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  1. Awaiting proof on this Label and finally ready to start taking orders again
  2. Glad to see a few of you are back on board and I am honored to re earn your Business!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Update: We Just got the Label Proof back for Pigs in the Castle and they are amazing boxed copies are optional I will have the final Art Work For Checked Inn soon, and the proof back from my Label place here is an Idea of what THE Pigs Label will be I wanted to make it as Authentic to Original as possible you are getting Laser Die Cut Laminated Vinyl Labels the REAL DEAL Shipping will be done in special boxing no worries there So for All you who pre ordered and felt let down, get ready to re order soon and if you have any questions PM me here I will have Sample up as soon as I get the Labels in my hands
  4. Endless Snow has an Easter Egg Pigs in the Castle has a boss if you can get there And Checked Inn well lets just say good luck wink
  5. Checked Inn and Pigs in the Castle are avail now!!!!!!

    1. CyranoJ


      lol thats funny

  6. Brad and B/E are a great place to shop many of us will be in trouble for new stuff the day he runs out!!!!!!!!
  7. I should post my 999,999 but that would be unfair lol enjoy guys
  8. Update we doing custom made LASER cut labels will look just like original Atari ones!!!!!!!!!!!!! Checked Inn will equal difficulty a or b I had A as a harder difficulty but changed it back, since I will not honor extra lives!!!! I am also looking into Keycards for this package
  9. This is my latest Home Brew 4k Called Checked Inn there is no game like it 31 us 36 can no pre orders they are made to order here is my page for demos and contact Pigs in the castle is still avail Made to order as well and Endless Snow should be up for auction soon https://www.facebook.com/Checked-Inn-487961891388186/?pnref=story
  10. It's my final game on Atari for a LONG time btw
  11. That's my idea I am not asking NON customers or Irrelevant people like u CPU WIZ the rom is finished the game is done MONEY was refunded and again I don't hav to explain to you WHY didn't I just handle you the way I should have in person at CGE I am so stupid for not doing so smart ass
  12. First let be first to say I am sorry for missing in action for so long THE GOOD NEWS is the roms are complete and u can buy them for 15.00, the bad part part is YES I will need everyone who wants a rom payment in advance ONCE the rom is out of my hands anyone can re do reprogram so it will be 15.00.... [email protected] paypal ALL OTHER refunds were processed that paid in advanced NOBODY got scammed nor would u ever get scammed by me LASTLY randy and I had a huge fall out he will no longer be involved in making my carts or anything, this is why I am selling the rom he was paid in advanced to SHIP ONE last copy of endless snow and it was DIRTY with no label on it inexcusable.... the customer was furious I got bombed with calls by the person and rightfully so.... I chewed Randy out for taking nearly 2-3 months to get the man his game and I got called a jerk for giving my customer to shut him up his phone number.... the excuse was he was moving too bad my cutomers that paid need their products... so instead of saying sorry taking my calls or emails he ignored me.... I liked Randy he did great work whoever this was un professional so if you want the rom pm me I wanna get 100 orders at least after all payments recieved the roms will be sent to u at ur email for play on stella I cannot do the carts since IF I did I habv to charge u 65.00 since I have to go through albert to make em and get u boxes and manuals not fair to u right????? So again my apologies I'm back
  13. Sorry for the delays guys game is almost done story short of long GF had a car wreck and my partner has been in out of the hospital he is VERY ill but were trying to get the game DONE THIS WEEK after that I want you to continue your orders because once that is complete the order for your promised custom CUT stickers will be made I'm trying to get 150 orders to keep costs DOWN and give you a great game and best labels and boxes I'm very sorry for all the dealys the GAME IS ALIVE AND KICKING Endless snow is DONE I will be selling the 3 PROTO types as a set on ebay and of course if anyone wants to make a PRIVATE offer ill except ONCE that is complete WHOEVER WINS or buys the rom will get the physical carts and the ROM they will OWN THE ROM I WILL SIGN OFF on it it will be yours to do as u please thanks for all your support and I will update the board soon
  14. Will be making updates soon I will tell you this KILL 100 or more pigs get the END BOSS Also easter eggs bonus hidden points and more Video will look the same but the game IS WAY UPDATED 150 will be made ONLY please get the word out make it happen 8k game possibly more but to keep it LOW PRICE we need them orders thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. END BOSS NEW BETA VIDEO SOON END BOSS IN PIGS IN THE CASTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  16. but how is it a HOAX with an actual game like it on 2600?
  17. I cannot say but he won't talk when asked to speak, it's always I need my atty first so Who knows what the truth is............
  18. Were are gunning for 150 orders please sahre the links provided NEW videos coming soon WHY 150 ???? to keep costs down so you get your game at the Premium price and quality Thanks for your interest and support in Pigs in the castle 2600 https://www.facebook.com/Pigsinthecastle2600?ref_type=bookmark Join us on FB
  19. Vvery Interesting Hope someone releases It ill BUY it
  20. Just a friendly reminder you will be getting glossy PROFESSIONAL cut boxes, Glossy professional CUSTOM made Labels..... I wanna do the 150 reason being my plan is to get ur orders together and order ur boxes and LABELS all at once and ship them all so everyone gets their games, around the same time Keeping costs down making it affordable to give u MORE for your money!!!!!!!!!!! Were getting there spread the word and keep the orders rolling in thanks again!!!!!!!
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