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  1. maybe juuuust maybe, there will be a new disk episode of Dimo's Quest. So this will be the third kingdom of the five cartridge kingdoms... Dimo's underworld (early preview)
  2. When things were so quiet here's what I've been doing: PoP _new PF2&PF3 _yellow&brown hair ring.xex Just some little pixels had to be changed though is original Spark's picture. Is it monochrome? Don't think it is. No need for any credit as is his picture but would be great if used. So can it be used? Thanks. 👍
  3. I am pleased to announce that, after laying dormant in a scrap book for more than three decades, the original idea for my third game in the Digger Dan Trilogy -- Return of the Fungi -- has been dusted off, developed, and has now been released as an Atari 800 48K binary (.xex). You can download the game as part of a Bundle that includes all three games (Diamonds, and Dan Strikes Back being the other two), in addition to full documentation for all three games that you can load into your web browser. The bundle is being hosted by RetroUnite here: After 35 years, Return of the Fungi finally completes the Digger Dan trilogy
  4. SPACE ASSAILANTS 2121 Anschuetz/Weisgerber/Anschuetz Atari 8-bit Version: Space Assailants 2121.XEX Atari 5200 Version: Space Assailants 2121.ROM Space Assailants 2121 is another new Atari 8-bit and 5200 game release by the team of Anschuetz/Weisgerber/Anschuetz. This is the 8th game we have released this year, following Sokoban 2021, Night Rescue 1941, Overflow 2021, Kooky Diver 2021, Alien Assault 2121, Piracy 1621, and Piracy 1981. All of these games are assembly language updates to games that we wrote in BASIC in the 1980's. By the end of the year, we plan on finishing 14 games. Instructions aren't really necessary for this game. Everybody knows how to play Space Invaders. The only real difference is that you must avoid all of the scrolling stars instead of dodging missiles shot by aliens. Also, there are no shields to protect you. Space Assailants 2121 makes use of the same exact Antic 4 character set bitmaps that we originally came up with in the 1980’s. Each space assailant is 2 characters wide. The original BASIC Space Assailants game (available on Atarimania.com) was not only fun to play, but it was also a technical demonstration of using BASIC to control two separate display lists flipping back and forth. The original BASIC game used Antic character mode 4 for the space assailant characters, and used BASIC graphics mode 4 for the scrolling stars. The two displays alternated each frame, so there was a flickering effect like the Atari 2600 Pac-Man ghosts, but it demonstrated that you could display two completely different graphics modes simultaneously. We submitted the game for publication to Compute!, Antic, and A.N.A.L.O.G. magazines, but none of them accepted the game, citing the flickering display and "too many Space Invaders clones" as reasons. I have attached the letters below. For the Space Assailants 2121 Assembly update, instead of using BASIC graphics mode 4, a single player is used for the entire star effect. The horizontal player position of the star changes every row of Antic mode 4, while the vertical movement scrolls through the player bitmap. So the overall effect shows about 20 stars on the screen smoothly scrolling down toward the player. A few changes to the original game were made to improve the gameplay. The placement of the rows in pairs of invaders was made to make it more like the original Space Invaders. Also, in the BASIC version, the game started with only one row of invaders, and each level added another row. In the Assembly version, the game starts with a full set of invaders. A moving UFO was also added to the top of the screen that appears three times per level going in different directions, just like the original space invaders. A row of mountains was added at the bottom of the screen, so the ship moves on terra firma instead of floating in space. We hope you enjoy the game. Let us know in the comments! Robert Anschuetz Eric Anschuetz John Weisgerber
  5. Hello all, RobotWar:2684 is code-complete (yes, I promise Al )and awaiting it's release in the AtariAge store in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here is a first look at the box and amazing artwork by David Exton: A big thank you to everyone involved in the making of the game: @Nathan Strum for game design, graphics and testing. As with all my projects, Nathan's initial feedback and quick turnaround with game sprites is always just enough inspiration for me to get a game to a playable state and move it from POC into the WIP basket. David Exton @liveinabin for the amazing artwork for the box, manual and label. Steve Ramirez @sramirez2008 (and his son Chris ) for extensive testing, especially on co-op. Also, a shout out to my own son Joey who has spent countless hours playing co-op with his old man and providing valuable feedback, all while proving to be a formidable father-son duo vs. the Ramirez's. James, Tanya and the crew at @ZeroPage Homebrew for testing and game suggestions and for the "exclusive" reveals on the ZPH Twitch Stream (even if he has to decipher our crazy password schemes to play ) David Brown for the 7800 sounds (which we used in this version along with some new sound fx and the high score music done by none other than myself ) The CDF in CDFJ (Chris Walton @cd-w, Darrell Spice, Jr. @SpiceWare and Freq Quimby @batari) for their hard work and innovation that is constantly challenging Champ Games to push the 2600 to it's limits Last but not least, @Albert for all the work he puts into the physical release of the games on top of everything else he does for the Atari community. AtariAge and Champ Games will be posting more info on the game's release date as it becomes available! Thanks, John
  6. Nice! I never saw those before! Atari should bring those back! Has anyone ever seen the Atari Hot Wheels cars? They are pretty cool. Thankfully for Ebay I was able to hunt them all down!
  7. You may play one level of Dimo's Underground in this little teaser... Hope you enjoy it 🙂 DimosUnderground_Teaser_sep2021.xex
  8. Hey Dion! This is THE Steve Wright that wrote the Stella Programmer's Guide so many years ago. Thanks for formatting my programming guide into a book version. I had no idea that so many people are still interested in programming games for the 2600. There was absolutely no information on programming the chip set when I started at Atari so I decided to sit down and learn everything about the chip and how to program it before I wrote my first game which was Championship Soccer which later was rebranded as Pele's Championship Soccer. Loved my days at Atari! Long live Classic Gaming!! Doing another Atari interview next week for the Video Game Newsroom Time Machine. You can check them out at https://videogamenewsroomtimemachine.libsyn.com/
  9. lol, every time you say that, it immediately makes me think of this...
  10. Yep, and its off the hook, I mean literally, so someone is trying to insinuate its a working prototype. The thing isn't even plugged in. It’s a fake, they’re not pulling one over my eyes! Another great piece of art for that coffee table book! Thanks CurlyQ!
  11. For those who don't frequent the 8-bit programming forum, the following was found in the "Mad Pascal Games" thread. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Jaskula: @Mikeee76, of Wasteland & Angry Betty fame, has release a new game written in Mad Pascal. It's a colorful platformer titled Betty's Issues.
  12. I started to understand a long time ago that this project is so huge that providing any kind of estimated completion date was an exercise in futility. Then in 2015 or so, I realised the spare 'GUI' slot on the U1MB needed to be made bootable, so I wrote new firmware for the Ultimate, Incognito, SIDE, etc. And thus my time was accounted for for the next five years. In any case: I've started to become interested in this project again, primarily because I have just overcome one of the biggest obstacles (the file system drivers) by means of the FAT drivers I have just written for the SIDE3 loader. If I can manage a coding stint like the one I am just about to finish but apply it to the GOS at some point, real progress can be made. As usual, though, it's a matter of balancing this kind of effort with work and other commitments.
  13. Slappy Marsden got this pic right on. What a great pic. This was on Facebook today.
  14. On Tuesday September 28th, 2021 ZeroPage Homebrew will be honouring Nukey Shay/Kurt Howe's work on the Atari 2600 by playing a number of his games on the stream. Let me know what your favourite games of his are so we can play the best of the best of his work! Some already mentioned: Missile Command Arcade Hack'em! / Hangly Man Pac-Man 8K 2 Player Berzerk Another Adventure
  15. I'm so excited to finally have one. I got it via the AtariAge Marketplace on facebook from a nice fellow whose forum name here I do not know. It works great, and I'm having a lot of fun with the two games I do have. I hope you guys don't mind me posting, but I've waited a long time to find a Jaguar. Now I need to find more games... Also pictured with some "Jag Swag" (from the automobile version )
  16. I'll probably regret this, but I'm in a good mood. So let's assume than the original poster is serious and rational, unlike the many people who have floated similar ideas before. To sum it up, as someone with more than ten years experience in developing that sort of stuff (both in hobby and professional contexts): - don't trust magazine articles ; lots of them are somewhere between "partly wrong" to "complete fantasy". Even with the bugs fixed, the Jaguar would be significantly less powerful than the PSX. - removing the 68k means that your Jaguar 1.5 would be incompatible with 100% of the existing games. - as CyranoJ mentioned, the community is small already. We don't need more fragmentation. - games with the level of quality you're expecting require professional development teams, with matching salaries. - and the elephant in the room: like others before you, you're not realizing how huge and complex the technical part of this project would be. Compared to this, the business part is easy. If you still want to go ahead, I only have one piece of advice: Forget about the business for now. Find someone: - with experience in developing similar projects (ask for proof of actual custom-designed hardware and firmware of similar complexity) - with experience in low-level retrogaming technology in general, and the Jaguar in particular (again, ask for proof. Putting an emulator on a Raspberry Pi doesn't qualify) - who's interested in the project - whose prices are compatible with your expected budget If (not when -- if) you find someone matching all of these criteria... then you can start thinking about market research, fund raising, etc. Not the other way around. Otherwise, your project is doomed from the start, like its predecessors.
  17. Not really Intellivision related, but just wanted to share a fun pic. Great memory from 12 years ago today with good friends. Dinner after our 2nd sold out Video Games Live show during the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo (Mario, Zelda) composer Koji Kondo, original Castlevania composer Kinuyo Yamashita, Ridge Racer & Street Fighter composers Ayako Saso & Shinji Hosoe. They were teaching me how to eat with chopsticks. I failed! 🥰🥢
  18. This is very sad news. Thanks Albert and Ballblazer for connecting the dots. Nukey “fixed” many original Atari 2600 ROMs so they would run on the official Atari Flashback Portable’s emulator, which was a fun way to play these games. His knowledge, attention to detail and good humor were always impressive to me. I must dig out my portable and play some DKVCS in his honor. He’s not the original programmer, but he’s the one that made it work on that device.
  19. "Touch me! Touch me! I wanna feel your body!" I had the Samantha Fox poster in my room. Right next to Catherine Bach, Heather Thomas & Farrah Fawcett of course. I just had to search for it on YouTube...
  20. GET THE ANSWER RIGHT OR GO TO HELL!!! 😈🤬👿👹👺 That must have been pretty horrifying for a young man!
  21. My first computer, modem, CD drive, Zip drive, MIDI interface, CPU Accelerator, Ethernet card, and dual monitor setup is still in everyday use in my living room. Surprisingly it still connects to the modern internet if you can decipher the images displayed in 2 bit graphics. Can't get enough Dark Castle for me. I actually still use it for music notation since most of my old compositions from middle school and high school band were done on it with old software that doesn't exist anymore. I'm only missing my old Korg M1 I used to use with it since my brother took that and later donated it to his son's school where it continues to be used in live performances.
  22. No problem with system/games loading times - it takes physical media - actual Intellivision cartridges! Dial-up via a combined 300 baud acoustic coupler and charging station in one, as per this prototype. (No tangle of wires to your display, as I'm sure it casts the game output to a Chromecast at 60 FPS.) Wouldn't that be a thing?
  23. And don't forget that there is another company that also makes phones for $50 more so there is NO REASON for this one to exist!
  24. This game may or may not be under-rated but because of the slightly childlike element to it, it may well be..... Alley Cat from Synapse Software in 1983. Fantastic frenetic and varied gameplay with seemingly simple yet engaging mini sub games, great use of animation, colour and humour, not to mention sound effects. I played it for the first time in 30 years the other day and it brought back so many memories.
  25. Every reply to this thread has me hoping it’s Kurt to say he is actually alive and well. My heart sinks again with every reply that is not him. It’s time for me to face reality. He will be missed here…by his other family. 😞
  26. Hey James, what do you think of the idea of doing a tribute episode for @Nukey Shay, highlighting some of his contributions to the community, and playing some of his hacks? Just in case anyone hasn't seen the sad news yet:
  27. Controller battery doesn't get hot while playing. Internal memory for the controllers isn't much, but it doesn't need to be and was designed like that. At any given moment you can typically have anywhere from 8 - 12 games graphics/animations/menus, etc. stored in a single controller. If you play a brand new game and there is no internal memory left on the controller then it immediately overwrites the game that was dormant the longest. Users won't even know this is going on. Internal memory in the controller doesn't really mean anything and doesn't have any kind of bearing on gameplay or anything else. It does exactly what it was designed to do.
  28. There are so many great Binatone machines from back in the day! They took PONG and square pixels to a whole new level! I think I probably have at least 6 or 7 different versions and models. They were always really unique looking and always had some kind of orange part which I always thought was pretty neat. These are a few of my favorite Binitones that I currently have...
  29. Just this evening I was online through my 1983 Mattel Aquarius 300 baud modem and an original landline. It was arguably the most obscure computer/modem setups in the 1980s, but still works fine on old phone lines and simple dial-up BBSes (even able to send Tweets out with it, lol).
  30. Lol, well the kids don't have to know that they are pint glasses. They used to sell these types of drinking glasses with Atari arcade side art years ago. I was lucky to have purchased some. Except, I'd be even more lucky if I knew where the heck we put them.
  31. Great question. Focus group popularity, internal favorites, variety across different genres and... for this first batch... who has already pre-ordered the console and who we think will be the first to pick them up.
  32. OMG, leaked Intellivision classic update? I like the use of compact design, physical media, built-in Intellivoice, and coiled wire for the funky controller which has a microphone and speaker built-in. Obviously it's a single-player device, so must support playing the games over a network, via dial-up. I hope the case is made of Bakelite with front-panel "bulb" lighting. I see also that except for the telephone cable, it's wireless, with buttons on the controller. Disc thumb pad? It's a winner in my book. Just tell me $99. I was told that this is a lie and that there is lag with the controller, according to some people on U-Toob. Games and firmware are nowhere near completed. To top it off, there is a controversy that people are complaining about the physical media not really being really physical. Really. Oh yes, lets not forget, the people that like this are cultists.. Another fine CurlyQ masterpiece!!!!
  33. The BIOS card, now graduated from wire-wrap. Ugh, I installed the PLCC-28 socket 180' off. The BIOS card is for the supervisor mode. 128K ROM holds all the supervisor code, with 256K RAM workspace. This BIOS supplies all the interrupt handlers, XOPs, macrocode (99110 floating point), the "executive" monitor (FORTH!) and what I am calling a micro-kernel. Also ZORK (just kidding) (not kidding.) Bank switching done by that little 10-bit PLD. '259 is for 8 pretty LEDs. The screw mounts are for a pretty front panel. To be clear, user programs (GPL, GeneveOS) are loaded into main memory, up to 32 megabytes, which is a separate card. The form-factor is 100x100mm, semi-Eurocard. This one is for Kontron backplane (retrobrewcomputing.com ECB) Future path may be 100x100mm cards for hobby-friendliness, or regular single Eurocard 100x160mm.
  34. Done! We will have a full show dedicated to Kurt Howe's work on Tuesday September 28, 2021. - James
  35. Kurt basically wrote the kernel for my game 1 vs 1 Basketball, which was my first 2LK and opened up that world to my programming thereafter . He also instructed me on how to do write the start vectors for bank switched games and how to make these compatible with Flashback . He was generous enough to do much of this through personal message . He directly touched my life for sure .
  36. This is one of those things that you read, and re-read, and still can't believe it. Nukey was such a fixture here. Contributing to so many projects. Elevating games to new heights. Fer cryin' out loud - he actually made a version of the original Pac-Man that I liked. That takes talent. He'll be sorely missed. My most heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.
  37. @DJC is AMAZING!! I've heard the entire album (he was sending me songs as he was making them to get some feedback... which was very minimal) and all of the tracks are super cool! A lot of folks in here are really going to appreciate them... especially the lyrics! He worked his butt off on the album and I hope we can all support his efforts. I'll definitely be promoting it when I can. Super cool and talented dude!
  38. Count me in, and I might be able to swing my wife as well - wait, that sounded bad, but you all know what I meant 🤣
  39. Literally stunned right now, reading this news. Kurt was skilful to the point of being a legend, and more importantly he was a genuinely nice, helpful, ego-free guy. He will be missed.
  40. I just fixed one of these up this week! it is my first experience with the ZX line of systems, even with the super 16K upgrade LOL. Mad respect to everyone who actually lived the era of having to program games using that flat membrane keyboard and 1-2KB of RAM. It has been fun discovering the old games for it, many of which still really impress me given its severe limitations for the time. 3D Monster Maze being one of the first FPS/3D horror type games ever! Yep, on this particular one you can play a text version of Tic Tac Toe, Blackjack or Space Invaders. Here is what Tic Tac Toe looks like. There are some BBS like those I access on a Commodore, that are also hosted using Commodore software, so they have playable games that also tap into the system's integrated graphics and so on for a more interesting display.
  41. [`] R.I.P. Sir Clive Sinclair 1940-2021 The first computer I came across was the ZX Spectrum. It was first grade in elementary school. When I was 8 I learned to program in BASIC. And then my parents bought me an Atari. However, it was Clive who made me a software engineer. Thanks Clive. madness77_SirCliveSinclair.xex
  42. I had an original ZX81, also, but I didn't get it until later in 1982, after getting my ZX Spectrum. My ZX Spectrum needed a repair, and was away 2-3 weeks, so I got a new ZX81, still available at retail, to fill the gap in my life. 🙂 Back then, game music was special. It could be anything you wanted, with the ZX81, because it had no sound/speaker. After loading the game, we could just put in a cassette, and press <play>. 🙂 The ZX Spectrum music was generated by the CPU, through a piezo speaker, so it was a single "channel", but some could be OK, and 3rd-party add-ons and later machines (e.g. ZX Spectrum+ 128) had an AY-3-8910 chip installed for multi-channel sound. 🙂 There is an add-on for the ZX81 which also updates it with sound, flash storage; perhaps it also works on the Timex T1000. The success of the Sinclair machines in the UK, and Europe, in particular, was the way anybody could code or build for them. Here is also a tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair; one of many created so far; an icon.
  43. Well that didn't take long to devolve into a political shouting match. Politics aren't allowed on AA, but then you all knew that.
  44. https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test42.zip https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test42-src.7z Fixes held keys not being re-registered in raw key mode when keyboard debounce mode is re-enabled while keyboard scan is already enabled. This fixes the Rapidus menu being harder to enter with the Inverse key in raw key mode than it should have been (full scan mode was fine). Fixed a regression in the initial state of SKCTL bit 4 due to some cassette changes. Improved the output of the .pokey debugger command. Added verifier modes for detecting stack wrapping and the native 816 stack being placed into page zero. Not for 4.00. The emulation itself can handle it, but the front end isn't up to displaying simultaneous outputs yet.
  45. You know, instead of a coffee table book, why not team up with Tommy and make some coasters? Perhaps a bit simpler and actually practical. If anything they would make interesting conversation pieces that could help promote the Amico. Side note: Tommy, we need pint glasses with Intellivision box art on them.
  46. Love the video.. But I have to say.. Every time I see the word Wyse... I see: A Wyse 150 terminal. From the Dark Times.... The "terminal" I want to see come back is: I hope this does eventually make it out of the Willy Wonka Wish Book that Tommy carries with him... I know there are more pressing matters at hand. Like getting the Amico out. But it's always a fun distraction to think of an updated Vectrex.
  47. A friend asked if I could post pictures of the items that I mentioned in my initial post. Here they are, along with a couple of other items I recently came across. 1982 Pittsburgh Pirates pocket schedule (back of schedule) 1983 Pittsburgh Pirates pocket schedule (back of schedule) 1982 Pittsburgh Pirates (Bill Madlock) bat 1982 San Francisco Giants 45rmp record (back of record sleeve) 1982 San Francisco Giants bats (Joe Morgan, Jack Clark, Chili Davis & Darrell Evans) 1983 RealSports MLB schedule 1982 Pitt Panthers pocket schedule (back of schedule) 1982 Pittsburgh Penguins street hockey stick New York Cosmos duffel bag 1982 6-a-side soccer championship program (U.K.) 1982 6-a-side soccer championship brochure (U.K.) 1981 Arsenal game program (U.K.) The above game program was also included in a promotional kit; all the items in the kit came inside this Pele folder (U.K.) 1982 TV ad for Atari Fireworks Night at a Pirates home game 1982 Pirates TV ad for 2600 Pac-Man 1982 TV ad for the Penguins street hockey stick https://www.nhl.com/penguins/video/flash-back-friday-1982-tv-spot/c-44980203
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