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  1. Little WIP for those of you who don't wan't to solder, or have too many computers to expand them all this is just the beggining of software side of this project, so please be patient
  2. Exactly 1.5 years after our game was first sold at PRGE 2019, we are ready to the release the ROMs of Aardvark. These are identical to the cart release. Except for SaveKey support, which will stay as a little exclusive bonus for the people who support homebrewing by buying our game in the AtariAge store. We hope you enjoy our game! Any feedback is welcome! Aardvark (2019).zip
  3. I just joined this forum to sort out some issues I was having with my flashback X but thought if any group of people would appreciate this life experience.. you all would. I was born in 1975 My dad worked for Parker Brothers in Salem Ma from 1972 till the day they closed the factory and sent it all to china in 1993. He ran the bobst ( sp) machine.. basically 50% of every game box made from 1979 till the day they closed went through my dads machine while he was running it. He can open any parker brothers game box 79-93 and look at how the corners are seamed together and tell you if he or Barry the night guy did it. somewhere in 82, 83 ish my dad started bringing home atari games. I never noticed it at first, I was like 8 or 9 but he would ask me questions about the games he would bring home.... My dad never cared for video games, so it always struck me a little odd... I had a really small black and white TV I won from cub scouts for selling candy.. EVERYONE loved my dad at Parker bros, so he took in the candy sales sheet and sold me enough in one day for the TV or the Bike prize lol ... I remember playing popeye on the B/W tv and finding a glitch in level 2 or 3 where the side shooting bullets couldnt be seen, or something like that and my dad told me that he told his boss, and they had 2 very old ladies in the office playing the game trying to get to the level to see the glitch.... I dont know why but that visual to this day still cracks me up. one day he came home with 4 games. Montezuma's revenge, and then these three has special instructions I could not 1. play them with friends, 2. trade them to my friends 3. Talk about them to my friends... Frogger 2, Qberts cubes, and a labeless cart that had the ewok starwars game. I had to give back the ewok cart almost right away.. but I held onto frogger 2 and qberts cube... context is king here, at the time the game crash was starting but it wasnt a " game crash " back then, it was just atari wasnt selling anymore. right around this time you could get an atari for about 50$ and raider or ET for 1$... my dad started coming home with huge boxes of new atari parker bros games he dumpster dove for. Atari800 computers, those nice Wico microswitch red ball white button controllers. I had stacks of unopened games, I would trade with friends for non parker atari games, lol I had a nice racket going haha Knowing then what I know now.... yikes, The stuff I should have kept that I lost or traded over the years. I remember being 9 or 10 with that atari 800 keyboard thing and nothing else , no drives, nothing, not knowing basic, and thinking, this is junk and giving it away to a friend lol .... and yes... we had every nerf thing you could think of ... i hate nerf ... those boomerangs never worked!!! and every version of monopoly made lol
  4. Season's Greetings, ColecoVisionators! I'd like to wish you all some very Happy Holidays, although after the past year, even slightly bad Holidays should still make us go "Bah, still better than the last nine months". But enough of that, it wouldn't be Christmas morning without some new ColecoVision ROMs from Team Pixelboy, and today's the day! I would like to thank Mystery Man, Arturo Ragozini, Fernando Lopez Ostenero, Antoni Burguera and Armando Perez Abad for allowing me to give out the ROMs attached below. Also, I would like to share a couple of secret cheats with all you people out there who purchased Bomber King and discovered just how old-school, nail-bittingly, mind-numbingly difficult it is: 1) At any time during the game, press [1] on Player 1's controller and [9] on Player 2's controller simultaneously, and all your items will be maxed out to 99. This doesn't make you invincible however, you do have to remember to press the [0] key in order to use an Energy Tank when your life power is low. But now you'll have 99 Tanks (and 99 of everything else) to tear the levels and bosses to shreds! 2) Press [3] on Player 1's controller and [7] on Player 2's controller simultaneously, and you'll warp to the next level. I tried to test these cheats under blueMSX, and I got the first cheat to work, but not the second cheat for some reason. I'm hoping I got these right, if not let me know and I'll investigate further and post updates in this thread. As a closing note, I would like to mention that roughly 10 people who pre-ordered an Asteroids Controller did not get back to me about their 50$ deposit. All those people have until January 1st 2021 to contact me and pay this deposit in order to lock in their pre-orders. After that date, I will assume that they are not interested in the controller anymore and I will cancel their pre-orders, for both the controller and the pack-in Asteroids game. This deadline is important, because our friend doubledown will want to place his order for the controller enclosures (that's what the 50$ deposit is for) in January. Please take note that I will post a new Team Pixelboy News Bulletin next Friday (January 1st 2021) with a bunch of interesting news! This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. booming_boy_cv_sgm.rom champion_pro_wrestling_cv.rom gauntlet_cv_sgm.rom multiverse_cv.rom qbiqs_cv_sgm.rom uridium_cv_sgm.rom
  5. Full version game from ABBUC cometition. The game recognizes PAL / NTSC system and adjusts its speed, colors and music. There are 4 levels at the end of each one you have to defeat the boss. There are 2 types of shots, the special shot is fired by pressing the fire button several times or by using the second fire button (if you have one). Last Squadron will be released in an extended version on cartridge, featuring new levels, new enemies, different bosses and additional graphics, among others. lsquadron.atr
  6. CyranoJ


    JagStudio is an advanced development suite for the Atari Jaguar that allows you to code using Assembler, BASIC or C and is based around Reboot's powerful RAPTOR API. Regardless of your programming capabilities, Beginners to Advanced coders can utilize this flexible package that will fully suit the needs of anyone looking to program exciting new games for the Jaguar. The benefits of using JagStudio are the Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs) and the combination of external modules available to use. This allows you, the developer, to get on with writing your games while taking advantage of the Jaguar's powerful chipset without worrying about tedious, underlying mundane routines. The same results that once took days or weeks to achieve can now be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to the power of JagStudio! You are one click away from 64-bit creativity! The current release of JagStudio along with any previous versions can be obtained at its homepage: https://jagstudio.reboot-games.com Some of the features of JagStudio are: Code in your language preference of Assembly, BASIC or C. (Assembly and C are currently in Beta... help us make them better!) Commands have been renamed (from rB+) to reflect the individual modules they control and prefixed as such: rapPrint, u235PlaySample, etc. RAPTOR API Debug Function brings useful program variable visibility to the forefront, aiding ease of game development. GameDrive support along with MRQ file creation. ROM builder now adds FAST GPU depack by default for quicker startup times. Ability to build and split ROMs up to 6MB into HI/LO for EPROM burning. Updated both RAPTOR and U235 Sound Engine APIs to current versions, bringing additional benefits of both in a single updated package. Added universal JagPad Input - A single call that works with either U235 or ZeroSquare sound engine so projects can be easily converted between the two should your needs change. Many enhancements and bug fixes to the original rB+ code (eg, you can now include files >4mb, all files unpacked using GPU by default) All documentation and examples have been updated with a simple rB+ to JagStudio conversion guide to bring your old projects over to the fully updated JagStudio. Includes project examples for all supported languages (Assembly, BASIC and C) for anyone looking to get started quickly. We plan on keeping this alive and active, with ongoing improvements and new features and look forward to seeing what you all make with it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this newly created sub-forum. Happy coding, everyone! The JagStudio Team. @CyranoJ @Sporadic @Clint Thompson A huge "Thank-You" to ggn for creating rB+ upon which all this is based. Please do not pester him with support requests for JagStudio.
  7. Hi Guys. So, after UniWarS was done, I found that if I ripped out waves 1, 2, and 3 (and left 0), and did some graphics manipulation (and some code modifications), we basically have... GALAXIAN What I did to UniWarS to get this: - As stated, ripped out waves 1, 2, and 3 (left wave 0) - Converted graphics from the Arcade version of Galaxian to this. - Changed point values, divebombing rules, number of enemies, formation, etc. - moved the player(s) down 1 zone. What I still need to do: - Animate 'leaving the flock' so the enemy moves up and around instead of just spinning in place - Possibly alter flight paths - Code the alternate point values for the Flagship (when diving with escorts) - Change the sounds - Any bugs that pop up. What I had to compromise on: - I needed every sprite graphic I could use, so the player's explosion is the size of the player (instead of 32x32) * - The colors of the Flagship (there *is* a little blue there, you have to look close) - The enemies only rotate in one direction when initially leaving the flock and settling back in to the flock, as I didn't have enough sprite graphic space to have an entire rotation (Personally, I don't think that this is a big deal, it will be hardly noticed while playing) I did add the additional two Flagships starting at wave 2 (0-based) and they do get faster as the game progresses. This was completely not expected for me to do. It started out as "let me just prepare this for Galaxian in case I decide to work on it in the future". But then I couldn't stop. Not bad for 2 day's work! Hope you guys like this WIP. * If anyone can create a better player explosion using 4 16x16 tiles (keeping in mind the color limitations of 320B mode with transparency) than what is there, I'm open to seeing it. Galaxian.A78 Galaxian.BIN
  8. For the past nineteen months both myself and Ander have been working away on this project, and the time now feels right to kill off the old "Thrusty Thing" thead and move to a fresh new one, with an eye to the future of this game. Why now? Well, we recently hit a milestone in the game where all assets are now in place, things are locked in, and we feel we're in the home stretch on this one (at least a 6 month homestretch!) That isn't to say it is going to be released any time soon however, as a game of this scale will require quite a shakedown cruise with the testing team while we refine and tweak things - we are hoping for a late 2021 release. To commemorate this milestone we asked Sk1p to produce a teaser trailer for the game, which he has generously put together: The final game should feature: Sixteen unique worlds in four unique styles, with multiple missions on each world. Eight training simulator missions to familiarise players with the game and controls. Four unique boss encounters. Eleven licensed tracks from Roald Strauss, totalling over 32 minutes of music. Standard and Pro Controller (Recommended) support. On cartridge score saving and progressive unlocking of levels and features. Online scoreboards via QR code upload. Mission story-arcs and briefings written by Andrew Rosa (MC-TV) Jukebox for the awesome musical score. BJL Uploader and Jagtopus functionality. 6MB cartridge - currently we have over 35 MEGABYTES (280 MEGABITS!!) of data squished into a 'tiny' 6MB ROM. The aim at the outset for this title was to produce a commercial grade game for the system that could easily have sat on the shelves in the 90s alongside the other titles. We hope we will achieve this but that is, as always, up to you, the players, to decice. This is, by far, the most complicated game project I have worked on for the Jaguar. The engine features: A rudimentary physics system where your ships mass can change the environment. Many object types (mobile and land-based enemies, teleporters, refuelling pads, forcewalls, switches, etc) Environmental hazards that can impact on your ship. The entire level runs constantly regardless of where the player is in it (Full sandbox) Multiple objectives per mission. What we're calling 'insane detail' maps for each world (No tilemaps used, anywhere!) 16-bit colour, parallax, animated graphical environments locked to 60fps for fluid action. A scripting engine complete with procedural functions, allowing for rewarding, complex and dynamic enounters to be created. Full RAPTOR API 2.0 integration. If you see it here, you can do it with the API. U235-SE powered audio (Many thanks to Linkovitch for this library!) Ander's blog on itch.io can be found here: https://anderlex.itch.io/graviticmines We'll also be updating both here and via the page over at the Reboot website: https://www.reboot-games.com/rebootnews/gravitic-mines/ The original "Thrusty Thing" thread is now locked, but can be read here. Please feel free to discuss or ask questions below.. or just follow along for the ride. We cannot wait to share the final game with everyone! CJ / agradeneu
  9. Hi guys: I happened to see this arcade game being played on ArcadeUSA (a channel I subscribe to in youtube), and I remembered the game from back in the day. I thought it would be a quick, cool port to do so I started it. The attract mode and option screen are the only thing done so far, but I don't expect this one to take very long.
  10. Hi, I wanted to present to you my version of the Atari 7800 SD cartridge. What you can see in the photos is a prototype version on which I learn how to use. The cartridge will be operated using four buttons and the display, of course, it will be in the housing. For correct configuration, the cartridge uses .a78 files and the header. As of today, it supports 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 48k files - without banking, 64k, 128k, 256k, 512k with banking. In addition, 16k RAM for $ 4000 and POKEY for $ 4000 and $ 0450. Various combinations are possible. Also supports Absolute and Activision. Below is some evidence that I am writing the truth: Demo Multi-Lock On, 512k + Pokey $4000 Demo 1E78, 128k + RAM Double Dragon, 128k, Activision F18-Hornet, 128k, Absolute E.X.O, 256k + RAM Donkey Kong XM, 144k + POKEY $0450 Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest, 144k + POKEY $4000 or $0450 Rescue on Fractalus, 32k + RAM. Can you confirm that the graphics are displayed correctly? The lower bands are due to the fact that the game is NTSC and I run it in PAL. Ultimately, the cartridge will also have a USB connector that will allow you to load files directly from a computer. I've already tested it and it worked. I'll be back from vacation in two weeks, I'll spend a few more days testing with different files and designing the final version. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please write. And there is also a sticker on the cartridge, designed by a colleague of MotionRide:
  11. Look what came in the mail today. Prototype V1 of the Atari 576NUC+. It measures 4.5" x 4.5" so not quite as small as an IBM NUC which weighs in at only 4" square, thus the reason I'm calling this a NUC+. Try as I might, I just couldn't get all of what I truly wanted in a board with a smaller footprint. And although it's incredibly tiny, it has some big guy features which I'll be talking about more down the road. I will tell you this... the TK-II is the glue that ties everything together, requiring the firmware to take on several new and interesting duties. You'll probably notice that there is no cartridge port or parallel expansion port. This is an SIO centric design, one that provides the entire SIO port internally as well as externally. There will be a daughterboard that takes advantage of this, who's design will be developed by a 3rd party. And I'll say from the get go, this will not be a public release other than the schematics, with the release of those still qualifying this project to be covered under a Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International license. However I'll be holding off on that documentation release until a bit later this year after the design has been fully tested. I also won't be involved in selling any of these myself, so please respect that decision by not ignoring it . This looks like yet another interesting year for multiple Atari motherboard projects 👍 .
  12. I would like to present my first program which I wrote using MadPascal. gr9Lab is an application designed for image processing on 8-bit Atari computer. The program is still under development but it contains almost all functionalities planned so far. I tested the application under Altirra and I cannot guarantee that it works on a real hardware. The current version should properly work with 64kB of memory. Below you can find the link to the YouTube video. It is possible to work with two images in GR9 mode with resolution of 80x192 pixels at the same time. The program has ability to process the whole images or within a selected rectangular area of interest (ROI). The program can be controlled by joystick or the keyboard: by pressing 1 and 2 keys you can switch the view between two images. by pressing Tab/Shift Tab keys you can go to the next/previous menu item or other GUI control. by pressing Return key you can activate highlighted menu item or other GUI control. by pressing Esc key you can go to the main menu. The list of features available in the current version contains as follows. gr9Lab menu New - clears content of the image. Load - loads image from a file in GR9 format (80x192 pixels). Save - saves image to file in GR9 format (80x192 pixels). Exit - closes the application. Copy - copies image content from the other one. Show/Hide selection - turns on/off selection (ROI). Process menu Flip horizontal - performs mirror of the image in horizontal direction. Flip vertical - performs mirror of the image in vertical direction. Rotate 180 - rotates the image by 180 degrees. Brightness/Contrast - adjusts brightness and contrast of the image. Histogram - calculates and shows a histogram of the image. Histogram equalize - performs histogram equalizaion on the image. Inverse - applies inversion of pixels intensity. Threshold - performs thresholding operation, pixels replaced by black if are darker than parameter or replaced by white otherwise. Add noise - applies random modification of pixels intensity. Filter menu Box filter - applies average filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Gaussian blur - applies Gaussian blur filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Sharpen - performes sharpening operation using filter of 3x3 pixels. Laplace edges - enhances edges on the image by Laplace filter of 3x3 pixels. Emboss - generates relief effect on the image by using filter of 3x3 pixels. Dilate filter - applies morphological dilate filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Erode filter - applies morphological erode filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Opening filter - applies morphological opening filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Closing filter - applies morphological closing filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Math menu Set - fill the image by a selected intensity. Add - increases pixels intensity by selected value. Subtract - decrease pixels intensity by selected value. Difference - calculates absolute difference between pixels intensity and selected value. Multiply - multiplies pixels intensity by selected value. Divide - divides pixels intensity by selected value. Log - calculates logarithm values from pixels intensity. Exp - calculates exponent values from pixels intensity. Sqr - calculates power of 2 from pixels intensity. Sqrt - calculates square root from pixels intensity. Not - calculates bitwise negation of pixels intensity. Or - calculates bitwise sum of pixels intensity and selected value. And - calculates bitwise product of pixels intensity and selected value. Xor - calculates bitwise exclusive disjunction of pixels intensity and selected value. Minimum - calulates minimum value from pixels intensity and selected value. Maximum - calulates maximum value from pixels intensity and selected value. Blender menu Add - calculates addition between corresponding pixels of two images. Subtract - calculates subraction between corresponding pixels of two images. Difference - calculates absolute difference between corresponding pixels of two images. Multiply - calculates multiplication between corresponding pixels of two images. Divide - calculates division between corresponding pixels of two images. Average - calculates average value between corresponding pixels of two images. Or - calculates bitwise sum between corresponding pixels of two images. And - calculates bitwise product between corresponding pixels of two images. Xor - calculates bitwise exclusive disjunction between corresponding pixels of two images. Minimum - calculates minimum from corresponding pixels of two images. Maximum - calculates maximum from corresponding pixels of two images. My plan for further improvements of the program contains at least the following items: using extended memory for storing more than 2 images. introduction of undo operation. improvements of load/save operations - better error handling, introduction of file explorer. showing the name of visible image and information if the image has been modified and is unsaved. introduction the screen with help and settings (I have some ideas for settings). support of Atari 800 (currently I have problem with proper keyboard handling by ReadKey function). solve a problem with computer crash after aplication is closed. You can download the disc image or standalone executable and play with the application freely. I would be grateful for your comments. gr9Lab_WIP1.atr gr9Lab_WIP1.xex
  13. batari

    HOKEY demo

    I made a quick video of a standard HOKEY playing Commando. Sorry about the video quality, this is recorded on a phone with one hand while I try to handle the controller with the other hand. On boot it plays a jingle that's hard-coded into HOKEY memory to let you know it's there and working, which I may leave that in as a signature (though it could be disabled.) Sorry, these are not for sale yet, but will be released this year! IMG_2166.mp4 There will be multiple versions of HOKEY and prices are expected to start at $10. All allow new sound drivers to be uploaded, such as the upcoming driver for GCC's Minnie chip, and possibly other FM synthesis chips, and support for PCM and ADPCM playback via a ring buffer for seamless playback even during heavy Maria DMA (no IRQs needed!) For $10 you get the basic HOKEY, which is a single POKEY and ability to add (likely) one additional sound driver (or, possibly dual POKEY.) For a little more you get the standard HOKEY, which has more memory that should allow for dual POKEY and more sound drivers on the same chip. For the ultimate experience, for slightly more, there is the advanced HOKEY. This uses faster, more powerful hardware that should support quad POKEY, dozens of sound drivers, plus many waveforms, digital samples, and more. Also, the advanced HOKEY uses a DAC chipset for a CD player, so you can get CD-quality stereo sound if you want it. A standard 3.5mm stereo jack can be used for output.
  14. Hi eveyone. My wife deceased two weeks ago. It has been hard for everyone in the family. She was a great, amazing, loving person and we had so many hopes of having a great recovery since her lung cancer was detected in 2016, but unfortunately that wasn't in the plans of our Lord. Many people have supported me around this last month in so many ways, I've discovered a ton of friends, and I really appreciate it. So I wanted to give thanks, but didn't knew how to do it, and finally today I made my decision. So today I release the following games for free: Aardvark, IntyBASIC Showcase vol. 2, and Meteors. I've included a picture of my wife in each game, and it is my way of saying thanks. I'm sure my wife would approve happily. Special thanks to @Rev for permission to distribute these games, @mthompson for creating the included PDF manuals and allowing me to distribute these. Again thanks to everyone! P.S: Forgot to say, I've improved the classic background sound and player's shot sound for Meteors. aardvark_free.zip meteors_free.zip showcase2_free.zip
  15. Zeviouz for the Atari 2600 was unveiled today on Zero Page Homebrew channel - I highly recommend watching the show if you have not seen it already! Here is the binary version for everyone to playtest - it is around 80% complete, with the following features missing: Andor-Genesis Motherships. PAL60 support. High-score table. Atarivox support (not sure about including speech?). Attract mode. Two-Player Support (turn-based, not simultaneous). The game is a direct port from the 7800 source code, with lots of optimizations and tweaks to make it work on the 2600. The main differences from the 7800 version are: The scrolling background uses the playfield instead of tiles. The sprites (by Nathan Strum) are based on the arcade version. The ground enemies are animated, e.g. buildings open-up to fire. The level layouts are modified to reduce flicker. Note that it is a CDFJ/ARM game and will only work on a recent version of Stella or a real Atari 2600 with a Harmony cart. Let me know if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions! Chris zeviouz00_NTSC.bin
  16. I introduce The Lady, an ABBUC Software Contest 2020 game. I am happy to have partecipated in such an old competition organized by the club of which I am member. It's a simple game with very good graphics and tunes. The Lady (2020)(Philsan, TIX, Miker, Dmsc).xex Instructions A strong female gunsliger, known as the Lady, must fight and defeat three outlaws to survive. Press the right key before enemy shoots. Development Two years ago I noticed a nice C64 homebrew game called Tombstones (2017) by Megastyle (https://megastyle.itch.io/tombstones). I liked it and I tought I could do something similar. Atari 8-bit computers are 2.5 years older than C64 but nonetheless have some strenghts that I could have used, even considered the fact I am not a skilled coder. Thanks to 16 shades of one color graphics mode 9, I decided to make the game look like old black and white western films and I designed a smooth background. Taking advantage of A8 widescreen and overscan features, there's a "cinemascope" screen and duelist enter from sides. Atari sprites have a limited horizontal width but unlimited height. Therefore I asked @TIX if he could design tall characters. Konstantinos made ninety awesome 16x64 pixels 3 colors animation frames and smartly solved the problem of the deaths, not easy because of narrow sprites. Regarding music, I asked @miker to make Ennio Morricone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly main theme (https://youtu.be/rblUfXTkSLs). He always wanted to do it for Atari and in fact the result is really good. Recently the Italian composer, one of the greatest and most influential film composers of all time, passed away and we would like to honor him. Michal made victory (Johnny Cash Ballad of a Teenage Queen) and death tunes too. The game was programmed with @dmsc's FastBasic. Not only Daniel made an awesome new language, but he helped me when I was stuck. Sprites were made with @playsoft Atari Player Editor and tunes were composed with Raster Music Tracker (RIP Radek Sterba). The game ajusts speed for PAL and NTSC machines. This was a relaxed project, without deadlines, started on February 2019. On May 2020 the game was nearly finished therefore I decided to enter ABBUC Software Contest 2020. The project would never have been possible without AtariAge 8-bit computers forum, thanks @Albert! The game will be available for free at the end of ABBUC Software Contest 2020 (November 14).
  17. A heads-up that I've been working with some of the MiSTer FPGA devs (Kitrinix and alanswx) on the 7800 core. Mainly I've been the 7800 programming answer-man, creator of various 7800 test programs, co-analyser of problem roms, and guy responsible for updates to the a78 header. I take no credit for any of the VHDL, nor the painstaking hardware analysis being done (but they are using 7800 logic diagrams directly provided to them by no other than Curt Vendel... that guy is still making an impact!) and frankly I'm awed by the level of skill and determination being displayed. It's my pleasure to say the in-progress 7800 core is now freakishly accurate, despite all of the torture tests I've thrown at it. This is not surprising in retrospect, given the attention to detail being thrown into this project. I know real 7800 consoles are getting expensive, especially in certain parts of the world where the 7800 didn't see wide release. A simple de10-nano and 32m memory card may be a good alternative very soon, and if you're interested in any of the other systems, it can be a cost-effective one. (the MiSTer wiki has a good overview, and details on what those other systems are) In case MiSTer FPGA somehow hasn't been on your radar, RMC has a decent intro video...
  18. Hi guys: I've been working on this a while. Some apologies: - I used fluorescent green filament (and white for the badge); it was one of the few filaments I hadn't opened yet and I wanted to use a brand new one. - Sorry about the color bleeds, blobs, and corner lifts. My old 3D printer just committed Hara-Kiri and I have a new one so I am learning the nuances of this one now. This case is smaller, fits with or without the RF shielding (I would suggest without when I print with clear filament), and the board sits flat (meaning the AtariVox will now fit without the need of an adapter/cable). The opening in the back is for the screw that holds the large heat sink on. Speaking of heat, I haven't tested how this will hold up when the 7800 gets warm. PLA filament was used. What do you think so far?
  19. As mentioned in the DragonKeep thread, smaller free releases is something I've wanted to get back to for a while, so here we are again. We're all still getting hammered in one way or another by COVID and all the other joys 2020 has wrought on the planet, so the sentiment stands that hopefully folks can have a few hours away from the real world with a new game and some fun. Announcing: BIOPEDE Flash this to your Skunkboard or copy to your JaguarGD cart to play. As usual the ROM is locked to these devices. Sorry, but we all know why and we all wish it was otherwise. Biopede_Skunk_GD_v4.rom Biopede_Skunk_GD_v4.mrq UPDATE: V4 (05/12/2020) "Press B to play" removed from options screen You can now take your score from the game over screen, level and mode are shown Score anti-farming in place on the Skeleton, Dragonfly and Mosquitto UPDATE: V3 (01/12/2020) Fixed a bug that caused Princess to block the Biopede Fixed a score but that crashed the game out after 65535 points (ironically because it sent the lives counter negative!) UPDATE: V2 Fixed a game over screen glitch if the game was started while the info screen with the sprites was displayed Biopede chunks that get turned to shrooms are worth 50pts if they are still there at the end of the level Changed the music replay rate from 16Khz to 24Khz (Yumm!) Added 4 new backdrops (More Yumm!) If the EEPROM becomes corrupted, hold 2+0 as the REBOOT logo fades in and it'll reset it A nicer MRQ with the BIOPEDE logo Based on the classic games "Centipede/Millipede" you must defend against waves of horrible Biopedes, Spiders, Butterflies, and the garden Skeleton (because every garden has a skeleton, ok?) - The beautiful princess will pop up if the shrooms start getting low in numbers. The music was created by Roald Strauss from https://indiegamemusic.com/ and is fully licensed for use. Logos: Sonik All other artwork for this was sourced from: https://opengameart.org Living Tissue: https://opengameart.org/content/living-tissue-background Grass Texture: https://opengameart.org/content/my-first-grass-texture Stone Hexagonal: https://opengameart.org/content/stone-hexagonal-background Backgrounds: https://opengameart.org/content/backgrounds-3 Shrooms: https://opengameart.org/content/micro-world-dlc-tileset Bullet: https://opengameart.org/content/lasers-and-beams Spider: https://opengameart.org/content/2d-spider-animated Princess: https://opengameart.org/content/miss-princess-animated-16x16 Cave: https://opengameart.org/content/fossil-cave Font: https://opengameart.org/content/bitmap-font-pack Skeleton: https://opengameart.org/content/tiny-16-expanded-character-sprites Butterfly: https://opengameart.org/content/butterfly I'd like to extend thanks and gratitude to the people of that site for giving their talents and time to the community. their talens! Change from Standard to Advanced on the options screen to add more enemies and other things into the game. There is a unique scoreboard for both modes. You can also change the controls to enable/disable inertia. Scores will be saved to EEPROM if available (Use the .MQR file for JagGD, or on a Skunkboard with a 2k EEPROM only - 128byte EEPROMs will not work) Many thanks to the testers, especially Sporadic and Saturn, for helping out with this one. ENJOY!
  20. I'm pleased to announce the release of the version 4.0 firmware update for U1MB, Incognito, SIDE2, SIDE3, 1088XEL, and 1088XLD. The update includes a redesigned SIDE loader, and completely redesigned BIOS plugins with support for SIDE3, Sophia 2, and PokeyMAX. Also newly introduced is support for an NTSC colour palette in VBXE (loaded transparently when the machine is turned on). User documentation has also been comprehensively updated, with sections covering the new SIDE3 loader and Incognito. Most excitingly, Incognito is now capable of supporting firmware plugins, subject to release of a CPLD JED update which I have been testing for Candle. The SIDE3 loader is now capable of native PDM (FujiConvert) playback as well (see the manual for discussion of all new features). https://atari8.co.uk/ultimate-1mb-firmware-update-4-0-released/ Since I spent the entirety of Saturday preparing and uploading all this stuff (after spending the previous day moving my website and work emails), I'll forego further disucssion for the moment, and hopefully answer any questions as we go on. I will probably make a video showing a topical overview of what's been released as well. All ROMs inlclude the newly released SpartaDOS X 4.49e; I thought we might as well get in sync with the SIDE3 ROM, which uses this version by default. Meanwhile, SpartaDOS 3.x, Bewe-DOS and RealDOS users can find RTC drivers for U1MB and SIDE3 on the APT toolkit disk. I would not be surprised if I screwed something up while preparing the files here, so if anything looks anomalous, please let me know. Likewise, please use this thread to discuss any installation or usability issues. The menus in the setup menu and loader are quite different now (many controls are 'modal' to facilitate interactive facilities via callbacks), but this actually makes things like setting the clock quite a bit easier. Feedback from testers of pre-release versions (indeed, some variation of this firmware has found its way onto all U1MB and Incognito machines which have been through my hands these past few months) has been positive, so hopefully the only work that remains to do will involve minor bug fixes. Meanwhile, now that this update is released, I hope to focus on ambitious new features in the SIDE3 loader, such as FAT write capability, more media playback support, and auto-mounting media. Update (060621) Thanks to Doug_in_NC on Discord for immediately spotting that I'd broken joystick trigger handling in main BIOS 4.02 for U1MB and Incognito. Fixed in 4.03, so please head over to the firmware section and update (U1MB/1088 users may update the 'FIRMWARE.ROM' file, and Incognito users need flash only 'IBIOS.ROM'). Blog post: https://atari8.co.uk/u1mb-and-incognito-firmware-4-0-bug-fix/ The 'complete' ROM images also have the update (disregard file creation date). SIDE3 Loader Update (150621) For those who already updated their SIDE3 loader or are yet to do so, please be sure to download version 0.39, which fixes MegaCart, Sic! and AtariMax 1Mbit/8Mbit emulation bugs. https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/side3/
  21. Guess who is back girls and boys! 😃 I’ve been online for a while now, but let’s make this "official", I’m still in the same bed at Jimmy’s that’s been my world for the last year and a bit and have a slow journey ahead physically with physiotherapy and speech issues (I have odd vocal cords it seems…?) but long Covid doesn’t appear to have touched my mind, something I’m grateful for considering te effect it had on Derek Draper – I’m an atheist but the most appropriate phrase I can think of is "there but for the grace of God go I". I’m not allowed food right now because my stomach has a problem and I’m having dialysis three times a week, in fact that’s going on as I "speak". I’ve got a cross assembly rig on this laptop too so have been tinkering with some 6502, resurrecting a couple of code doodles for rlease as part of my Monthly Demo series. The "grand return" after my long Covid hiatus is MD202104 on the C64, but MD202105 is already up and mostly working the way I want it to an ORA’d filler and a couple of DYCP scrolls done the "C64 way" on the A8 as a "comeback" to this side of the 8-bit demo scene. None of these are massive projects because I don’t know from day to day how much coding time I’ll get and don’t want to overstretch myself right now so I can hit the deadlines for release, but they’re enough to keep me occupied. So my reason for standing up so brazenly and announcing my return like this is because I want to say "thanks very much" to everyone who sent heart warming messages here, through PM and via the scroller on MD202006 with an extra nod to Mclaneinc; I stumbled over these messages on a day I was feeling pretty down so everyone’s positive posts really lifted my spirits and what you said was a fabulous cherry on an already lovely cake. I have a quite solitary and I suppose overly cynical view of the world and thought "they’re just online friends, nobody’ll care" so it’s been utterly brilliant to be proved so ridiculously wrong in that respect. So TL;DR version; long Covid 19 tried to feckin’ kill me (I had a heart attack!) and I’ve had a year away because of all that, but now I’m back because you lot made it so worth doing. Thankyou everyone for that. 😃
  22. Unfortunately there were not many RPGs for the Atari Jaguar (I am only aware about one e.g. Towers II) This is hopefully about to change in the future with the addition of this tile (current working tile: Kings of Edom) I am glad to announce a rouge-like RPG that I have been working sporadically between my other game releases. This will probably take a little bit more time to complete, as it turned out to be more complex to develop compared to my previous titles (available at: http://tjocktv.se/shop/) The levels are randomly generated every time you play a new game, so this will guarantee a good replay value for this game. You can always go back to a previous level (as long as you are still alive), all monsters defeated will stay defeated, and all items picked up will be gone. Note that currently there is no sound in the game, but you can see in the battle animations if an attack hits the opponent (e.g. if the hit animation is played). Far from all attacks are successful, this will be even more noticeable with the correct sound effects to be added. Also you can see at the bottom of the screen a message for each event that occurs in the game e.g. if an attack is successful, how much damage it did, what items you picked up etc.
  23. New program for rendering Mandelbrot set named Fractari was released as part of FLOP 65: http://flop.atariportal.cz/index.en.php It uses scanline GFX mode to get 8 colors, and fast square algorithm for 16, 24 and 32 bits. It then selects the best variant based on zoom. The goal was to create the fastest possible Mandelbrot set generator. Included presets render from few minutes to 1 hour. The basic overview of the Mandelbrot set takes 24 seconds, with preview in Antic D mode. It renders the image in 4 phases, first phase only renders every 4th pixel. This gives you quick preview and you can continue zooming without waiting for the rest, and it's also used to estimate where more calculation is needed, and where the color of the other pixels can be just assumed. After the image is rendered, it allows relatively quick change of visualization parameters, things like palette and color scaling, without repeating the calculation. Other features include: - 3 different DMA modes for previewing the image, from fastest to best looking - preset locations to render nice images even if you can't navigate Mandelbrot set at all - party mode, which just goes through the presets one by one - and more ! I consider this as something of a version 1.0, and I already have tons of ideas for 2.0. Things like built-in help, animation using extended memory and disk operations. Please read detailed description in stand-alone article in FLOP 65. The program supports both PAL and NTSC, and while not tested, it should also work on better CPUs. Nice video about exploring Mandelbrot set, which actually inspired me to make this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riLFpb-PcLs Few images from the program:
  24. BOOM!!! So proud and happy to finally be able to officially announce 3 more incredible sports partnerships, licenses and games coming exclusively to Intellivision Amico! Evel Knievel was one of my heroes growing up (of course I had the toy!!) and I've been a huge fan and supporter of MLB my entire life... so this is all yet another childhood dream come true for me! INTELLIVISION ENTERTAINMENT™ REVEALS EXCITING NEW LICENSES TO EXPAND ITS DIVERSE PORTFOLIO OF SPORTS THEMED VIDEO GAMES All-Star Licenses to Include Major League Baseball, Evel Knievel and The American Cornhole League Available Exclusively on Intellivision Amico™ IRVINE, Calif. – July 16, 2020 – Intellivision Entertainment LLC, the video game industry pioneer, announced today several of their latest licensing agreements, which focus on sports-themed games, include Major League Baseball, Evel Knievel, and the American Cornhole League. These partnerships bring additional highly-recognized brands to Intellivision Amico™ through a series of officially licensed games that are simple and fun for the whole family. “My early memories of playing the original Intellivision Major League Baseball game with my dad and brother helped inspire our vision to launch Amico,” said Intellivision CEO and President, Tommy Tallarico. “Looking to the future, Intellivision is proud to offer a wide breadth of content for everyone in the family to enjoy from favorite sports and recreational games to thrilling, daredevil action. We continue to diversify our portfolio and gameplay experiences for Amico.” Major League Baseball The licensing deal between MLB and Intellivision comes 41 years after the two groups launched their first partnership. That historic collaboration represented the first video game license with a professional sports league – a pioneering trend in the industry that Intellivision embraced across almost every sport. Unlike anything available at the time, Intellivision’s Major League Baseball™ game was the first home video game ever to feature spoken voice (e.g. “YER OUT!”). The original Major League Baseball is the best-selling Intellivision game of all time with approximately one in three Intellivision households owning the title. Bringing yet another first to the baseball video game industry, Intellivision’s MLB licensed game will introduce a competitive play option. This option will allow multiple players to join in the fun and set up head-to-head competition in different ways or all versus the computer. All 30 current MLB teams will be featured. “Baseball video games have brought family and friends together for more than 40 years. Our renewed partnership with Intellivision continues that tradition with simplicity and fun for the whole family,” said Senior Vice President, Games and VR, Jamie Leece. “We look forward to joining Intellivision with the shared mission of bringing family and friends together with the love of the game and passion for our sport.” Evel Knievel Paying homage to the Knievel legacy, Intellivision is working with the Evel Knievel Family and Barnstorm Games to bring an exciting multiplayer game to the Amico platform. The updated version of the Evel Knievel game will feature enhanced graphics, sound, and art, plus a variety of multiplayer options utilizing Amico’s unique controllers. In addition to new levels and gameplay features, more action such as the Skycycle X-2 rocket that was used in his infamous Snake River Canyon jump in 1974 will be added. "My dad was a larger than life character who was a hero and inspiration to millions of people,”’ said Kelly Knievel, son of Evel Knievel. “We are excited to work with Intellivision to keep his legacy alive, introduce his bold spirit to a new generation of fans, and take the thrill of the jump from the arena to the living room on Amico.” American Cornhole League Developed exclusively for the Amico system with some of the world’s greatest professional cornhole players, the American Cornhole League, which has been broadcasted on ESPN since 2016, is bringing America’s fastest-growing recreational sport into the living room. With the intention of providing a game for everyone in the family, regardless of skill level, users can utilize the unique Amico controller with touchscreen and motion controls. Gameplay is available in career, arcade, multiplayer, or free play mode and features over 100 unlockables, multiple challenges, skill levels and ways to play – no summer BBQ picnic required. “We are thrilled to work alongside Intellivision and some of the world’s greatest players and to bring cornhole to the Amico console,” said Stacey Moore, Commissioner and Founder of the American Cornhole League. “We cannot wait for people to experience throwing ACL virtual bags in the comfort of their own home.” Intellivision is currently working on many more exciting partnerships in preparation for the Amico system launch. For more information please visit www.IntellivisionAmico.com. ABOUT INTELLIVISION ENTERTAINMENT, LLC Over 40 years ago, the Intellivision home video game console pioneered the video game industry, establishing many industry firsts and capturing an unprecedented 20 percent market share at the time. Building upon its gaming legacy with support and expertise from industry veterans and superstars, Intellivision is back with the mission to bring people together by delivering simple, affordable, family-friendly entertainment. Intellivision will launch Amico, a unique video game system that’s redefining entertainment with family and friends. Amico will come with two easy-to-use color touchscreen controllers and is designed to be fun for all ages. With a broad variety of family-friendly games and a proprietary system that adapts gameplay for any skill level, players of all backgrounds can truly enjoy gaming together. More information can be found at www.IntellivisionAmico.com. ABOUT MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most historic professional sports league in the United States and consists of 30 member clubs in the U.S. and Canada, representing the highest level of professional baseball. Major League Baseball is the best-attended sport in North America, and since 2004, MLB has enjoyed its best-attended seasons in the history of the game. Led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., MLB currently features record levels of labor peace, competitive balance and industry revenues, as well as the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports. MLB remains committed to making an impact in the communities of the U.S., Canada and throughout the world, perpetuating the sport’s larger role in society and permeating every facet of baseball’s business, marketing and community relations endeavors. With the continued success of MLB Network and MLB digital platforms, MLB continues to find innovative ways for its fans to enjoy America’s National Pastime and a truly global game. For more information on Major League Baseball, visit www.MLB.com. ABOUT EVEL KNIEVEL From his humble roots in the unlikely town of Butte, Montana, Evel Knievel rode his motorcycle and willpower to an unparalleled level of worldwide glory and fame. Knievel was the King of the Daredevils, The Last of the Gladiators, The Godfather of Extreme Sports, and was an American legend known as an unwavering optimist, a doer, and a go-getter. Knievel’s nationally televised motorcycle jumps, including his 1974 attempt to jump Snake River Canyon, represent four of the twenty most-watched stunts, including the number one spot, on ABC’s Wide World of Sports events in history list. His achievements and failures, including his record 35 broken bones, earned him several entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. Knievel was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999, securing his place in history as an enigmatic folk hero. More information can be found at www.evelknievel.com. ABOUT THE AMERICAN CORNHOLE LEAGUE The American Cornhole League (ACL), the originators of competitive cornhole, promotes and develops cornhole as a sport for any age and any skill level. With over 350 directors all around the country, the ACL has solidified themselves as the go-to resource for all things cornhole. The organization has established the rules and regulations to govern the sport around the world. The ACL's global headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina. For further information on the ACL or how to become a director, please visit the Company's website at iplaycornhole.com. # # #
  25. While Kings of Edom is being beta tested, I started to experiment with ideas for the next Atari Jaguar game. Another genre that seems to be under-represented on the system is "Metroidvania" It's actually a platformer, with with adventure game elements, the name originates from 2 games, e.g. Metroid, and Castlevania. Metroid was a game for the NES which added adventure game elements to a platform game, and later games in the Castelvania series also adopted this approach. So if anyone would be interested in a game like this, perhaps this tech demo can become a real game? However, I realize already now that it will take a very long time to design the levels for a good game in this genre: Note that this game will in no way be related to the 2 games mentioned above, these were just used as examples to describe the genre. The same info is on Wikipedia
  26. Hi ! Here is a small video with part of gameplay from "They are many". Game is kind of real time strategy with gathering resources, building stuff, moving units around, and trying to resist incoming zombie attacks that grow in strength over time. I haven't managed to squeeze in every planed thing into it before deadline but I hope it's enough to show games such as this are totally possible on A8. We need more games like this imho. Coderz please consider building much more complex worlds and game mechanics. Cheers ! PopMilo ps. There's only one sfx (shoot) in game, so please put on some atmospheric music in your room before playing the game
  27. Hehe.. see what I did with the title 😏 Alright time for another redux. A year ago I started hacking the game, I had the sprites ready, but then I got involved with a team working on a sequel of sorts.. so i had to put them in storage. Unfortunately the project didn't advanced, so long story short the Montezuma hack was back ! I collaborated once again with uber coder Paul Lay @playsoft, his support and tools made all this possible. I consider Paul the other half of the redux team 👍 We based the hack on the bug fixed version of the game by @ascrnet ! Everything in the game has been altered: all new explorer character new skull new snakes new spider, now with separate sprites for vertical and horizontal movement (thanks to Paul) new objects: torch, talisman, the sword and keys are now animated (thanks to Paul) new sparkly diamonds (thanks to Paul) modified walls to be more stone and less brick new doors ladders, laser beams, ... Current versions here: Montezuma's Redux (final).xex (6/9/2020 - Final version, with ending) Montezuma's Redux (2020).xex Montezuma's Redux (2020)(R2).xex (1/7/2020 - Bug fix + update)
  28. More info at: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1613313216 Download also from atarionline.pl, unfortunately - games don't work on NTSC ataris...
  29. Here's an Atari 2600 stack for pridemonth. Let's continue to encourage inclusiveness. I'm just showing off this stack of games I own while showing support for some friends out there. 🌈
  30. Ok, i start with this new class product... I will attach news about it in this thread...
  31. We'll have two new Atari 8-bit computer games available in the AtariAge Store later this month: Adventure II XE and Scramble! We've published both of these game for the Atari 5200 in the past -- Scramble last year, and Adventure II back in 2007! Scramble for the 8-bit computers is mostly the same as the 5200 version, but Adventure II XE has undergone many changes and improvements! These are also the first Atari 8-bit games we're producing boxes for, and the first new Atari 8-bit games to hit the store in over a decade. Now that I have a good source of Atari 8-bit shells, next year I will be seeking to add many more 8-bit games to the store. As my first computer was an Atari 800XL, and I used those computers for years (learning BASIC, 6502 Assembly, playing tons of games, running various BBSs, etc.) it excites me to finally being able to add more 8-bit games to the store. Here are renders of the boxes for both games: I'm shooting to get all the new games in the store in the middle of this month, with the aim to ship orders in early December. Many more games are also being added to the store, for the 2600, 5200, 7800, and Jaguar (the Jaguar games are already available to pre-order). ..Al
  32. Smash that Like button if you want to see a retro-reimagined Tron Deadly Discs game on the Intellivision Amico.
  33. So, I wanted to do something special for the 255th level instead of just a split screen. Being that I have a feeling most people won't see this for themselves, here is what happens when you reach the 255th level on any of the games in this collection:
  34. Here is our Intellivision Amico Special Event Announcement #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Let me know your thoughts!) Prepare yourself for August 4th! REGISTER TO WIN A FOUNDERS EDITION AMICO DURING THE EVENT! Here: https://bit.ly/AMICOAug4 Intellivision® Amico™ Special Event Reveal, Announcements, Live Comments and Q&A! August 4th, 2020 - 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CET
  35. Overflow 2021 is the latest assembly language game release from the Anschuetz/Weisgerber/Anschuetz team. This month, we are releasing this game as both an 8-bit .xex file as well as an Atari 5200 .rom file! Overflow is a fun and addictive game where you play the role of a plumber and try to hold back 10 horizontal pipes full of liquids flowing toward a central vertical pipe by throwing plungers at the approaching liquid. Joystick up and down moves the plumber up and down the ladder. Joystick left and right throws the plungers left or right. Additional instructions are on the score screen of the game. The music is from the Atari arcade game Toobin. The original BASIC Overflow game was published in the July 1985 edition of Antic. The game was extremely efficiently written by John Weisgberber and made use of some tricks to reuse the same screen memory for each row of pipes. The game was initially sent to Compute!. Compute! rejected the game without explanation, so we sent it to Antic. I have attached the original rejection letters from Compute! and Antic. The Antic rejection said that the game was too difficult, so we made it a little easier and resubmitted and it was accepted. I have also attached a scan of the original published page. We hope you like this one! Eric and Robert Anschuetz John Weisgerber =============================================================================== The following description of the gameplay was written by the A/W/A Team to be submitted to a computer magazine along with the game. In Overflow, you’re a plumber trapped in the central conduit of a network of pipes. Water is advancing relentlessly toward you through the secondary pipes. If the water gets far enough, it will flood the main pipe, drowning you and ending your game. This is a situation you (as a devout plumber) obviously want to avoid. Luckily, you can temporarily reverse the flow of water in a pipe by hurling your plunger down the pipe at the onrushing column of water. Scoring is based on the fact that when the plunger makes contact, in addition to making the water recede, you earn ten points. Controlling the flow of water is simply a matter of moving up and down in the main pipe and throwing your plunger down the pipes closest to the point of overflowing. Unfortunately, even if you manage to gain control of the situation, at five-hundred points the width of the main pipe doubles, making your job all the more difficult. Movement is controlled from a stick in port one. To move up and down in the central pipe, push the stick forward and back. To throw your plunger, push the stick left and right. The following gameplay instructions for Overflow were published in Antic Magazine. Dear Miss Goodmanners: Is there a correct way to stem a rising tide of bathroom back-ups while entertaining distinguished guests in my 49-room mansion? Concerned Dear Concerned: Miss Goodmanners prefers the term water closet... Sadly, overflow problems are part of our modern age and must be dealt with firmly and quickly. Miss Goodmanners would never commit the faux pas of embarrassing guests during a sumptuous banquet by confronting them with a mass of raw sewage. Miss Goodmanners would award you credit for decisively hurling your plumber's helper at each of the overflowing water closets, while tactfully running between pipelines without scaring the guests. Of course, sewage problems tend to get worse as a party wears on-especially if guests discover that the duck pate has disagreed with them. With apologies to our favorite etiquette columnist, this program uses players for the plumber, plunger and central pipe. All vertical motion is produced using a string printed at the correct place in memory. The main graphics mode is ANTIC 5. An unusual technique here is the use of basically the same memory address for every line of the playfield graphics. Each line has its own LMS and the high byte on every one is set to the same page. The water is moved back and forth by incrementing the low byte on each LMS. The increment for each line is held in a one-dimensional array. If a column of sewage is hit by the plunger, the increment's sign is simply reversed. Overflow 2021.xex Overflow 2021.rom
  36. Good ol' TIX and I have been secretly working on something VERY COOL for the Atari 8bit and Lynx. This game trailer is fresh-off the press. It's perhaps worth getting a little "hype" going, am I right? 😄
  37. Hello fellow Atarians! Our game "Adam Is Me" as Christmas gift is available to download for free! 🙂 http://aim.atariscene.pl/ If you have any feedback, comments or questions, do not hesitate to ask. Wishing you all the best, Jakub 'Ilmenit' Dębski + the rest of the team!
  38. RC1-1 UPDATE Corrects misplaced respawn in room 49 and bug in room 91 Reset key redirects to title screen. knightguyRC1-1.a78 RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 is here! knightguyRC1.a78 QUICK UPDATE Wip Beta 13 Corrects bug that forced you to fight again the last midboss when backtracking. knightguy20200912d.a78 revision D, corrects bug in crate pushing. knightguy20200912c.a78 revision C knightguy20200912b.a78 revision B UPDATE Wip Beta 12 90+ screens Cosmetic changes. Sir Meowmington edition. knightguy20200912.a78 New Boss UPDATE Wip Beta 11 80+ screens New Boss Cosmetic changes. Now with frogs! knightguy20200828.a78 Classic Jump Scheme DELETED Test Jump Scheme UPDATE Wip Beta 10 is here! 70 screens New Boss. New Item some minor cosmetic changes. knightguy20200817.a78 Quick Update 2020 08 08 Corrects misplaced respawn screen 60 and a couple of minor corrections in other screens. Add a couple of new screens. Tweak the boss attack pattern in current last boss Minor cosmetic changes in potions and hearts screens. knightguy20200808.a78 UPDATE 2020 08 06 Celebrating a month of development Now with 60 screens. Even more cosmetic changes. knightguy20200806.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 28 a LOT of cosmetic changes. Some water levels 5 new screens. knightguy20200728.a78 Quick Update 2020 07 22 Corrects a bug in screen 30 Adds 4 screens Changes some sprites. knightguy20200722.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 19 Tweaks the timer font and made it more precise. Corrects the position of exit of END of BETA screen Hopefully corrects the incorrect jump to upper platform in levels 20-23 Some minor cosmetic changes as well. knightguy20200719.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 18 Migrated to a 144k bankswitching rom. More screen, added some sounds, changed some tiles and sprites, etc. knightguy20200718.a78 Quick UPDATE 2020 07 11 Corrects "hidden obstacle" glitch in springboard room KnightGuy20200711.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 10 New beta. More screens, more sprites more everything (except sound) KnightGuy20200710.a78 ###################### Hi guys A couple of weeks ago I started to port one of my 2600 projects, Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days, to 7800 and want to share the first beta/playable demo for testing and comments. It is a platformer with a humble touch of metroidvania. It is in early development stage so there is not too much content (15 screens so far), but it is totally playable. KnightGuy20200704.a78
  39. In 1982, Activision took all of its employees (and a guest) on an all-expenses paid 4-day vacation to Maui, to celebrate the company's success. The event was called the Activision Family Vacation. I was able to acquire pictures from the event and would like to share them with all of you. You'll see the guests wearing "Beach Olympiad" t-shirts. This was a competition comprised of the following events: sandcastle building, lei relay, canoe race, balloon walk, swimming relay, beach volleyball, sack race, egg toss, hula hoop, tug-o-war & pool volleyball. There were 12 teams made up of 18 to 20 participants each. Every team was named after a fruit or nut, to go with the tropical theme. I'm sure you guys will recognize the game designers in the pictures, but I'll point them out, just in case. Other activities included: a golf tournament, tennis tournament, snorkeling, surfing & horseback riding. Enjoy the pictures! Garry Kitchen Guests stayed at the Kapalua Bay Hotel Dan Kitchen, sporting a Chopper Command promotional cap The winning entry in the sandcastle building contest Alan Miller Carol Shaw David Crane, Bob Whitehead and Steve Cartwright David Crane and Jim Levy
  40. I got an email today from a gentleman named Martin Mangold who apparently programmed an abridged version of Sierra Online's Space Quest in assembly, graphics and all! I have not had a chance to test it extensively yet, but it comes on 3 disks and seems to work beautifully. Amazing job! Space Quest.zip
  41. Hi Folks!, A lot to catch up on, but wanted to pop in real quick to bring your attention to a few "tough questions" I was challenged by on YouTube today. I know we want to keep a positive vibe so I prefer never to post negative videos here. But a set of 4 videos were trying to stump me with their so called "tough" questions. The questions weren't tough at all. When you have nothing to hide... then no need to hide anything. Because of the negativity angle, there were a few questions that haven't been asked in here, so I wanted to share the answers with you all. This is a Q&A thread after all. I'm not going to post the links to the videos (they'll probably end up deleting my answers anyway) and if anyone finds the videos and comments on them... please try to keep it positive. So-called "tough" questions. Q: What would it take for you to abandon your sunk costs and walk away from a failed project? A: Nothing at all. EVER. Sorry fellas. Hate to break your hearts. Q: You stated that you were going to have some big reveals at e3 2020, which was just a few months after the global pandemic started. You didn’t show much. Why is that? A: Because we are saving it for our own online press conference. Exactly the same as every game company has done. More info on ours (date & time) coming within the next week. Reason we've waited a little longer than others? Wanted to make sure that if we are forced to delay... that it would be a part of that conference as well. Q: What is the team working on? Software developers don’t need to be in the same room. The mobile app hasn’t been updated since January 2020. A: Our internal full time (w/benefits) team of 30+ hardware, firmware, mechanical, OS, Testing, backend, servers, UI/UX, and software engineers are working on the same things they have been working on for years. We also have marketing, PR, art department, audio, controller/accounting and customer service. A simple LinkedIn search will show you most of the folks and when they started. Very easy to verify. A few employees don't have LinkedIn, but you get the idea: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intellivisionentertainment/people/ In regards to our developers, there are literally hundreds of people working on games for us right now. Q: Did Intellivision Entertainment take any paycheck protection loans since it is operating as a small business? Or are they such a big deal, as Tommy often implies, that they don’t need anyone’s help? A: As with most pre-revenue start up companies affected by COVID we did receive one PPP assistance loan. Every small company applied. No reason not to. We qualified. Here is a published list of all the game studios that received them. You will see that we are at the very bottom tier of folks who received assistance. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-10-game-companies-lining-up-for-pandemic-relief-loans This is an explanation of what PPP is: https://www.investopedia.com/your-guide-to-the-paycheck-protection-program-ppp-and-how-to-apply-4802195 Q: What do you feel that you, personally, can bring to this project? You're not an engineer, programmer, game designer, or project manager. What makes you think you can succeed where so many others have not? A: You're wrong about assuming any of those things about me. Please feel free to read my bio here: https://www.tallarico.com/bio In regards to what makes me think I can succeed where so many others have not? It's called confidence. Because folks like you have told me my entire career that I "can't" do things. And at EVERY turn I have proven the "doubters" and "haters" wrong. Again, read my bio... then ask yourself if you think I'll fail. If you still think yes... then I look forward to adding you to the list of folks I have been proving wrong my entire career. That's the great thing about always being the underdog... no one sees ya coming and when you pull it off... it's even that much more sweeter. Q: How far along are you with FCC testing for EMF radiation? Battery testing? Will you share parts of the process with the public so they have a better sense of how things are going? A: Halfway through testing. COVID has delayed. Known fact by everyone manufacturing hardware. Easy to Google. Q: How long do you really think it will take for shipping from China to the US? How long to clear customs? A: Takes 1 month from China to US shores. 3 days in customs. We can manufacture approximately 1,500 machines per day, shipment crates are 3,900. So approximately 2 1/2 days to create a shipment. Could potentially start manufacturing in early to mid August, but compliance testing is backed up. Decision to be made by the end of this month. Been saying this since March of this year. More news will come as we get it. Been transparent from the beginning. California once again shut down by the governor yesterday. Orange County specifically named. Things getting worse here... not better. Q: Can we disable the LED lights? A: Yes. You will be able to disable the LED Lights. Q: How much of your personal money have you put into this project? A: None of your business. Enough to matter. What difference would that make anyway? Q: What factors would go into your go/no go decision regarding product launch? A: Distributors, compliance testing, manufacturing windows and most of all... retailers. I won't be answering any more of their so-called "tough" questions. I gave them 10 shots... and answered them all with ease. Of course from here on out, if I don't answer other questions then they will say I'm ignoring them and that I'm hiding something. The ridiculousness never ends. So just thought I'd answer everything they asked (across the videos they posted) and now I'm done with them. If they have any more "questions" they are more than happy to come on in here and ask them in a respectful manner (if they haven't already been banned). I like to try and dedicate a hour or so each day to answering various questions around the internet so I picked this one today. But as you can see, they are mostly asked in a negative, disrespectful or demeaning way... so no reason to give that very small group any kind of further attention. They tried their hardest to "stump" me... and like always... failed. They spent a lot more time making all those videos and graphics than I did answering the questions. At what point do you start to question your life choices or be more productive with your time? Prepare for 10 other videos over the next few days I'm sure. Anyway... bottom line... I thought the answers were interesting so I wanted to share them here with everyone. Normally I wouldn't have responded... but thought that some of you would be interested in some of the answers. Thanks!
  42. For those who aren't aware, Concerto is an advanced microcontroller-based SD-card flashcart with an onscreen menu, that is designed to support all of the original Atari 7800 titles and all original Atari 2600 titles, plus most of the modern homebrew titles and demos. It supports POKEY sound (POKEY chip not included) and other sound sources are on the drawing board (see below). Concerto is reverse-compatible with Harmony Encore so it plays all 2600 games that work on Encore, including the newer DPC+, CDFJ and other ARM-based games, and you can even load the Harmony Encore firmware on it and it will function exactly like one. The Concerto has a total of 520k of RAM, 32k of parallel flash and 2MB of serial flash. Currently games up to 144k are supported, and work is being done to support the larger games. SD cards can be FAT or FAT32 formatted, up to 32GB in size. Setting up the Concerto is easy: just put your A78 files or Atari 2600 games on the SD card, plug into the Concerto and go. The onscreen menu display is 40 characters wide, but can display long filenames up to 240 characters as well. There is no hard limit to how many levels deep you can go with subdirectories. It supports up to 10,000 entries in a directory, and though currently the files aren't sorted, I am working on automatic sorting alphabetically. The firmware is still in development, so you are expected to keep up on firmware updates for the latest features and bug fixes. How to order Concerto: Until now, I have been putting up small batches but they have been selling out quickly, to the chagrin of many. I don't like preorder lists, but also don't want full payment up front. Lists are not a meaningful indicator of how many carts I would need to build as people sign up for lists then never follow through. And, full payment up front comes with higher expectations. So I think a better answer is to create a reservation system. I will still release carts with the current lottery system, but if you miss out, don't fret. I am going to allow people to reserve a Concerto with a deposit. The $10 deposit is 100% refundable for any reason, and at any time, just ask. If you go on to purchase a Concerto through the reservation system, the $10 is also a down payment and will be used toward the cost. There are a limited number of reservation slots. I will only allow as many reservations as I feel I can accommodate in about 30 days. I won't publicly display who made a reservation, but if you do make a reservation, I will let you know what your place in line is, and try to make an educated guess of how long it will be until you are invited to buy. The $10 also does two more things: 1. It also locks in the sale price of $89, even if the regular price goes back up to $99, as I intend to return to the regular price once the preproduction carts are sold out and Concerto goes into general production. 2. An additional benefit from being a reservation holder is you will get the first shot at two new products I am working on: One, a power adapter for the 7800. This allows you to use a bog-standard 12v PSU, *either* tip polarity, or even AC output. There will be 2.5mm and 2.1mm versions available, or with both plugs in one. Plug your PSU into the adapter, and the adapter into the 7800 with the included pigtail. The adapter itself is small: it is roughly the length of an SD card, but about half the width. It is designed to provide up to 1.5A of clean, filtered 9V power to your 7800, with quality brand-name components, so you don't have to worry about poor regulation, overvoltage or anything else you might find by using the direct output from a questionable PSU. Although it's designed for the common 12v power supplies, it should work with around 10v-24v, so you can use an adapter you probably already have. The expected price of this board will be $10 to Concerto owners. (This adapter is ready to order, actually, but I just need to find a source for the Atari 7800 connector housing. The ones I have found do not fit snugly enough, so I am still searching.) Two, HOKEY! HOKEY is a POKEY replacement chip, if you aren't aware. Unlike other POKEY replacements, HOKEY is microcontroller-based, which allows for flexibility that is hard to match with a standard hardware approach. So, HOKEY will not necessarily just be a POKEY chip. Once the basic POKEY is validated on the new design, I will begin work on an enhanced HOKEY and attempt to tackle Bupchip, plus an emulator author wants to adapt HOKEY to emulate the YM2151 chip and digital sample playback with PCM output once the basic driver is working, so that homebrew boards will have a reliable source of high quality sound chips without having to locate old chips or use expensive replacements. HOKEY is expected to start at $10. Although HOKEY is being designed specifically with the Atari 7800 homebrew market in mind, you can also use one on a Concerto. The reservation system should go live shortly, and another batch of Concertos will be released for sale as well! * The order page is here: https://erstwhile-technologies-7800.square.site/ If Concerto is sold out, there is a link on the product page to reserve a Concerto from an upcoming batch.
  43. Well this came out OK. Thanks to Eric Nikolaisen on Facebook for sending me his Sys Check to model. This will be coming to a website near you soon.
  44. A SPECIAL game demo is available on the JS7800 emulator. This demo includes Novice & Expert. Popeye gets 2 lives, but he can earn a 3rd. The game ends after the ship, so POINT PRESSING IS A MUST! Thank you to: @RevEng, @mksmith, @Synthpopalooza, @Pat Brady, @Trebor, & @playsoft (<-see credits below). Special thanks to @ZeroPage Homebrew, @Jinroh, @raz0red, and all who have been supportive on AtariAge, Twitch, and YouTube! The game is still in beta status, but I figure it is at a place where the public may enjoy it. The difficulty is currently balanced with the arcade, unlike softer home versions. There is a Novice mode in the final version. I have included a long-play video below. Please check it out. The final version includes a Novice, Arcade, and Expert difficulty. Novice - Rev F Popeye Faster; Spinach resets after losing a life; Extra @ 26,500 Arcade Comparable to arcade difficulty; extra life at 40,000 Expert Brutus is faster and more aggressive; Bernard is craftier; Items fall really fast Thanks to all who voted Popeye as 2020's "Best Homebrew Atari 7800 (WIP)". The game is 1 or 2 player alternating. Video: Below is the DEMO version (Most recent to oldest). Players can play 1 or 2 player. Players now get 2 lives and can earn a 3rd. Players cannot unlock the cheat mode in the demo. Arcade mode is the only level available. Novice and Expert are exclusive to the final version and the version on the JS7800 emulator. 3/3/2021 - RC3.5 Concerto still has issues at times. Dragonfly now seems stable. These issues do not happen on the final cart media. The mcpdev is also very stable. There are some minor cleanups. Fixed the color on the high score erase screen. This is it, unless some bugs come up that need attention. Popeye(RC3.5_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.5_Demo_BUP).a78 2/25/2021 - RC3.4 Fine tuning. Brutus now jumps at an angle, like the arcade. It's not quite as drastic. Popeye(RC3.4_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC3.4_Demo-BUP).a78 2/22/2021 - RC3.3 Tile change on first level. Was able to add a rail to the ship's crow's nest, during the intro and level clear. I also found out that Olive doesn't scold Popeye if a Letter falls into the water, on the ship level. I have corrected that inconsistency. I assume it doesn't make sense, since she's captured in this level. Popeye(RC3.3_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.3_Demo_BUP).a78 2/21/2021 - RC3.2 More minor graphical changes. Now the title Popeye head has a brown pipe, like the arcade. Tile tweaks on the first level. Also reversed the ship mast shading, to match the arcade. Popeye(RC3.2Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.2Demo_BUP).a78 2/21/2021 - RC3.1 Minor update. Has a few tile changes Popeye(RC3.1_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC3.1_Demo_BUP).a78 2/20/2021 - RC3.0 This version has a lot more changes than a "release candidate" should have. From this point out, I would like to stick to bug-fixes. Fixed a high score issue, which was introduced by adding the High Score Clear. I noticed this while watching the @ZeroPage Homebrew stream. Each difficulty should line up properly now (Novice, Arcade, and Expert). No high score device should read "Top 5 Chart". That is the header for the arcade table. High Score Clear is accessed by holding RESET and pressing both buttons on the first stick! Also seen on ZPH: Brutus doesn't get stuck in the bottom left corner when Popeye has the spinach. (He gets stuck in the bottom left corner of the Notes board, but that is by design. That happens in the arcade.) @Defender_2600 had color suggestions: Popeye's drawn with a different hue of blue. The ship has a more midnight blue background, and the floors are more golden than yellow. (The arcade is a dark blue-ish purple when I play on an actual arcade machine. It seems similar in MAME.) Defender2600 had level suggestions: The Notes screen tower is now slightly thinner. The floor that leads to the see saw no longer extends to the end of the building. This required a lot of work in adjusting the logic. (See below) Fixed some tiles on the ship level. More color adjustments. REV F ROM set (Novice is based off an easier Popeye arcade ROM) has more of a burgundy background, on the Hearts level. The arcade REV F has a pink-ish background. I think this works well. The old "brown" was mistaken for green. Popeye now turns red, instead of pink, when he eats the spinach. Logic adjustments with see saw logic: This was about 8-10 hours consuming. I had some logic in place. Moving the floor exposed a couple holes in that logic, given a very specific alignment of the stars. In making the level adjustment, I got to recreate the 1%. It was still extremely hard to recreate. If Brutus kicked into pursuit mode, right as Popeye jumped onto the see saw, Brutus could still jump on top of Popeye. I believe I worked this out. I can't seem to get it to happen again. Tune adjustment: If the last item gets collected from the water, the game does not revert to the level tune. Last Note & Last Letter would sometimes still be present. I think I took care of that issue. Fixed some garbage that would flash after dying on the Notes stage. Popeye(RC3_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3_Demo_BUP).a78 2/9/2021 - RC2.9 Many fixes and updates. I am concerned that "Arcade" difficulty feels a little easier to me. That might encourage more people to play the arcade difficulty. I do want it to feel like the arcade challenge though. I can run this for hours on my Dragonfly and versa-cart, without any issues. It does crash at times on Concerto. It seems to be when idling in attract mode. 1. Fixed remaining issues with Brutus's pursuit music. 2. Colors and spinach timing are different for NTSC and PAL systems. 3. Reduced slowdown by limiting collision detection-per-frame. 4. Better proportioned Bucket. @KevinMos3 5. Adjusted the better proportioned bucket to fit Brutus's head 6. Lessened the use of flicker in some areas, due to the overhead saved in adjusting the collision. 7. Minor bug fix: Popeye disappears if collecting the last note when starting up or down the ladder. 8. Updated the Windows on the Notes Level. 9. Found duplicate tiles, and used the extras for "Thru" posts on level 2. 10. Last player 1 and player 2 scores display in blue during demo. 11. Fine-tuned Popeye's punch. ** 12. Popeye walks off the screen when wrapping around on the levels. ** 13. Brutus doesn't gain super speed when Popeye gets the spinach. 14. Brutus imitates the quirky behavior of the arcade when he's stuck in the corner, by the see saw. (When Popeye has spinach) 15. Brutus logic tweaks. 16. Fixed some artifacting when returning from demo play. Popeye(RC2.9_Demo-NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC2.9_Demo-BUP).a78 Most will not notice this change. Eliminates a flash of garbage after Popeye dies on the notes and ship levels. Popeye(RC2.9a_Demo_NTSC-PAL)s.a78 Popeye(RC2.9a_Demo_BUP).a78 2/1/2021 - RC2.8 Update. Only need one version for A7800, Concerto, and Dragonfly. BUP has a special version. I can play this version all day on my Dragonfly or versa-cart, and it doesn't crash. It plays pretty long on the Concerto, especially once things are warmed up. There's nothing I can do about that at this time. That was the inspiration to clean much of the back code up. A LOT of behind-the-scenes cleanup & some polish The bottles rotate slower - @tep392 Olive doesn't constantly walk on the Notes and Ship. (This affects game play in other ways that I won't disclose.) When Brutus gets his burst of energy, the bottle throwing music now plays, like the arcade. Popeye's house now has window panes. I can't believe I missed that. Popeye's now falls below the water line when he dies. On the arcade, Popeye reappears at the waterline, following the splash. I made Popeye bob back to the top. I like arcade purity, but I think they did it that way for sprite overlap issues with the water. The demo play scene is now more versatile. Popeye gets scolded often, like the arcade. Fixed rare combination that would silence music on the Notes level. Popeye(RC-2.8_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC-2.8_Demo-BUP).a78 As always, play the point-pressing version on JS7800! 1/26/2021 - RC2.7 The levels are now more in-line with the arcade aspect. Many tiles were re-drawn and repurposed. This was a 14-hour day (with hour break) and a few hours the following evening. The characters now know the levels, the attract modes are up to date, and everything seems fine. Let me know if there are any issues. @Defender_2600 suggested that I address the issue with the crammed levels. I didn't think I'd have enough tiles, but it worked out in the end. I think it was worth the effort. He also recommended toning down the yellow a little. Redrew the tiles Reprogrammed the tile graphics to line up with the new tile indexes (Hearts in the house, Whimpy and the see saw, etc.) Reset the coordinates for the staircases Reworked the self-play intro Cleaned up some sprite plotting. Adjusted some areas where the text colors were not flipping correctly. Popeye(RC2.7_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.7_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(RC2.7_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/23/2021 - RC 2.6 This version has major tile re-work. I started cleaning up the first level. This simulates the lower-res look of the arcade. In doing so, this cleans things up. Bricks are no longer 1px apart vertically, the stairs have 2px underneath. The floors are thicker, including the bottom level. I am unable to color the bottom blue, but I have a water shadow of sorts, to keep in the arcade spirit. On the logic side, I adjusted Brutus's randomness. He is less likely to jump down, based on difficulty, round, and number of items collected. This may not be obvious, because he will still jump down a decent amount of the time. Changing logic meant adjusting the demo play. The demo play now starts with an example of a heart falling into the water. Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/16/2025 - RC 2.5 I wasn't going to do this, due to the amount of work, but I had to. New upper playfield on Level 1. The tileset with the grass are now one row lower, allowing more arcade-accuracy. Transferred tiles from one tileset to another, which caused an offset in tiles re-aligned plotted tiles (hearts in Popeye's house) Olive will now center herself after throwing the last heart. This keeps the large heart from being drawn off-screen. Fixed the staircase "bricks" to be blockier, like the arcade Revision F has a plum background, to match the arcade ROMs Flower doesn't disappear when level 1 is cleared Popeye(RC2.5_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.5_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(RC2.5_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/14/2021 - RC 2.4 Got rid of random off-pitch item collection noise, @playsoft This makes the game more stable using the Concerto. The sound seems to behave similarly to other games I tested. This has gotten rid of complete songs playing out of tune or missing parts. Updated sprites and palettes Title music plays every other loop; Atari Today only plays when the game is turned on. Olive doesn't walk in space after scolding Popeye Popeye's footsteps are closer to the arcade pattern. Overhaul of Popeye's ladder climb Fix some reset behavior The JS7800 Demo will also be updated, which allows Novice & Expert to be played. Popeye(RC2.4_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.4_Demo_Bup).a78 Popeye(RC2.4_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/2/2021 - Beta 2.9 Two-Player with shared joystick option. I figure this will be helpful for people with only one joystick. Sometimes I just like to play a two player game by myself. This should also help @ZeroPage Homebrew too ;). New death sound by @Synthpopalooza Updated the credits page More Popeye sprite tweaks Updated self-play sequence Brutus is smarter when Popeye has the spinach. Olive screams "HELP!" on the ship level. "Popeye Catch!" call out is present on the Notes level now. (Yes, the gray does show through the letters on the arcade too!) If the punch button is pressed during an intro or pause before a level starts, Popeye will punch when the level begins. This is a personal detail I wanted to include from the arcade. I am out of space in the hearts bank, so that level doesn't have a pause after the intro. No room. Shifted some code for less bank switching on the hearts level. Brutus is back to throwing a minimum of 2 bottles, instead of 4. This reduces slowdown, which is a better experience. All systems of the day made exceptions. He will still throw up to 4, if Popeye is in his line of site. Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo-Concerto).a78 12/25/2020 - Beta 2.8 - Many Changes. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Thanks to @tep392, I have confirmation that POKEY sound on actual hardware matches emulation. Just in time for a late Christmas release! Sound will still cut in and out on the Concerto, but some sound is better than none! Since it's Christmas, I have changed the "DEMO" version to include 2 lives (an extra life can be earned). The game now ends after clearing the SHIP. Updated sprites and colors Brutus has different color outfits to match each level Other various changes *** Brutus now throws all 4 bottles, like the arcade. I am not sure that I want to keep this, but I wanted to try it for a version. In a previous version, I added code to allow Brutus to stop throwing bottles after the second one, if Popeye leaves his line of sight. This helps eliminate some minor slow down. Also, there are certain areas where Brutus and the bottles will cause sprite overload. This is found on the Notes level. Should I sacrifice arcade pureness for this to eliminate slowdown and what ends up being flicker? I might go back in the next version. Will that be the final version? Updates some of the self-playing demo routines. Updated the credits. That still needs tweaked and cleaned up, but I wanted to get it out there. Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo_BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo-Concerto).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo).bin 12/8/2020 - Beta 2.7f - Fixes and clean-up. Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo_BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo-Concerto).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).bin 11/27-2020 - Beta 2.7 Popeye(Beta2.7_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7_Demo).bin 11/24/2020 - Beta 2.6 Updated high score routines No High Score device - "Todays Top 5" will be stored with initials until power off. High Score device - "Novice Top 5", "Arcade Top 5", and "Expert Top 5" saved permanently. Brutus will wait for Popeye to clear the see saw, like the arcade. He did before in most cases. I fixed this when Brutus is in pursuit mode. Fixed artifacting on Title screen, found when level was selected in 2.5b Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).bin 11/23/2020 - Beta 2.5b - Update Popeye's fall (slower), fix bottle collision at far left, align some title elements. Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo_BUP).a78(BUP disables high score saving, to work with BupSystem emulator) Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo).bin 11/23/2020 - Beta 2.5a - Fix collision issues with items (still broken on some far-left bottles); Set Popeye stance after punch; slowed notes on higher levels Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo).bin Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo_Bup).a78 11/09/2020 - Original public demo Popeye(Beta2.1_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).bin
  45. Announcing something BIG! Just a few weeks ago, there was a unique opportunity to acquire a gigantic amount of software in Texas. Actually, scrap that, motherload would be a better definition! Lots and lots of programs, ultra rare titles both as originals and copies, you name it! The price was a bit crazy but Franck, the founder of our site and a huge collector himself, decided to jump in. The packages just arrived today and the best part is that the "Howling Houston Haul" will be made available on Atarimania soon. In other words, expect MANY scans and dumps in the coming weeks, including a truckload of one-of-a-kind, unseen titles! There are a number of people who we'd like to thank and the enterprise would've been impossible without them: @warerat for picking up the lot and taking the time to carefully pack all the items and ship the collection to Europe our friends of the Atari Software Preservation Initiative - @abbotkinneydude, @advfan, @Allan, @Atarigrub, @DjayBee, @Farb, @ijor, @luckybuck, @Savetz - who provided financial support and will be of great help to get the best dumps (as always) Again, remember that archival efforts are mostly in your hands. PLEASE transfer all your old Atari disks - copies or originals - and make them available on AtariAge or get in touch with either the Atari Software Preservation Initiative or Atarimania if you think you have something of value. Stay tuned for updates! -- Atarimania Team
  46. Hello all, Yesterday on the Champ Games FB page we revealed a proof-of-concept for Qix for the 2600: It's only a few hours of work but it shows some good progress: full status area with QIX logo, 6 digit score in Qix arcade font, # of reserves, % claimed and % needed to complete level, plus the sparks timer (all with no flicker ) 38x96 draw area filled sections in blue (fast) and orange (slow) 2 sparks that travel around the perimeter your marker, that can also travel around the perimeter, plus draw fast or slow sections We currently plan on supporting 2 control schemes for drawing: 1-button "Lynx" version control where you tap the button while moving to draw fast, press and hold the button and while moving to draw slow (release to finish drawing fast) 2-button Genesis gamepad control with button 1 to draw fast and button 2 to draw slow We also plan on supporting multiple skill levels, 1 or 2 player (alternating, maybe co-op if we can come up with a cool idea), high scores, etc. We posted the question "Would you like to see a completed version released by Champ Games?" and the response has been overwhelmingly positive 😮 so we will most likely work on this for a potential release in 2021. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks, John
  47. I am the one who had the unfortunate responsibility of breaking the news to the public after hearing it from his wife. I am still in shock at the loss of my friend. Yes it was his heart though an autopsy is not going to be done because of Covid restrictions.I’ve posted about the funeral arrangements on the Atari Museum Facebook group. I’m going to be working with his wife at some point in the near future to bring some order into the sad chaos that has arisen from his sudden departure. That includes going through the voluminous Atari museum archive, all the projects he was working on for people, any business related things, and so on. It’s quite the undertaking but it has to be done. And I want to make sure I do everything possible to preserve his legacy and what he was trying to accomplish, and what I was fortunate enough to be a part of for sometime now.
  48. It's out! Pick your version (from the first post) 9 levels demo. -The focus for this release was on the attract mode & cutscenes which are now fully reenabled! (some assets may possibly not be final) TIX, our favourite overstretched artist drew all the princess/vizier frames required for the cutscenes! Miker added a bunch more tunes for the attract mode! -Added a bunch of cart versions for faster loading and a SD disk version for maximum compatibility with stock hardware. -Fixed an old bug where the game would freeze if the prince landed on the edge of a floor tile. -NTSC should be as stable as PAL now. The next version should be final!
  49. *UPDATE* Trebors 7800 ROM PROPack v3_7 It was a phenomenal development year for the Atari 7800 and the platform remains on fire! The last six months since the PROPack received an update has seen more than 60 new or updated ROMs added to the collection. Amazing and incredible work as always by all developers. Software and hardware developments have brought some amazing achievements and works in progress to the ever growing platform. Without further ado... NEW: Top Gun - Danger Zone Demo, Doodle Chaos Engine, 7ix, Plutos (XM Required), Sirius (XM Required), Pineapple, Knight Guy In Low Res World - Castle Days, Christmas Pac-Man Plus (Hack), Kung-Fu Master Intro Melody, Kung-Fu Master Game Over Melody, Kung-Fu Master End Stage Melody, Kung-Fu Master Game Complete Melody, Pac-Man Collection Encore Hacks, V Blank - Chapter 1 - Into The Void, E.X.O. Elite Xeno Operations, Sprite Test - 8/16 Pixels Zone, GODS Title Demo, Ikari Warriors Title Demo, Coronavirus Pac-Man (Hack), Pac-Man Collector's Edition (Hack), RIOT DMA Test, Plasma Demos, Popeye, Heofonfir, Mouse Control Demo, Rotational Control Demo, Arkanoid 2 Intro Music, Arkanoid 2 DOH Theme Music, Centipede Arcade Bezel Hacks, Centipede Dark Bezel Trak-Ball Hack, Zanac Theme Music Demo, Morf, Captain Comic, Lava Demo, A Roach In Space - Part II - Electric Bugaloo, Plink, Danger Zone, Halloween Last Stand, Binary Land, Chase, Metroid Brinstar Music Theme Demos, Metroid Krayt Lair Music Theme Demos, Visage - Mind Of A Toy (Music Demo), Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Music Demo), Christmas Salvo (Hack), Save Dev Test, Shadow Of The Beast - Title Screen Demo, Knight Guy On Board - 30 Squares Of Fate, POKEY Player, 7800 XMAS : Santa vs. The Nightmares, One-On-One Basketball - Title Fix, Wizard's Dungeon, UniWarS UPDATED: Pac-Man Collection - 40th Anniversary Edition, Dragon's Cache, Spire Of The Ancients, Scrapyard Dog (Graphics Hacks), Kung-Fu Master Main Theme Melody, Arkanoid 2 Level Start Sound Demo, Centipede Frameless Hacks, Millie And Molly, Cosmic Cabbie, Dragon's Descent, Dragon's Havoc RENAMED: Pac-Man Vs (Hack) (20130430) --> Pac-Man Vs (De Lucia Hack) (20130430), Pac-Man VS (Hack) (20170730) --> Pac-Man VS (Ferrell's Hack) (20170730) Thank you again, developers as well as all supporters - especially Al...AtariAge remains a fantastic place with a wonderful community!
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