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  1. There was an Atari logo in the original Blade Runner movie from 1982 also https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/10/10-things-blade-runner-thought-wed-have-by-now/
  2. You should be able to change this game to use an Atari Touch Tablet. The original Planetary Defense was published in Analog magazine #17, which you is http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/analog_no_17.pdf The game is written in Assembly Language - the source code is very well documented. I modified this game many years ago to use the Atari Touch Tablet, but can't locate it.
  3. Warning - Ingot power supply that could damage the computer
  4. I would explain your problem to Steam customer service and request a refund
  5. As a project builder, not a developer - I just wanted to thank Mytek, Mr Robot, Dropcheck, tschak909 and all the other developers for designing such wonderful projects. You all deserve a round of thanks and are the reason the Atari 8-bit scene is so active 40 years after these computers were introduced. Many of you develop these projects for no financial gain - and that's commendable. Speaking as a former Atari user group president, newsletter editor, disk librarian and treasurer - I know it's a thankless job. Well done!
  6. According to https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUnoSMD the Arduino Uno SMD operates at 5V
  7. I was able to connect a 1040ST to a Sony KV-20XBR by building a cable that connected HSync and VSync using 2 resistors and 2 diodes. This information may be helpful to you. I've attached my instructions from 1987 Atari_ST_to_Sony_Monitor_cable.pdf
  8. Please ignore my prior post/picture. I rebooted my Mac and I've played FruityPete v1.1 3 times since then and the game works fine.
  9. The Atari 8-bit computers were not well documented when they were released in 1979, but by 1982 they were. For reference, see Atari's Operating System User's Manual, Source Listing and Hardware Manual, DeReAtari and books from independent publishers (Compute!'s Mapping the Atari book and Compute! magazine) and Lon Poole's Your Atari Computer. Many of the best Atari 8-bit games were released by 1982/1983.
  10. Why weren't the in-game sounds/music used in the video? This is a big part of the gaming experience.
  11. Todd, I looked at your pictures and I don't like your soldering of the red wire to the Uno. It looks like the exposed red wire could short to the blue wire. Since you said the red wire is not connected to the SIO cable, I would unsolder the red wire and cut it to prevent a 5V to Ground short.
  12. Altirra 3.20 (32 bit) is not working as well under OSX 10.13.6/Wine Stable 4.01 as Altirra 3.10 (32 bit). FruityPete 1.1 started fine (NTSC, 130XE, Atari ROMS), but stopped working on level 2. See attached picture. The emulator didn't crash, but the game was unplayable after the video was corrupted.
  13. It's been my experience that solder pumps work better when the pump is held with the tip facing the sky and the board is held above the tip. Gravity helps draw the solder into the pump. Also, keep replace the filter in the solder pump often for maximum suction.
  14. A WiModem232 at https://www.cbmstuff.com/proddetail.php?prod=WiModem232
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