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  1. I didn't know this was also an arcade game. I wonder why the NES port wasn't released here.
  2. Thanks. In order to get the high scores in Marble Madness you just have to hold A most of the time, take the hard path such as the pistons in the aerial race, and not die. You also need at least one wand for 180k. Another high score trick is breaking the black marble in the beginner race for a thousand points. It's actually possible to break the black marble fairly consistently.
  3. Standard controller. I don't own an Advantage. I've developed muscle memory for playing with the standard controller so I wouldn't want to use anything else.
  4. I've been trying to do this for a couple years, but I've always choked whenever I had the opportunity. I finally did it. This was with one wand in stage two. 183k is about as high of a score as possible with the best wands and a near flawless run finishing with 79 seconds on the clock.
  5. Fun little game. The game becomes increasingly more of a maze. I reached level 4. It would definitely help to map out the later levels.
  6. It looks like a piece of junk but what would one expect for the price. I'm surprised that the controllers are any good.
  7. That was fun, and thank you so much for reviving the NES High Score Club. That's cool that we both tied for first.
  8. Contra Isolated Warrior Double Dragon 2 POW: Prisoners of War The Adventures of Bayou Billy Kabuki Quantum Fighter Ninja Gaiden 2 Ninja Gaiden 3
  9. Cool. I actually really enjoy this game. It's underrated. don't know how much better I can do though. Sometimes I can weave through the mass of bullets from the big bad Xevious boss without much trouble and sometimes I can't.
  10. I expect it to handle the most popular games pretty well while having lots of issues with other stuff.
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