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  1. A.R.T.I. (Archaeological Rescue Team International) A.R.T.I. is my take on a port of the classic 2600/C64/A8 game H.E.R.O. by Jon Van Ryzin. H.E.R.O. along side Keystone Kapers was another of my favourite 2600 titles. This adaptation for the 7800 is based on the 2600, 5200 and C64 versions and closely follows the level layout of all three, with the plan being to add extra levels beyond the originals. Objective You are Arty's new apprentice. A bunch of explorers and adventurers have got themselves lost in South America and you need to go and rescue them. There are additional on-ROM instructions accessible from the title page. Controls Left & Right - run / fly left and right. Up - enter activate the Gyrocopter backpack Fire 1- Laser Fire 2- Dynamite Scoring Rescuing a lost explorer or adventurer will earn you 1,000 points. Destroying a wall is worth 75 points Killing any critters or beasties is worth 50 points Bonus points are awarded for each stick of dynamite remaining and for remaining power, when making a rescue. An extra life is awarded at 20,000 points Demo A demo will be available soon! Plans All original version screens 50 or so Additional screens (extra levels) Themed rescue zones. SaveKey + AtariVox support for hiscore saving. POKEY musical score. Credits & Thanks @sramirez2008 @-^CrossBow^- @Trebor for their testing and feedback - fantastic as always! @RevEng for help with compression and answering my never ending stream of questions! @ZeroPage Homebrew for showing the demo on the stream Media https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1477067248 .
  2. Once the carnage from Rev posting 5 new game releases clears, I'll post the news of Blah Blah Woof Woof's game lineup for 2022. Limited to 125 to 150 max for each title. Only one copy of each per person. Save your pennies and nickels boys and girls. A sneak peak on one of our 5 games you ask? Voila - which is French, for errr, aahh, well French for Voila!
  3. I wanted to post these and get input as well as in the prototypes section. I recently purchased these prototypes and would like to get some help finding all the differences between these and the final releases. I could not play the I-war file on my Game Drive, but Kasumi Ninja plays fine. Attached is the footage of the I-War running on hardware. Please let me know if you are able to play I-war a different way or if the file appears to be dumped correctly. I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking! KN940524.ROM IWAR9510_2MB.ROM
  4. I'm incredibly excited to share with you all a story I've been working on with Kate Willaert for a few months now. Meet Van Mai (formerly Van Tran), the woman who wrote Wabbit for Apollo before going to MicroGraphic Image to develop their unreleased Solar Fox 5200 conversion! Her career in games was short, but I'm really thrilled that her story is out there. https://gamehistory.org/wabbit/
  5. Hello everyone. We are very pleased to announce a collaboration with cmadruga for the boxed edition of its adaptation of Norseman. The game is finished, we are working on the manual and the little extras. In the meantime, here is the sketch of the box illustration. We hope you'll enjoy seeing it in preview. The game will be released in box, with its manual, a new series of 6 encyclopedic cards on the Videopac games (as for Fantasy Puzzle), the cart and its label, a poster. Since last month we systematically associate ourselves to an association for our projects and we give it 1€ on each sale. We also publish bonuses "apart", charged and for which we transfer the entirety of the incomes. There will be a bonus of this kind for Norseman. We'll tell you more about it soon.
  6. Hello everybody, Just a pic to show you our progress on our new controller. Do you like it? edit 05/11/2022 The controller is compatible with inty 1 and 2. The price of the controller will be around 55€. For this price you'll have a box, a manual with a making-of, the controller, various circles/D-pad, an adapter. This controller doesn't need any soldering. If there are enough orders (30 minimum) we will produce a left-handed version. You can tell us if you want this controller and how many copies you want. You'll be on a reservation list. For the moment you can ask for as many copies as you want, but you'll only receive 2 copies for the first batch. We can ship only 30 copies in the first batch. It'll be available before the summer vacations. The following list is not complete. Don't worry if you are not listed, we will add you soon.
  7. How does the game conversion from C64 to Atari using VBXE look like, the author has little knowledge of the C64 architecture, but is learning;) When I found the described source code for this game on C64, I thought it would be a pity not to use it. By the way, you can learn a bit of C64 architecture and VBXE handling.
  8. For those who don't already know, my BackBit Pro cartridge will play games from a MicroSD card on over a dozen vintage machines. A number of people reached out to me recently asking if I could add support for the Intellivision, so... I bought & restored an Intellivision II, learned a little CP1610, read up on decles and made it happen. You can load ROM and BIN files from the built-in file browser. To use BIN+CFG, put them through a tool like BIN2ROM. It will be possible to add support for titles that need RAM or bank switching (with a firmware update). You can place a pre-order at store.backbit.io if you are so inclined. They would be available right now if it wasn't for the chip shortage. Although, if you already have a BackBit Pro cartridge, all you have to do is order the adapter.
  9. I've finished assembling all 63 copies of Another World. Now to bag and bubble wrap each copy. Then I'll be sending messages to everyone with information on how to pay and also to confirm shipping addresses. ..Al
  10. a7800 v5.1 has now been released at github. Whats new in this release: pokey emulation updated for better two-tone mode accuracy fix for cart format [email protected] crash Normally I would have accumulated more changes before a release, but given we have several pokey-focused projects in development (hokey, games using pokey, rmt support for 7800basic) it seemed prudent to get the improvements out quicker than usual. A special thanks goes to @Synthpopalooza for performing in-depth stress testing of the various pokey modes! As usual, @Trebor and I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to use this thread to report any issues, or ask any questions.
  11. Here's what I've been obsessed with of late. Having recently watched a playthrough of Ghosts'n'Goblins on NES, I thought it could be reproduced on the 9918A using chunky scrolling combined with another idea for mixing hardware and software sprites. I wanted the software sprites to allow transparent parts to allow the background colors to show through. I was also very inspired by what @thegeps has been doing with Turrican on MSX, with chunky scrolling in Graphics Mode II, and keeping the character sprite stationary while scrolling once every 6 frames feels not too jarring. As well as doing the player weapons using background tiles to avoid/reduce sprites-per-line flicker. The white and black colors are handled with hardware single-color sprites, and the software sprites display the face, beard and belt. The software sprites are also compiled sprites - the background pattern and colors are loaded into a memory buffer, then the WP is pointed to a starting y-offset in each buffer. Using the WP allows me to modify the background using LI ANDI ORI instructions on only the registers that change. The main advantage of compiled sprites is that the transparent areas (non-modified lines in a tile) don't require any changes - the fastest code is no code. The colors for the tiles are drawn in Magellan so that the dominant color is always the background color, and the software sprite can replace the foreground color. While this does have some unintended colors fringing as the software sprite moves around, a better solution might be to encode the left-dominant color as foreground and right-dominant color as background, but I haven't figured out a way to do that yet. The map is incomplete and will have garbage after the first water crossing. Use joystick 1 to move around and explore. This is as far as I'm going to take it for now. Will come back after other projects are finished. spooks0c.bin
  12. Hi guys. Hi want to share the first demo of my new project: OOZY THE GOO Gaiden. It is based on my another game Oozy the Goo Slime Quest, but is not direct port, and like in that one the goal of the game is to pass the maze in the given time. The remaining time is considered your score and there is not lives, so you can die over and over until the time runs off (yay!) The first demo has only 20 screens/1 floor, but it is playable and has all the main elements of the game (score, game over screen, etc). Surprisingly I still don' t have a flash cart for 7800, so all my testing is made using the A7800 emulator, so as usual testing on actual hardware will be greatly appreciated. Only NTSC for now. oozy_the_goo_gaiden_demo1.a78 <-- Current ROM
  13. Been banging away at this all week, and I'm going to call this alpha 1. Here's a video going into some of the features and problems with this build: To sum up the video: the game is now fully playable. There are still some performance problems, you'll notice some cop flickering on real hardware and I need to address that. I've also added one sound effect, I brought one of the door sounds from Intelldiscs in just to get the sound system up and running. I need to talk to some POKEY experts to get some real sounds put together. So from here on out it's a push to the finish line. I have a lot of cool little things I want to add, but the gameplay is more or less complete, aside from performance issues and bug-fixes here and there. So here's alpha 1, which might be the last release on this thread. Once I get closer to the end I'll start up my customary release thread and start posting there. robnbanks.bin
  14. Strider: Strider.rom Operation: Thunderbolt Operation Thunderbolt v1.0.rom B/A for Gun/Grenade (or left/right mouse buttons) Note: V1.0 - I will update with twin mouse input if/when that becomes an option. Both should be fine, but if not a full refund of the download fee of $0.00 can be obtained. (But really, any issues not present in the original ST versions, please let me know) *Both locked to Skunk and GD*
  15. Hello ColecoVision amigos! I have several different things to talk about today, so let's get started! VAPORWARE OF THE HARDWARE KIND I regret to inform you all that the Asteroids Controller for ColecoVision is now a cancelled project. Doubledown has been absent from the ColecoVision scene since July 2021, and has given me no signs of life since then. I even sent him an old-fashion paper letter by snail mail last December and even that didn't spark a reply from him. Therefore, I have to assume that either something bad happened to doubledown (Covid? I certainly hope not...) or that he has decided to drop out of the project entirely without consulting me (wouldn't be the first time this has happened to me...). So I have begun sending refunds to everyone who sent me a 50$ deposit for their pre-ordered Asteroids Controller. If you're one of those people, check your junk/spam box if you haven't seen my e-mail on the subject. At least I was able to deliver great ColecoVision versions of Asteroids and Star Castle, thanks to the stellar (pun intended) efforts of Mystery Man. And while we're on the subject of Asteroids, I've got a question for you all: The ColecoVision version can be played in color or in plain black-and-white (for a more "arcade" experience) and the YouTube video below shows Asteroids being played in color, but with white sprites! How the heck did that happen? I never saw anything like that while I was beta-testing the game myself. Could it has something to do with the game being played on the CollectorVision Phoenix? Let me know if you have any info on this. KEEPING UP WITH THE TRADING CARD SERIES Progress on the European series of trading cards is going well, as I have only 27 game card templates to complete before I can place my order with the card printing company. However, I've changed my project planning a little bit. You see, I was counting on doubledown to get me pictures of consoles, modules and controllers to be used on the back of the cards for the "Hardware" series. With doubledown going M.I.A., I had to come up with a plan B, which goes into effect starting today. My goal is to have two sets of trading cards printed this year, namely the European series (100 cards) and also an upgrade pack which will contain these cards: - 10 North-American hardware cards - 10 European hardware cards - 17 cards of homebrew boxes (created by Greg Off) of legacy commercial games The 10 North-American hardware cards and the 17 homebrew box cards are meant to be added to the 173 cards of the previously-released North-American series, in order to reach an exact count of 200 cards. If someone bought the North-American series and is not interested in the European series, I can leave out the European hardware cards and just sell the other 27 cards of the upgrade pack, at a reduced price of course. But there's a slight problem with this plan: I have the box pictures I need for the front sides of all the hardware cards, but I still need to get the pictures for the back sides! I have a couple of options: I can try to find images of hardware (like ads in old magazines) that look good enough for my needs, or I can try to find someone who can do the job that doubledown was supposed to do. This job is simply to get hardware pictures on a white background, like the example I attached at the bottom of this post. Whoever volunteers for this second option needs to have good lighting equipment (i.e. strong lamps) and a good camera in order to snap professional-looking pictures. If you can help me with this, please contact me ASAP! I need to get these back-of-card pictures done in all deliberate speed if I'm going to get the European and upgrade pack cards printed together this fall! Some of you may recall that, in a previous news bulletin, I posted a list of Canadian boxes which I was still looking for. Since posting that list, I found and scanned several Canadian boxes on my own, including some that I was not expecting to discover, like the Canadian boxes of Carnival and Gateway To Apshai. Anyway, I'm still looking for the following Canadian (English/French) editions, so if you happen to own copies of them and are willing to scan them for me, please send me a PM: - Gorf - Space Panic - Subroc - Time Pilot - BurgerTime - Ken Uston Blackjack / Poker - Tarzan - Root Beer Tapper - Fortune Builder - Smurf - Paint 'n Play Workshop - Frogger - Super Cobra To close off this portion of the news bulletin, I want to mention that I still have 16 unsold sets of the North-American series of trading cards. Each set is 48.95$, plus shipping fees. Contact me if you're interested in buying a set. AND WHAT ABOUT UPCOMING GAMES? On the ColecoVision homebrew software side of things, everything is going mostly according to plan. Space Shuttle passed the beta-testing phase and is practically ready for release. Mystery Man recently finished Arabian and the game is now being tested, debugged and tweaked. After Arabian is done, all that will be left to do will be to revisit and finish the single-player-versus-CPU mode in Utopia, and I'm hoping to have that done, with the invaluable assistance of Mystery Man, by the end of summer. So unless something wild happens, all three games should be released in December as planned. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  16. ******************************************* * TI BASIC/EXTENDED BASIC COMPILED GAMES * * MEGA PACK V5.0.0 * ******************************************* All the games (500) in one .zip archive, with scripts to rename for FinalGROM (I've only tested the Windows script, not the Un*x counterpart). This pack replaces the previous .zip (some of the games in the previous archives received an update and are included in this new pack). *** Have Fun with your TI99! *** TI99_Compiled_Games_MEGA_Pack_V5.0.0_by_TMOP.zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.6.1.xlsx
  17. I have some encouraging news. I got a reply from INTVnut on April 21, 2022 and although he is still extremely busy, and fully unplugged from Intellivision support, he did talk about 'shipping raw hardware to me'. In other words, I would get blank boards and program them myself. I have the ability to put programs on the JLP cartridge. I offered to program Kai Magazine's 'Sorrow' carts as well, and ship them to him as he is waiting to purchase cartridges as well. So far, I have not received a reply. Also, Arnauld C. has agreed to encode our voices for Intellivoice support for Robot Army and Infiltrator. However, he's very busy at the moment. So far, he hasn't gotten around to the encoding, but I'm going to bug him this month to get it done. Finally, I've been slow to get the 'upgrade kit' manuals printed, and wanted to be able to send the Infiltrator Soundtrack with the preorderers who selected 'option 2' and also purchased the upgrade kits for the loose cartridges that we released in 2019 (TNT Cowboy, A-F, and Ninja Odyssey). So, I've decided to delay the 'choosing of the options' until at least the end of May 2022. Hopefully, I'll be able to ship 'complete in box' copies this summer of Robot Army and Infiltrator.
  18. I did start something new like I said previously... It's arcade based so I built a standalone emulator with a bunch of debugging features but it's an enormous job, probably as big as PoP, but without any guarantee that it can actually be done...
  19. Maybe it's a game where you control a character that has to collect items by running across the top of a convoy of cargo ships.
  20. Similar story to Mikebloke. I think buying a Jaguar and Jaguar CD was my version of a midlife crisis. I'm too sensible to roll around in a Bugatti trying to pretend I can still hang at clubs, but not for buying a $1000 stack of plastic and obsolete electronics to pretend I'm still a teenager.
  21. I have released a new version with two new tools: Load Overlay Image allows you to load an image that will be displayed semi-transparently on top of your maps (stretched to fit). I used it to place objects on pinball maps based on images from other games. The overlay is not saved as part of your project, so next time you need it you will have to load it again. Show Number of Sprites per Line displays a bar next to the map indicating with colors how many sprites you have used on each line. Again something I used for pinball maps, because counting the number of sprites can be difficult when they partially overlap. https://magellan.js99er.net
  22. The Story of Alternate Reality: A Game Series Too Ahead of its Time I spent a couple of months on this video, documenting the history of my favorite ATARI game series. My parents played this series when I was a kid and I've enjoyed a few different runs myself over the years. I felt that there wasn't a good video on the subject and this was a story that need to be told. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Also, special thanks to this community for keeping these old ATARI games alive and providing a bunch of information on this video.
  23. version 1.1 by Fabrizio Zavagli ======================================================== "The only sources of information you can trust on the internet are .txt files" (Cit. Elder0010) ======================================================== What it is: VGM2XB is a tool for Windows and can convert VGM songs/modules to a friendly and very compact Ti99 Basic and Extended Basic (XB) format. The VGM format is a very popular and widely adopted song/module standard across many platforms of 8-bit computers and consoles. It can be generated using tools like, but not limited to, "Mod2PSG2": https://www.smspower.org/Music/Mod2PSG2 VGM2XB can convert VGM songs (with some limitations described below) to be used in compiled Extended Basic on the Ti99/4A home computer by Texas Instruments. What is included in the package: VGM2XB.exe -> Main executable file, the one to run (from command line) vgmcomp.x -> VGM converter by TursiLion, keep it in the same folder as the main exe (it's automatically invoked from the converter) demotune.vgm -> Demo tune by Kamicane readme.txt -> This file How it works: Execute VGM2XB.exe from the command line using the following syntax: VGM2XB <input.vgm> <output.txt> [options] Where <input.vgm> is the source file in VGM format and <output.txt> is the output data generated in the selected format using the following options: Options are as follows: -p or -d or -x : select output mode between: - full BASIC PROGRAM [-p] - DATA statements [-d] - non-compiled BASIC SOUND statements [-x] (default is [-p] PROGRAM) A full Basic program is a runnable Basic and Extended Basic program complete with the DATA and replay routine. The "DATA statements" option, instead, generates just the DATA part. -n : include noise channel, experimental (default is excluded) This option allows you to include the 4th "noise" channel from VGM songs. Anyway, due to the limitations of Extended Basic, it is not recommended to do so as it would likely result in sound breaking up unless certain conditions are met (see below) -r or -e : change timing and output type for playing in: - Real hardware (as a compiled XB program) [-r] - in emulated Classic99 CPU Overdrive [-e] (Default is Real hardware. Does not apply to "XB SOUND Statements" output type [-x]). In order to test your converted song, the best option is to load the Classic99 emulator and set the CPU Throttling option to "Overdrive". Alternatively, you can generate SOUND statements (-x option) and test it in XB or even vanilla TI BASIC at normal speed (either emulated or real hardware). Boot up the emulated Ti Basic and copy the contents of the output.txt file and paste it to Classic99 using the "Paste XB" funciton, and finally RUN the program. Finally, you will notice that the converter will also create a .spf file. You can ignore or delete it, as it is an "intermediate" conversion format. Limitations and suggestions: While VGM2XB will boldly try to convert pretty much any VGM file you throw at it, there are some limitations to be conscious about. First of all it comes to size: XB memory is limited and, while I can't really give you exact indications on how long a song can be before you run out of memory (as it is very much dependent on too many factors), you will surely hit some limit sooner or later. Secondly, while *instruments* effects like volume changes are supported, consider that they could substantially increase the output size. It is recommended using volume effects in the *tracks* instead, using the Vxx command. The 4th "noise" channel is supported, but due to limitations of Ti99's Extended Basic using the Noise channel will likely result in sound breaking up, unless the noise channel's notes happen on the same lines as other notes from channels 1 to 3 and you keep the noise duration as short as possible. Also consider that we are capped by the Ti99 speed, so super-speedy modules may not translate well. If you don't know how to compile XB programs, there are several tutorials around, I suggest looking up on AtariAge forums first. There are surely other limitations and bugs, so feel free to report them. Contacts: www.rasty.com Credits: VGM2XB includes parts of TursiLion's amazing VGM compressor, a great tool you can find at: http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/onesoft.cgi?88 Used with permission. I also thank Ciro Barile of Ti99 IUC fame for all the testing and suggestions. The demo tune by Mat64 is an excerpt from my upcoming Ti99 game Space Treat TI. Thanks a lot to the following people and dogs who have contributed to this project: Elder0010, Kamicane, Giozzy, Argo, MBR, Freshness, FRK, Jag, Kazzuya, Raoul, Mat64, Jazzcat and the gang at ONS. \\\\ by Fabrizio Zavagli hope you will enjoy and use it! Downloads: - from the dedicated page on TI-99 Italian User Club (you can refer to it for the future updated versions of the VGM2XB) https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=homepage&artid=215 - here, the direct link for the v1.1: VGM2XB_v1.1 - (by Fabrizio Zavagli).zip
  24. Raster Music Tracker 1.33.00 BETA: rmt133.00BETA.zip - Added tuning calculations dialog, ALL known POKEY modes that was programmed to use a lookup table in the driver code will be generated on the fly, automatically! Exception for the Sawtooth tables, it will not be generated due to not having figured out an optimal way to compute it yet. - Added SAP-R Dumper, LZSS Compression, and new Export format: XEX-LZSS VUPlayer coded by myself, now powered by rensoupp's unrolled LZSS driver! LZSS compression code by DMSC, which I have ported to C++ for use within RMT itself! - Fixed several memory leaks, and fixed several bugs related to the UI and scaling - General performance improvements, related to improved plugins communication, faster and better Tuning calculations, and improved bitmap usage for Registers View code - Tweaked plugins communication, fixing Stereo detection, PAL/NTSC detection and making the timing hopefully more stable and accurate Note that for the plugins improvements, I modified the Altirra plugins to make them work properly after my changes in the RMT code. This also means the older sa_pokey.dll and apokeysnd.dll plugins won't work properly unless they also get updated accordingly. - Many 6502 driver changes, fixing 16-bit generation, changed the way AUTOFILTER behaves, and attempted to fix several issues such as the vibrato underflow bug. The driver changes be for the best, or may be not! Feel free to try and see what was potentially broken in the process! I am aware some of the Portamento/Vibrato changes I did were not bugfree, and I apologise for that, this will be fixed another time. Most tunes should work properly, otherwise. - Temporary disabled SAP/XEX export Since I am in the middle of the exporter code rewrite, and it's been a huge task so far, I haven't finished fixing it, but I know people wanted a new RMT version for a long time now. So I decided to not take the risk and make sure the feature was temporarily taken away, but don't worry, the LZSS exporter is currently a much better option to use --- That being said, this is a BETA version, so it's very likely I broke more things and did not realise it. Please tell me if anything is wrong! --- How to use the SAP-R/LZSS exporter from RMT's main screen: CTRL+F5 -> Play Song from Start, loop point automatically detected CTRL+F6 -> Play Current Pattern (Loop) CTRL+SHIFT+F6 -> Play Selection (Loop) CTRL+F7 -> Play from cursor position, loop point automatically detected ESC -> Aborts the SAP-R dump if pressed during the process --- How to use the Tuning dialog: Simply edit the base frequency, base key, and chose the tuning temperament if desired! You can also edit the Ratio tuning values, if you feel adventurous. Note that a few of the temperaments are non-12 notes octaves tuning, and are a bit weird to use, but they do work, as far as I could tell. Feel free to experiment! I have worked incredibly hard to make this feature alone! --- You can find the current progress on my patched RMT driver here: https://github.com/VinsCool/RMT-Patch16 And the VUPlayerLZSS progress here: https://github.com/VinsCool/VUPlayer-LZSS Other than that, RMT should behave pretty much like it was since the last "official unofficial" version 1.32.06 Enjoy! ~Vin 💜 --- [warning: what follows below is a half-rant, half-ramble, I apologise if any of this doesn't make any sense, and I hope I am not shooting in the foot by posting that] I want to stress that this is an unfinished release, and the only reason I posted it now was because I am currently feeling burned out with this stuff, and I really need a break from (poorly) coding. The reason I added all the LZSS export stuff so early was simply because I was recently asked for making the music for a game (which I will focus on for the next few days/week). For that game, as soon as I heard the mention of LZSS, more specifically RMT2LZSS, I got PTSD from Prince of Persia, Tuning Tables and RMT2LZSS's ease to use, especially. No joke, my reaction was something that sounded like "fuck this shit, I'll first add LZSS export DIRECTLY from RMT, then I will make the music knowing I will HEAR and GET exactly what I EXPECT from the CONVERSION.", except I was screeching incoherently, then I took the next few weeks to work on all that stuff because I refused to experience another Prince of Persia. It really was a pain in the ass to get most things to work, so far, in fact it's still incomplete, but it's now good enough for a BETA version! On top of that, I was really unsatisfied by the lack of features the 6502 LZSS drivers offered, so I spent a lot more of my time to try to work around that, and thus VUPlayerLZSS was born! This newer version was made specifically for allowing a handful of extra features, such as subtunes index, looping, fadeout, and basic music player subroutines, which I also tried to split for easily allow developers to use my version of the driver/player combo into their projects as well. The newer VUPlayer was essentially made out of spite, too, because I was still upset about being told I was not able to do things myself, or was flat out told certain LZSS driver features were not possible, apparently. --- I also want to clarify why I took so long before posting a new version: I was basically stuck in a licensing purgatory, because as you know, I do not have the permission to share the RMT sources despite the huge amount of changes I have done inside of it, and I also needed to change the way plugins communicated with RMT's code, which also was a can of worm, due to the way the Altirra license worked in this case specifically. And let's not forget I also am powerless if I ever needed to borrow any code from something else, and could not share it, especially! Thankfully, I was able to ask @phaeron for more details about this, and this was thankfully solved with an exception for allowing the use plugins and emulation code without any legal risk (as far as I understand, I think what I just posted above, bundled with the plugins I modified is now okay), Phaeron if you read this message please confirm I have the permission to share this, and if I also need to share the modified sources I will do immediately, and if I should not post any of this I will immediately take my post down and admit I an an idiot! Also, there was even more stress due to the fact I managed to get the LZSS compression to work by using @dmsc's code, which I ported from C to C++ and incorporated it directly into RMT (I think you guys can see why I was worried, again), but thankfully I think the license actually authorised me to use the code without any worry, so dmsc if you read this post, please confirm I did not do anything illegal, I will eat my socks otherwise! I think that goes without saying, all of this was a bit of a disarray to me, and I was really frustrated about it (still am), but I won't start to rant about this and risk destroying my reputation, especially when I know I am literally a "nobody" around here, it's just not worth it. I will still respect the wishes and request to not share any sources, if that's what I should do, I must oblige, but I can't say I am not getting more and more anxious about everything related to that. I still do believe I should not be forced to keep anything I have written from scratch and added, private, so that's the reason why this repository exists in the first place: https://github.com/VinsCool/POKEY-Frequencies-Calculator It was code I literally have created for RMT, specifically! I know it's shit, but who cares, it does what I want it to do. --- Anyway, as far as the entire journey has come to, I'm glad I finally was able to prove my point! It was a lot of coffee, sleepless nights, and very frustrating C++/6502 Assembly lessons learned on the field, and I most likely have lost all my sanity (or whatever was left from it), but it absolutely was an amazing journey! I learned a fuck tonne of new concepts, ideas, and I am now even more motivated to try more ambitious/crazier projects! But! Not before I take a long break from programming, I really want to make the music, for now! 😸 Thank you for reading, and more importantly, thank you all for the support! I hope I won't disappoint you this time! Also, I want to profusely apologise in advance if I said or did anything wrong! I really am getting heartburns with all of this lately...
  25. My FinalGROM99 was without a proper shell for a few years. It remained in a crappity-ass temporary shell ever since I got it (see photo). The problem for me was that I had no 3D printer, and I didn't know how to CAD. But I knew what I wanted to create. I needed button "caps" that basically sit stop the micro buttons on the PCB and extend upwards through the cart shell. The holes would need to be precise. BTW, the holes in the crappity-ass temporary shell shown in the photo did not line up very well. This photo shows the 3D-printed buttons I was finally able to create. And the next photo shows the button caps sitting atop the PCB micro buttons. This model shows the button cap as well as a drilling template I designed to help line up the holes properly. Here we see the drilling template in place. It snaps in pretty tight. And these photos show the drilled holes. I had to sacrifice a Home Financial Decisions. Here is is with the buttons installed. I experimented with a red button, but I like the black better. And finally with the label. I designed a new cart label. I modernized the original a little. And finally, I put it up on Thingiverse. Enjoy. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5352564 Darryl
  26. I finally got around to doing a fairly major update, getting the non-Atari2600 M-Network titles and information ported over from the old site, with format changes, etc. It all hooks in under the base M-Network page at https://history.blueskyrangers.com/mnetwork/index.html I still have to move over some of the unreleased 1984 title information, and will probably try to start on that soon. Please let me know if you see any problems on the new stuff, or on old stuff that I haven't fixed.
  27. While we have had Intellivision support in Argon for a long time now, I wanted to share something pretty cool we did with it recently... We've added support for folding and dual screen devices, such that we now have space for the keypad to be on-screen all the time and not overlap the game play! Attached are photos of it on a Microsoft Surface Duo... All the various orientations are supported, but the two most interesting ones are "laptop pose" and "book pose". We optimized the button placement for where your hands rest best and the center of mass of the device is most balanced in the hand (which is why the circle pad and fire buttons are at the top of the lower screen, rather than the bottom) Argon is currently available as a public beta on the Google Play store (Android phone, tablet, TV and Chromebook) and coming soon/available to sideload on Amazon Tablet, Amazon Fire TV and Windows 11.
  28. Streaming LIVE on ZeroPage Homebrew! AtariAge Day returns for 2022 with all the latest Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 and Jaguar games from AtariAge! This online event via ZeroPage Homebrew will not only have the unveiling of the latest homebrew from AtariAge but will also have your favourite Atari homebrew developers LIVE on the stream talking about their latest games! Saturday, May 21st 2022 12PM PT/3PM ET/7PM GMT https://twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/ Make sure you don't miss this huge event and mark it on your calendars! All the newest games in the AtariAge store will be unboxed and played during the interviews with developers such as: Atari 2600: - Doggone It (2600) by Andrew Pauley @Armscar Coder - Escape from the Castle (2600) by Eduardo Vilarinho - Game of the Bear (2600) by Vladimir Zuniga @vhzc - Hellway (2600) by Octavio Pinho Bokel @Octavio Pinho Bokel - LadyBug Arcade (2600) by John Champeau @johnnywc - Mr. Yo-Yo (2600) by David Marli @DaveM - Pitkat (2600) by Marco Johannes @MarcoJ and Dyfed Hitchings @Jamtex - RobotWar 2684 (2600) by John Champeau @johnnywc - Soul of the Beast (2600) by Michael Christophersson/ΛERIF°RM @flame - Unholy (2600) by Leonardo Santiago @Leonardo Santiago Atari 5200: - Intellidiscs (5200) by Ryan Witmer @Ryan Witmer Atari 7800: - Danger Zone (7800) by Lewis Hill @Muddyfunster - Dragon's Descent (7800) by Todd Furmanski @Revontuli - Knight Guy in Low-Res World – Castle Days (7800) by Vladimir Zuniga @vhzc - Wizard's Dungeon (7800) by BydoEmpire @BydoEmpire Atari Jaguar: - Dr. Typo Collection (Jaguar) by Dr. Typo @DrTypo - Gravitic Mines (Jaguar) by Lawrence Staveley @CyranoJ and Ander Lex @agradeneu YouTube Archive of Event (Watch at 1080P60 for best quality)
  29. Vangelis, Ευάγγελος Οδυσσέας Παπαθανασίου (March 29th 1943 - May 17th 2022). Thank you my master for your unforgettable masterpieces. amarok_vangelis.xex
  30. I saw this on eBay for just a few bucks and had to buy it: This cart must have meant a lot to someone in their childhood. We can guess the label got damaged or fell off a long time ago (since it's a Parker Bros. cart I'm guessing it fell off), so the owner drew their own and affixed it with a heck of a lot of scotch tape. The artwork is all in colored pencil, and it looks like a kid's effort, but not bad -- better than I would have done as a kid. The colors don't exactly match the game, but they seem appropriate, and the appearance of Spider-Man and the guys in the windows is pretty accurate. The artist even included the lives indicator (the brown spider) and web fluid bar at the bottom of the screen! The artist embellished the end label a bit with yellow crisscrosses that I assume are meant to be webs. Impressively he even got Spider-Man's name fully correct by including the hyphen. I especially like how he misjudged the space available and had to cram the letters in "man" to get them to fit. I remember that happening every time I tried to draw stuff as a kid. On the back we have a name I assume to be the artist's. The silver ink bled and has faded a bit, but I make it as "Property of Carlito S." (or possibly "Carlton", but I think I see a faded letter i). I'll just call the artist Carl. Carl must have loved Atari 2600 Spider-Man enough to want to draw an accurate label. He either looked at the game screen while drawing it or had played it enough to draw from memory. He fitted it to the cart really well and protected it with a layer of tape. There's no way to know how long ago Carl did this, but if it was during the "Atari era," his little love letter to this game has survived three decades or more now. It's a great addition to my collection. I haven't been able to test the cart yet but assuming it still works, I plan to use it to try for a high score. I think Carl would appreciate that.
  31. I have nearly all the autorun shortcut types working in the new SIDE3 loader now, so I thought I'd share a short video showing the autorun set-up, and the system cold-booting directly to the FAT DOS's command processor: (After setting up the shortcut, I cold-booted the emulated machine and hit 'L' at the U1MB splash screen, although this will also work stand-alone and without U1MB if you have the cartridge switch in the 'loader' position). You could do this with any XEX/COM/EXE file, and you can have autorun disk and cartridge images too. If you boot an application XEX, it will have read/write access to the host FAT partition via the CIO FAT filesystem driver. You can just boot into the CLI and run your application from there, of course. After I get all this stuff tightened up and fix a series of known bugs, I'll release this as a beta.
  32. There are a lot of strong opinions on the new Atari and on many other modern retro gaming companies (lets not even mention the Amico). We try to allow people to express their opinions, even highly negative ones as long as they don't harass other members or violate the handful or rules we have. There's a fine line between a troll and someone who has legitimate complaints who happens to post them in a negative or confrontational way. As moderators we try our best to keep the actual trolls at bay while allowing people to express their opinions without fear, even if they happen to be unpopular ones. We're not perfect by any means, but I think calling AtariAge a 'den of trolls' (but only sometimes) is a bit unfair. If you truly want to see what a den of trolls looks like, take a peak at some of the Neo Geo boards sometime. That being said, I hope you give the AA forums another chance and if you see something that looks like trolling reporting to the moderators. We're not omnipotent (well maybe Al is) and we can't spend every waking hour reading the forums so things get missed. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should also point out that I too have a working relationship with Atari (I'm helping with some prototype research). I'm happy with the direction the new Atari is going, and I hope that finally something positive can be done with its rich history.
  33. Big show in Milwaukee, WI, this coming weekend. Stop by and say hi! Always fun to meet Atari fans IRL. https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/
  34. Here's a preview of how things are going with the project. The working title is the not very inspired "Pinball 99". The sound and music is still borrowed from other projects. The speech is converted from the voice of a modern speech synth. I have given up thinking about making it work without 32K, although in theory that could have worked.
  35. Pick-up of the day! One hour drive from my place.
  36. After several days of slaving away, I now have nearly all the 2600/5200/7800 games ready to ship. The Jaguar games are next, but I'm first going to get all these out the door while I continue to build the Jaguar games (they are somewhat time consuming to build!) I also have a few more "extra" games to build, but most of those are completed, tested and labeled as well (some do need to go into boxes, which I'll get done tomorrow). Plan is to start shipping games tomorrow evening, or Friday at the latest, and then work through the weekend to get all of them shipped. Then later next week I will have all the Jaguar games shipped as well. First, here are the plastic drawers I posted a photo of above, but they are now all empty except for the "extra" games, which I just finished testing and labeling. Here are most of the boxed games: and Will be nice to empty these shelves and tables. ..Al
  37. Computers in general(and the venerable TI99 in particular), can be a bit "cranky" when they are disturbed. I feared for the worst when I had to re-constitute my system after having our carpeting replaced throughout the house. The computer system (console, P-Box, modem, external disk drive, and printer) had occupied the same footprint on the same desk for 7+ years before be disassembled, stored briefly and then re-assembled on the same desk in a different location. After getting everything reconnected and plugged in, I held my breath when I hit the master switch and turned on the console. I expected, at best, some loud and obnoxious sound and a blue screen or other malfunction. To my surprise, it booted flawlessly and everything appears to be working as if nothing at all happened. That has to be a minor miracle, at least!
  38. I got my VCS today. I still can't believe I scored this $400 console/hybrid system for only 99 bucks! 😀
  39. Here's a photo of the bins I am storing the pre-order games in as I have been building them. Each of these bins can store 72 Atari 2600/7800 carts, and varying numbers of Jaguar and 5200 shells (which are a bit larger). There's about 800 games in these bins right now. I have all the 2600, 5200, and 7800 games built and tested, as well as all the extra games for these orders. I will be finishing these up over the weekend (labeling and boxing), with the plan to get them all shipped by the end of next week. I will then focus on getting the Jaguar games shipped, and I will be building them while taking breaks from the crazy amount of shipping I'll need to do. ..Al
  40. This thread has rapidly turned into a late 90's fanboy flame war. I really don't think we need to relive those days.
  41. I was going to reply "its fans 🙂" but I see it would be off topic.
  42. I feel the pain. My parents got me an Atari XE instead of a NES for Xmas in I think 88 or 89. I got Bug Hunt and FSII instead of SMB. I also tried to not to be a spoiled, jerky kid about it. It was hard.
  43. Atari 2600 owning kids (like me) saw Super Mario Brothers, Zelda and others, and were completely blown away. It was an amazing graphics and sound improvement. I was even familiar with with Colecovision and Intellivision games, and the Nintendo was way better than all of them.
  44. Excuse me for writing a thought of my own. My English also is not perfect and I hope to be able to best express what I really want to explain. It always saddens me to see unnecessary discussions among us 99ers. And, excuse me if I allow myself, from my point of view, I consider them a bit useless even in this case because you are all sacred monsters full of knowledge both regarding the TI99 and the coding field in general, and there shouldn't be any kind of competition between us if not, instead, only for the purpose of collaboration to bring more and more beautiful things for our beloved computer. I don't feel like talking about wrong or right, and to me RXB posts don't bother at all, even if sometimes they can seem to be forced but I don't mind knowing the possibility that RXB language can give. Then maybe it doesn't fit the solution really wanted however I like to know his point of view. The bad thing is when we become arrogant and disrespect each other. I'm always sorry for this because in a such nice community like this, it takes away the serenity and it doesn't help the brotherly and collaborative spirit that I would like to see always among us 99ers That said, I'm going back to my den. TIs and Love ❤️
  45. We need to provide more information about our proposal. There will be 2 bundles, the first one, a bit more expensive, includes a db9 adapter for intv 1 & 3 It allows to continue using the original controller in parallel to the new ones. To install it you do not need more than a screwdriver and it is totally reversible. edit : of course the db9 connector pin out is the same as Intv 2 or Sears consoles.
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