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  1. I just joined this forum to sort out some issues I was having with my flashback X but thought if any group of people would appreciate this life experience.. you all would. I was born in 1975 My dad worked for Parker Brothers in Salem Ma from 1972 till the day they closed the factory and sent it all to china in 1993. He ran the bobst ( sp) machine.. basically 50% of every game box made from 1979 till the day they closed went through my dads machine while he was running it. He can open any parker brothers game box 79-93 and look at how the corners are seamed together and tell you if he or Barry the night guy did it. somewhere in 82, 83 ish my dad started bringing home atari games. I never noticed it at first, I was like 8 or 9 but he would ask me questions about the games he would bring home.... My dad never cared for video games, so it always struck me a little odd... I had a really small black and white TV I won from cub scouts for selling candy.. EVERYONE loved my dad at Parker bros, so he took in the candy sales sheet and sold me enough in one day for the TV or the Bike prize lol ... I remember playing popeye on the B/W tv and finding a glitch in level 2 or 3 where the side shooting bullets couldnt be seen, or something like that and my dad told me that he told his boss, and they had 2 very old ladies in the office playing the game trying to get to the level to see the glitch.... I dont know why but that visual to this day still cracks me up. one day he came home with 4 games. Montezuma's revenge, and then these three has special instructions I could not 1. play them with friends, 2. trade them to my friends 3. Talk about them to my friends... Frogger 2, Qberts cubes, and a labeless cart that had the ewok starwars game. I had to give back the ewok cart almost right away.. but I held onto frogger 2 and qberts cube... context is king here, at the time the game crash was starting but it wasnt a " game crash " back then, it was just atari wasnt selling anymore. right around this time you could get an atari for about 50$ and raider or ET for 1$... my dad started coming home with huge boxes of new atari parker bros games he dumpster dove for. Atari800 computers, those nice Wico microswitch red ball white button controllers. I had stacks of unopened games, I would trade with friends for non parker atari games, lol I had a nice racket going haha Knowing then what I know now.... yikes, The stuff I should have kept that I lost or traded over the years. I remember being 9 or 10 with that atari 800 keyboard thing and nothing else , no drives, nothing, not knowing basic, and thinking, this is junk and giving it away to a friend lol .... and yes... we had every nerf thing you could think of ... i hate nerf ... those boomerangs never worked!!! and every version of monopoly made lol
  2. Just wanted to show a small update while I'm still working on the Z80 -> 6502 conversion (which, if it works, I will be amazed). 😕 New title screen:
  3. Posted by The Retro Bro on Facebook. "Just stopped into my local Gamestop. Manager said he will give me the poster when he switches over his marketing in 2 weeks."
  4. Another week... another TON of really exciting info and plateaus to share! First up... As a lot of you may already be aware, GameStop started promoting Amico in their retail stores! And this is just the beginning as we're still 8 months from launch! Here are the posters that are being put up all over the United States in thousands of GameStop retail outlets: And here is a 15 second video that is being broadcast in GameStop locations: And here are print and digital ads that thousands of stores have and millions of people receive via e-mail. Right in there with the biggest entertainment franchise in history (Pokemon) and side by side to Playstation 5, Xbox & Nintendo. Starting to get real enough for folks? p.s. It says Gamestop EXCLUSIVE on there.
  5. Thanks to the quick reaction of Kski, the author of the game "Albert", today we have the opportunity to publish a new version, marked 1.01, which has some significant technical changes: - when the game is loaded, a hardware test is performed, but differently than before. Instead of detecting whether the computer is PAL or NTSC, it checks if it is in 50 or 60 Hz mode; - the music speed is improved for the NTSC 50Hz systems; - the ESC key allows you to exit to the game menu; - with the key OPTION on the start page, in the menu, you can turn on or off both music and sounds (MUSIC ON / OFF, SOUNDS ON / OFF); - falling off platforms has been delayed. Now, while running, you can jump from the very edge (where the hero could no longer stand), it makes the gameplay easier; - minimal delay, when starting from a standstill, has been introduced, so the acceleration of the hero takes a bit longer, it makes the gameplay harder. Download of version 1.01 traditionally here: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=katalog&sub=A&tg=Albert#Albert PS. Is there at least one person who finished the game, and will show us the final screen photo?
  6. I appreciate your thoughts. It's not really a matter of difficulty from a technical standpoint... it's more about the overall message and complexity of interacting with menus, etc. The "less" options people have to change or adjust things, the less daunting the overall experience becomes. We don't want to have menu screens looking like this eventually. But seriously... there are so many different ways to hold and use the controller that just by turning the controller a certain way... it would automatically change which sides the buttons were on. Also, each game is extremely different and unique in the way they are interacted with and played with the controller. So having a global system mapping as you suggested wouldn't work or be possible. One last super important thing... We typically never have just one button for one action. For example... if there is only one button press needed... we actually already open EVERY button on the controller to represent that button. So ANY of them will work. In some instances... even the touch screen. Meaning... no matter where you push or touch... it will act as the input so that folks are scrambling around and trying to remember if they should push the top left shoulder button or the top right one. If there is only one button... open them ALL up for that particular game so there is less confusion or button memory needed. Even our entire UI is like this. Hit ANYTHING (after selecting it with the disc) and it will move you forward, etc. I hope that explanation helps to understand our thought process. Thank you for your feedback and so sorry to hear about your stroke.
  7. There will definitely be some Baseball love before the opening pitch of the new baseball season this year! Count on it!
  8. Not only did I meet him (early 90's) but I got to hang out and work with him for about 3 weeks!! That particular pic was taken in Las Vegas during CES (I'm wearing my Virgin Games badge). I believe it was 1992. Maybe '93? You can see me wearing a Q-Sound pin on my jacket so I would have been writing The Terminator for the Sega-CD at the time. We were on our way from the Convention Center back to Ceasars Palace where we were staying. You can see Ceasars in the background of the pic. I have so many incredible Ali stories. I should do a video and put it up on my personal YouTube channel. I met him a few times after we worked together and he always remembered me. I worked with him mostly in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He was so incredible to me. He even signed some boxing gloves to me (To Tommy). I cherish them!
  9. I just wanted to weigh in on this because I can truly see both sides. Sure some people may interpret 'exclusive' as in it doesn't exist anywhere else in any form. I get that and occasionally a product really is only sold at a single retailer and nowhere else. However this ISN'T how it is normally used in retail at all. Here are some examples: Walmart has an exclusive version of Frozen 2 - here is what is exclusive about it: "Limited edition, Walmart Exclusive lenticular packaging with two pieces of exclusive content! Exclusive Walmart content includes: Frozen Fashion: We join Art Director Mike Giamo and the visual development artists who designed the costumes for the characters in Frozen 2..." In other words it is the exact same movie but you get some bonus video of 'making of stuff' and the cover art is a little different. Here is a Target exclusive: Tori Kelly - A Tori Kelly Christmas (Target Exclusive, CD). The exclusive if that you get two extra songs: 14. Kid Again On Christmas *Bonus Track 15. All I Want For Christmas is You *Bonus Track Here is a Best Buy exclusive: A Rob Zombie vinyl "Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy" (he does have a way with words ). The exclusive is that it is blue & yellow and not red & black like on Amazon. But what about video games you say - oh there are tons of exclusives. However look how a video game site (gematsu) breaks these down: Full Exclusive – Games released exclusively on one console. Platform Exclusive – Games released exclusively on a single family of consoles. Console Exclusive – Games released for a single console (or family of consoles) in addition to PC and / or smartphone. Timed Exclusives – Games exclusive to a single console (or family of consoles) for a limited time. Generation Exclusive – Games that are exclusive to one console from a single generation of consoles, but also released on previous generation consoles. Peripheral Exclusive – Games that are exclusive to one console (or family of consoles) that require additional peripherals. (PlayStation VR, Kinect, etc.) Added Content – Games that were previously exclusive to one console, but now available on another console with a significant amount of additional content. Basically we have 'exclusives' galore Wanting people to stop using "exclusive" like you think it should only be used is fine. However getting extremely (and probably disingenuously) butt-hurt over Intellivision using it in the industry standard way isn't. Where is the outrage for Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Costco, Macys, Home Depot, etc. etc.?
  10. Hi All. I finally decided to register with Atariage!! I'm glad i did (thank you Jay!). Some of you may be aware of my previous Aquarius game AQUARIWORM that was released last year on physical cassette tape via Cronosoft (the first commercial tape release for the Aquarius in over 35 years!)... Well, just yesterday my new Aquarius game BOMB CATCHER 2 was released! Again, as a physical cassette tape through Cronosoft!! Both Aquariworm and Bomb Catcher 2 are available to purchase from Cronosoft's main site for a very modest fee. I make no money for the sales, it all goes towards keeping the homebrew market alive, thanks to the awesome non-profit Cronosoft. I am a retro computer collector and restorer with over 100 machines (not inc dupes!) in my collection. The Aquarius was my first computer! and I still own it! I love writing games for the wee blue key underdog! Aquariworm is also available as a digital download (BC2 will follow suit) via itch.io and any donations go to the Centre for Computing History Museum in Cambridge. So if you want a couple of new games for your Mattel Aquarius.... then click the link! https://cronosoft.fwscart.com/MATTEL_AQUARIUS/cat5357733_4720275.aspx I'm hoping to code more games for the platform as time goes on, and I'm already working on a platform game.
  11. Tempest isn't ready for prime time just yet... but a nice little quick surprise nugget dropping on Monday.
  12. Agreed. I ordered a new vehicle in the summer for delivery in Sep/Oct and I’m picking it up on Tuesday, about 5 months later than expected. Anyone not understanding why there are delays in things like the Amico getting shipped are just not paying attention to the realities of the world right now. If a 1 year delay was happening in a non-pandemic time I could understand getting frustrated and being skeptical, but in 2020/2021 I think you just have to be realistic and cross your fingers that the 10/10/2021 date will be realized. I have every confidence that Tommy and the team at Intellivision will be able to do so and we’ll all be happy this fall/winter.
  13. I am in the process of developing a website as well as a Github repository for the Geneve 9640. I'm trying to make sure things can be easily found and accessed in the future. Please check out http://www.9640News.com and let me know what you think here at this topic. There are two respositories, one for MDOS and one for GPL that are still private access as the final release is not quite ready yet. Please note the repositories for the Geneve Eprom and Load/Sys are still in beta and are not ready to be used. In fact, they are actually outdated and still have some work to go. Beery
  14. LOL... I'd never give $700 for an XEX. Most XEX's are worth way less than that; and in fact many of the best ones are totally free. A few may be worth as much as $100 (very few); but that's only for CIB copies with all the packaging bells and whistles. Ebay's prices are just getting WAY too out of hand these days. People need to stop overpaying for what is obviously just a bunch of hype and herd-mentality retro-shopping mania. Don't give in to all these ethicless, opportunist ripoff artists.
  15. Trebor

    Popeye 7800

    It is undoubtedly, in part, testimony to the beauty of the excellent tools put out by @RevEng (7800basic) and @mksmith (Atari Dev Studio). I've lost track of how many games are written using 7800basic and how welcoming it has made development for the console. Atari Dev Studio tricks it out with an interface, tight integration among other apps and tools that helps the learning curve along with saving resources. It's also a testimony to the support and heart of this community coming together; I am in amazement of @Defender_2600 graphical details and eagle eye as well as the musical achievements of @Synthpopalooza Additional wonderful contributions by @playsoft, @Pat Brady, @tep392, and of course the gorgeous box art from @Atariboy2600 to look forward to once this hits the AtariAge store. Most of all - absolutely and completely blown away by @darryl1970. I have to sit back, catch my jaw from dropping, and wrap my head around how in less than 6 months, what started as a 'simple' mini-game (Which is great in itself - holy crap - first time effort out the gate), has become one of the greatest Arcade ports of all time on any 8-bit system. It is incredibly inspiring to state the very least. What he has accomplished is phenomenal.
  16. I've been meaning to get this done for years. My video game collection has been in storage crates, stuck in the basement, for the past 7 years since my last move ... until now! I finally got my video game center custom-built a couple of months ago. Now I have a place for everything (including my remaining Lego spaceships). I always intended to set it up as a small retro living room, with a couple of chairs and a small coffee table, so there is still work to be done; but at least I finally got to get my stuff out of storage! Now, that's the organizational setup. I still need to hook everything up (yes, I am slow and tend to procrastinate). I do have a multi-system switch box to enable me to easily switch between the various consoles. My aim is to configure it in a way that requires minimum effort to play, so I can just pick a console, grab a cartridge (or disc, or card, or whatever), and play. The consoles shown above are (below the TV, from left to right): Intellivision Master Component ColecoVision Nintendo Wii Nintendo GameCube Playstation 2 (standard and compact) Playstation 3 In addition, we have: Vectrex (to the right of the TV) iCade (to the left of the TV) Apple Homepod (far left on the base platform) Nintendo DS in carrying case (two-shelves above the Homepod) Apple iPod Mini (to the right of the DS case) Intellivision 25 Direct-to-TV game (far right, fourth shelf from the top) Games on display are: Intellivision games main collection (to the far right, to three shelves) Intellivision Home-brews collection (to the far right, bottom shelf) Intellivision duplicates CIB (to the far left, top shelf) Intellivision duplicates cart-only (sandwich between Homepod and iCade) Playstation 1, 2, 3 games (to the far left below Intellivision duplicates) Nintendo DS games (on shelf with Playstation games) Nintendo Wii and GameCube games (below Playstation games) Hidden from view scattered within the cabinets are: Additional Intellivision duplicate carts Various Intellivision components Intellivision Master Component (quite a few: Scart/Peritel, PAL, and NTSC) Intellivision II Master Component (2x Sealed) Intellivoice (quite a few, with and without boxes) ECS (1 CIB American edition, 1 CIB European "brown" edition) System Changer ColecoVision Expansion Module #1 (Atari Adapter) Various Flashback units Intellivision (3x: 1 signed by Keith, 1 signed by all other BSRs, 1 retail bought at Dollar General) Atari 2600 Sega Genesis ColecoVision Various Playstation 2 components: EyeToy Logitech Driving Force (steering wheel/pedals) Pelican Real Arcade joystick control panel Guitar Hero controller And of course, what's left of my Lego Star Wars spaceship collection, after I sold most of them in preparation for my last move (at the very top of the cabinet): Tie Interceptor X-Wing Fighter AT-ST Walker (not shown, because it fell apart and needs to be re-built) Everything shown (and not shown) is in perfect working order. In fact, apart from a few sealed Intellivision II consoles and a few shrink-wrapped Intellivision games, everything is intended for (semi-)regular use. My aim is to get everything hooked up and ready to go by summer (yep, I'm counting on that procrastination kicking in). -dZ.
  17. Hey guys, I have had this video material for quite a long time but couldn't publicize it any earlier.....the source is straight (digitalized copy) from the Dutch public broadcasting archives. It's a very nice vintage Dutch TV program mostly about arcades but there's also a nice part from 20.51 with some (simple) demo of an Atari 800, which is quite remarkable as the 800 was never officially imported into The Netherlands. Naturally we Atari freaks also directly recognize Star Raiders as the game being used in the background.... There are subtitles but I apologize for the poor English up ahead, but at least you can get an idea what is said. Enjoy !
  18. This is a statement that Couch In The Woods put out today because of all the questions they were receiving in regards to the Space Strikers trailer they made for us. To be clear... this did not come from Intellivision and we did not ask them to write this. They did this on their own because of the questions they were getting on their Discord, the comments they read on YouTube videos and because of some of the misinformed incorrect videos they saw. These are super talented and passionate folks. Hope this helps to clear up any questions. Space Strikers FAQ Is Space Strikers Amico exclusive or will it be released on other platforms? Space Strikers is an Amico exclusive title. If you wonder what is meant by ‘exclusive’, we can refer you to the official Intellivision Amico FAQ (https://intellivision.com/faq/#about-the-games). In the future, it could be possible to see a derivative of the game on other platforms, which will differ in its name, content, features, and appearance. What further content can you expect to see in Space Strikers? Space Strikers is generally centered around its classic sports-arena playstyle but will come with more additional content. Without going in too deep, we can share that there will be additional game modes, and several ships and arenas to choose from. In addition, we are continuously working on visual and mechanical improvements. How does Space Strikers utilize Amico features and Amico Controllers? Going along with the Amico Vision, we aim to deliver a family-friendly and casual product - mechanics and controls are easy to learn. We also plan to utilize the Amico Highscore System, so that players can compete against each other in a single player experience. To round up the Space Strikers experience, we take full advantage of the Amico Controller features like LED lightning, vibration and touch screen interactions (e.g. to choose your favourite ship design). When will Space Strikers be released on the Amico? Space Strikers aims to be a launch title, so you will be able to purchase and play it as soon as you get your Amico console. What is it about Neon Shifter? Neon Shifter is our working title for the game and was used by us during (prototype) development, funding acquisition and when it was shown around to others.
  19. skr - congratulations on completing the game! And thanks for the info on the joystick. Today the author released a new version of the game (1.02) which has a fixed bug with diamonds. Download at the same place on AtariOnline.pl game archiv. And there is a cover picture for the game box, because there is a chance that the game will be released at Retronics.
  20. Absolutely!! We're working on a few music related products and are pretty sure one of them will be coming out at launch. Something we're really proud of but haven't shown a single frame of yet.
  21. Hi Guys: Just made this change. Good news, The Dragonfly can detect the Yamaha without playing with memory settings. Bad News, the emulators can't, and default to TIA sound. (Though I'm proud of my TIA sounds) Attached! Thank you RevEng - your code worked! Thanks, Bob PMC_XM.A78 PMC_XM.BIN
  22. The Atari was my very first game system, owned by my parents before I even knew what it was and handed down to my brother and I as we got older (86-87). I played the system a lot, even after I owned the Vic 20 and then the C64, I still had fun with the old 2600. Fast forward to today and I play playstation, xbox games etc and the realism is crazy as well as the level of gore involved in some games. Atari games remind me not only of simpler times when it comes to being care free as a kid, no internet etc but of gaming in general. I think prefer games that lack realism because they focus on the simplicity of game dynamics. Players when they died did so with a blip and less fanfare of today. Violence is there with the classic games but death in pixels is so different than today. Space ships may explode, characters dying, things being eaten but only for you to hit the button again to attempt to reach your next high score. I appreciate the 2600 for the lack of gore, lack of over the top fan fare. I can play a game for 15 mins or 2 hours and both have the same result. Yes I enjoy a good RPG and spend 3 hours and not realize they had elapsed but the love of being able to pick it up and play it will keep me coming back decades to come. Games of yesterday are a struggle for players of today's generation, maybe I'm wrong. I feel they need a continual dopamine hit of loot boxes, save/check points and engaging story line to get me to enjoy some game time. Arcade games had a level of difficulty which was designed to feed the machines and keep the customers coming back to the arcade. That methodology doesn't work with today like it in yesteryear. Anyone else feel this way? Not just a simpler time but a simpler method of gaming. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  23. We had a meeting a few weeks ago with one of our big private investors who is a legit billionaire and who absolutely LOVES what we're doing. He asked me and Nick what we would do with $100 million. It was an interesting question we never received before. I said... aside from more marketing and bigger/more licenses... "I'd build a plant in Texas and try to manufacture and assemble as much of the machine as humanly possible." He smiled and said... "Right answer". I'm not saying this is happening... it was just a hypothetical. But reading the articles here reminded me of that story. Sad to know that the original Intellivisions were made right here in California at one time. And then the entire electronics industry left shortly after that. Really sucks.
  24. ZeroPage Homebrew is playing ARKANOID on tomorrow's (Fri Feb 26, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 2AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch! ZPH Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/ Games: Arkanoid (2021 WIP | 7800) by Matt Smith @mksmith Dragon's Havoc (2021 WIP | 7800) by Todd Furmanski @Revontuli Froggie (2016 Retail | 7800) by Matthais Luedtke @Schmutzpuppe (SET VIDEO TO 1080P60 FOR FULL QUALITY)
  25. I am actually getting to the point where I can't wait. I took two extra days off this weekend, and Popeye consumed about 1 days worth, in addition to some weekend time. There are other things I'd like to experiment with, but I do want this to be as smooth as possible.
  26. If Bomb Squad gets a physical release, maybe it could come with a suitcase. Like in the teaser video. Wouldn't that be something?
  27. "Offset Maze" bug fixed. BTW, this happened in Pac-Man Plus as well as Ms. Pac-Man Plus. PMC_XM.A78 PMC_XM.BIN
  28. Hi everyone. I have been working on a game with only 4k that was challenging, fun and that looked like games from the 70s and 80s. So "K-Jo chases the cheeses" was born! The biggest challenge was to put all the concepts imagined in just 4kb, using batariBasic as the main programming language. For that I had to adapt some functions, rewriting them in Assembly, which made me learn more about the language and optimized the game in size and performance. There are 60 stages with 10 different mazes. Every 10 stages, the color of the walls changes, characterizing a new house. There are 6 houses with 10 stages each, totaling 60 stages. The amount of cheese to be collected starts at 4 (at the first stage), and at each new house (10 stages) is increased by one. The time you have to complete the stage is always the same: 40 seconds. [ UPDATE ] Very limited demo version: 10 levels 4 cheeses on all levels All available game challenges K-Jo_Demo.bin or Play K-Jo on Javatari Advertisement : Promotional Vídeo: You can also watch James and Tanya playing the full version at ZeroPage Homebrew. Leo
  29. In this video you will be able to see a little bit more of the gameplay in Asteroite. (@SlidellMan, please note your title logo, and the save-tube in this video)
  30. On the good news front it sounds like Intellivision & Amazon are preparing for something much larger than just 'yet another place to buy the standard Amicos'. They probably both want to wait and make a big splash about it.
  31. I’m totally game when the feature hits. You’ll all be able to see just how casual of a gammer I really am. Will just need to keep my wife (Amico Club Moon Patrol contest winner) off the list as to not advertise how much she schools me on Amico. 🎓🎮 😁
  32. I agree. We should exchange usernames, if they're not the same as the ones we use on here, so we can follow and compete with each other. That would be fun. An extension of hanging out in here. I'm going to stick with RREDDWARFF, that's my Steam and Xbox username as well. If you all care to message me what they will be I'd be happy to make a list to share.
  33. Tommy talked about “friends leaderboards” on an interview yesterday which is an awesome idea ! I’m not very interested in global leaderboards. I love local leaderboards and friends leaderboards sound fantastic ! I like to know who I am beating and that way we can compete with friends and family that are not in our household !! 😜
  34. gauauu


    So I decided to recruit some help to speed up assembly and try to get caught up. I'm not sure things are going any faster though....
  35. Thank you for addressing this question. To be honest, I'm a little embarrassed by my condition, but it is what it is and I really had some concerns. I see your point about possible confusion in the menus, and I like how you said if it's just one button that is used, then that one button is all of the buttons. That will seriously help. I'm still going to give the Amico a shot and I hope that it works for me, but at the end of the day, once again it is what it is. Thanks 👍
  36. The game is still in development and of course it will be released for AtariVCS. I cannot specify the exact launch date but it will be during the second quarter of 2022. I want to thank the Atari community for their support
  37. Seriously Tommy... You met Muhammad Ali?!?! Wow! That's amazing and no doubt for our generation an honor! I used to love watching him with Howard Cosell jaw back and forth on ABC's Wild World of Sports! And of course any fight he was in. The original GOAT before it became Brady fashion to say it. What an honor!!! Great pic. Looks like somewhere in the mid-late 80s? Thanks for posting. 😄 Here's a funny spoof on the two of them from the 1980 classic Animalympics. Voiced by Billy Crystal in his prime.
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