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  1. I am sorry 200.00 with two controllers and the atari slot or adapter it's 2018 the parts are cheaper now and the molding is smaller
  2. It was the FIRST of it's kind very advanced for it's time
  3. 200.00 with two controllers and adapter for 2600 fair more than fair
  4. It's not difficult fill in the blanks I am not here to be Grammar correct
  5. No had they NOT Used Kickstarter it would worked better NOW they need to go back to Pre Orders or take a risk and make the product and release it NOT junk like At Games good quality
  6. I recalled it being like Zelda Underworld at least the version I played!!!!
  7. Agreed whoever stole it is a scum and hopefully is reading this and the RIGHT thing to do would be to return the cart NO questions asked!!!!!!!!!!! Also I played it for a few mins came back it was gone Not even sure how it was stolen
  8. What eve happened with this game? I played it at CGE years back and some fool stole it lol. Will it ever be released ????
  9. Well before shit starter kickstarter projects were funded and done different ways GOD forbid we go back to the hardworking ways to get things funded and produced
  10. There ya go and your just one person this is my point thank you!!!!!
  11. At Games is a HORRIBLE make the same garbage yearly company, they NEVER call you back or email you with your issues, I had broken systems they just take your money and run JUNK!!!!! But I get your logic on the saturation of retro systems and re boots yup
  12. The biggest issue ALL of you are failing to REALIZE is Kickstarter is shitstarter Kickstarters were abused by People Like Patrick Scott Patterson - Fact nothing ever came of the one that was funded 3 half assed wife filming episodes The Nes club and nintendo club did fraud using it to fund the same film twice many projects including new reading rainbow people got screwed etc I am all FOR the new Coleco guys and add ons but I think using KS was a mistake
  13. I am concerned to see this NOT fund we need this Console
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