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  1. Finished Link to the Past on my GBA last night. Awesome game. Loved the new additions like the golden sword that can break objects, kill the electric enemies and take twice as much damage as the tempered sword. Awesome item. Awesome.
  2. Last night I completed Metroid Zero Mission on Easy both Mother Brain and Meta Ridley. (70% completion) So I started a new Normal game. I just beat normal Ridley so I have to go after Mother Brain, but I'm going to stock up on Missiles and Energy Cells first. If I can beat the game again on Normal, I'll probably try Hard for once.
  3. Didn't it have a bug that caused you to not be able to get 100%? An invisible object you can't collect but need to get 100%?
  4. I bought it a few weeks ago when it hit PC. It's fun, but I was afraid of this. Too much foot. No where near enough of the goshdang flying! I did like switching vehicles, but just give me the stupid Arwing or Landmaster. Not both. And no more foot. The next SF game better be all classic flying, and drop the damn Dinosaur Planet ties. That means the girl too. (Sure, I know they need the girl since Peppy's apparently aged rapidly and became a desk jockey while Slippy got seemingly younger. But dang it. That talking Dino really pisses me off.)
  5. Anyone who thinks that is an ass. who can't tell a good game when they see it.
  6. I was completely disappointed with this game. All the gales I wanted to play are completely screwed up. It's crap. Glad it was on clearance when I got it.
  7. This game rocks. Period. I'm 26 years old. A Male. And it is everything it could be and more. And anyone who doesn't try it because it looks girly is an ass. Yeah, I said it. It has more Mario elements than Sunshine had. And is a great holdover until NEW comes out.
  8. Easy question. Does an emulator for the 2600 exist for the PSP?
  9. Oh wow. What a co-inky-dink. Yesterday I finally beat Dragon Warrior I (It only took me 17 years.) and started on Dragon Warrior II. My impressions of it so far after being so used to the original: (And having never placed III or IV for more than a few minutes.) While the addition of multiple characters fighting multiple enemies at once, the battle system has lost its charm. The enemies don't blink when hit or dying. The sound is so much worse when attacking. The music is new, but the sound effects from the original were better. I miss the much better "Stay overnight at the inn" tune that plays in the original over what they changed it to in II and on. (Especially since they used this newer less cool sound in VIII.) I too don't understand why they went from the really nice scenic backgrounds to plain black during battles. Sad they kept this even for III and IV! (Which I have checked on. Booooring.) In all respects, II, III and IV have nicer graphics that get better with each game, it's just all those little cool things the original had that make you wonder "Why the hell did they leave them out of the sequels?" I pray one day a PSP release of all 4 or even 5 or 6 or even 7 of the original games will be made with nice updated graphics, still in 2D, looking like a cross between SNES graphics and what they did to Zelda: Four Swords for the Cube. (2D with 3D touches.) Maybe one day the wish will come true.
  10. I loved the first one. So many FPS games since then have been a disappointment since then. I'm looking at you Halo. They just didn't live up to the fun I had with the original. I'll own a 360 one day. But it won't be for a while. And PD0 will be the first game I buy, but it will be $20 by then. I didn't get the original Xbox for over a year after it was released. And Halo 1 was the first game I bought for it. It'll be the same thing with the 360 I'm sure. UNLESS some really really appealing game comes out for it that I just gotta have. And since Halo just doesn't do it for me anymore (Halo 3 will be NO exception) I just don't see anything making me buy one anytime soon.
  11. Well, there goes the one reason I had left to buy a 360. Thanks! Now I can put that $400 towards something good!
  12. Well, the good news (For my wallet) is we got them in the store (Kmart) today. We got about a dozen. And the real good news is they're only Core systems. I'd never buy a Core system. Except maybe to resell to some poor soul parent who wants a 360 for their children and will pay me 210% of the original price. But I still don't even have $300 to spend on even a Core, so oh well. Good news for my wallet. I can wait.
  13. Heh. Strange, because I'm LOOKING AT IT RIGHT NOW.
  14. Ugh, I don't see why you are all fighting. I for one visit DP, AA, GA all the time. GeekPub, RetroNintendo even GameSpot Forums. I don't care. If they're talking games, I'M THERE! Stop teh fighting, mommy and daddy.
  15. I got halfway through Shadow when I decided to put it away and finish Ico. By 6AM that night I had finished Ico and was happy. Both are awesome games. Both completely different and awesome. Can't wait for a third game. I hope I hope I hope.
  16. I'm sorry, but this is bull. We Love had TONS more to do than Katamari had. I don't get why people say this. It's like saying you didn't like SMB2 and 3 because they were too much like the original SMB or you won't play Sonic 2 because it's just Sonic 1 with more stuff.
  17. The other night I finished Shadow of the Solossus. Awesome game.
  18. Because we'd be waiting five years for the next Bond game? 957969[/snapback] Would you rather wait 5 years for a second GOOD Bond game or play the fifty EA released less fun ones? I'd rather have the Rare one.
  19. Jasoco

    Metroid Prime

    Not if you know the right "password". I haven't played MP2 in about 2 months now. I probably won't for a while with the holiday games coming up. (Dragon Quest will consume my time soon.) But probably eventually. Likely in the next year.
  20. *sniff* I'll miss my Hyrulian King job.
  21. Jasoco

    Metroid Prime

    Maybe it's not a three-headed worm. Maybe more three worms? I dunno. It's three. And yeah, I know what to do, it's just so damn hard to pull it off. The game got way too hard way too fast. I hate games that do that. It pisses me off. So many games start off so fun so easy, then BOOM! It's a nightmare. It gets shelved for 5 years. 5 years later I pick it back off the shelf and try again. I hate that.
  22. You know. They really should have gone with new forum sotware vs. keeping phpBB and adding a ton of hacks to it. I love phpBB, but if you run a really popular forum, it's just so much better to find a replacement. Maybe Al should talk to Joe about Invision. I'd much rather have a working forum (I love as many gaming forums as possible) instead of a bunch of MOD's to give me fake money. I just hope I didn't lose my 13,000+ Meseta. I keed, I keed. Fuck the Meseta, just bring back our DP. Side note, I hate Newsgroup style layouts. I can never figure out how to read them! I just want it all threaded in line from oldest to newest! No indenting, no links, just one page with all the posts in line. Is that too much to ask?
  23. I know it's DQ in Japan, but it's still annoying because I'll always remember it as Dragon Warrior. Just like I'll always remember it as Erdrick. Or DragonLord and not DracoLord. Or Goomba and not Kuribo. See, once you're used to a name, it pisses you off to have to get used to change.
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