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  1. It's because Dragonbox has to add the local sales tax (VAT), which in Germany is 19%.
  2. Thanks a lot. I think that's good news.
  3. Me too. I hope there will be at least one source in the EU.
  4. Simply wait until the Jaguar Game Drive Cartridge comes up here again: https://retrohq.co.uk/shop/
  5. @SainT, do you plan to set up a reseller located in the EU?
  6. Thanks for sharing. You provide a ton of information about HotzBox which I have never seen before. Great job!
  7. I am willing to pay 40. Thank you for making this happen.
  8. Thanks a lot for this useful clarification. So I will keep my Lynx SD and all other carts separate when not in use. Although it's quite tempting to leave the Lynx SD card permanently in the Lynx
  9. I am a happy owner of the Lynx SD card. Somewhere in here I saw someone mentioning one should not leave the Lynx SD card in the Lynx when not in use. What is the background of this hint? What happens if I leave the Lynx SD card permanently in the Lynx? Thanks for explaining.
  10. Windows XP is not a problem, I have a running system and will try to work with the sprite packer. Thanks.
  11. OK, I see. So it is not a "straight forward" thing to do on a regular Windows PC. I wonder where the utility to feed it with 4 bit bitmaps is located in this forum....
  12. Currently I am using version 1.8 of the SD Card Menu. If I wanted to create preview images on my own, what are the requirements in size, graphics format an color depth?
  13. Problem fixed! I had to use a different ZIP extractor to make the download work. Thanks everybody.
  14. Do I have to register on mega.nz? Or should the download work without account over there?
  15. Thanks for this very useful video. So I registered at EPForums and followed the given link over there to download your Lynx package v 1.0. Then I downloaded the 7z file, 10 MB in size. But when I unpack, it contains all your rom and preview files with 0kB each. I downloaded several times with the same emtpy files after unpacking. Why is this?
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