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  1. I can't get it to work, so it's all up for sale. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273166274655
  2. Any advice? I managed to get the top off and used one of those picks, but I think I made it worse. It still turns on and gives me the same message. What am I supposed to be doing with the pick? Pry that first connector on the lower left, yes?
  3. I bought that pick set. What do I do with it? I'm sort of clueless.
  4. Hi, all! It's been a long while since I've popped in here. But my kids are out of the house and I've been cleaning/reorganizing and setting up some of my classic systems. One of which is my beloved and hacked ColecoVision. Years back I connected with a guy in Dallas to alter my CV and add the RCA video/audio out jacks. It worked for a while but I recall it stopped working. I just now set it up again to refresh my memory and investigate a little further. When I power it on with a cartridge in (I tried 3 different ones) the screen says "turn game off before inserting cartridge or expansion module." However, if I insert the Atari expansion module then the system plays any Atari cart just fine. But it doesn't seem to recognize CV carts. Is this a classic issue? Is there a simple fix? Or should I just eBay it and hope to find a fully working model? Side note - I was sure I found this guy who hacked CVs here on this forum. But I cannot find my message exchange with him.
  5. It's been yanked from YouTube. But the production quality is antiquated. If they updated it it would be worth paying for. As is, it's an Internet curiosity.
  6. NTSC Serial # 568240199 MFG Location: Hong Kong Owner: Me, now Functional : Yes
  7. I might have updated, but I lost my original Word document along the way, unfortunately. I did fire up the old girl today, though, and played some old carts. Alas, my 800XL doesn't seem to work anymore. I'll pour some out for her this weekend.
  8. Wow, blast from the past! I haven't checked in here in a while and I thought of this thread. It was over 10 years ago! I compiled the Tome from dozens and dozens of individual text files I discovered on an FTP site full of Atari ROMS. I concatenated all the text files into one large text file of all of them put together, then I pulled that into MS Word and started formatting. I threw in a few pix and added links when PDFed it and VOILA! I'm glad others have gotten use out of it. It took a long time, but it was during slow times at my old job that I put it together, so it was a fun way to pass the time and reminisce a bit. Around the holidays I always get nostalgic, so I've been perusing my Atari boards and will start playing my old systems here soon. Happy holidays, all!
  9. People post stuff like this all the time. The worst that can happen is YouTube takes it down.
  10. I have a pretty good collection of systems (2600, INTV, Coleco, 800, 1040, plus more) and am looking to fix, consolidate, trade, sell, etc. Anyone here in the central Florida area with similar systems?
  11. So, do any of the Amigas you have for sale actually have a working Toaster in them?
  12. You should digitize the tapes and put them on YouTube! That would be a blast to see.
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