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  1. Well, I looked at some prices on ebay for the game sealed in the box - it varied from $7 up to $22... so, I'll go middle of the road - how does $12 sound?
  2. hi everyone! I have Atari 2600 Kangaroo, still sealed in box - mint condition, as well as Skiing for Intellivision, still sealed in box - good condition. Anyone intereted, love to hear back. And, I'm looking for an import Famicom game: "Hello Kitty no Ohanabatake" (Known as "Hello Kitty's Flower Shop") - can be loose or in box - just looking for this for my girlfiend for Christmas, and having no such luck on ebay with this one. Anyone with it willing to part with it, or know of someone or someplace, please, point me in the right direction! Thanks in advance everyone!
  3. Glad to hear someone is interested. That's on my to-do list. I've basically already done the kernel. 938119[/snapback] absolutly interested! i think i tried to play as many versions of othello as i can on other systems/emulators - no matter what you do to it, the basic game is fun, and anything more is just bonus!
  4. my favorite was monster bash - i remember playing that at the bowling alley's arcade... the amount of quarters i dropped in that machine... fun times.
  5. everyone said this is an old thread, and they are right - i forgot i even posted anything on here a while back! but, there are some other games i would like to see though for the good ol' 2600: * potty pigeon (anyone remember this commodore 64 game?) * sokoban * satan's hallow * gypsy juggler * rally x * square deal (played it on the game boy - a mixture of poker and tetris) * paperboy * heiankyo alien and maybe another type of othello game - it's one of my favorite games, and any sort of variation would be fun to see... that's all i got this late at night.
  6. check out www.scrabble.com - i know that they have a word generator as well, and you can never go wrong with the official scrabble dictionary - most of those words would apply to boggle...
  7. i just sent in my submission! i drew, scanned then added color - pretty much the same idea as everyone else had, but like with all the entries, a little difference here and there. fun contest for a fun game indeed! here's what i sent in: fishfront.bmp fishend.bmp
  8. ...sorry, posted that in the wrong place! but, i have to say i've been playing this game, and love the progress on it! would have commented earlier on it, but... too busy playing it! can't wait to see more progress!
  9. how about these for ideas: fish food auquatic eatery sea snacks shore snacks food chain fish that's all i got before heading off to bed!
  10. you know how bad this bothers me that an event like this FINALLY happens in ct, and i can't even make it?!?!?!? grrrrrr! even more so that i'm just a town away (trumbull).... damn! i hope all goes well with it, and if you do plan on making a site or anything like that for this event in the future, please, send a banner to me and i'll put it on my site if you'd like. anything to help out gamers in ct, and hopefully, if it happens next year, i'm there!
  11. hopefully, they were all laughing along.
  12. i was on the computer when the episode was on, and as soon as i saw pitfall, i came here right away (after laughing, that is!) to make sure it was known!
  13. i was laughing so hard when the priest was going through the caverns, they end up showing a rendering of atari 2600 pitfall! anyone seen this? it was just on, and i thought it was funny!
  14. It was a cool little device that added sound to certain games... my favorite was Tron Solar Sailor and Bomb Squad.... fun games! Wish I had a working Intellivision (I have about 3 - one with a broken controller, another one is just fried, and my Intellivision II is just smashed.... would love to have one that works perfect - want to play some Masters of The Universe!) Anyways, it was a cool attachment. Al
  15. I was impressed with Popeye - it was close to faithful to the arcade... and for Spider Man... was a fun game then, and still is now. Play for celebration the new release of the movie in May! But, get both - they are both fun games and the best IMO from Parker Bros for the Atari 2600. Al
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