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  1. I didn't even know Pitfall II didn't work on the 7800 Have to check it when my Genesis to 7800 PSU Adapter comes from CrossBow gets here
  2. How much cheaper is the Pseudo Saturn Kai Cart Like I said I'm on a tight budget, I have UniROM flashed on my Broken GS Pro on the Playstation to run Back-up's
  3. I always like to be Monthy Payments, like Layaway I should of asked about the Satiator
  4. I'm looking for one AtariGuide or the OEM one, Dosn't matter I looked on Best Electronics, I'm trying to find one below $20
  5. I just traded for a Ascii Fighting Stick SG-6, Tried it with Street Fighter II SCE, Stuck in 3 Button Mode I cleaned the Mode Pad on the PCB, Still stuck in 3 Button Mode, The PCB looks Clean
  6. That's for the Japanese Mega Drive Games, There's no cut out on PAL Games
  7. Is it me When new peeps post, you don't them again
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