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  1. Could this program be patched so other drives can be used also. Preferably for just "D:" so spartados can use it.
  2. as for 8k basic roms your list is about it. Other options might be one of the 8k assemblers.
  3. DISK1.ATR DISK2.ATR DISK3.ATR DISK4.ATR I found these on an older SDRIVE NUXX. hiding in storage bin.
  4. With the emulator running latest Test 39 pull down menu 'Tools" select 'Export rom set' and point selection to an empty folder.
  5. if in window 7 i use copy filea+fileb+filec+filed epromfile and why are you using Altirra Basic 1.56 and not 1.57 .. Same can be done in SpartaDos X atari with the append command.
  6. I have 2 800 machines with incognito installed, and a board that is first sold version from Candle. Both of my machines are working as needed. SO do I need to flash this jed and new bios 406 to my 800 Incognito's.
  7. That my be an earlier version of a SIO2PC . and all the Hong kong stickers are mostly socketed chips and the Taiwan stickers are mostly soldered chips.
  8. Line 20 T=2 could be T=1.8 for a better heart resolution that leaves no gaps in the heart.
  9. Mine came in the Mail today. Very nice game and packaging .. The box was impossible to get out of sleeve and I cut it end to end.. Also what is the shelf life of the pink GOOO..
  10. dio.atr Another unknown signature 'dio' is this a known artist. Thanks for any information
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ztgj62on2s0gbx4/Bellcom.zip?dl=0
  12. 1. Beeblebrox 2. invisible kid 3. Philsan 4. Sub(Function(:)) 5. Spancho 6. CAVOKER 7. 8bitguy1 8. Roydea6
  13. I was using my Side3 cartridge with a 130xe and Antonia 4mb by Simius and flashed this new loader and now have no media found and the clock icon just keeps spinning. I moved the Side3 cartridge to my 800xl u1m installed and with the 800xl with u1m the sd3loader works great. But not with the 130xe with the 4mb antonia upgrade.
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