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  1. Excellent Question The game will zap at certain moments during play!!!! It will distort play or music and than back to normal. Example BUG Zapper sounds
  2. Yes mother fucken voice text sucks sometimes back to the topic at hand I said the cart does not fare well with the Atari Junior what part of that does people not understand regardless if I spoke it correctly wrote it correctly back to the topic at hand once again has anybody else had this problem yes or no simple fuking question
  3. At least in my experience Skiing music zaps Halloween Zaps and Wall Defender u die regardless where ur hit or how Now this could be the cart or the system HOWEVER the system plays everything else fine
  4. I Woud love to see it great box art btw
  5. I am sorry 200.00 with two controllers and the atari slot or adapter it's 2018 the parts are cheaper now and the molding is smaller
  6. It was the FIRST of it's kind very advanced for it's time
  7. 200.00 with two controllers and adapter for 2600 fair more than fair
  8. It's not difficult fill in the blanks I am not here to be Grammar correct
  9. No had they NOT Used Kickstarter it would worked better NOW they need to go back to Pre Orders or take a risk and make the product and release it NOT junk like At Games good quality
  10. I recalled it being like Zelda Underworld at least the version I played!!!!
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