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  1. Hi all, In celebration of the 35th anniversary of Jet Set Willy this year, I've written a new definitive conversion of the game for the A8 from scratch featuring hi-res colour, 50/60Hz sprite/screen updates, bug fixes, the Rob Hubbard music and an accurate conversion of the sound effects. Back in February after taking a hiatus from A8 programming for a year, I was reading an issue of Retro Gamer magazine where they'd mentioned that Matthew Smith would be attending Play Expo here in Manchester in May. Inspired by the opportunity to meet Matthew in person I started to look into the technicalities of rewriting everything and developing a full colour recreation of the game as I did previously with Manic Miner. I didn't have any prior intention of creating a new conversion of JSW with other projects awaiting continuation but as I looked into it I thought why not surpass my previous effort with MM and so before long I'd started working on the game fully. I thought rewriting all of the procedures for the char based method would be a fun challenge and I certainly thoroughly enjoyed working on it over the months, particularily the realtime drawn rope. I spent considerable time planning and working on the implementation of the colouring for each room to ensure that the interupts and mid scan changes (where nessasary) were as optimal and minimal as possible. Whilst carefully designing all the room implementations with various trials and itterations I concluded that there were several that benefited from non-inverted colour ordering so I adapted all of my procedures to deal with both inverted and non-inverted rooms to achive the goal. I gave extra consideration to the "Entrance to Hades" death room. The colouring of the original game dictated that the large guardian sprite was dark but of course Miner Willy is always White in the game so this was another room that I decided I was able to work around things with non-inverted colour ordering and writing a special procedure specifically to calculate a sprite overlay for Miner Willy. With the design of the room I made it possible to free the missiles to utilise color3 with the 5th player for that purpose. You'll rarely ever see this room but in persuit of ensuring I did everything as best as possible I continued to make sure that all aspects of this classic were well represented in the final game. I've included the Rob Hubbard music from the A8's commercial release and the sound effects have been recreated to be accurate to the original Spectrum game. Developing the missing sound effects with Manic Miner was something I intended to come back to so that MM would be complete so I made sure to solve them whilst working on JSW. The original Spectrum beeper effects use short CPU hogging loops during runtime which resume again after a continuing pass of the game code to give that famous stuttered effect. With my version of the game being developed for single frame 50/60Hz, that wasn't an option so after contemplated a solution I considered making use of a POKEY timer to precisely cut the volume after a specified duration to accurately replicate the same effect. After discussions with both Avery and Lyren (many thanks to them) including integrating the keyboard IRQ into the procedure I had a working solution to implement. When I was initially mulling things over I wasn't sure whether it would be possible within the XLs stock 64Kb RAM as JSW is 3 times the size of MM with 60 rooms and with more developed procedures. JSW is also a free roaming game so I'd need to have additional buffers for the switch between the rooms. With the carefully written optimised interrupts, the RAM used for the 60 JSW rooms were within target and with everything else written there's unused RAM remaining from our usable 62kb even with the inclusion of the music. Many fixes have been implemented (or rather acknowledged and corrected) so the game is now presented more closely to how Matthew had originally intended. Firstly the official fixes released by Software Projects: There were four critical bugs with the released game which prevented completion. These were eventually addressed by Software Projects and these fixes have all been taken care of with this new A8 version. The most famous bug of all in JSW was the Attic bug, this was caused by an incorrect y-coordinate of an arrow definition, one of the bytes is an index into a table of screen buffer addresses and should always be an even number, but the value of the byte was 213 making the arrow procedure overwrite and corrupt several rooms making them impossible to navigate. The official fix corrected the arrow y-coordinate. One item on the far right in "Conservatory Roof" was also uncollectable as a nasty was blocking it, the official fix removed the nasty. In The Banyan Tree it was impossible to access the room above (A bit of tree) from the right-hand side which is nessasary as you need to access "Conservatory Roof" to collect the items via the ledge on the lower left in Under the Roof. the official fix replaced a wall tile with a floor allowing you to pass. There was an invisible item in "First Landing" which was also unreachable. As you need to collect all the items this meant that the game could never be completed. The official fix moved the item to The Hall where it still remained invisible. I've taken the liberty of giving the item there a definition of a shield for the A8. Other less obvious bugs: The conveyors in "West of Kitchen", "The Nightmare Room", "The Wine Cellar" and, "Tool Shed" were all actually corrupted. This was caused by a bug in the room rendering code. If a graphic data byte for one of the room tiles matched the attribute byte of the conveyor tile to be drawn, the Z80 CPIR instruction exits early leaving HL pointing at the wrong address and therefore rendering a corrupted conveyor. Additionally with "The Nightmare Room" the attribute byte for the conveyor was shifted by one byte back making it appear flashing green/cyan rather than the correct red definition. The conveyors are now presented in all of those rooms as originally intended by Matthew. Furthermore in "The Nightmare Room" with the byte shifted back it fixes the definition of the ramp which previously had a gap at the bottom. The same bug in the code causing the CPIR instruction to exit early also caused the nasties down the right hand side of "A bit of tree" to be corrupted. I decided to leave that one alone as it doesn't affect the game and I'd rather it stay the same not to make unessasary changes and keep the game as it's remembered. The item in the Swimming Pool was automatically collected as soon as Willy entered the room. This bug does not occur in the new A8 release. Contradictary to the scrolling title screen message that Willy must collect all the items before midnight, The original game ended abruptly at 1am regardless. This has been fixed in the new A8 release. Using the Spectrum map created by Pavros in 2012, I've created my own map with screenshots of all of the 60 rooms which is attached below. Key presses during gameplay: H - Toggle between music and sound effects (Your last status will also be remembered when starting a new game) A - Pause Attached is my initial v1.0 release which is PAL only for the moment, I'll get around to the nessasary ammendments for NTSC machines. You should be able to load from any device, I've attached an ATR with the executable autobooting on a DOS2.5 image. I hope you enjoy playing through the game. Tezz Edit: 17th November 2019: the original attachments have now been replaced with the final PAL, NTSC and hybrid compliant release. jsw2019.xex jsw2019.atr
  2. This message is to give advance notice that I've decided to put advertising on AtariAge. It's not an easy decision, and I've always been against putting ads on AtariAge, but this policy is slowly putting me in the hole due to the increasing costs of hosting the site and it's time for me to turn that around. Anyone using the internet is no stranger to advertisements on just about any website that gets a reasonable amount of traffic (and many that get very little traffic at all). AtariAge has grown a fair bit since its early days in 2001 when the site initially launched. Back then, the site ran on a single server, and the costs were relatively benign. Fast forward to today and AtariAge now runs on three dedicated servers, one for the web server, one for the database server, and a third development server that also provides free hosting for a number of classic gaming sites (such as atariprotos.com, ataricollector.com, atarimac.com, videogamevariations.com, xegs8bit.com, and more.) Hosting alone for AtariAge is over $600 a month. There are various recurring software costs as well, such as for the Invision forum software (about $300 a year), store software, plugins and themes used for the forums, third-party services such as Cloudflare and CleanTalk.org (spam filtering service). And this doesn't even begin to speak to the huge amount of time I spend running the servers, making sure they are kept up to date, upgrading software, answering emails and PMs, and so forth. Initially the AtariAge Store was conceived as a means to help pay for the hosting. But the store is basically a job in its own right. It's very time consuming to build and ship games, and releasing batches of new games requires a large chunk of cash up front (I'm spending a small fortune at the moment preparing to release 10+ new games for PRGE). Given the time I spend working on building and shipping games, I'm certainly making a very low hourly rate. I feel the prices for games in the AtariAge Store is pretty reasonable given the quality of the games and printed materials and the time that goes into their production. I could always raise the price of games in the store, but I don't want to drive people away from homebrew games. I also spend a good amount of money and time preparing for any shows I attend, most notably the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Even though there's a nice surge of sales due to release of new games at PRGE, I'd likely have those same sales in the online store without having to attend the show. But it's nice to get out there and introduce more people to AtariAge and the large homebrew scene across various consoles. And to see all the AtariAge members who attend the show and visit the booth. This is something I'd prefer to continue doing, even though it is a drain in resources (time and money). So, back to ads. I'm leaving a good chunk of change on the table by not having ads on the site. Forum subscriptions help a small amount, and I greatly appreciate everyone who's signed up for a subscription. But it's not a significant amount overall, especially relative to the hosting costs. Also, I spent roughly $3,000 total on the recent forum upgrade and server move, and this is outside the normal hosting costs. A good portion of that was having a fourth dedicated parallel server I was using for working on the forum/site upgrade, and it's that new server that became the current web server you're using to visit AtariAge (the old server was retired after the switch). But other costs included paying professional designers/developers to create the custom AtariAge theme for the forum, as well as various custom plugins to replace modifications I made to the previous version of the software (such as the ability to indefinitely edit posts in certain forums). Ads will be placed on the main website and the forums. I'm not going to place ads in the store, since it seems a bit overboard to have ads in a store where you're selling items (I'm looking at you, eBay!) Ads will appear below the header, mixed a few times with content on the page, and at the bottom of the page. More ads will be shown to guests than to those logged in. Subscribers will not see ads on the forum, but you'll still see them on the main site (there's no login associated with the main site, so no real way to filter those out). There will be no obnoxious pop-up ads, no ads that cover a good portion of your screen, no video ads, and no ads that autoplay audio. I will use revenue from the ads to help make AtariAge better in several ways. One of the first things I'd like to do is hire professional developers to revamp and expand the main games database. This is something I've wanted to do for some time, as that area of the site is woefully out of date and very much in need of updates. But I simply have not had the time to do so. I also want to upgrade the store to completely new software, and as part of that upgrade, allow digital purchases of homebrew games for authors that want to offer that as an option. I'd be able to hire developers to make improvements to the forum software beyond what's already done. This could also help finance projects such as getting new cartridge shells made for the 2600 and other systems. And this may allow me to setup an AtariAge booth at more shows across the country, versus just one or two shows a year as I've been doing for a while now. I wanted to give everyone a heads up that this was coming, rather than the appearance of ads being a surprise. I welcome any feedback on this issue and look forward to your thoughts. Thank you, ..Al
  3. Well I think this deserves a new topic !! (and a new avatar) !! This is much more than my previous sprite hack.. Moon Patrol was one of my first attempts in hacking, doctorclu helped me get started and I was hooked, I drew literally hundreds of buggies until I settle in the design I considered the best it can be in the limitations of the original game. So I released it and moved along.. but it doesn't leave my mind, I continued to draw assets of the game as I tried to learn how to hack the playfield to incorporate them.. In the rate I was learning I calculate it would take me 10 years to do it But then coder extraordinaire playsoft stepped in providing advice, tools and in many cases altering the code to fit in my crazy ideas !!  We worked together in the past weeks to bring you the best 8bit version of Moon Patrol ! Done: new mountains backdrop new moon city backdrop new starting base new title screen new tanks, mines, lives left, moon plant, rocks (all playfield graphics) new colors bug fixes introduced by the new buggy and I'm sure I forget something.. It's a dream come true for me !! Enjoy Moon Patrol redux.xex revision1> arcade font + title screen layout + progress bar: Moon Patrol redux (revision1).xex revision2> changed title screen layout: Moon Patrol redux (revision2).xex revision3> selectable control scheme: Moon Patrol redux (revision3).xex revision4> MANY changes: Moon Patrol redux (revision 4).xex
  4. So, somehow a char based, software sprite demo, ended as a game.. We started iterating on this in 2018, with MrFish, but after some months we had to stop for different reasons. At that point the game was already very playable, with the classic levels, so it was kind of sad not publishing it, so people could play it. Then at the end of 2019 I had some time to improve it and finish some features, but it ended with a lot more things added x). VinsCool started working on it and did all the great music (all 3 arcade tunes and more). Therealbountybob did testing and proposed some nice improvements (and also made a case for the PAL version). Synthpopalooza did his magic and created some great sound effects. MrFish came back to do more art and propose new ideas. So, what is this? (from the Readme.txt): Raymaze 2000 is an action game, based on the Taito arcade game Raimais (from 1988), but is not a direct port. It has a set of 14 levels based on the original ones, with classic enemies and powerups, but also adds a lot of new things: - a new branch of 17 original levels - new enemy behaviors - some new powerups and secrets - improved controls and also new ways of controlling your vehicle - 3 difficulty levels (Casual, Medium, Expert) - other new gameplay ideas (Raimais could be seen as an improved version of Head On, or maybe Pac-Man, something like what Taito did with Breakout/Arkanoid or Qix/Volfied). NTSC vs PAL: If you want to play in the emulator, then is better to choose the NTSC version. Not only because of the 60 fps, but also because the game speeds, colors, music, sounds, were first created for NTSC and later translated for PAL. Both versions are pretty similar anyway, let's say over 95%.. but there are some things you cannot replicate perfectly, like the colors and some timings. Future developments: The memory of a 64K computer is almost full, so I will need to create a proper .atr version, with loading, if I want to add anything. We had a lot of ideas between MrFish and I, that we would like to test at some point, but who knows when that will be. But because of that we could say that this is version "0.5" of the game that we had in mind :). Contents of the zip: Raymaze_2000_NTSC.xex (the main version), Raymaze_2000_PAL.xex, Readme.txt (a mini manual), plus some game screens. The game needs an A8 computer with 64K. The .xex start loading from memory address $2800 (10K), but at the end it loads a final segment over an address near $2000 (8K), so I hope it works without problems in real hardware. Enjoy! Raymaze 2000.zip
  5. I decided to try porting PoP in early 2019. -This port is based on the BBC Master port by Bitshifters https://bitshifters.github.io/posts/prods/bs-pop-beeb.html (Props to them!) which is based on the original Apple2 code by Jordan Mechner (Props to him!). The background graphics also comes from the BBC port. -On the art side: The character art is getting remastered by @TIX, we'll keep it under wraps for a little longer but let's just say it's awesome! Arguably the sound in Pop is a little lacking but @VinsCool has agreed to port the tunes! -On the tech side: Soundplayer: @dmsc's LZ4 SAPR player. Disk loading: Xbios by @xxl. Packer: inflate/deflate by @fox. Dev+ Testing: Altirra by @phaeron. Assembler: Beebasm(!) by Rich Talbot-Watkins. aplib depacker: @elmer ... and maybe others in the future ? 20/01/13 release -one playable level (L2) -PMG overlays with repositioning for the player (not for the enemy yet) -preliminary music by Vinscool -a lot more animation frames redone by TIX -fix: random button presses during fights -bug: running to the right then left, still keeps running to the right pop20200113.zip
  6. That’s right... pigs are flying and the dark one is wearing a parka in hell today... The first XM was dropped at the Post Office on its way to Perry Thuente.
  7. Season's Greetings, ColecoVisionados! I'd like to start this news bulletin by wishing everyone very Happy Holidays! Now with this is out of the way, let's get down to business! STATUS OF CHRISTMAS RELEASES As I recently indicated in another forum thread, I didn't get much of a chance lately to glue boxes for the new lineup of Team Pixelboy titles. I also received the cartridge electronics rather recently, and I've only begun to assemble the carts. All this to say that nothing is ready to ship as of today, aside from copies of The Cure, but I'm working on it. I should have most copies of Ghost, Prisoner of War and 1942 ready by January 2nd. Some last-minute problems were encountered with Arcomage, Jewel Panic, R-Type and Bomber King. Arcomage is officially fixed, and the electronics just need to be programmed and soldered together. Jewel Panic and R-Type have some minor problems and Mystery Man already supplied some fixed ROMs which are currently being tested, so that shouldn't take too long to sort out. Bomber King has a big question mark on it, as it seems to have some serious problems when running on real hardware, but it may be as simple as the sample cartridge PCB itself being defective. Some further tests need to be done on that one. So anyway, I'm nowhere near ready to ship anything, but I'll get as much work done during the Holiday break as I can. A big "sorry!" to those who were expecting to receive some good news from Team Pixelboy today. PIXELBOY SANTA IS AT IT AGAIN! But it's not all bad news. You will find below some new (and free) Team Pixelboy ROMs to download. 'Nuff said. Also, I have two brand new complete-in-box copies of Stray Cat to sell. If you want to buy a copy, just send me an e-mail. Any unsold copies after January 5th 2020 will go to eBay. I don't have much else to say today, but stay tuned for the next Team Pixelboy News Bulletin, to be posted on January 1st 2020, in which I'll have some juicy news for all you ColecoVision (and perhaps even non-ColecoVision) fans! This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. children_of_the_night_cv_sgm.rom c-so_colecovision.rom flicky_colecovision.rom ghostbusters_cv_sgm.rom king_and_balloon_cv_sgm.rom secret_of_the_moai_cv_sgm.rom wizard_of_wor_cv_sgm.rom zombie_incident_cv_sgm.rom
  8. Ok, Some of you probably know my all time favorite arcade game was wonderboy (hey, just look at my avatar here in AA ) hours spent on the arcade machine wasting many many coins. When I was a teenager, wonderboy was ported to C64, and they have done pretty nice work. it never came to A8. I was very upset. Now many many years after (can't tell you exactly how old I am , can I? ) I've decided to take on the challanage and start working on A8 port. I've turned to the best guys I know here: - @mikeris doing incredible work on the theme music and FXs - @popmiloand Myself are coding the game - @José Pereirais overarching the graphics - And recently joined @TIXwith his amazing sprite capabilities This is just in its initial stage, but the results so far are outstanding (and yes, it is all in the eyes of the beholder, but to me, it is progressing quite nicely) There is no end date for this release, but I think it is worth waiting.... For now I am sharing some screens shots of our progress so far, The screen are not final and mostly were done as test and concept , but i think they show our progress and our port intentions. Here is a simple xex for sprite test: main.xex let me know what you guys think.
  9. Boulder Dash® has long been a favourite for many video game enthusiasts. It is one of the most successful and longest-running game titles, having appeared on many, many platforms over its 30+ year history, including the Atari 2600. Recently, BBG Entertainment purchased all rights to Boulder Dash®, starting a new chapter in the game’s history. In response to extremely high demand, BBG Entertainment, Thomas Jentzsch and Andrew Davie have agreed to a new release of the game - with improvements and bug fixes. These changes now having been completed, we are all very pleased to announce that the new improved version of Boulder Dash® for the Atari 2600 will be available early next year.
  10. Hello all, As we finish up Zoo Keeper, Champ Games has started on a new project: Gorf Arcade for the Atari 2600! Although a version of Gorf was released for the 2600 by CBS, the Champ version will follow the same treatment given to Wizard of Wor by adding the following: All 5 arcade levels Updated graphics (by Nathan Strum) All 30 speech phrases using the AtariVox (by Mike Haas) Updated sounds (*) Improved game play High score support using the AtariVox/Savekey Cut scenes, ranking badges, etc. We estimate that the game is about 40% done. Here are some teaser screen shots showing the current progress: We are currently looking for a volunteer to help with the sounds (TIA). If you are interested in helping bring an updated Gorf to the 2600, please send me a PM!
  11. It took a long time, but here it is finally. Ever since I found it in the archive this summer I've been trying to find a way to get this ROM available. After many failed attempts we finally have it!! Special thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for all of his help in getting this done. This works in the latest version of Stella which should be available soon after you read this. After many years I can say it's about time this cat was let out of the bag!! Pursuit of the Pink Panther.bin
  12. Following several months of development and testing and one year after the prior update (version 2), I'm pleased to announce the release of version 3.00 of the 'alt' firmware for the Ultimate 1MB, Incognito, 1088XEL/XLD, and SIDE/SIDE2. Please head over to the firmware page of my website to download the updates: https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/ New features: Number of BIOS configuration profiles increased from three to four Massively faster and more powerful loader search facility Loader’s built-in FAT DOS now supports subdirectories Loader now remembers the last accessed FAT folder Loader scripts may include paths Loader can now open the location of any already mounted image Usability improvements to the loader and BIOS setup menu Optional synthetic ‘IO sound’ with ATRs and hard disk partitions Improved loader compatibility Auto-booting banked cartridge conversions on SIDE/SIDE2 All hardware-specific HDD functionality moved to plugins Several important bug fixes This thread will cover any installation and usability issues, and discussion of any further updates and fixes. Documentation has also been heavily revised, and we have the exciting prospect of ebiguy's excellent OSS language cart conversions for SIDE/SIDE2. I will be making some quick-start videos when I get time; for now the task of simply getting everything prepared and uploaded was daunting enough. Thanks to the volunteers who tested the beta and release candidate versions, and I hope everyone enjoys the end result.
  13. Hey folks here is a rare find! Kickman for the 2600 programmed by Alex Leavens when he was at Roklan Corporation. CBS did not release this but I am releasing it now! It's quite fun to play. Plays great in Z26 and Stella, for Stella make sure you have Phosphor enabled in the video settings. Special thanks once again to Thomas Jentzsch for helping to get this game working. Press RESET to start the game. Left difficulty = balloon speed Right difficulty = kick length Kickman (1-8-82).bin
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, As seen at PRGE and on ZeroPage Homebrew, this is Venture Reloaded. NEW - Dec 14, 2019 - Latest and greatest rom RC3 is below!!! Venture Reloaded (RC3).zip This is a hack, not a homebrew. Everything has been updated and new content has been added. The earliest a cart release will happen is next year through AtariAge. I hope to be holding a label contest for that soon. If you are using Stella than you must enable Phosphor to eliminate flicker. This is found in the display tab of the game properties. You can also configure Stella to use a SaveKey to auto-save your highscore. In the controller change the P1 controller to SaveKey. Have fun with this!!! If you do get all the treasures please be sure to post a picture of the Treasure Screen in a spoiler with your score. Congrats to all who participated in this challenge. We have now passed the cut-off date for entries. 😀
  15. Finally got the PMG overlay with DLI repositioning in a working state... it's not perfect yet (no masking) but good enough for a release. Just need to fix a crash issue and it's good to go!
  16. It's called burnout. Physical and mental stress over prolonged periods causes decision making to be impaired. Couple this with the fact there are some people in the "scene" (read back a few pages) out to deliberately cause others further stress and harm, and it eventually makes you wonder why on earth you bother doing these things. Trust me, it's not for the money -- if it were, I would never have even started. At that point in time I was quite happy to jack it all in, and very nearly did. And its very easy to make the "correct" decision when you are not furnished with the facts of the matter and you make the decision in retrospect, isn't it?
  17. Hi all. It's a quiet morning of the Halloween day, and your child comes announcing he collapsed the neighbor's house. Enough to stop your heart, but fortunately the neighbor isn't angry, instead he gave your kid a juju. Instantaneously your house is attacked by zombies everywhere (of course, nothing to do with the juju), but your family is so afraid of the zombies that they are freezed by chilling horror. You need to carry them to the outside on your head (your wife, your kiddo and your daughter), but you only can carry one at a time. If the zombies touch you, you'll become a zombie dad, but you'll be dead pretty soon unless you eat some human flesh. If the zombies touch a member of your family, well, he or she will disappear. The level is complete when your family is saved or all eaten, your choice. On each level the difficulty will be harder, the zombies will be faster, and I forgot about the banshees. Once in a while, a zombie will turn onto a banshee, it won't eat your family but can turn you into a zombie dad. With a little luck the juju isn't so bad and the curse could disappear, but you don't know when!!! Move with the controller, left and right, up and down over the stairs, and also press the side button to carry a member of your family or put he/she on the floor. Enjoy it! zombie0.zip
  18. Finally I am pleased to announce a new game for ATARI XL/XE. This is a space trading game. Star Vagrant will provide many hours of challenging entertainment. Game offers an experience with up to 12 various ships. You can visit up to 25 locations in 10 different systems and trade 24 unique items. I have prepared very limited collector's edition. Pre-orders can be placed from November 3rd. I will be on Silly Venture 2019, so if anyone want to pickup his copy there, it can be arranged. The game has 3 language versions: english, polish and german. I would like to thank everyone who was involved and made that game possible (random order ). - Bocianu - Tebe - XXL - Broniu - Caruso - Kaz and my my aunt for german translation.
  19. Hi all, Castle Defender is out for public: http://matosimi.websupport.sk/atari/2019/11/castle-defender/ Enjoy!
  20. Another high resolution game will be released for A8, Monty On The Run C16's conversion. People with VIP tickets will receive it on tape at Silly Venture 2019 party (December 6-8th, Gdansk, Poland).
  21. After 35 Years... The Schematics for the Atari 1450XLD "TONG" have finally been discovered and made available to the community. The Atari 1450XLD page on Atari Musuem has been updated: http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/1450xld/1450xld.html The larger set of the 1983 1450XL schematics will also be scanned and posted hopefully by the weekend. 1400XL schematics (nice clean scans, not the very dark hard to read ones that Best used to sell) will be going up soon as well. Also on the 1450XLD page are the schematics to the Atari Parallel Disk drive controller... More 1090XL stuff coming soon as well...
  22. SONGBIRD ACQUIRES CLASSIC GAMING PROPERTIES For immediate release: ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the acquisition of multiple classic gaming properties, including: The entire HandMade Software library, except for Kasumi Ninja, including games such as Awesome Golf and Battlezone 2000 Battlemorph by ATD Gordo 106 by Tenth Planet Software Lynx Super Skweek by Loriciel Othello by Harry Dodgson "Songbird has enjoyed two decades of supporting diehard Atari fans with new games for old systems," said Carl Forhan, founder of Songbird. "I look forward to a new wave of products that can incorporate these incredible games for the benefit of all gamers worldwide." Songbird Productions is a premier game developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at http://songbird-productions.com . This message may be reprinted in its entirety.
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    NYD 2020

    Ok, missed the timeline a bit... But here, we are: NYD2020.zip Pouet: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=84458 New Year's Disc 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Welcome to this years edition of NYD! It was a hard year for me in 2019 - a big not expected thing happend to me. So it was not so easy to create something for the A8. But I didn't want to stop this tradition and even if I had no clue, what to code myselves I started the call for entries at November 8th 2019. Gunstar and eMKay where about the first who had contacted me and eMKay just had a nice tune ready, so I had an idea, what I could try to code and asked both to help. But due to some more problems here, time ran out to do a nice production. At the end I had to cancel this project, to have at least one thing ready for NYD 2020. Again: Sorry Gunstar and eMKay that I did not complete the thing and your work is not presented as we had planned. I really hope to come back to this project and make it to a presentable and nice thing. Ok, now back to this NYD... My little intro should run on NTSC or PAL, but should be watched in PAL, as the colours are not set for NTSC - sound runs well even at 60 Hz PAL machines this time. Tools used to do this are: Rasterconverter, mads, graph2font, ATARI Font Maker, Raster Music Tracker, WUDSN - Thanks to the authors of these tools. The music was ripped from a modfile ebbhead made in 1992. Other words from the people who had made the projects are added below the lineup. We hope you all got well into 2020 and will have fun watching, listening and yes, PLAYING!!! There is imho a very well done game there this time :) At least my daughter had some minutes of fun playing the ATARI, yet. This NYD's lineup: NYD2020 Disc 01 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- 2020 (intro) by PPs Happy 2020 (256 Byte) by F#READY Happy New Year (animation) by miker SEGA Rocky (PAL picture) by Gunstar Runner Bear by playsoft & friends Ei aus der Taiga (intro) by eMKay ------------------------------- ED 128kB======008/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 02 - NewTek demo (Filippo Santellocco)(pal).atr ------------------------------- NewTek Demo (PAL slideshow) by Philsan ------------------------------- ED 128kB======007/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 03 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Mines (BASIC 10 liner) by Fabrizio Caruso Ei aus der Taiga 2 (intro) by eMKay Air fist Rocky (PAL picture) by Gunstar Snowfall (intro) by Philsan Boris & Farage (picture) by snicklin 2020 (intro) by TiRED Doomfire (intro) by Wrathchild 2020 (NTSC picture) by Philsan ------------------------------- ED 128kB======057/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 04 - cartoon slideshow (Sikor).atr ------------------------------- classic cartoons slideshow by Sikor ------------------------------- ED 128kB======274/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 05 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Ei aus der Taiga 3 (intro) by eMKay 2020 (PAL picture) by Philsan Champ Rocky (PAL pictrue) by Gunstar ------------------------------- ED 128kB======342/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 06 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Neon (320 kB animation) by miker ------------------------------- DD 180kB======063/0720 sec free total count: ------------------------------- 6 discs======0751/5920 sec free ----100% fun for your ATARI---- ------------------------------------------------------------------2020-01-01 PPs authors words: F#READY - Happy 2020 ******************** Happy 2020 Atari Invasion 256 bytes thingy for New Years Disk F#READY, December 2019 Snow routine ripped/optimised Credits: Claus Buchholz 1981, Xmas Tree Demo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fabrizio Caruso - Mines *********************** - Atari Basic 10-liner strategy game - game available for many platforms (github.com/Fabrizio-Caruso/mines) Instructions: You are in a minefield where mines appear both - under your feet once you move and - around you (more if you do not move) You can clear the area around you with anti-mine charges but you can only carry a maximum of 9. If you reach a "$" item you get an extra anti-mine charge. The field has upper and lower borders that kill you if reached. Left and right borders wrap around. The rate of mines appearing around you increases continuously. Goals: - reach the highest score possible by walking on empty positions or collecting charges "$" - avoid stepping on mines or the upper and lower borders - reach the next 100 points to get a full recharge of your anti-mine charges Score: - walk into an empty position: 1 point - walk into an anti-mine charge "$": 5 points Controls: - use I J K L keys to move - use SPACE bar to clear nearby area (if you have enough charges) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philsan - NewTek demo ********************* - inspired by Amiga NewTek Demo Reel #1 (1987) - images ripped from Amiga, edited and converted with RastaConverter program by Ilmenit - slideshow code by PPS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philsan - Snowfall Atari ************************ - compiled Turbo-Basic XL - graphics 7 image edited and converted with Atari Graphics Studio program by Tebe - RMT player by Raster, adapted for TBXL by Marok - original Atari Basic snowfall code by Fred Key (1986) - Depeche Mode Little 15 tune by JaKub Husak (2010) - packed by Homesoft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- milpool/TiRED - 2020 ******************** _____ _________/_ /-----.______ -------. _( /__/ ) ___)_____ )_____._ \___ ____/ _/ _- /__ _/ |/ \ _// : \_/ \___\ __\_____/_____:_______/mpl : : : : TiRED - 2020 - Atari 8Bit intro : :_ . .// TiRED sends a happy new year to : : the atari scene with this little . : intro. GFX/Music/Code by milpool! . : Requires 64kb. . . : . _[ trd2020.xex ]________________________: \_______________________________________/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrathchild - Doomfire ********************* This demo I initially worked on in April 2019 after converting the original Javascript into a C and Allegro prototype on Windows. The aim was to then port take that code onto the UNO Cart’s ARM processor to see it running on the A8 but that hasn’t been done yet. There were two flavours, a 2x2 pixel mode for 2 rows of Graphics 10 per square at 80 pixels wide or 4x4 pixels for 4 rows at 40 pixels wide. For the NYD 2020, I have converted the C into 6502 assembler and first tried to see if the 2x2 version would run ok on a stock machine. It was almost acceptable but I chose to move to the 4x4 mode instead and this works fine. Coding was done across 3 days from 29th-31st Dec but has taken about a day overall. NTSC/PAL is detected at startup and colors/colours are adjusted accordingly however the music will run a little faster on NTSC. Having listened through the Winter Olympiad 88 songs, initially I was thinking to use the Biathlon tune but preferred the Downhill one in the end. I hope, that everything is in and I did not forget something. I tested every entry and every disc with my 600XL with U1MB and ASAP's microSD2SIO Device. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  24. Nice video with Curt Vendel. We have never seen some Atari parts before. Thank you Curt for the presentation.
  25. In honor of Stephen Wrenn Smith, Good Deal Games is releasing the ROM to his excellent ROAD DUEL game. I think that Stephen would approve if he was still with us. I want as many people to be able to play his game as possible. In case you don't know, Stephen was the first and only legally blind programmer to design and program a game for the Atari 2600. I was honored when he chose my little company to publish it. Due to several interruptions resulting from health issues (such as cardiac arrest) the typical 4-9 month development cycle was prolonged to over seven years. Regardless, he pulled off his childhood dream of making his own Atari game and I was so proud of him. KUDOS again to you, buddy! May you get a perfect score playing 'Road Duel' in Heaven. The conventions won't be the same without you. Best, Michael of GDG's Homebrew Heaven www.GoodDealGames.com Road Duel.bas.bin
  26. Hi All, Just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a most Joyous Christmas and Intellivision Holiday Season. To those who have had trials this past year may you have a better 2020 but know that those trials are for our learning and to strengthen us mentally and Spiritually. May God Bless you all, Hankster
  27. "Santa has a problem he needs to solve before Christmas, can you help him? Ever since Rudolph picked up this new "ice cave exploration" hobby, it's one headache after another! You see, ice caves are dangerous places... you never know when you will come across the tribe of goblins led by evil lord Tix. Strange creatures these goblins! Always changing colors and appearance all the time. Anyway, no time to lose, the temperature is falling quickly! Help Santa save Rudolph! Those goblins are nasty, so no time for ho-ho-ho's! Santa is bringing his anti-goblin rifle, explosive presents, and flying spinning hat to help him on his daring rescue mission. Let's hope Rudolph will change hobbies!" H.E.L.I. is a new game that will be released in 2020. The game will incorporate "Christmas mode" which can be unlocked by entering a special code. Doing so will replace graphics and music to match what you see in this demo. However, instead of waiting until the game is ready, Christmas Mode is being released ahead of time as this standalone demo. Three levels are available... the final game will have 20+. Controls: use disc to move protagonist + side buttons to use laser and bombs. Please keep in mind this is a work in progress. Hope you all enjoy it, and let me know in case of any comments! Very thankful for all the support and encouragement as H.E.L.I. continues to be developed! Merry Christmas! HELI_Christmas_demo.rom
  28. http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/ASG/Chips/AMY/index.html
  29. Hello all ! Here is a new homebrew game I made for the Atari 2600 that I named THE END 2600. It is based on the 1980 Konami version of the arcade game THE END. ** DEC 16 2019 UPDATE ** ** THE END 2600 IS COMPLETE AND FINISHED ** ** ATTACHED YOU WILL FIND THE FINISHED VERSIONS OF THIS GAME IN NTSC AND PAL60 ** ** JAN 14 2020 UPDATE ** ** INSTRUCTIONS FILE ATTACHED ** OBJECTIVE: To destroy aliens attempting to steal bricks from your 3 defense bases. The aliens will arrange stolen bricks to spell out "END" at the top of the screen. Use your joystick to move your spaceship left of right and press the button to fire to the aliens. THE POINTS: Each alien destroyed scores 40, 60 or 100 points. Destroying aliens carrying a stolen brick scores double. Destroying MotherShip scores 10 to 100 points. That same amount will be awarded as bonus for each brick needed to complete the word "END" ANOTHER DETAILS: You start the game with 3 spaceships. An extra ship will be awarded when you reach 5,000 points. Game is over when all your spaceships are destroyed or "END" is spelled out by the aliens. Each level is represented by a "wave". Every 5 "waves", the MotherShip will come down to attack your spaceship. If you destroy it, a "round" of 5 "waves" will be completed. When a new "round" begins, the aliens with have to start spelling "END" all over again. ** USE OF THE LEFT DIFFICULTY SWITCH ** ** A = ADVANCED - GAME STARTS WITH 6 ALIENS AND FASTER ALIEN BULLETS ** ** B = BEGINNERS - GAME STARTS WITH 3 ALIENS AND SLOW ALIEN BULLETS ** The game is complete and fully playable. It has 40 levels and is fast and very challenging. The game is not exactly in graphics as the arcade version but the gameplay is. Also I have added some animations that are not in the arcade. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it ! Please tell me your feedback about the game and let me know if the game is too easy or too hard or if you find any bugs in the game. Let's see those high scores !! RaymanC THE END 2600_NTSC_RC1.bin THE END 2600_PAL60_RC1.bin THE END 2600_NTSC_RC2.bin THE END 2600_PAL60_RC2.bin THE END 2600_NTSC_RC3.bin THE END 2600_PAL60_RC3.bin THE END 2600_NTSC_RC4.bin THE END 2600_PAL60_RC4.bin THE END 2600_NTSC_RC5.bin THE END 2600_PAL60_RC5.bin THE END 2600_NTSC.bin THE END 2600_PAL60.bin The End 2600 Instructions .txt
  30. The news that Rob Wyatt hasn't been paid for 6 months comes personally as no surprise whatsoever. As many of you who know me personally remember, I ran Legacy Engineering, well I was hired by Fred Chesnais to develop the Gene Simmons Axe Controller for guitar hero. I spent 6 months and put over $90k out of my own pocket to develop the controller and have several golden sample prototypes made. I was given a song and dance about getting royalties and such... well in June of 2008 I had to be admitted to the hospital for emergency open heart surgery. I suffered a severe heart infection and had to go in for emergency heart surgery. While I'm in the hospital, Freddy calls me and desperately asks if I could get the prototypes out to him, he needs to get them to Gene Simmons immediately as Gene is going to put them on his show and announce them. So I had someone get them packed and shipped to Freddy, well he took them, they never went to Gene, they went right to Freddy's friend up in Canada at Beat Street, they reverse engineered the samples (since they weren't protected yet and everything was on development boards inside) and had cheap knock offs made. He told me that they couldn't get on the show in time, after several weeks of recovering I finally called to get the status on the project, he said it was canceled which was a lie. He ended up bankrupting my consultancy and I was out all of my investment, my prototypes and royalties... sounds like he basically has done the exact same thing to Rob Wyatt. Freddy is a serial scumbag. BTW, notice how while they dangled all of the eye candy, they put in a small disclaimer --- the first units won't have any OS... that's because there isn't one, Atari also quietly announced that they have dropped development of their own custom linux distro. There won't be an OS, they'll give you your box and you're on your own. You of course could've just bought any of the Ryzen dev boards that are currently out there now and gotten what Atari is pushing for $300...
  31. IntelliVania for the Mattel Intellivision A game by Matthew Kiehl Includes: Box, Game Cartridge, Instruction Manual, 2 Controller Overlays. Release Date: 2020 WORK IN PROGRESS VIDEO
  32. Hi, all! After a discussion in a FB Group, I noticed that the game Gyruss had 4 bugs: 1. In the CAR version, it shows different colors from the XEX version. At first I thought it was normal as if they were different version, but then I saw the machine code inside the ROM and realized that it had a bug, taking the wrong address. 2. In two player mode, both XEX and CAR versions shows the same pallete of colors from player 1. That means, for example, that if player 1 is on stage 2 and player 2 is on stage 1, player 2 will show the colors from stage 2. 3. In the XEX version, the chance stages are decreasing the number of ships each time you play the game. That is because it writes on the cartridge memory zone where it's supposed to be ROM. 4. In the XEX version, from time to time you get stucked at the end of a stage, so you have to lose a life in order to continue. Well, I dug up into the machine code and I was able to patch them. Here's attached both XEX and CAR version of the game. It's supposed to be U1MB and VBXE friendly, so I will appreciate any feedback you can give me. Best regards! Gyruss patched v3.zip
  33. 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Nomination Results Celebrating the best in Atari Homebrew presented by ZeroPage Homebrew, The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion, Mark/Space | Project Argon and AtariAge Congratulations to all the nominees this year! Voting Begins: January 18, 2020 @ 00:00:00 PT January 23, 2020 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT Voting Ends: January 25, 2020 @ 23:59:59 PT EXTENDED TO: January 28, 2020 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT Awards Show: February 1, 2020 @ 12:00PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT on the ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch Stream Nominations Downloads: Atari 2600 Completed, Atari 2600 WIP, Atari 2600 Packaging, Atari 7800 Completed, Atari 8bit/5200 Completed VOTING OPEN!! Atari Homebrew Awards Voting Categories: Atari 2600: Best Homebrew Atari 7800: Best Homebrew (New!) Atari 8-Bit/5200: Best Homebrew (New!) Atari 2600: Best ≤ 4K Homebrew (2600) (New!) Atari 2600: Best Graphics Atari 2600: Best Music & Sound Atari 2600: Best Packaging Atari 2600: Best WIP Atari 2600: Best Homebrew (17) A Roach In Space by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Bass Fishing Tournament by Anthony Quinlan "TwentySixHundred" Bitquest II by Brian Wayne Shea "metalbabble" Caverns by Harold Thijssen Dare Devil by Lewis Hill "Muddyfunster" (MuddyVision), RushJet1 (Title Music) Dog Walk by Vojta "nooly" Dragons Descent by Todd Furmanski "Revontuli" Evil Magician Returns II by Todd Holcomb "Byte Knight" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games Heist by Timothy Marsh Hugohunt 4K by "angelsoft" Space Game 2KB by Karl Garrison "Karl G" Spies In The Night 2 by Jared Gray West "graywest" The End 2600 by Carlos "RaymanC" Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games Atari 2600: Best Graphics (11) Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Bass Fishing Tournament by Anthony Quinlan "TwentySixHundred" Bitquest II by Brian Wayne Shea "metalbabble" Dare Devil by Lewis Hill "Muddyfunster" (MuddyVision), RushJet1 (Title Music) Dragons Descent by Todd Furmanski "Revontuli" Evil Magician Returns II by Todd Holcomb "Byte Knight" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games (graphics by Nathan Strum) Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom by Andreas Gustafsson "Sdw" & Vanja Utne Spies In The Night 2 by Jared Gray West "graywest" The End 2600 by Carlos "RaymanC" Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games (graphics by Nathan Strum) Atari 2600: Best Music & Sound (12) A Roach In Space by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Dare Devil by Lewis Hill "Muddyfunster" (MuddyVision), RushJet1 (Title Music) Evil Magician Returns II by Todd Holcomb "Byte Knight" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games (sound and music by Ross Keenum) Ms. Galactopus by Ric Pryor "KaeruYojimbo" Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom by Andreas Gustafsson "Sdw" & Vanja Utne Spies In The Night 2 by Jared Gray West "graywest" The End 2600 by Carlos "RaymanC" Water Diver by "zdan" Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games (sound by Mike Haas with Ross Keenum) Atari 2600: Best Packaging (10) A Roach In Space by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Aardvark by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez "nanochess" and Thomas Jentzsch (design and coding), Nathan Strum (graphics and packaging) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" (packaging by Nathan Strum) Dragons Descent by Todd Furmanski "Revontuli" Galagon (Galaga) by Champ Games (packaging by Dave Dries) Jay Walker by Ross Adkin "TidusRenegade" Pro Golf by Edward A. Smith Rally Racer by More Work Games Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom by Andreas Gustafsson "Sdw" & Vanja Utne Wizard of Wor Arcade by Champ Games (packaging by Dave Dries) Atari 2600: Best Homebrew ≤4K (10) Amoeba Jump by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Arcade Pong by David Galloway "djmips" Caverns by Harold Thijssen Death Race by Michael Salzman Do Re Mi by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Dog Walk by Vojta "nooly" Hugohunt 4K by "angelsoft" Ms. Galactopus by Ric Pryor "KaeruYojimbo" Space Game 2KB by Karl Garrison "Karl G" Water Diver by "zdan" Atari 2600: Best WIP (9) Avalanche by John Champeau (Champ Games) Bag Boy by Kevin Kelley "KevKelley" Cannonhead Clash by "bluswimmer" (was Bomb Game) DK Arcade 2600 by Michael Haas "iesposta" & "Byte Knight" Ninjish Guy in Low Res World by Vladimir Zuñiga (aka John Von Neumann) "vhzc" Penult by Karl Garrison "Karl G" Robot City by Thomas Jentzsch Tower of Rubble by Dion Olsthoorn "Dionoid" Zoo Keeper by Champ Games Atari 7800: Best Homebrew (3) Rikki & Vikki by PenguiNet "TailChao" Baby Pac-Man by Bob DeCrecenzo "PacManPlus" Draker Quest II by Clark Otto "frankodragon" Atari 8Bit/5200: Best Homebrew (10) Adventure Ponies - Daniel "Gibstov" Blevins, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik Berks Four - Jon Wiliams Castle Defender - Martin "MatoSimi" Simeček, Piotr "Piesiu" Radecki, Michał "stRing" Radecki (original game by Chris Bradburne) Gravity Worms - Krzysztof "xxl" Dudek, Jakub "Aceman" Szeląg, Kamil "Vidol" Walaszek Imogen - Frantisek "Fandal" Houra, Petr "HardCore" Postava, Lukas Bezdek, José Pereira (original game by Michael St Aubyn) Jet Set Willy 2019 - Terence "Tezz" Derby (original game by Matthew Smith) Monty on the Run - Krzysztof "Rastan" Wróbel, Marek "Konop" Konopka, Michał "Miker" Szpilowski (original game by Jason Perkins, Terry Droid) The Rescue Expedition - Kamil "Gorgh" Trzaska, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki Star Vagrant - Rafał "MADRAFi" Czemko, Rafał "Broniu" Broniarek, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki Wasteland - Michael Jaskula
  34. Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year! Be sure to check this one out, because it contains a lot of new beta .bins! Many thanks to Matt Reichert, Scott Stilphen and all other contributors. If you want to add or correct any .bin file info, please do this with 100% verified documentation and I will be more than happy to include this into V17. Enjoy: http://www.atarimania.com/rom_collection_archive_atari_2600_roms.html Rom
  35. I'm stuck in the 80s. I upgraded an Atari 8K RAM board to 48K. Not as interesting as some modern upgrades, no, but fun to do. Had two problems along the way. The old 1978 74LS20 chip had outputs stuck at 1.1 V. Had to buy a new one. Second, there was a solder splash shorting two signals under the rat's nest. Old hands and eyes are not so steady anymore. Will post a schematic later.
  36. I just wanted to take this moment to say "thank you" to everyone that was so nice to me at PRGE. It was the first time I was ever there, and I am VERY appreciative. It was GREAT to finally meet some of you, and see others whom I haven't seen in quite a long time. So, again, thanks guys. You make me want to keep doing this. So once Stranger Things is done, I plan on starting my next 7800 game (or continuing one that I already started)
  37. I've been made aware of some fun lies spread by an ignorant halfwit. "yes we get more and more reports by customers. Have a look to the jagsd pictures. Too thick pcb plus no rounded edges like the skunkboard. So if you have the wrong angle you smash the pins. Most likely the card also consumes more than the 300mA allowed like all other memory cards" Ok, lets take this one point at a time. "Too thick pcb" Ignoring the poor grammar, lets have a look at the evidence. Hey! Would you look at that! The JagGD PCB is THINNER than the stock Jaguar game PCB. So it's actually EASIER on the cartridge slot. Lets call that lie number 1. Next point -- "no rounded edges like the skunkboard". I assume this means beveled edges, as that's the important factor when inserting card edges into sockets. Hey, check that out, they're both beveled by the same amount! Who'd have thought? Sheesh, it's like the guy has never actually SEEN one of the PCB's. Fancy that? So, that's lie number 2. Lets see if we can make it a hat-trick. So, the allegation is that it "consumes more than the 300mA allowed". Ok, I run the cart off one single 300ma 3.3v regulator, which is about 200ma at 5v. So, yeah, we'll go with 3 lies. Sweet. A hat trick of lies. To what end, though? Not sure. Thank-you, and goodnight.
  38. Here is a TI99/4A port of the arcade game "Bump 'n' Jump" from Data East in 1982. It is written in assembly language, developed using Ralph's XDT99 tools. It runs on a bare console and does NOT require 32K expansion. It features full-screen vertical scrolling at pixel resolution in bitmap graphics mode. Use joystick 1 or the E S D X keys to accelerate/steer/decelerate, and Fire, Space bar or Enter to jump. The P key can be used to pause and resume play. Colliding cars will temporarily bounce in opposite directions, and bounced opponent cars may smash against the barriers. Various cars have different point score values. Your car speed must be at least 100 to be able to jump. Jump over gaps in the road, or to avoid being bounced into a hazard. Upon landing, cars underneath will be instantly smashed. Completing a road will score bonus points for the number of cars smashed, before moving on to the next season. An extra life is awarded every 30K points. Landing on an island awards 1000 points. This game was started when I had an idea for a method of scrolling the whole screen, and I made a prototype for the 4K contest in early 2018. The prototype proved the scrolling effect worked, and then I spent a lot of time compressing it down to fit in 4K. The prototype used only 13 out of the 16 track segments, used only one season's color table, and had track data only for the first two levels, (before going off into the weeds and filling video memory with garbage.) The full game has 8 levels of 64-segment road, with more complicated segment transitions that didn't work within the prototype transition scheme. Instead of loading a new transition set every 32 rows (1 segment), I needed to allow reloading every 8 rows (1/4 segment). This is fine because the bitmap graphics mode is 3 chunks of 8 rows, so each chunk can be updated individually. Some of the original segment elements had to be adjusted to made the seams easier to fit into the transition table. The transition tables are limited to 32 entries, since each transition consumes 8 of the 256 characters. I spent some of my last winter holiday vacation working on the transition table generation, and finally got it working. For this version I didn't bother with any compression: bank 0 is mostly program, bank 1 is track data, bank 2 is sprite data, and bank 3 is sound lists. The music was converted from the notes in a midi file that I found. Music plays on the tone channels 1 and 2, and sound effects play on tone 3 and noise channels. I grew up playing the Intellivision port as a kid, and have incorporated some of the same design elements into this version. The "Get Ready Player" and "Congratulations" screens have white text over a black background. Another similarity is that the opponent vehicle sprites are limited to a single color. This game is more-or-less complete. I considered adding a two player mode, but have run out of space in bank 0. bnp_8.bin bnp.rpk
  39. A while back Tempest shared a great idea of adding a menu screen for Atari games which had their options laid out in a matrix at the back of the manual. I really loved that idea because it breathes some new life into these old games. Menu screens are great because they take away the awfulness of having to use the select switch to cycle through all 112 options of Space Invaders, and lets you know what game you are selecting in Video Olympics. You can also choose valid game types for the amount of players that you have. Here are three that I worked on over the holiday. I may do more in the future, but not certainly right away due to other projects. Enjoy these and have a Happy New Year! Menu Games (rev 1).zip Super Breakout Menu: Video Olympics Menu: Space Invaders Menu: To make the paddle games work change the settings in Stella as shown below: Video Olympics Settings: Super Breakout Settings:
  40. See, Lucas...this is why people point and laugh at your core group of diehards. Atari isn't a charitable organization, and they aren't my kid struggling with math. They're a company that's taken people's money, and are looking to earn more. They don't get credit for trying hard. There are no participation ribbons. They aren't doing this as a favor that anyone should be thankful for. They're a business. They aren't making a product for people to enjoy, they're making a product for people to purchase. To a rational, fully functioning adult, it doesn't matter how hard they're trying. All that should matter is the product, or lack thereof. Progress, or lack thereof. Communication, or lack thereof. A clearly defined market and path to success and support in such, or lack thereof. An image of honesty and integrity, or lack thereof. That you few can't seem to grasp this, or why even the Indiegogo page has turned into complaints, is why the zealots have been the butt of jokes since the beginning.
  41. Hi all, just want to announce that I´ve made a new replica for the Atari 1050 diskdrive, it´s The Mini Super Speedy 1050! This is an updated version of my MiniSpeedy 1050 with Super-Speedy functionality. You get all the features from the well-known Mini-Speedy 1050 with the additional feature to copy whole discs in less than 40 seconds (format, write, verify)! The Super-Speedy includes a 256 KByte buffer which holds the complete single density, enhanced/medium density or double density disc read before. Because the data must not transferred through the bottleneck SIO buss, one complete double density disc will be read in approx 10 seconds or less. Once loaded into the internal memory, you can create as much copies you want. Maximum time for writing a full double density disk with format and verify is 40 seconds. The special copy tool for using the Super Speedy function will be booted with open disc lever and the 1050 set as D1: into your Atari computer. Further the computer is only used as a terminal, all read and write accesses will be done by the 1050 itself. Without booting the copy tool, the Super-Speedy acts like any other Speedy 1050, too. It has the firmware V1.7 and runs fine with NTSC, too! By default (see the red jumper) the Super-Speedy firmware is active. When the jumper is removed, the standard Mini-Speedy V1.7 firmware with HSS copier is active. I patched the HSS copier to english language. Of course it also runs fine with NTSC systems. Find the installation instructions here: http://www.van-radecke.de/MiniSpeedy/MiniSuperSpeedy1050.pdf I´ve made a little video (made with cell phone, please excuse the quality) copying one double density disc with the Super Speedy: http://www.van-radecke.de/MiniSpeedy/MiniSuperSpeedy_copy_in_action.mp4 When using NTSC, you will see the timer more increasing, the reason is the 60 Hz vertical frequency, which is used for the timer. So real time needed is approx 30-33 seconds for a full double density disc to write (format & verify), but when done with a NTSC system, it will show up to 40 seconds, but uses only 30-33 😀 Mini Super Speedy 1050 is availible in 2-3 weeks. See my linked document in the signature below for more informations! Jurgen
  42. I recorded a quick video as it would give a better impression than the single screen shot. It shows some of the things to do like remove the panel in non-Front/Rear/Side views, enable console rendering, mask off the 'E' and 'S' when they aren't needed, employ some DLIs to give more colour to the panel etc. Regards, Mark
  43. I will be a subscriber and look forward to your many adventures.
  44. Thanks, that's much appreciated! I often think the open way I deal with things is a double edged sword, but it's just the way I am. It's nice to engage with people and try and explain at least a bit of what's going on in the background -- it helps a lot with motivation, as working entirely solo can be challenging in many ways. I can understand people wanting more updates / communication. You're talking about people who are at the fringes of retro gaming here and don't know anything about the reality of small scale devices like these. They just see something for sale and expect the same service as ordering from Amazon prime. People are people, not ideal, but at least I can understand them. The bit I really don't understand are those who actively try and destroy things. It seems it's partially from a competition point of view (in terms of Ralf from 0711), however I don't quite understand this, as shoddily modified consoles, old games and cheap peripherals are hardly what I'd call direct competition to something like a new game cartridge. In fact a new cartridge would drive sales of old hardware as it increases interest in the devices. What it seems to come down to here is a deep psychological issue, which I can't even begin to understand. I'm a decent person and quite literally cannot understand what drives the mentally ill, and have no desire to find out. All I can hope is that those who continue with this toxic attitude long enough will get noticed, and they will get what's coming to them. Oddly his website is now down as I went to see what he is currently pedaling, no idea if this is somehow related to his attitude toward the community, but I can only hope so. And bizarrely all the ranting he's doing against AtariAge about things like FCC / CE and everything else, he is also entirely foul of. He doesn't seem to realise that by modifying a console, you actually invalidate any existing FCC / CE certification, even if the dodgy Chinese HDMI upscaler you are using has a fake CE sticker on it. It's what is known as CE + CE != CE. In real terms, trying to apply FCC or CE certification to a game cartridge which plugs into an ancient console which itself no longer passes modern CE or FCC standards is not possible. If the console could not pass certification, a device which plugs into it cannot either. It's just hypocritical scaremongering from the mentally ill. But, yes, bring on Karma. My name isn't Earl, but if it helps Karma function, I can change my name.
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