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  1. ? PEEK(43234) The result will be 162 for rev A, 96 for rev B, or 234 for rev C.
  2. PRINT FRE(0) should give a number and the calculate the amount of memory ..
  3. GETMIC.ATR A MyDos diskette with 62 sector MIC files for viewing with the file GETMIC.EXE. I have a large collection of Koala pictures also , that I have shared earlier on a different thread. I hope you enjoy these files only one of them is my own creation. All the other MIC file were taken from various floppies that I have. Some editing and color modification to suit my preferences and the color output from my 800XL and Sylvania TV.
  4. This is nice now I can move the contents of my two Sic Carts on to one cart. /without needing to change a cart for other favorite game/
  5. Now I need a renaming script or program to get an 8.3 filename for the Atari to read and understand.
  6. The construction of the Dead Mouse is simple, due to the fact that every joystick made actualy uses four buttons on the inside activated by moving the stick. All you need to make the Dead Mouse are five momentery contact buttons, a female D9 conector, a six conductor cable, and a project box. You can save yourself some time and trouble by using the cable from an old broken joystick, or buying a joystick extension cord and cutting off one end instead of making a new cable. Start by drilling five holes for the buttons in the lid of the project box a little bit larger then the size of the buttons, and one hole in the side of the box for the cable to the computer. Next mount and secure the five buttons in the holes and pass the cable through the hole in the side of the box. Make a knot in the cable on the inside so the cable wont pull out. Now solder the wire from the cable to the switches following the table below. NOTE: Solder to ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE BUTTON!! u 1 2 3 4 5 u \ O O O O O / u\ O O O O /u 6 7 8 9 PIN # BUTTON ----- ------ 2 RIGHT 3 LEFT 4 DOWN 5 UP 9 FIRE Now solder pin #7 to the other side of ALL the buttons. This is the common or "ground" line. Put the lid on your box, and your Dead Mouse is ready to use. From experience, the Dead Mouse is a very poor joystick, Don't even bother to try and use it for game playing. It is ,however, a more profesional looking device for use as a mouse than a joystick, and a accurate drawing tool for MicroPainter. For those of us that have a hard time with joysticks..
  7. I have read the DOC files but not able to find any keyboard joystick arrow keys only (without CONTROL key)
  8. EDIT.XEX and EDIT9.XEX should be MyDos and SpartaDos 3.x friendly. The first is version 2.5 and the second is version 2.9
  9. @firebottle Try this website.. http://x868k.com/apps/memopad/?os=win
  10. @flashjazzcat Just a quick query about the FDISK program .. Under the Properties tab what is the FIRMWARE slot achieve or do for the CF card.
  11. Just who the hell is Moonsweeper,?? Get your labels correct ..
  12. with joystick or start key or return key I use a spartados x command LS *.XEX >>RASTER.BAT inside the folder holding the CF partition. Then use the -batfile command or add alphabetical option LS A*.XEX >>ALLA.BAT --- LS Z*.BAT >>ALLZ.BAT the alphabetical option is for when you acquire more than you can endure in on sitting.
  13. Atarimax FAT32 Loader (20130224).EXE The fat32 loader has an option to flash this rom file with CNTR+F. Just put the AtariMax MyIDE II with SDX 4.49c and all OSS languages.bin into the fat32 portion with PC copy to flash highlight and CNTR+F and it flashes the chip.
  14. My SET DAYTIME=1 is not working NOR any of the DAYTIME settings.
  15. colorx.xex horizontal color and then horizontal grey scale. credit goes to ClausB and Fastbasic..
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