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    My daughter, 80's games, old mystery books, musclecars
  1. Hi everybody it has been long since I did’nt come here !! I have just spotted here (Switzerland) a really cool device Does anybody have seen this before ? It include 10 well known games: Asteroids, Pong, Yar`s Revenge, Adventure, Real Sports Volleyball, Centipede, Breakout, Missile Command, Gravitar, Circus Atari Here it sells for around 30 US$, not cheap but real cool looking
  2. Waht a nice way to present some items for sale ROTFLOL http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...&category=16147
  3. Thanks Matty for this cool link (and well done web site)
  4. I use 80% Explorer and 20% Opera But when I start to surf on the web, back in 1995, I was a truly devoted Netscape user But I'll give a try to Mozilla (currently downloading it) I use IE mainly because we run a newspapers/press site and that for compatability reason, most users run IE on any platforms, so we must be best viewed on the most used browser of earth (even if it comes from MicroSux)
  5. My Top 3 (in no particular order) Human Cannoball E.T Forest
  6. zanza

    Cart Tracking

    We definitely need a Macintosh version of a Cart Commander alike. I've tried it through VirtualPC on my Mac but it's reallly slow
  7. I personally prefer only to use car cockpit spray designed to give a real shiny plastic look after cleaned with that kind of spray I've never tried the clear coat spray on plastic.
  8. In the hardware section of AtariAge it misses the picture of the 2600 Jr "Short Rainbow" Why ? Is it so rare ? I always thought that the Junior was the most common 2600 of them all ??
  9. quote I agree 200 % percent , finally somebody else other than me who likes this game Another cool driving/mission game is Super Runabout
  10. Thanks for the tips ally of you guys.... My discs are clean and new or so (not burned ones) But I think that I should open it up and clean it a bit maybe it will help
  11. It has, started two days ago, I've tried to remove the modem unit, the VMU unit and the vibration unit just in case to check but it goes the same. I start playing and suddenly it reboot and goes to the main white Dreamcast screen. Needless to say it's really frustrating Anyone enconters the same problem TIA for responding
  12. I've encountered the same problem too with a french guy. Bought an 800 XL and a Commodore K7 unit in December on Yahoo !!!! This guy told me it was send and almost two month later after I ask him what happened with this lot seems surprised and argue that it was lost by the post but assure me that he has a second 800XL and was planning to send it. Since today I'm still waiting
  13. Haaaappy B-Day to the best vintage gaming site !!!!
  14. I'll buy an XBOX but not the 26th When it will get down to 199 Euros AND when GTA3 will be ported on it AND bundled with it, I'll consider
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