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  1. If I may can you please consider a world class gamer like me to advertise the game play and tactics? Not these fat smelly loser wannabe gamer hollytubers ? Like lets for an example let me destroy Al Burman like I did 4-0 on Shark Shark before he beat me ONCE by 200 points lol
  2. I am sold I am excited now lets see and talk the games
  3. What the F is this S I mean talk about an all shit show
  4. I will say this Ugly system and I didn't think you were the right person for the job, BUT you shocked me and exceeded expectations, you have my purchase when they hit stores now you can unblock me on FB so we can be friends again. ;p;
  5. I will say this I was wrong about ur system UGLY as S... but the games are amazing you might have me as a customer

  6. Well for one I loved the games I saw, with the retro look and modern tech, secondly I rather have that retro type way back in time shopper feeling whenthey hit stores. Does that make sense to you!
  7. Ugly System great games, I will be fist to say I was way off on projections, for this thing to sell out in under 7 hours wow. I might buy one now
  8. You are trying to RIP people off the damn cart went for less than 150.00 just stop already
  9. I have one they are great I hope to see what he offers for the limited one
  10. Nearly a Year ago I wrote my first strategic guide, it got feedback from several trolls but has sold well. I hope some of you horror fans and Halloween/Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans will try it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1086057511 https://www.facebook.com/Halloween-Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre-VCS-2600-Strategy-Guide-108273267180012/?modal=admin_todo_tour FAQ'S Q Are the photos from the author, his actual game play? A Yes they are in fact actual screen shots of the author's game play. Q Is the Knife real and is that Ketchup, BBQ Sauce or blood? A The Knife and Blood are in fact real, a person who enjoyed cutting themselves, bled to the blade. Q Did the author use google or search engines for this book? A No, there was little to no information, on the facts of these games on the internet. Q What does the book have, that I cannot find on the internet? A Actual game play and calculated timing of what is possible on both games, along with accurate historical information, both about the games and their origin. Q Why are photo's in the book B&W? A While we wanted to do this guide in full color, in order to keep costs down, we published it in B&W. Thus giving it that retro look, since many serious Atari players play these games in B&W to avoid eyestrain. If we did the guide in color it would be in the ballpark of 25.00 or more. Q Why does the book have two blank pages? A We decided that the book should have a first blank page, for the reader/gamer to use for notes, mapping etc. The second page in the back was created for autographs from other players and actors that relate to the game's and the movies. Q Why are the pages double sided? A That is how Amazon keeps costs down, we as a whole disagreed with that but, it's their choice and not ours. Q The book says first and only unofficial and unauthorized, why is this? A This is in fact the first and only guide to these two titles in strategic guide history. The reason for the terms of unofficial and unauthorized, was only to avoid legal issues in the future. Q I don't play video games so why would I buy this book? A 95% of our customers have never played Atari or even heard of these two games, they bought them for the love and fanfare of Leatherface and Micheal Myers, from the Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Q Is this guide avail in other languages? A Yes our guide is worldwide and in multiple formats and languages.
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