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  1. Which one of the Side Oss roms should I use the Altirra Emulator. Right now I get a crash or Not Present dialogue.
  2. This is helpful for any Altirra setup using U1M and mounted raw dumps made for the even the first test Numbers of years ago.
  3. I put the file of the raw dump of CF card in the messages folder. I hope it helps fix my problem.
  4. Option 'L' shows only APT partition with the named partitions and no Fat system at all --- even with the incognito ..
  5. all the side roms when very good. But the BASICXE.OSS help file caused a crash so I renamed it xxxxxx.SOS so it doesn't get loaded. I don't know if I have the proper BASICXE.OSS file it might be the help file for the MyBios MyIDE 2 cartridge .. Now doing the Incognito bios roms.
  6. I got the side2oss rom installed. And just now starting investigate some of it's features ..
  7. XL-NOATRACT.ROM This OS works for me...
  8. More probable a basic off switch. Or any of the keyboard switches..
  9. I have a basic program with a large line gap from the first FOR to the ending NEXT. And atbasicx.com is throwing an error 13, but not Atari basic or Turbo Basic. 30 FOR P=1 TO Q .. .. .. .. 190 NEXT P:GOTO 30 the error occurs after one pass. UPDATE: it seems that I had a bad or old rom flash in my U1M 800XL. Re-flashing the rom cleared the problem.
  10. rdea6


  11. SAPEMU2.XEX This is the one that I use..
  12. Have you even tried to use a regular Turbobasic executable in the Studio software. I have one in an AtariMax 1mb cartridge ..
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