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  1. Well, my 10% chance happened and I've managed to submit at least somewhat playable game Small beateamup game for two players. Last man standing wins. Find your player 2 and have fun kicking each others ass Was planned to be full sized game, but this is what you get just for taste More to come. Cheers! Vladimir
  2. The ports locked to the Skunkboard are all now ready for the big day: Just in case anyone was wondering how long it would take me to get around to these for this board.
  3. Hello all, Here are the updated NTSC and PAL60 demo ROMs for Galagon (aka Galaga). PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on playing this in an emulator, you must use the latest version of Stella (6.0.1) or Stellarator. The game works on the Harmony (and Encore) with BIOS 1.0.5 or higher. The game is full functional with the following changes: Savekey support has been disabled After completing stage 8, the game goes back to stage 1 The word "DEMO" is displayed on the title screen. There have been numerous changes since the last demo ROMs. Thanks to all the suggestions and recommendations! We are looking to finish the game up in the next couple of weeks in preparation for the game's release at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in mid-October, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks, John changed title screen to "Galagon" (thanks Nathan!) to coincide with the official name change from Galaga to "Galagon" the repeat fire response is faster for difficulty A (no autofire) removed the "150" score display during gameplay for killing a boss in formation (still displayed in the SCORING screen), moved enemies closer together on first wave of challenge stage so you can hit them as they fly in, per the arcade changed blue bee loop pattern so it doesn't fly as low under your ship fixed a bug where you could change skill level by pressing left/right on the Credits screen the breathing/expanding sound is stopped when there are no ships left in formation increase star blinking speed to better match the arcade added SFX when selecting the skill level (bee sound when decreasing, butterfly sound when increasing) removed the boss destroy sound after a 1000 point bonus on the challenge stage. It now plays the sound of the last enemy destroyed, per the arcade fixed SFX for special ships to match the arcade: scorpion: boss destroyed SFX Galaxian: boss hit once SFX all others: butterfly (red enemy) destroyed SFX (was the bee sound) you can now cycle through the number of players on the title screen by pressing the Joystick 2 button changed order of enemies flying in to match the arcade (blue bees are flown in last) fixed the order of flyin patterns 4 and 5 on stage 1 (they were reversed) move the wrap around enemies so they don't fly off the edges of the screen changed it so enemy ships don't fire when they're really close to your ship updated ship explosion sound (thanks Ross!) add "PLAYER 1&2" message when both ships are active during co-cop no fire on flyin for NOVICE until level 4; fire on flyin for ADVANCED on level 1 added in CHALLENGE MODE: Select CHALLENGE MODE by pressing left or right on the title page until CHALLENGE MODE appears for the skill level Challenge mode can be 1 or 2 player, or even 2 player co-op! The object of Challenge Mode is to clear as many challenge stages before you run out of ships while obtaining a high score The rules of Challenge Mode are: You always start with a double ship with 2 in reserve Extra ships are earned the same as in a regular game: 20,000, 70,000 and every 70,000 after that All stages are challenge stages. After a challenge stage is complete: If you have double ships: Perfect score: no change If you hit 38 or more enemies, you will lose a reserve ship, keeping the double ship. If you don't have a reserve ship, you will lose one of your double ships. If you hit 30 or more enemies, you will lose one of your double ships. If you hit < 30 enemies, you lose BOTH double ships If you have a single ship: Perfect score: Bonus ship awarded as a double ship Otherwise, you lose a ship added in CO-OP mode. To select CO-OP mode, press the SELECT switch (or Joystick Button 2) to cycle the # of players until 2 PLAYER CO-OP is displayed. Select the skill level for CO-OP: In NOVICE and CHALLENGE MODE, both players start the game since both ships are active The object of CO-OP mode is the same as a 1 PLAYER game except both players are working together to achieve 1 score. When there is one ship, the player controlling the ship alternates each time a player ship is destroyed or captured. When there are two ships, each player controls one of the ships and can independently move and fire! Player 1's ship has RED trim, Player 2's ship has BLUE trim Players cannot cross each other's path Players can 'push' the other player by moving their ship against the other ship. Players can resist being pushed by moving the joystick towards the other ship. The rules of CO-OP for a regular game (NOVICE, STANDARD or ADVANCED): PLAYER 1 starts in control of the ship (RED trim), except in NOVICE mode where both ships are active to start. In this case, PLAYER 1 controls the left ship (RED trim) and PLAYER 2 controls the right ship (BLUE trim) When there is 1 ship being controlled, the RESERVE ships are trimmed in the color of the player who will control the *next* ship. When a ship is destroyed, if there are reserve ships, the *other* player will take control of the next ship. When a ship is captured, if there are reserve ships, the *other* player will take control of the next ship. Note that if a ship is destroyed while the other is captured, the player captured will control the ship and the player that was destroyed will now be captured When a ship is rescued, BOTH players will now each control one of the ships (PLAYER 1 controls the RED trim ship and PLAYER 2 controls the BLUE trim ship). Note that the ship that was rescued will always be on the RIGHT while the ship that did the rescuing will be on the LEFT Both players are working towards one high score. The game ends when all ships have been destroyed and there are none left in reserve. At the end of the game, hit/miss results are displayed for each player. If a high score is obtained, only one set of initials are entered. The rules of CO-OP for CHALLENGE MODE: Both players are active to start (PLAYER 1 controls the RED trim ship on the left and PLAYER 2 controls the BLUE trim ship on the right) If there are double ships and 1 ship is lost, the ship on the left is removed (the ship that has been active the longest) When there is 1 ship being controlled, the RESERVE ships are trimmed in the color of the player who will control the *next* ship. When a ship is destroyed, if there are reserve ships, the *other* player will take control of the next ship. Both players are working towards one high score. The game ends when all ships have been destroyed and there are none left in reserve. At the end of the game, hit/miss results are displayed for each player. If a high score is obtained, only one set of initials are entered. galaga_dmo_v2_PAL60.bin galaga_dmo_v2_NTSC.bin
  4. This one of my All time favorite Titles! I even Own the Real Patch 😊 This Game Stops at 1 Million Points, when this happens the score is displayed as 6 exclamation marks ! ! ! ! ! ! H.E.R.O. 1BB : ROLLAGE!
  5. SONGBIRD ACQUIRES CLASSIC GAMING PROPERTIES For immediate release: ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the acquisition of multiple classic gaming properties, including: The entire HandMade Software library, except for Kasumi Ninja, including games such as Awesome Golf and Battlezone 2000 Battlemorph by ATD Gordo 106 by Tenth Planet Software Lynx Super Skweek by Loriciel Othello by Harry Dodgson "Songbird has enjoyed two decades of supporting diehard Atari fans with new games for old systems," said Carl Forhan, founder of Songbird. "I look forward to a new wave of products that can incorporate these incredible games for the benefit of all gamers worldwide." Songbird Productions is a premier game developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at http://songbird-productions.com . This message may be reprinted in its entirety.
  6. Over the past few years, I've had a consistent desire to create a CyberPunk-inspired game of sorts for the Jaguar. Those of you who talk with me regularly or follow me on social media know that I've been experimenting with a number of various game design and demo ideas for just as long. I've created and released a few simplistic things like the a JagMOD Jukebox, The Car Demo, Fish Feast Demo and Simone (which I'll eventually release this year). This single game idea interests me the most however and I'm hoping it's something that will be of interest to others as well. The release of SainT's JagSD cart has alleviated any space issue constraints that would have made a game like this impossible before. So with that out of the way, now seems like a good time to create a dedicated thread for this game idea to discuss progress as it transforms from concept to reality. I haven't made a final decision on player movement/interaction yet but have a few ideas which can be seen in the videos below (running on real hardware): What is the game supposed to be about - the nitty gritty of it all: Intended to be a mature-based game of deception, you'll have to find a way to either erase your history or prove your innocence... or die trying! You wake up in an empty call girl's house only to learn that you've been accused of murdering your girlfriend and the authorities are on the way to take you down. Your memory is hazy and you feel confused. Were you drugged or did you party too hard? You'll have to avoid being caught while piecing together the reality of what actually happened. Along the way there will be puzzles to solve, you'll encounter conflict and fights, do favors such as hack risky ATM networks to obtain money and receive aid in the process. Is dying your only way out? Goals for the game: ●SD-based to utilize vast storage options without limitation ●160+ rendered scenes to explore with varying 'live' elements dependent upon player interaction (such as smoke/fog, flashing lights, characters talking). ●Full music soundtrack with theme songs / sounds to match your current state or situation (Title Screen music in video below). ●Multiple mini-games required to be played/won for game advancement (hacking, fighting, racing and more) sounds like a lot but they're mini, not full-blown. ●Interaction with dozens of digitized in-game characters with voice acting, some utilizing actual Jaguar-fans from the community (more below). ●Building entrance access to places such as warehouses, bars, clubs and other areas to discover. ●Multiple endings based on your ability to succeed or alternate paths taken attempting to win the game. Please keep in mind a lot of this stuff was created in 2018 or earlier this year as a rough proof of concept but ultimately put on hold until the SD materialized. Turns out you can only do so much before having the required hardware and software to proceed. Output capabilities of the Jaguar: Take away the storage limitations and suddenly you have space for all sorts of really nice screens, may they be static or otherwise. Here are a few shots of the concept running on the Jaguar and output to a Sony CRT. Your first encounter may be the call girl that warns you about said authorities on the way. Is she even trustworthy or just street scum? You have a flashback. Are these the last memories of your girlfriend before she was murdered... supposedly, by you? Zoe is a friend available to help when in need and she's probably got just the thing to save your ass at her warehouse. If you can make it that far. If you're walking the streets during the day, chances are you're on the wrong path and more likely on the way to being busted instead... Turns out Zoe has a boyfriend and he's jealous as hell. Now you have to explain why exactly you were with her the other night. Is this your Kiss of Death? *test render, not on CRT: She's pissed because you're giving her a hard time and unable to pay for the photos she's acquired for you. Now what are you going to do? *test render, not on CRT Jaguar Fans in the Game! This is something that seemed and still seems like a fun idea to do. And why not? After all, the game is intended for not just me but for of all of us. How could it not be fun to include some of the fans in the community as part of a futuristic CyberPunk game on the Jaguar?! I reached out to a few last year so that I could learn and experiment with rendering in some for the game. The screens you see are used only as a test bed for placement but Andrew (Master-Cast TV) can be seen here in a diner scene, very disgruntled to be working so late and not at all happy that you're most likely about to waste his time asking questions instead of ordering something. Does this place ever close? Things have taken a turn once you leave and now he's out on the streets with fist clenched. No idea what's about to go down... *test render Turns out Aleks (another Jaguar Fan) was just outside the Bar and has given you some bad news. Or is he there to intercept you with your new found info? *test render Feel like being a part of the game? If you don't mind having your face and voice used when the time comes, please feel free to drop me a message. .....to be continued
  7. Routing is complete for the FPC connector modification, all DRC errors resolved, silk-screen fussing done. I need to add the DVI header board, then I can order a prototype PCB from OSHpark, assemble, and test.
  8. Well I think I'm done with this test... Only 7 sprites but all of them have a PMG overlay for extra color... and it's almost interactive (you can move the sub!). I think you'll agree this is the finest looking non violent shooter on the A8 😁 source is uploaded as well. subh_src190911.zip subh2exo_190911.obx
  9. Jersey coastline (UK Channel Islands)- from one of my own photographs. WhiteRock.xex
  10. I'm attaching pics of the envelope, letter and check relating to Atari's $2 refund promotion, circa 1980. Does anyone remember the details of this refund, and what item you needed to buy to receive it? And also if anyone knows how Atari made customers aware of the promotion? Initially I thought you would receive the check for buying certain games, but since the letter states that it's a "Video Computer System Refund Check", I'm thinking it might have been for having bought the console. Maybe there was a form included with the rest of the paperwork when you would buy the VCS. Although $2 seems kind of low for a rebate, considering how much the VCS went for back then. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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