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    No more warnings about status updates! Post about your homophobic, racist, political and religious crap somewhere else. A mod beat me to removing the latest, but said person can't do it again now either, I put a status update ban in effect. Type and then re-read what you typed and if you think it falls into one of those categories, don't submit, if you click submit anyway, it will probably be the last time you can.
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    Wife update: She is home from the hospital and resting comfortably. After many tests and much pain the doctor diagnosed her with a pulled muscle in her ribs. Hopefully she will be better in a week or so.
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    Gave someone a Christmas miracle. Found a drivers license on the ground at an ATM, and their address was only a mile away, so I hand delivered it.
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    My mother is home from the hospital and doing fine. Thank you all for your concerns and wishing her a speedy recovery. 8^)
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    Please refrain from making religious or politically-related posts to AtariAge. This includes status updates, posts, signatures, and so forth. Thank you.
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    Told the GF I was gonna break out the paddles; She said Cool!, put on something slinky, got on the bed, gave me a seductive look...And wondered why I was just playing Kaboom!
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    Yesterday, I parked behind a car that had a big custom made bumper sticker that said ASSENTIAL WORKER
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    My mind is like my internet browser. 12 tabs are open, three of them are frozen and I have no idea where the music is coming from!
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    I had the strangest dream that I got a million Likes. Check out my YouTube channel where I describe the dream!
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    The dude who runs the local video game store told me that I am the only person who has an Atari 7800.
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    No joke, this is a pic of my Dentist's office! See Pic. (Games are set to free play while you wait.)
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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone!!! Hope everybody is doing well during this pandemic. Please stay safe and healthy.
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    Craziest day! My 85 year old aunt found my original Atari VCS BOX! (Which I believe I bought in 1979 or 1980). Not the console (Which my cousin pawned or lost in a storage shed before he died we're pretty sure), but the box itself, which was under an inch of dust in her downstairs closet. I can confirm I bought it at Grand Central for $129.99 on sale from $159.99 cuz the price tags are still there! The box shows a Heavy Sixer but I'm pretty sure mine was a Light Sixer. I thought all of it was lost,...Never thought I'd see this again! Inside is some NES game boxes; All of it is dusty as hell!
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    Do not use Status Updates to talk about politics or you will lose the ability to post status updates. Thank you.
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    Good news: "I've reviewed your application and it would be great to have you as tenants. When would be a good time for you to review and sign a lease?" We can now stop looking for a house to rent.
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    Watched "War Games" last night for the first time. What an absolute gem!
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    Proud dad...my daughter painted this and gave it to me for my birthday yesterday
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    Got my first Covid vaccine today! The Moderna type through the VA locally.
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    A guy at work bought a book titled "How to Scam People on the Internet". He says after 6 months he still hasn't received it!
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    Going to update forum software later today. Mostly bug fixes, but will allow you to search your entire history of private messages, versus just one year!
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    Well, today is my 13th anniversary. I am surprised we made it this long. I must be a saint.
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    New Title Idea for **some** Threads. "Pointlessly Arguing In Circles"
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    Likes. I don't have enough of them. Like this status update or I will stalk you and make you like it!
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    Just got a job at an arcade.
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    If Mozart and Cinderella had a love child, would it be called Mozzarella?
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    On this day 15 years ago, I joined AtariAge.
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    My wife ask for peace and quiet while she cooked dinner. So I took the batteries out of the smoke alarm.
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    When I die, I want to go like my Grandfather, peacefully in my sleep. Not screaming and freaking out like the other people in the car he was driving.
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    One more week and I get my second round of Covid vaccination. Yay! Be safe and considerate of others out there!
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    Confucius say: Man who run behind car get exhausted, and man who run in front of car get tired.
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    Do not use status updates to post about politics or you will lose your ability to post status updates without warning.
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    I checked out the thrift store today after picking up my daughter, as we were walking around she starts pulling my hand and shouting superman superman, and in cheap storage chest there is a complete in box copy of superman (she loves superman for the 2600 and noticed it instantly), the thing was full of atari games, they must have been in it when it was donated, so I bought the entire box, (4.99 for the whole thing, so worth it just for the cib superman) I get home and start going through the box, there are a few boxes I don't have, which are nice and the there is a cart only halloween, so my daughter has now has a super awesome find at only 3 years old
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    What do The Super Mario Bros use to communicate with the Spirit world? A Luigi Board.
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    Please enjoy this 1966 Batman squirt gun.
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    August 6 2009. 12 years ago today I received my Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) to save my life and to be here on this Earth. Thank you God, medical science, the great men & woman in healthcare, my family, and the anonymous donor who donated his cells for it to be harvest. I most likely never will know the person who volunteered to do so. But whoever you are, where ever you are, thank you for helping me continue on with my life.
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    Just got my first 13” crt television since I was a kid (With wood grain!). Can’t wait to hook the Atari up to it, but I threw my back out lol, can barely walk or sit up. Might be a few days.
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    Brought my 2600 Jr. on a road trip with my sister, and was able to connect it to the hotel TV to play some Medieval Mayhem.
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    The Astley Paradox: If you ask Rick Astley for a DVD of the movie “Up”, he will not give it to you because he is Never Gonna Give You Up. However by not giving you Up, even though you asked for it, he is letting you down.
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    A widow is mourning at her husband's grave. A man approaches and asks "Mind if I say a word?" "OK," she says. The man says "Plethora." "Thanks," she replies, "That means a lot."
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    I was once kidnapped by mimes; they did unspeakable things...
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    Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!
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    I tried looking up lighters on eBay and all they had was 11,349 matches!
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    The 7800 is hooked up to a CRT for the first time in over a decade, and I have to say that it actually looks pretty damn good on that TV and certainly miles better than it did on either our LCD or plasma. Huge thanks to @KeeperofLindblum for passing the TV on to me; now I can finally start in on the 'does-it-work-or-not' 5200.
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    Just got a 2sd covid 19 vaccine shot today.
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    Watched "The NeverEnding Story" for the first time in 25 years with the family recently. That movie hit me right in the feels.
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    Confucius say, Baseball wrong, man with four balls cannot walk!
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    When I was a kid we only had TV over the air, there were three networks, and some PBS and a few odd-ball UHF stations. Yet, there was more variety in types of show then than now. Yes there are more shows now, but everything is a copy of something else. Let that sink in for a moment.
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    BIRTHDAY! 2600 and NES game night with my girlfriend. Awesome street tacos and drinks!
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