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  1. Speaking of bad ports, Atari 2600 Donkey Kong Jr is a complete abomination with hideous graphics, awful sound and no fruit.
  2. The NES port of Marble Madness is my favorite game. DOS version looks like the worst. I won't count the Tiger handheld.
  3. Oops, I meant to put Rygar not Trojan as an example. Somehow I had those mixed up. Although Trojan is also somewhat changed from the arcade. NES ports that weren't actually ports was a common thing back then. I wonder if that's made them age better because they weren't just trying to copy the arcade on inferior hardware. They're different games still worth playing in their own right.
  4. Yes. NES Gyruss is its own thing and not really a port of the arcade. Like Ninja Gaiden, Trojan and Punch-Out. You may have preferred a straight port but that doesn't make this version bad.
  5. I'm working on getting a decent score. I'm realllllly rusty. Crazy knockback and enemy respawn in this one.
  6. In my opinion DKC is the greatest platformer of all time. All three in the series are good, but I find myself coming back to DKC because it's the most fun for me. It has just the right amount of difficulty.
  7. That's probably it for me. Hopefully that's good enough to win.
  8. 234,000 Better score this time. Killed more enemies.
  9. Thanks! This is the second time I've done a 1cc of this game. The first time was a 2019 NintendoAge contest. For those having trouble, when dealing with multiple tough enemies, try to avoid getting between them. When an enemy is quickly coming at you, move the hell out of the way. You'll get the hang of the enemy patterns and when they're about to attack. Do your best to hold on to the armor and brass knuckles. You might also want to try holding on to the gun and save the bullets for when you need it, but I find that combat is a lot more difficult when carrying the gun. Watch out for knife throwers when you don't have armor. They just walk along and turn around and chuck a knife right at you, and it does a ton of damage. They're not too hard to spot. Also watch out for motorcycles and grenade tossers. They're in the same places every time so just memorize when they're coming and the best path to avoid them. Jump kicking is a useful evasion tactic too. The scuba divers in stage two always pop up behind you. You can see where they're going to appear so just be quick to turn around and punch, or use the backwards punch. If you reach the second boss, just keep jump kicking him. The grenades he throws will always be instant death but armor protects against the gun. If you somehow reach the third boss, just keep punching him as fast as you can. The goal is to knock him off the elevator. If you can make it that far when you're ready to deal with the rest of the game.
  10. I'm surprised there was never a Big Trouble In Little China game back in the day other than for computers. It would have been a perfect movie to adapt to home consoles such as the NES. The movie itself is like a live action video game. Same with Westworld and They Live to a lesser extent.
  11. I came really close to beating the game. But I only had a couple lives at the final boss and couldn't quite remember the strat.
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