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  1. The controls and powerup system seem weird at first, but you get used to it pretty quick.
  2. This is an IMPRESSIVE game for the NES. It looks like a Sega Genesis game!
  3. NARC and Bad Street Brawler on the NES. NARC isn't very good, but it's like playing a cheesy 80s action movie. I actually think that BSB is a lot of fun. It's also quite challenging to beat due to the cheapness of some of the enemy combinations.
  4. A good player can get over 150k just from cyclone kicking everyone. I'm too inconsistent at the cyclone kicks.
  5. Once again, thanks for taking the effort to do these contests, asponge.
  6. Exactly. It wasn't a ripoff but a reskin of one of their own games.
  7. Who cares? Doki Doki Panic was a lot more original than SMB2J.
  8. It wasn't just the extreme difficulty, it also did little to move the series forward. It's like a SMB ROM hack. The reskinned Doki Doki Panic was a much worthier sequel that felt like a real progression.
  9. They're one of the most annoying enemies in the game. As asponge said, try to do a cyclone kick as they're coming you. It's A+B and then A or B again at the peak of your jump. Even I have trouble doing it consistently and I've beaten this game many times. Regular jump kicks are okay against them as well. You don't see them again until right before the final bosses where you have to face four (two at a time) on an isometric plane where they can jump around all over place and make your life hell.
  10. I'm still failing too often at the cyclone kick when I really need to do it. 🥵
  11. I wish I could pull off the cyclone kick and other special moves more consistently.
  12. The following Sega Genesis games, all including the original case: Truxton (also have the manual) Mega Turrican Sagaia Contra Hard Corps Gaiares My rarest NES game is probably Ninja Gaiden III but it's just a loose cart. My SNES games are all pretty common.
  13. I've never made it past stage 5 in Super C or stage 3 in Life Force.
  14. I beat the game! Only lost one life. Good luck everyone.
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