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  1. I like both Games But, I like the Japanese version more Some would argue Ninja Gaiden II & III is the same Game as the 1st one
  2. Everyone on YouTube praised the Tirbute 64 as being Good And yet, No one Tested the Memory Pak, OEM & 3rd Party
  3. Did you try to open it up to try to take the Memory Pak out?
  4. I know most people don't like the Japanese version, Cause of iit being the same as the 1st one & it's hard But I love this Game
  5. I'm going to get one on ebay soon, I didn't know it has a death grip on the Memeory Pak
  6. Anyword about Volume 2, 3 and 4 coming out? I just heard about this book last week
  7. If anyone have Vintage Radio to just give away, I collect AM Radios Mainly a Sony/GE Fanboy, I wil take other brands
  8. I got some free stuff + shipping, Thanks
  9. Seems like there's more kids are collecting SNES/Genesis/NES/Master System in 2019 Fuuny, on Facebook Most don't know wants a Famicom or a Japanese Cart They think Majesco Carts are Repros There the ones driving the Prices again TBH, Plain sad
  10. Just got 2 GameCube Games from him, Thanks
  11. I saw on Retro Cores Channel Alot of Screen Tearing
  12. That's why I couldn't find it, The old way, The Preview Post is a big button
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