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    HOKEY demo

    I made a quick video of a standard HOKEY playing Commando. Sorry about the video quality, this is recorded on a phone with one hand while I try to handle the controller with the other hand. On boot it plays a jingle that's hard-coded into HOKEY memory to let you know it's there and working, which I may leave that in as a signature (though it could be disabled.) Sorry, these are not for sale yet, but will be released this year! IMG_2166.mp4 There will be multiple versions of HOKEY and prices are expected to start at $10. All allow new sound drivers to be uploaded, such as the upcoming driver for GCC's Minnie chip, and possibly other FM synthesis chips, and support for PCM and ADPCM playback via a ring buffer for seamless playback even during heavy Maria DMA (no IRQs needed!) For $10 you get the basic HOKEY, which is a single POKEY and ability to add (likely) one additional sound driver (or, possibly dual POKEY.) For a little more you get the standard HOKEY, which has more memory that should allow for dual POKEY and more sound drivers on the same chip. For the ultimate experience, for slightly more, there is the advanced HOKEY. This uses faster, more powerful hardware that should support quad POKEY, dozens of sound drivers, plus many waveforms, digital samples, and more. Also, the advanced HOKEY uses a DAC chipset for a CD player, so you can get CD-quality stereo sound if you want it. A standard 3.5mm stereo jack can be used for output.
  2. It's out! Pick your version (from the first post) 9 levels demo. -The focus for this release was on the attract mode & cutscenes which are now fully reenabled! (some assets may possibly not be final) TIX, our favourite overstretched artist drew all the princess/vizier frames required for the cutscenes! Miker added a bunch more tunes for the attract mode! -Added a bunch of cart versions for faster loading and a SD disk version for maximum compatibility with stock hardware. -Fixed an old bug where the game would freeze if the prince landed on the edge of a floor tile. -NTSC should be as stable as PAL now. The next version should be final!
  3. One last thing before I go on vacation... Wouldn't This Be Something?™ 🥰😍😋
  4. Tyger Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? Opening verse of 'The Tyger', William Blake 1794 40 colours drpeter_Tyger.xex
  5. Yo! I know that I'm so far behind on everything in here. Probably 10 pages at this point! I'll catch up. I'm probably hours behind! Just been an absolutely crazy week as I'm sure you can imagine. And, me & my wife planned a little cabin vacation around the timing of E3 so I'm not sure how much time I'll have while I'm on the road. Although... I'm typically up 3 or 4 hours earlier than her so maybe I'll be able to sneak in some quality AA time! In the meantime... wanted to share this article I just saw and have been sharing on social media. We've been getting an incredibly positive reaction from the media, retailers and new fans since our E3 showcase! And from a lot of folks who never knew about us or had casually heard about us. Make sure to check out the hundreds upon hundreds of new and positive comments on our YouTube video of the presentation. Really incredible! And only 1% of the folks who watched it (over 30,000 views at this writing) downvoted it. Here's a great article and example of what people are saying. The article states... "The Amico is arguably the most interesting announcement to come out of E3 this year, but it is a welcome one since it is the perfect device for people to easily share their love of gaming with those around them." https://www.cgmagonline.com/2021/06/14/intellivision-amico/
  6. I'm not quite ready to share the binary yet, but Space Raiders is a game I started two weeks ago. I was thinking I could use it as the basis for a set of beginner tutorials on 7800 Basic. It started ballooning, and now and it is about 70% complete. I played with pallet manipulation to get some fades and with animated sprites to simulate scaling. Also, all levels formations are created with bits from random numbers copied from the right side to the left so the formations look symmetrical. I'm fairly certain this will be my actual first "finished" 7800 homebrew, and I still might do the tutorials if there is any interest. My other idea is to add this game to "Last Stand" and "Into The Void" and make a multi-game "space game pack" or even something like Gorf (Forf/Vorf?). Here is a video: Space Raiders Atari 7800 Homebrew 2021 - YouTube again, binaries soon, but not until I work-out power-ups, proper leveling, pokey music and high score support and decide if I'm going to create a boss-battle or not.
  7. I was one of the 4 original AMY team members and wrote the 8051 code to control the AMY TTL prototype (500 chips!). The chip was way ahead of it's time. It was a wonderful group and experience. ~Tom Zimmerman
  8. It's $30 per year or $50 for two years. This nets you a longer post edit window, more space for your private messages, the "Subscriber" badge, a 5% discount in the AtariAge Store, and other benefits. I won't hide any important functionality behind subscriptions. They do help cover the considerable expense in running AtariAge (about $500 a month), so they are greatly appreciated. I haven't really pushed them very hard, but I should probably make them more visible and a bit easier to find. I just don't want to bash people over the head with them. ..Al
  9. Wanted to share a WIP vanilla 4k game with a raycasting engine capable of ~25fps/8 colors. No extra RAM, DPC+, bus stuffing or other cheats, does not even bank switch. Could have been a launch title in 1977 on a 2732. Lots of work needed on the maps / pal colors but there is enough working to give you an idea. I still have 33 bytes left for features... lmk is there is interest in a production version or a writeup as to how it works. cheers btw: If you figure out how to play and get to the end you will likely be only the second human to do so...... runes_of_moria_pal.rom runes_of_moria.rom
  10. Real life intervened I'm sorry to say. Some things are much much much more important than coding a retro game. We've got to a point where lot of gfx is done, couple levels layout prepared, and now it's my turn to code efficient multi-directional scrolling routine. Because of some serious health issues in my family, I can't focus enough right now, so it will have to wait at least a month or two... Wonderboy will come ... Maybe not this autumn but it will be done one of these days. Cheers! Vladimir
  11. Here's a photo showing all the boxes for the games waiting to go out, except the new Jaguar games (that haven't already gone out) as those boxes were glued by the printer. These boxes have all had double-sided tape applied to one of the box flaps. Next step is to go through all these to remove the backing on the tape and then "glue" the two long flaps together. Doing this in advance will make the process of assembling the games (cartridge, manual, box insert, and poster) into the boxes once I'm ready to do that (next week!) much faster. These are going to take a TON of space, so I'm clearing off a bunch of shelving to make room for them. The red boxes in the back of the bin on the right are for Zoo Keeper. The orange boxes behind "The End" are for Deepstone Catacomb. By end of day today I will have all the pre-order games assembled except for Zoo Keeper. Most of tomorrow will be spent testing and labeling all the 2600 pre-order games that have been built. All the extra games for orders will be built next week. ..Al
  12. Here's a sneak peek at some screenshots of the game that plays when no cartridge is inserted. I'm now at the point that I've run out of room to fit a few more features in, but I'm working on it. Please remember that this will be an 8K game, so it won't be as 'involved' as some other ones: Hope this one turns out ok. I will give it to @ZeroPage Homebrew to review once finished. It will be exclusive only to this BIOS. Thanks, guys
  13. Thi is not render Yes, some "The Last Squadron" has in box ready to send (Budget and Normal, I still waiting for last gadget for Collector's Edition). Remember, World premiere this saturday...
  14. Here's something I've been working on, a rather extensive hack of Star Raiders, including color, graphic, font, text, and sound mods. I still have more that I want to do, but I wanted to post the work so far, hoping for ideas from others. Some will call this "blasphemy" and others will like it, I'm sure. Most of this stuff is just quibbles I had with the original. I tried to make the fonts consistent, add more color, etc, etc. It's still Star Raiders and plays the same. I fixed all the bugs listed in Lorenz Wiest's epic disassembly, and included phareron's FASTDIV code, some of the stuff from Wilmunder's Star Raiders II, and honestly did so many little changes, I have forgotten all of them. And ultimately it will go on a 16K cart, so I can put it in my Atari Star Raiders cart shell. I'd like to hear ideas / suggestions from others, and maybe add them too. There's still a good bit of room available, because some of it will be compressed into "ROM" at some later point. As far as I can tell, it's bug free, but please comment if you find anything. I put a lot of work into this, even though much of it is just very subtle changes. Star Raiders 1.1.xex
  15. I found this nice retrospective on our favorite computer https://www.howtogeek.com/731558/a-successful-failure-the-ti-994a-turns-40/amp/
  16. Hi ho, update via Marcel de Gier from our Dutch friends: They finally were able to get in contact with Berry today, he was in hospital and somehow handicapped for some time now, and his handy is broken since then. Berry promised to tell about as soon as possible. Sounds like it will take some more time, but stay tuned 🥰 xXx
  17. Well not strictly true 🙂 I'd started working on the carts a while back... It involved coding at tool to merge all the files in a valid cart format with a simple directory structure and more importantly and block copy function to copy data from ROM to RAM... That function turned out to be a gigantic pain in the butt with a bunch of nasty corner cases! Had I know how much work was involved I may have been more hesitant to do it... Ignorance is bliss! Thanks, that was the goal! The game is being ported in a way I wish had been possible back then... Now whenever people complain that the A8 is not a capable machine, you've got one more bullet for them 😀
  18. Well, it was nice to take a break for a few posts... lol. I said it from day 1... I'm willing to wait for a console that is complete and ready out of the box. I anticipate some needed firmware updates here and there... what release hasn't done that... but I certainly won't accept something that looks rushed, poorly made, or a quick money grab junk pile. Let them take the time they need. It's not IE's fault were in the middle of a global shit show for computer chips. No one ever built that into a production plan. So I'm more than willing to wait if that's the case.
  19. Hopefully after the 3 missing Kai boxes are released, and Robot Army, this new action spy Nes port game will finally be released by the Elektronite publisher.
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    There are two accepted ways of pronouncing 'Caribbean' yet Billy Ocean managed to find a third.
  21. I decided to start my own thread as I did in the ST section. I think it will be cleaner this way. As with the ST Section, anyone can do anything they want with anything I post here. I'll be starting with Magazine Disks. Some are copies from originals. I will indicate which is which. Access August 1992 Access October 1992 AIM February 1992 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Best of Antic Antic Crockford's Whimsey Antic Dos 4 Antic The Dragon's Tail Antic Forth Antic Microbase+ Antic RAMbrandt 2.0 Antic Vol2 No4 (disk was damaged) Antic Vol4 No2 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol4 No7 Antic Vol4 No11 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol5 No1 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol5 No8 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol5 No9 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol5 No10 Antic Vol5 No 11 (Label Typo Should be No11) Antic Vol5 No12 Antic Vol6 No1 Antic Vol6 No2 Antic Vol6 No3 Antic Vol6 No4 Antic Vol6 No5 Antic Vol6 No6 Antic Vol6 No7 Antic Vol6 No8 Antic Vol6 No9 Antic Vol6 No10 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol6 No11 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol6 No12 Antic Vol7 No1 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol7 No2 Antic Vol7 No3 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol7 No4 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol7 No5 Antic Vol7 No6 Antic Vol7 No7 Antic Vol7 No8 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol7 No9 (from a sector copy of the original) Antic Vol7 No10 (Label Typo Should be No10) Antic Vol7 No11 (Label Typo Should be No11) Antic Vol7 No12 Antic Vol8 No1 Antic Vol8 No2 Antic Vol8 No3 Antic Vol8 No4 Antic Vol8 No5 Antic Vol8 No6 Antic Vol8 No7 Antic Vol8 No8 Antic Vol8 No9 Antic Vol8 No10 (from a sector copy of the original) Atari Classics April and June Atari Classics Vol1 No1 and Vol2 No1 Atari Classics Vol2 No4 and Vol2 No5 Atari Classics Vol2 No6 and Vol3 No1 Compute! Disk August 1987 Compute! Disk October 1987 Compute! DiskVol8 Nos10-12 Compute!s Best of Atari Patnor October 1988
  22. ElectroBall is the socially distant way to play! Mount up in your Power Sphere on the field to compete against another person or "Daisy", an AI drone who makes up for lack of precision with enthusiasm. Whoever scores the most goals within the time limit (or tie game sudden death) wins! Play one of four seasonal variations (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) to find out who truly is the ElectroBall champion! ElectroBall is a new 8K homebrew game written in assembly for your Atari 2600 or Atari 2600 compatible system. This game in ROM form may be used for free for personal use or for online/offline public use as long as no fees are directly charged to play the game. This game may not be directly sold or packaged with other items to sell in any form without prior permission from myself. I'm calling the current version "WIP Beta 1" since I'm the only one who has beta tested it so far. I believe I've gotten out most of the bugs (players and ball shouldn't stick to the walls, players scoring a goal shouldn't have it scored for the other player, the game should never be so busy in game logic that it causes the screen to scroll, display should be stable .. except for perhaps 1/60 (or 1/50) of a second when the Select button is pressed) but I've always found others are good at finding the corner cases that the developer might have missed. If you find anything strange, please let me know! I also tried making a PAL50 version. My own 7800 & 2600 and TV set are NTSC, so for PAL50 testing I could only try them on emulators. If you have a native PAL setup, I'm curious to see how the PAL50 version works. You can download the Beta 1 ROMs (NTSC & PAL50 formats) for use on emulators or Harmony-type carts here: ElectroBall_Beta_1[NTSC].bin ElectroBall_Beta_1[PAL50].bin Or play them directly in a web browser on javatari.org from these links: ElectroBall Beta 1 NTSC Version ElectroBall Beta 1 PAL50 Version I also have attached manual text to help explain the various options in the game. 10 points if you can guess which 80's Atari manual I based it off of! ElectroBall Beta 1 Documentation.pdf Misc wall of text, just my own thoughts on the game and various inspirations: During the middle of the year last year as I was wasting some time browsing facebook, an ad for the Udemy course on programming for the Atari 2600 came up with a sale price of $10. Being the middle of the pandemic, it seemed like a nice diversion. Why not try to learn to program for the game system from my youth where a patient professor with a soothing voice leads me through assembly programming at a pace I choose? I took the course, then read Andrew Davie's book, re-read "Racing the Beam" which I had purchased years earlier, read the randomterrain.com series on Darrell Spice, Jr's very excellent Collect game tutorial (which the Udemy course seemed to base a lot of its code on as well!), the Stella programmer's guide by Steve Wright, the Atari 2600 tutorials on 8bitworkshop.com, and the plethora of informative posts on programming right here at Atariage.com. The amount of information publicly available on how to program for the Atari 2600 in the year 2021 is simply fantastic. Even after reading all that, programming for the Atari 2600 to me is still somewhat .. formidable. ElectroBall is actually my 4th game idea and 3rd attempted implementation for a game. The others were a bit too ambitious for my current 6502/6507 skills. For this game I mainly limited myself to what I could do with a single HMOVE during a given frame to see what I could do with 2 sprites, 2 missiles, a ball, background colors and the playfield. That allowed me a more simplified runtime kernel (the familiar "2 line kernel" (2LK) with some embellishments) and let me learn 6502/6507 assembly and the various Atari 2600 options by focusing on code in the the overscan and vertical blank sections. I also had a lot of fun coding in the various hardware switches (difficulty, select, reset, black and white) that the 2600 featured as well as the ROM-size soaking splash & title screens. Implementing the "Atari bank switching for dummies" example from these forums and seeing code execute in different banks was also very cool to see in action. One of my favorite games from the 80's was Hat Trick - I played it on multiple 8-bit systems and the game play (Spring and Summer variations) of ElectroBall is heavily based on that. I also thought that an overhead perspective of a Ballblazer type game would also translate well (and is the basis for the Fall and Winter game variations). I also was enamored with the "momentum based" control of the homebrew R.C. Sumo Bots and wanted to do something similar - like the mention on ZeroPage Homebrew when R.C. Sumo Bots was played, there should be more games in the bumper car genre! I tried to develop the game to feature what I think are the 2600's strengths - bright vivid colors, fast responsive gameplay, neat lower range beep boop sounds and rocket engine crowd noise. Nothing about my game is particularly groundbreaking (other than the splash/title screen to game code size ratio, which I believe I've set a new record - ha!), and some portions of my code is borrowed from elsewhere (the scoreboard is a modified version from Collect, as is the sound effects base engine and my runtime kernel is a fairly heavily modified version of the 2LK from Collect, the Atari jingle and "fire to exit splash screen" is borrowed from the AtariAge logo sample code recently posted, and the cycle through the colors of the Atari Fuji logo on the splash screen is based on the many color cycling background tutorials out there) and I used many of the utilities from the alienbill.com web site to add flourishes. All inefficient subroutines are of my own design! Having an AI (even the simple one I coded up) was also useful for figuring out gameplay bugs and difficulty tuning. The Winter variation used to be a lot tougher, but I made it easier after the AI couldn't even score a single goal in 3 minutes... The AI code is somewhat simple, and I coded it so that it would keep the player engaged and entertained, not necessarily an attempt to crush them into oblivion. My own testing shows that the AI, when the other player is left unattended, can score on average 17 goals in 3 minutes for Spring, 15 goals in 3 minutes for Summer, 13 goals in 3 minutes for Fall and 5 games in 3 minutes on Winter. Particular places I learned 6502/6507 assembly: https://www.udemy.com/course/programming-games-for-the-atari-2600/ http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-davie/atari-2600-programming-for-newbies-revised-edition/paperback/product-23644281.html https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-lets-make-a-game-spiceware-00.html https://8bitworkshop.com/v3.5.2/?platform=vcs Stella Programmer's Guide by Steve Wright 12/03/79 Countless topic posts on Atari 2600 programming on Atariage.com Web sites I used to help design various components of my game: https://alienbill.com/2600/playerpalnext.html - Playerpal 2600 for sprite design/animation https://alienbill.com/2600/splash-o-matic - Splash-o-matic (now Atari-background-builder) for title screen https://alienbill.com/2600/atari-riff-machine/ - Atari riff machine (to plan out sound effects and title jingle) https://www.masswerk.at/vcs-tools/TinyPlayfieldEditor/ - Tiny playfield editor (to draw out Fuji logo on splash screen) Places I used to test out my game during development: Stella (The developer interface in this emulator is fantastic! The udemy course was worth it just for showing me the larger world present when you press the ~ key) https://8bitworkshop.com/v3.5.2/?platform=vcs (I could modify code in real time to see its effects!) https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/ (For testing basic 6502 functions) https://javatari.org/ (8bitworkshop uses this too but was also handy to test the ROMs on its own). Oh - and a big nod to the Atari 2600 development package for Visual Studio Code. A great modern development environment!
  23. Yes, never had a bad experience. TBF, the author of this article offered to interview Bradley, but, well, anyone who's called recently can imagine how much time he has for that. He's not Amazon, he's an independent businessman trying to meet a ridiculous level of demand, all the while charging reasonable prices for things others are gouging enthusiasts for on eBay, and everything always arrives in pristine condition. People's expectations need to change, not Bradley, IMHO.
  24. I built the first bin of Zoo Keeper cartridges last night, and will shortly be working on another bin of them. Today I'll also be working on soldering and assembling extra games for all these pre-orders, and that'll take me 2-3 days to complete. Will also be testing and labeling the pre-order 2600 games while I'm doing this (although, sadly, not at the same time). Here's a photo of this first bin of Zoo Keepers: Here's a (more interesting) photo of some Melody boards before I started turning them into Zoo Keepers last night: Back to it! ..Al
  25. Intellivision's channel's copy of the Amico E3 presentation (no scrolling through the E3 live stream, yay!):
  26. Here's another photo showing plastic bins full of already assembled pre-order games (2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari 8-bit). These drawers generally hold 72 Atari 2600 carts, and varying amounts of 5200, Jaguar and 8-bit games. There are 11 drawers full of pre-order games (some labeled, some not), and three drawers of 2600 games that have already had labels removed and are ready to be cleaned before they can be used for games. And here's a single drawer of 2600 carts. The unlabeled games will be tested and labeled this week, the only pre-order game that hasn't been built yet is Zoo Keeper. The the extra games for these orders will also be built this week, and all the games will be boxed next weekend. Then I'll be ready to ship everything out! Will continue to post updates of my progress during the week. Going to take a break now (have been working on these games all weekend!) and then Goo Gone another batch of 80 carts. That's my last task for the day, then will relax for a bit and watch the latest episode of Bad Batch and another episode or two of War of the Worlds. Then sleep, then back at it tomorrow! ..Al
  27. It's Saturday night TV/movie night Few images I've been working on. FYI XEX files individually posted at the end as well as a single zip with them all included, along with the JPGs too. (Images taken from Altirra) Filename: Beeblebrox_Ghostgeisharobot2_18 --- 85 unique colours Bit of those mildly disturbing Ghost in the Shell Geisha Robots. Really pleased with the overall image dispite the annoying errors which I gave up trying to process out. Filename: Beeblebrox_Indiannajoneslastcrusadesm_7 --- 29 unique colours Classic action blockbuster and the colours and definition hasn't turned out too bad. Big Studio Ghibli fan so some images from Spirited Away for these next three images: Filename: Beeblebrox_Spiritedawayhouse_8 --- 79 unique colours Really please with how this turned out - love the colours Filename: Beeblebrox_SpiritedawayStepssm_10 --- 70 unique colours Managed to get the colours right here too - shading on steps not too shabby. Filename: Beeblebrox_spiritedawaygirlpigsm_5 --- 36 unique colours Few minor errors but it stayed true to the source image colours I read most of Roald Dahl's amazing books growing up - (it's compulsory reading in the UK along with HHGTTG heh heh!) - gotta love em BFG was one of the most read and the recent film did it justice, so couple of BFG images for ya: Filename: Beeblebrox_BFGPortraitsm_12 --- 62 Unique colours Few line errors but a nice warm blue colorset offsets the skin tones IMHO Filename: Beeblebrox_BFGSophiesm_20 --- 65 unique colours My fav of the recent BFG themed images I've converted (oh, there is more!! ) - Really pleased with the colours - despite the line errors and banding. Just for fun - some Snoopy: Filename: Beeblebrox_Snoopyandwoodstock_2 --- 33 unique colours Simple but I was very pleased to see how it turned out and weirdly this is one of my fav of late Filename: Beeblebrox_Bladerunnerstreet5sm_13 --- 100 unique colours I always have a Bladerunner image on the go, (one of my fav films of all time). Few line errors but nice effect overall - and 100 colors too! Filename: Beeblebrox_Raystarwarssunset2sm_7 --- 62 unique colours Nice Star Wars "walking off into the desert sunset shot" here - sure it's a lil fuzzy with a few errors but overall effect quite pleasing and "sort of" adds to the lighting effect (least I think so ). Filename: Beeblebrox_Maleficentgreenpostersm_23 --- 65 unique colours Spent quite a while trying to perfect this - annoying banding I just couldn't shake but quite striking features and colours, so I decided to include it. Beeblebrox11picsandXEXs.zip Beeblebrox_BFGPortraitsm_12.xex Beeblebrox_BFGSophiesm_20.xex Beeblebrox_Bladerunnerstreet5sm_13.xex Beeblebrox_Ghostgeisharobot2_18.xex Beeblebrox_Indiannajoneslastcrusadesm_7.xex Beeblebrox_Maleficentgreenpostersm_23.xex Beeblebrox_Raystarwarssunset2sm_7.xex Beeblebrox_Snoopyandwoodstock_2.xex Beeblebrox_spiritedawaygirlpigsm_5.xex Beeblebrox_Spiritedawayhouse_8.xex Beeblebrox_SpiritedawayStepssm_10.xex
  28. Wow Phil was amazing and had lots of stories to tell about the business, a lot of behind the scenes Amico stuff covered too and a great chat - *highly* recommend this one
  29. I noticed this in the article as well, bringing up his limiting order size as a negative. I would expect this is intentionally done so that the maximum number of people can get always get the parts they need to service their personal systems. He likely does not want to see someone scooping up the entire supply of specific parts and then immediately 'flipping' them on eBay or Amazon for an exorbitant amount. His making sure the people genuinely interested in keeping their vintage Atari's running can get parts and accessories for their various systems, and for a very reasonable price is a big plus in my book.
  30. This is a big(ger) channel covering the E3 Amico coverage. Impressive reply. He definitely gets that the console is not for hard-core gamers!
  31. I am disappointed that this article is very one-sided and doesn't interview people whom had much different interactions with Bradley/Best. Yes, buying from him is "different" than people's expectations these days, but if you understand that and work with Bradley, it can be a very pleasant experience. I for one, have order lots of items from Best, and there are times Bradley would tell me I would need to break up that order over a period of months (ordering ICs and motherboards for my Atari Portable project), and so that's what I would do. The results? He would respond right away to emails, I would pay right away, and the next day the package would be in the mail, well packed and perfect when it arrived. I understand that other's might have had different experiences, but I don't believe I am one of the few that have had great results.
  32. For me, keeping it simple is the key. Basically mirroring Sensible Soccer, with basically kick, pass & header if you got the ball and side tackle if you don't. I often say I don't play sports games, but the truth is I *once* played sports games before they became simulations with a 3 page fold out instruction sheet for the controls. Simple soccer is what has me excited. Licensing for soccer (football) seems tricky. With the overarching organized crime, er, organization FIFA being taken (and undoubtedly way too expensive) this leaves a ton of leagues around the world. The problem with picking one, like the Premier League is that is very UK based. Similarly MLS is only the US and Canada. With football being so worldwide and very fractional, having a licensing deal with a league outside your area could actually be a detriment. One thing I would like to see, but totally as an option, is the ability to customize the team names, jersey & shorts colors & maybe even the players names and/or number so even though the game isn't licensed, you can localize it for your favorite team. A cool bonus would be a team logo builder. Since these are trademarks, you would just offer a selection of generic shields, circles & crests with a variety of animals & symbols you could layer on to build up something resembling your team's logo. Between that, the team name and the colors you could get pretty close to your team from Brighton to Brazil.
  33. I pay $50 every 2 years, which amounts to ~$2.08 per month. I used to pay $30 every other year, but this forum is so much a part of my life and everyday enjoyment that a regular subscription is a no-brainer. ...lee
  34. That reminds me, I have a last minute update to the ZK ROM file, I'll send it right away! j/k (Inside joke between Al & I - I've had a few last minute 'updates' to ZK the last few months (e.g. zookeeper_final_rev2_final_update3_final_last_change_I_promise_oops_one_more_rev4.bin) Thanks for all the hard work Al!
  35. I realize we're going to spin off a little side conversation, but if no one else minds... Lexan is like cutting plywood. You can use a fine blade jigsaw or circular saw. It's what you should use on any arcade machine control panel instead of plexi. It's bullet proof, bendable, cutable, drillable.. etc. Plexi is only good if you know how to work with it. It shatters in shardes, is very sharp...hard to drill...cracks... etc. Anything will leak if you spill it all over, but chances will rapidly decrease with a little silicone on the edges of the buttons. I did this with the Raiden cabinet I built for the FD Engine house I'm a member of. Guys have split all kinds of beer and soda on it. Wipes right off.
  36. I could not find the exact launch date of the TI-99/4A beside June 1981 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_TI-99/4A) and I waited until June 15th (half-way June 2021) to create this video. The TI helped me to go into IT . 40 Years (June 1981-June 2021) - The TI-99/4A Home Computer and I still use it every week. See the comments below the video to experience it yourself in an online emulator. #ti99 #homecomputer 40 Years TI-99/4A Home Computer. It was launched in June 1981 and it is still operational. #ti99 Want to experience a TI-99/4A yourself? * Online emulator - js99er.net (select button Software - More - TI Invaders) Direct link: Munch-Man - https://js99er.net/#/cart/munchman * Windows emulator - http://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99 * or install it on your RetroPi (Raspberry)
  37. Well, we have caught XXL more than once for adding code intentionally to his programs to make it NOT work with U1MB. We also have seen him release several GTIA (and other) demos that contain illegal opcodes for no other reason than NOT to work with 65816/Rapidus. So, maybe he now has SIDE3 (and/or Fujinet) on his "not wanted / do not like" list and added code to make the program NOT work with SIDE3 (and/or Fujinet) ? He is a good programmer (with questionable attitude however) and clever enough to do that. But maybe the case is much simpler, the SIC! cart. version seems to have a bug, maybe all other cart. versions do also have bugs ? A look into the source code will (sooner or later) reveal what is the cause for the non-working versions on several hardware enhancements. If it turns out, that it was code added by XXL, then all future XXL releases should be released with a warning sticker: "Warning! This program is not suitable for enhanced A8 hardware", while the A8 enhancements should come with a warning sticker on them: "Warning! This A8 enhancement is not suitable for childish programmers with extra extra large egos."
  38. This one was a lot of work, but Dig Dug has been modified for the PlusCart High Score Club. PlusCart users can find the PAL, PAL60, and NTSC versions in the PlusStore directory "Public ROMs\PlusROMs\High Score Club" The NTSC version can be played online in javatari.js. The ROM-file can also be played with Gopher2600. The "PlusCart High Score Club" page for Dig Dug: https://highscore.firmaplus.de/?game_id=41
  39. Yes, just waiting on one thing and they will be available. Hoping within a week.
  40. TenNapels is a controversial figure and that is probably the reason he is only a consultant on EWJ for the Amico. In the era of social media witch hunts (from *all* sides of the aisle, this isn't a pro one side or the other statement) it isn't too surprising a small number of people are going to take an 'all or nothing' stance. I hardly think this has effected Intellivision's ability to attract developers at all. In fact, Tommy has stated repeatedly they have more developers knocking on the door than they have money to fund the projects, so they have the opposite problem. I am not going to knock Max for his stance, that is his personal decision & will probably cost him some lost revenue - you got to respect he is willing to pay for his position. I personally don't agree with Doug TenNapels' politics either but take a totally different tact. I still like Earthworm Jim (which is a lot bigger project than one person), am happy EWJ graphic novels were brought back on Kickstarter for the many, many fans & follow Doug on social media (just to see what is going on with EJW) - but I also actively support causes & organizations he probably doesn't like. If I decided to 'hate' everyone who has a different political view than my own, I would probably end up hating about 50% of the US. So I instead of hate, I promote the things I like & want to see happen, which is also why I support the Amico.
  41. Hi there, I've been reverse engineering Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle. This is because it was done by Henry Will, IV and I had been looking at his other projects lately. I've heard the dislike of pushing up on the joystick to jump. I believe I remember reading this on usenet but it was also heard in the feedback comments on Ferg's 2600 Game by Game Podcast. Reading Henry's development notebook about this project, he states Coleco didn't want to use the fire button to jump because it would have made the game too close to Donkey Kong. Anyway, here is a hack to allow you to use the fire button to jump. I did a search for this hack prior and turned up nothing. If someone has done this already then...sorry...and no time lost for me. It was fun in my own fun way to do it. The first BANK was kind of full so I had to optimize some areas. That wasn't too hard. There are a number of areas in the code that can be optimized. Tell me how this works. I tested it in Stella for ONE_PLAYER and it seems to work fine. Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle_ACTION_BUTTON_HACK.zip
  42. I think some misunderstandings arise when a customer may not realize the community service that Best Electronics (or the AtariAge Store, for that matter) provides. It's not always obvious, and a little hard to explain if you aren't in the community. But once one understands that, you're just thankful that Bradley still does what he does. We all benefit from his life's work.
  43. I read it. Not sure I agree with the negative stuff said about him from the perspective of others who got blacklisted or whatever. Always two sides to a story and I haven't heard his. Anyways, he's always been nice and super helpful to me and my business throughout the years.
  44. Great article, and a good guide if you want to order from best. I do really hope people won’t start harassing Bradley now, in my experience he has been nothing but a great person and he probably has more than enough stuff to deal with already.
  45. Chips are in and many more are on the way! I'll make a new HOKEY thread for details.
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