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  1. I second that, 100%!!! I tried to improve my Spitfire score, and can't, so I guess this is a last minute "concession", but I'm certainly not bummed about it. The fact is, OldManG and ZilchSr are quite literally very, VERY probably the very best two Atari 2600 players of all time, across all spans of time. I'm proud to have competed with them, proud to have finished in the Gold my first time out, and proud to call them my friends. The thing is-this is a competition, and the very best will finish on top. Others will finish in the final standings in an appropriate position to where they performed. The top players in this years HSC have shared strategies quite a bit-I haven't really followed seasons past, but the videos OMG and Zilch have provided, to help others improve their scores, is unprecedented, I think. ZilchSr explained EXACTLY how I could beat him on Spitfire Attack-gave me every ounce of knowledge he had. I've always said, knowing and doing are two different things. I've learned a LOT this HSC, found games I will play the rest of my life, Pressure Cooker, Dragon's Descent, and for me it has been a 100% positive experience!!! I hate for anyone to be bummed over this experience-I'm tickled, again, to have made the Gold bracket, in last(8th)place, and frankly, anyone doing better than me kicked ass, because I know I did pretty good, and week after week I was in awe of the top four or five finishers, you Guys all did GREAT, and the folks in the other brackets are all deserving of their positions as well. Everyone competing this year deserves a big thumbs up, it's been a lot of fun!!!
  2. Outstanding performances by OldManG and ZilchSr and great performances by everyone else also!! Personally I did not expect I would come anywhere close to getting this far when I first started this tournament, but I think playing against such high-skilled and great players has done nothing but improve my playing overall! Love seeing these carts pushed to the limits by everyone and it has certainly encouraged me to try quite a few games that I probably never would have tried before, and also pushed me to learn even more on the few that I have played!!
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    I glanced up at an ad on TV, (Written down) This person had one dream; To some day own a FORD TRUCK...But as I watched the whole thing, Their goal was to own a FOOD TRUCK... Oh...OK .. I mean, I guess that's good, too...
  4. I now have four of the prototypes ready for the smoke test/final component insertion, so they should be ready by next weekend. . .
  5. I just went back and reviewed every season's results. It seems as though the thing Tempest has an issue with has, in fact, happened nearly every single season since HSC's inception. Every season *other than this one*, the leader alone has blown out the rest of the field, perhaps with the exception of Season 4 where the difference between 1st and 2nd was a bit over 100 pts, but even that season had the top 4 blow out the rest of the players, making it "not even close". Indeed, this Season has been the *most* competitive with only around 30 pts separating 1st and 2nd. Usually, the winner smoked the 2nd place player by 200 or more points. I'd even go so far as to suggest that this has been the first season in many years where the outcome was not a foregone conclusion with a likely winner predicted as early as Week 1. Again, you bring up good points, however, having just one person dominate has happened every season, if not two people, so this is nothing new, and should have been no surprise. When something happens every single time, we probably should come to expect it, no?
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    Did I just do something potentially stupid and buy an early 80s Trinitron off eBay? Yes. Yes I did.
  7. HOLY CRAP!! I have that in the back room of Intellivision!! I thought it was just something that someone made. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally screwing with you guys!! (Cmart just shit his pants). 🤣 Seriously though... I've never seen that picture before. Is that a legit picture from marketing or a CES ad? Or did someone just photoshop that later based on "rumors". We have a TON of original documents and ads so I'm wondering if we have that. Also... not sure if you were all aware of this... but there is an Intellivision history book that is coming out that is going to BLOW EVERYONE away. The 2 guys working on it have been doing it for years and they have gone back and uncovered every story and interviewed hundreds of people about the original console. They spent a day at my house and they have the most stories, research and documents I've even seen done on the original Intellivision. It's actually pretty mind-boggling! They are trying to get the book finished by 10.10 and I'll be promoting the heck out of it. They are doing it more like a text book... but I've been talking to a number of different folks to make other Intellivision related books as well (like the Tim Lapetino Atari books... so amazing!). Actually spoke to Tim about 6 months ago also (but he's too busy with other projects). Anyway... just wanted to share that the definitive Intellivision history text book is being made and it's going to be awesome.
  8. Hi Everyone!, HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this thread! One year ago today I "officially" joined AA and started this thread. I figured I get a few questions, clear up a few things and then it would eventually get pushed down and forgotten. It's amazing to think that in one year we already have over 8,000 replies and over a quarter of a million views. And to think that about 90% is "positive" is always quite the accomplishment compared to some other threads that just keep bashing a system with constant negativity. It's much more thoughtful to have intelligent and positive discussions and I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate it. It's one of the reasons I continue to read and interact with folks here. Much more fun to interact with folks who are interested in what we're doing and have a positive attitude... than the opposite. Special shout out to the mods for keeping this place "clean" from the senseless hate or constant annoyance of the passive aggressive trouble-makers whose only goal seemed to be trying to upset folks here. A bunch of folks have messaged me here over the past month or so wanting to know if there is still a discount code active for the current Intellivision Amico shop. I thought it would be fun to set up a special Atari Age/Intellivision thread discount for all of you. So I waited til the one year anniversary to have it set up. I don't want this to come across as marketing or trying to sell you guys something... it's merely in response to various folks in here asking me... and me wanting to do something nice for anyone who may have been interested in getting some cool Intellivision branded stuff. So you won't see me posting this on other social media... and not even on other parts of AA or the AA Facebook page, etc. This is for the folks in here. I decided to give everyone here 25% off anything in the store! Just use the code: ATARIAGE25 when you checkout. Here is the Shop Link: https://www.intellivisionamico.com/shop For those of you who have been here since the beginning... Happy Anniversary! For those of you just joining us... thank-you for your participation and I hope you'll stick around and pop in often. For everyone in between... thank-you for your support and helping to make this an interesting place for not only Amico dialogue... but Intellivision in general. I really felt like I've made some friends here... and although I've even met a few of you in person already.... I hopefully look forward to meeting all of you someday... and better yet.... playing couch co-op Amico with you!! Thanks again!
  9. There are several people here (well, there were since most of them were banned) who also had a positive view of Amico before they ran into some of its most vocal fans... 😕 But I think we can all agree that it's a shame to despise a system or a company because of some of their fans.
  10. I've found ton of very similar fonts used for keyboards going back at least to the 1950's, and you'll notice that even most current keyboards use very similar fonts. It seems the common ancestor to all these is the font created by the George Gorton Machine Company in Racine, WI, USA. http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-80708.html Note the lettering on the right wheel: It's not clear when the typeface was created, but it goes back to at least 1934. A couple digital recreations of the Gorton font are here: https://github.com/drdnar/GortonDigital/ https://web.archive.org/web/20170908215110/http://deutscheschrift.info/en/Gorton.html And, of course, a discussion of this font as it relates to old Honeywell terminals on DeskAuthority: https://deskthority.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8370
  11. Just to clarify - the source is available for review and personal usage, but that's not quite the same as 'do what you want'. For instance, users are not permitted to distribute modified code, per my license. Classic99 for Linux: As it stands, the source code is not trivially portable to Linux. I use Microsoft APIs for timing, sound, joysticks, graphics, file access... and god knows what else. If 4.0 percolates to the top of my list, the intent is to be more open source so that things like Retropie can run it. But it won't even come at the expense of the Windows version, cause it's tightly integrated for a reason: I USE all those functions. The actual number of function calls probably isn't so high that a wrapper layer couldn't be made. But that's not on my list.
  12. Yep, the hyperspin people are kind of rather free one could say with source videos and their reuse. It's wrong to say copied from I agree. It predates the lairds one by 8 months being may last year.
  13. I haven't look at this thread for two or three months, but I see it hasn't changed a bit! LOL Even remakes of Gradius or Galaga 88 would have a very limited appeal. Excellent remakes of old arcade games have been made in the past, some earning awards because of their quality, but they just didn't sell. A simple action game loosely based on Shark, Shark!, a simple multiplayer action strategy game loosely based on Utopia, or a simple multiplayer dungeon crawler loosely based on Cloudy Mountain, sure! But true "remakes" of those games, as in basically the same gameplay only with more bells and whistles, would be commercial failures and would hurt the image of Amico. Having said this, I believe people can certainly use old games to illustrate specific gameplay elements. For example, a gameplay element that I imagine could be interesting in the context of Amico is the one of Crush Roller. It was a maze game with the two "fish" that would kill you like the ghosts in Pac-Man, but there were also the cat, the mouse, the bird and the rolling tire that couldn't hurt you but would mess up your fresh paint, forcing you to redo everything. In the context of a multiplayer game (one player being the paintbrush, against two players being the two fish and four other players being the cat, the mouse, the bird and the rolling tire), I imagine this mechanic could end up being a lot of fun, at least if the game can be balanced correctly (which I guess would not be an easy task). It could lead to cooperation between the enemies of the paintbrush, where people actively communicate with each other to develop a strategy against this paintbrush (no matter if the paintbrush is a player or an AI). There are several games like that which I believe have mechanics with a much better potential than arcade games. For example, I can think of The Goonies (some kind of platformer/puzzle mix where different people having to cooperate and synchronize their actions), Zorro (a platformer with elements of a point and click adventure game) or something like a multiplayer version of Impossible Mission.
  14. For Donkey Kong Remix I'm going to be using CPUWIZ's board with fixed ROM at $C000 and banked ROM at $8000. I'll be using the XM RAM at $4000 for display lists, screen RAM and variable storage. You could also copy data/code from cart ROM banks into RAM banks at $4000 or $5000 at game setup time.
  15. SysCheck's primary purpose is not as an aesthetically pleasing, discreet RAM upgrade. While it can serve as a RAM upgrade and external OS ROM, its primary function is as a diagnostic tool, and it completes that mission objective with aplomb. 'Poor quality control' and 'SysCheck' are not two entities which sit well in the same sentence. I'm sure requests for a smaller PCB, some form-factor change, or a casing would be well-received, but the analogy with the video game crash does not hit the target well, IMO.
  16. I corrected that for you Shag. 👍 Absolutely @TACODON. And if you do get your 2 spondoolies back, you can hit up this joint ..... 😄😅 Hah! I immediately pictured old Freddy boy as the Great Wizard, pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Very apt. Atari Holetel. The IGG pigeons are now questioning the idea of getting infected by the Cervezavirus, via their maybe, not sure, uncertain, could be delivered Ashoebox packaging. 🙄😣
  17. Went to the arcade again... Arcade Dig Dug - 5 min (A couple games on this one, too. Did better than I have previously on this machine, but still not great. I always have to play at least 1 game of Dig Dug if it's in an arcade I'm in.) Mario Bros - 10 min (Got the high score on this one, too, but it wasn't much of a challenge. It was pretty low. I guess it resets when the power is off and must've been off recently.) Ms Pac Man - 30 min (Got high score. Then beat my previous score. Watched some others play, but no one beat me. I'm no great Ms Pac Man player, but apparently better than the other random players who tried after me. hehe... This is one of those machines that is set to fast play, and I love it. If we had stayed another hour or so, I probably would have worn a blister on my finger. I could feel it starting to form.) Tempest - 5 min (Just a couple games. I suck at the arcade. Need more play time. I'm better at T2K. lol ) Playstation Breath of Fire III - 405 min (Progressed further. Got the boat, trying to make some kind of food for the mayor of a town. Gotta look up how to do that. I've done it in the past, but don't remember how to do it now. May spend some time fishing and try to get some of those nice weapons from the Manillo shop. Plan on playing a few more hours of it tomorrow.)
  18. ATARI 2600: Gorf - 10 minutes ATARI 7800: Pac-Man Collection - 80 minutes
  19. My times for the week: Atari 2600: Xenophobe - 2 min. NES: Ring King - 369 min. Willow - 2 min. Down goes Ring King, and good riddance to it.
  20. Got a chance to play a little today. 37,960 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  21. When I was collecting, these were the titles I dug up from old publications, I had about a third of them when I stopped collecting and sold them off. These were the 90+ listed on my old GeekVintage website when I owned it... 3D BattleZone (Add On Electronics) Air-Defense (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Alien Attack (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 3 Variant) Alien Quest (Mattel Electronics - Demo Cassette) Aliens (Add On Electronics) Alien Storm (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 4) AlphaMix (Oasis) Aquapede (P. Clements) Blocked (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Bomber (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Bounder (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 2/standalone tape) Breakout (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 2/standalone tape/Apocalypse Software - Aquapack 1) Bumpers (Digital Output - Outpack 5) Chess (Dick Smith Electronics) Chuckman (Add On Electronics) Collector (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Crossword Computer (Oasis) Cute Cubes (Mattel Electronics - Demo Cassette/Games Pack 3 Variant) Deathrace (Apocalypse Software) Depthcharge (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 3) D-Fender (aka: D-Fenders) (Add On Electronics) Disco Fever (Add On Electronics) Ed-On (Add On Electronics) Electric Organ (Oasis) Flying (Oasis) Football (D. A. Spencer) Fruit Machine (D. A. Spencer) Gambler (Digital Output) Golf (Digital Output - Outpack 4) Grand Prix (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 4) Grid Bug (Add On Electronics) Gro-Worm (Digital Output - Outpack 5) Gunfight (Digital Output) Gunnery (Oasis) Hi-Lo (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Hopper (Microdeal) Invaders (Dick Smith Electronics) Invasion (Digital Output - Outpack 4) Invisible Outline (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 3 Variant) Killer Sub (Digital Output - Outpack 4) Local Bomber (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 2) Lonely Night Driver (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 2) Macho Man (Add On Electronics - Demo Cassette/Games Pack 1) Mad Mould (Mattel Electronics - Demo Cassette) MasterGuess (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Mad World (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 3 Variant) Mastercode (Oasis) Mastermind (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 3) Maths Armada (Dick Smith Electronics) Mazantics (Add On Electronics) Minefield (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Meteor (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 3) Moon Lander (Digital Output) Moon Shuttle (Apocalypse Software - Aquapack 1) Mower Man (C.C.I. Electronics) Mutants (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 1) Millypede (Add On Electronics) "N"-Vaders (Add On Electronics) NIM (Digital Output) Othello (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 1) Pac Mr. (Add On Electronics) Paintbox (Oasis) Painter (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 4) Phrogger (Kayde Software Ltd) Pontoon (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 4/D. A. Spencer) Postman Pat (aka: Postman Pot) - (Add On Electronics) Rally Driver (Micro Mart Software) Read It (Dick Smith Electronics) Rocket Run (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Rollerball (Oasis) Scramble (Micro Mart Software) Sheepdog (Add On Electronics - Games Pack 3) Sketch (Oasis) Ski (D. A. Spencer) Snake (Digital Output - Outpack 1/Apocalypse Software - Aquapack 1) Solitaire (Oasis) Space Collision (D. A. Spencer) Space Ram (Dick Smith Electronics) Spacepits (D. A. Spencer) Space Shoot (Digital Output - Outpack 5) Spell It (Dick Smith Electronics) Stalactites (Add On Electronics - Demo Cassette/Games Pack 1) Strike Force (D. A. Spencer) Super Slot (Digital Output - Outpack 4) Super Symon (Processor - Gamespack 1) Survival (Digital Output - Outpack 4) Symmetry (Oasis) Symon (Digital Output - Outpack 1) Timetrap (Digital Output - Outpack 5) Torment (Mattel Electronics - Demo Cassette) Tracker (Digital Output) Turboloader (v.Balen Software) Wampus Gold (Digital Output - Outpack 5)
  22. Asteroids, Missile Command, Defender, Donkey Kong, Tempest, Pole Position, Joust, Robotron, Punchout, Battlezone, Gravitar, Lunar Lander. It was a time of really diverse gameplay and control schemes.
  23. It's RAM, and it's banked at $4000 and $5000. That much we know. It will clash if you try to enable it with any formats that try to use the $4000 address space, like 48k roms. I'll put some warnings into 7800basic, so people have less of a chance of shooting themselves in the foot. There will likely be related updates to a7800 too. Dennis Debro had questions about it's usage earlier, but we don't yet have the answers. I made some speculations a few posts below his, which I can confirm once I have a unit in my hands. Anything I learn will be shared at my wiki. I'll be glad to be beat by official docs, but I'm sure XM team has their hands full with birthing this thing, and with everyday life.
  24. I figured I'd make this thread a bit of a dev log of sorts for the time being. I made the tick1!=tick2 update, though I wouldn't recommend using differing ticks generally. If you use a differing ticks, dmf2asm can't squeeze your pattern down by removing redundant odd rows, since the timing will be different between even and odd rows. I also added code to defer the final all-notes-off at the end of a song. In the previous version the all-notes-off was issued too quickly after the final notes in the song, which caused a bit of distortion. (e.g. that cool, but unplanned, whoosh ending at the end of the Zanac demo.) I've decided that mid-song instrument changes are going to be implemented as start-of-pattern instrument changes. Otherwise I'll wind up doubling the pattern data needed for songs. This may also bring some minimum speed requirements, though nothing too crazy. I just need some frames between I also had a neat idea. Presently the high bit of the note data is only used for the rest marker, when note=0xff. If a note value of >127 and <255 is seen by XMYM, the tracker could save state and jump to a custom user-defined subroutine, passing on the note # and channel #. That could trigger game-specific custom actions - TIA drums, AtariVox singing, pokey notes, or even non-sound-related stuff. The value could easily be embedded in the song data by setting one of the DefleMask note parameters that dmf2asm currently ignores.
  25. ralphb

    SDD 99

    No, I'm still working on it, and I don't really want to predict when it is ready -- my estimates have been way off in the past. I haven't thought about prices yet, but probably somewhere between 50 and 100 Euros.
  26. Well, I perfectly get your point but you have to understand that some Amico fans (not necessarily you) sound quite creepy sometimes as well. I mean there's a huge difference between Amico fans and Switch (or Xbox One/PS4) fans; the latters are at least defending something they actually own. I really hope Amico turns out as good as we think it will, but that's why I'm always cautiously optimistic (for everything); I prefer to be pleasantly surprised than strongly disappointed.
  27. Snow banks now animated... and I almost run out of time on this stage!
  28. Now the plan becomes clear... they won't have to pay for their own room anymore.
  29. I think it's time for "m-crew" to take a break from this thread.
  30. It was not supposed to be English but whatever language Brandon Harris speaks.
  31. Epic press release with two new creative gaems,,, for expanding improved business versatility of future mobile gamming: http://news.calyptus.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/2020-02-21-CP-lancement-AKDPS-VEN.pdf
  32. Atari certainly got out of the Gameband well before it finally went belly up. Still, it's pretty obvious now that even that decision was largely driven by the desire not to have to pay Feargal a cent more than they'd already thrown his way. Having previously interpreted it as a sign of the company being able to identify a project with a high failure risk, and distance themselves from it to protect their brand before matters came to a head, that was giving them way too much credit. Yep, they're even worse than I thought.
  33. Exacto. That's were I got what I posted on IGG(Distorting the facts as Jessie the Wise says)
  34. maybe it's early and i'm extraordinarily grouchy, but it amuses the heck out me how the backers make impassioned pleas to Atari on the IGG page like they're good friends and that Atari gives two craps about them. THEY GOT YOUR MONEY! (now shut up and wait like the good little backers you are and line up for your poop sandwich) i've said often that i hope the folks that 'invested' in this device get a device of some kind- i still hope you do.
  35. Maybe it's time for you to let someone else handle the money for a while...
  36. "This is a very difficult update to write..."
  37. So what WAS the one missing element? A brain? (the ever-elusive project manager willing to be the face of the accursed ATARI VCS?) A heart? (some reason for going on this snipe hunt in the first place?) Some courage? (if nothing else, to say "we're not finished and we may never be") Just to get back home? (back to the Alamogordo landfill with the whole lot of them!)
  38. I didn't get my money back yet. But it is worth trying anything at this point.
  39. That was me, and also "E.T.". They actually finally refunded my $2 today.
  40. I'm just trying to stir up all the trouble I can on that comment section.
  41. I, Wiener Brother stand in, do proclaim you to be a troll. Only post FACTS, this is just another butthurt employee. Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Werner.
  42. Shot (Dec. 13, 2017): Feargal's letter saying they are not prepared for a crowdfunding campaign, copied above by @Flojomojo. Chaser (Dec. 14, 2017): One key element. Sobering reality (Feb. 19, 2020): It seems they're finally to the place they should've been before even thinking about crowdfunding.
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