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  1. I also would like a copy if still available.
  2. I did after close to a month recieve my items. As the people who know Joe personaly explained it, the delays seem reasonable, i would have thought as a person running a business that this information would come from him and not excusses from friends. He could have stated on the site about delays or suspended sales on the site for awhile. I wondered why the NES stuff dissappeared now I know only thanks to this thread. If he ships that slow on Ebay he will get negs pretty quick.
  3. I would buy one with box. Is there a sign up / pre pay list?
  4. Ordered on 5/19. Order pending until 5/29 status changed to completed. 6/9 shipped with tracking #. Wow, I'm probably done with Atari2600.com. It used to be a good place to buy from, but waiting 3 weeks to ship and no respone to 3 emails?
  5. I placed an order on 5/19 and have not recieved it yet. I kept checking the status to see if it shipped and 10 days later it said completed. I have bought from this site before with no problems. I have contacted 3 times asking for a tracking # or update and no reply. I'm disappointed on this order.
  6. I have a loose copy of Guardian and Polaris that I'm taking offers on if anyone is interested in. Guardian has a bad spot on the front label near the laser and Polaris end label is peeling. Thanks for looking.
  7. Found a few games today at the garage sales. Black (Xbox) Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (PS2) Marvel VS. Capcom (PS2) 3 for $10 Marvel is missing the instructions tho
  8. Nice pick up on the Virtual Pinball. I just got that one recently too. It's addictive and creepy with a bone and blood theme on many of the tables. Strange but cool.
  9. The weekend garage sales were like a big video game pinata waiting to be smashed open. I found a few things I'm happy with. -Twisted Metal Black CIB (PS2) $2 -Grand Theft Auto III CIB (PS2) $2 -Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Sealed! (PS2) $2 -Spyro CIB (PS2) $2 -Blood Rayne CIB (Xbox) $2 -Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance CIB (Xbox) $2 -Sega GT 2002/JSRF CIB (Xbox) $2 -Tao Feng CIB (Xbox) $2 -Twisted Metal 2 complete (PS1) $1 -Midway Arcade Hits Vol 2 complete (PS1) $1 -Nuclear Strike complete (PS1) $2 -Super Scope w/scope $ sensor (SNES) $5 -Blues Brothers 2000 (N64) .75 -NFL Quarteback Club 2002 (N64) .50 -Pipe Dream (NES) $2 -Swords & Serpents (NES) $2 -Gun Nac (NES) from junk store $5 -Out Run Europa (Game Gear) free w/ Game Gear system in free box at sale (system turns on but start button has issues I think) -NES toaster w/adaptor 2 dogbone controllers, light gun and Super Mario 3 $5 -Bio Hazard Battle CIB (Genesis) .75 -Power Monger CIB (Genesis) .75 -Ecco the Dolphin CIB (Genesis) .75 -688 Attack Sub CIB (Genesis) .75
  10. Rob, I got my copy(#123) today. Very cool idea for a game. Addictive.
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