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  1. Ill end the auction for the right buyer send a PM
  2. Yup and I replaced it in a nice box with a new box I don't send bubble lopes anymore
  3. Ill end the auction for the right buyer I have no issue there !
  4. I have a few gems and commons here ill give you a great price below market plus shipping, all items are NEW and from a smoke free home!!! Joust 7800 Galaga 7800 Donkey Kong 7800 Ball Blazer 7800 Midnight Mutants 7800 One on ONE 7800 RS Baseball 7800 Lasercade CGE limited 2600 Athletic World NES could be a 5 screw could not STILL has Woolworth sticker on it Halloween 2 FROST- SOLD Halloween 3 Frost - SOLD Freddy VS. Micheal Frost I know several of them have gone for over 100 and lasercade has sold over 300 I am not asking for that so make your offer Thanks
  5. When all said and done 10-12 or more will be banned for life with fraud and fake scores....... I hope they open challenges on MY legit work, it will get so many hits and views and in the END ill be the ONLY gamer to survive the challenges
  6. Nobody Should be Shocked I told you all years ago many of these people are frauds and paper champs but, they knew how to kiss ass to become a name!!!!! I am glad I left, and glad I am prob banned for good, because if it means getting on my Hands and Knees like William MacEvoy and riding Reverse Cowboy on Jace Hall, I rather never compete again. I am Enjoying my new work of speed runs and earning money as well on hits and views!!!!!! I may have a 4th 2600 game in the Works stay tuned
  7. I used tags for every so called big name in gaming proving they are NOT relevant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise the video would have 1000s of views
  8. This may come as a shock to some and funny to others and even sad but, it was an easy choice for me I will no longer be part of a dictatorship
  9. Ok ok ok lol I have gotten 199k back in 1996 so that is not an issue even did it LIVE at CGE 2003 BUT I was told there is a GOLD that is not obtainable I know the game is easy and I wanted to hack the rat for fun thanks
  10. I hear there is a Piece of Gold that cannot be Obtained due to a glitch in the game, we all know the game maxes at 199k BUT where is this gold located? trying to hack to see what happens when obtained. Also Im trying to make the RAT smaller BUT I cannot see it in the code? Is this game special encryption?
  11. 5.51 is not possible by a human also Todd has nearly a DOZEN fake scores in challenges as we speak No witch Hunt he is a Fraud lastly Todd Lies case closed lets hope him, and others are brought to justice
  12. Sadly whoever was selling them got the logo and shop yanked, I hope I get a refund for my shirt
  13. http://www.cafepress.com/worldrecordshirts
  14. If Atari is smart it will be the ultimate MULTI ATARI system
  15. rjchamp3

    RetroN 77

    80.00 is steep if it PLAYS 7800 AS WELL 80 is good BUT not just 2600
  16. rjchamp3

    RetroN 77

    Intellivision and Coleco should the Priority we still have parts for atari and bestelectronicsca
  17. rjchamp3

    RetroN 77

    I made twenty GRAND on falshback re sales in a holiday I be rich making the systems I have at least 1.5 million CLEAR making ataris intv colecos for the world lol maybe more
  18. rjchamp3

    RetroN 77

    Ill be honest and upfront Hyperkin it's about time they took their heads out of their as.... to say the least, I mean to have them make so many clones STILL issues..... NES SNES NES GEN X50 Also now suddenly no demand they claimed but made an Atari 2600 clone?????? How About a multi Atari Unit duh A coleco unit an Intellivision I mean the list goes on. If I had the back round and skill, we had THESE CLONES YEARS ago and I be rich and you all be happy lol!!!!
  19. Is there an exit to main menu from the game IF so that be great IF not make it an update?
  20. I got 2 myself u can always contact Joe Directly he really does a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. I would so buy one I am phasing out carts for everdrives
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