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  1. quick comments from my side: my 2 preferred games were Miner and Dkj, I voted for Miner. Im surprised for only 1 vote to meteors, also steamroller deserve more attention because is a funny game...
  2. I took a screen capture and showed in the first post also here
  3. yes... but I already know next one to be bigger
  4. vprette


    From the album: goty 2018

  5. The Winner is: Miner 2049er - Elektronite
  6. vprette


    From the album: goty 2018

  7. I refer to CET timezone, since I write from Italy -7 hours
  8. -8 days 10 hours I see number of votes is less than previous polls... some people quit AA??
  9. no Alessandro Pace run an extensive research of Wing War proto but no item was found
  10. miner is an act of love, imho the best product so far by elektronite in terms of overall box art/robust programming/80s feeling...
  11. I think we have many votes still to come..... surprised that almost all games got 1 vote...
  12. I tried bacon first time in my life yesterday.... I admit it is very tasty
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