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  1. Thanks for sharing. You provide a ton of information about HotzBox which I have never seen before. Great job!
  2. I am willing to pay 40. Thank you for making this happen.
  3. Thanks a lot for this useful clarification. So I will keep my Lynx SD and all other carts separate when not in use. Although it's quite tempting to leave the Lynx SD card permanently in the Lynx
  4. I am a happy owner of the Lynx SD card. Somewhere in here I saw someone mentioning one should not leave the Lynx SD card in the Lynx when not in use. What is the background of this hint? What happens if I leave the Lynx SD card permanently in the Lynx? Thanks for explaining.
  5. Windows XP is not a problem, I have a running system and will try to work with the sprite packer. Thanks.
  6. OK, I see. So it is not a "straight forward" thing to do on a regular Windows PC. I wonder where the utility to feed it with 4 bit bitmaps is located in this forum....
  7. Currently I am using version 1.8 of the SD Card Menu. If I wanted to create preview images on my own, what are the requirements in size, graphics format an color depth?
  8. Problem fixed! I had to use a different ZIP extractor to make the download work. Thanks everybody.
  9. Do I have to register on mega.nz? Or should the download work without account over there?
  10. Thanks for this very useful video. So I registered at EPForums and followed the given link over there to download your Lynx package v 1.0. Then I downloaded the 7z file, 10 MB in size. But when I unpack, it contains all your rom and preview files with 0kB each. I downloaded several times with the same emtpy files after unpacking. Why is this?
  11. Just two questions: Is boot version 02.00.05 the latest version for Skunkboard 2? If not, where do I find the most recent version? Thanks!
  12. I can corfirm omf´s issues with the previous JCP.exe on a Windows XP Home netbook, see screenshot #1. Then I tried the new JCP.exe dated July 10 (V02.04.02) and it cured the issue, see screenshot #2. My Skunkboard is a Rev. 2, unmodified, boot version 02.00.05.
  13. Simply post here and SainT will probably put you on the wait list. All details are in the very first post of this thread.
  14. Indeed, that looks like a perfect production!
  15. @SainT, which SD card sizes are supported? I have seen you were mentioning 4 GB SD cards you have tested. Will SD cards of larger capacity also work? I am asking since e.g. 2 or 4 GB SD cards are getting more and more difficult to find, and if they often are more expensive than larger ones. You may want to add your answer to your FAQ, if you think this makes sense. Thanks!
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