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  1. Almost done fixing ur issue some work was involved but it shall resolve
  2. With that in mind every recent order is on its way to me to be labeled tested and shipped
  3. from what we see so far scan lines should not be the issue but we are digging deeper
  4. I have the rom being worked on i don't care what it is will make it right for u
  5. It appears to be a scan line issue too close to ntsc i guess so I have my guy trying to fix possibly program the rom to pal than IF that works, u will get a new cart with a PAL rom after u send they other back FREE OF CHARGE lets see what the outcome is on this issue
  6. trying to see what the issue is maybe I can revamp it to work on pal but ill get back to u shortly ur a priority
  7. I am happy to replace the cart but from what I was told since ur speed is different a tv or v hold adjustment should fix it if not I have no clue
  8. You are my first customer that had this issue try adjusting the tv if not we can try replacing it, but according to experts I spoke to it's a pal issue!!!!!!! I admit I am a basic producer so I know nothing about pal
  9. the jumping is part of the game but should only jump in areas not throughout
  10. does the screen blink in and out or does it just jump ?
  11. however u do have a pal machine not sure me fixing or replacing the cart will help
  12. oh no thats a faulty cart ill get that fixed or replaced for u sorry about that
  13. I wanna thank everyone again for the orders if you have NOT ordered the DUEL $57.00 deal wont last long
  14. Over 50 satisfied customers no shipping issues atm we are sold out of both however the back order is only 1-2 weeks thanks for all your orders and making classic gaming great again
  15. ALL ORDERS AS OF 2/28/16 SHIP TOMORROW IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES CONTACT ME DIRECTLY All items are packed in solid boxing and I made the simple manuals with glossy paper thanks for your orders
  16. Here is the checked inn manual pdf checked.pdf
  17. Little side note about the labels they are THE highest quality you ever seen they are vinyl die cut easy on and easy off.... unlike any traditional label that has sticky residue and ruins when peeled this WONT but they adhere like magic
  18. All current orders plan to ship Monday
  19. Finished Carts what you will be getting
  20. Sorry Guys Been sick Here is the pigs manual and will have checked inn manual shortly rudy_pigs2 (1).pdf
  21. I didn't forget about you guys and have a AMAZING UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to obtain new shells for the first 50 orders brand new shells after that I will be cleaning and refurb them I know it's been a little bit and a few of you are like where is my stuff it's coming!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Here is another Issue for his lack of credibility with fraud in his mags not answering vile questions and and and he cannot even use a HD camera after all the money he made of KS for RETRO MAG and his other projects WTF should we trust or take him serious???
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