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  1. Apex Media http://www.leonik.net/dml/sec_apex.py
  2. Photochrome version 6 says it can handle up to 226,981 colors on STE
  3. It is a PC board called Falcon Speed similar to this one https://www.ebay.de/itm/Atari-Falcon-Speed-by-Sack-electronic-/113865766411 You can run DR-DOS, MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 with it if you have the software.
  4. Hundreds of games and demos uses horizontal palette splitting which allows for example to have one 16 colours palette for things like score panel and another 16 colours palette for other screen area. Huge amount of games and demos also uses rasters to create colour gradients which in many cases break the 16 colour barrier by itself. Gods game engine for example can display over 50 colours on screen on standard STe.
  5. I agree that without DSP Falcon is not that much faster. But DSP chip really makes the difference here. It makes Falcon to perform many things Mega STe would never able to do (16bit multichannel sound, texture mapping, hicolor imageprocessing if you're not in a hurry, amazing demos compared to ST and a few nice games). The soundsystem in Falcon armed with ACE tracker for example, is a piece of art compared to other machines at the time. If you set desktop to 256 colours it's still pretty snappy, and you can create larger screen resolutions than STe monochrome with software like blow-up. So it's good for document processing or DTP. Also let's not forget a possible FPU which speeds up some graphics apps, esp. rendering considerably. Mega STe also can have one, but the support is very limited. As an owner of both machines i would say that if you enjoy painting, doing tracker music, listen to MP3 files or watching some ancient video clips, or having other serious software which depends on having colour, Falcon is way to go. If you want to play ST games with Ultra Satan or similar hard disk solution, listen to the MOD files or go for MIDI sequencing, Mega STe is pretty much ST gamers dream, only missing an ability to use JagPad.
  6. Money transferred and i also sent my address for you in email. Thanks
  7. Hi, interested in PD2001 Buch set of 10 disks and the ST One disks, shipping to Finland. Is PayPal ok?
  8. Yes, i can do it for you. I have the software to convert images to a single pdf file.
  9. They did Hades Nebula aswell. Haven't seen anything else for the ST. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-st-hades-nebula_9508.html
  10. Ok, hopefully you find someone. This is a rare piece of Atari software history. If things change let me know
  11. I'm more than happy to scan and preserve it if you're willing to send it to Finland. I also have the later 1992 edition that i'm going to scan this summer.
  12. I don't think it has been scanned previously. Would be great if someone could do that because it would be absolutely great research material.
  13. Sorry about that. Unfortunately it's simply impossible to test images on a real hardware anymore due to amount of files i have to process vs. the free time i have. MSA images are made using DIR2MSA which is a part of SainT Atari ST emulator package for Windows. It just drags and drops an ST folder over the desktop icon and produces MSA-file ready for emulators. For some reason it seem to produce nonstandard MSA-files But i don't have enough free time to manually create MSA files anymore as i did in the past. However every disk image is tested on STeem Emulator 3.8x or 3.9x versions, so it's possible to load the disk image on the emulator, copy the files on the Steem's virtual hard disk and then transfer them from Windows directory onto the real floppy. I know it's pain and i hate it as much as everyone who is a real hardware user, but it's impossible to manage projects of this size without making compromises Marko / Atarimania ST
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