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  1. Looking for Intellivision Games now
  2. I know AtGames screwed up the Pinouts on the Intellivision Flashback to get Intellivision II Controllers to work Can to be possible to Wire a Adapter for a Genesis Controller to work? Of Cource have to get a Y Adaper to still use the Number Keypad
  3. I wish I could just come down to L.A Would love to play the Amico I'm all the way up in Citrus Heights
  4. The people who didn't pre-order the Amico Will people still get one?
  5. in 2020, Just get back what I loss when I moved like 6 years ago Intellivision II - Bought it Hori GameCube Controller - Out of my Price Range PSOne Star Wars: The Arcade Game - Bought it 5200
  6. Why wasn't one made for the DS? It would be based off the code from Intellivision Lives on the DS
  7. Well if Games like Sonic Mania or even Shovel Knight comes out on it, Might be hard to control Sonic with a Disc then a D-Pad
  8. Anyone Collect Manuals & Overlays? I do, I like looking at them I have Sports Mosty, I got some Good ones
  9. This is the Version 1.50 - Stella 3.9.3 cdbc9cc
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