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  1. At Games is a HORRIBLE make the same garbage yearly company, they NEVER call you back or email you with your issues, I had broken systems they just take your money and run JUNK!!!!! But I get your logic on the saturation of retro systems and re boots yup
  2. The biggest issue ALL of you are failing to REALIZE is Kickstarter is shitstarter Kickstarters were abused by People Like Patrick Scott Patterson - Fact nothing ever came of the one that was funded 3 half assed wife filming episodes The Nes club and nintendo club did fraud using it to fund the same film twice many projects including new reading rainbow people got screwed etc I am all FOR the new Coleco guys and add ons but I think using KS was a mistake
  3. I am concerned to see this NOT fund we need this Console
  4. Ugliest laziest POS junk, grease ll Bowling Bag of the 60s looking, foot masseger, bathroom after morning dump scale, prego tester going, embarrassing design and the Panel was a joke!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not buy it nor take it for free I am so sorry that Kieth Robinson and others have to look down or ABOVE to see this junk!!!!!!! Anyone could have done better
  5. Steve did it in public for a fake doc, there is NO proof it was an entire game or real!!!! I seen him play live in 2006-07-08 many failures... Point is he cheated once it should have ended there and Walter pushed it in
  6. No but wearing a suit and tie, lying to the media and public, gaining any fame or fortune and being able to sleep at night, taking from real champions and notoriety makes you a Freak, an evil person and someone that losses their right to breathe the same air we do.....
  7. I don't see any screaming anywhere by me, and I rarely scream at the top of my lungs, anywhere at any time!!!!! Please find me doing so on any video since 2016 and remember CAPS are screaming. back to work!!!!
  8. Everything takes time you will see!!!! If me being one of the most credible told ya so people in gaming and of course, several refs denying the score, only for scumbag Walter to accept, I guess no matter what I have to prove nor say will matter at this point, everything will be claimed by several of you as false!!!! God could could come down and tell you and you be in denial like many fools are with Billy and Todd
  9. I lived it you either can take my word or don't it's all up to you!!!!!!!!!! it's the same BS I hear about the others I exposed and were right about, if you don't see me as credible, I guess our conversation has climaxed?
  10. I learned this from someone back in 2012, I will now share it here, I can lead you to the truth, I cannot make you use your common sense, or think!!!
  11. I want to be clear I am not caring for attention nor do I care if you respond, what I do CARE about, is the facts out there and what really occurs, not what your told by liars and scammers. You don't have to trust or believe anything I say, it does NOT however change the facts or reality. PS I would never speak to or hang around Brian Allen!!!!!!!
  12. If its not even for all great gamers it's a joke!!!!!!!!!! I can have a chip not one gamer past or present has done more of merited accomplishments or feats than myself!!!!!! but it's ok Ill just sit back and watch all this BS unfold lol Also IF Billy Walter and ANY of those guys were entertaining to you lol, Than I'm A 100 Time Academy Award winner too!!!!! Documentary - Is based off facts, it's not a movie however this DOC was false King of Kong was NOT a Movie
  13. Although Cheat Weibe has not been up for discussion of cheating in a long time, anyone that uses common sense and looks into history, knows Wiebe used not only a DD donkey Board but also had not recorded his performance properly, and was given a record and thumbs up by Walter for ONE reason to the KOK, it didn't matter if it was legit. Weibe didn't get a real score for 1000s of tries, he was paid to get better and most of the time, he couldn't even break 500-600k I seen it personally, and was paid to watch him, and Billy Paid me to do it ONE time, at the TAO in Las Vegas..... Anyone will get a DK KS or a great score on any game IF they are a decent player after 10000 tries lol..
  14. A place that is ran by gamers that ref get their own gamer of year awards, that cannot even compete legit, and don't even show footage!!! Great credibility there
  15. Ill end on this note and I have to get ready for work, EVIL has no place in this world, Walter, Billy, Joel, Patterson and many others are EVIL, me I am just an ordinary guy that is not perfect..... Therefore EVIL must see it self and it self **** I will have to be judged for my errors and mistakes and even wrong doings, BUT I 100% know I won't go to Purgatory or HELL, I 100% know and Guarantee Walter, Billy, Joel and about mmmmm 12-15 others in this scene will.
  16. Others can say or think whatever they want about me, difference is I will die a champion and a real accurate legend, a hall of famer, just call me Pete Rose of gaming... Both us of had we not went through the garbage we went through, we both be tip top stand alone of gaming and MLB.... It wouldn't even be close And despite I don't have that respect or notary doesn't change the facts!!!! Same for Pete we both did crazy accomplishments in short periods of time... So say whatever about me doesn't bother me!!!! Better off dead was a great film btw
  17. I said this before ill say it again When Walter, Billy and all these cheaters ARE gone and have to answer to GOD, the world will be better off
  18. All of classic gaming and all around gaming could have been marketed, but it just was not done because instead of it being an even playground, they only hyped a small handful of now proven losers and liars and what is even crazier it ruins the entire scene of classic gaming feats and it's historical facts!!!! Now we have a crater of fake history bigger than any sport or business and almost as bad as Washington but not quite lol
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