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  1. answered to all! tks for the interest! Remembering that I reserve the right not to sell, case the minimum value is not reached. more answers, tks.
  2. Its OK now!!! Im not using proxy to acess this site!!! TKS! Here my small Polyvox Colection and some Brazilian carts... im add BeamRider this week. I am sad but will have to sell :-( See Marketplace
  3. This site ever needs proxy? Because I do not obtain direct access? I tried in some computers of some friends in Brazil without sucess. ps.: my computer is proxed now.
  4. Opa, não poderia deixar de me apresentar aqui né... Alguem aí topa uma disputa de Megamania? ehehehhehe! Brasil com "S"!
  5. I'm a happy man too!!! Subterranea is a fantastic game!!! I have one! Congratulations!
  6. But Pengo disappointed me. I waited to see this alucinant music and the sound of the labyrinth if forming and… nothing… Worse he is that my Atari did not have key dificult A/B and for this reason the game was quieter still. ET to disappoint me? Never! I did not have manual, nor reviewed, nor tips… I had that to discover what to make in the brute force. Attempt and error. When looks the ship searching the ET I called all my friends the street to show as it is that it had that to be made! Until today in Brazil it has people that she does not know that ET has an end. Forgive for the google English! :-)
  7. I do not know Supercocinero for the Polyvox. He will be that he exists same?
  8. ops, one more! High Resolution Scans :-) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v651/jud...ode/07_11_0.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v651/jud...ode/07_11_2.jpg
  9. My small contrib. A friend has an Dynacom Pitfall cartridge with the complete box labels (front and back). This is mine. I want to change for Polyvox cartridges in my list of looked for All Polyvox: Beamrider, Bowling, Centipede, Championchip Soccer, Defender, Dodge Em, Donald Ducks, Homerun, Joust, Math Grand Prix, Maze Crazy, Moon Patrol, Mr. Chin, Pigs in Space, Pitfall, Plaque Attack, Real Sport Tennis, River Raid, Snoopy, Swordquest Earth, Video Pinball This Argevision has an error label, some games names is wrong Apple Vision Games I go to scan the Polyvox cartridges that I have that they do not consist in the site with scans. It forgives for the google English! Espero realmente que seja útil.
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