stickers and I pull them off before shipping. Here's the additional copy of Magical Fairy Force. I tested and labeled this batch of 2600 games this morning. Some of these will be going into boxes tomorrow: One of the fun things I had to do was print 100 parchment envelopes for Adventure II XE. After that, I printed the "wax seal" stickers for the back of the envelopes. Then had to go through and stuff all the envelopes and apply the stickers. Here are the envelopes waiting to be inserted in the boxes with everything else: The back side! That's all I have for now. Basically all I have to do at this point is build another batch of 2600 games similar to the batch above (in terms of numbers). To do this I need to first Goo Gone one more batch of carts (tonight) and then program, assemble, test, and label the games in the morning. These will all be Melody and Aria-based game, so I thankfully I don't need to solder anything. When I finish those games, I then need to assemble some of these "extra' games into boxes. There is ONE more thing I want to do after that, which will take me a few hours, but I don't want to mention what that is in case I bail on it (or it ends up being too difficult or potentially time consuming to do). I will relax a bit tomorrow evening and begin the shipping frenzy Thursday morning. The entire holiday weekend (Friday through Monday) will be spent shipping these orders, and I suspect I can get the majority of them shipped during this time. Then Tuesday when the post office opens again (they are closed Monday), it will be MANY trips to the post office to drop these packages off! It will be quite time consuming to ship these orders, as they all contain boxed games, and quite a few in some cases. The boxed games more handling in terms of packaging them, as well as larger shipping boxes that take longer to properly pack. And these larger boxes also take considerably more room in the car (compact SUV, with the seats down I can get quite a bit into it, but still will require trips back and forth to the post office.) Fortunately the post office is only two miles away, so trips there don't take long. I will try and post another update late tomorrow. Updates after that will be of me shipping games! ..Al
  24. Hi guys! I want to share my new project. Ninjish Guy 7800 Perilous Island. I just started it a week or so ago and I wrote a new improved version of my Knight Guy "engine" for it. It is in a really stage of development, but still here is a playable demo if somebody want to test it. Since I have no dragonfly or similar I have only tested it on a7800 emulator, so it could contain some nasty bugs. NinjishGuyPI_demo01.a78 As always, testing and feedback will be appreciated. ######################## UPDATE Quick update - Corrects some timing issue in Game Over screen and Title Screen - Corrects some misplaced collision boxes in vine climbing screen I was not able to reproduce the after Game Over glitch, but I tried to optimize some parts of the code to fix it. NinjishGuyPI_demo01b.a78 Quick Update - New Title Screen NinjishGuyPI_demo01c.a78 Quick Update - Some changes in gravity and jump NinjishGuyPI_demo01d.a78<---- CURRENT
  25. As part of our stretch in preparing to launch, we've already received 14 ratings approvals for North America (ESRB), Germany (USK) and Europe (PEGI). That's 42 approvals in total (don't forget your towel!) The 14 games include all of our pack-in games and initial physical products! As far back as December of last year for the 6 pack-in games, last month for our physical products and another new batch of games going through soon!
  26. Ok, you quickly discovered that ADM stood for « Abbaye des Morts ». It is indeed a port of the 2010 game to A8. So here are two pictures of our A8 version, the title screen and the first screen of the game (Jean you have to run away!). Of course, these screens will probably vary a bit between now and the first release...
  27. wow after this embarrassing display, let me introduce the umpteenth revision..
  28. I grew up with an Intellivision. Even though it sold a fraction of what Atari did, it was the standard in my family. We had one. My cousins had it. Family friends had it. Years later I discovered that my wife had one as well when she was growing up. Intellivision was what introduced me to video games. And I think that's what is missing today. The video games that are being released aren't games so much as they are "interactive experiences." They are stories that you "beat" and once finished, don't come back to. The Last of Us is a touching experience, but I can't see as how it's a game. Games on the other hand are meant to be played against other people. You compete, you score, and in the end someone wins before you start over and play the game again. You don't finish Donkey Kong or Pac Man or Joust. You just replay them hoping to improve and always aiming for a better score. I miss that. I also miss playing games with my wife and my dad. They're not gamers, but they will play Intellivision games. We can pick up Snafu or BurgerTime and have fun together. The only other system that got close was the Wii, but then it was only Wii Sports with a dash of Mario Kart every so often. Using the controller to pretend you're throwing a bowling ball is fun and easy for everyone. Using a Wii controller to pretend it's a gun or sword... not so much. So playing together eventually dies on the vine with the Wii. Then Amico is announced and it's premise is what I've been looking for for years. A simple controller. Easy to learn games that are also fun. A curated store that keeps out the crap, the DLC, the ads, the microtransactions, and the mess. I'm also excited for games that I can sit down and play in short periods of time. I don't have hours to dedicate to a game anymore. I can't wait 30 hours before it becomes fun. My free time is in 20 minute spurts. I like the idea of a game console that respects my time. In short, I want to play games with my family. Bring on Amico!
  29. Exactly. I would kindly ask that folks judge the controls after they had a chance to play it. Folks may not remember that the first thing you do in Wii Bowling is position the player where you want to stand. The controls for Cornhole were never "broken"... they just weren't in a place where we wanted them to be from a FUN factor. I guess if you wanted to say they were broken from a fun standpoint... you could make that argument. At some point I think people need to realize that we are making the games as fun as possible and that we know what we're doing. There have been dozens of people who have played Amico and reported on how fun it was and how great the games were. Zero reason for us to want to sabotage a pack-in game.
  30. As suggested by @FarmerPotato I have decided to call my port of Zaxxon ZQX-ONE. This thread replaces the demo thread: Version 0.1 of the game looks like this. The video is recorded from my own emulator https://js99er.net I'm using a cheat mode because of my lack of skills playing the game: https://github.com/Rasmus-M/zqx-one Source code at: https://js99er.net already has the game available from the menu. You must have F18A enabled under Options to play the game. zqx-one-8.bin
  31. Classic99 399.050 Yes, I skipped telling you about 049 - the only change of import there was I added a config option to the INI that lets you disable the Escape key. In 050, though: - rewrote SpeechDLL using the latest code from MAME - now emulates the correct speech chip. - fixed bug with speech cpu halt that was causing crashes - was broken in 399.037 - reworked the audio buffering as well for speech, now uses the main audio jitter buffer. This may add some latency but fixes the froggy sound - updated cartpack.dll just to remove the TE2 speech warning Yes, this means for the first time in Classic99's nearly 30 year history I consider the speech synthesizer functional. I still don't like it very much though. http://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99
  32. The Starry Night Vincent van Gogh, oil on canvas, 1889. Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA. 55 colours. NB there are neither dithering or artefactual errors here- the streaking & dithering effects are created by the original brushstrokes. drpeter_StarryNight.xex
  33. I wonder if our first huge batch of 8 physical media games are being completed in manufacturing this week? Wouldn't That Be Something?™
  34. I guess most of you already know me, I make Atari Lynx for years (quite easy to remember, I started to code Space Lock when my youngest son was born, to occupy my sleepless nights. Now he is seventeen ) During this time, I had some periods of productivity, and even more periods of laziness (I mean, now, I sleep at night), but overall, never managed to get bored with Lynx coding. Now it is time to make a new step, so Yastuna Games is now alive. The goal is to make and publish games for the Atari Lynx, but also print games from other developers, and make games for other consoles and other editors. First point, Yastuna Games is based in France, and we all know that the biggest problem to buy internationally is the postage fees, but thanks to the French Post services for small office, we can offer low international postage fees, as low as 13€ for up to 4 standard games to North America, Australia, … (Local tax remains due by the buyer at the reception). The website and online store are under construction but are expected to open soon. I already have PCB, stickers, cartridges are ordered, and box & manuals will be ordered very soon, in order to get them at the beginning of August. So sales may open july as presales, with expedition in august/september (for people who are in holidays in august and prefer to wait to be back for the parcel). New Atari Lynx games, coming this summer: Raid on Tri City - First Impact is an enhanced version (more punchy, some changes on bonus items, leaderboard) of Raid on Tri City, released next year, and will still be a digital free release. If you want more, Raid on Tri City - Second Wave has all new enhancements from Raid on Tri City - First Impact, plus the leaderboard saved on EEprom and a brand-new story mode, when you will have to travel through the Galaxy, choose wisely your route, and encounters many challenges. Your progression is also saved, and you can unlock the Story Mode +, where you only have one life. The first run will be 150 games(*). Asteroids Chasers is the complete version of the puzzle game released last year for the Atari Gamer coding contest. It features a reworked map option, more backgrounds, and artworks. Deluxe edition will feature a Big Box, the Regular Edition with a special cartridge, the card game, a score sheet, a 3D asteroid as marker for the card game... These elements are currently into design phase and should be produced for august release also. The first run will be 150 games(*), including the 55 games for the Deluxe Edition. (*) Depending on the sales and demand, another run may be made in the future, but if it is not the case, once sold, games will always be available via our Flash on Demand service : For the opening, a special offer will be made with a bonus for the 15 first buyers : Coming this fall, Ynxa is a major rework of the contest edition released 2 years ago. The game is 2 or 3 times bigger than the original one, with new backgrounds, new and reworked levels, and a very big ending level as final. What to expect next ? Other consoles targeted are the Atari Jaguar, the Nintendo NES and Game Boy. On the Game Boy, the port of Asteroids Chasers will be out this year, and a Deluxe Edition will also be released. This will probably be a Yastuna Games release. You may have seen Upsad Down for the Nintendo NES released for the NESDev 2020, which is an upgraded version of TetrisNoid from The Alchemy of Cubes. The game will be part of Action 53 NESDev compilation and may have a physical release on its own later this year, with a bigger Story mode. This was my first game on Nintendo NES, but not the last, expect something more classic next time. On the Atari Jaguar, I made some experiments with a top-down shooter, à la Super Smash TV or Xenocrisis. It is on hold during the launch phase, but once everything is running, I will come back to it, in order to make a game from this tech demo. For Atari Lynx, the tech demo CyberPunk 2037 is not forgotten and will have a major rework in 2022, also considering to rather make a Jaguar version (or make both). You may have spot on some of my video a new project which can be describe as a dice building rogue like. Well, to talk less technical, it will feature a series of tactical fights against over increasingly dangerous enemies in a dungeon. Take care of your heroes, enhance their equipment and abilities and you may get rewarded by the treasure. The game will be available for Nintendo Game Boy, and most likely on Atari Lynx.
  35. Well!;) FQ: At first just small disclaimer about Flimbo - yes its getting closer to release (waiting for the stuff from another coder) so this project is my small detour. We have many projects on the move and after a break we had, we are back to coding. One is a big custom SDK with new auto linker, auto data manager, auto relocator, auto .car creator, and even a new assembler - all for the sake of faster A8 production. Flimbo is waiting for it because we really want to have it working on stock Atari as cartridge. Besides this our priority is to finish MK and FQ first. Giana: About flickering and sprites - my target is to have enemies as softsprites (we already have the same amount of soft sprites in FQ and this game is much much more cpu taxing). For the sake of the presentation enemies are - like you folks realized on hw 2p+2p multicolor, then swapped to softsprite (with uglier color). Nice catch;). Im going to test some dynamic hybrid with soft+hw sprites but not sure how it would look. Generally there wont aby any issues to having all enemies on screen at all besised uglier (same as tiles) colors (still going to try few tricks). About level tiles and colors - original version has some hires chars (diamonds, most green bushesh and so on) but it translated very well for A8 (I was always curious how it is going to look). In the game 5th color dynamically changes (for green and more in future) when game scrolls the level. Proably some levels going to have small changes to background elements position because of that but thats it. The original character on C64 is made up from 3 sprites (the third one eye/legs is in hires mode): In our version it is similar (for now - not finally decided yet): - two multicolored sprites for main colors - one blue for the dress - one for eye and legs Additional two missiles are rendered during jump (for hand and leg) and going to be used for powered version (the new hair adds 2 pixels and its going to be one missile). I've written a small tool that auto converted their sprite combination to our P/M and was pretty happy about the result. @rensoup I also want to thank you (and all involved) for the PoP project. One of our group member is uber PoP fan and he loves it (we also!) very much. Its a huge step for Atari XL/XE.
  36. lunar rescue.zip << Contains EA5 files, Ext. Basic file, and a manual. Lunar Rescue is a game that runs on the same code as an earlier game, "Lunar Mission II" but has lots of differences. It's been made to be more akin to the 1979 Taito game of the same name, but not an exact port. Most of the elements of the game are present. The game features speech throughout. If you reach level 2 after rescuing six astronauts you'll get the first of two weapon power-ups ... there's a bonus stage where you shoot a UFO that shrinks in size and bounces in the opposite direction (Think TI-Invaders!) .... If you are hardy enough to get to level 3 you'll get the second and final weapon power-up, three times the size of the laser you started with! ..... A high score is kept in the game. Game features attract-mode on the title screen if you leave it to play. Each time the attract screen is activated, a different speech prompt is heard, there are four prompts. I hope you all enjoy this game
  37. Game is ready to download, also source codes are available: https://bocianu.atari.pl/blog/flob Enjoy! Every feedback appreciated.
  38. 100% Manually Routed 4-layer board with mid layer power planes - verified 👍 Now days doing 4-layer boards especially at this size: 4.2" (107mm) square, is relatively inexpensive, and you get the added benefit of the power planes adding shielding for the signal lines. So for instance to have as little as a 5 board run would cost $8 per board, at 10 pieces it would be $4.50 per board. Of course it makes the most sense to order at least 10 boards and share them with a group of builders, and/or sell the extras. With this being fairly close to the footprint of the 576NUC+ PCB, it would be cool to have a similar size and style for the case to allow for a neat little stack. This would then give the 576NUC+ HDMI audio/video output, as well as 80 column text. Of course this is meant to work with any Atari 8-bit ever made
  39. Current progress on the NUC+ Cart addon. This is the first beta of the redesigned case
  40. Imagine joining AtariAge to make this your first, and I assume, last post. Thanks for all your contributions!
  41. @nanochess asked me this morning: -Hey, did you make a cover of Blinding Lights for Intellivision? -Nope -Ah, I thought that if -I'll make it later *Three hours later* And here's the ROM: blights.rom Note: ECS is required. Donations are appreciated: http://paypal.me/nyuundere
  42. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! So glad you had the opportunity to spend some time with us yesterday and that you and your wife had a positive experience with Amico! Let's arrange an original Intellivision get together with others SOON! ❤
  43. Here's a disassembly of the XEP80 firmware I did a while back. xep80.s
  44. Intellivision is so proud to announce that we were one of the WINNERS of the prestigious BEST PLACES TO WORK in the video game industry award by GameIndustryBiz! Congrats to all the winners & thank you for the recognition and our AMAZING TEAM! A lot of our team members are featured in the video! On my flight to Philly for the Crayola Experience tomorrow! https://youtu.be/Ej9BEgFY2us
  45. Thanks guys. I do try to capture as much of the game as I am able to, and again I have to thank @Kurt_Woloch (any relation to Dennis Woloch, who was the art designer for KISS back in the 70's?) for the amazing pinball physics work. He absolutely nailed that better than I ever could have.... and the guys here @Defender_2600, @tep392, @LS_Dracon, @iesposta, @SmittyB, @imstarryeyed, @NRV, @legeek, @Trebor, and @RevEng who helped with the pinball play field and with pushing me to get the most I could out of this. What a wonderful community we have here.
  46. Oh, the goal for today is to get 100 more packages shipped. Then probably another 75-100 tomorrow, and the remainder throughout the week. I also have a batch of regular orders I need to get shipped early this week, so after Monday I'll be splitting my time between the pre-order orders and regular orders. But by the end of this week I'm confident I will have everything shipped. Also, the store does send shipping notifications once I've added tracking information and have marked orders as shipped. If you are not seeing emails from the store, especially for those using a service like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, please check your spam folder. If you find any emails from AtariAge in there, move them out or mark them as not spam and that should fix the problem going down the road. ..Al
  47. I know everyone will be happy to get their orders, but I'd like to say a big thanks from the others side of the house for supporting homebrew authors. Cheers Al!
  48. Update: Yet a New Plan Well after careful consideration, and trying to implement some of the better suggestions here's where I'm at. First of all I decided as long as I'm going to allow the Atari 40 column video to utilize the AV2HDMI converter, I may as well allow it to also use the S-Video input as well. So I added a Mini-DIN-4 jack for the S-Video connection. So this ended up expanding the X direction of the board to 4.2 inches. Well I thought let's make it a square board once again so up with the Y direction as well. The new board footprint is now 4.2 inches square, still considerably smaller then the original Atari XEP80. When I did this, suddenly everything opened up and I was able to go with all THT components. This really made more sense with the ultimate goal to have this as a DIY board down the road, which I generally like to do with many of my projects. And in that aspect I only use SMD if it is absolutely crucial to some aspect of the project. So here's what the all THT board will look like (I've already started the trace routing). The board is still intended to grab power from the Joystick Port, so that USB power connector is to provide power to the AV2HDMI converter. The momentary push button for video input selection is on what's considered the front of the unit, so all the connections are at the rear.
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