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  1. Well I got boards made, but had some shipping issues. Now some are on the way to Panos to assemble a couple and see if they work. Fingers crossed!
  2. Back in the day I experimented with a peer-to-peer joystick port network on my 800, I never got it to be really satisfactory- but seeing the still-active Atari mod/demo community got me thinking about it again. I still have my 800XL and homebrew SIO cable, I have a few concepts related to writing a 'N:' device handler that would permit multiple Atari systems to exchange multiplexed data units via the usual IOCB subsystem; no usr() calls- everything through the usual I/O functions. The idea is to use SIO2PC cables connected to a linux box that is only smart enough to be a sort-of switch eg; it knows ttyUSB0 is station 1, ttyUSB1 is station 2 and so on, such that a block addressed for 2 is queued for output on ttyUSB1. There are some compromises; some queueing is needed since the Atari systems will have to poll but I think the concept would be sufficient to do things like burst I/O between two systems, or use DOS to copy a disk file over the network to another station which receives it and writes to its own disk and so on. The network is more like a message broker system, so reliability and in-order delivery are guaranteed by the datalink so as to keep the device handler as small as possible. Clearly its desirable to have a disk emulator built into the linux end, which seems like its turning that box into a file server and I/O hub. A little Pi would be perfect.. I'm aware of the Atari ethernet and the Multidash/Unconventional 2000 approaches, which are cool- my itch is to make a solution that works on top of standard SIO protocols and SIO2PC using the simplest possible server end. I've always wanted to do something with the interrupt/proceed lines on the SIO port but sadly my DIY SIO2PC cable doesn't connect those pins- neither do the standard ones IIRC. Getting back to the Atari is a nice change of pace from the brutal complexity of modern software. Regards, Greg
  3. --- Lynx Quest v1.04 --- new rom in attachments Today we released an updated version of the game. Final version should be around 1.10. Thanks for all the feedback - some features are from it!:). Various QoLs are added: - press B five times at title screen for god mode (game will show information if activated) - press pause button (middle option) to pause the game - press option1 key to turn on/off music - much better balance - and many more All changes are listed here: v1.01 - various bugfixes - strafe movement (hold A button for strafe!) - better balance v1.02 - bugfixes - portal bug - randomize level layouts - fixed (sometimes it wasnt shuffling level layouts) - pause button - music on/off button - version number indicator (at title screen) v1.03 - bugfixes - music improvements - overall balances changes - bosses balance and changes - bosses can shots bullets now - bosses left/right movement animations - small monsters during boss stage colissions fix - new monster (winter world) - better assets for winter world v1.04 - god mode (press B five times at title screen) - bosses are more agressive and can run to player position - different enemy logic for some stages - boss health is now visible (hp bars) more screenshots: LynxQuest.lnx LynxQuest.lyx
  4. Aww... I haven't been very active on AtariAge for a long while, but decided to browse today to catch up on things and found this thread. I'm very sad to hear about this. I always enjoyed conversing with DracIsBack. My condolences from one 7800 fan to another. Rest in Peace, Mark.
  5. Another test board! It's missing the switch, just need to dig though my stash and look for something that will work. These are nice boards, very well done! Can't wait to give it a spin!
  6. Detailed results and my comments and some other announcements will be in the Atari Gamer article tomorrow. Congrats to the winners and big hand applause to everyone for participating!
  7. Here's Freeze Dried Terminal v2.20 registered using a key by MCA. FZDT220.zip
  8. He followed up with a subsequent tweet that indicated POKEY is going into an FPGA on-board.
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