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  1. This mostly for PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, 360, GameCube, Wii & Wii U When I go on ebay, I try to look for the lowest price with my budget, But when I do..Most have no Manuals But whe an Game does have a Manual, It like $15 more, I still have like 8 Games with No Manual, and I'm still looking But, I'm not paying like $7 for 1 Manual, Even if it's a common Game
  2. Well, Mostly want them for like the Wii, PS2 On the Wii & PS2, You can fit I think the whole library on a 500 GB Drive
  3. Yeah, I was at Walmart... Needed one for the PS2 also
  4. It's just a Cash Grab for Sega Now It probably going to be hacked to have more then 4 Games on it
  5. Can you use a UK PSU on a US Wii without a Stepdown Converter?
  6. I wish it was ported to Atari 7800 Intellivison I have the 2600 version, But I hate the Controls
  7. To bad there's no Reverse Control Hack
  8. Does the Samething on the Master System II or Genesis with the Power Base Converter
  9. I'm late to the party, Just got this on ebay for $14, Love it But, Master System Games that needs the SMS Controller, doesn't work with the Receiver There's no way to get it in 2 Button Mode..Seems like the tester didn't test Games on SMS that uses the SMS Pad only
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