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  1. So, somehow a char based, software sprite demo, ended as a game.. We started iterating on this in 2018, with MrFish, but after some months we had to stop for different reasons. At that point the game was already very playable, with the classic levels, so it was kind of sad not publishing it, so people could play it. Then at the end of 2019 I had some time to improve it and finish some features, but it ended with a lot more things added x). VinsCool started working on it and did all the great music (all 3 arcade tunes and more). Therealbountybob did testing and proposed some nice improvements (and also made a case for the PAL version). Synthpopalooza did his magic and created some great sound effects. MrFish came back to do more art and propose new ideas. So, what is this? (from the Readme.txt): Raymaze 2000 is an action game, based on the Taito arcade game Raimais (from 1988), but is not a direct port. It has a set of 14 levels based on the original ones, with classic enemies and powerups, but also adds a lot of new things: - a new branch of 17 original levels - new enemy behaviors - some new powerups and secrets - improved controls and also new ways of controlling your vehicle - 3 difficulty levels (Casual, Medium, Expert) - other new gameplay ideas (Raimais could be seen as an improved version of Head On, or maybe Pac-Man, something like what Taito did with Breakout/Arkanoid or Qix/Volfied). NTSC vs PAL: If you want to play in the emulator, then is better to choose the NTSC version. Not only because of the 60 fps, but also because the game speeds, colors, music, sounds, were first created for NTSC and later translated for PAL. Both versions are pretty similar anyway, let's say over 95%.. but there are some things you cannot replicate perfectly, like the colors and some timings. Future developments: The memory of a 64K computer is almost full, so I will need to create a proper .atr version, with loading, if I want to add anything. We had a lot of ideas between MrFish and I, that we would like to test at some point, but who knows when that will be. But because of that we could say that this is version "0.5" of the game that we had in mind :). Contents of the zip: Raymaze_2000_NTSC.xex (the main version), Raymaze_2000_PAL.xex, Readme.txt (a mini manual), plus some game screens. The game needs an A8 computer with 64K. The .xex start loading from memory address $2800 (10K), but at the end it loads a final segment over an address near $2000 (8K), so I hope it works without problems in real hardware. Enjoy! Raymaze 2000.zip
  2. Hi, all! After a discussion in a FB Group, I noticed that the game Gyruss had 4 bugs: 1. In the CAR version, it shows different colors from the XEX version. At first I thought it was normal as if they were different version, but then I saw the machine code inside the ROM and realized that it had a bug, taking the wrong address. 2. In two player mode, both XEX and CAR versions shows the same pallete of colors from player 1. That means, for example, that if player 1 is on stage 2 and player 2 is on stage 1, player 2 will show the colors from stage 2. 3. In the XEX version, the chance stages are decreasing the number of ships each time you play the game. That is because it writes on the cartridge memory zone where it's supposed to be ROM. 4. In the XEX version, from time to time you get stucked at the end of a stage, so you have to lose a life in order to continue. Well, I dug up into the machine code and I was able to patch them. Here's attached both XEX and CAR version of the game. It's supposed to be U1MB and VBXE friendly, so I will appreciate any feedback you can give me. Best regards! Gyruss patched v3.zip
  3. 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Nomination Results Celebrating the best in Atari Homebrew presented by ZeroPage Homebrew, The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion, Mark/Space | Project Argon and AtariAge Congratulations to all the nominees this year! Voting Begins: January 18, 2020 @ 00:00:00 PT January 23, 2020 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT Voting Ends: January 25, 2020 @ 23:59:59 PT EXTENDED TO: January 28, 2020 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT Awards Show: February 1, 2020 @ 12:00PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT on the ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch Stream Nominations Downloads: Atari 2600 Completed, Atari 2600 WIP, Atari 2600 Packaging, Atari 7800 Completed, Atari 8bit/5200 Completed VOTING OPEN!! Atari Homebrew Awards Voting Categories: Atari 2600: Best Homebrew Atari 7800: Best Homebrew (New!) Atari 8-Bit/5200: Best Homebrew (New!) Atari 2600: Best ≤ 4K Homebrew (2600) (New!) Atari 2600: Best Graphics Atari 2600: Best Music & Sound Atari 2600: Best Packaging Atari 2600: Best WIP Atari 2600: Best Homebrew (17) A Roach In Space by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Bass Fishing Tournament by Anthony Quinlan "TwentySixHundred" Bitquest II by Brian Wayne Shea "metalbabble" Caverns by Harold Thijssen Dare Devil by Lewis Hill "Muddyfunster" (MuddyVision), RushJet1 (Title Music) Dog Walk by Vojta "nooly" Dragons Descent by Todd Furmanski "Revontuli" Evil Magician Returns II by Todd Holcomb "Byte Knight" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games Heist by Timothy Marsh Hugohunt 4K by "angelsoft" Space Game 2KB by Karl Garrison "Karl G" Spies In The Night 2 by Jared Gray West "graywest" The End 2600 by Carlos "RaymanC" Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games Atari 2600: Best Graphics (11) Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Bass Fishing Tournament by Anthony Quinlan "TwentySixHundred" Bitquest II by Brian Wayne Shea "metalbabble" Dare Devil by Lewis Hill "Muddyfunster" (MuddyVision), RushJet1 (Title Music) Dragons Descent by Todd Furmanski "Revontuli" Evil Magician Returns II by Todd Holcomb "Byte Knight" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games (graphics by Nathan Strum) Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom by Andreas Gustafsson "Sdw" & Vanja Utne Spies In The Night 2 by Jared Gray West "graywest" The End 2600 by Carlos "RaymanC" Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games (graphics by Nathan Strum) Atari 2600: Best Music & Sound (12) A Roach In Space by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Dare Devil by Lewis Hill "Muddyfunster" (MuddyVision), RushJet1 (Title Music) Evil Magician Returns II by Todd Holcomb "Byte Knight" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games (sound and music by Ross Keenum) Ms. Galactopus by Ric Pryor "KaeruYojimbo" Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom by Andreas Gustafsson "Sdw" & Vanja Utne Spies In The Night 2 by Jared Gray West "graywest" The End 2600 by Carlos "RaymanC" Water Diver by "zdan" Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games (sound by Mike Haas with Ross Keenum) Atari 2600: Best Packaging (10) A Roach In Space by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" (packaging by Nathan Strum) Dragons Descent by Todd Furmanski "Revontuli" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games (packaging by Dave Dries) Jay Walker by Ross Adkin "TidusRenegade" Pro Golf by Edward A. Smith Rally Racer by More Work Games Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom by Andreas Gustafsson "Sdw" & Vanja Utne Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games (packaging by Dave Dries) Atari 2600: Best Homebrew ≤4K (10) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Arcade Pong by David Galloway "djmips" Caverns by Harold Thijssen Death Race by Michael Salzman Do Re Mi by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Dog Walk by Vojta "nooly" Hugohunt 4K by "angelsoft" Ms. Galactopus by Ric Pryor "KaeruYojimbo" Space Game 2KB by Karl Garrison "Karl G" Water Diver by "zdan" Atari 2600: Best WIP (9) Avalanche by John Champeau (Champ Games) Bag Boy by Kevin Kelley "KevKelley" Cannonhead Clash by "bluswimmer" (was Bomb Game) DK Arcade 2600 by Michael Haas "iesposta" & "Byte Knight" Ninjish Guy in Low Res World by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Penult by Karl Garrison "Karl G" Robot City by Thomas Jentzsch Tower of Rubble by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Zoo Keeper by Champ Games Atari 7800: Best Homebrew (3) Rikki & Vikki by PenguiNet "TailChao" Baby Pac-Man by Bob DeCrecenzo "PacManPlus" Draker Quest II by Clark Otto "frankodragon" Atari 8Bit/5200: Best Homebrew (10) Adventure Ponies - Daniel "Gibstov" Blevins, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik Berks Four - Jon Wiliams Castle Defender - Martin "MatoSimi" Simeček, Piotr "Piesiu" Radecki, Michał "stRing" Radecki (original game by Chris Bradburne) Gravity Worms - Krzysztof "xxl" Dudek, Jakub "Aceman" Szeląg, Kamil "Vidol" Walaszek Imogen - Frantisek "Fandal" Houra, Petr "HardCore" Postava, Lukas Bezdek, José Pereira (original game by Michael St Aubyn) Jet Set Willy 2019 - Terence "Tezz" Derby (original game by Matthew Smith) Monty on the Run - Krzysztof "Rastan" Wróbel, Marek "Konop" Konopka, Michał "Miker" Szpilowski (original game by Jason Perkins, Terry Droid) The Rescue Expedition - Kamil "Gorgh" Trzaska, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki Star Vagrant - Rafał "MADRAFi" Czemko, Rafał "Broniu" Broniarek, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki Wasteland - Michael Jaskula
  4. Here is a TI99/4A port of the arcade game "Bump 'n' Jump" from Data East in 1982. It is written in assembly language, developed using Ralph's XDT99 tools. It runs on a bare console and does NOT require 32K expansion. It features full-screen vertical scrolling at pixel resolution in bitmap graphics mode. Use joystick 1 or the E S D X keys to accelerate/steer/decelerate, and Fire, Space bar or Enter to jump. The P key can be used to pause and resume play. Colliding cars will temporarily bounce in opposite directions, and bounced opponent cars may smash against the barriers. Various cars have different point score values. Your car speed must be at least 100 to be able to jump. Jump over gaps in the road, or to avoid being bounced into a hazard. Upon landing, cars underneath will be instantly smashed. Completing a road will score bonus points for the number of cars smashed, before moving on to the next season. An extra life is awarded every 30K points. Landing on an island awards 1000 points. This game was started when I had an idea for a method of scrolling the whole screen, and I made a prototype for the 4K contest in early 2018. The prototype proved the scrolling effect worked, and then I spent a lot of time compressing it down to fit in 4K. The prototype used only 13 out of the 16 track segments, used only one season's color table, and had track data only for the first two levels, (before going off into the weeds and filling video memory with garbage.) The full game has 8 levels of 64-segment road, with more complicated segment transitions that didn't work within the prototype transition scheme. Instead of loading a new transition set every 32 rows (1 segment), I needed to allow reloading every 8 rows (1/4 segment). This is fine because the bitmap graphics mode is 3 chunks of 8 rows, so each chunk can be updated individually. Some of the original segment elements had to be adjusted to made the seams easier to fit into the transition table. The transition tables are limited to 32 entries, since each transition consumes 8 of the 256 characters. I spent some of my last winter holiday vacation working on the transition table generation, and finally got it working. For this version I didn't bother with any compression: bank 0 is mostly program, bank 1 is track data, bank 2 is sprite data, and bank 3 is sound lists. The music was converted from the notes in a midi file that I found. Music plays on the tone channels 1 and 2, and sound effects play on tone 3 and noise channels. I grew up playing the Intellivision port as a kid, and have incorporated some of the same design elements into this version. The "Get Ready Player" and "Congratulations" screens have white text over a black background. Another similarity is that the opponent vehicle sprites are limited to a single color. This game is more-or-less complete. I considered adding a two player mode, but have run out of space in bank 0. bnp_8.bin bnp.rpk
  5. See, Lucas...this is why people point and laugh at your core group of diehards. Atari isn't a charitable organization, and they aren't my kid struggling with math. They're a company that's taken people's money, and are looking to earn more. They don't get credit for trying hard. There are no participation ribbons. They aren't doing this as a favor that anyone should be thankful for. They're a business. They aren't making a product for people to enjoy, they're making a product for people to purchase. To a rational, fully functioning adult, it doesn't matter how hard they're trying. All that should matter is the product, or lack thereof. Progress, or lack thereof. Communication, or lack thereof. A clearly defined market and path to success and support in such, or lack thereof. An image of honesty and integrity, or lack thereof. That you few can't seem to grasp this, or why even the Indiegogo page has turned into complaints, is why the zealots have been the butt of jokes since the beginning.
  6. Asteroids Menu Screen. Asteroids Menu Screen.zip Combat next....
  7. YO EVERYONE!!! I'm happy to report that we completely SOLD OUT of all 2600 units in just under 6 hours! We've had over 10,000 people join up to our mailing list over the past week and not a single dime was spent on advertising the Founders Edition and we didn't even post the link on social media til there was less than 50 units left. We only did that because some folks were saying they never got the e-mail (probably in SPAM)... so only thought it was fair to post the link at the very end. Confirmation e-mails will be going out tomorrow morning. Absolute HUGE success and everyone in the office has been hugging, high fiving and fist bumping all day. I just wanted to personally thank everyone in here for being so supportive and helping us spread the word... especially over the past few weeks. Looking forward to the next genius who tells us there is no market for what we're doing. Leaving for the Middle East tomorrow... looks like there are a TON of pages today. Will try to get to as many as I can. Thank-you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Them: "Hi, welcome to the Atari Hotel." Me: "Hi, I have a reservation." Them: "Oh, I see your room isn't quite ready yet. Please have a seat in the lounge." [Later...] Me: "Is my room ready yet?" Them: "Oh, it was ready, but we took the opportunity to make it even better. It's exciting! Check back soon!" [Later...] Me: "Any news on my room yet?" Them: "No news is good news!"
  9. Greetings everyone! Here's a comp of the package artwork for GOLD RUSH™. Please let me know what you think!
  10. Hi guys: Here is my video on demoing the XM... sorry it's in 4 parts (and yes, I know I need to vacuum the rug). Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Curt, if I missed anything, please let me know - I did these kind of quickly.
  11. i also saw this gem on their IGG comment page: "We recommend Kingston because they let us sit at their lunch table."
  12. Unfortunately, Atari is a little short on cash at the moment, so E.T.'s refund will be paid entirely in unsold speakerhats.
  13. Atari has refunded E.T. and kicked him out of Indiegogo campaign… i think, his posts were probably too uncomfortable for Atari...
  14. I wasn't going to say anything, but I feel I should. I am on the edge on resubscribing too next time it comes due. I brought up some valid concerns in the thread in question, and supported my position with images from the original video, and he threatened to leave the forum because he didn't like what I brought up. He goes on about Pat and Ian not taking him up on his offer, but they couldn't take the offer- they would've had to sign NDAs which would've tied their hands and effectively prevented them doing any kind of videos after that point which wasn't a glowing review. Instead he plied another youtuber with a similar offer, who posted a really weak attack video after that. The whole thread over there seems to be bordering on cult status, and when someone simply said they didn't want to drive 2 hours to play a demo unit (if and when one showed up at a mall 2 hours away) he got dogpiled and accused of being a hater by three others. It's easy to call people haters and trolls that don't toe the party line, even if they have perfectly valid criticisms. You literally are not allowed to have any counter-opinion or concern. I understand the enthusiasm and desire for it, but it seems to be clouding peoples' judgement, and causing a total rejection of reality. That's the last I will say about it on here probably. Let's get back to tacos! 🌮
  15. Looks like Atari finally noticed that I just contributed the minimum $2 to be able to post on IGG comments as a "backer": I felt conflicted about it, but I figured the paperwork to receive the extra $1.60 or whatever would cost Atari more than it's worth. For the $2 you also get email updates on this ongoing disaster, which is nice. Still seems pretty lame to just delete all my comments, I did pay 2 bucks. EDIT: Update, just got the email:
  16. http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test25.zip http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test25-src.zip Fixed a couple of crashes in the video recording path in the 32-bit build and for CPUs without SSE4.1 support. Launch help file in dark theme if the emulator is configured for it. Screenshots now have software effects applied when hardware effects are enabled. Fixed SAP type R recorder checking the wrong registers for initial silence detection: it was using AUDFx bits 0-3 instead of AUDCx. Fixed a rare crash when ejecting a disk at a specific time during an unaccelerated disk read. Custom device support updates: Local variables are now supported in script. Fixed broken ! operator in script. Added loop statement. Added support for script cooperative threading. Added support for custom PBI devices. Added support for raw (byte-level) SIO. Added support for asynchronous events between the emulator and network server. Device cold reset is now forced after hot-reload. Added new sample custom devices: R-Verter and raw SIO based disk drive.
  17. I purposely didn't mention what I do because I didn't want to be seen as advertising, but since you asked... Unfortunately I can't talk about numbers but they are quite good. We got our stuff on all the big videogame journalist sites, all the big youtubers, and seen by millions. My thread over in classic gaming general on here has over 1.3 million views. Here's some videos. I did all of the electronics, programming, PCB design, firmware and HDL code. These systems have a pretty decent amount of relatively modern hardware in them, and are not some simple clone boxes. They are a ground-up recreation that I have done by reverse engineering the original hardware using custom fixtures and such. So far, I have done the Analogue NT Mini, Super nt, Mega SG, and currently the Pocket. These are NES (and 17 other things), SNES, Genesis/SMS/game gear, and Gameboy/GBC/GBA respectively. What sets them apart is modern HDMI with zero lag scaling, various enhancements, and no compromises on quality. These are ground-up and do not use clone chips or anything like that. It's a 100% new recreation by me. The pocket is the world's first handheld FPGA system with an extremely insane LCD, which can be docked to output HDMI. Super nt: Mega SG: Pocket: Some of these videos have over half a million views, and there's tons and tons more of them on youtube. I just picked some of the ones at the top of the list. If you search, these products have been featured on dozens and dozens of the top news sites, and the Mega SG made it into Time magazine's top inventions of 2019. These products have appeared in several print publications also.
  18. I shipped Bob's (PacManPlus) XM to him about 1 hour ago, he'll have it on Friday and I have to say, given all of the games Bob has written, it is a true honor to put one these into his hands. Hoping he'll start working on more of his games with POKEY, HSC and hopefully with Yamaha and use of the memory... Maybe a Super Pac Man XM version???
  19. Hi Everyone, Okay so I was able to reach Albert and he cleared out the video's, they were just way too big, so I started uploading to Youtube and I'm embedding the links here, sorry for all of the trouble... Here they are: #1: #2: #3: The "Not Atari" Lab...
  20. Hi Everyone! I just decided that to celebrate the one year anniversary of when this thread started (Feb. 23rd) I'm going to make a special Atari Age Forum discount for the Intellivision shop! So if you are thinking of buying anything at the store... please hold off until Feb. 23rd! I'll post a 25% discount for everyone as a thank-you gift for hanging out here and discussing Amico with me. Thanks!
  21. Had an amazing time at the D.I.C.E. conference in Vegas this week! Lots of super exciting deals that we will be announcing at some point. So many top people in the industry were high fiving and paying compliments to me and the team for the incredible success and amount of positive buzz we've been generating in the development community. Had a working controller with me and everyone was freaking out about how cool it was and the kind of response it had. Again... these are the biggest and greatest game designers, producers, programmers, business folks in the industry. These are folks who would tell me their concerns. Great week overall on many different levels. Totally exhausted... but will recharge my batteries on the plane today to start the long weekend. Lots to catch up on.
  22. Hi Everyone!, This is a post I just made in the other Amico thread and knowing that most of you don't venture there I thought it would be appropriate to post this here as well. I'm hoping folks especially read the p.s. (last 2 paragraphs) to understand my thoughts & feelings on the matter (as they seem to sometimes get twisted, misunderstood or misused). This is my response to reading the discussions in there over the past 24 hours. ============================= So, to wrap up the past 24 hours... 1. Independent marketing research and focus group testing means nothing... at least not when we do it. 2. The original Earthworm Jim team is incapable of creating a good Earthworm Jim game. 3. All of the Parental Control issues that everyone complains about aren't really there. 4. Someone's wife, dad or friend doesn't like the idea of the system (having never played it) so there is going to be no appeal to anyone and it's going to be a failure. 5. An untapped market means there is nothing to tap and no money to make there (because someone else would have already done it). 6. Using a touch screen is harder than the Wii. 7. Marketing to family and moms is somehow suggesting that they are stupid. 8. People can play the same exact games on mobile or tablets so they won't buy Amico. They care nothing about playing together with other friends or family... only solitary mobile games. 9. All the data and research about what people spend in gaming (which is easily Googled) is incorrect and easily debunked against our mission. 10. Games that we pay 100% for will not have enough margin for ourselves or have big budgets (even though we control the budgets and don't mind taking a loss to support hardware & future software sales). Damn! I knew I was doing something wrong. On my way to the office now to fire everyone and shut the whole project down. Sorry for the inconvenience. 😋 p.s. Before some folks get all uppity because I made a joke... please calm down before you start typing. I don't take any offense in folks discussing the potential challenges and short-comings of the machine. I know the road ahead is a tough one and everything is stacked against us... we are the major underdog. Personally... I like being the underdog... they don't see ya coming and it makes the victories even that much more sweet. We don't have all of the answers and part of becoming successful is the ability to change and learn and adjust on the fly if patterns start to show themselves. We don't have all the endless amounts of money, marketing and infrastructure as the others do (btw... how is that working out for Google?). What we do have is an amazing team (which keeps growing every week) of super passionate and experienced folks who are dedicated to make this the best it can be. Hopefully most of you will be cheering for us to WIN as opposed to hoping we FAIL. If you'd like to see us FAIL... I'd be interested in knowing why. Please feel free to respond directly to that. Thanks for having the passion to continuing talking about what we're doing. The fact that folks are doing that (either for or against) shows that we are on to something and have your interest either way. I appreciate the dedication and time everyone takes to discuss it.
  23. Tommy, I want to thank you for everything you're doing with Intellivision. I grew up playing (and loving) my Intellivision (which was an Intellivision II... which you've said some negative things about, but I loved it). Countless hours were spent with my brother playing BurgerTime, B-17 Bomber, SNAFU, and Baseball. I learned to play card games with LV Poker and Blackjack. And yes, for many of those games, the overlays were absolutely critical. They were simple. They were fun. And to this day, BurgerTime is the only video game I've ever been able to play with my dad. The Intellivision may not have caught the world on fire, but it was tops in my house growing up. Turns out, it was also the video game console of choice in the house of the woman who would eventually become my wife. Funny enough, this didn't even come up until after we were married, and she would go on about how she and her cousins would play Dungeon & Dragons as a group... screaming at the TV to give directions or provide advice. She loved it so much that for our "copper" anniversary, I was given a beautiful original Intellivision so that we could play it together as a family. I've tried to get her to play other games, and even the Wii got her interest for a skinny minute, but alas, for us it's really Intellivision or nothing. My wife is now as onboard, or even more so, than I am for the Amico. In fact, she was the one who pre-ordered our Founders Edition and is completely sucked in by your unbelievable enthusiasm every she overhears me playing a podcast with you discussing your plans. I think your idea to go after families and bring back local co-op is a genius move. I remember thinking a few years ago when the book Console Wars came out, that there really isn't a console anymore that is trying to fight for the kids attention. Aside from Minecraft, there really hasn't been a game where kids could all hang out together and play together. My daughter will have friends over and they want to play games together, but the options are limited. Mario Kart gets a few rounds of play... but then what else is there? This was demonstrated the other night when we went to a friend's house for game night, and we wanted to play some video games together as a group. Five of us: two moms, two teenage girls, and myself. What did we end up playing? Just Dance on a 13 year old Wii. I've got to be honest, it wouldn't have been my first choice, but you always say that when you think about your greatest gaming experiences that they're always when you're with your friends playing together. So I have to say, playing Just Dance with a group of friends with varied levels of skill... was really a lot of fun. The one thing we kept talking about all night was how perfect it would have been if we had Amico to play. October can't come fast enough. I'm beyond excited to see brand I loved as a kid come back with such a clear vision, and with someone who is passionate about it. When I heard of Keith's passing, I was really nervous for the future of Intellivision. Then when I heard that some guitar player was taking over the company... I was really nervous. But now, having seen the incredible team you're building and hearing what the vision is for the console, I'm all in. I can't wait to play Night Stalker in its new re-imagined form. I can't wait for game night again. And mostly, I can't wait to finally play a video game with my dad again. I can't believe some people have spent so much energy throwing hate at this console, because for me it's the perfect gaming machine that I've been waiting years to finally play. (and one last aside, and yes, I know I'm going long for this segment, but someone in my wife's office told everyone that he's getting married this year on 10-10-2020. My wife got all excited and shouted, "THAT'S INTELLIVISION DAY!!" Suffice it to say, your infectious passion about the dream of Intellivision is catching on) (pictured is my father playing BurgerTime in the same room where we used to play it together 30+ years earlier. I actually snuck in and found him playing it without telling me. I think he was brushing up on his skills)
  24. As promised, here is a little Yamaha test. It's a little rough, but it's also the first attempt I made about 7 years ago. It's a few Pac-man tunes and sound affects. It sounds fast, so I might have assembled it for 50hz on PAL systems. Groovybee was helping me test at the time since I didn't have an actual XM.
  25. Not a super-compelling "hands-on" review, if this is the best Atari can do: https://www.pcmag.com/news/hands-on-with-the-atari-vcs-a-strange-streaming-slice-of-nostalgia A few snippets: What makes up the rest of the software? Oh right... Netflix. Atari doesn't have 1,000 games. Do they mean third-party games that ran on Atari consoles? Because Atari sure isn't going to pay to license those. Or, you could spend that $389.99 on literally any of the other current videogame consoles which actually have software available for them right now. Without having to buy and install a copy of Windows. No comment. "Ignoring Atari" sounds like a great marketing strategy. If you ignore the entire console, you don't have to drop another $60 on Windows, either. Because if you're gaming on a PC, you don't want "modest" performance. More great marketing quotes there. "AtariVCS: For Your Weird TechHead Friend". T-shirt gold. "Looks like". Nowhere in the article does it mention actually playing any games on it. Which is a way of saying they didn't actually get to use them to play games. "Planned". New Atari Console, that "Goofy Enthusiast Box". Put that on a Speaker Hat™!
  26. Folks are LOVING our Night Stalker 1st look gameplay demo! Are you ready for the 1 - 2 punch today? FOUNDER EDITION PRE-SALE ANNOUNCEMENT! New final image below! We are pleased to announce that in a few days on Monday, January 27th at 1pm pacific we will be launching a very special one-time exclusive pre-order for our special Founders Edition package. The Founders Edition will be limited to only 2600 units (see what we did there?) and will include the following... WHAT’S INCLUDED A Vintage Woodgrain Amico, hand numbered and signed by Intellivision CEO and Amico visionary, Tommy Tallarico. An exclusive $50 RFID golden ticket gift card, to help you load your Amico with tons of great games. An exclusive Founders Patch, commemorating the launch of the new system. An exclusive Founder’s pin - perfect for showing off your Intellivision pride. An exclusive lenticular poster, signed by the entire Amico development team. Rock out reto-style with physical CD's and digital downloads of the Earthworm Jim Anthology album and Tommy Tallarico - Greatest Hits Volume II. You'll also receive early delivery a few days before Amico hits store shelves! You will literally be the FIRST on your block to have one! The Founders Edition package includes over $400 of value! But the Founders Edition will be offered for only $299! It's our way of giving something very special and unique to all of our most loyal fans. But please don't delay! We are only making 2600 Vintage Woodgrain Founders Editions available! At Intellivision, we believe video game systems (even limited edition and collectible ones) should be simple and affordable. With this, you can reserve your Amico Founder’s Edition with a fully-refundable deposit of $100 - if you change your mind, we will return your deposit no questions asked. Prior to shipment, we will reach out to you via email to collect the remaining balance ($199), plus tax and shipping on the full purchase price. Note: We will be offering the Vintage Woodgrain console as a Limited Edition upon our 10/10 2020 release date but it will not include all of the Founders Edition extras we are offering. The normal price of the Special Limited Edition Vintage Woodgrain will be between $259 - $279 (our Limited Editions are more than the standard Glacier White and Obsidian Black models. The Founders Edition is an absolute incredible opportunity and value for our most hardcore fans and followers.
  27. Mine came in today... Will be posting a little demo either later tonight or tomorrow morning.
  28. I think you made a mistake, that's an airline sickness bag. Do you have a photo of the tiny tacos?
  29. I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but I feel I am in a fairly unique position to reply to this. For those that don't know, I have been part of the design and release of three recreations of videogame consoles in the last 4 years, and currently working on #4. Those systems have been more successful than my wildest imagination could've ever hoped for. The reason I am posting about this is not to plug my work (in fact I will not post links to anything; you can google my name if you're curious) but to shine a light on what I have to deal with because of it. You just need to ignore those that are negative, and not try to control the narrative about your products. The amount of actual seething hate I have received has been relatively low, but there's been a LARGE amount of negative comments, especially at first, over my work. Just watch some of the earlier videos/interviews about it. You'll find dozens and dozens of "why should I buy this? just use a Raspberry pi!" "this thing is a ripoff!" and other similar things. Of course they totally missed the point of why these products exist. It took a few years but finally the hate level has been dialed back some once the stuff was released and people got to experience it for themselves and understand what our mission was. Tommy, I love your work, but you just need to relax a little and let things take their natural course sometimes. I have never censored or tried to correct the record when people post hateful or possibly wrong comments to videos or whatever- mine or otherwise. I would be wasting many hours a day doing this if I did. The negative stuff is usually forgotten pretty fast, other people tend to reply and set them straight, they're seen as petty/jealousy/etc and life moves on. You just put a large target on your back when you try to fix every single possible little sleight on the internet. On your Breakout and Night Stalker videos, I noticed there is not one single comment that is negative- not in the hundreds I looked at. This is a very obvious case of comment culling and I don't care one way or another if anyone does this, but it sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the cesspool the youtube comments usually are. I just concentrate on making the best possible stuff I can for those that appreciate what I do, and let the haters run their course. You have to have a thick skin to want to try and sell a videogame console today no matter what stripe it is- new powerbox, recreation of an original, or a new envisioning of something. I have NEVER ONCE complained to the moderators of Atariage about people posting in my thread on here about my stuff; It has over a million views and thousands of posts. There's been a lot saltier things posted in there than I have ever seen in this thread or the main Amico one. People will take issue with anything and you need to let them talk about possible negatives along with positives, but honestly I have not seen that going on in the Amico thread- any tiny tiny negative, no matter how small, gets dogpiled and shut down with labels like "hater" and "troll". I recently saw someone simply state that he wouldn't drive 2 hours to play an Amico if it came to a mall nearish him. No less than THREE people dogpiled him and questioned his love of the system, just because of that. I was honestly dumbfounded and flabbergasted. Here's a guy that can't wait to see/play it and has been a huge supporter all along, and that one tiny sleight caused everyone to turn on him. I had some honest feedback but I have not posted any of it because I don't want to be falsely labeled as a hater, troll, negative nelly, etc. so I keep it to myself. The Amico thread is simply a place to ejaculate about how awesome and great everything is, and it's all puppies and rainbows. While this feels REALLY good to see all the positives and no downsides, it is not reality and when the Amico is opened up to the wider world after E3 (or whenever marketing starts) you might be getting a rude awakening. I could very well be wrong- NO ONE knows what will happen when it launches. You can have all the focus groups, studies, and the best people but at the end of the day, focus groups brought us New Coke. There's unfortunately no magic bullet and the market will have to decide. By blocking out any negativity, it just hurts your ability to get an honest overview of what the market might think about stuff. I have seen that my stuff has been talked about on places like 4chan- they are very harsh but IMO can be very honest, and I felt kind of honored that they actually made a few kevtris memes. So I hope this wasn't too long, and I am being as honest as I can, after living through the launch of THREE videogame consoles, and soon a fourth. I am a true industry veteran. I try to pay back Atariage by buying a subscription since the first system launched, as a thanks for having a place to host my thread and put up with me for the past 4 years. This comic succinctly sums up my thoughts on it:
  30. Here is a Asian guy eating a BIG ASS TACO!!!!
  31. Let's just keep in mind that if they remade Back to the Future today, young Marty would go back all the way back to to 1990… Law and order theme plays. Marty McFly : Hey… Hey... I've seen this one. I've seen this one. This is a classic. This is one of the few episodes where the trial preceded the investigation. Milton Baines : What do you mean you've seen this, it's brand new. Marty McFly : Yeah, well, I saw it on [realizing] Marty McFly : ... Hulu. Milton Baines : What's Hulu? Marty McFly : You'll find out.
  32. Hi!, Things on the table right now... Full Moon Patrol level in Amico Club app. Skiing demo gameplay video. Showing the final controller and seeing it work with the final machine. We've had this running since last summer... but have never shown it publicly and not the final final design.
  33. Hello AtariAge, I've been working a Atari 2600 emulator for the last year or so and thought AtariAge would like to see what I've been up to. I originally started it as a fun way to learn the Go language but it's turned out to be quite usable so I've decided to release it. It's not a complete emulator yet but it runs at full speed on modest machines (although not as efficiently as a C or C++ implementation), has audio (based on Ron Fries' original code), accurate video output, and a fairly useful debugger. The GitHub repository is here: https://github.com/JetSetIlly/Gopher2600 I appreciate that the implementation language is a little unusual so I've also prepared a binary. Linux only I'm afraid because I don't have access to any other type of machine. Binary is here: https://github.com/JetSetIlly/Gopher2600/releases As I say, the project is not yet complete but I would love it if some of you could have a play and see if you can break it. I'm sure you can. Not all CPU opcodes are implemented - I've taken the view that I should only add undocumented 6507 opcodes when I encounter them. Similarly, not all cartridge formats are supported. Currently, it supports: the atari formats; parker bros; mnetwork; cbs; and tigervision (including 32k tigervision). However, I don't know if they work in all cases. Also, I can only apologise for the debugger. It currently does not have a GUI interface, aside from the TV screen output. But if you can stand using a line terminal, it works quite well. I've listed the resources I've used in the GitHub readme. It may not be clear from that however, just how useful the AtariAge discussion boards have been. In particular, the test roms that are often posted here, have proved invaluable. For example, NUSIZtest.bin, from this page: And many other such examples. I've used these ROMs, and some of my own, during regression testing. The emulator has a nice feature which automates regression tests and it would be nice to release the regression database alongside the binary. I've not done this yet however, because I don't want to distribute other people's work without the correct licencing. What would the AtariAge position be on this? Finally, for a bit of fun, this is a screen recording I made of an earlier version of the emulator running the demo, Chiphead by KK of Altair. I made a mistake when recording it, and it is running in NTSC with NTSC colors but even so, it shows off the emulator quite well I think.
  34. I'm guessing that's the way to get a refund; just be annoying to "Atari" until they give in.
  35. Welcome to the Hotel Atari. You can 'Breakout' anytime you like, but you can never leave...
  36. As a CEO of a corporation you should just ignore these things. This is like the most obvious lame attempt at trolling. I would give it a 0/10 for effort. When I saw it, the video had like 50 views. I doubt the CEO of Mcdonalds searches youtube every 10 minutes for videos bashing mickeyd's. If I posted in my thread about every single little affront to my stuff I'd be posting non stop every day about it. You just need to let it go and not bring it up in multiple threads every time it happens. They posted a video in an attempt to get a rise out of you, and judging by the posts they sure as heck got it. The Amico is pretty small time right now (compared to what you want it to be) and while you can control the narrative right now, once it gets bigger that will become impossible. So far it seems that when a small youtuber posts something deemed "negative" or wrongthink, the current solution is to post a comment, then send them t-shirts and hats, and then they make a more positive video afterwards. I have seen this several times now. Whether this is what really happens or not, it sure looks like it. While this is good viral marketing, it makes me wonder what will happen when larger outlets start reporting on it that can't be so easily swayed with swag. I have been at ground zero of three console launches of my hardware/software/HDL design so far, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. There's plenty of "haters" and true haters out there to go around, but the difference is I. Just. Don't. Care. At the end of the day, my stuff has to stand on its own merits, and no amount of hand wringing or wishful thinking will change that. Like the Amico, my stuff was a huge gamble too, and the livelihoods of many people hinged on how well it did in the market. There's no real way to know how well something will do until it's released and for sale. I can say that the projects I worked on have vastly exceeded my wildest dreams. Instead of worrying about what some random person thinks about my stuff, I am here every day working on code for 6-8 hours a day (in addition to my day job!) and more like 10-12-14 hours on the weekends. I haven't even really done a search on youtube for my own stuff! Maybe 2 or 3 times since it launched. I certainly don't troll youtube multiple times a day looking for any glitches in the Matrix. Just relax and let things flow. If not, you'll end up dying of a heart attack or something when the coverage really gets rolling. Since this is the bacon thread (right?) I will provide some!
  37. It is censorship, but they are within their rights to do it. Sorry calling you out on this one. About 50% this thread is people howling 'AtariBox is a scam! AtariBox is a scam!', especially early on. And I endured a hell of a lot more trash talking and abuse on this forum than Tommy ever has, so I ask you... Why two different standards? Why were my abusers allowed to stay and have their posts remain? I don't care what rules you have, just enforce them equally…
  38. So, to clarify, are we allowed to open a new thread dedicated to open and honest discussion of the Amico outside of Tommy's thread? Because my recollection is that such a thread was opened and led to some reasonable discussion and that was shut down as well. I mean, I can understand wanting to be welcoming to someone who is prominent person in the video game community, but that same person is running a business and is actively using the forums to solicit business and feedback on his product. I'm not aware of any situation in the history of this site where a commercial business was allowed to essentially moderate its own thread and discussion by declaring that they had opened the thread and could decide what kind of discussion should be had as Tommy has done. What's really frustrating about all of this is that had the same rules applied to the Chameleon or Atari VCS, a lot of the scammy things that have happened with both products would not have been exposed. Indeed, members of this website exposed many problems in what Mike Kennedy was showing and probably saved a lot of people from being scammed. Similarly, tacos aside, this thread is keeping pressure on Atari by raising questions about what are becoming more and more vague promises and missed markers. As I have said before, Tommy doesn't strike me as a scammer and I hope his product is real, but the more I read about it and his increasingly lofty claims, the less convinced I become. Honestly, you don't have to raise millions of dollars or have 40 employees plus hundreds of contractors as he claims to show what he has shown so far. Every media appearance has been just him, he does all of his own PR on Facebook and Twitter and here from what I can tell. Heck, at CES he was literally walking around doing media alone with just a light up controller. A few hundred thousand dollars of personal savings and a key person or two could easily deliver the same thing. Continuing to shout down dissent and over-moderating an organic discussion by banning subscribers and long-time forum members in favor of a commercial business and a bunch of low post count fanboys doesn't seem like the best approach. I feel disappointed that things have come to this and I hope that free and honest discussion will be allowed to flow once again regarding the Amico and any other product that seeks the hard earned money of gamers prior to launching to the public.
  39. Another update, health is stable (including other family members) and I have finally gotten in the position where I am able (and want) to program again. So to get things going, after finishing off Cavern Fighter ready for Beta testing I moved onto my port of Berzerk which will still work on a stock Colecovision or Adam. The game play is coming along nicely now, I have made the following changes: Speech sample - Robot placement (couple of minor issues to fix) Collision detection between players laser and Robots, scoring and Robot Death animation Screen transition scrolling, with Robots moving as well To do: Robot movement Robot collision with walls Robot shooting and collision detection Evil Otto Remainder of speech samples - manual tuning of existing one High Score Table Another update soon!
  40. http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test23.zip http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test23-src.zip Fixes regression where images mounted from within a zip file weren't being remounted after an emulator restart. Debugger 'ib' command wasn't actually issuing intended reads with side effects in non-coprocessor targets. Debugger now recognizes the 6809 RTI instruction as a subroutine ender in the .dumpdsm command. Percom RFD ROM revisions are now recognized by the firmware scan (with thanks to Nezgar for the endless disk drive research). Support for switching to dark theme in the help file. Now for what I've actually been working on for a while: initial support for custom devices. It is now possible to implement some types of devices, including cartridges and SIO devices, with just a text editor without having to modify the emulator. There's a built-in small scripting language for behavior like bank-switching, and the ability to connect to an external server to do more complex logic or external interactions. For instance, this .atdevice file emulates enough of an 810 to boot a single density disk on D1: { "//": [ "Basic 810-compatible disk drive emulation. Place additions.atr or", "another single-density disk image next to this file." ], "name": "Sample disk drive device", "segments": { "disk": { "source": "additions.atr", "source_offset": 16, "size": 92160 }, "status": { "size": 4, "init_pattern": [ 0, 0, 224, 0 ] } }, "sio_devices": [ { "device_id": "$31", "commands": [ { "id": "$50", "script": [ "if ($aux <= 0 || $aux > 720)", " $sio.nak();", "else {", " $sio.ack();", " $sio.recv_frame(128);", " disk.copy(($aux - 1)*128, $sio_frame, 0, 128);", " $sio.complete();", "}" ] }, { "id": "$52", "script": [ "if ($aux <= 0 || $aux > 720)", " $sio.nak();", "else {", " $sio.ack();", " $sio.complete();", " $sio.send_frame(disk, ($aux - 1)*128, 128);", "}" ] }, { "id": "$53", "auto_transfer": { "mode": "read", "segment": "status", "offset": 0, "length": 4 } }, { "id": "$57", "copy_from": "$50" } ] } ] } The full specification is in the help file. There are also samples included for an R-Time 8, a RespeQt-compatible SIO clock, a 64K SpartaDOS X cartridge, a SuperCharger 3D cartridge, and an 820 printer which prints the output to a Python-based server. Fair warning, my Python is pretty bad, and the deviceserver could use some more refactoring (its API predates the scripting engine). This is intended to help with prototyping or one-off devices where it doesn't make sense to integrate into the emulator yet. For instance, a while ago someone wanted help with implementing an SIO protocol for a device being made so that a flasher could be tested. I couldn't help out with this because it would have had to be written in C++ and it wasn't something I could ship. With this, the protocol could be implemented in a quick .atdevice file for a one-off. Similarly, if we end up with a mystery cartridge, this'll make it possible to quickly try a bunch of banking methods that may not be implemented yet.
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