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  1. Or if you are a Spartados user you could flash the latest build of SpartaDos X 449 ..
  2. Does any one know or have a collection of his star trek pictures. My Worf picture is not working with my viewing program. Were these pictures on PD software ATRs. I can not find or remember where I got the Worf picture and not all star trek themed pictures are on any one diskette.
  3. After i told the virus software to ignore the flasher software. I leave the FujiNet powered off until the com port shows. Select com6 turn on FujiNet and click the flash bar.
  4. I know all about rom sizes and have the correct rom and size in the atr and also the bare rom copied from my pclink drive. the about dialogue says version 3.10 in the uflash.xex program. The flash stopped about 1/4 of the way through reading in the rom saying hardware not recognized. And a cold reset rebooted okay.
  5. @flashjazzcat the uflash.xex that I am using does not recognize type spartados x 449e for the ultimate hardware. So I used the atr version that has a standalone flasher to flash my U1M set up.
  6. Spelunker :Flare to scare birds :Dynamite for obstacales :Spacebar for ghost removal
  7. I would like to have a right cartridge.
  8. Are you using the Side 2 loader or the Side 2 SpartaDos loader. The SpartaDos loader is the one to use and get access to the partitions you set with the Fdisk program. Then it is all like using Disk drives except D1: is now A: and so on A: through O: . If you are not use to using SpartaDos then I recommend you down load the SpartaDos manual as PDF document and read and read and read.. Eventually you will start get the knack for using the partitions like separate Disk drives. Good Luck!
  9. also on this xmasshow.atr is a file named microkoa.xex and is a Koala paint program modified for joystick use. Any of pictures that are not to your palette colors liking then run the file and modify the colors to your liking.
  10. Merry Christmas.atr some Christmas themed Koala pictures. Run with 'L' option from MyDOS menu 'xmasshow.com and select first file as X and the last file as X
  11. Join the ABBUC Atari users group and or log into there website very similar to AtariAge forums. And ask or post your needs & desires
  12. I believe that if you create an 8k nul file named basic.rom and flash it all 4 slots it should empty the 4 slots. an 8k file with all zeros or hex FF should do it.
  13. After installing this my side2 and side1 cartridges don't see the CF card without running the side.sys driver. Is the now the correct effect for the PBI or am I not setting something correctly in the setup screens.
  14. Either of the posts in this thread. I recommend the one from 2006. And you will need to install the atari.fon file to you windows font folder.
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