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  1. You can build your own wired paddles that work with the FB9 Gold. A pair of 10K potentiometers is required. Discussion thread At the end of this thread, I posted by comments and pictures of my wired paddles.
  2. I bought a XCSOURCE Pickit3.5 a few months ago from Amazon. This is a clone of the Pickit3 and worked fine to program the chip for the SIO2MIDI board. $17.99 on Amazon. Downloaded MPLAB from Microchip and it was recognized as a Pickit3
  3. Tsom, Thanks for posting - especially the pictures. FYI, found this column from Lee Pappas on the early days of Analog magazine http://www.gearrant.com/
  4. FYI you can buy a 2.5A 5V power supply at Microcenter or Amazon for $9.99. You'll need to splice the DIN connector on the new power supply. If you don't want to solder, http://www.8bitclassics.com/ will sell you a power supply with the DIN connector for $14.99
  5. There was an Atari logo in the original Blade Runner movie from 1982 also https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/10/10-things-blade-runner-thought-wed-have-by-now/
  6. You should be able to change this game to use an Atari Touch Tablet. The original Planetary Defense was published in Analog magazine #17, which you is http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/analog_no_17.pdf The game is written in Assembly Language - the source code is very well documented. I modified this game many years ago to use the Atari Touch Tablet, but can't locate it.
  7. Warning - Ingot power supply that could damage the computer
  8. As a project builder, not a developer - I just wanted to thank Mytek, Mr Robot, Dropcheck, tschak909 and all the other developers for designing such wonderful projects. You all deserve a round of thanks and are the reason the Atari 8-bit scene is so active 40 years after these computers were introduced. Many of you develop these projects for no financial gain - and that's commendable. Speaking as a former Atari user group president, newsletter editor, disk librarian and treasurer - I know it's a thankless job. Well done!
  9. According to https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUnoSMD the Arduino Uno SMD operates at 5V
  10. I was able to connect a 1040ST to a Sony KV-20XBR by building a cable that connected HSync and VSync using 2 resistors and 2 diodes. This information may be helpful to you. I've attached my instructions from 1987 Atari_ST_to_Sony_Monitor_cable.pdf
  11. Please ignore my prior post/picture. I rebooted my Mac and I've played FruityPete v1.1 3 times since then and the game works fine.
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