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  1. Its been quite a while since I did an update on this project. First of all let me assure you that it's definitely alive and kicking, now having made it to a production ready design. Version 1.1 is the culmination of what was learned from two previous iterations. The biggest problem I had to overcome was incessant video noise issues. But after several redesigns the 576NUC+ has achieved clean, noise and jail bar free video. To that end V1.1 has succeeded, and now rivals what can be seen in a UAV equipped system. Each board revision got it's own unique color. And each one meant an investment of $160-180 (not counting Atari VSLI). The first 'ALPHA' version had absolutely terrible video quality, and also due to the way the power supply was implemented did not reliably turn ON. The 2nd 'BETA' version was not much better with it's initial video quality, although it did confirm what was really at fault, and with a lot of modifying finally achieved what I was looking for. The 3rd 'PRE-PRODUCTION' attempt implemented what was learned in the 'BETA' unit, and really shined this time around, with all issues eliminated and required changes in place. 576NUCplus_schema_9-17-2020.pdf And for the first time ever, I went with a yellow solder mask and black silk screen. Stay tuned for more to come... FujiNet Inside and custom 3D printed cases.
  2. The gaming world seems more chaotic to me now, more than ever. Huge companies like Sony and Microsoft can't seem to get pre-orders for game consoles to go smoothly, even with the help of giant retailers like Walmart and Amazon (and sometimes, at the detriment of their help). I will say, I pre-ordered two Amicos with zero problems at all. I could in fact pre-order another one right now without issue... maybe I should... no, two is enough for now. Yes, I'm sure volume is the big differentiator here, but I will say that my experience with Intellivision has been a wonderful experience compared to what some are going through trying to get a new PS5. I'm also a bit surprised that so many people are rushing to order Xbox Series X or PS5 when they still don't know very much about them. Nobody, outside of their respective companies, has seen them. Or played them. Aside from the highly polished videos of their games, what do those games actually look like? What does the UI look like? Contrast that to Amico where Tommy shows off the system, the controller, and the ideas behind the console every chance he gets. We've even had a demo of one of the games that we've been able to play on our phones for months now. I may have not played an Amico yet, but I'm so intimately familiar with so much of the console, that it feels like I have. I feel confident when I put my money down on one to purchase it. But the problem is bigger than that. Maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe @RetroAdvisoryBoard's video had an impact on me, but these gigantic games coming out really do seem like they're bringing the entire industry down. Not just that, but this push to make games as a service with offerings such as Xbox Game Pass or PS Now are not only diminishing the value of games, but changing the fundamental way we view, purchase, and consume these products. Games are no longer the treasured gift they once were, but a disposable commodity that gets but a moment's notice before being discarded. Netflix was once a great value when it was the only streaming service in town, but then came Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, CBS, NBC, HBO... and so on. How long until there are a dozen gaming services all asking for a monthly payment of $9.99 to give you access to 500 games that you will never play?? Again, maybe it's my experience talking, but I really like the way Intellivision is going. You buy a game, you own the game. And the game you bought is the full game. No DLC, no extra content to buy, no microtransactions. It's focusing on quality over quantity. Yes, you can have 1000 games in your store, but if 80% of them are crap, what's the point? I recently had to go through a number of games on my PS4 to delete some, and as I played a bunch I had downloaded but never touched, I was amazed at how much garbage there was out there. Even big AAA games were not worth playing. I really look forward to console that offers focused content that doesn't take me 40 hours of my life to experience, while constantly bombarding with the feeling that I need to download the next offering I got from a subscription. I'm worried about the way video games are headed, and I really hope Amico is everything it says it will be.
  3. I have a great Amico story... My 75 year old mom just called and asked how she can pre-order an Amico! She talked to my dad, who is 80, and he said he wanted the Amico as well. Since I started our channel, she has been watching every show along with my appearances on OEB Pete's show. She has even subscribed to several of the Amico guys and watching their videos. She is not a gamer but apparently is turning into one. She was talking to someone at her work (yep, she is still working) about me doing youtube shows about gaming and her friend mentioned her son. He has a couple of young daughters and was complaining about how expensive buying a new system will be with the upcoming systems. As well as the games. My mom told her all about the Amico and was doing her best to sell her friend on the Amico for her son. The Amico has obviously struck a cord with her. I am hoping to have her on our show at some point to talk Amico. If I can get her on. So cool to see my parents excited for a new game system! Thanks, Tommy! Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome to the first Intellivision themed online convention! November 21 2020 3:00pm (Eastern Time) Via Zoom or similar video service. Details soon. Guest Speakers, New game reveals, Free Admission for all, Goodies and games for sale, and more to be announced!
  5. Yeah!... @popmilo been busy with his ABBUC entry and @Yaron Nir with his life so may now things will and can continue. On my part I finished the font for these screens but maybe still a long way untill they're incorporated as @popmilo will first add the vertical scrolling so that levels with it will be like Arcade (and present Ice level(s) has it so you'll see it soon...) more placing all items and soft sprite enemys animations with their movements. But if this are in the end the choosen font and the looking we decide here's all these screens:
  6. Folks, I have come upon some previously (I think) unknown prototypes. Their provenance is pretty iron-clad and I was given permission to do with them as I will. I am still going through them and I still have a few projects ahead of them (getting 250 FujiNets out the door, CF32ECI, CF32PBI, 1035, SIO2PC, and some other items), but I wanted to put these out here as a sample of what was found. I will be releasing these just as I did the other ones via my website. https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-lynx It is possible that *ALL* of these are prototypes of the listed games. It could be that only some are prototypes and others are completed games. Some are playable. Others, like, Cabal, for example, are only a collection of screens. AT least one is DEFINITELY NSFW. I have not gotten through all 95 files yet. If you have any questions, please let me know. -M Rolling Thunder Video: https://youtu.be/mFC0bN9ZEMo Wolfman video: Lynx_Dir List.pdf
  7. Today I’m announcing my new project, @Atari8BitBot. It's a twitter bot: tweet it code in Atari BASIC, or Turbo-BASIC XL, or Logo, or PILOT, or assembly language. It’ll run your program in an emulator and tweet you back with it a video of it running. Documentation at https://atari8bitbot.com Have fun, Kay
  8. I fell on this meme about DLC this morning and I thought you guys would dig it (sorry if you've seen this already)
  9. Game, Stream, And Connect Like Your Daughter's Old Laptop
  10. Check out this reddit link that a friend sent me yesterday. Almost 2,000 comments since yesterday. Some of my favorite comments (and remember... these are HARDCORE gamers responding): "Good graphics" doesn't mean cutting edge photorealism. Good graphics effectively convey the necesarry information and aesthetic to the player regardless of style or tech level. Ever play Asteroids in an arcade cabinet where everything is really sharp and you can see that crazy pin line shining? Games can hardly have more minimal graphics than that but the effect in person is fantastic. I think the industry tends to push the idea that more realist = better graphics but it’s can suck the creativity and expression out of games. Cartoon style graphics last. Classic WoW is another example of stylized graphics that stuck around. Games that go for realism don't really tend to last the test of time. I think Minecraft proved this 10 years earlier. Nintendo proved it 10 years before Minecraft. A game obviously is going to be more fun with friends. It should be a good game on its own and a great game with friends. Gridiron is a great example of this. On its own, it's a shitty football game that's broken 90% of the time, but with friends and a few beers, we're having a ton of fun and laughing so hard we can't breathe. For group gameplay, this is absolutely true. Well graphics are important too. Just not for party games I feel like people confuse cartoon art styles with bad graphics. World's most popular games are not graphically demanding titles , Valorant , CSGO , Fall Guys , Fortnite , Minecraft etc.. It's not a coincidence. Imagine having friends to play with.
  11. "Atari never said they were going to deliver an actual door stop - just the idea of a door stop with an Atari logo on it. And that's all I ever wanted, so I'm thrilled with my purchase!"
  12. I watched the entire video, it was great and really touches on what makes a game “fun” and why Amico is looking at this in the right direction. Let’s be clear, the avg Joe Schmo would not accept graphics like Atari Football anymore; only someone with our love for retro games will REALLY appreciate what we see in this video. But as I re-discovered when I played Pitfall on the Colecovision last year, if you can allow yourself to let the devs take you away and experience the intent they were going for, there is still a LOT of fun to be found in these low bits games, even with the “poor to mediocre” graphics. It’s a little harder to do that with single player games, but last year when I was playing Pitfall in a high score competition (right here on AtariAge), I was motivated to continue and continue I did. I must have put in 6 hours at least just replaying it, trying to get 100K or finishing the game. So the competitive aspect of the high score comp CARRIED me through the initial “meh” and right into the old “one more try” which many of these classics had, and still do if you let them. Nowadays, like back in the day (and seen in this video), the secret Sauce is the alternate to the competitiveness of the single player high score chaser and that lies in the multiplayer mode. Once you start playing, if the gameplay is fun, whatever graphics you are looking at ends up melting away, leaving just the core design of the game exposed ... and if done well, the players are having a ball. The core design doesn’t have to be complex, you can’t get more basic than tennis and that is still a killer multiplayer game when done right. It’s not only the competitive nature, it’s not just about beating the other guy, it’s the social aspect of gaming elevated to what it really means to spend time with someone, to laugh together, the ribbing of each other, etc. You can’t tell me anyone looking at that video that they wouldn’t have liked to spend an evening with a friend long past or current, just playing that little football game for an hour or so and moving onto something else and continuing to play together. Does it hurt to have excellent graphics? Of course not, Virtual Tennis on the dreamcast looks splendid to this day and that’s definitely a game that can be done on Amico hardware (it’s certainly one game that would be perfect for Sega to bring over hint hint Tommy! ). It’s also a game that proves you don’t need PS5/XBSX level graphics to make a game appeal to the masses, it’s all in the art style (something I think the small vids seen of Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain already prove that in the right hands, we have nothing to worry about) This is what Amico gets right. With the right game idea, and of course the right talent behind that idea, couch coop/vs is a great unique focus to have on ALL your games. You can definitely experience some of this fun playing online, but its just more likely to happen sitting on the same couch. You can give a guy a verbal shot online but it won’t have same effect if when doing so, you also have your hand on his shoulder pushing him away at the same time. Every game, EVERY GAME will support this focus. This is Intellivision Entertainment’s lane and there is no one else in it that can say that about every one of their titles. I used to manage a hockey league on the old operationsports.com website and we had a ball playing online hockey on the xbox 360 (may have been EA’s NHL 12, can’t remember but been a while!), some classic overtime Playoff games in that league. But there’s nothing like couch coop/vs for that integral Interaction that isn’t possible online. Although the online experience is fun, there is a missing socializing experience that just isn’t there like there is with couch coop. As an experiment, I invite you guys to look at that video one more time, but now, put those two in separate rooms with a headset and think about them playing the same game. It would not have been the same experience, there’s a physicality from their interaction that wouldn’t be there online. It’s the same thing with playing board games or any game standing beside someone else, there’s a... scale to the experience that is very unique to live gaming * * side note: I find VR can trespass here but that’s the subject for another day ) Sadly when I get Amico, with most of my friends living far away, that’s likely not something I will be able to experience enough (and one reason why I do hope we eventually get an online mode, online better than nothing ), so for me the draw is still the retro-inspired games as I gather is what most here on AA find attractive about the system. As a target audience, Tommy and his team have rightly targeted couch coop/vs as the focal point of their mission statement and to me, this has the potential to result in one heck of a touchdown, dance not included.
  13. I fixed an error in the texture drawing code, so instead of this: We now get this: @artrag Thank you for the suggestions regarding sprite drawing optimizations. I haven't decided how to proceed with that yet.
  14. This isn't meant for hard-core doorstop users.
  15. As mentioned before, I have been considering changing the texture resolution from 16x64 to 32x64. I tried with the eye, and a new 32x64 texture looks like this: Whereas the old 16x64 texture looks like this:
  16. Fantastic post and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sony & Microsoft (as well as Nintendo) have tens of millions of dedicated hardcore fans... as they should... the 3 of them have ruled console gaming for 25 - 35 years and deservedly so. They will have no problem selling tens of millions of whatever machine they put out and getting millions upon millions of pre-orders without ever seeing or playing it. Even something like the Wii U (considered a "failure" by everyone) sold over 13.5 million units! I'll take Nintendo's "failure" numbers any day of the week! I agree that the industry is definitely pushing into a brand new realm and future... we've seen it happening with mobile for over 5 years. Games now being designed to purposely suck more money out of you, or... as you mentioned... lots of mediocre to low level quality being offered (among some great stuff) for a monthly subscription. Seems to be the "future" of gaming for the big 3. We want to do something totally different. We want to bring it back to the way it used to be. Before the microtransactions, loot boxes, online toxic behaviors, complicated and complex control schemes, gameplay and menus. Many focus tests and independent research studies show that you/I are not the only people who feel this way. In fact, the overwhelming majority does. And as gaming continues to get MORE complex, MORE expensive and MORE towards the user not really owning anything... I think our idea of doing something totally different will resonate with a lot of folks. That's the dream anyway.
  17. Well I finally did it. I missed my old Atari 400 from my childhood and today I purchased a modded Atari 800 xl from eBay. I am super excited. I also purchased an SD Card adaptor to allow me to play games off SD cards I even found my old Star Raiders cart and joystick from back in the day. I am pretty sure I have a monitor that will work so I cannot wait to play Cosmic Balance, Archon, Seven Cities of Gold, Agent USA and so many other games on real Atari hardware rather than via an emulator.
  18. The original 576NUC+ was going to be relegated to NTSC, since the additional circuitry for producing the PAL color burst was fairly involved density-wise, and I really was running up against the wall with finding space for things. However @tf_hh presented the idea of a GTIA piggyback board to provide this missing aspect. And so was born what I call the 'PALburst' board. By plugging this into the GTIA socket, and then plugging GTIA on top of that, the missing PAL color burst circuit will be provided. Then all that's required is to use the appropriate PAL primary oscillator crystal and a PAL Antic and GTIA. For those that are waiting for a Sophia2 to arrive, this board and GTIA will not be required, since the Sophia2 already provides what is needed for PAL or NTSC. Note: You'll still need the appropriate primary crystal and Antic to match up with either PAL or NTSC. ------ The 576NUC+ does not sport a standard SIO jack, once again due to size constraints. In its place is a Dsub-15M with a pinout that was standardized many years ago, and was also an option on the SDrive-Nuxx. So to make things easier for connecting to legacy SIO devices, an adapter was fashioned. In the schematics that I posted yesterday, there is also an alternative SIO2PC-USB cable outlined that can directly plug into the Dsub-15M on the NUC. However it is felt that once FujiNet makes its appearance as an add-on daughterboard, the need for external SIO will be greatly diminished. Now for those with floppy and tape drives, this will not be the case.
  19. OK, I'll admit this is probably stupid but back in the day, before I took to the high seas and filled by disk box full of "treasures", I typed in a lot of games from magazines, which I'm sure a lot of you also did. One game that got a lot of gameplay was Goblin (COMPUTE! ISSUE 38 / JULY 1983 / PAGE 64). Unfortunately, there was a small bug that made it placed multiple "sad faces", which you collect, in places were they were impossible to collect w/o dying. Since the game only gives you one player, this kinda ruined the game. Although I could code in BASIC back then, I never, for some reason, fixed this bug....until today. I also changed the keys so they use A and D of the famous WASD and I modified the graphics a bit. On the cover of Compute, it shows you moving through a cemetery so I made the obstacles headstones and the goblins look more like ghosts than sad/happy faces. When you die, your head turns into a skull. These are all very minor things but it was a fun little project getting me to remember how to code in BASIC. Who knows. Maybe I'll make a Goblins 2 with better...everything. 🙂 mygoblin.bas
  20. Hi all, KickC is a C-compiler that creates optimized 6502 assembler. The newest release (version 0.8.3) adds direct support for developing for the Atari 8bit XL/XE platform. The compiler includes header-files and linker-files for the chipset of Atari 8bit XL/XE. It also includes a few example-programs that work in an emulator and on the real platform (tested using UNOcart A8 on 130XE and 800XL). You can get it here: https://gitlab.com/camelot/kickc PS. I am the author of KickC.
  21. Look...it's a niche product. The idea of a doorstop was never intended to compete with mainstream doorstops.
  22. TLDR: read succinct response above. Hi there! Darn - I meant to reply to this last week but I totally spaced! 🥴 Unfortunately there hasn't been any progress on Gorf Arcade since February. We have added in all the speech phrases (thanks @Nathan Strum!) and the game is somewhat playable, but we probably won't have a demo available until the end of the year when we hope to debut it on @ZeroPage Homebrew's Twitch stream. The good news is that we have finished Avalanche and Zoo Keeper (both expected to be released in the Atari Age store in October) and we have made great improvements to Robotron (now named RobotWar:2600) and are have almost completed development. We're in that annoying phase where we are looking for more ROM to add in bells and whistles. We originally had to remove the scoring animation story sequence to fit in all of the new options like co-op, two players, additional sound fx and animations, etc. but I am happy to report I was able to squeeze it all back in. Right now I'm focusing on fixing intermittent screen rolls on wave 30 and 40 advanced (when there are 100+ enemies on the screen). We plan on releasing Robo-X in early 2021 (David Exton aka @liveinabin is making great progress with the artwork!). Well, I guess this ended up being an update for Gorf Arcade and Robotron. Thanks, John
  23. Math Gran Prix. Atari blew its big chance to make it the edutainfomational™ equivalent of the Gran Turismo franchise. Online multiplayer tournaments. eSports gambling. Cryptocurrency in-app purchases. Classic licensed cars like the Yugo, Pinto, Edsel and The Dale. Track layouts like abandoned strip mall parking lots, abandoned Atari-themed hotel parking lots, abandoned Atari headquarter parking lots, the Alamogordo landfill, and drive-thru Taco stands. I'm totally sure they could've pulled it off, too. They already had the driving controllers.
  24. If I was the CEO of a company, I would name all my products with very similar names, so people who usually don't know what the fork they are doing (which, let's be honest here, are most people) buy one when they wanted to buy another and there will never be shortages. Ouch! Sorry, that has already happened: It looks like Xbox One X sales are up 700% this week. Spoilers: people were trying to preorder Xbox Series X instead. You read it first in this topic. We all knew the name was not a good idea.
  25. I realized today that I've been "into" the TI-99/4A longer than during my first "go around"... Back in '81 or '82 I started with a basic console, worked my way up to a cassette deck and then then finally into a P-Box... This was my system in 1985 In 1986/87 I had to give up my den for the baby... ... so I built this hutch and took over a corner of the bedroom. I took this photo in 1990 about six months before I "moved on" to a PC. After a 23 year "break" in 2013 I started all over again... One little corner of a room did not cut it, so for a time it shared desk space with the PC in 2014... In 2015 I put it in it's own dedicated spot... It looked pretty bare in there by itself... ... so in 2016 I started building up my system (for the second time)... In 2017 it started to look a little like it does now. In 2018 I kept adding and upgrading and even removing a few items that became obsolete (to me)... In 2019 things started slowing down on the upgrades, but I added a few items to make things operate easier and improve operability... Now at the end of 2020 I only added one item for the TIPI, for faster access to the SD card... I wonder what 2021 will bring?
  26. Here are a few from my trip to South Africa a few years ago... My wife with a curious giraffe A nice silhouette shot of a mother and her calf... A rather opportunistic shot of a giraffe framed by trees.
  27. San Diego Zoo. We spent the weekend at Legoland Hotel. It was a needed break after working three 24 hour shifts in a row on Labor Day during the heat storm. I'm a power lineman in Anaheim and the heat caused a lot of outages. Most people don't realize we exist as a career and also the amount of human lives lost on a regular basis to keep our power on. It really makes you think about what and who's important in life each day. So what are the chances of Intellivision making the first ever video game about a lineman? Nintendo did one about a plumber..... just sayin'
  28. Definitely gotta get the original Gauntlet as a Retro Re-imagined title on Amico at some point!
  29. Although not our target audience, IGN has actually done 2 stories on Amico over the past few years and a bigger feature/interview is being planned. The biggest video game magazine is Game Informer. We have a big feature and interview in next months issue. Will be online as well. I'll post it if @Intellivision Master doesn't beat me to it!
  30. Updated WIP: New features: - alternate Japanese game name - title screen with animation - dialog boxes with context sensitive messages - able to pick up items - power cells now recharge the cloaking suit
  31. 8 points
  32. ....with one life to spare. This ended with the guy bouncing around at the top after a cleared screen and me freaking out I'd literally role the score over. Fortunately he came down and I managed to let him die. 9976 Game 6, Dif/A
  33. ARTICLE: http://www.indieretronews.com/2020/09/popeye-classic-arcade-game-is-coming-to.html?m=1 YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/embed/wEMLb4Ex_vQ “Now here's a blast from the past, as we've just been informed that the classic Arcade game of 'Popeye', is coming to the Atari 7800 as an Arcade conversion by SeeSaw(Darryl Guenther). In a similar vein to Donkey Kong albeit not as good, you play as Popeye and must collect hearts, musical notes and the letters H-E-L-P that the lovable character Olive drops from the top of the screen. But be warned, just like the cartoon, Brutus will get in your way with the help of the bad Sea Hag!”
  34. While playing thru my avp beta I came across these dodgy looking fellas.......
  35. It really is a mix. I prefer Intellivision Football over Atari's version. I prefer Tecmo Bowl over Intellivision Football. But if you were to ask me to choose between Madden 2020 and Tecmo Bowl... I'd probably choose Tecmo. There's a level where the graphics are good enough, but the complexity of the game becomes too much. That's why I'm hoping that Amico Baseball plays like the original Intellivision Baseball, but with some better graphics. It doesn't need to be realistic to be fun.
  36. Ordered a replacement screen and shell for my GBA SP and it came today. Pretty amazing improvement...
  37. Looks like an interesting game. I'm glad fauxtari shined a light on it so I can buy it on Steam
  38. scary part someone is getting paid to come up with " lets add some more X's to the name, yeah that should do it" Xbox xseries xtra xxxey 5... I should be a consultant, this stuffs easy. another quick story, back in college when i was broke as hell, and shortly thereafter when I was..wait for it... broke as hell.. I used to do these focus group stuff. Easy 25 to 50 bucks to eat some KFC new flavor chicken, or give feedback on products and things. Well its boring as hell and me being an ass, I would always just screw with them. Like a question after you ate would be ...KFC new extra seasoning chicken is need of.... and they had some multi choice answers or you could choose E) write in, and I would write crap like " Its need fudge".. so yeah I could see myself in an Xbox naming focus group being an ass saying something like it needs more X's..
  39. No - first you have to bilk people out of 3 million dollars on a crowd funding platform. Not to raise money mind you, just to "gauge interest" and "build a community". Remember those two lies?
  40. I'm with ya for sure. You can see the vast difference in our Missile Command vs. the "mobile" version. Nowhere near the same realm and (once again for the millionth time) our Missile Command is exclusive and can NOT be played on any other platform because of the way we've designed it using our unique controllers. We played the "almost" final final final version of Missile Command yesterday and what was supposed to be 4 of us running through the tutorial really quick... turned into a 2 hour session playing the different modes. We typically start with Co-Op and then once we get to the Versus mode... it really takes it to a different level. It's like playing an entire new game because of the strategy differences and the way you play. Looking forward to folks playing that one. It's a really unique and fun experience... and really comes to life with multiple people.
  41. I love that you stated how much into graphics you are... but still have 2 VIP Amico's on order. The naysayers will tell anyone who will listen (which isn't much) that the two can't exist. They honestly believe that someone who likes high end graphics will never purchase an Amico. Everything is "binary" to them as they try to convince others that they need to believe and feel the same way that they do. There are currently over 3 billion people who enjoy playing video games in some type of form. What we are offering is completely different to EVERYTHING currently out there... and that has EVER been out there. I'm pretty confident that we can get a certain percentage of those folks to find us interesting and fun enough to check out what we're doing and become a customer. If we get one fourth of one percent (.25%) of mobile players... that's 7.5 million consoles.
  42. I don’t know, but I’m thinking I’m in the minority here when it comes to graphics. I’ve stated before I’m a PC gamer. I went from my original 2600 heavy sixer to a PC and never looked back to consoles. I do own a PS3 mainly because I wanted a Blu-Ray player for the bedroom and the fact that I could play games on it was a plus (and I got it with American Express points!). I only bought PS originals for it, if it was available on PC I would by it for the PC. To me graphics AND game play make for a great game. The latest PC I built a year and half ago I’ve never spent as much on a graphics card as I did on this build. I was actually shocked at the price of the RTX cards (I’m a NVIDIA guy). I usually go with middle of the road cards because the difference in price for the higher end card just to get a few more FPS doesn’t make that much sense to me. Even at the mid-level a RTX 2070 was still $600. Anyway, to me that was worth it to be able to play games in high graphics fidelity. I won’t be upgrading for at least five years. I want total immersion when I play games and the better the graphics, the better the game to me. Simulators, flight sims in particular are some of my favorite to play, in that category of games the higher fidelity of the graphics the better the immersion. The newest MS Flight Simulator is just mind blowing. I’m waiting to make the jump into VR for the ultimate in immersion. Once 4K and wireless headsets come down in price some I will more than likely make that jump. Now that all being said I have two VIP Amicos on order. We have a Wii which we would have fun playing together as a family which I’m hoping the Amico will bring that back. Playing bowling with my wife (who would kick everyone’s ass!), playing Guitar Hero with the kids each playing an instrument and jamming to songs I grew up with, or watching the kids play Just Dance with their friends during sleep overs was a magical time. The kids are now in their mid twenties (three girls, one still heavy into gaming on the Switch, one casual Switch player, and one pretty much mobile games on her phone) but I’m hoping when they come over they will join in when they see me (and hopefully my wife) playing some games on the Amico.
  43. Growing up me and my younger brother had a favorite car its was the Hairy Hustler. Funny story, a couple years back my brother a very successful bio medical engineer retired at 50, he had had it with the corp world and made a bunch of money so he left, now he has his own car business where he makes custom resto mods. For his retirement party it was one of those deals, what do I get a guy who has everything he wants, well I thought back to this car and our childhood, so I found one on ebay, bought it for him since it was one of the things that likely led him to his lifetime love of cars and gave it to him at the party. He loved the gift. The car now sits proudly front and center in his office.
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