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  1. I was using my Side3 cartridge with a 130xe and Antonia 4mb by Simius and flashed this new loader and now have no media found and the clock icon just keeps spinning. I moved the Side3 cartridge to my 800xl u1m installed and with the 800xl with u1m the sd3loader works great. But not with the 130xe with the 4mb antonia upgrade.
  2. Download SpartaDOS X 4.49e for SIDE3 is not available notice.
  3. Using the RasterView program I have turned the above conversions into a slideshow for my Side2 computer. beetlebrox(no loop).xex beetlebrox.atr And I must say they just as good as any of the other files I have used RasterView batch file on.
  4. can this player be modified to show different colors other than white and grey. blue+yellow red+green anything but the dull white+grey.
  5. I am interested in one board. and info on sram switch 1&2. -
  6. All programming begins after the power switch turns on the Atari with the help of a proper power supply.
  7. I have found another .pic file with unknown initials. laketree.pic Any information will be appreciated ..
  8. Possibly a basic disable hold option key down will turning on the Atari and the boot process. Or PAL vs NTSC and or low memory ..
  9. @suppawer http://www.virtualdub.org/downloads/Altirra Hardware Reference Manual.pdf
  10. Or if you are a Spartados user you could flash the latest build of SpartaDos X 449 ..
  11. Does any one know or have a collection of his star trek pictures. My Worf picture is not working with my viewing program. Were these pictures on PD software ATRs. I can not find or remember where I got the Worf picture and not all star trek themed pictures are on any one diskette.
  12. After i told the virus software to ignore the flasher software. I leave the FujiNet powered off until the com port shows. Select com6 turn on FujiNet and click the flash bar.
  13. I know all about rom sizes and have the correct rom and size in the atr and also the bare rom copied from my pclink drive. the about dialogue says version 3.10 in the uflash.xex program. The flash stopped about 1/4 of the way through reading in the rom saying hardware not recognized. And a cold reset rebooted okay.
  14. @flashjazzcat the uflash.xex that I am using does not recognize type spartados x 449e for the ultimate hardware. So I used the atr version that has a standalone flasher to flash my U1M set up.
  15. Spelunker :Flare to scare birds :Dynamite for obstacales :Spacebar for ghost removal
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