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  1. I got the SDrive2 several months ago, and it works perfectly. I only miss the chance to could load CAS files. I work a lot backing up cassette tapes that were sold in Chile, like some educational programs and other stuff (games) with rare loaders (with counting blocks and recovery error system). I would like save them into a SD card and load them directly into the Atari without using the RespeQT and a computer attached to it. Thanks you!
  2. Got mine yesterday, too! Excellent! All works fine! Nice detail on the box Thank you!
  3. I'm still waiting your MP. Please don't forget me
  4. Hello! Which colors would have the device available? I mean, it would be XL or XE style? Would you send a PM informing us its availability or you just will post it? Thanks from Chile!
  5. I'm interested in one assembled unit. How much would cost post it to Chile? Thank you!
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