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  1. Bonk is no Sonic in terms of graphics, but it's a nice looking game with simple and easy gameplay that appeals to a more general audience than China Warrior and Legendary Axe. Bonk does have attractive colors which is one thing that TG16 excels at compared to the Genesis.
  2. Mario was a phenomenon at the time and helped revive console gaming in North America. The first SMB is also my favorite even today. I like the simplicity and straightforwardness compared to the sequels.
  3. China Warrior was the most technically impressive game at the time. It wouldn't have been a terrible pick, similar to Sega packaging the Genesis with Altered Beast. But it's the cute, kid friendly mascots that sell systems.
  4. The contest has been extended for another week anyway. You still have time to get a million points!
  5. Thank you. I figured that having only one character was the trick, or else there would be issues.
  6. I mentioned sprites because I've noticed both Coleco and SG-1000 sprites tend to have a signature monochrome look, with NES sprites being a bit more colorful and detailed. Look at the sprites in Mr. Do for example. I am impressed by that short demo though.
  7. The main reason is that NES has technical advantages over Colecovision such as hardware based smooth scrolling, better sprites, and helper chips on the carts themselves. Super Mario Bros. was a true next gen console game in 1985 and it didn't even need an extra chip. Colecovision could not do that.
  8. For my current score I actually got over 1,200,000 on the first stage. The trick is that this game's rng isn't that random and you get the same predictable patterns. You just have to keep resetting until you get the desired rng to complete a large first stage combo. The manual even lists various combos. The one that I use says "big points on stage one" or something like that. It's not that difficult to clear 257k on the first stage once you get the hang of the combo system. But the highest scoring ones require just the right setup and knowing just what to do with the pieces you get.
  9. Okay I wanted to break a million. I'm happy. There's definite room for improvement though.
  10. I'm fine with not allowing them if that's what everyone else wants.
  11. So I got a 700k combo on the first stage, a decent combo on the second stage, and then just played normally up to stage 5 where I died. Are warps allowed as long as you start on stage 1? I know if you clear stage 5 you can warp to later stages and also get extra points.
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