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  1. The block of AtariAge.com on Facebook has been removed! A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to send in a report to Facebook, that's much appreciated! Now if they'd only punish accounts that abuse the reporting process in this fashion.. ..Al
  2. Hi all. It's my absolute pleasure to announce that Princess Quest for Intellivision is now available freely as a ROM file. 😀✌️ Also it's a great opportunity to say to everyone that I appreciate your support through the years, and thanks for everytime you buy a physical copy of any of my games, and I hope to keep writing many games more for Intellivision. 🙏 Enjoy it! princess_quest_intellivision_2014.zip
  3. Sigh. I'm exhausted. I haven’t slept more than 3 hours at a stretch for 6 months. See Kieren and Andrews know that I’m vulnerable because I was stupid enough to explain that to them. About my brain being obsessed with following truths and rules. About being honest and able to verify everything I do. so here are some truths: * never one was money discussed regarding Horace. Ever. In fact I have a DM from you stating that there was no money concerns over it. * I have all the emails saved from Andrews and I talking...4 of them. Money, charities or anything like that where never discussed. * where you get the idea that I’ve somehow told Andrews about Sarah’s videos I’m not sure. Again, I have every single conversation with you and Andrews saved. And I’ve shared that with Sarah * your statement was very deliberately timed to coincide with Play Margate. We are both in attendance and you would know it would be hard for us both to attend even without that rot you published. * Andrews to this day still hasn’t shown me proof of IP ownership. I’ve never received a cease and desist * I couldn’t coerce a fruit fly to eat a banana. * the plushies at Blackpool belonged to the ZX Next team. I have receipts proving their purchase. They were used as photo props and for promotional purposes. I was assured that it was absolutely fine to do this. When this kicked off I asked Andrews to pass proof of ownership to them as I was under the impression that they were in discussions with him over it. At this point Andrews said that he hoped ZX Next would cover me legally because he was going to “assert his rights” or whatever. A senior member of that team then messaged me to tell me to stop making the toy. Since then I’ve had no contact with them at all and they chose to write out Horace from their game development. * for my part, I value Sarah’s friendship immensely. I have shared all my evidence with them. We are similar people in many respects and I would never ever betray her trust or do anything to bring her harm. *Sarah actually supported me this week when I was at crisis point mentally. Very seriously making plans to die. That is what I’ve been pushed to through this. The mental strain is now manifesting physically. But for Kieren, it appears that it only matters it he feels suicidal. Anyone else must be making it up. * I need to get through this weekend he has deliberately made this harder for me with this ridiculous statement release. I’m trying to support myself with a tiny business that was almost wiped off the map with lies. And for what...I don’t even earn enough to fill out a tax return. * I’ve had a horrible 2 years of serious illness, bereavement, stress and upset. I hope you are really happy that you’ve added to that. It seems to bring you some sort of bizarre pleasure to lie and bring hurt. This is the only comment I’m going to make and I’m not going to share the evidence here publicly because I’m exploring my legal rights at the moment. I’m devastated by all this. I don’t have a huge amount going for me. I’m trying to honestly make my way in the world. I’m trying to support my family just like you Kieren. With mobility problems and MH problems and autism too. But the difference is I would never EVER stoop to your kind of behaviour. I pity you for the very lonely life you will end up leading. Bravo for trying to drag me down to your level with you..you failed.
  4. Yeah. I do wonder why he chose to pick me out, the YouTuber he has never worked with save for providing some facts for a Jaguar video. But after reading that statement, I can't help but think that the chance to make some misogynistic statements - which almost exactly echo the ones made by the troll accounts on Twitter - had something to do with it. I did talk to him a couple of times about mental health, and I had no reason to think he was lying about his struggles. And I do believe he has issues. But to say that I pretend to be depressed for Patreon money - that's the age-old statement the troll accounts have made. He has seen my videos, he knows how much effort goes into them. They aren't just me in front of a camera going "please give me money" (by the way Kieren, don't you mention Patreon in every one of your videos with a great big banner? I don't think I've ever mentioned mine, except in passing on recent one?) So that is a low blow, I must say. And also, he did indeed beg me to release that statement about him during Horacegate, and yes; I put up the statement because I was dealing with my own problems at the time, as you would be. And yes, it's embarrassing to say but Kieren has blasted it in his statement anyway, I do have a history of self-harm and I was making plans at the time he was begging me to make that statement. Again, that's a low blow Kieren, to share how unwell I was at that time. But I suppose now knowing what I know, I shouldn't have expected anything less. Kieren - you really are acting like a terrible person. And again I implore you to get help. Despite all this, you do deserve happiness and I do hope you get it - but you most certainly won't find it here.
  5. Hi Everyone!, HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this thread! One year ago today I "officially" joined AA and started this thread. I figured I get a few questions, clear up a few things and then it would eventually get pushed down and forgotten. It's amazing to think that in one year we already have over 8,000 replies and over a quarter of a million views. And to think that about 90% is "positive" is always quite the accomplishment compared to some other threads that just keep bashing a system with constant negativity. It's much more thoughtful to have intelligent and positive discussions and I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate it. It's one of the reasons I continue to read and interact with folks here. Much more fun to interact with folks who are interested in what we're doing and have a positive attitude... than the opposite. Special shout out to the mods for keeping this place "clean" from the senseless hate or constant annoyance of the passive aggressive trouble-makers whose only goal seemed to be trying to upset folks here. A bunch of folks have messaged me here over the past month or so wanting to know if there is still a discount code active for the current Intellivision Amico shop. I thought it would be fun to set up a special Atari Age/Intellivision thread discount for all of you. So I waited til the one year anniversary to have it set up. I don't want this to come across as marketing or trying to sell you guys something... it's merely in response to various folks in here asking me... and me wanting to do something nice for anyone who may have been interested in getting some cool Intellivision branded stuff. So you won't see me posting this on other social media... and not even on other parts of AA or the AA Facebook page, etc. This is for the folks in here. I decided to give everyone here 25% off anything in the store! Just use the code: ATARIAGE25 when you checkout. Here is the Shop Link: https://www.intellivisionamico.com/shop For those of you who have been here since the beginning... Happy Anniversary! For those of you just joining us... thank-you for your participation and I hope you'll stick around and pop in often. For everyone in between... thank-you for your support and helping to make this an interesting place for not only Amico dialogue... but Intellivision in general. I really felt like I've made some friends here... and although I've even met a few of you in person already.... I hopefully look forward to meeting all of you someday... and better yet.... playing couch co-op Amico with you!! Thanks again!
  6. Apologizes for yet more update delays. I know people are waiting anxiously for the MK2, so I always feel guilty that my progress is never as much as people would like. So I finally got time to build and test Rev J... (yes, there have been revisions A, B, C, D, E, F ,G, H, I, J). I can tell you right now there will have to be a Rev K, which I hope will be the final PCB change. I have been spending a lot of time on this over the last few months, and I have made some further decisions that should help get the MK2 into physical production. The biggest PCB problem has been the digital video (TMDS) output, especially the connector. The fix was to use a 20-pin FPC connector and provide a header-board with a DVI connector. Since I'm only officially supporting DVI, I felt the need to also provide an audio output jack on the header board. The problem with that is, 19 of the 20 pins are already used for the TMDS signals, and the only available pin for audio was right next to the one of the TMDS pairs. Needless to say, a lot of noise was coupled onto the audio and made it completely unacceptable. So I will be changing to a 22-pin FPC connector to give the audio an isolated pin that does not interfere with the 19 predetermined pins, which means yet another small header board to convert the 22-pin FPC to 20-pin FPC to support people who will use 3rd party headers... sigh. The other problem I have not yet solved is the back-feed from the monitor keeping the FPGA powered after the computer power to removed. This prevents the MK2 from powering back up cleanly and the solution usually requires unplugging / re-plugging the monitor. This is not acceptable either, and apparently this is a problem other projects are having as well. I think I have a solution and I'm just waiting on the parts to arrive so I can test. Since I have to make at least one more PCB revision to fix the power problem, I have also decided to try and support VGA output as well. This is only made possible by going to the 22-pin FPC connector, and it will require a 3rd header with the resistor DAC, VGA connector, and audio connector. It will also probably require a different firmware to be loaded in the FPGA, or at least a way to select a firmware and reset... I have not figured out the details of this yet. In trying to get the MK2 physically built and into people's hands sooner, it will not be released with any of the big enhancements, i.e. the 512K RAM will not be accessible, no new GPU features, modes, VDP register changes, etc. It will pretty much be the V1.9 firmware adapted to the MK2 board and put out TMDS (i.e. DVI) video, or VGA. This allows me to focus on making sure the hardware design is correct, and I can introduce the new features in a future firmware release. However, the MK2 will have the audio enhancement since that is part of the hardware; so start preparing now if you can't solder. You will need to get a wire from the computer's internal audio to pin-1 of the MK2 board. On the 99/4A a good place to pick up the audio is L201, on the CV it is C88. The MK2 has a 12-bit ADC that converts the audio into digital, and then spits it back out via a 12-bit DAC to the header's audio line-out. Since the audio is brought into the FPGA, that means the GPU can mix, modify, replace, or do whatever with the audio data on its way out to the DAC. This basically gives the MK2 12-bit audio capability on top of the system's existing audio. The GPU audio is not yet designed, so I'm considering any suggestions at this time. I have tested the MK2 in the 99/4A and CV (see photos) and it works as expected. The main TODO list for the hardware: * Test the fix to the power-problem. Add parts to PCB and reroute as necessary to make room. * Finalize audio subsystem coupling components, adjust PCB routing as necessary. * Decide if the ADC and DAC really need precision 0.2% voltage regulators, and somehow fit them on the PCB if the answer is yes. * Change 20-pin FPC to 22-pin FPC, reroute affected pins. * Find and route six more signals from the FPGA to the 22-pin FPC connector to support the VGA header. * Make the schematic and PCB for the VGA header. * Make the 20-pin to 22-pin FPC adapter. * Order Rev K prototype, build, test. * Get some beta testers to test on more hardware, monitors, etc. Believe me when I say I'm dumping many many hours into this, to the detriment of other things (like doing taxes... ugh, or planning the family vacation). I am also very nervous about the release of the MK2. The demand is pretty high right now, and the first batch will most likely be 500 or more boards. This is actually freaking me out since it is a lot of money, and if a problem is found with the board, it would be really bad. That's another reason why I'm spending the time to really test this and trying to get it right. So, the photos (in no particular order): * Testing in the CV with a 3rd party header. Finally no tall-pins or smashing the VRAM capacitors! So much nicer. * Testing the MK2 audio on the breadboard. * The MK2 DVI header, works as expected. * Have you ever *seen* the Tombstone City's title song Hell in Texas? The yellow trace is the original audio input to the MK2, the purple trace is the output from the MK2.
  7. It's all rather intertwined. I'm using the Lynx GD as a test for all the processes involved with the outsourcing as it will be identical for the Jaguar. The Lynx is basically there. Just waiting on production PCB samples to come through, then I can start production properly. Most of the work for the Jaguar has also been done, so once I'm happy with the Lynx, the Jaguar will follow. Sorry it's taken so long! These things have a habit of taking longer than expected, then you throw other "real life" stuff into the mix, and it takes even longer!
  8. Happy Birthday Tommy.. hopefully this will be your best year ever!
  9. Hi Everyone! I just decided that to celebrate the one year anniversary of when this thread started (Feb. 23rd) I'm going to make a special Atari Age Forum discount for the Intellivision shop! So if you are thinking of buying anything at the store... please hold off until Feb. 23rd! I'll post a 25% discount for everyone as a thank-you gift for hanging out here and discussing Amico with me. Thanks!
  10. I suppose now I'm home from work I should respond properly to this insane ramling brainfart of a response from Kieren "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" Hawken. 1. Ringleader Amazing, I've managed to coerce literally hundreds of people to write similar accounts of your behaviour, personality trails and attacks towards them. Including people I have never met or even heard of until all this broke out, as I don't follow the youtube scene. In all honesty I thought you just hated me for whatever reason (mainly because I got your ebay store taken down) - but truth be told, after reading some of the things you have done to others I don't think I should even have a claim for my pound of flesh. I cannot forgive you for what you've done to me, I cannot even begin to imagine how the others you have fucked over feel. What you have done to me over 10+ years is completely insignificant to the acts planned and deliberately acted out towards them in the last 18 months. If you wish to credit me for breaking what you are to the world, then so be it. I'm not ashamed of that. You fucking well should be. 2. Jaguar Sector II banning Yup, I was banned because I wouldn't subscribe to Kieren's 'authority' on all things Jaguar. I left (booted), and returned once Kieren himself was banned by the owner, Jay Smith. Funny how you left that part out, isn't it Kieren? Would you like to explain to the readers why Jay banned you? No? Maybe that is a story for another time, eh? Oh, and why was I banned, Kieren? Yes that's right, because you spread rumours that Jagware and myself were involved in piracy of Battlesphere. Which, of course, was utterly untrue to the extent we made a statement on our first release. Even back then you were all about 'agendas' and we had to defend ourselves ... sad. 3. AtariAge banning and Mr Morden. Yup. I was Mr Morden. Big hurrah for working that one out all on your own, did you have a little dance and laugh hysterically for having caught me out there? Because oh my God did I try to hide that one from the world. And why were we using these duplicate names? Because people (or, as I now suspect, you) were harassing devs and tearing them down for whatever god only knows reasons, so we wanted to develop this anonymously until we had something to release so you couldn't target your attacks. Was I banned for it? Yes. Albert was fully aware of the duplicate accounts and the reasons for them being created, however a ban for them was in order, and we took it on our chins and owned up. This is how I responded to that ban - as an adult. We nearly quit the scene - oh, yes, 10 years ago you almost 'won' before the battle even started. Luckily, we don't back down to bullies and liars, Kieren. We were unbanned shortly after this and I feel proud with the last 10 years of contribution to the Jaguar scene. What have you contributed, Kieren? What will you be remembered for? 4. The ST scene: Yes, I was in Automation. Yes, I was in other groups, including D-Bug. Whoop-de-fucking-do, Kieren. No, I have never sold "Menu Disks", ever. One more paragraph of lies without proof. In the "Modern Day" as you put it I have also never, not once, sold a single ROM or cart of any of the ports or other people's software. In fact, you will notice I go out of my way explicitly to prevent these ROMs from running on carts and lock them to skunkboards and Jag GD devices to prevent people you regularly associate with making runs of them on ebay. Gaztee does limited small runs for the community, sure, and does a fine job with them. However, I'm not Gaztee. Again, you cannot provide anything of substance here, because you are full of lies. Now, how about your Ebay store? From your "manifesto" First off, nearly every released homebrew game is not "Public Domain" - it is Shareware. There is a very distinct difference. I'd get an adult to read out what that is to you. As to the permission from authors, well why do I have a mailbox full of DMCA takedown notices on your store for Jagware and other releases from friends who give their time for free for the people of the scene, only to have that work taken and sold by yourself, Kieren? I'm quite happy to post or provide them, but honestly, at this point in your pathetic excuse of a response, I doubt anyone would ask me to. Why did you not post the proof of people giving you permission, Kieren? Why have members of Jagware reported you multiple times? You didn't get permission from anyone for those things, and certainly not for Soul Star, American Hero, Veruna's Forces, etc. As for your "links of proof" they don't show me selling anything. Cut the shit, you are out of credibility. Even playing devil's advocate and pretending that in Kieren's fantasy world everything he wrote above is true, how in fucks name does it mitigate what he's done? In fact, reading back his accusations against me to reply here made me realise how utterly insignificant and childish they are. This is schoolboy playground mentality, Kieren. Grow the fuck up. "Someone else did something unrelated" is not a defence, Kieren. Your entire manifesto of lies responding to your uncontested victory in winning the "shitbag of the decade" award consists of whinging about being caught, deflection, and, most oddly, a complete lack of anything to prove your innocence. It's also 100% devoid of any pretense that you actually give a fuck about anyone you have systematically tried to make miserable for the last 10+ years. You had one chance here to say sorry and act even the slightest bit like you cared about the damage you have caused. You, Kieren, are an abhorrent individual. [Edited for spelling and clarity... unlike Kieren's books]
  11. Just registered for E3... SO COOL to see Intellivision Amico on the list of "Products you are interested in seeing at E3". I know which box I checked!
  12. I like that idea!! Didn't even think of that!! Just added it to the game design!!
  13. Kieren (you already told me you're reading this thread), I can confirm I have never had contact with Lost Dragon until posting on this thread. After my post we had a brief three message exchange regarding the existence or not of the Panther at Imagitec. Nothing to do with you. And as I pointed out before, you didn't 'interview me' in the sense I understand what that word to mean. You sent me a questionnaire which I sent back to you [answered]. While I'm posting I need to say... I was happy to remain neutral in all of this in so much that I've never met you or any of the participants in this forum thread in real life. Correction, I obviously spent a few years in Martin Hooley's company and more recently I did do a project with Jim Bagley (we met a few times IRL to discuss technical details of the project) but that's the nearest I have been to anyone involved in this situation. That being said, as someone with 3 kids, one a teenage female, when I read paragraph 3 of page 8 of your'rebuttal' pdf I was horrified. Who the actual f**k do you think you are to make a PUBLIC judgement of how someone else dresses or acts? I'm staggered that you typed out that misogynistic bile thinking that would help your cause. As other people have said, please make an appointment with your GP, when they ask what the problem is, tell them "I believe I have severe personality disorder and it's massively affecting my professional life in negative way and making it impossible for me to create fulfilling, positive social bonds."
  14. Hi all. I've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to contribute... The more I find out about this system the more excited I get. I feel like this system is marking every checkbox on what I want: x Games that are easy to learn but fun to play x Simple to use controllers x Couch co-op x Allowing beginners to compete with advanced players x All content is appropriate for children (I have an 8yo and a 6yo) x Game prices less than $10 I grew up with the original Intellivision and it has the same special meaning as I hear Tommy describe. To this day at family gatherings we will fire up my parents' old Intellivision and all the grandkids will play Bump-n-Jump, Snafu, Thunder Castle, BurgerTime, etc. Next family gathering I'll have to get a video of them all screaming at the top of their lungs for Horse Racing (Come on Blue!). I'm glad they are making some of those same communal gaming memories. Truly proves that fun games matter way more than graphics. It would be awesome to boot up the Amico and hear "Hello Commander. Computer reporting." (I spent hours playing Space Spartans - love that game). Speaking of, has there been any word on a Space Spartans reimagining?
  15. That was me, and also "E.T.". They actually finally refunded my $2 today.
  16. Oohhh look who won copyright claim #14? Hint: it wasnt Kieren lol https://youtu.be/JXo20kIqRws
  17. Today I get told that KH has RVG content on his Patreon site in the form of an RVG Mini mag we made years ago, this is ours, my logos, designed by Greyfox and with RVG content, maybe some of his reviews but that does not give you the right to give that away on your site and claim ownership, then I get told your linkedin profile has www.retrovideogamer.co.uk as your personal site, its is not yours now, was not yours back then and never will be mate. Grow up, delete all connections to me and my assets please, when I set up www.homebrewheroes.co.uk you messaged me with an email telling me how disappointed you was that I did that, so what did I do, I deleted the site and started Homebrewlegends, at your request, you asked me to removed your reviews from RVG, what did I do? I removed them, i conformed to your requests, yet you still use my assets as they are yours. PLEASE remove any association to me PLEASE. I have requested these things be striked by Patreon and Linkedin also.
  18. Wait til more mainstream articles like THIS start hitting the internet. https://gritdaily.com/intellivision-four-decades-later/
  19. HOLY CRAP!! I have that in the back room of Intellivision!! I thought it was just something that someone made. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally screwing with you guys!! (Cmart just shit his pants). 🤣 Seriously though... I've never seen that picture before. Is that a legit picture from marketing or a CES ad? Or did someone just photoshop that later based on "rumors". We have a TON of original documents and ads so I'm wondering if we have that. Also... not sure if you were all aware of this... but there is an Intellivision history book that is coming out that is going to BLOW EVERYONE away. The 2 guys working on it have been doing it for years and they have gone back and uncovered every story and interviewed hundreds of people about the original console. They spent a day at my house and they have the most stories, research and documents I've even seen done on the original Intellivision. It's actually pretty mind-boggling! They are trying to get the book finished by 10.10 and I'll be promoting the heck out of it. They are doing it more like a text book... but I've been talking to a number of different folks to make other Intellivision related books as well (like the Tim Lapetino Atari books... so amazing!). Actually spoke to Tim about 6 months ago also (but he's too busy with other projects). Anyway... just wanted to share that the definitive Intellivision history text book is being made and it's going to be awesome.
  20. @Shaggy the Atarian Except the movie came out, right?
  21. Now the plan becomes clear... they won't have to pay for their own room anymore.
  22. Maybe it's time for you to let someone else handle the money for a while...
  23. I'm just trying to stir up all the trouble I can on that comment section.
  24. Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes!! We received some AMAZING news from a few investors yesterday so it was only fitting that it came on my birthday. Unfortunately I have that flu that's going around (no... not Coronavirus!) so after spending a few hours at the office, I headed home and went to bed. Been exhausted the past week or so... been pushing too hard physically. Going to try an take it down a notch until I get better. Headed to Toy Fair in NYC this weekend and lots of super important meetings with our licensors. Will take pics. Thank-you all again for the well wishes on my birthday. It really meant a lot!
  25. Playing around with a little TI Artist splash-screen program for the Horizon 4000B. Image converted by Tursi's 9918 converter
  26. I'm blown away! Both at what a fantastic programmer Mike is and by how quickly he did this. Here's a video of it running on the XM.
  27. I'm not sure how it works on real hardware, but I've completed v0.1 of my XMYM tracker, and it works in emulation... xmymplay.bas.a78 xmymplay.bas.bin For those that haven't followed along, the music comes from Synthpopalooza's composition in the DefleMask music composer software. I wrote a "dfm2asm" utility, and it provides the data song files for the XMYM tracker. The zanac music data is 1128 bytes large. The XMYM tracker itself is 283 bytes large. It uses 11 bytes of memory, and 6 of those are zero page. All of that is subject to change, but I don't expect it will change much. The basic program I've posted here to play the song has some embellishments that aren't part of the driver proper, like the VU meters, and the flashing blue bar that shows how much CPU the tracker is using during the visible frame. You can enable or disable that blue bar with the left difficulty switch. The tall blue bar when the rom starts up is due to all of the YM instrument registers loading at once, though I loop it for 60 frames just so you can actually see it. I may auto-split that initial setup across a few frames, so you can queue-up songs during your game without frame stutter. CPU isn't going to be an issue here, at least when you're not switching instruments. I'm going to publicly release everything (naturally) and then take a look as mid-song instrument loads. But that will be after a few days break at least. Debugging this one took many exhausting days and evenings of troubleshooting.
  28. It was not supposed to be English but whatever language Brandon Harris speaks.
  29. Brian Szarek was kind enough to contact me and interview me for the latest edition of 'Old School Gamer' magazine #14. Thanks Brian! If anyone is interested: https://mailchi.mp/d7f1c27bb152/to-old-school-gamer-print-subscribers-here-comes-issue-12-digitally-432141?e=17001a35e2 Thanks, guys
  30. This is, unfortunately, how Mr. Hawken operates. He has done this with many other people; curried their favor to advance his career in order to make inroads in whatever community it is that he is attempting to insinuate himself into. Once he figures out that you're of no more use to him, he will delete your contact info and never give you another thought. This is not conjecture, this pattern has been seen over and over again. It's not just someone's opinion, there is a literal mountain of evidence showing this. All this giving Mr. Hawken the benefit of the doubt has only allowed him to continue to victimize other people. And this is the thing, Mr. Hawken is not a ordinary, decent person. An ordinary, decent person would have taken stock of themselves, would have felt the pang of empathy and considered the wrong they have done to other people, would have apologized for their wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness. Need I say that Mr. Hawken has been doing this kind of thing for more than fifteen years? And not once admitted any wrongdoing? I know it's hard to admit to yourself that you've been taken in by a psychopath, I've been there myself. And there is absolutely no need to feel sorry for him; he certainly doesn't feel sorry for you.
  31. Haunted House 36 colours drpeter_Haunted_House.xex
  32. Boards arrived and I'm building all 5 at the same time. I will be shipping these out on Monday and will post up where they are going to.
  33. So Fergal worked on it for nine months "effectively for free" and Rob Wyatt did the same for about six months before jumping ship. Atari sure sounds like an amazing "partner" to work with!
  34. I don't think we've seen this letter from Feargal before. You can find this (document #10) and other related documents on the CourtListener page for the Feargal vs. Atari lawsuit, which has since been settled. Here's a local copy "for the record" or something. Not that we need to build a case about why someone might not want to "invest" in this. Feargal letter.pdf It's saved as an image rather than machine-readable text, so here are some screenshots for easier reading. Basically "Atari" used it to show that Feargal didn't meet the terms of his contract (deliver the AtariBox and its accessories under a tight deadline) and didn't communicate to the mothership about their progress (or lack thereof) before asking for more time. They also say that they advanced him $50K and that he wasn't entitled to any more compensation until the Box came out. "Atari" says that Feargal damaged their reputation and stock price by not pooping out this thing fast enough. It's really something seeing these mighty titans duke it out. It stands to reason there is similar correspondence between Rob Wyatt and "Atari." We will never see it, unless Rob feels like blabbing to the press more than he already has, which would bring "Atari" lawyers back into the mix. I wouldn't think anyone would want to be dragged through another lawsuit like this. Since Feargal's departure, and since Rob left too, we have seen them attempt to "craft a positive message on why we are delaying." As for "reignite the community with a clear plan of information release between announcing the delay and Spring launch," well, maybe not so much. That would have been Spring 2018, almost two years ago. Feargal makes a convenient scapegoat, but I wonder if anyone honestly thinks he was the one who put their stock in the toilet? They seem to do about the same with or without him. They got a wee boost after this letter was sent, probably for unrelated reasons. Rob Wyatt wasn't announced til June 27 2018, and left in October 2019.
  35. ok, posting some progress. ice level is in place together with status bar and wonderboy this is not the full level but only half of it. you can ran around and see level scroll . when power life is out - you die when life is gone - i've added a break instruction so game will crush on purpose there is a timing issue where wonderboy jumps high and screen is scrolling and he is trying to throw his axe - will be fixed wonderboy.xex output file is still not on cartridge - i am working slowly but gradually on this. enjoy
  36. I have finally just caught up with all of this thread after seeing the fallout emerge over the past few days. I've had limited experiences with Kieren but I have interacted with him briefly on social media. I always felt that he was a bit of a Walter Mitty, making spurious claims with little to no referencing that didn't stand up to reasonable scrutiny. His reactionary social media presence, even based on my limited interactions with him, always saw him butting into any Atari related discussion on Twitter. Quite a few times, I've seen him claim that Atari held a majority share of the UK console market in the late 80s and early 90s, which is frankly laughable; other instances saw him interject in conversations about the Jaguar library, claiming that there were far more titles to be included as 'official' releases (citing many recent homebrew and demos) than the original official release library of Atari in their day. His Atari related flag-waving and gatekeeping never seemed to actually encourage people to want to get involved in what is actually a welcoming and enjoyable community - he was always on the offensive and exuded a sneering sense of elitism, faux-superior knowledge, and self-aggrandisement. On another note... I remember seeing a 'System Overview' video of his many years ago (I can't remember which one, other than it was dreadful) and was struck by him claiming that he used to be a professional football goalkeeper. My bullshit radar immediately went into overdrive. Actually, now that I think about it, the video in question was possibly on the Atari Jaguar given that he was taking about the large controller in his tiny hands. Anyway, he has proven himself to be a ballbag.
  37. The master will not be pleased with the inevitable VCS delay update!
  38. Hi! I have just released a new version of my Commodore 64 and also Atari XL/XE debugger: https://sourceforge.net/projects/c64-debugger/ This is based on Atari800 4.2.0 emulation engine. Enjoy!
  39. I hoped to have a February progress report on 2/20/2020, but what I have is: 1. The V99958 board has been sent to OSH Park. ETA Mar 4. 2. Instead of sending the CPU board to OSH Park, I am laying it out again as 3 separate boards, with a nice clean bus. CPU has ports for FPGA bridge and 2 cards. Separate Memory and CRU cards. Memory module is interchangeable between a simple 128K BIOS, or a later bank-switched module with higher chip-count. Where does the VDP, Sound, and 2-32MB DRAM go? Those all connect to the FPGA board. I considered making it a 4 inch cube with backplane and 6 cards, but I'm sticking with lays-flat-on-my-workbench. This *is* just a prototype. Working prototypes will be open-sourced (as will the entire project). 3. Sound card (FM) will have at least two YMF262 OPL3, and SN76489. 4. Negotiating for some IP. 5. Delayed by puppies. 6 out of 7 puppies are adopted out. Remaining puppy ran off with a 4A transformer. Whew. Code name dictionary Sapphire - CPU module Garnet - Sound (FM) module Pearl - VDP module Steven - FPGA module Lion - Memory module Connie - CRU module + RS322
  40. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome within 3 months of visiting my first AND ONLY consultant on the NHS. "Autism" and "Asperger's" are definitely NOT interchangeable terms. Asperger's is a part of autism, but it is not autism as a whole. The same way the terms "fruit" and "banana" can't be considered pure synonyms. Congratulations on the supersleuthing on discovering that I run an account called Reheated Pixels. I have absolutely no idea how I got caught out there... Not sure how I could be 'West Midlands Comedy' though. I'm from the east midlands. That account hasn't tweeted since 2011 and has never touched on anything to do with retrogaming. My first gig in any of the west midlands counties was in 2015. "Unless they have somehow put a root kit on your computer, which you would probably know about if you have virus software installed, there is no way they could trace your I.P. address through Twitter, YouTube or Facebook." - Alex Delany of the - apparently - 'highly respected I.T. experts' Optima Computer Consultants Ltd. ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS. Totally humongous claptrap. It's quite easy to set an IP trap through social media platforms and forums. It can be done through Twitter and Facebook, very much so. Those two are probably the most common platforms for it! And I love the laughable claim that "virus software" can definitely spot root kits. Oh, I wish! The absolute worst is page 8, which is simply vile misogynist abuse aimed at a vulnerable woman. Really nasty personal abuse. It's truly disgusting. And the rest of it, is a load of nit-picking that doesn't really go anywhere (the 'rebuke' against Mr Biffo is laughable). I wouldn't even call it semantics, because even arguments based on that, are at least rooted in some truth. It's just 15 pages of pompous denials. Just about every page can be read as "Well you said I did that thing but I can say for sure that I did not do that thing so you are a liar and that is the end of that and I think I won that one thank you very much I am proven right, just goes to show that you should be ashamed of yourself".
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