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  2. Well at least the COMPETITION is WIDE OPEN Anyone has a chance to win the title
  3. Proper shipping boxes are now in my hands they are ALMOST too nice to use lol Awaiting several boxes for orders and the several replacements and POSSIBLY one cart replacement do to POSTAGE LOSS and after that ALL CAUGHT UP
  4. Bell Gardens is NOTORIOUS for trouble and they suck
  5. Sure http://endlesssnow2600.com/ I sell boxed loose and optional box add ons shipping is included in the US 5 additional Can and International varies Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. According to my records you and a few International orders are not in BUT I see urs is the one with an issue..... Let me get them on the phone but at this point sounds like your gonna get a replacement, which I am HAPPY TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Send me a PM sir let me look up ur order worst case WILL replace
  8. All replacement boxes have been ordered it will be a little bit second shipping BOXES are to be in my hands shortly and I'm making fresh colorful labels now for the few who had issues Thanks for all your orders and stay tuned my next game coming soon with Laminated Glossy Labels
  9. The only reason I did not GLOSS the labels was I figured you all wanted the old school retro look.... It does not save me money to make them non glossy in any way lol My orig Idea was gloss, and as for having another person doing the labels, yeah ah no not gonna happen but, I will make sure they are Glossy and cut for my next project 100%
  10. Printing paper was NOT used to make any labels I used Label paper AFTER trying several kinds I found one to be best, at that point all orders were done some GOT newer type labels...... If I used printing paper the labels would be SEE through and glue would seep through and NONE of that has occur, I will gladly get you new and improved labels soon
  11. Actually The labels were never about keeping costs DOWN I should have laminated them and glossed them If you want another box it's ON me Pm me let me know enjoy ur game and REST assured no more bubble mailers wink
  12. I wanna thank all of you for purchasing my first HB production of Endless Snow. This page is for feedback on the game itself, talk about your progress, and where you at and feedback on the game Thanks
  13. So right now almost all of you have gotten your stuff I have several replacements I'm about to order and hopefully MORE orders from you guys too
  14. I hope you guys post scores SOON!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I had a dream about something coming MINI flashback like with min re releases of carts and stuff HOPE it happens
  16. I was prob running out of ink lol and they are not laminated I should have I know NOW lol You can make labels from an ink jet just as perfect as laser I know for a fact BUT all that matters is what u think
  17. Yes that may have been a BAD label if you want a BETTER one it's on me ?????? All my labels NOW are perfect and tip top MADE BY ME wink
  18. Very cool thank you, feel free to stream talk about whatever u want..... Thanks again
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