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    You know, I'm stunned someone hasn't gone through all the Free Stuff posts from 2018 and necroed them saying "iS tHiS sTiLl AvAiLaBlE?"
  2. The binary for fbForth 2.0 referenced in post #1 has not been updated since fbForth 2.0:12 (11/2019). We are now at fbForth 2.0:13. Everything you might need for FlashROM99/FinalGROM99 is in this ZIP file: fbForth200_fROM99-fGROM99_20210305.zip At the very least, you should load fbForth200_8.bin as the (non-inverted) cartridge ROM and put FBLOCKS and FBFONT (in FBLOCKS_20210223.zip contained in the above ZIP file) into DSK1. The cartridge ROM will run without FBLOCKS and FBFONT, but FBLOCKS has a lot of useful utilities and FBFONT has true lowercase with descenders. I do not yet have the FlashROM99 or the FinalGROM99 to test the cartridge ROM on real iron, so please let me know if you have trouble with it and we can try to sort it out. ...lee
  3. Finally got some very good results now. This is possibly the best I could get the Distortion A tuning for now. There are some things that still aren't that great, mainly sharps being a bit off, but it's not as bad as my earliest attempts. I also made some interesting observations with that alternate tuning: - The overall sound is more stable in certain conditions, such as high pass filter special sounds created with certain semitones interval, 7 semitones apart does some really nice power chord tones, for example. - Chords now shouldn't sound as dissonant as they used to be, since the intervals are a bit more constant up to the 7th octave, most things shouldn't sound out of tune as much as a result, up to certain limits, that is. - As the frequencies go higher in tone, it gets closer and closer to the "original" RMT table, which was based on some 1983 documentation specific for NTSC tuning, which was probably what made it sound so weird in PAL and 15khz mode. However, now it's actually purposefully scaled to these frequencies, so things are more "in-tune" between the lowest and highest octave. Not quite perfect but I think it sounds much better that way. - Harmonies are much better with distortion C(E) basses, there is some really good resonance on many notes, and I noticed their "frequencies" are also very similar now... This cannot be a coincidence... and I am too curious to not check this out sometime later 👀 - Running tunes in PAL with my new table makes about everything sound considerably better, in fact now the notes are incredibly close to a really good 440hz based tuning, which was actually not expected. Same behaviour as described above. - Running that table in 15khz seems to have drastically improved the tuning as well, for the reasons mentioned above. I suspect 1.79mhz mode will also benefit? I need to confirm. - My new table is now incredibly close to synthpopalooza's Distortion A 15khz table, even though it was actually intended to 64khz, based on a 443hz tuning, clearly there is a connection somewhere... - Note B-2 is actually possible to get with the frequency FF... which is actually not officially supported by RMT for some obscure reason. - Perfect octaves come from perfect divisions in the frequency value. for example, B-2 uses FF, B-3 uses 7F, and that makes a perfect 2:1 resonance. Same observation for every notes. Unfortunately, this logic didn't translate perfectly downward between notes, however, I was able to get as many octaves as I could to be "perfectly tuned" together. As long as a "good" tuning frequency exists in the higher range, dividing downward will always produce a perfect 2:1 resonance, but the opposite isn't always true. So I picked up as many notes as I could that were nicely tuned and made them go downward. - Fun fact, I noticed that 00, the highest possible frequency, is actually a B-10 note, perfectly in-tune to FF, and no, I am not making this up, do the math! 😮 Also just for fun I tried out the "Merge" feature of RMT2LZSS... Works pretty nicely for making medleys! I just did a sloppy conversion of my Raymaze 2000 tunes as a test, also using this tuning theory. I still am testing out tunes for now, but so far I got some pretty conclusive results. This makes me pretty happy... I was starting to believe I wasted my time for the last few days, but now I think it turned into my favour So now I'm just about to mass convert my .rmt files for like the 3rd time this evening, and I'll make sure to report back the results, hopefully I won't encounter yet another serious problem on a random tune... POKEY Table 64khz (Octave Pattern) Final.txt Raymaze 2000 Themes (Merged).xex
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    Got my first Covid vaccine today! The Moderna type through the VA locally.
  5. We've already signed it! Did I mention that our version will be EXCLUSIVE??
  6. For all Geneve owners ... there is a Gdm2k available at www.ti99-geek.nl in the projects section. This is a native MDOS version of DM2k but with two file lists. This program is finally finished after a pause of 12 years. Don't ask me what happened ... I guess there was to much fun TI stuff to do
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    Took a TOEFL test a week or so ago, and the results arrived. 115 out of 120! Forgive me, but that's well over MIT requirements! Apparently it's a qualifying score for any college, as a matter of fact.
  8. I agree ! I used to love Subway Surfers , Temple Run and many other pick up and play games until they added in app purchases which made the high scores useless and meaningless .........
  9. I've been using Synology servers for years now and they have worked pretty well for me. The lower-right unit is the newest, a DS1819+. The box to the left of that is a five-drive expansion unit. A DS1512+ unit is sitting above, and the DS1819+ is backed up to the DS1512+ nightly. Several important shares are also backed up to external drives, which are rotated periodically to a bank vault. The headless Mac mini sitting on the upper shelf acts as a spam filter and performs some other tasks, and the external drive on the second shelf serves as a network Time Machine disk that all my Macs are backed up to. That drive is also rotated to the bank vault. ..Al
  10. I hate in app purchases. I have stopped playing a lot of games because the in app purchases and ads have made it completely unplayable and not enjoyable. Even my son's math website monetizes the ability to level up. You can't unlock all aspects of the site unless you buy a membership 🙄 Also I love that Professor Layton series was shown in the article. I love all of those games. But a lot of mobile puzzle games are ruined by in app purchases.
  11. I have re-written a reply to this multiple times. But when it all boils down , I stopped buying mobile games for most of the reasons stated in the article. Along with a few others. At most, I'll try them. Then stop playing after a bit because of controls or the pay wall. Then I promptly delete. The only current game on my phone is the Dark Tower game. (Yes the board/electronic game). -Insert another plea for Dark Tower on Amico-
  12. Just saw the Geneve version of DM2K is now up and it is in 80 columns. Definitely going out to grab this file this evening!!!
  13. ...As times goes by fast, and the opportunity-window closes in, it is possible I may never complete my collection... I know the 800 is the real king, and there is nothing like it (and its architecture) afterward, but I really do have.a soft-spot for what may be the finest, single-board, 8-bit keyboard-computer ever designed, after the 800... A real pity it could never see the mainstream-daylight it deserved,... What our XL-class should have always been ! ...As depicted im what may also be the all-time coolest magazine front-page I have ever seen to this day (Analog, 1983)... and how we may only see it (in our dreams, of course).... Even the top-row labels are there (!!) 😜😉 ONLY thing on earth cooler than this may be Curt Vendel´s race-shop avatar (may God hold him on his arms...) 👍👍💪💪
  14. I just read this, it’s how to make it even smaller! https://hackaday.com/2021/03/05/open-dip-surgery-cuts-retro-chips-down-to-size/
  15. PRGE 2022: "Say... what's going on behind those curtains at the AA booth?"
  16. If anyone is in doubt about amico delays, heres the consequence of ‘getting it out there’
  17. I just paid attention to the Special Thanks list and saw you put my brother's name instead of mine, lol After all these years of help in managing the packages shipped to me he actually deserved some recognition
  18. Tommy, When you turn the Amico off, is there anything special that happens? Such as a cool shutdown animation on the TV screen? Or perhaps a retro sound effect? If you want, you can just say yes or no. That way there's no spoilers.
  19. Almost 20 years late but whatever
  20. My little retro cubby. Clockwise from upper left: Exidy Sorcerer, Apple IIc, Sinclair ZX80, TI SR-56, Atari 400, Atari 800XL, Atari 800, LCD with S-video and 4:3 mode.
  21. Temp cart graphics for next Tuesday's show. - James (NOTE: I didn't draw the cars, I found the graphic)
  22. Here is a little teaser for you. The two animated GIFs below show the LINES program from TMLDEMO. One of them is running in Extended BASIC and the other is compiled. Can you figure out which is which? (Remember that you won't get a 20x increase in speed by compiling TML. It already spends much of its time doing the graphics routines which are already in assembly. But any code in XB is MUCH faster.)
  23. This is the interview Tommy posted above with links. Such an awesome interview so I recommend you watch the whole thing (hints & cool stuff throughout): Prototype/Dev Kit shown: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=539 Frankenstein controller: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=782 Amico Customization?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=822 Chat Questions: Can we get a new Micro Machines? (Nitro Derby talk including the 3 ways the controllers can be used): https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=829 Will a Nitro Derby gamplay video be coming up soon? (mention of several games with videos coming up): https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=1083 Will there be display units in GameStop?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=1169 How do you approach developers, what is the process?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=1311 When you say 20 to 30 minute play sessions do you mean total play time or play sessions?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=1662 Do you think the Amico will become an indie darling?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=1838 The Amico team: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=1899 Supernatural cast talk: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=2376 Toe Jam & Earl?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=2562 Amico dev kit hand assembly & office tour: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=2788 Everlasting Gobstopper Amico color pallet inspiration? (and more Willy Wonka props): https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=3279 Most challenging part of the Amico business?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=3371 What is the plan after launch? Work on future projects, improvements?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=3936 Dark mode? Accessibility options? https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=4113 Will Intellivision target a unique demographic?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=4349 What are some the musicians that influenced you? How does music impact gaming?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=4933 Eddie Van Halen guitars & gaming cabinets & mini retro systems and other collectibles: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=5303 More office tour (with Tron light cycle and much more): https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=5528 Are you going to be doing any Video Game Lives this year (yes, with charity live stream to local hospital): https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=5787 Are you ever going to do a 2 1/2 mile arcade?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=5976 Any promotional game tournaments after launch?: https://youtu.be/oixJjzkcIec?t=6036
  24. I noticed people would get confused about which paddle is which player when I've set up Medieval Mayhem at the Houston Arcade Expo. In 2016 I did this, worked well.
  25. OK - Straight copies of each side of the disk via RespeQT. Confusingly side A doesn't boot. Side B boots and reports version 1.1. Perhaps someone who knows the system can take a look. I don't have the kit to Kryoflux but if someone wants to archive this then let me know and I'll donate it. KYAN_PASCAL_1.3_A.ATR KYAN_PASCAL_1.3_B.ATR
  26. All the screens are done and I started play testing! I found a miscalculation on weight which has been fixed. A challenge I am having with difficulty is the randomness of the game. It might rain and you may see more or less bears. I got through mountains 1 and 2 easily. 3 took a bit more work. I found the weight issue on #4 so I have to play 3 and 4 over again. I expect to play test for at least a week.
  27. Star Wars by Alessandro Betori is the only "cockpit" game I know of, although my knowledge base is not exhaustive by any stretch. Starwars.dsk
  28. Emulated, but this should sound almost exactly the same on hardware. I will try these tunes later during the week end
  29. That game is called H.E.R.O., numb nut. I thought Ass Stick would be funnier, since it exists, as proven by Cebus above.
  30. My vote is for a keyboard. A lot of magazine type programs can be adapted then with 7800Basic.
  31. https://archive.org/details/home-computing-journal-volume-3
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  33. Quick Thunder Castle Update: Updated to post #89 141,000 - CParsley 131,200 - IntyFanMatt 129,000 - mr_me 124,100 - Spartan 101,500 - RogerPoco 82,600 - popsicle 70,200 - Gbag 52,600 - Gar0u 44,000 - Rickster8 42,200 - Player One 39,100 - Toiletunes 37,100 - CMadruga 36,900 - Wolfy62 24,900 - ClassicGMR 24,800 - Fakecortex
  34. Mine arrived on Tues, but I've not been home to get it. I'm really looking forward to finally playing it next week, and I'll be sure to post something once I do.
  35. I expect all remaining Unnamed packages to ship within a week. Of course it will unfortunately take multiple weeks to reach international destinations... For those of you who have received it, what do you think so far? Give fans a taste of what to expect.
  36. Yep. The code to draw the line is exactly the same, but the XB code to determine where to draw the line and the color is compiled, so the end result looks like it is about 3x faster.
  37. I think the gold standard might be Tech Drive by Monte Schmidt. If you have the cyc there is a clean copy on it.
  38. Not true! It actually unlocks access to the pokey sound chip hidden under the 7800 motherboard with most games. 😉
  39. Added version 0.5 to first post. Changes: improved sound, with brake sound (based on @SpiceWare ideas, thanks) fixed QuadTari detection (thanks @alex_79)
  40. I think this thread has gone long enough.
  41. This is the sprite sheet with what I consider the 64 most important 16x16 patterns for the first level. Note that the brick wall also exists as a sprite to allow the plane to fly behind it. Actually the F18A allows you to specify that specific characters/tiles should be displayed in front of sprites, but considering the already complex dynamic loading of the background characters, I don't think I will try to use that feature (edit: it would be great for a version of Commando). The pattern for the plane will have to be updated on the fly because it has 22 different patterns of its own, but that should be simple enough since there is always exactly one plane. For that I will probably borrow from The Mole's idea of compressing the patterns, storing them in the 2K extra VDP RAM, and using the GPU to update the live pattern. Edit: Forgot to say that my next task will be to write some code to assign a palette of 8 colors to each of these 64 patterns in the most optimal ways. The background tiles are using 2 of the 8 palettes, and the tile layer 2 mask is using one, so I have at most 5 palettes left for the sprites. They are using 23 colors in total so it should be doable, but the colors may end up changing slightly.
  42. Emkay, The call for help when you hear and see someone drowning is a plea. When you throw them a safety net... you are not treating them as a hero and rewarding them, you are treating them as a human being, as a living creature. This is called empathy and mercy. If the person gets free of that situation and gets back on track to a fruitful life, some might call the person who lent the hand a hero possibly. If either person is coding nicely for the Atari, that's bonus, and what community may stand for. If in your' eyes you call that begging then I see a problem with your perception of life. If a person constantly makes calls for help after being helped, that might begging... but I haven't seen that here. Hopefully they are all in a better position in life, you can't win them all... but you can make sure to give a fighting chance for folks, that's for d*mn sure. I'd rather we make that kind of decision and not leave it to some faceless bureau somewhere forcing everyone to help and that would provide just enough to slowly let a person drown. You might be in a tight spot someday, I hope you are not treated like a pan handler or beggar sir...
  43. This is a snippit from the latest Geeks with Cash interview with Tommy. He picked this up and said... "a bag of discs"... My inner 12 year old chuckled. I'm sure that we all have a few people in our lives we could say "Go eat a bag of discs!" I could see a Tee shirt with this..
  44. Not at all. A "Pro" system is even farther away from what we are doing. You could give a Nintendo Switch to my mom or dad or wife for FREE and they still wouldn't play it. Nothing against Nintendo... they would do the same with an Xbox or PS5 as well. Different audience & demographic for the most part.
  45. All the special editions you have created should be printed for collectibles topps cards ! 😀
  46. This is so sick! Great work man! You're on another level with your work!
  47. This is my absolute favourite so far. Not even close. Cloudy Mountain next? 🤔 @Tommy Tallarico please add this to your Wonka book. Add to top of Amico Special Editions list.
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