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  1. 70ns and up. 70ns is a little fast and 200ns is marginal slow.
  2. Do you have this done on the back of the motherboard.
  3. also Sorry for being off topic. @stephen but how do I get into the VLC output filter menu.
  4. Could this be the reason that I can no longer boot into my xegs game slots. I just recently tried to load Deluxe Invaders rom and failed. So I tried all 4 game slots and none will load like they use to. Yes xegs pins are jumper-ed and a rev4 rom in the os slot.. OKAY I figured it out need to turn off SDX slot first.
  5. This Fuji rainbow seems to be not as colorful as it could be. Are there any other fuji models available.
  6. This rom is reporting itself as a REV2 rom and I thought the xegs rom was rev4 .. I took your rev2fujiselftest rom and modified it with my preferential OS modification. Did a os chksum repair and it is working ok in my U1M 800XL machine. I go to basic and type BYE and the fuji rainbow appears. But since it is not the xegs rev4 rom my gamerom slots will not run. So please re do the modifications to a rev4 xegs rom.
  7. @E474 Is doing something along this line of key board fixes also. Correction it is @Level42
  8. side b diam3.com I can't seem to get by this screen. Are there any other known codes above #3 (possibly #33)
  9. Is not for a PLCC, it is used via rom file the jed file is for the brains of the U1M. and a 10 pin adapter.
  10. if aliases.ini is on D9: shouldn't it be included in you set path
  11. Roydea6


    @mrrobot do you have a link to this cable & does it come with the piece that gets soldered to the cart pcb.
  12. On a windows PC : Imagic by AtariMax website Steve Tucker. Atari Emulator Atari800 Plus 4.1 On an Atari with extended ram and a program called Diskcom3. with a larger Atr or harddrive partition to hold the size of the new file.
  13. I thought that the AtariMax 1mb cartridge only had one 29F040 chip.
  14. This file does have the proper header for an 8mB atr. So something is going wrong. I don't have the same SIO2SD device. I need to wonder what DOS you are using to write the DOS file to the empty atr. The 'H' option would set this density and it you are using the 'I' option then verify that you are using the 'p' and not the 'Y' responce. For a 90k atr.
  15. Spelunker Infinite Lives Micro Graphic Image(1983).atr
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