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  1. Last 4 boxes and last labels SENT out check ur paypals inbox only 2 of you get no confirmations since labels alone
  2. Does the GAME play for now ????? Takes a lot to crush them BOXES too
  3. UN- F......real I'm so sorry Steve I used the same boxes as Marc does for all his orders and showed you guys BELL GARDENS is really becoming an issue It's fully insured I'm more than happy to file a claim and get you another one.... I need pictures etc...... I really need to stop using the post office no matter what I do I cannot win
  4. 3 more replacement boxes and labels going OUT tomorrow and all orders as WELL HAPPY NEW year Sir Gruntz I having trouble with ur label I would rather see what u want exactly on pm or email me if not what u want I can always refund ur 4.00 no issue there
  5. All PRE ORDERS are now sold out Games are made to order at this point I have the several replacement boxes CAME in today One boxed order to go out and one box someone ordered as a add on HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL REPLACEMENTS AND LABELS out shortly Feel free to pm me on any reminders
  6. At Games is a problem in itself UNLESS they up customer service than NO
  7. Sorry but I will be selling the 3 roms avail on carts A beta second beta and FINAL as a package deal, I have already gotten offers...... Due to the simple rom and language involved in this game, dropping the rom would make it too easy to copy and or modify...... I also have people to answer to just like anyone else, even though it is my game and I made it, I have silent partners with the art and other help. I made prior agreements with...... Thank You for understanding
  8. Ok UPDATE: Decembers orders and boxes are in except a couple of loose carts I have to make to order couple of days All replacements are still on there way I have the boxes any day now NEW ORDERS TO SHIP WED EBAY AND REGULAR THANKS HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ONE ORDER that just came in I will have to order a box
  9. Although these labels will NOT be gloss some have asked for them So I have an exclusive offer 5.00 for anyone US and Canada shipped The original Proto lables with FINAL logo and my name on it This is an OPTIONAL offer
  10. Hint of my new project it's a service providing based game there is NO game like it on any platform or any arcade If your a metal gear fan you may notice something familiar in it BUT it's nothing like or related to Metal Gear in any way It will come with a free gift that is in relation to the game
  11. It's coming soon GUY'S don't worry
  12. Just wanna let all of you know MY next production is almost complete... These will have Die Cut Custom Made labels the will look and feel like OLD SCHOOL 2600 laminated Glossy So I cannot wait to get this moving COMING SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In hopes of increasing them pre orders and giving you potentially more incentives as well as a Special Gift inside each box and or order
  13. I spoke with the producers on this FILM I must say I feel all three sides to this story Some wanna dig some say NO some say they do not care I wonder what will be found and I'am hoping to be part of the doc in some way!!!!!!
  14. Dean UR lost replacement has been sent out today
  15. the several of you here on AA just to make sure I have ur correct address PM it for R - label or box two others are out side AA P.S. Small supply left
  16. Don't be scared STEP up to the plate and WIN I became a Champion discovering bugs and over coming them, NOW it's ur turn
  17. The entire GAME was scanned for bugs and it's FUNNY I'm having fun with MY customers WHEN you buy the game and actually try it YOU can say as will Until then BYE BYE
  18. Thanks for ur obsession with me quite flattered but sorry NOT interested
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