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  1. excellent no I left the labels like retro because I figured it was more realistic BUT I will laminate my next labels IF you or anyone wants one LAMINATED for my next game or for your cart I can make them let me know it would be 2.00 shipped for anyone who wants an extra label laminated or extra IF your label is un-repairing damaged it's on me only from WHEN u get it lol
  2. I bought the same boxes my box guy uses for ALL future orders these issues can still occur BUT now hopefully no more
  3. Your better than me at the game lol there is a HIGH score area on here please post it as well
  4. Prob done next week and will start pre orders after all the endless snow is done
  5. Ur getting a NEW box re autographed and LABEL I will take care of it
  6. These better boxes are EVEN cheaper so as you can tell it was never about saving money LOL the envelopes cost me MORE however if it gets u ur stuff perfect and saves me cash great for u and me the boxes are HIGH quality
  7. Just so everyone knows I ordered the PROPER boxes little did I know these would take the cart and box, BUT Like I said WILL make any issues right My next game is EVEN better and you will get a discount IF your ordered Endless Snow and it will be shipped in a PROPER box rest assured
  8. Tons of people got their stuff I got emails ONLY one messed up order thus FAR I hoping no other issues IT wont be like this again
  9. I wanna assure anyone ANY future orders will be packaged different IF any of you have any issues contact me directly will get it right 2nd all of you get an automatic discount for my next project I'm working on, my hopes that all boxes and carts have arrived safe and sound, I have always shipped that way BECAUSE it was all I knew.... I only had 3 problems last year with shipping out of 150 packages, it's inevitable it would happen to someone, I know now what to do.... Sorry for the issues lets hope all of you have gotten your games in pristine condition and IF not contact me directly and lets get it right... You are my customers and I want you to feel your getting the best service with me at all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hopefully just a FREAK accident 60 orders shipped many were happy got delivery AGAIN please contact me DIRECTLY if any issues
  11. In all honesty GUYS I really thought I was shipping them the BEST way possible, I know how things are when it comes to YOUR carts, I made sure when I got them they were NOT assembled so I could EXTRA clean them and PUT labels on myself.... If anyone else has an issue PM please i'm easy to work with thanks...... But for the future I see what I must do to ship them boxes
  12. Not sure I cleaned them CARTS to the bone prob a faulty label weird
  13. I used the BEST label paper and should not have happened I used big bubble envelopes and wrote all over them It was only the edge thank god it wont be seen it sucks he can PM me But I buy the best label paper
  14. Label should not peel I make TOP labels I use the best paper
  15. I kept them FLAT for that reason as for the label I can send you a new one FREE to replace no problem there
  16. Shipments UPDATE: All is going well I see some of you have the game already DROP me a line about it thanks MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS
  17. All of you should be getting orders by DEC 14TH latest and Canada hopefully by 18th or sooner and International LETS hope by DEC 25th
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