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  1. The Intellivision family having fun during lunch today. Meet some of the folks on the team and see Evel Knievel in 4 player versus mode with motion controls and some behind the scenes footage of how we're tackling some new motion control designs and improvements to Cornhole.
  2. Hi guys! I want to share my new project. Ninjish Guy 7800 Perilous Island. I just started it a week or so ago and I wrote a new improved version of my Knight Guy "engine" for it. It is in a really stage of development, but still here is a playable demo if somebody want to test it. Since I have no dragonfly or similar I have only tested it on a7800 emulator, so it could contain some nasty bugs. NinjishGuyPI_demo01.a78 As always, testing and feedback will be appreciated.
  3. AMAZING!!! If people didn't see the original Skiing dude on the slope... then you failed.
  4. Not a site, but the book THE ART OF ATARI and the accompanying poster book are awesome. Not 100% comprehensive, but lots of details about the art itself, the artists, and the various marketing campaigns. https://www.amazon.com/Art-Atari-Tim-Lapetino/dp/1524101036/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=The+Art+of+Atari&qid=1627084075&sr=8-1
  5. I agree with most of what has already been said here, especially the "yelling at my screen" part. I started watching the channel and was particularly interested to see how he would go about fixing the 99/4A. I had to stop part way through. Most of the problems he was having are known issues and such, and these days the *FIRST STEP* to fixing any retro computer should be to find the main group for that platform and see what is already known. Using an emulator to reproduce symptoms is also a great way to isolate common failures (especially in VRAM). I also tried to find some contact information for the guy, to see if he really wanted to exchange ideas about fixing his 99/4A. Alas, I could find no contact info or otherwise, short of posting a comment on the video (not happening). I suspect he is more concerned with maximizing the exposure of his videos than actually fixing the system or participation in a community around the various systems he works on. Not that such a thing is bad, to each their own. But people watching the video for help in trying to fix their own 99/4A, they will probably end up making things worse. There is a great troubleshooting guide that was created by the TI technicians who had to fix consoles back in the day. Check the documents thread here in the forum. Some common failures are the DRAM ICs used to make the 16K of VRAM. Also, the white "bus bars" on the motherboard are known to break at the solder joints and can cause all kinds of strange failures. The ROMs tend not to fail, or cause total death, and neither to the GROMs (they seem pretty resilient). I have seen the 9900 CPU fail, but only because someone was trying to hack a reset-mod into the system. NOTE: The VDP runs very hot and NEEDS a heat-sink. So if you are running the system with the top shield off, make sure you have a heat-sink on the 9918A VDP. Using just a multi-meter can make things a little harder, but not impossible. A logic-probe would help for testing bus signals though. With some patience and letting the symptoms guide you, for sure you could get the system fixed. Also take advantage of the forum here and all the help people are willing to give.
  6. Hahhahaha! OMG! So funny! I'm gonna print this one out and frame it!
  7. After years with no updates, here is a little teaser. OMNI is moving forward. I am trying to put some serious investment on the project. I started Opcode Electronics, LLC earlier this year, and my plan is to make this my full time business. An here is the first game. I am not going to announce the game today, but I will give you some info. The game is a sort of spiritual sequel (for now) of a very popular game for the Atari 2600 and Intellivision. This is stage 1, the moon base. The final game will have 5 different stages, each stage with many waves. the game plays like classic arcade. World 1 is almost complete. Game is already playable. I have a veteran of the video game industry helping me, worked for Capcom and others. This isn't going to be cheap. I am estimating $20k to complete this game alone, so I may need to find ways to finance this and other gam es. In fact I may need to find an investor. To recap: OMNI is a custom 16-bit, cartridge based video game console. The focus in terms of content is Atari era games. It is an authentic 16-bit hardware, no 3D here. Old school video with pixels, planes and sprites. More info and videos coming soon.
  8. Thanks! What's your problem ? Ooops sorry... not used to such demonstration of kindness in this thread 😏 If you could bring sense to the senseless, that'd be great!
  9. I couldn't help but notice the similarities between these 2 images. After all these years, Tommy's passion, enthusiasm and nostalgia for Intellivision still runs deep.
  10. The fate of the Jaguar (and the 3DO) was basically sealed as soon as the PS1 was released. Including the CD right from the start would have delayed the launch and made the console more expensive, thus reducing even further the window during which Atari wasn't competing with Sony. Including the CD hardware right from the start also wouldn't have fixed: - Atari's lack of money - Atari's lack of understanding on why and how they should partner with developers - Atari's lack of understanding of advertising - Atari's lack of quality control (some first-party games were so bad they damaged the public's perception of the console) - the pitiful documentation and software support for the CD hardware (it's so bad that even existing developers didn't want to touch it) - the CD hardware's limitations (no extra RAM to compensate for the lack of cartridge ROM, so some games couldn't have been released on CDs) - the CD hardware's lack of reliability I strongly believe that it would have made the Jaguar fail commercially even harder.
  11. so i figured out what the mod was from @Schmitziphotos provided. I thought I read the whole MPBII manual. I missed the last page. it's there! This mod enables the Digital output for the ADC
  12. 2 points
    My cooking is so bad that when I make spaghetti, the roaches use it to hang themselves.
  13. 2 points
    I find it rather neat that the Wii U Gamepad can function as a TV remote. Sure as hell works a lot better than my original old-ass Toshiba remote!
  14. I know,I recognize the practice and luck,skill,all that it takes to get a great time. I guarantee I will never get a run that fast,be proud oh great water warrior!👍🚣‍♂️
  15. On Page 39 of the "Produce 359 Design Specification" I found this regarding the value stack and integer variables:
  16. Haha-I was really in an overall zone on the game, you can REALLY get accurate control with the tiniest of movements, but you can tell at the end of the vid, even I am going "Holey Moley, What Just Happened!!!". I grinded on this game SOOO hard, please don't think it didn't take a lot of arm-wrenching work to get good, was more of a "specialist" game for me, right up my alley! That WAS my fastest time, up to that video, so I got to submit it elsewhere, as a "one and done", that definitely stroked my ego, haha! Thank You!!! A lot! Made me feel good!
  17. When are you guys planning to start, and what'll we see first? Television commercial? Magazine ad? Something else? I agree.
  18. removed all the INT() references since they would be pointless. a table won't work for the functions. might just make it GOSUBs since the compile won't slow. the original version of TI99 Uno was in KullXB package and had multi-color fonts but was painfully slow with screen writes. I had toyed with using 256XB to create multi-color fonts in this Uno+ (which is why the black background) but it'd took too long to have modified. maybe one day.
  19. If you want to unlock your TV's full potential you need to switch hobbies and get yourself a DVD player. You've been spamming the thread for the past year with the same rambling and the same pictures and you're calling others stubborn ? 🙄
  20. No worries. I test against real hardware any time I have a question - there is a LOT in Classic99 that came from study of the real machine, and I will note that Classic99 got at least one or two things right before the others did (big wink, come on, with the number of releases it's just the law of averages.) If you ever browse the source, you'll see "verified on hardware" in a few places - those are all tests that I personally did. There are also large blocks of text in places where theory or public documentation came into question.
  21. Oh, sounds cool to compile it. OK, give me a day & I'll post here a corrected version. I assume you are going to be using HW 256 compiler? just looked at the code. the functions should be easy to replace. I programmed this in Notepad++ and I'll just do a search and replace with the code. line 250 is a much faster way of getting a random number then RND. I probably have it several places in the code. I'll replace it with RND. Also I use CALL SAY a lot which is also no supported by 256. i'll remove those references since they usually was included with a CALL SOUND too it shouldn't impact the game. Also, when you do compile it you might have to add some timing loops or the action flies by so fast you can't tell what happened. You have my blessing to alter the program for compiling purposes if need be. You know, I converted this from my Atari Microsoft BASIC version were I had to use timing loops to slow down the code or it zipped by too fast, not so in TIXB. One of the main differences was, Atari MSB can use integers as well a float. Just changing in Atari MSB from float to integer really sped up that program. You really don't realize how these floating point routines really slow a program down.
  22. Any chance to have "Return of Fury" for A8 soon?
  23. Rich, you do realize that Top-Down vs Bottom-Up programming has exactly nothing to do with how the code is arranged in memory?
  24. I'm too busy enjoying it to nitpick it.... I remember when Sheddy got some flack for the flicker on Space Harrier....Seriously folks, you are playing bloody Space Harrier on the Atari with great music and samples, let alone amazing visuals, just ignore the blooming flicker or play it on Altirra with Frame Blending.. Do I see and issue with POP...Yes, I need MORE of it
  25. Not without a bit of pride. But keep in mind, I only had a minor part in the speech synthesis emulation.
  26. While @mulcmu presented his idea of an Wii - mote adapter, this could prevent double work or going a more costly route, I guess it's time to show what I developed and maybe put into this years Abbuc hardware contest. SNACK supports two operational modes: Classic and enhanced. The classic mode is fully compatible with the standard joystick and supports also the additional buttons from the https://github.com/ascrnet/Joy2Bplus project and the game-patches there. A third button is mapped to auto-fire. When switching to the enhanced mode (with SELECT + START + R (shoulder button) ), all buttons are mapped to a single controller port, in a quite clever but also easy to use way: VID_20210723_163234.mp4 Things get even more interesting when plugging an "8bitdo Retro Receiver SNES" https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01K1T9CZS/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_J2E10CQ41GV0R44RQDA2 into the port of the adapter: ...this way, a lot of Bluetooth controllers will work out-of-the box with my hardware development: VID_20210723_164634.mp4 (sorry for the jittery footage, it's not that easy to film and play single handed...) Costs for the adapter will be quite low, as the controller in use is below € 1,-. As the prototype is hand wired, I'm currently designing a PCB (actually two different designs) and write the documentation. Have fun!
  27. Not really a Sony guy, but since Sega hasn't put out a decent console in a while I figured I'd pick one up.
  28. Could be both. Is it different enough? Sure the controllers seem to be but what about the software? Even with different controllers you still need compelling software. I always thought the point of any console is the games. Right now the only different game I've seen is Bomb Squad, and I'd say Cornhole is definitely not typical but either of those being different won't help if ultimately they aren't good. Not every household is going to buy that many consoles either. Especially non-gamers. Hence it will still need to prove why it is the better choice. Some of us retro gamers have pokemon type mentalities of "got to collect them all", but that isn't everyone. It is going to be less so for those who don't typically spend money on games.
  29. Saying someone is lying is an attack. People will respond in kind. This thread, however, is not about semantics and debate style, but rather about the how line numbering affects program execution performance in TI BASIC and Extended BASIC, and now the technical details therein. I appreciate all of the knowledge and experience here, so let us all try to keep it academic and not devolve into the personal. Anyone holding any grievances is welcome to take them out of my thread.
  30. RAM powerup is random, you should not be relying on it to be any specific value when your software starts, ESPECIALLY when your software specifically skips the BIOS initialization code, which actually DOES init all that for you. Init your hardware, people.
  31. They ain’t asking $299 for the wood grain model 😉
  32. Haha my mistake could lead to the first annual Beffy Awards!
  33. Not everyone can be the first person in history to talk about video games on camera! Sometimes, you gotta settle for the bronze, man.
  34. I use this program to convert Text DV80 files from text to USER files that need the CR at end of program lines: 100 ON ERROR 170 110 OPEN #1:"DSK1.MANAGER",INPUT 120 OPEN #2:"DSK1.MEMORY",OUTPUT 130 LINPUT #1:Z$ 140 IF LEN(Z$)=80 THEN X$=X$&Z$ :: GOTO 130 150 IF LEN(Z$)<80 THEN PRINT #2:X$&Z$&CHR$(13) 160 X$,Z$="" :: GOTO 130 170 CALL CLSALL 180 END Much quicker then any other way to create batch files.
  35. Love how things are picking up! Launch can't come soon enough for me!
  36. 24,260. Sometimes, it's better to jump over obstacles rather than trying to shoot them.
  37. Also good to know... If you happen to be in a falling elevator ... jump up real hard just as the car is about to crash, and you'll be fine... ...Time to install glass floors in all elevators!
  38. I think there is some merit to the idea that if you have a given static space in VDP memory, building the line number table from the bottom of that space upward and the program storage from the top down would be efficient, but only for the program. There is also variable storage that has to exist in the same memory. Now you have three entities which must occupy the same space. Though, in practice there are more than just three. How TI handles VDP RAM: 0960-> Value stack dynamic String space dynamic File attribute blocks dynamic BASIC symbol table dynamic BASIC line number table <-3FFF BASIC program text storage I imagine this is the result of many hours of tinkering and consideration for factors like program flow and PAD RAM availability for pointers. In my ignorance I might have suggested splitting the BASIC line number table away from the other BASIC parts, putting it at the bottom of memory and growing it upward. Simply because the value stack, string space, and symbol table are transient -- that is, these blocks are only in use when the program is running, and are invalidated once the resident program is changed. However, my idea would prevent a PROGRAM file dump of the BASIC program in VDP RAM.
  39. I am definitely getting better. There is a major learning curve involving the intricacies of this game. Its incredible when you think they made it 40 years ago,and it's this good!😃 Game 1 58.6 Game 2 49.7
  40. Hi Tommy, I apologies if this has been asked before. With current consoles the physical disks get installed on the machine, but are still needed to be put in the drive for the game to work. With the Amico’s physical media will it still be needed for the game to run once it’s been installed on the machine, or can you just pack it away back in the box? Cheers 😀👍
  41. All Numbers are 8 bytes in Radix 100 and all Strings are at least 2 bytes, byte 1 is length of string up to 255 and string 1 to 255 bytes. Program lines are 2 bytes for programs line, 2 bytes for address of line, then 1 byte for length of line and the XB program line. So for example: 100 ! TEST would be 12 bytes in total, the extra byte is a >C8 token before the spaceTEST to indicated a string.
  42. My stereotypical arcade racing gaming response applies: I need this game "R!gHT NAOz!!11!!!" -Day one. Cruis'n is only about my 4th or 5th favorite midway racing franchise (I'm usually pretty 'meh' on it), but midway doesn't seem to have squat to do with this one, and I like all the changes from the new folks that I've seen. Huge air, very dynamic courses, and outside of exotica, far wilder scenery. Love it. I do only have about 4 credits into the arcade game, but that's more about arcade access here. I will say that it felt like a bit of a slot machine to determine the winner, though these games are frequently more about record times than placement. It looks like it will be picking up a TON of courses on the way to console, and I am all about that. Switch has so far been a great system for arcade racing, and I think this may be its first arcade racer actually from an arcade. (outside of maybe if you count the excellent (virtua racing) total-remake) hopefully it's better than cruis'n on the wii. Let's pretend that one never happened. I may pick up a physical copy wen prices drop, but surely I'm a day-one digital buyer, because I don't want Cruis'n to have to fight for the cart slot, I want access all the time.
  43. Now that's damn helpful 👍 EDIT: what I should have said is, that is exactly what I needed, and I'll be sure to put it to good use Thank you ever so much Avery
  44. You could do this with a $10 RPiZero and some code to run the GPIO pins to connect to the Atari, and it already comes with HDMI output.
  45. I've just found something, If you leave off the jumper on 6&7 the initial jingle still plays, but if you use programs (maybe not all programs something for me to check) to play MIDI files these use the Motor Control line on the SIO to enable the MIDI interface that's mimic'd within the XLD. Assuming like me you downloaded some MIDI files to play, 6&7 do need to be connected for the player to control. DrVenkman, sorry I was unaware of the initial built designs, of which I know you were apart off, I was entirely going off the build I've completed which of course was updated towards the end of 2019, and the PCB overlays added last month. I'll be having a beer to celebrate Chevymad's success , Cheers
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