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  1. 15 hours ago, Cranker said:

    I agree that missile command looks very  very busy and  in the updated astrosmash demo, things seemed very large, almost too big for the screen , but I’m sure when I play both games I will change my mind. I liked the look of the  original astrosmash demo better. But again , I have not played either of these games so I will trust that the developers will get it right !

    astrosmash is one of my favourites, but you see the point: those asteroids are giants! no good for the gameplay, too messy

  2. I'm not thinking about a $ value, but a ranking base on virtual value based on rarity+language version


    Like: common item = 10 points + 1 if italian or french version

    uncommon = 30 points

    rare = 100 points


    and so on

    of corse rewferring to cib version, if incomplete value x %completion


    rare item with no manual = 100 x 80% = 80 points


    this database would be useful also to trace down rumored and unexpected version like the Swedish translation I have seen somewhere around

  3. Hello to all

    I'd like to make a website where everyone can trace is list of items, by selecting from menus, and have a "virtual value" of the collection calculated and exposed to everyone, also making rankings worlwide and by countries.

    To make it official, the people shold send picture proof of the items.... so taht would be a work for a web designer knowing a bit of database and a people like me constantly filling data about the game versions and rarity level+ checking items applications


    is there anyone interested to work to such kind of project?

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  4. 1 hour ago, Tommy Tallarico said:

    We had a huge conversation this week about our PAUSE menu's and what it displays exactly.  Just yesterday we decided to NOT have adjustable volume for sfx or music in the Audio section of the menu.  MUSIC ON/OFF is all that's needed. 



    NOW you speak about useful stuff!


    games today are full of neverending and nevercare options that make me upset when I need to remember what submenu I have to go for a very simple setup (see the pro evolution soccer menu! awful! but it was not like that in the beginning)
    the actual games are becoming cinematic experiences based mainly on violence.. they are moving from the concept of game to experience and service... but me and hopefully millions of other players want GAMES

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  5. 3 hours ago, carlsson said:

    One extreme outcome of a multi vote scenario is that the game nobody voted for as the best, but everyone voted for as second best, wins the poll ahead of all the others. Depending on what you mean by Game of the Year, that might be allright or completely not what was the intention. To some extent that can be smoothed out by having three votes per person, weighted as 10 pts, 4 pts and 1 point.

    we should consider how many 2nd places are collected by one title only when we have a draw on the number of 1st places votes

    so.. game A get 1 first place

    game B get 3 second places

    game A win


    game A get 1 first and 1 second place

    game B get 1 first place and 1 third place

    game A win

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  6. 9 hours ago, JasonlikesINTV said:

    I like the idea of having 5 "votes" to disperse.  I could give 1 each to my top 5, give all 5 to my favorite, split up 3+ 1 + 1, etc.  I understand we don't have the functionality, but I think it would tell a much different story.

    I dont agree with multiple votes to the same title

  7. 8 hours ago, carlsson said:

    I know Albert spent some money on improved polls for the AA homebrew awards, in order to not disclose voting results along the way. Perhaps it is possible to order additional functionality like pick #1, #2, #3 if people pool up money for that? I regularly fill in online surveys with such functionality so it is not an unheard of concept.


    Or, since this year's voting was fully open, skip the voting form alltogether and have people post their top 3 lists in text form like the Kaz Kompo did both here on AA and on the Polish site. It takes more work from the host/moderator to tally up all the votes but gives more flexibility. If you want to be anonymous about your voting, you could even PM the voting host. The options are endless, depending on what one wants to achieve and the steps to get there.


    Edit: Or use something like Google Forms, Survey Monkey etc which are outside of the AtariAge realm but tailored for such functionality.

    can we link google forms to be visible here? otherwise it's like running the vote outside AA 

  8. I also like a lot aardvark but I have voted for my defender of the crown...

    as far as I know we can only choose 1 vote or open multiple vote, meaning not top 3 or similar...

    since there are so many titles every year, I also agree we can add the vote for best publisher

  9. 18 hours ago, carlsson said:

    That kind of voting might change the outcome by a lot. Over at the Atari 8-bit section, there recently were two different votes for best homebrew of 2019:


    Atari Homebrew Awards, run by ZeroPage Homebrew (81 votes). In this voting they had preselected the top 10 most popular games and people could choose 1 from those.


    Kaz Kompo, run by Adam and Kaz (87 votes). In this voting they had listed all 79 (!!) homebrews and hacks from 2019. Each participant picked their top 10, and the vote ran both on AtariAge and Atarionline.pl.


    In the Kaz Kompo vote, the winner was The Rescue Expedition by a landslide, more than 100 points ahead of any other entry. However in the Atari Homebrew awards, the same game only managed a shared 6th place in the voting! The other games in positions 2-5 however scored fairly equally in both votings. I have no reason to think either vote was rigged, just that one game might get a lot of "2nd best" votes which promotes it to first place, but when you can only pick 1 game, that other game might not get as many votes.

    I have discussed with ZeroPage about running the goty, but still devoted to AA 🙂

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  10. 8 hours ago, Sinjinhawke said:

    That is some frolicsome antics the exclusion. 

    ghostbusters producer asked not to partecipate to goty, the reason is the acrimony towards his previous productions.. why is it so important to have ghostbusters listed?

  11. On 1/22/2020 at 2:02 PM, Elektronite said:

    It is actually an Elektronite game that was developed in association with Kai Magazine. We had a design of a dungeon crawl and teamed up with Oscar Kenneth to do a Swords and Serpents type game. It isn't something that we are simply publishing. Most of the original design had some problems and was not complete in many ways. A lot of the original design was not used and it was greatly improved upon and enhanced by Oscar, and his talents really shine through in this game. One of our testers, despite these not being his type of game is a bit addicted to the game play. The game is complete and in final testing. It is simply a matter of doing the manual, overlays and box. 


    That is what happens in Swords and Serpents and one of the motivations for doing a game such as this. Valter Prette was pushing for this game and is the one that got the design that this game is loosely based on done. 


    the (non) final found in sword&serpents is the most important inspiration that lead me to discuss the basis for a maze game, and of corse I was since years awaiting for the chance to have a dragon as major character in some game... the work Kai is doing is exceeding my best whishes... this is a nosense for this platform.... but of corse you need to like knights and dragons!! 

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  12. 8 hours ago, Black_Tiger said:

    From the descriptions of people who played it or tried to, it shouldn't even be in the running as it's more of a buggy demo than a solid game.


    I wonder if schill voting is happening to hype soon to be listed on ebay "rare" limited edition copies?


    Why invest in making a lot of copies of a  polished game with quality packaging if you can cobble together something like Gostbusters and sell them for $<500 a pop?

    I couldnt try quo vadis neither ghost so I have no opinion

  13. 14 minutes ago, cmadruga said:

    Well, joking aside, that’s the point. Potentially use this event to facilitate exposure to more games, and besides the recognition aspect, potentially boost sales? Anyway, just ideas. I’m glad a GOTY exists, don’t get me wrong. Was planning on voting for the first time.


    we can add a best publisher vote, since publisher propose several game in the same year.... but in general to add many categories is more and more difficult because people do not own all the games, maybe you buy only the one you like and vote for that and are not in the position to evaluate if the music in another release is worth the award

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