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  1. The levels were completed a while back, it's just missing the vizier fighting animations which @TIX is working on... There's also the princess room which will require some work as well 😵
  2. Well, I picked up my non-Mitsumi Beige TI today...... SCORE! This unit is in PRISTINE CONDITION, I mean there is not a scratch on it, even at the the cartridges port. It even came in the original box! As you can see (if you zoom in by clicking on the photo a few times), I'll need to get some Q-Tips out and clean the keys up a little, but that's about it. Now I just need the sidecar to plug into it and I'll be golden beige.
  3. #Atari8bit #Fujinet contains a complete implementation of the SAM speech synthesizer. Shown here is a walk through of using it.
  4. This is cool. Can you match all of the songs and sound effects to their respective games? Kudos if you know them all.
  5. I don't understand how people can defend Atari at this point. Anybody else would have shown some pictures of mass production by now. The new Atari store was the reason I would have picked one up but when there hasn't been any games announced there's no point. The series S is the same price and for £10 a month I can play however many games I would like. The VCS is DOA and I hope the backers receive a device even if it's to sell it on
  6. So I finally got around to unboxing my Sears unit. One end of the box is still factory sealed, while the seller taped the open end, but luckily just with painter's tape which did not leave any residue. Everything is damn near flawless. There's a little bit of something on the grill on the upper right side, but other than that, I haven't seen a spec of dust! The baggies for the RF cord and adapter and manual appear to be brand new and possibly never opened, and the Poker and Blackjack is still sealed. Most importantly, the console works great with a nice, clear picture. I'm a very happy camper! 😃 Here are some pics...
  7. I believe this is correct. There was a court case here a few years ago where Hanes (the underwear people) decided to take a company called Hanes Hummus (unshockingly, they make hummus) to court claiming that the name would be confusing to consumers. However, as Hanes (the underwear people) was unable to present anyone who could claim 'I bought this jar of Hanes Hummus, smeared it all over myself and only then realized it was not actually underwear at all!' they lost the case. So it seems similar/identical names is allowed, as long as the products of each are unlikely to be confused with each other.
  8. To me, what this article really says is that there are still so many questions about the PS5/XBSX/S that have yet to be answered. We can guess what the game sizes will be, but we really don't know. The author is basing assumptions off current games and then admits that games on an SSD could be much smaller. He's also cherry-picking certain games which are huge even compared to other AAA games. But he doesn't know. Nobody knows yet because neither company has revealed any of those details. Compare that with Intellivision, where Tommy has repeatedly told us practically everything you need to know about the console. We've seen games on it. We've seen the controller in action. He's mentioned how the RFID in controllers will work on other consoles and how you'll then have access to all your games on those consoles. It was just recently revealed that new games for PS5 will be up to $70. We've known Amico games won't be any higher than $10 for almost two years now. I feel confident putting money down for an Amico because I feel like I know what I'm getting. As for a PS5, there are still so many questions left unanswered.
  9. Now the eye is there, so I just need to add the beholder. 🙂 From now on SAMS is required to see all the textures. If you only have 32K you better like treasure chests, because there will be a lot of them.🙂 The main new thing is of course the objects (eyes, chests), and most of the features are now working as in the non-textured version. The object drawing is slow because no cheating is involved. It's scaling and drawing the textures in real time. And it also has to support transparency, which makes it difficult to optimize in the same way as the walls, because the unrolled code would have to depend on the textures. Maybe if the textures were not allowed to have interior transparent sections, like the weird 'grating boss' I'm shooting at the end of the video, it would be possible to optimize? @artrag will probably know what to do. I think my next step will be to move into the dungeon: draw a new map and darker, dungeon-like textures (9918A colors makes that very hard). I'm considering if changing the texture size from 16x64 to 32x64 would make any difference? They still have to be displayed in the same 64x192 mode, but it could be worth it for the close-ups. On the other hand, small details would may be missed at long range. The exciting thing about this project is that for once I'm not bound by the number of sprites in a row or the number of patterns in the pattern table. I can add hundreds of textures to SAMS without running out of space. texcaster.rpk texcaster8.bin
  10. It uses ram for games and flash for the menu. The cartridge will outlive us all. 😆
  11. We'll see how much time I get to spend with this one and I'll find out real fast how I truly feel, haha. I'm expecting a stiff increase in difficulty. If I plateau on this building, well then...
  12. Counter proposal: Part 1: I release the API, and then anyone who has a favorite sound format and the will, can write a command to play sounds from whatever storage they want organized however they want. There can even be multiple players. The command could take the full path or a relative path to the sound file to play. Then if people want to organize them differently, they can. There is no reason for it to make assumptions about a TIPI being present. Part 2: Anything named 'SAY' remains specifically about speech on the 4A, and not generically sound. --------- This reminds me, CALL will probably go away, now that I've implemented PATH searching. I will more likely detect if the file is a PROGRAM image and treat it as a command, or if it is a DV/80, treat it like a script.
  13. There were tons of Mini Master of the Universe Comics. They came with toys, games, action figures you name it. Here is a pic of mini comics currently on ebay.
  14. On the SNES and the Genesis, the system was basically able to get a frame buffer image from the co-processor (over-simplified, but essentially). On the TI we don't have the bandwidth to do exactly that. Interaction between the CPUs isn't too hard though... a common approach is to have a small amount of shared memory that both processors can access (so on the TI, it'd have to be on the cartridge) that can be used to pass information back and forth. It's probably enough to have space for data, and a single byte for control of that data (so that as long as you write that control byte last, you don't need to be too worried about the integrity of the data). For data that must be carefully controlled, I've used Peterson's algorithm successfully in the past and found it pretty simple: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterson's_algorithm
  15. Turns out I was overthinking the problem and no additional coding and no mini prescan was necessary. Now SUB, SUBEND, SUBEXIT, and DEF can be used in any of the chained programs. To use these you have to pay close attention to certain details, so I will work on the docs to make sure the necessary steps are 100% clear.
  16. Ms. Galactopus (fixed) - 17765 City Defence - 6369 Doggone It! - 29532
  17. It was always confirmed to be Linux-based but not an open system. Rather, if you wanted to install your own software, you always had to go into 'sandbox' mode and bring your own OS. It was certainly not explained how this was going to be implemented - by adding additional storage and having the option to boot from it - until Rob Wyatt joined the project, and a prototype not consisting of a solid lump of plastic was being worked on. I'm not sure if his explanation would still hold now that he's left it even if Atari haven't said anything else to contradict it. Also, if Atari have have ever shown it booting into Linux under Sandbox mode, it's passed me by.
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    Usually don't make 2 status updates. But. Drive-thru Haunted Houses are gonna happen here!
  19. I found these handy instructions on this website that might point me in the right direction! - James
  20. Ask Tommy Question: Will you have a "try before you buy" for games above $2 or $3 dollars?
  21. Thanks to the creators for making these games and letting us play them! Don't put me in charge of any missile defense, I've always sucked at these. City Defense = 3,409 Dog Gone it! = 22,787 I avoided the cat for a couple levels until I finally realized it had the power ups.
  22. Great honor to be a featured speaker (virtually) at the prestigious B3 Biennial of the Moving Image 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany next month! Actors Willem Defoe and Terry Gilliam are also taking part. Turrican composer and good friend Chris Huelsbeck will also be speaking! They named the headline of my chat "David vs. Goliath". I love being the underdog as they never see ya comin'!
  23. Ms. Galactopus (fixed): 19,065 Doggone it! : 47,499 Getting closer
  24. Doggone It!-52,396! Who let the dogs out? Man...I'm holding a package. Dude moved RIGHT before the End Screen-I'm not sure I could have gotten closer to beating that level w/o beating it, that hurt. *Edit* Sorry to rattle on about this, mebbe a little more personable than the HSC typically is, but a duck is a duck, and I talk a lot(type...). I'm not all that analytical, but I've noticed many times, and *possibly* even said aloud, that Jason and I, to me, seem to be in near about the "exact same place" with relative skillsets, particular enthusiasm, etc. Is more than one thing, and can't really put a finger on it better than that, but I've thought in the past we were "kindred souls" of some kind. Anyway. In my other scoring circles, I kinda bounce back and forth, sometimes with my head up my own butt, just doing whatever occurs to me, but I DO like to compete, head to head, with an individual or group of individuals on a specific game, beating each other back and forth daily-OldManG on Grand Prix(best...Dude...ever...), Terrence O'neill on Super Monaco, Genesis/Megadrive, A couple buds on Super Mario Kart(which I actually kinda suck at, but it's fun...). I certainly don't mind to win, lol, but I really don't mind "losing" either, 'cause I don't really look at it that way-when I am in a head to head, the point to me is to push each other to wind up getting better, overall results be damned. This has been awesome! I am glad you are so good at this game, because if you weren't, I wouldn't be. If the "top score" was "safe", I may well have drifted off to something else, but in keeping at it, the game is definitely getting "easier", in the sense that I have played it a lot, and know what to expect, am actually "planning ahead" with power ups and stuff. So I hope you roll your eyes and groan when I beat your score, like I do, lol, but also like me, I hope you put a smile on your face and try again.
  25. Hello dear friends, I decided to present here my ABBUC entry, because rules of this program might be vague for some of the people. It's simply a tree growth simulator in which we can influecne the shape of the tree. It has only 4kb size and it took me a week to write this. This is not a typical game, rather experimental project, because you can't win or lose. The tree grows until the certain point, and then you can "admire" its form. There are couple factors that one can change: SUN- direction of the sun rays, which influences the direction of new branches and sub-branches. WIND- the direction of the wind that influences the skew of branches. Branches tend to change their direction gradually. CUT- cutting the branches, once you cut the branch it stops growing, but the subbranches keep growing still. Those factors can be changed multiple times at any given moment. Other options are: STOP: stopping the growth just to "admire" the shape or to have a little break. PLAY: restarting the growth at normal speed FAST: starting the growth at maximum available speed (could be interesting for users with more CPU power) I had fun making it and I hope you will have fun playing it as well
  26. Huge honor for Intellivision to be nominated and a finalist for "Best Consumer Technology Innovation" Award at the 2020 High Tech Awards this year!
  27. Some trimming experimental. The "shamus" is the biggest hurdle , because POKEY goes exactly the wrong way. And, still there is the problem that RMT doesn't allow pitch changes on the patterns, similar to the volume.
  28. I've heard that the PS4 Metal Slug Anthology isn't as good as ACA NEOGEO, which is available on both Switch and PS4. Metal Slug Anthology also runs in 1080i (!!!) for some reason, according to PSN! Not sure what's up with that since the originals are progressive scan! Metal Slug Anthology is cheaper than buying the 6 of them on ACA NEOGEO, though. It is a shame they decided not to do this on the Switch, though. If they had, maybe I'd get a copy there. I don't think the Switch can even do interlaced resolutions, so at least it would be in progressive there.
  29. The pins are pulled up by resistors and the switches can push the lines down (when closed). The remaining components are a transistor inverter with speed up circuit at base.
  30. Howdy. #4 was simply an 'ultra' standard example I shared that didn't require REFerences to VDP utilities and thus was 'standalone' (looks as if the source is missing one or two pieces of info, such as the workspace BSS). I was not responsible for the collaborative version you mentioned though I was a participant at the time. IIRC, it started with a copy of Paolo's DSRLNK routine and was augmented to account for various updates including a level 2 error return modification; it might be included with the CPU scratchpad loader...?
  31. FAtari has seriously screwed the pooch when it comes to their marketing and launch window. Fred Cheesnuts: when would be the absolute worst time to release the VCS non-console Anyone with a brain: at the same time as PS5 and XBox X Series!
  32. FYI, there are several 2732As that are listed as 12.5V in their datasheets: AMD AM2732ADC, Fujitsu MBM2732A, and the ST M2732A. All of them should work on the TL866II.
  33. For some reason the files didn't get posted in github, so I posted them again. abeard01/fortran99. This includes tic as well. Alan Beard LGMA Products
  34. Here is a online PDF manual for the Harmony cart. In case you didn't get one included? https://harmony.atariage.com/files/harmony_manual_v2_online.pdf Also, do yourself a favor and instead of downloading a ROM here and there just download ROMHUNTERS complete archive, it's still a small and fast download with the complete organized collection so you will have them at hand either way - Just click the link on the bottom of the page you get following this link http://www.atarimania.com/rom_collection_archive_atari_2600_roms.html
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    Will there be incredible jaw-dropping events this weekend? Hold on to your butts just in case.
  36. The Snake Men didn't exist until 3 years after the game was released.
  37. Do you already have a rough idea of how much a replacement screen might cost and how easy/complicated it will be to install it? I would definitely take two, depending on the price maybe three, all backlit if the brightness can be controlled and turned off completely.
  38. Ever notice that the folks who don't understand Amico also don't understand the power of family, wives, kids etc.... typically because they don't have any themselves.
  39. Checking out a pretty rare Tomy Pocket Game! Pocket Pop Up Pirate
  40. At this point it seems it would be better if ProSystem quietly disappeared from the internet because it's just not up to the standards of other emulators and from what I've heard includes a number of bodge fixes to get even the original retail releases working properly. JS7800 is based on it but doesn't have a lot of the same problems fortunately. A7800 and BupSystem are as good as hardware for almost everything so you can't go wrong developing with those. As for the graphics, most early systems' graphical prowess was in how they could draw tilemaps and / or bitmaps to the screen with fancier systems capable of shifting the tilemaps in pixel increments, flipping tiles around, or having different palettes in different locations, but the sprite capabilities were always relatively lacking. The NES and Master System both have a fixed amount of memory to manage 64 8*8 or 8*16 sprites but can only draw 8 on a given line, while the C64 has 8 24*21 sprites (12*21 in multicolor mode similar to 160A on the 7800), but the 7800 goes completely the other way by dropping the tilemap and making everything that gets drawn a sprite (sprite isn't the best term but it's what most people think of them as) so it can draw sprites up to 248*16 (124*16 in 160A mode and that's if my maths is right). Of course this allows for huge graphics on screen that other systems can't do without plenty of trickery, but the downsides, of which there are many, include that while the objects can be placed anywhere horizontally they must be aligned vertically to a zone so scrolling vertically requires a lot of fiddling about and horizontally requires moving every object instead of just updating a shift register, and as each object is drawn with a single palette you need to have multiple objects if you want more than 4 colours in your pseudo-tilemap built from 'indirect mode' objects. As each object to be drawn requires the system to read a header to understand what it needs to do, and 'indirect mode' objects require extra processing to read the tilemap, one of the ways to optimise things is to ditch the mindset of tiles, make use of the 7800's strengths, and just have bits of your levels just be single large chunks of graphics. With all that said, 7800BASIC takes care of a lot of the details so you don't need to worry about them until you get into more advanced stuff and you shouldn't focus on optimisation while you're learning the ropes as @bizarrostormy suggests.
  41. From the posted requests in this forum thread and AtariAge PM inquiries, as well as extending the offer to a few individuals that have helped me in my Atari journey, I have counted nineteen potential recipients for a free copy of Doggone It!. I couldn’t bring myself to limit the free copies to just ten people, so I decided to pull an Oprah. Everybody gets a car(tridge)! As mentioned in an earlier post, the cartridges will come from AtariAge. I will be sourcing the boxes and manuals myself. I don’t have any experience here, so I hope I can live up to the quality you are used to from AtariAge (at least the cartridges will be top of the line). If you don’t like it, I’ll refund your money and you can keep the game! (That’s my attempt at humor.) Below is the list of everyone that will be guaranteed a copy of Doggone It! with a box and manual. I broke it out into two different lists based on the versions available (NTSC and PAL60). If you didn’t specify, you are getting NTSC. If I missed someone that made the request, please let me know. The only thing I ask is PLEASE BE PATIENT. We are still working on the manual and box design. Even when they are done, I don’t expect it to be released until mid-December as that it is when I hope to reveal the game to those that it was made for. For those on the lists, please provide me an address through AtariAge PM for where the game should be sent (though I am not in a hurry based on the expected release date). NTSC @adamh9700 @Arenafoot @AtariTexas @bfstats @jwelsh @Karl G @KevinMos3 @KevKelley @NostAlgae37 @Prizrak @Rogerpoco @Skwrl63 @socrates63 @splendidnut @sramirez2008 @TrekMD @ZeroPage Homebrew PAL60 @Al_Nafuur @Philsan This will be limited release and I will be giving away all of the copies (some to friends and family in addition to the lists above). I have no plans to ask for it to be in the AtariAge store. It’s Al’s store, not mine. But more importantly, for this project I feel a great need for finality. I want this game, just like my cancer, to be a chapter in my life that I can close and not be part of any legacy.
  42. Hi all! I have a new beta (test) version of the next FastBasic release (4.4), I need your help testing the IDE - specially the editor, as it has many changes under the hood to make it smaller. The changes in this version are: - Adds BREAK key handling to the IDE - this was long overdue, now you can press BREAK key to return to the IDE from your program. - Adds COPY/PASTE to the editor, you need to press CONTROL-M to "mark" a line in the editor, then when you press CONTROL-C that line is copied after the current one. Pressing CONTROL-C multiple times copies multiple lines. Changes to the language: - Adds "CLR" statement, that un-dimension arrays and sets all variables to 0. Changes to the cross-compiler: - Allows to compile to code that can be put in a cartridge - by removing all uses of self-modifying-code and adding a stub to copy the zeropage interpreter from ROM to RAM at startup. - Allows accessing to DATA's from external assembly files. - The CC65 tools are included in the distribution, you don't need to install CC65 to use the cross-compiler anymore. Have Fun! EDIT: See newer beta version at: fastbasic-v4.4-beta-macosx.zip fastbasic-v4.4-beta-win32.zip fastbasic-v4.4-beta.atr fastbasic-v4.4-beta-linux64.zip
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