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  1. Some of you have already heard about this 😉 ANG The Ultimate Gold Collection is a (legal) compilation cartridge for the Atari XL/XE series. The games on this cartridge are: Draconus (stereo) Fred Inside (English version, PAL only) Johnny the Ghost (stereo and fixed for NTSC) Mines Mission Shark Sh*t! Simple Minds Thinx Whoops Whoops 2 Zybex (stereo) The cartridge will be delivered in a full color box and a 40 page manual. All game manuals have been rewritten and are in correct English. The manual also features the original (A.N.G. Software) artwork of the games and some pictures of the old days. All games are in English. This cartridge is compatible with the following Atari 8-bit computers (with at least 64kB of RAM): 600XL, 800XL, 65XE, 130XE, 800XE, and the XE Game System. I not recommend using this cartridge on older Atari 8-bit computers such as the 400, 800, or the 1200XL. All games on this cartridge were programmed for PAL systems. However, with the exception of ‘Inside’, all games will run on NTSC systems, albeit slightly faster than intended but still playable. A big thank you for helping me creating this product: @ndary for designing the PCB and the cartridge image, @ultrasteve for completely rewriting the manuals of the games (the original manuals were written by non native English speakers like me 😉) and Guillermo Fuenzalida for creating a NTSC fix for the game Johnny the Ghost. Also a big thank you to John Maris and @powersoft for giving me permission to use their games on this cartridge. The price of this cartridge is € 24.95 excluding shipping. Shipping costs for each country can be found below. When payment is made with Paypal an additional small charge of € 1.49 is added, but you pay for goods and services. So I will pay for the conversion costs (if not paying in euros) and you are entitled to all safety measures Paypal offers. Payment with European Bank Transfer (IBAN) is free. You can order in the webshop (https://www.rewindgames.com/Atari-shop/XL-XE/ANG-ultimate-gold-collection) or by sending me a private message. Please note: The first batch of The Ultimate Gold Collection is a small batch of 15 pieces. When this product is out of stock you can choose for a full refund (if you have already paid) or you can wait for the next batch. I will contact you when this product is out of stock so you can decide. Shipping costs info (I use real shipping costs, so I don't make any money on shipping!) When you only want to order this product (and nothing else from my webshop) this list shows the costs of The Ultimate Gold Collection cartridge including the shipping costs. All shipping methods include insurance and a tracking code. Zone 1: € 28.85 ( € 24.95 + € 3.90 shipping costs) The Netherlands Zone 2: € 31.45 ( € 24.95 + € 6.50 shipping costs) Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Poland, United Kingdom Zone 3: € 36.45 ( € 24.95 + € 11.50 shipping costs) Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden Zone 4: € 41.90 ( € 24.95 + € 16.95 shipping costs) All other countries Please note that I use a webshop to sell my Atari items, because I don't want to use Ebay and Gumtree like sites. I am a private individual and not a commercial company. If you have any questions, please ask 🙂
  2. Hi. Sprites looking for those different possibilities later on... but for today here's the Loading screen in usual Bitmap mode and no DLIs but some more luminances using the PMGs (in a similar to what I already did and you can see on the A8 version of Skool Daze). -> so PFs only: -> and PMGs only: And we get this: I'm here using blue colour_7 because is the one I like more (on skool Daze I choose a brown because it had more to do with the furniture and wood grounds old school idea me/we usually have) but there's a nice effect that could be done that is like many games did on the past is having a blinking effect while loading (just changing PF2 and PF3 more the 4Players though on the past were only the PFs on letters, that change). This way it'll look like this (here not with the side borders just because on G2F and in 32Bytes wide mode we can't have them and didn't though at first to put screen is 40Bytes to at least have some part of them but you get the idea): Sadly no one here contacted me untill now 😥. 😁 👍
  3. I know 😞 but someone beat you to it via email..... 😞 You ordered when I was in the administration module to delete that last copy.... The first batch is sold out, I expect a new batch in a few weeks. As I told you in the email I will let you know when the next batch is available before I announce it on AA. My sincere apologies! I have given you a full refund. To all buyers: thank you so much! I never expected to sell 15 copies in 11 days. The next batch will be available in a few weeks!
  4. I believe that is an entire category of games. Take your pick: http://www.atarimania.com/list_games_atari-400-800-xl-xe-strategy-hammurabi-kingdom_genre_150_8_G.html
  5. Hi guys ! I've just now read all messages from last couple days and must say you guys are awesome Jose sent me this email couple hours ago: "No internet here on the public institute acess. Please post on the topic that all money received, things payed and a big ok to all. Thanks." So once more, you guys rock. Gonna push the latest game project that we've been doing with Jose as main gfx artist, and try to repay you all at least a small part of huge help you provided to him by creating a new game for our dear Atari ... Thank you all ! Vladimir
  6. I wrote a program which let you configure device, mount and create new ATR images into SIO2SD. It is not as sophisticated as Pajero's configurator, but I think, that it is easier to manage - as it is not required to remember a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Of course there is a possibility to use SIO2SD Manipulator as "configurator", simply rename sio2sdman05.xex to sio2sd.xex and upload it into root directory of SD card. sio2sdman05.xex sio2sdman05.atr
  7. @Giles N How to get on cart? AtariMax Ultimate SD Cart: https://www.atarimax.com/5200sd/documentation/index.html
  8. Yes, you can do it with an audio mixer pretty easily. I bought several small audio mixers that I can use to combine the audio from the 2600 with the AtariVox and then send that audio to the audio input of a television, receiver, or some speakers. Works pretty well, and I use them at shows also when I have an AtariVox hooked up to a 2600 or 7800. I bought them here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/333335-REG/Galaxy_Audio_JIB_R_JIB_R_Jack_In_The.html ..Al
  9. Here's my list of recommended 1980s arcade video games (with Gauntlet marking the halfway point in the decade): TRON Centipede Defender Space Fury Galaga Tempest Missile Command Battle Zone Donkey Kong Pac-Man Mr. Do! Gaplus Mr Do's Castle Burger Time Ms. Pac-Man Robotron Crystal Castles Moon Cresta Dragons Lair Stargate Frogger Phonix Gorf Jungle King Pengo Pole Position Elevator Action Pole Position II Tapper Punch-Out!! Spy Hunter Bag Man Tutankham Time Pilot Krull Venture Satan's Hollow Zaxxon Black Widow Sinistar Tac/Scan Zektor Turbo Armor Attack Food Fight Space Wars Subroc 3D Star Castle Super Pac-Man Firefox Donkey Kong Jr. Millipede Jr. Pac-Man Time Pilot '84 The Glob Mappy Regulus Paperboy Super Cobra Carnival Mouse Trap Star Jacker Mega Zone Space Odyssey Bump 'n' Jump Orbit Blaster Popeye I Robot Roc'n Rope Scion Track & Field Vulgus War of the Worlds Space Dungeon Phoenix Bosconian Pooyan Future Spy Wizard of Wor Rampage Marble Madness Starforce Eliminator Kangaroo Gyruss Scramble 1942 Two Tigers Dig Dug Juno First Star Wars Joust Moon Patrol Qix Turtles Front Line Strong X Berserk Exerion Cosmic Avenger Gravitar Discs of TRON Astro Blaster Frenzy Star Trek Omega Race Asteroids Rally-X Q*Bert Congo Bongo Q*Bert Cubes Asteroids II Star Force Vanguard Vanguard II Major Havoc Xevious Gauntlet Gauntlet II Armored Scrum Object The Empire Strikes Back Ghosts 'n Goblins Green Beret Metal Soldier Isaac II Gradius/Nemesis Section Z Space Harrier Terra Cresta Bubble Bobble Darius Gladiator Ikari Warriors Outrun Rampage Rolling Thunder Rygar Side Arms Spelunker Victory Road 1943 Ajax Alien Syndrome Bionic Commando Black Tiger Blazer Contra Double Dragon Galaga 88 Heavy Barrel Karnov Pacmania R-Type Shinobi Terra Force The Ninja Warriors Time Soldiers Tiger Road Twin Cobra Xenophobe Xybots Altered Beast Assault Cabal Operation Wolf Cobra-Command Double Dragon II Ghouls'n Ghosts Image Fight Last Duel Mirai Ninja Raimais Scramble Spirits Shadow Warriors Silk Worm Sky Soldiers Super Contra The New Zealand Story Truxton Turtle Ship Twin Eagle Vindicators Vulcan Vunture Act Fancer Arbalester Blast Off Burning Force Dangerous Seed Darius Darius II Dyger Escape from the planet of robot monsters Galaxy Gunners Gigandes Golden Axe Gradius II Gradius III Hellfire Ikari III Klax Legend of Hero Tonma R-Type II S.T.U.N. Runner Saint Dragon Search and Rescue Shadow Dancer Strider The Astyanax The Next Space U.N. Squadron Volified Night Striker Omega Fighter Pang Plus Alpha Top Gunner/Jackal Rambo III Arkanoid E-SWAT Battle Shark Tetris Ninja Spirit Fighting Hawk Forgotten Worlds Chelnov - The Atomic Runner Armed Formation Rainbow Islands Gemini Wing Afterburner Afterburner II Xain'd Sleena Tiger Heli TwinBee MX 5000 Blasteroids
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