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  1. None of the options that I have tried has rendered a text file like your DUMP.TXT. So which option is used or combination of options.
  2. I have another question about imbedded strings. DIM AA$(255) aa$(1,255):aa$(1,100)="1 through 100":aa$(101,200)="101 through 200":aa$(201,255)="201 through 255" I have tried but keep getting parsing errors and at byte 186 I need to put a chr$(34)
  3. there is a host device H1 H2 H3 H4 just list while in basic LIST "H1:BASIC.LST" and it will end up in the folder you chose.
  4. 10 REM COLORBARS 20 GRAPHICS 10 30 FOR B=1 TO 8:REM BAR LOOP 40 READ C:POKE 704+B,C:COLOR B 50 FOR X=B*8 TO X+8:PLOT X,0:DRAWTO X,185:NEXT X:NEXT B 60 GOTO 60:REM DO NOTHING-EXIT W/BREAK KEY 70 REM COLOR DATA 80 DATA 14,250,168,212,84,66,146,2 I modified this small basic program from @mytek's colorbar program but the output screen are different. @dmsc could you explain why? top picture is fast basic and bottom Turbobasic. and this is the fastbasic code. DATA C() BYTE =14,250,168,212,84,66,146,2 GRAPHICS 10 FOR B=1 TO 8 POKE 704+B,C(B) COLOR B FOR X=B*8 TO X+8 PLOT X,0 DRAWTO X,185 NEXT X NEXT B GET B
  5. I have been playing off and on for about a week, but now I am play around with the last disk+ just now offered and now also works with my SDrive Max.
  6. Atari BASIC revisions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Freddy Offenga (mailto: [email protected]) Rev. Romdump CRC-32 Parts peek(0xa8e2) ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A reva.rom 0x4bec4de2 CO12402 + CO14502 0xa2 (162) B revb.rom 0xf0202fb3 CO60302A 0x60 (96) C revc.rom 0x7d684184 CO24947A 0xea (234)
  7. I spun it some and only problem I found right off was the MOUNT /U D1: option from the older toolkit could not find a drive to dismount, nor did ATRMNT /U
  8. Somewhere in the forum threads there is a topic about a fix for the SIO2SD and the Atari 800. I will look for it and if found I will put a link here. SIO2SDFIX Under the FILES option.
  9. copy your command line setting to a text file and rename Atari800.bat or what ever Linux will handle.
  10. Dialogue say I am missing a dll file. MSVCP140D.DLL
  12. ttime.lstubi.cfg Also I was not typing in the listing I was Entering it ENTER "D:TTIME.LST , but since the latest update to the rom I no longer have the problem..
  13. Yes this helped. I knew about this flasher MyDos version, but over years I had forgotten.
  14. @JAC! I had a flashing error. I followed the prompts until the program ask Quit y/n and I pressed Y and now I can't get the!cart to boot the atr or get into Flashing menu.. Boot Error or starts the self test menu..
  15. http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/wiki/SoftwarePC_en This is my favorite sorting and filing software. Jar driven so you will need Java.
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