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    A request for @Serguei2. Thank you for enjoying the Garfield content I share and to all our great members to have a good laugh.
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    Hahaha, Jon wants to be more like Garfield and Odie.
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    SO I picked up a 360 at the salvation army, tested it, worked, good, but just booted whatever lego game that was in the drive. Go to try something else, bam parental lock. I tried microsoft's reset solution, no dice. I go in for one final try , randomly mash the buttons with my eyes closed, open them and there it was the parental control settings. Suffice to say I disabled them all promptly also I picked up an hd 4:3 tv from sanyo, kind of neat
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    Loving the cold wet weather. Perfect for vintage gaming and classic computing. Even better for reminiscing about the early days of MAME. And Stellar 7 and Nova 9.
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    Garfield having fun with food.
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    Jon Arbuckle getting ready for a date. Hope it shows this time.
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    I went to an Apple exhibition commemorating the 10th anniversary of Jobs’ death. They had a pretty awesome collection and even a little table with Apple computers from IIe to G3 running era appropriate games. The bloke who was supervising clueless users trying shit on these computers was rather surprised to see a 14 year old kid operating a IIc skillfully The admission was pricy considering how small the exhibition was (these pictures are the entire exhibit) but it was nonetheless cool to see machines I would never have been able to see in person otherwise.
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    Can’t believe this… the HeadStart Explorer, it lives! Even the monitor survived shipping (thanks to @doctorclu’s excellent packing job) currently getting some games onto a 720k disk. Not too many good stuff that’ll run on an XT with 512k RAM, but still. Unfortunately the hard drive controller doesn’t fit in the computer without the riser card (not wide enough) but at least I can test it on another computer. I wonder if I could plug my C128 into this monitor.
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    A Poem for my AtariAge Feed. The Fall Alt title: The Autumn, an equinox for the solstice of the mind Trees are green. Trees are good. Except in the Fall, When Trees become Assholes and start dumping their leaves all over the goddanged place. Knock It Off you MotherSmurfin' Trees! 👏 (*Thank you*)
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    Hahaha. Good one from the Spider from Garfield.
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    The new customer service solution for many companies seems to be "We don't have it, so got talk to the bot on our website and/or piss off"....
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    Only one week left to sign up for AtariAge Secret Santa. Join us! You'll find the thread in the Events section.
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    I’ve been watching 4K videos on my CRT. Granted, the CRT has a max resolution of 1600x1200, but it still looks absolutely fantastic.
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    Hahaha. Garfield and the food in the fridge.
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    Love playing 2D video games when I get the chance.
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    Being a scarecrow isnt for everyone. But hay... it’s in my jeans.
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    Looking forward to Uncharted: The Movie: The Game: The movie.
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    Join us! One week before Santa sorts his list and checks it twice!! https://atariage.com/forums/topic/325712-the-official-atari-age-secret-santa-2021-thread/
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    Recipe for a healthy lifestyle: Soda, junkfood, playing Atari, smoking.. Mmm-hmm!
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    All that extra weight I put on is all behind me now!
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    My Atari 800, redone in homage to the IBM 'ATARI' PC mockup* picture from 1979 (not exact, but my own take on it), is nearly complete. I just need to finish off the colored keys with print on the tops and the name badges in matching colors. I will then have a big reveal with pictures from all angles added to my Atari 800 upgrade/mod blog as well as a thread in the Atari 8-bit forums with all the pics. *
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    Winter Is Coming.... Low of 52degF tonight!
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    2 apt last names seen on TV so far today: Meteorologist Amy Freeze, and some guy on Washington Football Team has the last name of Sweat.
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    Bought a 6pk of Cherry Coke yesterday.
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    A whole new meaning to the phrase "holy shit" A man was 'covered' in poop after a passing plane dumped toilet waste over his backyard, lawmaker says (msn.com)
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    I saw Rocky was available on some streaming service. I'll pass. He hasn't been funny since he broke up with Bullwinkle.
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    Pepsi invaders was only given to Coca Cola employees? So the rivalry began in the 80's...hm
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    Back in the day, was there ever a game that was glitched out and malfunctioning at the arcade more than Mach 3?
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    Started Playing Skyrim on Switch. Sucked me right in playing 2-3 hours a night and loving it.
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    Super Duck Hunt by Shane Toner: He can also be found on Newgrounds.
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    Watching Steve1989MREInfo on YT eating a US First Strike Ration. I won't lie - the food actually looks good, especially those smoked turkey nuggets and caffeinated chocolate pudding! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD4RTN2aVOs
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    Only seven days left to join AtariAge Secret Santa! 🎅
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    The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle, the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.
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    Has anyone had any issues trying to reach Brad at Best over the phone? I've tried calling him to place a CC order and he doesn't seem to be picking up during business hours...
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    i'm in full 80's mode for the next few weeks. I need a list of Spectrum and C64 games to play. Note that they must not be ports. They cannot be poorly made (so no count duckula)
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    FINALLY desoldered both CIA chips from my C64, and I've already decided I never want to do it again so I need to get some sockets.
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    Tech is too much about statusing and peacocking.
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    I don't know if any of you guys are Elder Scrolls fans, but here's Indigo Gaming's interview of Julian Jensen: If you have three hours to spare, it is worth watching.
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    Building a period-correct PC means you get to experience the same issues as other people did 30 years ago. Not necessarily a fun thing. Many of those issues disappear in DosBox-X with the click of a button.
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    I was at VCF East 2021, and gave a talk in adapting an existing #Atari8bit BASIC game (Reversi) to the #FujiNet.
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    Missile Command Replicade Presale has begun! https://newwavetoys.com/pages/missile-command-x-replicade-pre-order-page
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    Kinda ran out of "pick up and play" games for high scores, having to grind thru more modern games now(origial XBox, lol. Modern to me...), open up fast cars, all that crap. I'm so burned out on Burnout, I almost just don't even want to play anymore...
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    Some Puns to keep you aware of a Loaf's life: Now is the bread of your discontent. Rye and Consequences Raisin a fuss
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    Game Concept: Teen Driver You don't control the teen. Instead, you control the adult in the car. Your actions are limited to giving driving commands to the teen driver with limited/delayed effect.
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    My N64 S-video doesn't work anymore. It displays red and blue lines on either side of all objects. I wonder if some capacitor went bad, I don't know how to test for that stuff.
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    Wii U games! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7vxOhxIaWA
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    I made banana bread
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    Okay, midterms are over. Celebrated the day by playing Gran Turismo 2 for a good 3-4 hours and went out for a bike ride. Today is a happy day.
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